Story: Twilight of the Law (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Of Lust and Love

[Author's notes:

Reiko and Dixie's beach trip turns out to be part of a mysterious plot...and a dark character, who will only be utmost pleased if the two can forge a bond beyond friendship...


Rhanar stood before the wrestling stage, wondering how so many virtious women could be lured here: Was it the thoughts of vengeance, wealth or simple wish to compete against the elite ‘warriors’ of this world?

He snarled; if the idea of honourable fights in this world considered too small fetish outfits and to simply attract a lot of fanatics and males like bees are attracted to flowers, then it simply did not make sense at all.

“Hey, Rhanar!” a voice interrupted his thoughts; he turned around, his sister, Shica Narra-Jar came running towards him. “Yes, what is it?” Rhanar asked. “Have you seen the backstage areas of this place?! If Jiraz was here she’d begin to drool like a river!” Shica laughed; “but those ‘Reiko’ and ‘Dixie’ you’re gonna help, where are they?” 

“I am not sure, and neither do I know if your idea of placing a basket of alcohol right in the middle of the beach arena is a good idea” Rhanar sighed; “I may just have to trust in your ‘wisdom’, my little sister."

“Trust me: You’ll be surprised!” Shica winked at Rhanar before heading towards the portal leading back to Varran. “Just do not speak broad and wide of this event Shica; that I request of you” Rhanar said as he went through the glowing portal. 

“Dixie, why would someone just leave a message on your door telling you to ‘go get a surprise at the beach’?!” Reiko asked irritated; the wind constantly blew sand into her boots, irritating her enormously. “C’mon, honey, if this is a joke, we’ll just nail the one who made it” Dixie merely said.

Reiko sighed; Dixie was stubborn as hell, and she sometimes considered if she was worth hanging out with. But on the other hand, Dixie really helped her back in the days where Reiko fought for her mother’s and her family’s honour: The Honour of Kamikaze Rose.

But she had put those days behind; the one day she was the star that everyone whispered about, the next day she was just as interesting as a wet newspaper. Still, Dixie had changed, too: Her attitude sometimes tended to be arrogant and high-assed, and she was still just as stubborn as before.

“What’s wrong, Reiko; you don’t look too well” Dixie asked, stopping up in the middle of a step. “It’s OK, I was just lost in memories” Reiko admitted; the fact that she had forgotten how caring Dixie could be hit her hard; had she really become so cold-hearted because of her street life as leader of the Road Warriors?

“Hey, check that out!” Dixie yelled all of a sudden; she kept pointing at a small spot in the middle of the beach. “Yeah, what’s about that spot?” Reiko asked. “Can’t you see that basket over there? I wonder what’s in it” Dixie said, taking of her sunglasses. “Let’s check it out, but I don’t think baskets turns up all of a sudden on an abandoned beach” Reiko said sarcastically.

They found the basket to be placed on a soft carpet near some rocks; apart from the rest of the beach, the spot with covered with grass, and four large palm trees blocked out the sun’s rays. “This is quiet creepy; it just looks too perfect” Reiko said; she knew that somehow, someone was watching them. “Aw, c’mon, what’s the worst that could happen?” Dixie teased.

 “Well, erm…” Reiko began, but found out it wasn’t worth it. They settled down on the carpet, and Dixie opened the basket; insides were dozens of different alcoholic brewages, some of them quiet rare. “Well, bloody hell! Alcohollic Heaven!” Dixie exclaimed; she grabbed and emptied a bottle in a matter of seconds, and began drinking the content of the next as if it was water. “Dixie, are you crazy?! What if it was poisoned?!” Reiko yelled, as she watched Dixie just drinking and drinking.

“Ah, don’t be so stuck-up, Reiko!” Dixie smiled; the alcohol did not seem to affect her yet, but she nevertheless took off her cap. Reiko couldn’t believe she had reacted; when she yelled, she felt as if she was fearing for Dixie’s life, like when the hero is saving the heroine in an movie.

She, herself, had read a lot of junk about the RRT in the newspaper: That the ‘Female Wrestlers does drugs before entering the Slut Show’, “Mysterious Container found in Candy Cane’s locker-room’, and ‘Behind the Scenes: Dirty Secrets’.

She could have thrown up; what those media idiots would not write to get a small story about this exact Tournament: It was almost like they had been waiting for it. Still, one article had caught her interest: ‘Secret Relations of the Wrestler Women’: She had discovered, although she didn’t know if the media had just made it up, that Aigle and Makoto was supposed to be ‘More then just Friends’.

She found the article to be a direct insult to her friends, but when she had talked about with Aigle and Makoto, Aigle simply had said: “What if we are? Makoto and Aigle be best friends…but Makoto also look good!”

Reiko had returned to her locker-room, shaken in disbelief as she was: Was it really true, all those psychological journals she had read on the Net? That every woman deep down inside felt an interest in her own gender, but it just varied in grades and range?

“Reiko, are you there? Hallo?” Dixie asked, but Reiko barely heard her. What if it was true? Dixie had been her strongest rival, yes, but when they fought, she felt a closeness unlike when she fought the other girls: There was a warmth and comparison in Dixie that she could feel thrusting against her lungs, threatening to block her breathe. So what if she liked Dixie? Then what? Would paparazzi appear all over the place and start taking photos to sell to the highest bidding and most corrupt Newspaper?

“NO!” she caught herself yelling out; to the bloody hell if they were writing about them! For her case’s sake they could just as well jump into the harbour. “Reiko, what’s wrong? You’re freakkin’ me out!” Dixie asked irritated. “Sorry, Dixie, I was just…lost again” Reiko admitted. “Look, if there’s something, let me hear it; pour it out!” Dixie smiled, lying back on the carpet. “Well, Dixie, I…” Reiko began, but her emotions were confusing her; Dixie would properly already have gone and got herself a boyfriend or something, but Dixie really wanted to hear what she felt…

“Dixie, do you have a boyfriend? Or lover?” Reiko asked; she hoped she didn’t sound too direct. “Nope, I never really wanted one, they’ll just leave you once they’ve screwed you and can boast about it” Dixie simply smiled. “Oh, I see” Reiko said weakly; at least the more dangerous part was now over…

Reiko could feel her heart start beating like mad; she had the chance to tell Dixie how she felt about her, and she just threw it away! But what if Dixie would just laugh and walk away, leaving Reiko crying in the sand, broken and Dixie having one rival less? “Reiko...” Dixie spoke, making Reiko turn around in an instant; Dixie slowly moved her gloved hand over Reiko’s in a soft way that could mean but one think: Care.

“Reiko, listen; I don’t know how to start, but I really like you: Not just as a partner, but also as person, and…” Dixie stopped all at a sudden, unsure of she should explain more intimately. Reiko, however, felt tears in her eyes; here she was, her and Dixie on the beach, wearing their ring outfits and with a basket filled with alcohol. “Dixie” Reiko began; she had known much sorrow in her life, but in her mother’s name, she would stand up behind what she was about to say with all her heart:

“Dixie, I love you.”

Four words…four words containing so much power: Confusion, sorrow, happiness and love; such was the thoughts of Reiko Hinomoto, newly declared lesbian, and a damn proud one, she would add; she did not care about her reputation; Dixie’s next words would determine her future completely.

“Reiko, you stole my line!” Dixie smiled, before embracing Reiko in a way that could only mean: I love you, too. “I love you, Reiko!” Dixie said, and Reiko could have sworn there was a quaking undertone in Dixie’s voice; she felt something wet running down her leather jacket and landing in the sand: Tears.

The embrace felt like forever: Reiko slowly began embracing Dixie; she could feel a confusing wave of love and lust boiling in her veins; they aroused her, made her confused. But she enjoyed the embrace with all her heart: She did not care about anything else then Dixie right now. However, when Dixie’s lips suddenly met hers, they ripped her out of her trance, and she happily returned the kiss. Dixie pulled back a few moments later; she winked and smiled, and Reiko smiled, too; she knew that although she loved Dixie, she also had to take part in the ‘Forbidden Love’…And when she boasted around in a leather jacket that barely hid her breasts, no one could really blame her or Dixie.

“Reiko, I don’t know how to say it, but let’s knock boots!” Dixie exclaimed, beginning to take of the upper part of her outfit. “You’re on, sweetie!” Reiko smiled, beginning to take off her scarf and glasses. Reiko smiled mentally; not that Dixie was that innocent-looking either: The security guards had to drag a guy away after the last match because he had kept trying to leap up on the stage and engage Dixie. As she returned from her memorial flashback, she found out that Dixie sat before her, completely naked. “Well, they sure are as amazing as I recall them; what’s your secret?” Dixie teased. Reiko smiled innocently; “I was born with them; anything wrong with them?” “Nope, expect that they bounce quiet a lot, it seems” Dixie laughed.

Reiko laid back down, feeling the wind blow through her blond hair; so this was how it was to lay down and have sex. Opening her one eye a bit, she nearly gasped; she had not expected Dixie’s breasts was that large, but also so perfectly fit for the blonde Texan. Dixie leaned towards Reiko, deciding to start at the spot she thought to be Reiko’s weakest: Her breasts. “Such sweet boobies should not be hidden by a jacket, huh?” she teased as she began to lick around Reiko’s one nipple. Reiko moaned; if this was the way to have sex, she’d defiantly want more.

“M-m-m-m-m” she moaned; she felt how the pleasure built up inside her like a balloon; she could hear her heartbeat, and she felt herself getting sweaty. Dixie’s tongue slid all over Reiko’s nipple, turning it rock-hard; Reiko felt more and more pleasure, and she began to feel the pleasure flow stronger and stronger in her blood; her temperature rose, she became light-headed, and she could not just not keep on moaning anymore.

“Oh, Ye-e-es, Dixie, lick them, suck on them; suck me dry-y-y-y!” Reiko could not control her voice; she felt herself getting hornier by every second and she felt her pussy getting moist; her boots was kicking wildly in the air, and she felt the heat flowing through her every bone and tendons. “Man, if you aren’t sensitive, Reiko” Dixie teased, starting to rub Reiko’s other nipple with her free hand. 

“DIXI-I-I-I-I-E!!!” Reiko screamed out loud; Dixie had turned her upside down and was licking her pussy, causing her fluids to run out. “YES! YES! YES! HARDER!!!” she cried out; the pressure and pleasure inside her blocked her senses; every rational thought was as vanished, and she only cared about Dixie making love to her. “YES! LICK ME DR-R-RY!” she cried out again, gasping as the incredible feeling would not cease to please her.

“Poor girl, Reiko; I don’t get why you’ve not had sex yet” Dixie teased, putting Reiko down.Reiko could not speak; her entire body were as aflame inside, her senses were almost gone. She suddenly felt an irresistible desire to engage Dixie, and so she did.

“H-Hey! Easy there, girl!” Dixie halfway yelled, halfway laughed. “Sorry, Dixie...” Reiko sat up, looking Dixie hungrily into her eyes; “...I feel like one, bad girl!”And so she began licking Dixie’s breasts, the very same ones as almost all Dixie’s fans would give their left arm to see.

“Ahh, Reiko; u-m-m-m!” Dixie let a gasp as the pleasure began to course in her veins; now it was her turn to feel good. “Yes, right there, oh YES! Oh, Holy God! Oh! Oh! OH! OH YES! Dixie began crying out as Reiko licked her breasts like thirsty dog laps water from a bowl. After a few minutes, Dixie could not take anymore; she begged Reiko to lick her dry, and Reiko had no greater desire.

Dixie soon realised she had only doubled the pleasure.

