Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 18)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 18 - A night of stars

[Author's notes:

When accepting love, it come so much easier.

Warning: This chapter has explicit sexual content and language. Reader disgression is highly advised.


Chapter Eighteen - A night of stars



The large craft sailed into the heart of lake, heading a little north but still away from the camp miles down the lake. Lacy and the others had went topside, as the heat of the day was such that inside the cabin of the large craft or not... it was still very hot.

Alison and Mandy stayed close together at the railing, looking out over the bow of the boat while still holding hands. The stood there, each loving the hot breeze on their faces as the yacht made its way to who knows where, feeling as if the world had became just a little brighter to them both.

Mandy looked at the girl next to her and smiled, her heart swelling. She was glad that she had figured things all out. Looking at the side view of Alison, she was amazed at this plain girl... amazed at the beauty she had

" Do you have any clue where we are going on tis thing?" She said.

" I know that we are not being piloted back towards camp..." She said, looking at the far shore as she layed her head on the girl’s shoulder. " We are going away from it by the minute."

" Wonder where we are going?" She mused again, feeling so calm having the pretty girl resting her head on her head.

" If I remember correctly... the marine maps I’ve read for the area of Lake Pawa tells of only a few large islands and the shore over there is still pretty wild." She said. " No towns or nothing this far out... only sporadic cabins are around this end of Pawa."

Mandy looked at the girl in the glasses and smirked.

" You study marine maps?" The dark haired girl teased, yet she seemed a little surprised as well.

" It’s sort of a hobby of mine..." She grinned.

" That’s a hobby?" Said the girl back.

" You know I’m ‘a brain’, as the others have so eloquently named me." Alison giggled, kissing Mandy on the cheek. " You are an artistic type, I’m more along the lines of the intelligent type..."

" I can see that..." Smirked the short girl.

" I was thinking that was a good thing...means that we will be able to complement one another nicely."

Mandy smiled uncontrollably, as she could not dispute that little insight by the gal. She stared into the girl’s face and felt the love she had for Alison. It was like she had felt for CC, but this was different in a way... and she was glad for that.

Mandy felt at peace, but wondered how she could have been so blind to her own feeling for the pretty bookworm. She made a decision on the matter, and chalked it up to growing up... She was sure that up in heaven, CC was smiling on her. Even as an angel, the pretty goth girl had taken care of her.

The two noticed the boat had angled again, this time angling the bow towards a group of large islands off the port side. The craft quickly passed between two smaller islands poking out of the water’s surface, and it seemed to be heading straight for a very large island that sat in deeper water passed the two.

Lacy appeared next to the two girls, after she had been talking with the others. Mandy looked at the girl’s face, and was sure that there was something up...the impish look that was pasted onto the blonde’s face made her think of it right off.

" I know that look on your face, Lacy..." Mandy said, with a smirk. " That tells me that another one of your ‘surprises’ is coming."

" You know me too well..." The girl giggled, adding. " But yes, there is one coming right up."

" And your still not going to tell us absolutely squat about it?" Mandy asked.

" You’ll just have to see what I... and the others... have in store for the two of ya." The girl only said, but with her face now having a even more of an impish gleam to it.

Lacy made a motion for the two girls to follow her as she turned. Mandy sighed and leaned into her new girlfriend’s ear as the did follow the now softly whistling girl.

" I think we will get some of our answers to where the hell we are going...." She said

" The suspense is killing me..." Agreed Alison.

" You are anxious too?" Mandy gasped. " But...You look so calm..."

" It is killing me all the same..." She said. " I hide it well..."

The others were crowded around the entrance down into the ship’s cabins. The seemed to all have the exact same mischievous smirk on their faces as Lacy did, Miss Ashfield seemed to also be trying to stop a giggle fit as well. Mandy shook her head, the suspense was now really getting to her. They waited, but no one was saying a word, as if waiting for a few moments more, making Alison and Mandy wonder even more.

The captain of the boat soon appeared from below. The man seemed to be carrying a large picnic styled basket that seemed to be on the heavy side. He smirked and set it down on the deck right in front of Lacy and the others. He turned to the blonde girl and nodded.

" We are only a few minutes away from getting to our destination, Miss Lacy...." He said.

" Thank you, Captain." She said back, as the man hurried back inside again.

Lacy looked at the two and smirked again.

" This is for you both..." She announced.

" What is it?" Asked Mandy, eyeing the wicker made container..

" Sandwiches, chips and a few thermoses of drinks and other miscellaneous necessities are packed in there." She smirked and seemed to get more excited..

Mandy eyed her friend, then the picnic basket that was at Lacy’s feet.

