Story: Fooling Around (all chapters)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 1


I’ve been sharing a flat with this guy Joel for about 3 months now. His girl friend Tracey would stay over some nights, but I usually kept to myself either watching tv or studying.

I had an early morning start and  headed to the shower still half asleep and opened the door. Without warning I bumped into Joel's girlfriend who was naked. I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous body, plump round breasts, my mouth went dry and I blushed

"oh I'm sorry, I’ll come back" I stuttered

"no no it's ok Chris please come in I'm nearly done sweetie" she invited, still standing naked

"eeeer no that's ok Tracey" I went into the kitchen to get myself a coffee trying to regain my composure. I looked back at the bathroom and watched Tracey walk off towards Joel’s room. I was starting to feel light headed when I remembered I needed to breathe.

One night I got home late from college and found Joel and Tracey curled up watching tv.

"Hey girl" called Joel "Tracey cooked and leftovers in the fridge"

I smiled and nodded,

“Chris do you need a hand” offered Tracey smiled and winked at me.

“umm no” I quickly made my way to the kitchen feeling a little uncomfortable with Tracey's unusual attention towards me.

Returning to the tv we all shared some dope over a couple of hours. I started to feel relax and rested my head back on the seat. I felt something heavy on me and when I looked up found Tracey sitting in my lap looking me over.

"what the hell are you doing" I growled quietly but forcefully. I looked at Joel who had passed out

"shhhhhhh he's dead to the world." Tracey grabbed my face and kissed me, sucking on my lower lip while she thrust down into me.

Surprised by her forwardness I began pushing Tracey off, but my strength was abandoning me as my mind and body became numb.

Tracey reached under my shirt and fondled my breasts heightening my arousal to her. I kissed her back, launching my tongue into her mouth, our tongues playing. She broke the kiss and lifted her top off leaving herself open. I grabbed and pulled her tit to my lips sucking her hard. She dropped her head back and groaned. I looked over at Joel who was still asleep. I moved to the other breast, capturing the nipple between my teeth. She started to ride my lap

"more... oh more Chris" she almost pleaded

I pushed her to the floor and moved on top kissing her hard, my urgency meeting hers. I lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties fondling her cunt, her cream melting around my fingers. Tracey started to fondle her breasts in time to my finger.

"oh god Chris fuck me... fuck me now" she called out louder.

I was worried Joel would wake but also turned on at the same time. I plunged two fingers into her opening feeling her deeply. She cried out and bucked against my hand. I pressed my thumb against her clit and capture her cry with my lips as she erupts with multiple orgasms. I sat up feeling my self control come back with a sudden impact. Tracey smiled and started to touch me. I pushed her away and went to my room angry at my lack of self control.

Because of that night I avoided Joel and Tracey for most of the week until Joel's birthday party. The place was packed wall to wall people drinking. I mingled as well as trying to avoid awkward situations. Part way through the night I was outside getting another drink when a pair of arms slipped around me. I turned and moved away quickly.

"Tracey what the hell you doing" I growled at her

"saying hello" laughed Tracey

I shook my head "well just say it, jeez it's Joel’s birthday for christ sake"

"Relax Chris, anyway I didn't get a chance to say thank you for the other night, let alone return the favour" Tracey stepped closer

"whoa wait up, I was stoned and it should never of happened" I defended

"well it did and don’t think I don’t see you watching me too" persues Tracey playfully

"that’s ridiculous" I scoffed

Tracey leaned closer "is it" she leaves.

I decided it was time to leave the party, my thoughts kept returning to Tracey driving me insane and horny all at same time and needed to get distance.

I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. As I stepped around the corner of the flat towards my car I quickly stopped and stepped back only peering around the corner. I shook my head and bit my lip as I watched Joel screwing some chick from the party against my car. He was fucking her so hard I could hear them both panting in the throes of passion.

I returned inside and looked about. I found Tracey putting the candles on Joel's cake. "hey... is it cake already" I spoke nervously

Tracey smiled "almost...why"

I moved uneasy on the spot and Tracey came over "what's the matter Chris"

"do you like…umm want to come to my room, so we can talk or something. It's quieter I mean" I stumbled over my words

Tracey sits on my bed and I shut the door and lean against it looking down at her. I didn't know where to begin but she did and unbuttons her top and lets it fall away.

"no that's not what I had in mind" I whined helpless as I gazed upon her breasts

Tracey ignored and stood up stepping from her pants and returns to my bed naked and smiling waiting for me. I swallow nervously as part of me wanted to tell her about Joel, the other wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her.

" God this is so difficult" I groaned

"how can wanting to have sex with me be difficult, just get undress and let me get between those sexy wet legs of yours" encourages Tracey

I felt my legs wane at the thought her eating me and leaned harder against the door for support. Tracey gets up and traps me at the door.

"look don't worry about Joel, I'm sure he won't mind me screwing his housemate since he's screwing mine, isn't that right Chris "

Tracey smirked when she heard the sound of the door latch locking behind me. Tracey returns to the bed and watches as I peel off my clothes and crawl on top of her, our naked bodies rubbing against each other. Hands fondling, lips tasting flesh. Tracey pushes me down and sits over me dragging her cunt up and down my stomach. I could feel her wet trail as she continued to slide down me.

She parts my legs and moves straight into me, licking fiercely, eating me. I squirm, every inch of me wanted to scream. I held her head and fucked her face hard until she reached the spot causing me to cry out as I cum over her. I dropped back panting, shaking as she licks me up before surfacing to my lips, letting me taste myself.

"now that was yummy" she gloats

I groaned and dropped back down. "yeh fuck yeh" I conceded

Tracey got up "well come on lets do the cake thing"

Once party was over I crashed into bed and felt someone crawl next to me.

"Tracey" I murmured

Her lips covered mine and she worked her tongue in as she worked her fingers in

"Ahh Tracey, I don't think" but with each deep stroke I became more aroused, more relaxed.

"fuck you get so wet baby" she coos into my ear

"ah ha, yess" I panted out as I felt my orgasm building.

"that's it Chris, feel it build" she strokes higher, pressing against my still swollen clit

"oh fuck…yeh fuck " I grabbed as I started to crash

"that's it baby, fuck all you like"

I groaned loudly as I came again. Once I gained my composure "are you going to tell Joel?" i asked eventually

"what, that I'm now seeing his housemate" Tracey said pointedly

I opened my mouth but no words came out at first "seeing me, I"

"Chris I can't very well continue to fuck you without seeing you"

"oh, I guess"

“do you have a problem with that” asked Tracey “flicking tongue against me”

“fuck no”

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