Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 9)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 9 - A rainbow shifts

[Author's notes: Doing the right thing can make a person all too confused.]

Chapter Nine - A rainbow shifts



The new day broke so clear, as not one single cloud hung in the summer sky over Camp Pawa. The heat was rising fast, as the day was going to be one very hot one indeed as she shimmer waves of the hotness were already rising off of the sand of the beaches.

Mandy was sitting in her small room, finishing dressing herself in her favorite black form fitting sundress, the very one that CC had bought for her just before she had gotten sick. It was short, even on the small frame of Mandy as it fell only to just barely to mid-thigh, but she loved how it felt on her every time she wore it. Wearing the skimpy little bikini underwear that came with it, added to the pretty sensation.

She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall. She smiled, as the look of the dress really did make her feel so good. As she admired herself hesitantly, Allison poked her head into the room.

" Hey!" She said.

" Morning!" Mandy replied back.

The girl with the thick glasses stepped in and looked at the shorter girl. She smirked and made a small sound of enjoyment as she looked the girl up and down a few times over..

" That dress looks so good on you." She commented. " I am just a little jealous about that."

" I feel like it does." Said Mandy, blushing lightly. " I love it."

" I could not wear anything like that..." Said the brainy girl. " It is not me... I have no legs to speak of.. you on the other hand, pull it off quite nicely."


Mandy nodded, liking the complements she had gotten from the girl. She turned after one more look at herself in the mirror, as the girl stood there.

" What’s up?" Mandy asked, having a feeling that this was not just a social call on Allison’s part.

" Have you thought any more about what we talked over last night?" Allison asked, as usual being straight forward..

" About that list?"

" Yes." Said the brainy girl, her face now flushing as she caught herself eyeing how Mandy looked in the dress.

The shorter girl shrugged, as she still was not quite sure what would be the right way to report it. Alison nodded, knowing the feeling herself.

" I have ran it through my mind over and over again... I still have not picked what to really do." She said, adding. " Perhaps we will think of something later.... I have something other to so..."

" What do you have to do?" Mandy asked, as she looked over at the girl. They had activities planned out, and the girl’s comment came out of left field.

The brainy teenager looked at her friend.

" My mother and two sisters are coming to Pawa for a visit here..." She said, with a sigh. " I am suppose to show them around camp, and all because one of my little bratty sisters might be coming her come next year..." She giggled and give a longer sigh. " The good news about that is ...because I’m a senior camper this year, I might not be back here again."

" If you are asked to sign up to be a CIT, would be back here..." Asked Mandy, remembering that there was a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in front of the main administration building for Councilors in Training.

Allison sighed and shrugged.

" My mom has been bugging me about that same thing, saying that it might be a good thing to have on my University application.. to be a CIT." She said as she looked at the girl.. " She saw the notice about it on the bulletin board last year when they picked me up, and has been on me ever since to think about doing it."

" Mine too... after she heard about it." Mandy said. " I have not decided yet If I’m going to or not."

" I have not made any determination on whether or not I will as of yet." Said Allison, in her usual analytical fashion, then added. " The deciding factor is whether or not I could handle being my sister Gail’s councilor... if she does go her next year."

Mandy laughed, as the girl’s little dilemma really was a factor in the decision process. She looked at the girl and shook her head.

" That is one problem I don’t want to have..." She said. " I’m glad that I don’t have your sister then."

" Awh, c’mon then..." Allison said, her own laughter coming out. "Your are missing so much fun not actually having my two so sweet sisters around to bug the heck out of you..."

" Better you than me..." She smirked.

" Gee...thanks!" Was all the reply Allison gave with a deep down giggle, at which Mandy laughed as well.

The book girl waved and turned after getting herself to stop laughing long enough to do so. She paused at the drape door and looked back for a moment.

" My mom and sisters arrive right after breakfast... if you want to walk that horrid letter over to Miss. Ashfield later in the afternoon sometime, I’ll go with you." The girl offered.

Mandy thought for a second, then shook her head. Even though what happened in the showers between the woman who run Pawa and here still unnerved her, she was not going to let this letter thing go.

