Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 19)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 19- Eyes wide, Eyes closed

[Author's notes: Friends, loves... and a lake.  Perfect!]

Epilogue: Chapter Nineteen- Eyes wide, eyes closed.



Morning was bright, and showing the heat once again. The sun was peeking over the lake and urging things to awake for the coming day. This new day was already hinting at a very hot one indeed... as the air hung heavy over the lake

From the boat moored at the dock, Lacy and Mrs Ashfield were starting to stride up the hill to the little cabin at the top, where they had brought Alison and Mandy to the day before. They both were sweating heavy as they made their way to the little structure, each eyeing the cabin as they neared

" Think they are still asleep?" Asked Lacy, wiping her brow as she trudged up the hill.

" I think that might be a possibility..." She said, with a little blush. " For one reason or another."

" I guess we have to wake them..." Nodded the girl

" We have to..." Said the woman, a big smile planted right on her face. " We need to get them back to Camp ASAP... I have that ‘surprise’ for them already unfolding while we are here picking them up..."

" Is it about what we discussed last night with Mrs. Campbell and that Olivia lady?" Asked the girl, with a grin.

" It is... And a tiny bit more as well" She giggled.

Lacy nodded, not quite knowing all of what the woman was eluding to. Seemed to her, that she would have a surprise out of this as well. She just walked on with Miss. Ashfield, toward the little structure ahead of them.

They entered the little place quietly, finding the door unlocked. They were both trying their best to be as silent as they could so if the two were asleep still, they would not scare them when they walked in..

Just inside the door, both of them noticed that there was clothing strewn on the floor, as if someone was in a hurry to get undressed and the picnic basket still having some of the food inside it. Lacy giggled a little, inferring from the clothes, just what had gone on in the little cabin all yesterday.

Each of the arrivals looked around the small space, quickly finding Alison and Mandy were still asleep. The two were laying on top of the covers of the bed, each were as naked as the day they were born. They layed still, holding one another still very much in the grip of a very deep sleep that neither of them had even heard them both come in.

" Guess they were ‘tired’..." Giggled the woman, looking at the unmoving two in the bed.

Miss. Ashfield sighed, looking at the naked sleeping girls. She could not help but smile at the sight.

" That’s beautiful..." She commented, with a tear in her eye.

" I am not even gay, never want to be either, yet...." Whispered Lacy, who also seemed to be touched by what she saw. " And I still think that is the most romantic thing I have ever seen."

" A shame that we have to wake them..." The woman said, adding. " But, even they will be glad that we did."

Miss Ashfield called out softly to the sleeping two, being so careful not to shock the living hell out of either one of them. Alison and Mandy never stirred with her words, so the woman called out again a little louder, while still making sure that she was still being as careful as she could be.

Mandy opened her eyes first, and saw the two standing at the foot of the bed. It seemed to take a second to realize what was happening, and she seemed to blush a little. Without covering herself, Mandy began to shake the sleeping form in her arms.

" We have ‘visitors’, Alison..." She said.

Alison awoke with a start, looked at Lucy and Miss Ashfield. She sputtered a sound of surprise and promptly tried covered herself with her hands but pulled Mandy into her to hide her state while blushing brightly

" Uh... Hi..." She stuttered, seemingly a little alarmed at the appearance of the two in this small hideaway.

" Told you we had visitors...." Said Mandy.

The woman and girl giggled and turn their heads a little, to give a little privacy to the two. Mandy took this moment and leaned over the edge of the bed to reach as much of their clothing as she could while Alison snatched what was hers as soon as she recognized them.

With her head turned, Miss Ashfield started to talk.

" We have to hurry and get the both of you back to Camp as quick as we can..." She said.

" Would that be because of that little ‘surprise thing’ again, you had so offhandedly eluded to?" Said Mandy, as both her and Alison dressed quickly... much to the relief of the bookworm herself.

" That is exactly right." Was all the woman said.

" And you know what it is, right, Lacy?"

" Once again... I have to hide things." Said the girl, still looking away.

Mandy gigged and pulled on her shorts.

" I guess all we can do is go back and find out what is going on.." She said. " Once again."

