Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 7)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - Too damned close

[Author's notes:

Camp is suppose to be fun...

 Warning:  Scenes of a sexual nature is in the chapter.  Read at your own risk.


Chapter Seven - Too close



The morning was just starting over Pawa, the heat was now back over the sleepy Camp. The morning heat did hearkened back to the heat that had been exactly the same way two summers ago. Young Mandy had noted that, but seemed to relish in the steaminess that was befalling the camp.

Mandy and the rest of Cabin Nine had headed in to the shower cabin to wait for their turn to use them. Another cabin was still using the facilities when they had gotten there, obviously the girls from that cabin had been taking their sweet time using them. They had suppose to have been done ten minutes previous.

Sitting off to the side, Mandy was basically alone. Her Cabinmates effectively had ostracized her as usual. The most popular girls were waiting right next to the door that led into the showers, talking away like crazy. With the hate letter she had been handed still quite fresh in her mind, as well as the suspicions she had of who made it, she was glad that the girl’s still shunned her.

Mandy sat wrapped snugly in her bathrobe off to the side watching Isis and her friends joking around as usual. The group were looking over in the direction of Mandy and laughing, the words ‘dyke’ and ‘ lez’ could be heard spoke more than just a few times... as was her name in the very same breath.

The constant flood of derogatory words was beginning to get old really, fast for Mandy, but from what she had read on that hate list and just knowing these girls like she does, it was not surprising. Since coming to camp, she had heard it all many times before, and could not help think just how screwed up Isis her friends really were. It made her mad, but she knew that for now, she could do nothing about it.

Mandy leaned back a little more, intent on simply not letting these bitches get to her... CC had told her not to let anyone get in the way of who she was.

Noticing that one of her girls seemed to be off on her own, Councilor Olivia came over and sat beside Mandy. She eyed the young gal for a second, and noticed that the girl might not have even realized that she had sat down next to her. She playfully shouldered the girl, to get Mandy’s attention

" I say there, little girl..." She said with a very fake sounding British accent. " A penny for your thoughts...."

Mandy looked over at the woman and giggled a little. She could see the clear impish grin Olivia had on her face. The young girl gave a mischievous face of her own back, and shouldered the woman right back.

" For my thoughts, it’s a dollar!"

" A dollar for your thoughts?" The woman asked, playfully, discarding the use of the accent again. " You really think that your thoughts are actually worth a whole dollar?"

" Inflation!" Mandy said in retort, smirking.

The woman could not help but start to laugh at the young girl. Olivia shrugged her shoulders in reply.

" I guess I deserved that one." She chuckled.

" Even if you do...?" Snickered Mandy, then continuing. " Are you still going to pay up if I do tell you.

Olivia looked at her camper and laughed even harder than she had been, her face showed she liked the girl’s wit. After a few moments, Olivia’s face became a little more serious.

" Enough of this... I was trying nicely to say that you seem... a little down this morning..." She said, laying out what she was seeing. " It is what I am just seeing in you there, Missy..."

The girl nodded, as the woman waited on her to say something.

" I guess..." Mandy said back, debating with herself on telling the councilor about the list she had gotten from the brainy girl. " Just thinking on a few things..."

" Must be something rather large...." The woman pointed out, then verbally stepped back for a second

" I guess it is..."

" You want to say what it is?" Asked Olivia.

Mandy shook her head, deciding with Isis and her friends so near at the moment, it was not the time to tell the Councilor.

" Not right now..." She said softly.

" I wont pry, Mandy... If you need someone to talk with, just know I’m here for that."

" I will." Mandy said.

" Promise?"

" Yes... I will..." Repeated Mandy.

Olivia noted that the girl was not about to say anything, so she went off to heard her awaiting girl’s into the showers, seeing that cabin seven finally was done using the facilities, noting that they had gone over by nearly ten minutes in the process.

Mandy stayed right where she was sitting for the time being, opting to let her cabinmates go and use the showers first. She was clearly not in any mood to have to share the steamy shower time with Isis and her band of snobbish homophobics. Let the pretty girls have their time, and make them stay as far away as possible from herself also.

