Story: Twilight of the Law (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Of Lust and Love

[Author's notes:

Reiko and Dixie's beach trip turns out to be part of a mysterious plot...and a dark character, who will only be utmost pleased if the two can forge a bond beyond friendship...


Rhanar stood before the wrestling stage, wondering how so many virtious women could be lured here: Was it the thoughts of vengeance, wealth or simple wish to compete against the elite ‘warriors’ of this world?

He snarled; if the idea of honourable fights in this world considered too small fetish outfits and to simply attract a lot of fanatics and males like bees are attracted to flowers, then it simply did not make sense at all.

“Hey, Rhanar!” a voice interrupted his thoughts; he turned around, his sister, Shica Narra-Jar came running towards him. “Yes, what is it?” Rhanar asked. “Have you seen the backstage areas of this place?! If Jiraz was here she’d begin to drool like a river!” Shica laughed; “but those ‘Reiko’ and ‘Dixie’ you’re gonna help, where are they?” 

“I am not sure, and neither do I know if your idea of placing a basket of alcohol right in the middle of the beach arena is a good idea” Rhanar sighed; “I may just have to trust in your ‘wisdom’, my little sister."

“Trust me: You’ll be surprised!” Shica winked at Rhanar before heading towards the portal leading back to Varran. “Just do not speak broad and wide of this event Shica; that I request of you” Rhanar said as he went through the glowing portal. 

“Dixie, why would someone just leave a message on your door telling you to ‘go get a surprise at the beach’?!” Reiko asked irritated; the wind constantly blew sand into her boots, irritating her enormously. “C’mon, honey, if this is a joke, we’ll just nail the one who made it” Dixie merely said.

Reiko sighed; Dixie was stubborn as hell, and she sometimes considered if she was worth hanging out with. But on the other hand, Dixie really helped her back in the days where Reiko fought for her mother’s and her family’s honour: The Honour of Kamikaze Rose.

But she had put those days behind; the one day she was the star that everyone whispered about, the next day she was just as interesting as a wet newspaper. Still, Dixie had changed, too: Her attitude sometimes tended to be arrogant and high-assed, and she was still just as stubborn as before.

“What’s wrong, Reiko; you don’t look too well” Dixie asked, stopping up in the middle of a step. “It’s OK, I was just lost in memories” Reiko admitted; the fact that she had forgotten how caring Dixie could be hit her hard; had she really become so cold-hearted because of her street life as leader of the Road Warriors?

“Hey, check that out!” Dixie yelled all of a sudden; she kept pointing at a small spot in the middle of the beach. “Yeah, what’s about that spot?” Reiko asked. “Can’t you see that basket over there? I wonder what’s in it” Dixie said, taking of her sunglasses. “Let’s check it out, but I don’t think baskets turns up all of a sudden on an abandoned beach” Reiko said sarcastically.

They found the basket to be placed on a soft carpet near some rocks; apart from the rest of the beach, the spot with covered with grass, and four large palm trees blocked out the sun’s rays. “This is quiet creepy; it just looks too perfect” Reiko said; she knew that somehow, someone was watching them. “Aw, c’mon, what’s the worst that could happen?” Dixie teased.

 “Well, erm…” Reiko began, but found out it wasn’t worth it. They settled down on the carpet, and Dixie opened the basket; insides were dozens of different alcoholic brewages, some of them quiet rare. “Well, bloody hell! Alcohollic Heaven!” Dixie exclaimed; she grabbed and emptied a bottle in a matter of seconds, and began drinking the content of the next as if it was water. “Dixie, are you crazy?! What if it was poisoned?!” Reiko yelled, as she watched Dixie just drinking and drinking.

“Ah, don’t be so stuck-up, Reiko!” Dixie smiled; the alcohol did not seem to affect her yet, but she nevertheless took off her cap. Reiko couldn’t believe she had reacted; when she yelled, she felt as if she was fearing for Dixie’s life, like when the hero is saving the heroine in an movie.

She, herself, had read a lot of junk about the RRT in the newspaper: That the ‘Female Wrestlers does drugs before entering the Slut Show’, “Mysterious Container found in Candy Cane’s locker-room’, and ‘Behind the Scenes: Dirty Secrets’.

She could have thrown up; what those media idiots would not write to get a small story about this exact Tournament: It was almost like they had been waiting for it. Still, one article had caught her interest: ‘Secret Relations of the Wrestler Women’: She had discovered, although she didn’t know if the media had just made it up, that Aigle and Makoto was supposed to be ‘More then just Friends’.