" You guessed it." Lacy sung out.

" Here we go again..." Muttered Alison, already dressed but still blushing a wild shade of red.

With things on and the picnic basket collected, the four hurried out of the cabin and headed straight for the yacht. No one was really talking, but they all simply got to the boat as fast as they could to return to the Camp that was miles up the coast of the lake itself.



Camp Pawa was already starting to awaken and move around under the rising heat when the four arrived back in camp. Even to anyone unfamiliar with the Camp, there was great activity going on which was very different going on. There were more people mulling around when the four arrived from the dock area.

Mandy and Alison found a scene going on in front of the administration office. There was a grouping of cars, vans and people with almost the entire population of Camp crowded in to watch whatever was going on. It seemed like a total madhouse going on so early in the morning.

Both girls looked closer, they saw Isis and her band of intolerant followers with what appeared to be police and a mass of people. Isis seemed enraged as she screamed out things that even a truck driver would have blushed at, swearing and making threats as people escorted her. The girl’s friends on the other hand, were very much silent as they were each led by a police officer.

Alison and Mandy looked at each other with mouths open, not quite getting what was going on at the time. They watched the girl ands the other, soon recognizing in the crowd were Isis’s mom and dad who seemed to be almost as mad as their daughter seemed to be.

" What the hell..." Said Mandy, trying to figure things out.

Miss Ashfield, who was standing next to them, looked at the two young lovers and seemed to break another large smile to them

" I am thinking that perhaps you might be needing a little expiation for this hullabaloo going on..." She grinned.

" Uh... yeah." Said Alison, not as eloquently as she normally spoke.

" That would help..." Interjected Mandy.

The woman laughed, as she watched Isis having what seemed to be a breakdown at the moment..

" I told you both that I had a investigator looking into that damned hate letter for me..." She started.

" I am guessing by the police and others here, not to mention Isis being dragged off that your friend had found what you wanted...." She asked.

" Yes... and no..." The woman said in reply.

" Yes and no?" Mandy asked, looking at the woman with a hard questioning look.

The woman took a long breath in and looked right at the short girl.

" It did not go quite like was planned out..." She smirked, then adding. "... In fact, it worked out in another way, with the exact same results that I was hoping for... and the results were far beyond what I was expecting I had to do."

Mandy looked at the woman, curious what this ‘another way’ would be. The lady turned more, as the group of people loaded up Isis and the others int one large van, parked amongst Cadillacs and BMWs.

" Isis and some of the other parents of her group got wind of what I was doing, and they demanded to see this list I had. I handed it over, thinking that they would simply sweep it under the rug." She said, adding.

" They sided with you..." Mandy asked blinking wildly.

" To my surprise, Isis’s parents recognized their own daughters handwriting on the note and came to me with a plan that they had came up with to change them all, without the police arresting them for a hate crime."

" They actually had a plan?" Alison said, jumping in with her amazement obvious.

That they actually had..." Nodded the woman. " They were so embarrassed with Isis’s actions and her obvious hate she was exhibiting, they devised a plan with the other parents of the other girls to send them all to the camp over at Lake Greggor for the remaining parts of the month." She gigged. " They have a program for this sort of things... but I was amazed at how fast they got them into it."

Alison was confused, but Mandy seemed to break out into a smile.

" Do you understand this... I don’t quite follow..." The bookworm asked of her girlfriend. " What program is there?"

Mandy looked at her girlfriend and smiled.

" Lake Greggor is where a camp was founded a few years back... a camp that stops intolerance and hate with teens. It’s called Camp all-of-the-rainbow." She said, a smile cracking over her face. " It’s where teens and young adults go to change misconceptions and prejudice through living with those from other races and sexual orientation."

" So... they are going to learn about differences and races..." Alison said, getting the plan. " They are being sent there?"

" It means that Isis and her friends will learn where their hate really leads to." Miss Ashfield said proudly. , adding. " And we don’t have to be subjected to it here at Pawa."

Alison turned and watched the van with Isis and the others pull out, the parents also were following and all of it was under a police escort. She found herself feeling relaxed more than ever.

Alison then gave a little giggle and then took Mandy’s hand.

