Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 17)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 17

Title: Chapter 17 - Afloat

[Author's notes: People ralling around you... make a heart explode with sunlight.]

Chapter Seventeen - Afloat.



The far end of Pawa was the widest and the deepest part of the lake. It was miles wide as well, and was impressive for a lake to be. In this corner of the world, Pawa was the biggest lakes around, and had been the obvious choice to pick when the Camp Pawa was first founded..

Lacy’s limo had arrived in a very secluded part of the lake area. It was thick with trees, but with one difference. There was a concrete path Mandy could see that led from where the gigantic car had parked that seemed to vanish into the large stands of trees. The path seemed to weave its way into the forrest, it’s destination was not quite clear as it meandered through the woods. By what the girl could gather, it seemed to be leading down towards the lake’s edge.

From where she sat inside of the limo, Mandy looked at this odd placement for a path, and wondered about why they were stopped there for. She knew that they were miles from where camp was, and from what she could gather, they were also so many miles from the resort town that was called Pawa Bay.

Lacy smiled broadly, seeming to be almost overly bubbly as she sat in the car. Mandy was confused at the limo stopping where it did.. She turned to look at her friend, and noticed just how animated Lacy was seeming to be.

" Why did we stop here.. in the middle of nowhere?" She asked slowly, with a lilt in her words.

" You’ll understand soon why we have stopped here..." The pretty blond girl literally sung her words.

" I’m taking a shot that it is another ‘cant tell you moment, please wait’ thing, right?" Sighed Mandy.

Lacy only answered by nodding as the driver opened the door, giving a secretive sort of smirk as she did. It was clear to Mandy that Lacy was going to continue to say nothing, and make her discover things as they were shown to her. She giggled, as she was sort of curious with all of this stuff.

Lacy stepped out of the limo so gracefully, the girl already having the air of being a star with out the attitude that normally came with such a status. She waved to the girl who was still in the car, egging her to follow her out. Mandy nodded that she understood and followed, knowing that her time for answers were now very close at hand.

The girl nodded to the driver, who was still broadly smiling. The man leaned up against the car, showing that he was going to be staying with the huge vehicle for this one. Lacy motioned to Mandy to follow her, leading her friend onto the path that was there. Mandy knew not to question the girl, and nodded. Side by side, the two long term friends followed the pat into the trees.

The path was long, and it took about ten minutes to go through. The trees were thick and the air hung with the humidity. Both girls walked in silence, as the birds twittered and squawked as the sun rose over Lake Pawa. Mandy fought the urge she had in asking more questions to Lacy, but somehow she just kept them to herself... as she was intrigued to find out why they were out here in the middle of nowhere.

The came out of the trees, and Mandy could see that there was a very large dock jutting out in to the water. Moored at the dock was a large luxury Yacht. It was painted a very pretty blue color, and seemed to have more than a few people aboard.

" A yacht?" Gasped Mandy, seeing the impressive vessel bobbing in the waters of Lake Pawa. " That is a Yacht...."

" It is no dingy..." She said, giggling.

"I know what it is...!" Snickered Mandy, seeing that the girl was jesting with her. " Why are we out here, looking at a yacht?"

" Patience, Mandy..." Lacy said, giving a smirk to the girl.

As the girls stepped on to the beginning of the dock, a very slender man stepped off of the boat dressed in a very amazingly white uniform that shone in the brightness of the sunlight. The man strode up the dock on long legs and met the two as they came out to meet him.

" All is readied for you, Miss Lacy, as requested..." The man said, giving a little bow towards the girls.

" Thank you very mich." She said to the man, then turned half way between the man and the girl next to her. " This is Mandy, Captain Anderson."

" A pleasure to be meeting you, Miss." Said the man to Mandy, giving a nod of his head. The man turned back his attention to Lucy " I have made very sure that things are as you had asked of my crew and myself... and hope that they are all to your satisfaction."

" Then...You have your orders, lead us aboard please."

" Yes, Ma’am." He said, as he motioned for both girls to follow as he headed to the large boat.