She found the article to be a direct insult to her friends, but when she had talked about with Aigle and Makoto, Aigle simply had said: “What if we are? Makoto and Aigle be best friends…but Makoto also look good!”

Reiko had returned to her locker-room, shaken in disbelief as she was: Was it really true, all those psychological journals she had read on the Net? That every woman deep down inside felt an interest in her own gender, but it just varied in grades and range?

“Reiko, are you there? Hallo?” Dixie asked, but Reiko barely heard her. What if it was true? Dixie had been her strongest rival, yes, but when they fought, she felt a closeness unlike when she fought the other girls: There was a warmth and comparison in Dixie that she could feel thrusting against her lungs, threatening to block her breathe. So what if she liked Dixie? Then what? Would paparazzi appear all over the place and start taking photos to sell to the highest bidding and most corrupt Newspaper?

“NO!” she caught herself yelling out; to the bloody hell if they were writing about them! For her case’s sake they could just as well jump into the harbour. “Reiko, what’s wrong? You’re freakkin’ me out!” Dixie asked irritated. “Sorry, Dixie, I was just…lost again” Reiko admitted. “Look, if there’s something, let me hear it; pour it out!” Dixie smiled, lying back on the carpet. “Well, Dixie, I…” Reiko began, but her emotions were confusing her; Dixie would properly already have gone and got herself a boyfriend or something, but Dixie really wanted to hear what she felt…

“Dixie, do you have a boyfriend? Or lover?” Reiko asked; she hoped she didn’t sound too direct. “Nope, I never really wanted one, they’ll just leave you once they’ve screwed you and can boast about it” Dixie simply smiled. “Oh, I see” Reiko said weakly; at least the more dangerous part was now over…

Reiko could feel her heart start beating like mad; she had the chance to tell Dixie how she felt about her, and she just threw it away! But what if Dixie would just laugh and walk away, leaving Reiko crying in the sand, broken and Dixie having one rival less? “Reiko...” Dixie spoke, making Reiko turn around in an instant; Dixie slowly moved her gloved hand over Reiko’s in a soft way that could mean but one think: Care.

“Reiko, listen; I don’t know how to start, but I really like you: Not just as a partner, but also as person, and…” Dixie stopped all at a sudden, unsure of she should explain more intimately. Reiko, however, felt tears in her eyes; here she was, her and Dixie on the beach, wearing their ring outfits and with a basket filled with alcohol. “Dixie” Reiko began; she had known much sorrow in her life, but in her mother’s name, she would stand up behind what she was about to say with all her heart:

“Dixie, I love you.”

Four words…four words containing so much power: Confusion, sorrow, happiness and love; such was the thoughts of Reiko Hinomoto, newly declared lesbian, and a damn proud one, she would add; she did not care about her reputation; Dixie’s next words would determine her future completely.

“Reiko, you stole my line!” Dixie smiled, before embracing Reiko in a way that could only mean: I love you, too. “I love you, Reiko!” Dixie said, and Reiko could have sworn there was a quaking undertone in Dixie’s voice; she felt something wet running down her leather jacket and landing in the sand: Tears.

The embrace felt like forever: Reiko slowly began embracing Dixie; she could feel a confusing wave of love and lust boiling in her veins; they aroused her, made her confused. But she enjoyed the embrace with all her heart: She did not care about anything else then Dixie right now. However, when Dixie’s lips suddenly met hers, they ripped her out of her trance, and she happily returned the kiss. Dixie pulled back a few moments later; she winked and smiled, and Reiko smiled, too; she knew that although she loved Dixie, she also had to take part in the ‘Forbidden Love’…And when she boasted around in a leather jacket that barely hid her breasts, no one could really blame her or Dixie.

“Reiko, I don’t know how to say it, but let’s knock boots!” Dixie exclaimed, beginning to take of the upper part of her outfit. “You’re on, sweetie!” Reiko smiled, beginning to take off her scarf and glasses. Reiko smiled mentally; not that Dixie was that innocent-looking either: The security guards had to drag a guy away after the last match because he had kept trying to leap up on the stage and engage Dixie. As she returned from her memorial flashback, she found out that Dixie sat before her, completely naked. “Well, they sure are as amazing as I recall them; what’s your secret?” Dixie teased. Reiko smiled innocently; “I was born with them; anything wrong with them?” “Nope, expect that they bounce quiet a lot, it seems” Dixie laughed.