“OH YES! LICK THEM, REIKO! LICK THEM, YE NAUGHTY GIRL! YE-E-E-ES!!!”After a few minutes, Dixie held up her hand as if to signalize Reiko to stop. “Wow, you really can lick me, Reiko!” she winked. “Thanks, but shouldn’t we both try and feel good?” Reiko asked. “I’m on it!” Dixie simply said, laying down again; she found her view blocked by Reiko’s butt, and she anticipated the coming pleasure. “Get ready for the big ride, Reiko!” she exclaimed, sticking her tongue inside Reiko’s pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Reiko exclaimed; it felt like all the hidden desire and lust in her were coming out alone with her fluids. “When I leave here, I’m sure as hell not a virgin anymore!” she caught herself thinking through the fog of pleasure that blocked her mind. She began licking Dixie’s pussy, and could clearly hear Dixie react; she moaned like a bull and began shaking in pure pleasure. “Yes Reiko, right there! Oh, Yes; oh, LICK ME DRY! M-M-M-M!"

Dixie could feel Reiko’s gloves and tongue rubbing and licking her pussy, and she began to almost lose control of her voice. “Umm, Oh YES! Umm, I wanna lick you dry, Reiko!” Dixie exclaimed. Reiko felt how Dixie now turned her attention to Reiko’s pussy, quickly dragging Reiko back into the fog of pleasure again. “Y-E-E-E-E-ES! OH YEAH! AHH! AHH! AHH! OH, LICK ME LIKE A SLUTTLY, LITTLE VIRGIN! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! OH, YEAH!!! ”After a while, Reiko signalized for Dixie to make her stop. “Let’s cum this time!” she smiled, locking her wet pussy into Dixie, making the blond Texan cry out.

“Oh, you’re so naughty, Reiko!” Dixie laughed, before Reiko began grinding her pussy into Dixie’s. “YE-E-E-E-ES! OH YES! OH PLEASE RUB ME, REIKO! FUCK M-E-E-E-E!!!”The ecstasy of pleasure was now too much for both girls; they yelled out and screamed in lust, before the final moments approached.


The entire world stood still as the girls felt each other’s fluids running out in their pussies; all they knew of lust had been unleashed, and they could do nothing but to feel as the orgasm kept flowing out of them. They began to laugh; all of a sudden, to laugh out in relief: All their suppressed feelings that had been buried in their minds out of fear were now free.“Dixie, I cannot describe it; I just…just…!” Reiko’s eyes filled with tears of joy and she embraced Dixie and cried out in happiness on her shoulder. “There, there Reiko; I’ve heard it feels better but more extreme when you really are in love…” Dixie made a short pause and smiled teasingly at Reiko, then looked at her with love in her eyes:

“Reiko, you’re the naughtiest, craziest and more adorable girl I have ever met…” Dixie said, and Reiko could spot tears in Dixie’s eyelashes. “I love you!” Dixie exclaimed, throwing herself back into the embrace. Reiko hugged her softly, feeling how the lust inside her was replaced with love; it was simply amazing, no other word described it better. There they sat, two newly-created lovers, united in the world of female wrestling, having found each other’s love after almost breaking each other’s limbs countless times.

The minutes grew long, and the sun set down as the beach grew colder; Reiko began to feel the love go deeper inside her, right into her heart. “Should we leave for the showers?” Dixie asked. “Yeah, I think we need it” Reiko said; her entire body glittered with sweat, and her fluids still dripped from her pussy. “Let’s go; I’ll walk you home” Dixie said, smiling. “What home? I live on the street, I don’t have any cash, and I should be lucky if I find something edible in the trash cans” Reiko said darkly. “Don’t worry hon; we’ll figure something out!” Dixie smiled encouragingly.

“OK, maybe I shouldn’t be such a killjoy” Reiko admitted. Picking up their clothes, Reiko and Dixie went on their way back to the bathhouse holding hands. “Damn, I hope we can do this again, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “Hell, you’ll be lucky if I’m not already planning something” Reiko teased; she had something really special planned next time, but her body felt lamb, and she knew that she would faint of she had to experience so much pleasure again.

“Hey, what’s that; a bag?” Dixie asked, pointing at a large, black bag standing besides the doorway to the bathhouse. “Let’s go and see” Reiko suggested. Dixie opened to bag, and yelled out so loudly that Reiko for a second thought it was in fear. "Look at the size of those things!” Dixie smiled broadly as she watched in awe as she found a large diamond in the bag, and even more valuable gems and precious stones lay in the bag, ready to be taken. Reiko was almost paralysed at the thought of all the money the gems must have been worth, and how likely the eventual bounty on them would be. “Dixie, this…this can mean everything to me…” she said weakly; in that bag was her ticket to a new life together with Dixie…if Dixie was not the greedy type…

“Ya know, Reiko, I think we it’s pretty obvious” Dixie suggested; “you can have ‘em; I’ve got wealth enough to keep me livin’ the sweet life!” “But Dixie, it’s a lesser fortune; would you really…?” Reiko started; she was touched to the core. “Yeah, c’mon now, you can sleep at me, and tomorrow we’ll go looking for a new house for ye!” “OK!” Reiko exclaimed happily, a new life awaiting her. “But first” Dixie smiled; “we both need a serious wash.” “Yeah, I don’t even dare even think of how I smell!” Reiko smiledas the entered the showers “I could tell ye, honey; I could tell!” Dixie teased.“Why, you little…!” Reiko laughed out in playfulness; she began tickling Dixie under her arms, and could feel the arousing feeling return.

“H-Hey! It Tih-ickles! Hih Hih Hih! S-Stop! Hih Hih Hih!I was not long before Reiko and Dixie was kissing their senses slowly fading away. Reiko slowly slid down on the floor of the showers, Dixie soon following. “I love you, Reiko” Dixie said, her voice a mix of happiness and laziness. “I love you, Dixie” Reiko smiled weakly; their lips were as glued together, and as unconsciousness fell over them, none of them wished to let go.

[End notes: If anyone has questions about some of the orginal characters /Rhanar, Shica, Jiraz, Jiki and Kiro), feel free to ask.]

Chapter 2

Title: Love or Lust

[Author's notes:

After their intimate, yet passionate trip to the beach, Reiko and Dixie unknowingly gets invovled in the saving of one of the other wrestlers of the Rumble Roses Tournament: Reiko's sister, Fujiko, alias Evil Rose.

But meanwhile, the dark forces have unveiled themselves to be none other then Rhanar Narra-Jar, the leader of the Sharas'Car Order, a secretive organization whose purpose is to serve and protect women and their rights against the twisted desires of man.


While they both had fallen asleep naked in the showers, Dixie and Reiko woke up by the angry yelling of the Bathhouse Manager. As he continued to curse in Japanese, the girls took their rather damp clothes and left, not even caring to apologize.

“What a jerk! How could we know he opened so damned early?!” Dixie mumbled; she looked at her ring outfit, but found out it was still wearable. “I’m glad I took my suit off, or it’d be wet with sweat” she said, giving Reiko a rather suggesting look. “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re so good!” Reiko exclaimed, halfway laughing, halfway teasing. “It’s OK, honey” Dixie smiled, heading for the bush in which they had hid the black bag.

“I tell ye, Reiko; we’re rich!” Dixie smiled, lifting the bag as if in victory. “Great, but we really need to get moving” Reiko said, holding her arms across the chest; the beach might have been warm and inviting last night, but right now it was cold as a fridge.

“OK, let’s go; I live around here” Dixie said. “Umm, Dixie? Have you seen my jacket? I think I left it inside.” “Oh, crap; I think we need to sneak in, then; that moron sounded really mean” Dixie sighed.

“There is really no need for that, my lady” a voice spoke.

“What the Hell?! Since when did the wind learn to talk?” Dixie asked, although her undertone quaked in pure fear.

“I am no mere wind; I am only here for a short time, though not physically appearing” the voice spoke; it sounded male, but with a gallant, if arrogant, undertone.

“Then what the Hell are you?! Just you know, I don’t believe in ghosts!” Reiko exclaimed, even daring to give, what she thought to be the wind, the fuck finger.

“How very rude of you, Lady Reiko” the voice mumbled; “Well, I will leave then, but I suggest you check behind the bathhouse before you leave; the gems were not my sole gift for thee.”

“Yo, wait a minute, dude; ‘you’ gave us all those shinies?!” Dixie asked in disbelief.

“That I did, yes, but do not try and convince me to let you pay it back” the voice sounded mildly amused; “you deserve them; do not ask me why, you just do.

 “Well, I’m not normally taking advice or valuables from a guy who hasn’t got the guts the stand up fer himself…” Dixie mocked; “...but I think we could go check out that ‘mysterious surprise’ of yours.”

“Very Well: Rest assured I think you will find the items I left most useful” the voice spoke darkly; “you live in dangerous times; the males in your world might not respect you as of yet, but they might respect what I left for you.”

The next second, a cold wind hit both Dixie and Reiko, making Reiko yell out and jump into Dixie’s embrace. “I thought you said you didn’t believe in ghosts, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “That’s easy for you to say! Man, that was scary” Reiko mumbled. “Geez, you’re cold, Reiko; we’d better find your jacket” Dixie said, putting Reiko down.They looked behind the rocks, as the voice had said, and found Reiko’s jacket, along with something else…

“What’s that” Reiko asked.“I dunno, but it sure is shiny” Dixie said, looking at the two, shinning items in the sand: It was daggers:

Small, ornate daggers, with blades of a light, black material; the hilts of the daggers were glided with gold, and aquamarines were inlaid in the cross-guard. “Who, and who doesn’t even have a license” Reiko joked, lifting up one of the daggers; its blade, around the length of her wrist, shun strongly in the rising sunlight. “Hey, look at that” Dixie smiled, pointing at two scabbards of black leather; they were inlaid and glided with elegant, golden trims, almost like fantasy scabbards and swords that were used in all those epic movies, like Lord of the Rings.

“I think that guy before must’ve known that we’d have to go down the main street to my house; the place’s crawling with pimps and all other shitheads” Dixie said; “walking halfway through the city half-naked is bound to attract some form of attention.” “Yeah, I agree” Reiko said, beginning to wrap the straps of the scabbard to her right thigh.

“I must admit, Dixie...” Reiko smiled, allowing herself a kinky joke as she began strapping her scabbard on as well; “ look so hot in that leather suit.” “Heh, you too, honey” Dixie smiled; why, that was a compliment she loved. After strapping on their scabbards, each of them took a dagger; since they were accurate copies, there was no need for arguing. “Hold on; I’m having a little problem with this” Reiko said, trying to zip her jacket together between her legs as she usually wore it. “Lemme help you, Reiko” Dixie smiled; she helped Reiko drag the zipper to her chest, giggling. “OK, we’re off!” Dixie exclaimed, giving Reiko a wedgies before leading the way. “Umm, that felt quiet…kinky” Reiko caught herself thinking; returning to reality, she ran after Dixie. 

The trip through downtown was a nightmare: Every third person they meet thought them to be some form of prostitutes, while the other half nearly drooled.

“What a bunch of idiots!” Reiko growled; it was the fifth time she have had to send her Killer Look to one of her pursuers, and she began considering if her dagger could be more persuasive. “Don’t worry; we’re there soon” Dixie calmed her, not that she had gone unnoticed: She had slammed a guy into a wall when he was trying to loosen her bra.

After countless streets, yelling pursuers and even the marshlands outside Tokyo, Reiko now finally saw Dixie’s home in Japan:

A lesser mansion in oriental style, just a few miles outside the city; it was made of dark-brown and red wooden planks, and the entire impression was an old-style, but still lovely house. “Well, it’s not much, but I hope you’ll like it” Dixie asked nervously. “I love it!” Reiko exclaimed, having to use all her self-control not to jump up and down in cheer: There was almost anything you could demand of a good house: An indoor pool with Jacuzzi, kitchen, showers, Bathroom, dinning room, entrance hall, first floor with view of Tokyo, basement with all sorts of possible secrets, and last, but not least:

An enormous bedroom, but, to Reiko’s huge depression, only one, lovely bed. “Don’t worry; I think I can get one ordered” Dixie smiled; “but I think we will need a bath first.” “Good idea” Reiko smiled.