The yacht was so massive in it’s size and scope, looking bigger than any of the camp cabins by a long shot. It was like a luxury suite in a very high-end hotel, but this hotel floated. It was not anywhere as big as an ocean liner would have been... but it was still so very enormous. Mandy at her diminutive size, really felt so dwarfed as she headed up the gangplank to get on board. It was overwhelming to the girl.

Plush leather like bench seats were everywhere on the deck, as people of the crew seemed to be scrambled around doing last minute things as girls boarded. Some of the crew stopped to welcome them on to the ship with a very friendly and inviting tone, before they dashed off to do what they had been going to do in the first place. Others seemed to hover near them both, waiting for some orders to come.

Mandy, who was not accustomed any of this, was in awe at the opulence and grandeur of the huge boat. Lucy saw the girl’s reaction and simply stayed quiet to let her take it all in.

" You seem to like this boat?" The girl asked.

" This is so incredible." Mandy could only come out with, as this was what she always called over the top... And this floating hotel was just that.

" You should see some of the ones I saw down in Hollywood..." She said with a smirk. " My family’s boat here is pretty much a dingy compared to them."

" Why are we out on this boat in the first place."

" Always asking questions... It is the ‘new you"..." Giggled the blond girl, who looked at her friend. " All in good time here, Mandy... Just trust me..."

As soon as her words were out of her mouth, Lacy took her friend by the arm softly, and began to lead her down a doorway with a stairway. The entrance seemed to be lead down into the main part of the ship itself. Mandy was a little shocked by the boldness of the blonde haired girl, but let herself be led to find out what other things were in store for her, beside answers.

Mandy soon found herself led into a front room style of place, but this was far from what a room like this might have been to her. From plushly made couches adorning various parts of the room, to a collection of wooden chairs with hand stitched embroidered seats... this was a sight of pure comfort and luxury. The short statured girl looked around as she noticed many wide screen televisions placed along different walls in strategic angles... no hotel could have been decked out any better than this, it seemed much much more. This was more than just opulent, to the simple girl.

For the overwhelmed Mandy, this room, was definitely not like the homey type of front room she always enjoyed with her family back in the city, it was something to behold altogether. Thinking on that, the girl was sure that the whole boat was much more than that.

After a moment or two, Mandy noticed that there was a single person who was standing in the room she had entered. Seeing the form in partial shadow, she beginning to become sure that she knew this person. She took a long look at the shadow obscured form, unable to verify who it was. She looked at Lacy, who was standing beside her so quietly, as if non-verbally telling her to wait a moment or two longer.

After what felt like an eternity, the unknown figure turned and stepped out of the shadows and came into the light.. Mandy saw a totally amazing bright smile of the person, then the face registered that she did know who it was. She gasped as her heart skipped a little. The person was none other than Miss Ashfield.

The dark haired girl was in shock, seeing Pawa’s administrator standing in this floating mansion, and her mind flooded as it tried to figure out why the lady was onboard the ship. She looked at the woman for long moments, their eyes seemed to have locked together. The girl swallowed, fighting off the paralysis of her shock.

" W... why are you here?" Mandy finally managed to stammer out.

The woman took a second step forward, closing the gap between her and Mandy a little more than it had been.

" That is a very good question...’why am I here’?" Miss Ashfield started, her eyes seemingly unblinking as she looked at the shorter girl. " It is a question, that has a simple, yet not o subtly easy, answer. I am here, because of you..."

" Because of me?" Mandy said, a little shocked at the bluntness the woman had spoke with.

The woman suddenly turned a little sullen and her face became slightly drawn. The normally amazingly beautiful face now held a mask of distress. The young girl looked at this woman’s face, and found herself wondering why the lady’s expression was that way. She wanted to ask, but something stopped that from happening.

Miss Ashfield stood there, as if she was pondering something. She shifted, as if she had rectified whatever she was thinking of.

" I am here... and now feel more sure than I had been, to be doing something I should have done before." The woman said

" W... What do you have to do?" Mandy asked.

" I came to seriously apologize to you." The woman finally said, her words held a firmness of her conviction

" For... what?" Asked a very shocked Mandy, the words did catch her completely off guard.

The woman made eye contact with Mandy, her face showing the extent that she felt necessary to say what she needed to.