" Why would we need this?" She asked. " Getting rid of us on some deserted island or what?"

" Its not that... A getaway, I’d describe it as... " Giggled the girl. " You are both going to spend time somewhere... alone." She said, her eyes sparkling.. " It is a handpicked place to connect with each other after all of this stuff that has been going on for the both of you...while Mrs. Ashfield and all of us as well, get another surprise ready for you."

Understanding some but still confused, the two girl stood there and looked at the group... uncertain what all this was leading up to.



Within twenty minutes, Alison and Mandy found themselves walking up a small dock heading onto a large island. The yacht that had brought had already pulled out from the dock and was sailing away at a pretty good clip, after two crew members had taken the picnic basket up the hill for them.

Mandy spotted a small house sitting on the top of the hill, about fifty yards passed the end of the dock. Alison spotted the structure as well, as she held tight on to the girl’s hand as they headed towards it.

" It seemed that we are purposely marooned here until morning." She quipped.

" That is what they said..." Smiled Mandy. " Seems like they are ‘wanting for us to get better acquainted’."

" You have a great friend there, in Lacy." Nodded the girl back, smiling.

" She’s one in a million." Said the girl happily.

" She has to be... she set it up that you could sleep with your girlfriend."

Mandy laughed at the comment, her heart singing as she saw the smile on Alison’s pretty face..

" She has to be a good friend." She said, kissing the girl on the cheek as they walked.

" That was why she made sure that we would honestly be totally alone for the day..." Alison giggled.

" We are very... isolated., aren’t we?" Smiled Mandy, slipping her arm around the girl. " It is good to connect together again."

" I’m guessing that was their whole idea behind this little ‘Robinson Caruso’ thing..." Said Alison.

" It is.. and interesting proposition...." Smiled Mandy, the thought of being alone with the pretty girl made her soul sing.

" Like the ‘cool kids’ say, ‘ I’m down with that." The book worm said, looking into the dark haired girl’s face.

There was a bright twinkle in Alison’s eyes, Mandy saw, yet she also noted there was a sizzle of passion as well. It was the same passion filled look the girl had when they had made love together that one night... a night that felt so far away. She stopped for a moment, and turned Alison towards her.

" I want to say something here..." She said, feeling that she had to sat her own thing, as did Miss Ashfield back on the boat.." I am sorry that I never told you how I felt.... I was... not fully clear with myself."

Mandy looked at Mandy and nodded. She clasped her hands around the cheeks of the smaller girl with such a loving touch.

" I understand...." She said. " I did not want to admit it myself as well... since I could remember, I felt pulled to you."

" You... did?"

" I don’t kid myself any more...." Started Alison. " I tried to ignore that I was attracted to girls... and I really had tried to ignore that since I saw you here at camp, for you were the first girl I was seriously attracted to... Now that I’m not ignoring it or just pushing it away, I feel..." She said, her words trailing off for a second.

" Free?" Mandy suggested.

" Yes, that is the word." Said Alison, her eyes sparkling with a happiness that was so genuine.

As they headed to the small house, they had already began to kiss with fire, their small talk making way for more pressing matters of the heart. Dispite the blistering heat of the day, they knew their own heat was past that.... it was a full fledged blaze.

They finally got up the hill and went into the house. Unsurprisingly, they found that it was as small inside, as it was on the outside. A bed, a toilet area and a fireplace was all that was there, along with a smattering sticks of furniture. They did not care how little there was, as they pulled each other towards the bed in a heavily breathed dance of kissing and rubbing.

Mandy pulled off Alison’s top off and threw it god knows where and looked at the girl, feeling the passion that flooded her every fiber as she noted there was no bra to do. The girl’s perky small breasts jutted out at her, the little rosebud nipples were already so hard and glowed pinkish against the milky firmness.... and she was drawn to their absolute beauty.

The shorter girl lowered her head and began to lick one of Alison’s erect nipples lightly, ringing it with her lips while doing so..

" Oh...God!!" Gasped the brainy girl, throwing her head back and pulling Mandy’s head into that boob.

Mandy did not disappoint, as she went between both breasts, using her hands and tongue to good use. Mandy was enthralled by the sweet and salty taste of the sweat beads as they formed on Alison’s ivory skin, all of it accented by the softness the skin had under her hungry mouth. She closed her eyes, to experience ever last bit of the girl.

Alison moaned wildly, as the girl ravished love down on her breasts. Sweat from the heat in the cabin only added to her experience, filling her nose with the exciting aroma of their bodies own aphrodisiac musks.

She pulled the girl from her bosom, and made her look right at her. With eyes locked together, It was Allison’s turn to take off Mandy’s top. She pulled it up and off the girl, throwing it like Mandy had done with her, helter skelter into a corner.