" That was a load off of my mind..." She said.

" It is..." Mandy smirked.

" Mine too..." Added in Miss Ashfield. " I do not want that sort of thing in my camp."

" Nobody should want that crap." Said Mandy.

" Hallelujah!" Lacy came in with.

Alison took a last look at the convoy of many vehicles as it winded down the road away from Camp Pawa.

" I hope it works...." She said. " I had trouble coming to terms with my own sexuality, little alone dealing with the disgusting mind-set of any bigoted people."

" It’s not easy..." Agreed the shorter girl. " But I am glad that I have..."

Lacy smiled and turned to Mandy. She leaned in and hugged the girl.

" I should get back to Hollywood here..." She smirked. " I wish I had more time to stay and visit with you, Mandy."

" Me too." Mandy said.

" But you got to admit, my dear girl...." The blonde girl said, flashing her now well known imp like smirk again. " When we are together.. it’s never boring."

" I cant argue that." Said Mandy, laughing hard, as the others around her could not help but laugh as well.

Lacy hugged the girl one more time, then did the same with Alison. The brainy girl was shocked by this move, but found it so easy to hug back. The three just stayed like that for long few minutes.

The girl smiled at Mandy, with such warmth that tit was obvious how close the two were still, and it seemed like Alison was being seen that way by the blonde girl as well.

" Nice meeting you, Alison..." Said Lacy. " I’m pretty sure that we are going to be friends."

" You are best friends with the girl I love... I think that is already a forgone conclusion."

" Take care of her... you hear?" Lacy said, in a humorous attempt to be stern.

" You have not to worry." Said the young bookworm, smiling as she now was arm in arm with Mandy.

Lacy looked at her driver, who was pointing at his watch quite frantically, obviously trying to hurry the girl.

" Hey... after camp, why don’t I fly you both out and you can see the movie being made, and we’ll shop." Said Lacy, with a smile.

" Me? In Hollywood?" Said Mandy.

" Not just you either... I think you’ll both like it?" Lucy said

Alison smirked.

" Hummm..." She mused, with an impish grin. " Me, my girl and Hollywood... sounds good." She giggled. " I know my parents will agree to that... after getting over the shock of what I have to tell them."

" Then it is settled." Lacy said with a smile. " I will even pay!"

The girl hugged Mandy and Alison together, as they all giggled with what they had just discussed. The girl then hurried away, waving as she hopped into her Limo. A moment or two later, the large car was off in a cloud of dust, heading back into the city to catch that plane Lacy had spoke about back to the City of Angels.

Feeling a little sad with seeing her friend leave, she hugged Alison. The girl returned the favor, adding a kiss on the cheek as well.

" I’m going to miss her..." Said Mandy, kissing the girl on then lips.

" I think I will too..." Said Alison, returning the kiss. " But I have you... and that is good too."

" Hope so... we slept together." Whispered Mandy, with a giggle."

" Ha, Ha..." Said the bookworm back, giving the girl a much larger smooch.

Miss Ashfield seemed very relaxed now, as the pressures of everything lifted. She saw the kissing to and shook her head.

" Now that is all taken care off... lets get some breakfast." She said.

" Is it edible?" Asked Mandy, wisecracking.

" It ‘s all we got... we wont die- I think." The woman cam back with, laughing with her answer.

The three walked off together, heading for the dining hall and that breakfast repast. Mandy could not help but think how things had changed since she arrived back at good ol’ Pawa. She smiled as she thought of CC for a moment. It seems that the girl was sitting up there in heaven, and laughing. With everything that had happened in a very short amount of time... CC would have been laughing so hard that she might fall off a cloud.

Mandy giggled, she liked the mental image of that. She squeezed Alison’s hands as they entered the hall for their meal. She was sure, the rest of Camp was now going to be boring, after all of this stuff.




[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This was incredible to write. The last part of this series is already being written, but because I usually write two stories at once( if i get stuck on one, I go do the other to not get fully writer's blocked), I will be posting another story while writing the last chapter for PAWA


It is a period piece called MEMORIES... It is an adaptation of a story I wrote in grade 12, but now it is much more...:)


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