The girl just leaned back against the concrete wall of the outer change room to simply watch and wait. Cracking a smile to herself only, she was feeling so glad that she had made her decision... it would keep here from trying to drown any of them by jamming one of the shower heads in there, right down any one of those prima donna’s throats.

Mandy snickered at the very thought, finding it ridiculous that she had actually been daydreaming that little scenario. She shook her head, noting that it would have been a daydream CC would have very much liked. The thing was, if Isis and her crew would have been around two years ago... CC would have considered for just a moment or two... to actually shoving a shower head, although it would have been decided to be a much different and more painful anatomical spot that she herself would have picked.

Mandy laughed again, wishing the girl could have been here right now... to voice her much more ‘charming’ opinions on what to do with the group. CC had never been shy on giving her unsolicited two cents worth when it comes to ‘beauty queens’ and other assorted idiots as she would have so eloquently said , that was why Mandy loved the tall goth girl so much... and also the reason why she felt so alone at times. The exact same reasons



Mandy finally got her chance, as her ‘friends’ were done and filing out, still yakking away as was usual for them all. Slipping past the hoard of beach blonde diva-wannabies she shared the cabin with... Mandy went into the tiled area, looking forward to being able to wash all of the sweat and dust from the day before.

The hot water felt so good on her skin as Mandy slipped under the stream. She sighed, as she could feel her whole body relaxing down all at once. She smiled and just let the hot feelings sooth her. Taking her soap out of the travel case, she began her routine as she always did, noting she was the only one in the area at this moment. That suited her fine.

Halfway through her showering ritual, she heard someone had come into the showers from the changing area. She looked over and could see a single figure through the mists of steam, but not exactly see who it was. The figure was fairly tall, and thought it might have been their councilor, Olivia, coming to have herself a quick shower as well. The woman usually did that, to let the girl’s have their turn, without her looming there. Mandy did not think nothing more about it and returned to enjoying her shower.

Then young girl was just in the middle of washing her long locks, when a hand softly touched her shoulder. She jumped a little and turned her head, to tell Olivia that she would be just a few minutes more, and then felt her hear jump into her throat. The person who had put a hand on her shoulder was not the councilor as she expected. It was someone she had least expected it to be.


The hand belonged to a very naked Miss. Ashfield. The woman smiled, almost as if she was glad that Mandy was looking at her.

" Did I startle you?" She said, her eyes were already locked on to the girl.

Mandy took a small step back, finding the woman was standing very close to her. She took a humid breath in and tried to give the woman a respectful smile.

" I did not know you were in here, Miss Ashfield." She said back, keeping her eyes on the woman, her arms absently were trying to cover her nakedness from the woman..

" That was why I made sure that you knew I was here...." The tall lady said, smiling broadly. " Avoids being startled."

" I will be done soon..." Mandy said, noting that she was very uneasy being in the showers with the woman, especially after everything.

" Take your time, Miss Thayer..." The woman said with a small giggle. " We are both here for the same reason."

Mandy could not help but notice just how the woman looked. She was tall and lean woman, her full woman figured body was lush and curvaceous with amazingly full breast that jutted out through the steam filed air in all of their glory. The woman was very amazingly gorgeous as the water beaded off of her long bod..., but the fact for Mandy was Miss Ashfield was too close to her in the shower. That really made her feel very leery with that fact

The woman simply stood there, her eyes roving over the young wet girl’s nudity with a hungry look. She seemed to smile, as her gaze got down to Mandy’s legs, as her smoky eyes seemed to trace ever single curve the girl had.

" You are a very strikingly beautiful young girl..." The woman commented, with a wry smile on her face.

Mandy did not know how to respond to the woman’s so smoothly worded comment. She muttered a thank you and turned into the water and away from the woman’s sultry eyes. She wanted to finish and rinse herself off herself, then get out of there, as she felt extremely uncomfortable being with the woman alone in the showers... as the woman never seemed to have moved off. She could see the woman was barely steps away.

Washing out her hair in a bit of a hurry, Mandy was making sure that the shampoo was completely out to avoid having a bad hair day. As she smoothed back her very wet locks, she suddenly felt two hands touch on her back, beginning to massaging her so tenderly.

Mandy froze to the spot. She could feel the soapiness of the hands on her hot water reddened skin, as they began to rove over her back, then started to trailed down her spine to slowly kneed her buttocks.