The pool was large, but Dixie suggested they tried out her recently-bought jacuzzi. The warm water bobbled, and the girls found great pleasure in splashing water at each other. “Hey! Not there!” Reiko laughed, as Dixie began tickling her under her arms. “Oh, not so stuck-up, will ye? You’re so soft that I can’t help myself!" Dixie teased.

“Why, you little…!” Reiko laughed, grabbing Dixie by her wrists, placing a sudden kiss on her lips. Dixie felt aroused; the warm water got to her head, and her bristling, blond hair fell down on her shoulders; she felt a good feeling of need and lust coming up, and she were ready to engage. “Heh, a little ‘fun’, maybe?” she asked Reiko in her most seducing voice. “Anytime, anywhere!” Reiko smiled, beginning to kiss Dixie softly; apart from earlier, both girls decided to let love come in first row this time. And they made a brilliant decision: While simple lust only satisfied them for a short moment, pure love boiled in their veins, making them feel almost shivering despite the warm water. It was as if both their bodies and souls were kissing and hugging each other; they eyes were closed, and the mere touch or thought of each other sent a wave of both pleasure and love through them.

“Oh, Reiko…” Dixie moaned; she still felt the lust in her, but she felt the love of Reiko even more; their relationship would last until the day they died, she simply knew it. “Dixie, I so much love you” Reiko spoke, although her voice sounded faint as if she was far away. 


Meanwhile, on the Plane of Varran, Rhanar Narra-Jar stared into his mind as he made contact with the other world he had visited; the two young females had become Jicin, and despite their humane need to show their love physically, they had turned out to be a strongly knit couple.

He stood up and gave an order to the soldier standing besides his throne:“Send word for Jiraz this instant!” “Yes, my Lord!” the soldier saluted, storming out of the room as fast as his armour allowed him.“Now I can show that ever-lustful succubus that my path is the true one…” Rhanar smiled; although he disliked Jiraz’s constant teasing and flirtations with young girls, he knew that she had sworn her loyalty and love to his sister from her very heart, and her duty as protector of the imperial heir also connected to the Grey Guard Order.

A while later, the soldier appeared again, bringing the young succubus with him: Clad only in thigh-high boots, shoulder-long gloves, panties and a bra of black latex and a black leather belt, it was the only thing she seemed willing to wear.

“So, Rhannie…” she smiled at the dark elven lord of the Grey Guard, her usual disrespect not surprising him; “…what’s up?”

“This” Rhanar simply spoke; he made a few waves with his left hand, conjuring a small, blue orb of light in his palm. “These women have recently declared their love for each other” Rhanar explained, the picture of Reiko and Dixie submerged in water shun clearly from the blue orb. “Their happiness swirls in a sea of sorrow, though...” Rhanar mumbled darkly; “...the young and blonde one named Reiko’s sister Fujiko is in mortal danger as we speak, as a rival and enemy of these two ‘fighters’ has taken her as her captive and plans to use her genetic heritage to create a mix of human and war-golem.”

“Well, if they aren’t some cute, little hotties…” Jiraz almost drooled, her tail swinging uncontrollably at the sight of the naked girls. “Focus, Jiraz!” Rhanar snarled strictly, turning Jiraz aware of the danger it was to mock Rhanar too much; while he did not harm women in any way, Jiraz knew that Rhanar had ways to break people’s cockiness. “Oh, ummm, yeah; so I’m to track down her sister’s assaulter, fight her and save the day and then just have some ‘fun’ and go back home?” Jiraz asked. “Do not dare defile them, Jiraz; I know your tricks and ‘skills’, but I will not allow you to…” Rhanar began, only to be interrupted by the door opening, two Grey Guards standing aside and saluting as his sister Shica walked past them towards Rhanar.

“She has my permission, brother” Shica said with a stubborn but evil smile, turning and winking to Jiraz; “go ahead and have some fun with them, but only if they want, OK? And pass over all the techniques they use!” she finished as she giggled along with Jiraz; they loved their completion of who could seduce most girls, and the bonus was that each experience taught them more techniques to please each other.

Rhanar shoke his head at his sister; respecting other people’s wishes was a new side for her to show, but although he respected that, he still could not understand why Shica and Jiraz were so obsessed with showing their love for each other physically. “Alright, missy; I’ll be back with a full and rather ‘detailed’ report” Jiraz nodded kinkily, walking towards the portal room, where the Mystic Mages of the Grey Guard Order were chanting to conjure a portal.

“I guess I’ll just stay behind and wait!” Shica sighed pleasantly, leaning to her brother’s throne. “Shica, I trust in your ability to limit yourself” Rhanar said strictly; “although I cannot stop you from sinning, I can at least request you to return to your private chambers.” “Sure I’ll do that, Rhanar, but just you know it…” Shica leaned towards Rhanar’s ear; “…mom said that when I get old enough, I’ll be allowed into the harem; think of all the cute girlies I’m gonna meet! Plus that I get to make out with Jriaz in there with mom watching, and...”

“I am glad you have something to motivate you, Shica, but lust for engagement alone cannot support you all life long, and the Grey Guard requires you to make repentance for your sins” Rhanar informed his sister as he rose his hand to stop her; “so if you have any lust, which I cannot keep you from, it seems, then I suggest you use it as honourably as you can while you are young.” “Thanks, Rhanar; I really mean that” Shica smiled happily, running into the portal room to Jiraz.

“With all due respect, Lord Rhanar…” Sallas Shadowblend said, not able to hide a small smile; “…they may both be more or less sinners, but I must admit their mere presence almost makes up for their sins by their very nature; they do not look like ones capable of sinning.” “You are not the only one to think in those lines, Sallas” Rhanar nodded at his second-in-command, leaning back on his throne; in due time, he would follow Jiraz and see to it that the succubus kept to her young mistress’ request. 


Back in Dixie’s house, Reiko and she had finally gotten out of their love ecstasy, lying on the floor next to the Jacuzzi, Reiko giving Dixie a massage. “U-m-m, you’ve got strong hands, Reiko” Dixie mumbled. “Yeah, and you’ve got a cute butt” Reiko smiled teasingly. While Dixie did not respond, Reiko continued massaging her; her skin was soft and she could smell Dixie’s scent in her nostrils, calming her and arousing her at the same time. “Um-m-m, Reiko; you’re really go-o-o-od…!” Dixie mumbled with her head in the floor. Deciding to tease Dixie a little, Reiko let her fingers cross Dixie’s pussy, making her moan. “Oh, if you’re not naughty, Dixie…” Reiko teased; the arousing feeling stuck to her mind like glue; she needed some sex right away.

“Well, if you’re bringing it up ‘that’ way, Reiko” Dixie, turned on her back, meeting Reiko’s smile with a wink; “then wait here.” “Sure” Reiko managed to speak as Dixie got up and left the room.

“I hope she’ll be back soon” Reiko thought. However, it was not so; after two minutes, Reiko felt the desire grow inside her. “Oh God; what am I doing?!” she thought; while she was daydreaming of Dixie, her hand had slid beneath her legs, fingering her pussy. “Oh God; I’m masturbating!” Reiko almost yelled out mentally. “Oh Yes, Dixie, ride me hard, you crazy cowgirl! Yeah, u-m-m, I want more!” Reiko moaned silently; she simply could not get the naughty pictures of Dixie out of her head. Her fluids began to appear in her pussy, making her yell out; she rubbed as fast as she could; she wanted to cum before Dixie got back. “Oh Yeah Dixie! Oh, yeah, screw me! Yes, right there; Hah! Hah! Hah! OH YES! OH GOD! I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!”

Her yells seems to have attracted Dixie, as she stormed into the room dressed in a morning gown, but she accidentally fell into the pool. The moments passed until both girls realised what had happened, resulting in roars of laughter from both of them. “I must really turn you on, Reiko; you naughty girl!” Dixie giggled as she climbed up from the pool. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself” Reiko smiled shyly. “It’s OK, honey, but you still need some punishment!” Dixie exclaimed, throwing aside the dripping, wet morning gown.

She looked like a Fetish Model, a Dominatrix; she was clad in elbow-long gloves, thigh-high boots, and skimpy bra and g-string, all in black leather. The sight turned Reiko on as if she had been driving down the road on her bike; however, she felt uneasy when she saw a strange thing dangle from Dixie’s belt. “You’d better be ready and horny, Reiko, for here I GO!” Dixie exclaimed, as she stuck what turned out to be a strap-on into Reiko’s pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-E-S!!!” OH, FUCK ME! FUCK M-E-E-E, DIXIE! RIDE ME HARD, YOU SLUTTY COWGIRL! OH! OH, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, KEEP FUCKI-I-I-ING! OH!" Reiko’s lust knew no end; she found out that Dixie must have founded a double-head strap-on, for she seemed to be in the same ecstasy of pleasure as Reiko.

“OH YEAH, I’M GONNA FUCK YOU ‘TILL YOU CUM, REIKO! YES, LET ME FUCK YOU, YE LITTLE BIKER-BITCH!” OH YEAH! AH! AH! AH!“ "YE-E-E-AH! RIDE ME! MAKE ME CUM!" Reiko exclaimed, feeling the lust boil in here veins; her tendons screamed in joy, her blood raced her every muscle enjoying the pleasure. After a while, Reiko begged Dixie if she could be ridden from above, and Dixie agreed.

Reiko now sat atop Dixie, screaming like insane with lust and passion. “OF YES, FUCK ME, DIXIE! FUCK M-E-E-E!”“OH REIKO, I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CU-U-U-UM!!!“ "OH YES, CUM DIXIE! LET’S CUM TOGETHER!!!" Reiko and Dixie kept yelling their lust out as if they were about to break, their orgasm but a few inches away. “YES DIXIE, KEEP FUCKING ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! GIVE IT TO ME HARD! OH! OH! OH GOD! OH!“ "REIKO, I’M CUMMING! I’M CU-U-U-M-M-MING!!! YEAH, I’M CUMMING, TOO-OH! OH! OH YES! AH! AH! AH-H-H-H-H-H! OH YEAH REIKO, I’M GONNA CU-U-UM! ARGH-H-H-H-H!

As their bodies fell lamb to the floor, they stared at each with lust and love shinning as braziers out of their eyes. “Heh, one more time, honey?” Dixie asked horny. “Yeah, I want more!” Reiko exclaimed happily. Dixie threw the strap-on on the floor, stepping out of her leather outfit. “Girl, you’re ‘so’ gonna love this!” Dixie giggled. As Dixie began to lick Reiko’s nipples hungrily, Reiko cried out and began fingering Dixie’s pussy, making her cry out. “Oh Yes, Reiko! Finger me more!” Dixie begged. And so Reiko did; she used everything in her power to please Dixie; she licked her pussy lick passionately, enjoying Dixie’s tongue dancing over her breasts and nipples.

“OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH, SO GOOD! OH, I WANT TO…!” Dixie yelled out; in pure ecstasy, she began kissing, licking and push her tongue so far into Reiko’s mouth that Reiko began to drool. “OH YES! KISS ME! Reiko thought lustfully. As Dixie pulled back, Reiko used the opportunity to return the favour hungrily; before long, both girls’ lips were as glued together, kissing so hard that their mouths were becoming wet with drool. “AH! YE-E-ES!” Dixie cried out when Reiko suddenly tore herself back to her senses, and began licking Dixie’s moist pussy.