" For a great deal of things that are wrapped up in remorse, I have to admit... and I will start my apology off rather bluntly for you..." Said the woman, seeming more meek than she ever seemed to be.

" Apology?" Said Mandy, hearing the word flow from the tall woman’s mouth.

" Let me explain...It is an apology for..." The woman started, pausing for a second. " It’s an apology for taking advantage of you... and taking a huge advantage, and going to the extent that I did."

Mandy was shocked at the woman’s wholehearted admission to her. The girl could only stand and stare right into the woman’s face, and could see such a mask of remorse hanging there, it was such a powerful sense of remorse... one that she had never encountered before.

" Your apologizing for that?" She said, still not believing what she was hearing.

" I am..."

" Why would you...?" Said Mandy.

The woman took a long, deep breath in, but it seemed that she was not going to shy away from looking the girl straight in the face. She seemed to nod before continuing, her eyes held a very determined look in them

" I let my hormones and my attraction for younger women get the better of me... that was so clear when we had sex together that one afternoon, but I totally persuaded myself that it was alright to do so...." Said the woman, seemingly getting stronger. " It was... such a wrong thing to do.. I knew it... then I heard more..."

Mandy was embarrassed to have her friend hear about her little tryst, but she somehow had another stronger feeling hearing about this , made Lacy not the least uncomfortable.

" I was wanting to with you as well..." Said Mandy, admitting her own ‘horniness’ had made her melt into making love to the woman.. " Face it... I wanting to have sex with you it as much as you said you did with me."

" Does not make it right, Mandy, even thought I was... and still am, so attracted to you." She said, then swallowed hard. " You are so younger than me... just on that pinnacle of becoming a full adult, yet still having a’ways to go. You still being a teenager meant your hormones were hard at work, while your life experience was low... I, on the other hand... was simply weak and let it happen in the first place."

" You feel guilty for having sex with me then?"

" I would never sat that I was sorry for making passionate love to you... it was something that was so amazingly beautiful to me... that I still can’t think about it without smiling... but it was still wrong of me to do." Said the woman, making herself a little clearer to the young girl.

" Then if you don’t feel bad about it... why are you apologizing?"

The woman took a second step forward, now she was standing right in front of the small girl. She looked deep into Mandy’s eyes, reading the confusion that was hanging in those hazel pools that looked back at her.

" I made your mind doubt things about yourself, and I have figured out that you became confused with other feelings...ones that you have been feeling towards another girl..."

" You... know about Alison?" Spluttered Mandy, so shocked to hear that the woman knew this little bit of information so clearly.

Miss Ashfield nodded, her smile trying to show a little more of what she was feeling right then.

" I do know about this girl..."

" But... How?"

" Your councilor pointed out things to me she has been seeing, when we met up by chance one night a couple days ago..." Miss Ashfield said plainly. " She told me that you were sort of seeing this girl.. and I realized that because of my hormones jumping into all of it, I might have caused some damage.... then I heard that you backed off from everyone all of a sudden, isolating yourself... and I was more sure that I had made things worse for you."

Mandy looked deep into the woman’s face, and saw that the woman really did know most of it.. She then started to wonder how Olivia had actually noticed that, and ended up telling this woman exactly what was going on, and with such clarity..

" I was not really seeing Alison... sort of I" Mandy said, but strangely her words were trailing off.

" You were, I already can tell... even though you are not quite sure yourself." Bluntly said the woman, telling of what she was seeing.

" You could tell... but you... and.. uh... " Sputtered the girl, trying to get something out of her mouth. " How?"

The woman giggled a little, and took a second to touch Mandy’s cheek softly.

" It is not hard to tell that you are confused about that, even though the feelings for Alison have grown stronger... but you were also so confused about what you felt for me among other things... right?" The woman said, clearly she had a handle on what the girl was actually thinking.

" I was..." Said Mandy, in admission. " But how could you see what I think I feel for Allison?"

" I seen it in your eyes. With my experience with love, with like and many bouts of pure old fashioned lust....along with every shade of grey in-between.... It is clear that you already have had your heart taken by Alison... but your young lust overshadowed what was happening and then ripped away by me." She took a long breath. " For not even having a hint of that... is what I am apologizing for."