" I’ll walk it over after lunch..." She said, assured of her answer seconds before. " You can just go and tell them how you ended up possessing it.."

" You sure about that?" Asked Allison, stopping before going through the drape-door. " You would do this alone... just because I need to see my family?"

" Yeah..." Nodded Mandy. " Just go and survive your family... and try to have some fun."

The brainy gal made a silly face by sticking out her tongue and making a little gagging noise along with it.

" Fun? ... I’ll try to have some...if possible..." The girl gave a quick wink, then she was gone.

With her stomach growling loudly for breakfast, Mandy put on her favorite slip-on shoes and headed out to go to the dining hall.... bypassing the group of gossiping girl’s who had been now dubbed as Isis’s posse.

"They were at it again..." she told herself as she skirted passed and resisting here urge to bitch slap the lot of them.




The midday sun was so very hot overhead, but there was Mandy, standing in front of the administration door. She seemed not to move a muscle, as if she was unsure of things.

She looked at the portal with a little hesitant gaze, her mind playing the what had happened in the shower over and over in her head. She had been scared when the beautiful woman had touched her, her body feeling those touches in the most vivid of ways. She stood there, contemplating on whether or not to actually go in with the letter... and found the fear she had with seeing th woman had changed. She now felt different, it was as CC always said, she now felt horny.

Thinking back on how the woman beautiful body glistened with the water from the showers, how the woman’s hands felt as she put them on her naked body, how the fingers probed her inner being.. it was all conspiring to make her hormones jump. It was wrong for the much older woman to do that to her... but she found now that she was starting to crave the woman’s touch as well.... as was evident by the dream that had woken her up in the night. It had frighten her... but now she realized that it had lit her desires as well.

She actually was afraid at the change in her, actually how she was now lusting after the woman like this. She looked at the letter she held in her hand and took a long, purposeful breath in. She needed to do what she needed to do, and was determined to follow it through

" I cant be thinking like this..." She told herself with an inner voice. " I just need to go in and show Miss Ashfield this letter.... I need to."

Steadied by her self-talk, the girl felt like she could go in now. She opened the door and strode in, knowing her mission was one that could not be put off any longer. Gay campers may not know about the letter yet, or what this piece of paper actually was spouting, but they needed to be protected by such hate these girls had put on the paper.

The outer office had no one in it, the kindly secretary was nowhere to be found. The girl quickly figured that she had stepped out of the office to have lunch with the staff that always fed the kids first..

" Damn!" She said a little angry with herself that she had not thought about that possibility..

Mandy noticed that the other office door was ajar, and spotted Miss. Ashfield sitting at her desk. The girl was a little more than just apprehensive about going in to the office alone like this but knew she had to inform the woman of this letter. Without Allison here, it was up to her to do this.

With a sigh, she steadied herself and headed to the doorway.

Miss Ashfield looked up as a knock was heard. She looked up and was obviously shocked at Mandy being there.

" Miss Mandy..." She said, her voice a little tight.

" May I come in?" Mandy said as calmly as she could. " I need to talk to you about something that is rather important."

" Important?"

" Serious is more like it." Said Mandy flatly.

The woman nodded, watching the young girl’s face as she did. With courage and a need to do what she had to do, Mandy came in and started telling her about the letter she clutched in her hand.

The woman listened to the girl’s explanation and read the note. Her face got such a shocked look on it, as she seemed to take in ever word that was on that paper and felt it stinging like acid on bare skin..

" This is sickening...I am so shocked with this garbage..." She commented. " You mean to tell me that this hate fueled list has been distributed around our camp... this piece of pure evil?"

" Yes, Ma’am." Said Mandy. " It seems like it has been floating around here awhile... that is what Allison said.."

" This is so vial... I cant even believe such filth actually was written by someone going to Pawa." She said, obviously upset by it. " Do you know who it is, that has penned this disgusting letter?"

Mandy looked at the woman.

" My friend said it seemed to be the writings of a girl we share our cabin with." She said. " I don’t know that for sure, but my friend seems to be more than confident she knows that is who it was."

" One of you cabinmates?" She said, giving a sideways look at Mandy.

" Yes... it is, Miss Ashfield... one of our cabinmates..."