“YES, LICK ME DRY! OH YE-E-EAH!!!” Dixie cried out; she was looking directly at Reiko’s pussy while being turned upside down, and the mere scent aroused here. “PLEASE REIKO! I NEED IT, TOO!” Dixie begged, and soon after, the girls were facing each other’s butts, licking each other’s pussies in an ecstasy of lust. “A-A-A-A-AH! YES! LICK ME DRY! SUCK ME DRY, YOU BIKER-BITCH! OH YES! “OH YES! GIMME MORE!" Dixie yelled out as Reiko began to insert her fingers in Dixie’s pussy, rubbing her nether lips and sucking on her g-spot.

“OH, I CAN’T TAKE IT, REIKO! I WANNA CUM! I WANNA CUM SO MAD! Dixie yelled out, completely lost of her senses in lust. “AH! AH! I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!” Reiko yelled out, her body surrendered to her orgasm. “OH! I WANNA CUM, TOO!” Dixie cried out, spanking Reiko’s butt in horniness. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!!! Reiko yelled out as she came, her fluids running down her butt. “OH MY G-O-O-O-O-O-D! Dixie cried out as she came; her fluids ran down her pussy, drenching her lower hair and getting devoured by an eager and horny Reiko.

“Oh my God! You sure can eat a pussy, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “You hella bet it, little cowgirl!” Reiko winked, naughty as she was. As the girls’ senses returned, they stood up and giggled; they simply could not believe how lust and love could make one feel so free and happy. “I say we have a shower and go have a look at your new bed” Dixie suggested. “Good idea” Reiko said; she did not even dare look at herself. 

After the shower, Reiko and Dixie went upstairs for Dixie’s room, or rather what had once been Dixie’s room; she had offered Reiko to stay as long as she wanted and Reiko and accepted with no second thought. “Wow, that’s awesome! I love it!" Reiko exclaimed when she saw her new bed; it was large enough to serve as a double-bed if needed be, and the mattress felt pleasantly warm. “I say we order some pizza, and then go to bed; it’s getting late, and I don’t wanna stand sweating over the cooker for half an hour” Dixie whimpered. “Good idea” Reiko smiled; to her surprise, it turned out that she and Dixie liked the same kind of pizza, so ordering a large one would be better and cheaper.

As Dixie placed the order, Reiko sat down in the dinning room, dressed in pyjamas. Dixie came in and seated besides her, the two of them staring to exchange more or less naughty jokes. A ringing interrupted them; the pizza had arrived. Dixie paid the delivery boy, and went back to the dinning room, where she slit a piece of the pizza for herself and Reiko with her dagger.

“Well, at least it came to good use” Reiko laughed as she took a large bite of her slice. As they ate, Dixie discovered a bit of sauce on Reiko’s upper lip, teasingly licking it off with her tongue. “Hih Hih, no, not again, Dixie; I’m too tired” Reiko said, but nevertheless giggled over Dixie’s playfulness. “OK, honey, but do you mind handing me that slice? It looks spicy” Dixie asked, Reiko nodding and handing her a large slice of pizza.

After eating and drinking some coke from the fridge, they carried the garbage out in the garbage can, Dixie going upstairs to wait for Reiko, who was arranging her boots and jacket in the hall. Reiko soon got up, and to her surprise, she saw Dixie laying naked her bed with a cute smile on her lips. “C’mon in, I really could use your company” Dixie smiled, Reiko smiling and shaking her head before stepping out of her pyjamas. “You simply have such an amazing body, Reiko” Dixie admitted with a pleasant sigh. “Same to you, too, Dixie Darling” Reiko smiled, placing a kiss on Dixie’s lips. “Thanks, sweetie” Dixie smiled, closing her eyes, waiting for sleep to claim her. Reiko also closed her eyes, but found Dixie’s hand under the blanket, and began fondling it.

Although Dixie was sleepy, she gave Reiko a weak smile as the younger, blond girl lay beside and silently slept as a child. Dixie gave in; she fell asleep, but not before feeling Reiko stretch out and embrace her in dreams as well as reality. Dixie smiled and fell asleep: Their souls were kissing as their bodies felt the softness of sleep claim them, lulling them into it’s pleasant embrace.

[End notes: This concludes the end of chapter 2; proceed, if you wish for the end to be unveiled for you.]

Chapter 3

Title: A Family united against Evil

[Author's notes: As the plot now unfolds fully, Rhanar decides to take care of matters personally: He will travel back to the unknown world and aid Reiko and Dixie in their forthcomming mission to save Reiko's sister; however, following in Rhanar's footsteps comes the sound of a creature that feels no greater delight then surrendering to her passions and cut loose all limits: The succubus, Jiraz Blackwhip, sent by her girlfriend and mistress Shica Narra-Jar to gather 'information' on human girls' mating rituals for her and Shica to use. ]

However, it should not turn out that the girls, at least not Reiko, would get much, if any sleep, at all that night; she rolled around and gasped, she began to sweat, and her eyelids shake as her dream turned into a dark nightmare, printing itself into her mind:

She saw herself standing besides her mother, about to pick up her sister, Fujiko Hinomoto from her class at school; her purple-haired sister smiled broadly as she saw her mother and little sister, jumping into the car besides Reiko, giggling along with Reiko all the way home.

The dream went on to a stage in the middle of their teenage; she and her sister and mother were practising wrestling training, and her sister and mother was fiercely engaged in battle. However, a solid kick knocked her sister to the ground, her mother helping Fujiko up; despite her pain, Fujiko smiled; she and Reiko were to become the greatest wrestlers of the world besides their mother: It was their golden dream.

But once again, the dream changed, this time to when after Reiko had won the tournament while searching for her sister a few months ago; she stood with Evil Rose’s red latex mask in her hand, confused if the mysterious, PVC-clad woman could really have been her sister.

A man suddenly stepped up besides her; he was tall, slim and wore a black cloak with hood, hiding his head. “Lady Reiko, I mean You no harm” he said as he raised a hand as if to ask Reiko to calm down; she noticed that the hand was black as coal, and it seemed to be the man’s very skin, itself!

“Who-who are you?” she asked, rather nervously. “I am the voice from the beach; this is but a dream, my lady, and I have entered it to bring you grave news” the man said darkly; “your sister, Fujiko Hinomoto, is being held hostage at a nearby hotel in the city of Tokyo, and may soon die if you do not act.”

“You’re lying! Fujiko is…!” Reiko began to yell in anger, but the doubt struck her; where ‘was’ her sister really? Was Evil Rose really her sister in disguise? And if she was, then why did she not just tell it honestly? “Your mind rages with questions, but I do have a few answers” the man said, adjusting his cloak a bit:

“Anesthesia: She is the one behind your sister’s disappearance.” “Anesthesia? But-but she fled right after me and Evil Rose took down her Lady X!” Reiko asked confused. “Lady Reiko, my time in your dream is limited now, but I can tell you this: Find your sister by any means; she suffers terribly, and her mind is a raging chaos of sorrow, despair, depression and pain!”

“How can I trust you? Who are you?!” Reiko exclaimed in frustration of her apparent blindness; were her sister really suffering while she, herself just slept? “I am Rhanar Narra-Jar of the Grey Guard Order” Rhanar nodded politely; “but I must go now; your subconscious is returning to the living world, and I cannot speak to you when you awake.”

By those words, Rhanar disappeared in a flash of blue light, leaving Reiko wondering what the heck she had just experienced. However, she suddenly became light-headed, dizzy and felt that she maybe should not be here, but instead…..

Reiko awoke with a loud gasp; Dixie, awakened by her girlfriend’s yelling, looked at Reiko as if she had seen a ghost. “Sweetie, anything wrong?” she asked worriedly. “Yeah…” Reiko began; “I’ve just had the weirdest dream; some black guy told me that my sister is being held hostage by that Anesthesia bitch somewhere in Tokyo!” “But that’s just crazy talk! Or…” Dixie began; after all, dreams sometimes told of what would, had or could happen in reality, but honestly: A black guy appearing in her girlfriend’s dreams?

“If you’re that worried, we’ll go look for her, sweetie!” Dixie smiled and patted encouragingly on Reiko’s shoulder. Reiko suddenly turned a tear swept face against Dixie’s, crying loudly.“OH, DIXIE! YOU’RE THE BEST!” Reiko exclaimed as she kissed Dixie heartily. Dixie’s face did not seem to be able to decide as if the to smile at Reiko’s lovingly kissing, or to weep for Reiko’s sorrow; the result was a rather awkward face that made Reiko burst in laughing, as the mix of tears and laughter made her look equally hilarious. Pulling themselves together after laughing out loud, Dixie, stood up and began dressing up.

“Maybe we’ll need those daggers if we’re to persuade that big-breasted bitch to tell where your sis is” Dixie suggested. “Maybe, but I don’t want anyone hurt…” Reiko said, looking unhappy; “believe me: Being bad isn’t funny…”“Why’d you say that?” Dixie asked. “Once, just because I was a little mad that day, I pushed Makoto right into her locker” Reiko said darkly; “I’ve not forgiven myself for it…” “She’ll be fine; she looked good at the last fight” Dixie assured Reiko. “Maybe, but each time I pass by her she stand aside as if I was a venomous cobra” Reiko mumbled. “Ummm, remember that you’re the Queen Cobra, hon?” Dixie joked.

“Watch it!” Reiko smiled at Dixie, who replied with a giggle; somehow, the joke had removed quiet a bit of Reiko’s bad mood. While not having anything expect her ring outfit and a pair of leather jackets, Dixie suggested they hid their daggers in there scabbards on their thighs. “Not the first place you look, ya know” Dixie assured Reiko. Suddenly, a knocking was heard on the front door down below. “I’ll get it; hold on here, hon” Dixie said, walking down the stairs. Opening the door, a man in a long black cloak with an up-pulled hood stood outside; the morning breeze made it wave slightly, and judging by the small looks she got, Dixie found that the mysterious guy wore a suit of black armour under his robe and cloak.

“What do you want?” Dixie asked sceptically, ready to slam the door into the stranger’s face if he took the wrong approach. “I am here to see you and Reiko Hinomoto; I am Rhanar Narra-Jar of the Grey Guard Order” the stranger spoke. “And whadda ya want from us?” Dixie asked again sceptically. “I visited her in her dreams last night; you may need my help, as her sister is in mortal danger.” “Who is it, honnie?” Reiko asked Dixie as she went down the stairs, catching eye on Rhanar.

“Who the heck is this freak?!” she exclaimed as Rhanar’s dark appearance scared her. “I am here to help you, my ladies; I do not have time to explain, but know that I mean you no harm.” “He mentioned your sister, hon; like that guy from your dreams last night” Dixie nodded. “I am sorry I invaded your dreams, but as I said, your sister’s life in danger” Rhanar said, his voice clearly marking his impatience; “we must move, or else she might die!”

“OK, OK! We get it!” Dixie said irritated.“Where is she?” Reiko asked; she looked determined, and a single look in her eyes could tell that she was ready for anything to find her sister. “Follow me” Rhanar said, walking out the door; however, Dixie and Reiko were shocked to see a large, black-scaled lizard clad in the same black armour as Dixie had seen.

“What the Hell’s that?!” Dixie asked. “This is Black-Claw, one of my pets and my war-mount” Rhanar nodded, patting the lizard’s head, resulting in silent hissing from the large animal. “Are we supposed to ride that thing?!” Reiko asked. “Either this, or your sister’s life” Rhanar said strictly.

“OK, OK! We’re saddling up!” Dixie said irritated, mounting up; the sharp scales almost cut into her half-bared thighs, but else it felt comfortable. “C’mon sweetie; let’s find your sis” Dixie gestured to Reiko. “OK!” Reiko nodded eagerly, saddling up behind Dixie. “Hold on; he runs surprisingly fast” Rhanar noted as he swung himself on top of Black-Claw’s saddle, placed on the lizard’s neck. The huge predator then set off for Tokyo, with two girls trying their best to hold on. 