Reiko laid back down, feeling the wind blow through her blond hair; so this was how it was to lay down and have sex. Opening her one eye a bit, she nearly gasped; she had not expected Dixie’s breasts was that large, but also so perfectly fit for the blonde Texan. Dixie leaned towards Reiko, deciding to start at the spot she thought to be Reiko’s weakest: Her breasts. “Such sweet boobies should not be hidden by a jacket, huh?” she teased as she began to lick around Reiko’s one nipple. Reiko moaned; if this was the way to have sex, she’d defiantly want more.

“M-m-m-m-m” she moaned; she felt how the pleasure built up inside her like a balloon; she could hear her heartbeat, and she felt herself getting sweaty. Dixie’s tongue slid all over Reiko’s nipple, turning it rock-hard; Reiko felt more and more pleasure, and she began to feel the pleasure flow stronger and stronger in her blood; her temperature rose, she became light-headed, and she could not just not keep on moaning anymore.

“Oh, Ye-e-es, Dixie, lick them, suck on them; suck me dry-y-y-y!” Reiko could not control her voice; she felt herself getting hornier by every second and she felt her pussy getting moist; her boots was kicking wildly in the air, and she felt the heat flowing through her every bone and tendons. “Man, if you aren’t sensitive, Reiko” Dixie teased, starting to rub Reiko’s other nipple with her free hand. 

“DIXI-I-I-I-I-E!!!” Reiko screamed out loud; Dixie had turned her upside down and was licking her pussy, causing her fluids to run out. “YES! YES! YES! HARDER!!!” she cried out; the pressure and pleasure inside her blocked her senses; every rational thought was as vanished, and she only cared about Dixie making love to her. “YES! LICK ME DR-R-RY!” she cried out again, gasping as the incredible feeling would not cease to please her.

“Poor girl, Reiko; I don’t get why you’ve not had sex yet” Dixie teased, putting Reiko down.Reiko could not speak; her entire body were as aflame inside, her senses were almost gone. She suddenly felt an irresistible desire to engage Dixie, and so she did.

“H-Hey! Easy there, girl!” Dixie halfway yelled, halfway laughed. “Sorry, Dixie...” Reiko sat up, looking Dixie hungrily into her eyes; “...I feel like one, bad girl!”And so she began licking Dixie’s breasts, the very same ones as almost all Dixie’s fans would give their left arm to see.

“Ahh, Reiko; u-m-m-m!” Dixie let a gasp as the pleasure began to course in her veins; now it was her turn to feel good. “Yes, right there, oh YES! Oh, Holy God! Oh! Oh! OH! OH YES! Dixie began crying out as Reiko licked her breasts like thirsty dog laps water from a bowl. After a few minutes, Dixie could not take anymore; she begged Reiko to lick her dry, and Reiko had no greater desire.

Dixie soon realised she had only doubled the pleasure.

“OH YES! LICK THEM, REIKO! LICK THEM, YE NAUGHTY GIRL! YE-E-E-ES!!!”After a few minutes, Dixie held up her hand as if to signalize Reiko to stop. “Wow, you really can lick me, Reiko!” she winked. “Thanks, but shouldn’t we both try and feel good?” Reiko asked. “I’m on it!” Dixie simply said, laying down again; she found her view blocked by Reiko’s butt, and she anticipated the coming pleasure. “Get ready for the big ride, Reiko!” she exclaimed, sticking her tongue inside Reiko’s pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Reiko exclaimed; it felt like all the hidden desire and lust in her were coming out alone with her fluids. “When I leave here, I’m sure as hell not a virgin anymore!” she caught herself thinking through the fog of pleasure that blocked her mind. She began licking Dixie’s pussy, and could clearly hear Dixie react; she moaned like a bull and began shaking in pure pleasure. “Yes Reiko, right there! Oh, Yes; oh, LICK ME DRY! M-M-M-M!"

Dixie could feel Reiko’s gloves and tongue rubbing and licking her pussy, and she began to almost lose control of her voice. “Umm, Oh YES! Umm, I wanna lick you dry, Reiko!” Dixie exclaimed. Reiko felt how Dixie now turned her attention to Reiko’s pussy, quickly dragging Reiko back into the fog of pleasure again. “Y-E-E-E-E-ES! OH YEAH! AHH! AHH! AHH! OH, LICK ME LIKE A SLUTTLY, LITTLE VIRGIN! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! OH, YEAH!!! ”After a while, Reiko signalized for Dixie to make her stop. “Let’s cum this time!” she smiled, locking her wet pussy into Dixie, making the blond Texan cry out.