" Let me guess..." Said the woman over top of the girl’s words, her eyes flashing with understanding. " Could this person’s name be Isis Mackay by any chance..."

Mandy could not believe her ears, as the woman’s calculated question was spoken to her. The girl nodded slowly as she looked at the pretty woman, not quite knowing how she had ever guessed who her and Allison expected.

" How did you..." Mandy spluttered out, her shock was more than just evident from her face.

" Your wondering how I have came up with the correct name like I did... Right, Mandy?" The lady said, smirking as the girl stared at her with this completely baffled look in her eyes.

" Yes... yes..." Mandy said, her mind still not getting how she actually had guessed like that

The woman stood up and looked at the girl in front of her, and her face showed a very serious flair in her eyes. She fingered something on her desk for a moment, as she started to explain herself to the young girl.

" Let’s just say that last year, which was my first year being in charge around here... I ended up having to deal with out little friend, Isis, more than a few times over that summer...." She said. " That was not a pleasant thing, I must tell you..."

" You... Have... delt with her?"

" That is an unfortunate ‘yes’..." Said the lady, with a grumble. " I had that unfortunate task

" I am guessing that this is not the first time you have heard of Isis doing something like this also... right?"

Miss Ashfield took a moment to pause, her normally sultry gaze was now hardened into steely contempt.

" We had many instances like that... the most serious was when Isis and her friends were harassing a young girl from the same cabin as them. The whole lot of them had deemed that this young thing was a ‘lesbian’ because she was such a different sort of person... " She sighed. " They took steps to try and ‘purge’ what they saw as wrong from Pawa’s ranks."

" What in hell did they do?" She asked the tall woman. " I was not here last year, Miss Ashfield."

"You never heard since you have been back here?"

" No, Ma’am..."

The woman got oddly quiet for a moment, her face turning into a mask of sternness right before Mandy. .

" They ridiculed that girl, taunting her daily, calling her names that even adults should never use and literally pushed her around to the point she ran away from camp... twice in one week." The woman shook her head. " They eventually escalated their abuse when they jumped the girl when she was coming back from riding the horses one late afternoon..."

" Did they beat this girl up badly?"

" I wish it was just a beating from hell they ended up administered on this poor girl.... Isis and her little gang ended up going way farther with brutality and cruelty than I have ever seen, and I am an administrator in a high school normally."

" What did they do tho this girl?" The girl asked, a little afraid to actually hear about it.

Miss Ashfield’s face showed a mask of pure pain, a pain that was welling up inside of her. The lady swallowed hard, as it was obvious what had happened, affected the woman right down to her very soul.

" What they did was deplorable... and is so hard to say even now..." She started. " They did beat her pretty badly, then upped the viciousness when they shaved her head.... stripped her naked behind the stables ... and left her to make her way back all across the camp’s grounds to their cabin that was located on the far side past the craft building." The woman snuffed loudly as she continued.. " That was one action we could not end up pinning on any of them... as the girl was by then just too scared to finger them.... she left the next day."

Mandy was shocked at the actions Isis and her friends had done. She knew they were cruel in so many ways, but even she never would have expected this much. One thing she was assured of now, these girls were being an example of what evil might be..

" What happened to the girl?" Somberly asked Mandy, thinking about what happened to this young girl.

" After she had left camp and gone home, she got into drugs and she tried to commit suicide a few times... all because of Isis and her friends harassment." Said Miss Ashfield, shaking her head. " Luckily she did not succeed in killing herself and thankfully, I heard that she is now in therapy and getting better."

" Was Isis thrown out of camp or what?"

" That is the thing that hurts me the most about that...." Said the woman, her face flaring with a overtone of anger. " Because who Isis’s family is, and the power they wield even towards Pawa itself... We could not expel Isis from ever coming back to camp.. even though I wanted to so badly. Between you and me... that girl is noting but evil.."

Mandy was shocked, but not too surprised either. Isis and her posse were a force to be reckoned with when banded together... just like all bullies. They were a group that was now more than shown that they could do damage in ways that most people would never have eve dreamed up.

" So what are you going to do with the letter thing?" She asked, then muttered. " Is there something you can do?"