Walking down the streets, Black-Claw did not pay much attention to the gasping, screaming and yelling people; he once snorted at a by-passing old man, making him run for his life, yelling something about ‘Armageddon’ and ‘the Rider of the Apocalypse’.

“Geez, this is ‘so’ weird” Reiko mumbled; her butt felt as if a thousand needles had been stuck into it. “I’ve ridden horses, but never lizards at the size of an elephant!” Dixie complained. “Save your speech and strength for battle; we are almost there” Rhanar noted them, directing Black-Claw around a corner.

Unfortunately, a cop nearby noticed Black-Claw; drawing his gun, he ran in front of the lizard, pointing the gun at Rhanar. “Hold it right there, sir!” he said; “dismount from this beast at once!” “This is a matter of life and death, mortal!” Rhanar snarled; “stand aside; this young woman’s sister is in mortal danger, and we cannot waste our time on you!”

“STAND DOWN!” the cop yelled, clearly beginning to become afraid of the impatient Black-Claw. “Leave this to me” Dixie suddenly whispered in Reiko’s ear, winking teasingly.

“Oh, Mr. Copsie…” Dixie said in a little-girlish voice, jumping down from Black-Claw; “are you sure you cannot let us poor, little girlies pass?” While she spoke, she made sure to let the cop get quiet some looks at her skimpy bra; as Reiko tried not to laugh at the cop’s hilarious face, and Rhanar admired Dixie’s creativity, but disliked her directness, and was ready to rain down a storm of spells over the cop if he advanced on Dixie by any means.

“Well, umm…I’m really not supposed to…” the cop began, sweating nervously. “C’mon, ple-e-e-ease?” Dixie asked, giving the cop the final, mental blow by adjusting her bra enough for him to spot a larger part of her breasts. “NO! No, I…I…” the cop froze on the spot, dropping the gun. “Thanks; you’re a good little cop; maybe you’ll be sergeant one day” Dixie smiled, walking over to Black-Claw, Reiko helping her up.

Riding past the mentally frozen cop, Reiko and Dixie began laughing both tempted to yell ‘Jerk!’ at the cop.

“Sorry, sweetie” Dixie apologized to Reiko; “it was the only way…” “It’s OK; it’s not like he’d get any goodies, anyway” Reiko smiled teasingly. “Oh, sweetie” Dixie smiled, giving Reiko a hug, kissing her; “why the hell would I also need guys, anyway?”

“With all due respect; as far as I can see, many males in your world are nothing but sweaty animals” Rhanar spoke darkly from the saddle. “Yeah, you’re right” Reiko nodded, surprised by Rhanar’s perspective on the subject. “This guy’s sure not one of them” Dixie nodded at Rhanar. “One of whom?” Rhanar asked. “One of that kind of guys who thinks more with their dicks then their brain!” Dixie snarled in anger of the thought.

“I am the leader of the Grey Guard Order, my lady; I can freely say that we are quiet an opposite of rapists and perverted dogs” Rhanar said proudly. “So you’re not into girls?” Reiko asked. “Some part of me may still be, but I view things in another perspective” Rhanar explained; “we members of The Grey Guard know of the woman’s beauty, her charm and gifts, but what is the most important is her soul.”

“Her soul?” Dixie and Reiko both asked. “Yes; a spiritual and divine appearance of your very personality; it is a life force in itself, making us what we are.” “Then how about ours?” Dixie asked. “Your souls are both pure as crystal, but I know from a source of mine that you have a tendency to invoke and practise the Sin of Lust.” “Ummm, yeah, you might say that…” Dixie rubbed her neck, smiling embarrassed at Reiko.

“So I guess that means we’re going to Hell when we die, right?” Reiko said sceptically, although a bit scared. “Not necessarily” Rhanar said; “you may invoke a sin you simply cannot exist without as many times as you may desire, but in return, you must also remember the virtues and make repentance of your sins.”

“How?” Reiko asked. “In your case, you may practise lust, but in return, you also love each other” Rhanar smiled, which surprised Dixie and Reiko, who had taken him as being a rather serious fellow; “I know of two like yourselves; their names are Jiki and Kiro, and although I recently heard that they seem to practise that exact sin each fourth day, they are in love, and has been together for ten years.” “How old are they?” Dixie asked curiously.

 “Sixteen years each, but due to a failure in their genetical code, they cannot age” Rhanar nodded. “So they’re stuck as sixteen year old girls?” Reiko asked, amazed as she was. “Yes, but they mostly have the minds of twelve year old ones” Rhanar nodded again, smiling; “they are rather silly, but they can fight just as skilled as one of my guardsmen.”

“They sound like some little hotties…” Dixie folded her arms over her head, winking seducing at Reiko; ”…just like us!” “You little brat!” Reiko smiled at Dixie, giving her a quick, passionate kiss. “Before you starting practising sins…” Rhanar shoke his head; “…we are here.”

Looking up, Reiko and Dixie saw a large skyscraper towering above them. “What a penthouse!” Dixie smiled impressed. “Look at that” Reiko noticed, pointing at an armed guard at the entrance. “We’re never getting in now…” Dixie smumbled irritated. “Oh yes, you are” Rhanar said, removing his cloak, folding it and placing it in a bag on Black-Claw’s saddle. “Wow, that’s somethin’ you ain’t seeing everyday” Dixie nodded as she discovered Rhanar’s dark skin and white hair.

“Stand back” Rhanar asked them, concentrating; his spikes grew and his arms and thighs, his horns appeared on his forehead, and his spiked wings appeared, transforming him into his draconic form. “Aside from being a dark elf, I also have draconic blood” Rhanar answered Reiko and Dixie’s unasked questions. Starting to recover from the shock of seeing wings from the dark guy, Dixie took a look at his wings.

“Can ye fly us up there it that metal suit of yours?” she asked. “Of course, if you can hold on” Rhanar nodded. “Isn’t it too dangerous?” Reiko asked. “If you grab hold of my legs or back, you should be fine” Rhanar said, flapping his wings a little. “Umm, OK” Reiko and Dixie mumbled nervously.“Your sister is most likely held hostage on the top” Rhanar looked up.

 “OK; let’s do this!” Reiko said, eager to get moving. “Don’t you dare drop us, draggie-boy!” Dixie said, grabbing a solid hold of Rhanar’s shoulders, carefully avoiding the wings. “As you wish” Rhanar nodded, kneeling down, setting off into the sky, his wings carrying him quickly upward. “W-A-A-A-A-A-AH! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DI-I-E!” Reiko screamed, clinging to Rhanar’s right leg.

Landing on the rooftop, Reiko stood still for the girls to recover their nerves, turning back to his normal form. “I’m ‘never’ flying again…!” Dixie panted. “C’mon; we…we must be going!” Reiko gasped, standing up. “Stand still, you bitches!” a tuxedo-wearing goon smiled evilly as he appeared from a nearby door, armed with a gun. “You are in our way, pestilent dog!” Rhanar snarled evilly, holding his hand up, magically grabbing the goon in a blue orb of energy, making him drop his gun.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” the goon yelled as he desperately tried and get loose of whatever held him. “I must have forgotten to tell you…” Rhanar replied to Reiko and Dixie’s shocked looks; “…I not only know the ancient art of Mystic Magic due to my draconic nature, but I also know of the arts of Dark Magic.” Dragging the goon behind him as if he were a balloon, Rhanar approached the edge of the building.

“Tell me now: Where is this young lady Reiko’s sister?” Rhanar asked. “Why the hell should I tell you?!” the goon stubbornly tried and fight back.“Because if you do not reveal it, I will drop you from here!” Rhanar chuckled evilly, placing the goon out over the edge, over seventy floors from the ground.

“NO! WAIT! She’s in that room down below here!” the goon yelled, his eyes flaming in fear. “Is she OK?” Reiko asked nervously.“Why the fuck should I care if that slut’s OK, you bitch!” the goon yelled hysterically. “You just about crossed the line, mortal scumbag!” Rhanar snarled, his eyes glowing golden; “be grateful that you die before you hit the street floor!”

“No, wai-…!” the goon began, but soon found Rhanar’s other hand to glow with an orb of dark energy. Throwing the orb into the goon, he first laughed as he thought Rhanar had missed. “What did you do to him?” Dixie asked Rhanar. “Only what he deserves…” Rhanar said darkly. “What the…!” the goon suddenly exclaimed, beginning to scream in pain.

“Oh my God!” Reiko screamed, burying her face in Dixie’s bra. The goon suddenly exploded; he simply blew up, his insides falling down towards the street floor. “Why did you do that?!” Dixie asked in bewilderment. “He insulted Lady Reiko” Rhanar snarled; “I will not tolerate that from such lowly vermin and curs!” “Was it really necessary to blow him up?” Reiko asked as her head appeared again.

 “Reiko, he was one of that kind of people Dixie said; those who thinks with their sadistic and insane lusts; he would have slaughtered us with greatest delight.” “But you still shouldn’t have killed him” Reiko said, somewhat strictly. “Then I will stop my killings until you ask me otherwise” Rhanar bowed. “OK, I think I’ve just about had it with this talking; I need some action!” Dixie said, helping Reiko up.

“OK, let us get moving” Rhanar nodded, heading fro the door. Knocking down the weak steel door with a well-placed kick, Dixie lead Rhanar and Reiko down the staircase. “Hmm, I sense her nearby; she is in pain” Rhanar mumbled. “How’d you know, or rather ‘sense’ that?” Reiko asked sceptically.

“Because I can sense two of the same kind of auras around me” Rhanar said; “yours, and while she carries the same blood as you, also Fujiko’s aura, and it is seems like she is just in here” Rhanar stopped up at the door to a room in the corridor they were walking through. "Mind if I strike down the first bastard I see?” Rhanar asked, reaching out for the Wraith-Blade hidden in its scabbard by his belt. “If they’re goons, OK” Reiko nodded, her and Dixie readying themselves for battle.

“Nice sword, Rhannie; just be careful where you swing it” Dixie joked, holding her fists up, ready for battle. “My thanks” Rhanar nodded, aiming at the door; in a single slice from the Wraith-Blade, the door split into two halves, around three goons turning around to see what was going on.

It proved to be the first one’s last mistake in life: Rhanar’s sword flew with great speed, and the invisible blade claimed yet another soul and beheaded Rhanar’s foe. The next goon made it to escape Rhanar’s strike against his head, running out the door to Rhanar’s right side; however, swinging his blade through his armpit, Rhanar impaled the now screaming goon on the Wraith-Blade.

“Be quiet!” Rhanar snarled hatefully at the goon, wringing his neck around until a crack was heard. As the last goon now desperately fought against Reiko and Dixie, he got his hands to Reiko’s throat, strangling her.

“Leave my girlfriend alone, punk!” Dixie roared, slamming him into the ground with a well-placed tackle. Despite the yelling from the man, Rhanar walked over and mercilessly stuck the Wraith-Blade into his gut. “I will go see if there are anymore of these filth; you take of Anesthesia and your sister!” Rhanar nodded, seized the Wraith-Blade and ran down the hall, his armour clinking.

“Come on!” Reiko yelled to Dixie. “Gotcha!” Dixie gave Reiko a thumps up, charging into the room with her. However, they were taken aback as they entered: While it was the loveliest penthouse suite one could wish for, a small metal carriage with various medical instruments lay in front of a desk, and behind that desk sat…

“Anesthesia…!” Reiko growled with hatred; her sister’s assumed tormentor still wore her old ring outfit as she wore as ‘Dr. Cutter’. “Where’s my sister, you bitch?!” Reiko snarled angrily. “There, there; do you have an appointment?” Anesthesia said in a mockingly, little-girl’ish voice.