" I want to feel experience you in ever way I can possibly do..." She breathed, looking at the shorter girl perfect small tits that were as aroused as her’s were.

" As I do, you." Said Mandy, looking right into those glittering eyes.

" You do love me..." Alison smirked, catching the girl with her eyes as she was already assured of the answer.

" More than I even knew... but now I know." Answered back Mandy, her face showing the honesty that she was saying every single word.

The two fell silent and they melted into one another as they let themselves fall sideways onto the bed. There they let hands begin to rub one another’s naked torsos, kissing and rubbing up against the other as their arousals rose with each touch. Hung in the moment, entwined with each other, they just seemed to be drinking it all in as deeply as they could.

Mandy slid her hand down the front of Alison, slipping under the waistband of her shorts as they continued on their passion fueled way. The girl got two surprises for her in one as she went for the girl’s treasure. One was the girl was not wearing panties under the shorts, the second surprise made Mandy’s heart race and her body quiver a little. She had found that the girl’s dark thatch of hair she remembered from the last time...was not there, Alison’s vulva was now shaved thoroughly clean just like her own was.

" After our last ‘encounter’, I shaved it..." Alison whispered. " I liked your’s so much... I decided that I wanted to do it."

The dark haired girl smiled and got up on her knees. She moved on the bed, lifting the girl’s legs and slowly removed the flimsy shorts. Alison’s whole body shivered while she helped the girl by lifting her small rounded ass up a little. She squeaked a little, her anticipation was evident in her eyes.

Now without the material that the girl was wearing, Mandy could see the pretty pinkness that was shaved just right. The folds were errect and flushed, juices were already flowing over it and wetting her thighs.

" Well..." She said slyly, lowering herself as the thin girl opened her legs wide to invite her.

Mandy’s lips touched the soft folds of the girl’s treasure, her senses taking in the soft musk that was wafting up to her. She felt Allison gasp and thrust her pussy up into her mouth, involuntarily she was begging for more contact. Obligingly, she suckled the outer lips softly and reveled in the sugary taste of the girl’s nectar that was oozing out. She tool a lick from the folds, and could feel the girl tremble. Spurred on by her own wanting of the girl’s honey, she started to lick in ernest.

Alison threw her head back into the bed as pure pleasure flowed, her girlfriend’s lips was sending many shockwaves through her. She opened her legs to the extent that they could, wanting more. Mandy’s tongue taking the hint and began to probe her insides deftly. Alison could not help but coo softly, as the girl sent a flurry of electric pulses through her with each subtle but deliberate movement.

" Please..." She found herself whimpering. " More!"

The girl between the angular legs moved her head up a little so as to suck on the harden nub of the clitoris, replacing her tongue with a finger that slid so effortlessly into the velvety warmth of her lover’s treasure. As it sunk to her upper knuckle, she felt a gush of juices flow over her hand as Alison shuttered. She turned her hand and arched the probing finger to find the girl’s g-spot. Almost instantly, felt a harder gush explode out to coat her hand again. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her tongue ringing the little nub, loving the fact that she was making the brainy girl cum again and again.

After a few minutes, and many thundering orgasms passed, Alison sat up and pulled the girl over her. She rolled her onto the bed and ended up the one between a pair of luscious legs. Her eyes sparkled as she looked down at Mandy, as her hands now rested on the waistband of the girl’s shorts.

" Now... It’s my turn..." She said.

Mandy lifted up and the girl slid off the shorts over her smallish hips and down her legs. Alison’s eyes opened wildly and a little smirk of pleasure came over her face.

" No panties for you either?" She asked, throwing the article of clothing over a shoulder.

" Too hot..." She grinned back.

The bookworm took off her glasses and put them down on a little sidetable next to the bed. She looked down at Mandy’s very wet treasure, smiling at the smooth pink flower that was already in bloom just for her. She lowered her head and went in to taste the sweetness that was awaiting her with all the zeal she had in her. Her sweetness assaulted her senses with pure pleasure.

Feeling the girl’s lips contact her labia, Mandy could only produce a loud gasping noise. Putting her legs on either side of Alison’s head, she gave her free reign to do what she wanted to. Feeling that tongue that slid into her, the gentleness of it overshadowing the girl’s inexperience made Mandy’s mind swoon and her body to react. She rocked her hips against the girl’s mouth, wanting more of the same feeling to blast through her... and she was not disappointed as the girl was more than up to the task.