“Oh, you’re so naughty, Reiko!” Dixie laughed, before Reiko began grinding her pussy into Dixie’s. “YE-E-E-E-ES! OH YES! OH PLEASE RUB ME, REIKO! FUCK M-E-E-E-E!!!”The ecstasy of pleasure was now too much for both girls; they yelled out and screamed in lust, before the final moments approached.


The entire world stood still as the girls felt each other’s fluids running out in their pussies; all they knew of lust had been unleashed, and they could do nothing but to feel as the orgasm kept flowing out of them. They began to laugh; all of a sudden, to laugh out in relief: All their suppressed feelings that had been buried in their minds out of fear were now free.“Dixie, I cannot describe it; I just…just…!” Reiko’s eyes filled with tears of joy and she embraced Dixie and cried out in happiness on her shoulder. “There, there Reiko; I’ve heard it feels better but more extreme when you really are in love…” Dixie made a short pause and smiled teasingly at Reiko, then looked at her with love in her eyes:

“Reiko, you’re the naughtiest, craziest and more adorable girl I have ever met…” Dixie said, and Reiko could spot tears in Dixie’s eyelashes. “I love you!” Dixie exclaimed, throwing herself back into the embrace. Reiko hugged her softly, feeling how the lust inside her was replaced with love; it was simply amazing, no other word described it better. There they sat, two newly-created lovers, united in the world of female wrestling, having found each other’s love after almost breaking each other’s limbs countless times.

The minutes grew long, and the sun set down as the beach grew colder; Reiko began to feel the love go deeper inside her, right into her heart. “Should we leave for the showers?” Dixie asked. “Yeah, I think we need it” Reiko said; her entire body glittered with sweat, and her fluids still dripped from her pussy. “Let’s go; I’ll walk you home” Dixie said, smiling. “What home? I live on the street, I don’t have any cash, and I should be lucky if I find something edible in the trash cans” Reiko said darkly. “Don’t worry hon; we’ll figure something out!” Dixie smiled encouragingly.

“OK, maybe I shouldn’t be such a killjoy” Reiko admitted. Picking up their clothes, Reiko and Dixie went on their way back to the bathhouse holding hands. “Damn, I hope we can do this again, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “Hell, you’ll be lucky if I’m not already planning something” Reiko teased; she had something really special planned next time, but her body felt lamb, and she knew that she would faint of she had to experience so much pleasure again.

“Hey, what’s that; a bag?” Dixie asked, pointing at a large, black bag standing besides the doorway to the bathhouse. “Let’s go and see” Reiko suggested. Dixie opened to bag, and yelled out so loudly that Reiko for a second thought it was in fear. "Look at the size of those things!” Dixie smiled broadly as she watched in awe as she found a large diamond in the bag, and even more valuable gems and precious stones lay in the bag, ready to be taken. Reiko was almost paralysed at the thought of all the money the gems must have been worth, and how likely the eventual bounty on them would be. “Dixie, this…this can mean everything to me…” she said weakly; in that bag was her ticket to a new life together with Dixie…if Dixie was not the greedy type…

“Ya know, Reiko, I think we it’s pretty obvious” Dixie suggested; “you can have ‘em; I’ve got wealth enough to keep me livin’ the sweet life!” “But Dixie, it’s a lesser fortune; would you really…?” Reiko started; she was touched to the core. “Yeah, c’mon now, you can sleep at me, and tomorrow we’ll go looking for a new house for ye!” “OK!” Reiko exclaimed happily, a new life awaiting her. “But first” Dixie smiled; “we both need a serious wash.” “Yeah, I don’t even dare even think of how I smell!” Reiko smiledas the entered the showers “I could tell ye, honey; I could tell!” Dixie teased.“Why, you little…!” Reiko laughed out in playfulness; she began tickling Dixie under her arms, and could feel the arousing feeling return.

“H-Hey! It Tih-ickles! Hih Hih Hih! S-Stop! Hih Hih Hih!I was not long before Reiko and Dixie was kissing their senses slowly fading away. Reiko slowly slid down on the floor of the showers, Dixie soon following. “I love you, Reiko” Dixie said, her voice a mix of happiness and laziness. “I love you, Dixie” Reiko smiled weakly; their lips were as glued together, and as unconsciousness fell over them, none of them wished to let go.

[End notes: If anyone has questions about some of the orginal characters /Rhanar, Shica, Jiraz, Jiki and Kiro), feel free to ask.]

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