“Shut it and tell us where she is, or I’ll beat the crap out of you!” Dixie beat her fists against each other in threat. “Oh my; the patient has been feeling dreadful since she came in here playing heroine, so I put her to sleep” Anesthesia continued to mock, standing up and walking to the bed:

Still wearing her ring PVC outfit, Evil Rose, or rather Fujiko Hinomoto lay tied up with ropes, her face turned upwards. “What did you do to her, you-…!” Reiko began as she slammed out against Anesthesia, the Italian nurse quickly grabbing her arm and pushed her back into Dixie, knocking them both over. “I have an appointment with your sister about some DNA donations and virginity problems” Anesthesia smiled evilly; “and I’ve got all the time I want to try it!”

However, a conversation outside in the corridors interrupted them. “I tell you Jiraz, this is madness! She will not hesitate to kill you!” an irritated Rhanar tried and explain. “Oh, don’t worry; I’ll teach her some manners” a light, female voice was heard. “Fine, then, but do not try something you know you will regret” Rhanar warned before they heard his footsteps disappearing. “OK, Rhannie!” the female voice was heard, now stepping closer to the smashed door. “Ready or not; I’m here and hot, ladies!”

The voice sounded again as the owner stepped into the room: She had red skin, light-red, shoulder-long hair, a long tail, broad wings, black horns, claws and wing-claws, and a small flush of light-red hair at the tip of her tail. The creature drew a long, flirty whistle, looking from one another. “Who the hell are you?!” Anestesia asked in shock. “Oh, I’m a friend of Rhannie’s; he’s told me everything about you being quiet naughty, Miss Anesthesia!” the creature looked hungrily at her, drawing a long whip from its black leather belt; that and thigh-high boots, shoulder-long gloves, panties and a bra of black latex was the only thing she wore.

“So lemme tell you: You let that poor girl over there go, and I’ll just give you a little spanking” the creature said, sounding rather little-girl’ish. “Back off!” Anesthesia yelled, throwing herself against Jiraz, but tripping over a broken piece of the door, accidentally landing on her stomach, moaning in pain. “Uhmm, what a view…” the creature said as she had a look under Anesthesia’s outfit. Meanwhile, Reiko had gotten over to the bed, using her dagger to cut her sister loose. “She’s not waking up!” Reiko yelled desperately. “Wake her up, then!” the creature smiled at Reiko; she was busy keeping the wild Anesthesia on the ground. “Let me go! Let me go, you wretch!” she yelled. “Hey! I‘ve got a name, and it’s Jiraz!” Jiraz said in a fake, insulted voice.

“She’s still not waking!” Reiko said as she and Dixie bend over the drugged Fujiko. “Then light her fire!” Jiraz said, now trying to verb Anesthesia’s breasts. “No! Don’t!” she pleaded. “Light what fire?!” Reiko yelled desperately. “Have some hot and wild sex with her!” Jiraz smiled. Reiko was shocked, even despite the fact that she began to understand that Jiraz was a demon…and a rather lustful one, for sure. “But…but she’s my sister!” Reiko said in shock.

“Hallo? I do my own mistress sometimes!” Jiraz said sarcastically; “get on with it, already; let me eat her pussy, now.” Anesthesia had given up; all her otherwise lethal wrestler moves did not work on Jiraz, as they only seemed to make the succubus more eager and hornier. “OK! OK! I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS, YOU WRE-…!” Anesthesia began, only to have Jiraz’s tongue stuck in her mouth.´At the bed, Reiko cried for what she was about to do as she found no alternative; besides her, Dixie were stripping off her clothes. “I’m sorry, hon” she placed an understanding hand on Reiko’s shoulder. “Yeah…” Reiko wiped the last few tears from her eyes, dropping her jacket, standing naked besides her gloves and boots and scabbard.

 “Forgive me, sister…” Reiko said silently, bending over the unconscious Evil Rose; despite her confused feelings for making love with her sister, she ended up deciding to enjoy it; after all, only Dixie could boast of larger breasts.

“AR-A-A-AGH! OH, GOD! MO-O-O-ORE!” a yell suddenly interrupted her; on the floor, Anesthesia was yelling in lust, her animalistic desire to make love with a girl after all her clashes towards the others coming true. Over her, a cheerful and laughing Jiraz made ready to please her again, licking her lips. “Ye know; despite being such a ‘rule-the-world’-wannabe, you taste rather good!” Jiraz smiled, lowering down again. “YE-E-E-E-ES! MORE! MORE!” Anesthesia yelled, pressing Jiraz’s head between her legs; “lick it dry! Lick me, now! I want it so bad!” she begged.

“Should I?” Jiraz asked Reiko and Dixie. “Jiraz…” Dixie smiled evilly at Anesthesia; “make her cum hard, but save some for me; I wanna fuck that bitch!” Nodding, Jiraz began ripping off Anesthesia’s outfit; however, she left the gloves and boots on her, finally removing her facemask. “Hot girls in boots and gloves turns me so much on!” Jiraz teased, dropping her bra, panties and belt, sticking her pussy into Anesthesia’s. “OH GO-O-OD! GIVE IT TO ME! SCREW ME LIKE A NAUGHTY NURSE SHOULD BE SCREWED!” Ansthesia yelled; her boiling lust almost made Dixie laugh out loud; first world-conqueror-wannabe, now victim to a succubus.

At the bed, Reiko asked her mother mentally for forgiveness for what she was about to do; she knew that this was somehow incest-like, but should it seemed like the only option.

“Oh, sister…” Reiko lay down on Fujiko, removing the skimpy belts over her breasts, beginning to lick her nipples gently.Fujiko rotated a bit and a soft moan was heard from her mouth; Reiko now eagerly began licking Fujiko’s nipples more intensely, causing her eyes to begin to open. “Rei-Reiko…?” Fujiko asked. “SISTER!” Reiko exclaimed, embracing Fujiko, crying just like the day she fell in love with Dixie. “What am I doing here?” Fujiko asked, discovering her breasts to be bared.

“Who did this to me?” she asked. Reiko began crying even louder, turning her tear swept eyes at Fujiko. “I’m so sorry, sister!” she laid down besides Fujiko, crying; “I became such a bitch after the tournament and you left, and I…I…” “…And you woke me from unconsciousness with sex?” Fujiko asked sceptically, but Reiko could have sworn she heard a giggling undertone. “Yes; I know it’s an incest-thing and so, but…” Reiko began, but surprisingly, Fujiko rose up and kissed her lovingly right on the mouth. “Reiko, I should be the one to apologise” Fujiko said, even beginning to cry; “it was so selfish of me to head out for Anesthesia alone! I just left you behind…”

Fujiko now reached out and kissed Reiko’s forehead, making her cheer a little up. “It’s OK, Fujiko; we’re safe now” Reiko nodded, smiling. “What do you mean? Anesthesia’s still out there! We need to find her and…” Fujiko began, only to be interrupted by Reiko. “Don’t worry; she’s getting punished right now” Reiko smiled evilly, pointing over at the floor; Anesthesia were rolling on the floor with Jiraz, both screaming in pleasure, drool flowing out of their mouths.

“Oh, make me cum again! I wanna to cum so much!” Anesthesia yelled out, Jiraz now standing down and remove her legs, bending down and stick her head between Anesthesia’s legs. Fujiko’s head looked like a large question mark, and Reiko explained to her that Jiraz had come to help them free her. “Oh, and, umm…” Reiko lowered her head in embarrassment. “Yes, Reiko?” Fujiko asked, finally pulling herself together for seeing a succubus pleasuring her worst enemy.

“Oh, damn it!” Reiko mumbled; “Dixie, can you come over here, please?” “Sure, hon” Dixie nodded.“Dixie Clemets” Fujiko nodded, offering her a handshake; “from what I remember, you fought rather well.” “Heh Heh, yeah, you might say that, but I still got marks of your boots on my back” Dixie rubbed her neck, smiling weakly. “Well, umm, what I meant sister, was…” Reiko began, losing the thread; picking up her self-esteem again by knowing she at least was honest and did it in her mother’s name, she told Fujiko:

“Fujiko, Dixie Clemets is my girlfriend now” Reiko said, not daring to look at Fujiko; “I know I’m supposed to fall in love some sort of Mr. Nice-guy, but I really do love her, and…” She was cut of by Fujiko’s giggling; looking from Reiko to Dixie and back again, she smiled. “Well, this last tournament sure connected some lives…” she mumbled, turning to Reiko; “Reiko, you were honest, so it’s only fair that I am, too.”

Fujiko sighed, although not in a stressed way; looking directly into Reiko’s eyes, she admitted it: “Reiko, I’ve also gotten a girlfriend; one who supported me throughout the entire tournament when I was but an instrument to Anesthesia” Fujiko said, smiling a little embarrassed. “C’mon; tell us who it is, girl” Dixie smiled, patting Fujiko’s shoulder.

“It’s Ms. Spencer” Fujiko admitted, blushing heavily. “That hot dominatrix? Why, you…!” Reiko smiled teasingly, tickling Fujiko by her neck. “Hey! No…no, wait!” Fujiko giggled, but pulling herself together; “we still need to…”

“O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O- O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O- O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O- O-O-O-O-OH!!!”

A yell interrupted her; Anesthesia had cum for about the fourth time, lying exhausted on the floor. “…Stop Anesthesia…” Fujiko comically finished her sentence. Standing in front of Anesthesia, Reiko, Dixie, Fujiko and Jiraz looked at the sex-hungering nurse. “Please…more…I’ll do anything!” Anesthesia begged.

Exchanging looks, Dixie, Reiko and Fujiko nodded at each other; Jiraz stood by, ready to give Anesthesia her heart’s desire. “Anesthesia, we will let you live…” Fujiko snarled evilly; “…if you promise to be our sex-slave for the next week! After that, we’ll help you start a new life as a normal civilian, and you must swear never to harm anyone ever again!” “I do! I promise!” Anesthesia nodded eagerly; “please, now; do me hard!” Exchanging looks, the girls smiled evilly, helping Anesthesia up, putting her on the bed. “Alright! Orgy!” Jiraz cheered, eagerly sitting down with her butt over Anesthesia’s head. Stripping out of her outfit, Fujiko decided not to remove her mask.

“No! Wait!” Jiraz suddenly said as Fujiko were about to remove her boots and gloves; “they turn me on, hottie; you won’t deny me that, will you?” she asked in an innocent voice. “Damn, you demons ‘are’ strange…” Fujiko shaked her head, but nevertheless kept them on. “OK: Who does what?” Dixie asked, eagerly looking at the tormented Anesthesia; she seemed to starting eating Jiraz’s pussy any second. “I’ll fuck her” Dixie smiled evilly, putting the strap-on Jiraz had handed her over her waist.

Reiko and Fujiko looked deeply at each other…“Sister…” Fujiko said warmly, hugging Reiko; “Dixie, you go ahead” Reiko smiled, looking at Fujiko, a tear falling from her eye; “let’s finish what we began.” “Let’s” Fujiko smiled, lying down on the floor, Reiko’s bared breasts over her. “C’mon; give it to me the way I like it!” Fujiko smiled kinkily. “What way?” Reiko asked. “The hardest way you can, sister!” Fujiko smiled, mental images of a surprisingly on-turning Reiko and her strongest turn-on, Mistress Spencer, her girlfriend, running around in her mind. It turned into an orgy:

Reiko bend her butt down at Fujiko’s mouth, getting her pussy licked, while she was licking Fujiko’s; Fujiko began tilting Reiko’s breasts, turning her sister even more. Meanwhile, Dixie enjoyed screwing the sex-obsessed Anesthesia, while Jiraz cheered and laughed as she was turned on by getting her pussy licked by the horny nurse.