The woman looked up for a moment, obviously thinking on the matter. She looked at the letter she still held, and made a grimace of disdain at it.

" I have to get the board of directors to investigate this situation... and have both you and this Allison girl to sign affidavits to verify it all" She said, adding. " I think the police might have to be also called in as well... this is a hate crime in our country."

" Will they do something about it? Would anybody do something about that letter?" Said Mandy.

Miss Ashfield sighed low in her chest, as if she was half not wanting to reply to the young girl.

" After what happened last year, or the lack if what was done.. I am not sure what the board will or will not do..."

" Can you do something by yourself?" Mandy asked softly.

" That I have already thought about..."Said the woman with a nod, then she added with more vigor. " I think I will investigate this myself before taking this to the board... and if I see that it is Isis and friends, I can take it to my bosses and fight tooth and nail with them to get something done about it."

" You can do that?"

" If I don’t do something like that... the board would do nothing..." Said the woman. " If I have the ammunition to back all of this up, they might have to do something with Isis after all."

Mandy was relieved to hear the woman was going to try and do something about it. She sighed and looked at the woman.

" Thank you." Was all Mandy could say

Mandy was going to leave, when the woman called out.

" I would like to talk to you... personally, before you return to activities.." The woman said, her voice was low and soft.

The girl turned to face the woman, her whole body shaking as she now had a flash of the past come to her. She found the woman standing right in front of he, the smokiness if her eyes were now back.

" I want to apologize more my... actions the other day..." She said. " Finding you in the showers, I was not expecting... then I found that you were so... amazingly beautiful, and I just could not help myself.... and I ended up taking liberties that I should not have done."

" You... apologize?" Stammered the girl back.

" I do..." Said the woman, her face conveying that she was truly repentant for everything. " But I won’t apologize for seeing how utterly beautiful you are."

The shorter girl was surprised by the woman’s admission, and that sent a pleasurable shiver through her. She looked at the woman straight in the eyes, and found her heart pounding and her mind swimming with the absolute perfect beauty the tall woman was. She was scared and excited at the same time.

" Thank you..." She stammered, as she looked a Miss Ashfield’s perfectly per portioned face with a heat building inside of herself.

The very tall woman began to lean into Mandy, slowly drawing herself closer the short girl with lips perking and eyes closed. The young girl felt like everything was moving in slow motion as the delicate scent of the woman’s floral perfume flooded her senses. Entranced, the girl found herself leaning into the woman also... finding that ever last part of her wanted to feel the woman’s lips, and much more.

With her mind beginning to swoon, Mandy’s own lips were ready to receive the woman full lips onto hers, heart racing with the anticipation as the gap closed. The girl let her eyes fall close in reflex, as even this fraction of time before the kiss... made the anticipation of it that much more agonizing. She found herself drawn, and not one part of her was stopping... the only thing to her was the full lips that were on their way.

Their lips were just about to touch in a sensually slow ballet when they heard the door to the outer office open suddenly. Mandy and Miss Ashfield pulled back like if they had come in contact with something very hot, acting so flustered while they tried to look as composed as they could..

" I am back from my lunch break." Called out the voice of Mrs. Granger as she stepped in.

Breathing very heavy, Mandy looked at the woman with her and tried to act as natural as possible.. which was not working very well for her. The woman looked back with a little knowing smile, as she also seemed to be very flustered.

" Uh, I will look into that and get back to you as quickly as I can..." Stammered Miss Ashfield a little, her face showing a marked red tinge to it .

" Uh... Thank you." Said an embarrassed Mandy, turning and leaving the woman’s office as she felt her own face turning very hot.

Mandy moved through the outer off, pausing to wave at Mrs. Granger for a split second before darting out of the door The always very bubbly woman had waved back with gusto, as she watched the young girl make her way outside. It seemed like the secretary had not even noticed the girl’s crimson coloring that painted the cheeks. The woman simply took her seat behind the desk and began going through a tall stack of files.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:   Sorry about the small cliffhanger... but it is on purpose. The next chapter can be described as vbery interesting and will be up in a day or so.  Please Read and review... continue to help me get better at this.:)


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