Her body shivering in delight, the shorter girl could feel her climax building and shaping like a caged beast. Every part of her was needing the release to come, but also never wanted it to stop. Alison was lapping away at her labia, sending her into unabashed pleasure. She felt her orgasm quickly peaking, she was now only seconds away when the girl between her legs pushed one her own fingers deeply into her hole. Mandy felt the fingers fill her, and that alone triggered her orgasm.

With a scream of pure power coming from her very depths to fill the little cabin, Mandy’s climax totally took her over as her body shock and bucked as they pulsed through her one after another without any sign of an end to them. She thrashed around and slammed her hips like lightning as the girl was milking orgasms right out of her one after another in a multiple tidal wave of fingers and tongue.

With her final orgasmic wave over, the short girl collapsed back into a sweaty heap on the bed, panting hard as the calming feelings of her afterglow came over her. Alison had climbed out from between her legs and layed herself gingerly on top of her.

Panting as hard as she was, Alison looked at her.

" That was so amazing..." She smirked, kissing Mandy on the lips.

" Incredible..." Said Mandy back.

" That too..." The bookworm giggled, stroking her lover’s sweat covered abs as she kissed her again.

Mandy found that her arousal was totally not over, she found as her own pussy’s taste was sweet on Alison’s lips. She kissed the girl back, making sure that whatever residual taste she still had on her lips also, the girl would experience. By the moaning sounds that came from the girl as she kissed her, she was sure that the girl got a good taste of her own wonderful juices that had not been all sweated off.

They layed on the bed for awhile, holding their sweat slick bodies together as they listened to the quietness the island was giving them from outside. They seemed content and happy, each of their own confusions were a thing of the past.

" This feels so relaxing... I feel like I am new...." Mandy replied, surprised that after her many orgasms, her treasure still was twitching for a little more attention.

" Well then... shall we repeat?" Said Alison, her hand slowly going down to the juncture of the shorter girl’s legs.

" Not had enough?" Tried to say Mandy slyly, but the fingers on her treasure made it difficult to get out as it sent pleasure waves through her.

" Nope!!" Said the girl back with a smirk, then a kiss as she stroked the softness under her fingertips.

For the next few hours, they simply enjoyed themselves by exploring one another in very minute detail... each time they would climax and return the other’s attention with pure passion in their souls. Dispite the heavy heat of the day, it was not anywhere near what heat the two were feeling to one another. For them, they had the passions fire stoked up to the highest hights anyone could have.

The day would pass on into evening, the two lovingly attended to one another. Finally spent of energy for the moment, they opened the picnic basket where sandwiches and other things awaited their hunger. They ate, talking low between one another like lovers did, oblivious of the days heat that seemed to make the little cabin on their island feel like a sauna bath



Mandy and Alison sat silently on the bed, still naked, lit by the camp light that was the only means of illumination in the cabin. They listened to the hooting of an owl that came from near the cabin, it’s mournful sounds being accompanied by the soft chirping lullaby from a choir of crickets. It was a perfect complement to them simply laying there and caressing each other so softly

Sometime later on in the evening, they voicelessly got up and hand in hand they went out of the cabin. Out on the little porch they stood taking in the very hot night, unafraid of anyone seeing them in this state of undressed.

" It’s really been a very remarkable day..." Said Alison, looking up at the moon high in the star filled sky.

" I would say so..." Giggled Mandy, sliding around her arm to draw the girl into her.

Alison sighed and seemed to just melt into her lover’s side.

" Any ideas on what those other surprises Lacy and the others might have when they pick us up in the morning?" She asked. " They had made it clear that there was some more to come..."

" After this day... I would not be surprised by anything or anybody for that matter...." Mandy replied, hugging the taller girl to her. " I’m thinking that we should expect the unexpected."

" I thought as much..." Agreed the girl.

The two looked at the stars overhead, and seemed to be so content. The island was still, the sounds of the waves lapping against the dock came like a soft symphony to them. The kissed softly and just stood there for a while, to simply enjoy the moment that God and nature seemed to have given them.

" We should go to bed, I guess..." Mandy suggested, breaking the peacefulness of the moment softly.

" Do we sleep or other when we get there?" Said Alison, moving her hand to rub Mandy’s small but well rounded behind.

" We could see which is which..." Mandy replied, adding as the hand was starting those twinges in herself again. " They are going to pick us up to take us to breakfast at Pawa."

" Well... " The bookworm smirked. " We could do both... and hope we are awake enough to meet them."

The two turned and kissed as they returned inside for the night. They would make love one more time, then fell asleep holding each other as the night continued it’s placid opera just for them.

[End notes:

Author's note:  The last chapter is coming up. Bare with me as I wrap it up( Loose ends you know) and It will set up things for the last story in this series.  It will be called CAMP PAWA: WATERY MIRROR



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