“OH YES! YES! YES! YE-E-ESSS! MORE!” Jiraz exclaimed, rubbing her pussy as Anesthesia licked it as hard as should could. “Oh Yeah! Like getting your pussy all fucked, huh?!” Dixie said as she shoved the strap-on deeper into Anesthesia. “YE-E-E-E-ES! GIMME MORE!” she yelled out, grabbing the blanket of the bed in mere lust and animalistic desire. On the floor, Reiko was whimpering in pleasure, and Fujiko’s mouth was drooling.

“OH YES! SISTER! GIVE IT TO ME!” Reiko yelled out as Fujiko hungrily licked and sucked on her pussy; she, herself, were on the edge to cum, and she began spanking Reiko’s butt in horniness. “YES! GIVE IT TO ME, REIKO! DO IT HARDER!” she pleaded, feeling her orgasm approaching. “OH, FUCK YES! KEEP SCREWING ME-E-E-E!!!” Reiko yelled, barely able to control her voice… 


Meanwhile, however, Rhanar was sneaking into the old wrestling ring where the Rumble Roses Tournament had taken place; Black-Claw followed behind him, as the lizard was a rather bright one; it seemed like it looked for a fight.

“There” Rhanar pointed; down on the ring-floor lay five girls tied up. “According to our information, these should be Miss Spencer, ‘Candy’ Cane, Aigle, Matoko and Benikage” Rhanar mumbled as he found a small parchment in his belt. Around the ring, a host of soldiers stood watch; a large machine was being dragged out from a truck, and an officer looked evilly at the girls. Sneaking up closer, Rhanar whispered to Black-Claw to head up behind the soldiers and their truck, making a surprise attack.

 “Let us go; you have no right to do this! When the Japanese Government hears of this…!” Benikage, the ninja-girl began, only to receive a kick from a nearby soldier. “Shut it, slut; be glad that you’re helping the US in its war efforts!” the officer laughed evilly; “we really got something for our millions to that Anesthesia nurse, right boys?” “Sure thing sir, and she was smoking hot, too” one of the soldiers said, almost drooling; “oh, I’d love to f-…” “Shut it and get that machine out!” the officer interrupted angrily.

However, a dark shadow suddenly blocked out the moon, landing on the stage; the girls began to scream as the black shadow arose, dropping its hooded cloak over Aigle and Matoko. “Do not worry; I will help you” Rhanar gently patted Matoko’s shoulder. “What the Hell…?!” the officer yelled; “take him down, someone!” As the soldiers readied their rifles and the officer his gun, Rhanar snorted, making a wave with his hand in Mystic Magic, letting the weapons soar into the sky, dropping behind him.

“So…you like giving orders?” Rhanar asked, his wings flapping and passing by Miss Spencer’s face as he transformed; “then try and give this order to Illirian when you meet her, ‘sir’!” The mere energy from Rhanar himself as he transformed into his draconic self made several of the furniture, benches and alike fly around in circles. Rhanar launched towards the soldiers, impaling the first on the Wraith-Blade, beheading the next. “Perverted heretic!” Rhanar snarled as he seized the terrified officer by his throat, ending his life with a quick wring. As the rest of the soldiers tried and flee, Rhanar sheathed the Wraith-Blade, holding up his hands, his Mystic Magic levitating the soldiers, the truck and everything else he wanted to lift, to the sky.

“My ladies…” Rhanar turned around to the horrified girls; even the ninja, Benikage seemed on the edge of fainting. “…Their lives are yours” Rhanar bowed, awaiting the girls’ orders. “T-take them away…!” Miss Spencer finally babbled out; despite her symbolizing dominatrix outfit, she was shaking in fear. “As you command” Rhanar nodded, looking evilly at the soldiers, releasing them. “You heard the lady: BEGONE BEFORE I TEAR YOU APART WITH MY BARE CLAWS!” Rhanar roared as the soldiers fled in panic, many of them trying desperately to get into the truck to escape the monstrous beast. “AND DO NOT ‘EVER’ SHOW YOURSELVES HERE AGAIN!” Rhanar roared, sending a spell of Dark Magic after them as a warning.

“And now…” Rhanar said as he with a flap of his wings soared into the air, descending on the arena floor, kneeling down as his dark elven form returned. “…how may I serve you, my ladies?” he asked as he tore apart the ropes that bound the girls; he did not seem in need to help Benikage, though; the ninja was already out of her ropes. “I thank you, mysterious, dark warrior” she bowed politely. “It was my honour” Rhanar saluted, turning to the others; Miss Spencer looked sceptically at him, while Aigle and Matoko still looked scared, and Candy Cane looked at him as if he was some kind of dark avenger.

“You could get a living from killing pervs, ye know?” she winked at him, a sign of gratitude from her side. “As a matter of fact, I am sworn to fight them, although my order and I prefer to call them heretics” Rhanar bowed. “Why?” Aigle suddenly asked. “Let me say it like this” Rhanar explained; “if women and their virtues are our religion, then these ‘creatures’ are defilers and heretics” Rhanar snarled at the thought of them.

“What is that order of yours?” Benikage asked, an undertone of curiosity in her strict voice. “We are the Grey Guard Order” Rhanar smiled proudly; “you are not the first ones to be helped and saved by us, as we travel the worlds like your races travels from town to town.” “So you’re kind of an anti-perv league?” Miss Spencer asked. “Yes, we are” Rhanar nodded, proudly unsheathing the Wraith-Blade as he held it high above his head. “Although we command great powers, our understanding of the mind is our strongest asset” he said as he sheathed his sword once again.

“Thanks for helping us, then” Matoko bowed, polite as she always was. “It was no problem, my girl” Rhanar smiled friendly at her. “Umm, I didn’t get your name, Mr…?” Miss Spencer asked. “Rhanar, Rhanar Narra-Jar, or 'Shade' by friends” Rhanar said. “Thanks Mr. Narra-Jar” Miss Spencer nodded, allowing herself a smile; “tell me; do you, by chance, know a woman named Fujiko Hinomoto?” “Yes, I do, and currently her sister and her girlfriend are about to save her from that foolish witch, Anesthesia” Rhanar said darkly.

“Reiko’s got a girlfriend?!” Miss Spencer asked in surprise. “Yes, the one named Dixie Clemets” Rhanar said. “You don’t seem too affected, Narra-Jar” Benikage said sceptically. “Why would I? Jicins are the idols of our order” Rhanar said. “’Jicins’? That’s a lame name, whatever it is” Candy Cane mocked. “In your mortal tongue, it is a word for women who lives in a strong bond, relationship and love for other women” Rhanar explained. “You defend women, are a kinda weirdo-order, and you idolize Gay Girls?” Candy Cane asked sceptically.

“Yes, and I do not think I will have anything to feel ashamed about at that point” Rhanar said shortly. “Umm, Mr. Rhanar; I may be one of those ‘Jicins’ you mentioned...” Miss Spencer spoke uncomfortably; her boots scrabbled against the arena floor, and she seemed to feel uncomfortable in her outfit. “I have all due respect for that, my lady, but who is your loved one?” Rhanar asked. “It’s Fujiko Hinomoto; she’s so lovely, and…” Miss Spencer began, stopping in embarrassment; behind her, Candy Cane yawned provokingly, catching Rhanar’s attention.

“She has all right to love the one she chose, girl” Rhanar said strictly, Candy Cane backing a little away. “Alright, alright! Geez, freakie!” Candy Cane mumbled. “I am pleased to tell you that your loved one should be fine for now” Rhanar comforted Miss Spencer; “but we need to go back, as I fear that Anesthesia may have plans for her.” “How do you intend to…?” Benikage began, only to feel a warm breathe behind her; summoned by his master’s mental calling, Black-Claw stood ready outside the arena ring. “E-E-E-E-EK!” Benikage yelled, trembling over her feet as she tried and get away, her discipline temporarily gone.

“Bwah hah Hah Hah Hah! The fearless ninja wetting her panties at a small lizard!” Candy Cane laughed out loud, attracting Black-Claw’s attention; the large lizard approached her from behind, sniffing at her. “WHA-A-A-AH!” Candy Cane jumped away, heading towards Mss Spencer, holding her waist. “Teach, do something! Whip it! Spank it! But whatever the hell, hurry!” Candy Cane clung to her teacher’s waist. However, Black-Claw did not seem to scare Aigle; the Mongolian girl simply patted the large lizard’s snout, causing it to hiss pleasantly.

“We got many animals at home, so Aigle knows how to treat” she explained to Rhanar. “I will not doubt your family has a few drips of elven blood” Rhanar smiled, gesturing Aigle to saddle up. Smiling, Aigle mounted up, soon followed by a shaking but determined Matoko; Black-Claw, knowing his manners, carefully trotted in the direction Aigle let its bridle.

Riding a round around the ring, Aigle gestured Benikage to jump on; Rhanar could not help but to mentally smile as he saw the ninja-girl shallow her fear and mounting up. “Oh, what the hell; it’s not that big, anyway” Candy Cane said, mounting up as well. “Umm, is it safe?” Miss Spencer asked.“I have trained him, myself; I doubt you should have any fears” Rhanar said. 


“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH!” Reiko yelled out as she and Fujiko came for what they counted to be the second time. “Sister, you are so good” Reiko gave her sister a lovingly kiss; standing up besides her, Dixie leaned down, kissing Reiko’s cheek.

“Don’t get me jealous, hon” she teased, biting softly in Reiko’s ear. “Hih Hih, stop it!” Reiko giggled; under her, her sister could not hold back a smile. “I can see now why you chose Dixie as your girlfriend, Reiko” she smiled at the Texan beauty; “but I do not hope you just took her for her looks…?” she added with a teasing undertone.

“Why, you little…!” both Reiko and Dixie smiled, leaning over Fujiko. “Have you ever tried a threesome, Fujiko?” Dixie asked kinkily. “No, not yet” Fujiko admitted; “I was looking forward to one with Miss Spencer, but I heard she’s been gone for a week.” “Until she shows up, we’ll take care of you, OK?” Reiko asked. “Oh, OK then” Fujiko nodded, suddenly realizing that Reiko and Dixie lay on both sides of her, their fingers moving towards her pussy, and their mouths her breasts.

As Reiko, Fujiko and Dixie started, Jiraz did not seem to be able to get enough of the sex-hungering nurse Anesthesia; she yelled as she kept cumming, and the young succubus had now begun to let the nurse lick her. “OH GODDESS! How can you know so exactly where to lick?!” Jiraz asked, drooling running out of her mouth. “Sweetie, I’m a nurse; it’s part of my job” Anesthesia smiled, a thing Jiraz had not expected; the evil and more hateful side of the nurse seemed to have been whacked away by Jiraz’s intense lovemaking.

“Your job’s to study virgin pussies?” Jiraz teased, using her feet to press Anesthesia’s face closer to her pussy, and her tail to begin screwing Anesthesia. “ARGH! OH, GOD!” Anesthesia yelled out once again, now licking Jiraz more intensely then ever before. 


Meanwhile outside the hotel, Rhanar and the rest of the girls arrived, Rhanar waved goodbye and rode away as he doubted any harm could be done to the girls; he had personally wiped out the remaining goons in the building, and he had also made sure to move their bodies through a portal to the courtyard of the Grey Guard’s Headquarters.

“Man, this place sure is scary…” Candy Cane mumbled to herself as they climbed the stairs. “Hey! What’s that?” Matoko suddenly asked as she noticed a dark liquid on the blue carpet. As Benikage bowed down to examine it, Matoko and Aigle backed slightly away, both of them rather scared.