" Let me help you wash back here, for you..." Said the woman’s voice in the smaller girl’s ear, her breath on her lob. " Just let yourself relax and enjoy this."

Breathing shallow as she tried to make sense of the situation, Mandy felt a mixture of fear and a hinting of pleasure flood her. The hands soaping her felt very nice and soft, sending tingles through out her body both inside and out, but who was doing the massaging made her very panicky with the boldness the woman had started to exhibit. Mandy was finding for the moment, that she was unable to even step away with the suddenness of the woman’s advances, as she was not knowing how to respond..

The woman continued to soap Mandy slowly, while stepping up behind her to press her own body up against the shorter girl.. Hands now moving to the sides with a light touch, slowly making there way around, Miss Ashfield’s hands trailed deliberately up the front of the much shorter girl, her sudsy fingers finely stopping to cup Mandy’s smallish breasts.

" You feel so damned good, so don’t you worry any... we are all alone in here... I made sure of that. " Said the lady, her lips kissing the crook of Mandy’s neck like a butterfly landing while saying. " You are so beautiful, I saw you come in here.. I could not help myself to get you alone."

Before the girl could say or do anything, the woman’s hand moved downwards over her stomach, coming to a rest when she had cupped her young treasure between her legs. Mandy gasped, as the fingers firmly came into contact with her outer folds, one of them beginning to search for the hidden button that was her clitoris.

Mandy could not believe what was happening, but it was all too very real as she felt the woman’s slender finger boldly slipping inside of her young vagina. She stiffened, as she felt every movement.

" What are you doing..." Said Mandy, feeling the digit slide in without any hesitation on the part of the woman.

" Shhh... The woman said. " Just relax, my little beauty girl... we are alone, like I said..."

" No... I don’t want to..." She cried back, feeling the finger not even making an effort to leave. ""

" Just relax and let what may just come naturally for us both, my darling..." Whispered the woman. " I know, and you know, that we are inevitably going to link up..."

Before Mandy could do a thing else, the woman had drove a second finger fully inside of her while playing with her left breast. Young Mandy’s mind now was yelling at her, literally screaming for her to get the fucking hell out of there as the woman probed deeper into her young recesses.

Mandy finally snapped out of her shock and jerked her hips back sharply, the movement dislodging the woman’s fingers out of her treasure. With Miss Ashfield shocked, Mandy then pulled herself totally away from the arms around her, spinning herself completely out of the woman’s grasp and sidestepped away. She was across the large shower room in a fraction of a second, and out of the woman’s reach before she could comment something.

The young girl grabbed her robe and her personal care articles all in one motion, and began to bolt away from the very surprised woman, and to the exit..

" I did not mean to scare you...." Sputtered the woman after the girl. " It was not my intention to do that..."

" Get away from me!!" Was the only thing Mandy said back, pushing the woman away the best she could do with her small size.

" Come back here, girl..." Squawked the woman, her voice suddenly holding almost a demanding tone to it.

With out another word, Mandy shot out of the shower room as fast as she could move as the woman called out to her a few more times. She ignored and fled, ignoring anything the woman was yelling at her..

Racing through the changing room while pulling on her robe, Mandy’s whole being was on then single minded need of getting herself out of there. With out questioning herself, she did just that. She exited the shower cabin on a dead run, not even venturing a single look over her shoulder as she bodily pushed the door open and flying out into the bright summer morning sun, as she was so scared to see the woman might have been following her.

Once outside, The young girl did not hesitate and raced off. She ran headlong for the safety of her cabin, her heart pounding away in her chest as her hands that held her robe closed turned a almost transparent shade of white. Ignoring the pain her bare feet felt as she went over rocks and rough patches of grass, she bolted for her cabin as fast as she could get her legs to move.


Nobody really questioned why the running form blew past them, although some of them were surprised to actually see a wet and robed figure shooting passed them. All of the people just passed it off and kept on going to where they were headed in the first place.

The girl was in the cabin and out of sight in a very short time. No one took a second thought to why.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have just begun to write.  Please tell me if you like the direction this has taken ( I have a few 'surprises' instore for the next two chapters)]

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