“It’s blood; maybe that ‘Rhanar’ were right about what he said, after all” Benikage nodded darkly as she rose up; a fine trace of fresh blood lay on her forefinger, resulting in Matoko and Aigle beginning to babble something about homework as they headed downstairs again, while Candy Cane, Miss Spencer and Benikage herself decided to investigate the matter.

As they made their way upstairs and down a corridor towards the penthouse, they clearly heard screams of what they thought to be pain; Benikage moved silently to the door where to noises came from, and Miss Spencer and Candy Cane, nervous as they were, backed a little out of sight. As Benikage carefully timed the perfect moment, she used her one fist to slam the door open, barging in, battle-ready and with her fists up…only to be meet be a sight that were more terrible to her then anything she had seen during her training:

The entire room were filled with other girls from the Rumble Roses Tournament, even a newly arrived Aisha, who sat with a small grin and watched as a red-skinned and horned girl with wings were making love to Reiko……

...Horned and winged girl?! Benikage returned from her shock to carefully observe the creature, trying not to be distracted by the screams of lust they heard from the room; she found it to be a succubus: An ancient demon of seduction, but to her surprise, this succubus seemed to prefer girls, and none of them seemed to either mind her love-making, nor could she feel that their souls were gone.

“OH MY FREAKKIN’ GOD!” were the response from Candy Cane; a mix of fascination and extreme confusion stood as a large marker in her face, and Miss Spencer seemed equally stunned…until she discovered her sweetie Fujiko amongst the group. “Make way!” she said strictly as she walked into the room, finding Fujiko to be relaxing on the bed, almost half-naked.

“Sweetie, are you OK?” Miss Spencer asked worriedly. As response, Fujiko smiled broadly, rose a bit and hugged Spencer, making her smile as well; as Fujiko whispered something in Miss Spencer’s ear, her face turned into a massive grin. “C’mon in; there’s no danger” Miss Spencer nodded at Benikage and Candy Cane. Walking carefully in, Candy Cane looked over her shoulder again and again as if expecting an ambush…until she accidently tripped over Jiraz’s tail; the succubus reacted quickly, and folded her tail around Candy Cane’s waist, preventing her from falling.

 “Such a pretty face shouldn’t spend the night in the hospital, sweetie” Jiraz teased, putting Candy Cane down; doing her utmost, Jiraz tried and suppress a flirty whistle, but failed; she gave Reiko a gentle pat on her cheek, rising up after getting a smile from Reiko in return. As Benikage approached, Jiraz greeted her with a traditional, Japanese bow. As Benikage bowed in return, she had her eyes constantly on Jiraz; she feared the demon would jump on her and tear her flesh, but it would not turn out so; it simply smiled and offered a handshake, which Benikage accepted.

“Umm, not to disturb the mood, but WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!” Candy Cane exclaimed, trying to get loose of Jiraz’s tail. “There, there, sweetie; naughty girls gets punished” Jiraz teased as she let go, getting everyone’s attention as she stood in the middle of the room. “Well, to cut it short, I know you girls don’t exactly love Anesthesia here, so I decided to punish her a bit.” Due to Benikage’s sceptical look that she sent Jiraz, she corrected herself; “oh, well; several times, then…” she mumbled.

 “And, umm, what does that have to do with that everyone in this room is having a sex orgy?” Miss Spencer asked; however, somehow her undertone stated that she had nothing against it at all. “Well, I heard about that Rumble Roses Tournament you were at; world-class fighters and all, and I’ll dare say your looks aren’t bad, either” Jiraz winked at Miss Spencer, causing her to blush.

“Geez are you one of them ‘Jicins’ that Rhanar guy speaks of?” Candy Cane asked. “Almost, I’d say; Jicins are all about virtues and love, but I have my mistress’ allowance to jump around and seduce a few girls sometimes; I, however, don’t like to get down and dirty with girls that don’t want to…” Jiraz admitted; “…and before you mention it…” she said, answering Benikage’s unasked question; “…I hate guys; Rhanar’s cool, but I love girls.”

The silence that fell over the room lasted about twelve seconds, then to be broken as Benikage stood in front of Jiraz, not able to decide to hurt her, or hug her; the truth was, as the tournament, she had begun to get feelings for the other girls. Now deciding, she lowered down in knee-height, standing face to face with Jiraz, who found the ninja girl rather attractive due to her stern looks.

Benikage sighed; she did not know why she was to do this, but something in the air made her feel light-headed and somewhat…horny. Unknown to her, the reason was that Jiraz had from the first moment she entered the room cast a silent spell over it, making everyone in it surrender to their heart's desires, and the girls’ desires seemed to turn out to be each other. Jiraz smiled to herself as the ninja knelt down before her; she patted her head gently, whispering comfortable words and encouraging Benikage to go on.

 Benikage found the succubus harder and harder to resist; she hated the fact that she fell so easily, but the succubus was so small, so innocent-looking…and so hot…As the rest of her senses left her, the before proud ninja now began pawing the young succubus’ breasts with all possible sign of enjoyment; besides them, Miss Spencer had already moved over to Fujiko, the two of them already longing to get to it.

 Candy Cane, however, did seem to be able to choose her ‘victim’, so she simply stripped off her shirt and bra and lay down half-naked with a seducing attitude; she knew she once claimed guys were pervs, and she still held onto that, but girls…heck, how bad could it be? “Alright, ladies…” Jiraz suddenly said, making all activity stop; even Benikage stopped pawing Jiraz’s breasts to listen to her. “I know this is a great place to make out, but shouldn’t we go to my manor instead? There’ a lot more room, and more…’toys’…” she finished kinkily.

Nodding in unison, the girls rose up, grabbing what clothes they had left on the floor. As Jiraz mumbled some complex words, she thanked Lanadon mentally that she had once stolen a page from one of Rhanar’s spell-books; she succeeded in opening a Mystic Portal, much to the girls’ awe and fear.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine” Jiraz smiled, turning around to Candy Cane; “you’re right behind, so hold onto my tail if you’re afraid.” Candy Cane snorted, but held onto the tail anyway; as Jiraz walked towards the portal, she turned her head slightly, stuck out her tongue teasingly and sent Candy Cane a flirty wink. “You’re gonna love what I’m planning for you” she smiled seductively, disappearing into the portal, Candy Cane following suit; it felt as if she was walking through water, though she was not getting wet.


Appearing on the other side, Candy Cane found herself in a large room with a huge, red velvet bed, a large spa in a corner with bubbling water, and something that looked like a closet with a sign saying ‘Naughty Fantasies’.

The place as a whole looked like a roman villa; Candy Cane nodded to herself, and admitted that Jiraz, or whatever her name was, had style. As the other girls appeared from the portal, the effect of Jiraz’s spell had not worn off the least; Miss Spencer even held her be-gloved hands in front of her panties as drool dropped from her mouth each time she looked at the equally horny Fujiko.

“Oh, dammit; I’m tormenting you like this! Sorry!” Jiraz honestly apologised, walking over to the bed, gesturing Candy Cane to follow her. “Miss Spencer…?” Jiraz asked as she lay down on the bed besides Candy Cane; to her surprise, the horny girl began licking Jiraz’s boots, a sign of complete loss of sanity and capitulation to her lust for Jiraz. “Ye-yes…?” Miss Spencer managed to speak.

“As you’re her teacher, does she get good grades?” Jiraz asked playfully as she enjoyed the Candy Cane’s hot tongue on her boots. “Yes, but can we please…?” Miss Spencer asked pleadingly, clearly suggesting the girls ‘got on with it’. “Sure; let all loose!” Jiraz smiled, turning her attention to Candy Cane; “you, young lady, needs to learn to behave!” As she spoke, she gently seized Candy Cane, lifted her up over her knee, pulled up her skirt and spanked her butt gently; however, Candy Cane, now in a state of extreme horniness, screamed with lust as the strokes fell.

 “Oh, you love this, don’t you?” Jiraz teased, but were soon surprised as Candy Cane turned around, beginning to lick Jiraz’s pussy. “OH! Why, you little…!” Jiraz smiled to herself, returning the favour by licking Candy Cane’s panties; the hot tongue easily went through the thin cloth, and Jiraz grabbed the small strap and ripped it off, now slurping on Candy Cane’s pussy and sticking her be-gloved, latex-glad fingers into it as well.

“ARGH! YEAH! DO IT TO ME! TONGUE-FUCK ME, YOU CRAZY BITCH! OH!” Candy Cane exclaimed, smiling happily to herself; she had seen in magazines how a girl and boy did it, but girl on girl she knew nothing, but so far, it felt great, and even if it was with a horny succubus, it was even better.

The orgy on the floor now began; Fujiko and Miss Spencer romped around, Fujiko hungrily opening Miss Spencer’s corset and pawing her breasts, making Miss Spencer yell out in pleasure; besides them, Benikage had grabbed Aisha‘s golden attire with both hands, smiling under her mask as she forced the singer against the wall, using her knee to rub against her pussy, while she used her fingers to paw Aisha’s breasts.

As for the rest of the night, Jiraz’s room were filled with the lovable screams from her ‘victims’; at a time, Shica came to the room through a portal, and was overjoyed to see that Jiraz had ‘assembled the party’. “Is that your GF? She’s kinda small...” Candy Cane asked as she looked at Shica; she was still exhausted after Jiraz’s pleasing, and she teasingly leaned herself against Shica.

Suddenly, the dark elf girl smiled, as she with great precision and speed ran around to Candy Cane’s back, grabbing her breasts from behind. “Rawr! Kinky!” Jiraz smiled as well as she handed Shica an oblong object while she equipped a strap-on; knowing what was to come, Candy Cane let out a long, smiling moan.

“Two’s better than one, little hummie!” Shica teased as she stuck her strap-on into Candy Cane’s butt, while Jiraz stuck her own into Candy Cane’s pussy; her following scream of lust almost had her cum right away, but she mastered all constitution and strength she had left. “ARGH! DOUBLE FUCKING! WHERE DID YE LEARN THIS?!” she screamed in delight as she pressed Shica’s and Jiraz’s hands tightly around her breasts.

“We’re girlfriends; we’re kinda used to screw ourselves...and some of the cute little girlies who are not that straight” Jiraz teased; behind, as the three girls’ lovemaking went on, Miss Spencer had bound and blindfolded Fujiko with ropes of black leather, and was using her whip to spank Fujiko’s naked pussy.“OH-H-H! OH, SO GOOD! SPANK HARDER, MISTRESS! SPANK ME HARDER!” Fujiko pleaded as Miss Spencer used her one hand to spank Fujiko, and using her other to finger herself.

“OH! Oh, my-y-y, you can turn me on...” she stopped her spanking and bending over Fujiko, rubbing their naked bodies together. The orgy had a pause as the girls went off their desires; as the next thing, Shica and Jiraz showed the girls their preferred fetishes, one being to be tied up and have the head bent downwards, and also told of their turn-ons.

The rest of the night was spend by the girls by at times talking and exchanging jokes, the other to resume the orgy; as for now, Jiraz’s plan had been a success, and she cuddled tightly to Shica. “Shica, no matter how many girls we seduce, you’re my only one” she whispered softly to Shica. “Oh, cutie; I love you, too; I’d never trade you for anything” Shica smiled as Jiraz threw the blanket of her bed over them; as they snuggled and cuddled and laughed, the girls, having resumed their orgy, could not help but giggle.

Hanging alittle above average height, Anesthesia sat in a net of thick leather belts with her pussy bared; she loved bondage, and smiled happily as Benikage approached her with a lustful smile...

[End notes: That concludes the end of the Twilight of the Law story; I hope you have enjoyed it, and I leave the rest for your imagination (and gaming consoles) to discuss.]

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