The girl was going to reply to the lady, but she could not. She opened her mouth, but nothing was coming out of her, there was a void. Her mind flashed, her heart raced as the very amazingly pretty woman’s words seem to stick in her. She lowered her head, as her mind suddenly became full of instant cohesion.

In that moment, she saw that Miss Ashfield was right on the mark with it. She felt her heart jump as she now was thinking about the brainy girl so clearly... a jump that was far more than her hormonal jumping when she looked at the stunningly beautiful Miss Ashfield. This time, her feelings were altogether different, and had a strength to it that was overwhelming. It was the feeling she had with CC, only it seemed much more... now she found herself feeling guilt. She did not know what she could say... as emotions careened through her.

A movement over to the right, made the small teen turn her head, surprised at the shadow moving. Mandy saw a woman standing there in the middle of a doorway, and she nearly fainted. This was also, no stranger to her. The woman was Cynthia Campbell... CC’s mother. She looked at the woman for a moment in shock, her mind reminding her that it had been almost a year since she had seen the lady.

Mrs. Campbell looked at the girl with a warmth that was from the heart.

" It is so very nice to see you again, Mandy." The woman said, her large smile reminiscent of CC’s smile.

Mandy broke into a smile, and she found her heart filled wit a joy that was bubbling over. It was so amazing to see the lady again, her heart began to run a little.

" It is very nice." She smiled, her heart feeling lighter now what she sees the woman again. " A nice surprise indeed."

" In the end, it was not a surprise to me..." Said the lady, smiling so warmly right at Mandy. " In fact, I have been anticipating meeting with you like this... But I never anticipated the meeting would end up like this."

Puzzled, Mandy looked at Mrs. Campbell for a moment. Being very unsure of exactly what the woman was saying, she decided to ask a question to get the ball rolling better.

" You expected that you would be meeting with me?" She asked, her day now filling with even more questions to be answered.

" Yes."

" But I have not seen you in a long time..." The girl said, after a second or two. " How in the world would you be waiting to meet up with me?"

The woman giggled and looked right into Mandy’s face.

" Lets just say that it was originally CC who was the one that had foreseen me meeting up with you at some point.." She replied back.

" CC?" Questioned the young girl, now really puzzled at the woman.

" It was CC." She said plainly.

Mrs. Campbell could see the girl was having a time of it trying to figure things out. She gave a soothing stare to the girl.

" This really needs to be explain for you..." She replied.

" Someone has to..." Mandy said with a long sigh beforehand. " I still have not got many answers this morning!"

The woman looked at Lacy, who stood nearby with Miss Ashfield. CC’s Mother pulled out what appeared to be a compact disk from her purse and handed it to Mandy, before turning fully towards Lacy and the other woman.

" She need a DVD player for what I handed to her..." CC’s mother said. " It’s all on there... an explanation into what is fully going on now, and what I am trying so hard what not to say anything at all until you view this... then we will have a little talk."

" What is it about?"

" You just watch this recording with an open mind... than it will become clear." Was all the lady would say, taking a step back from the girl.

Lacy took the DVD disk from the short girl and led her to a chair in front of one of the large flat screened televisions on the wall. She popped the silver circle into a black box built into the wall, and seemed to vanish. The screen flickered and then came on, as the lights over Mandy dimmed down, while hearing the others in the room moving farther away into the dimness.

Mandy anxiously waited and watched the screen, interested what this might be all about... and what it would end up telling her. A pronounced flicker shot across where she watched, then an video image came up on the screen right then. She could not believe what the DVD was showing her.

There was CC laying there, in her hospital bed, like the very last time she had seen her on the day she died. The girl’s features were blanched an almost transparent white, her cheeks sunken in and her beautiful dark brown eyes held a deepness that even when she had been well, always drew her. CC’s chemotherapy had taken the dark raven locks earlier on than even this video could have been made, but the baldness had never hid the striking beauty she had, and Mandy started to tear as she watched the video unfold.

On the screen, It seemed like CC was struggling a little to sit up... beads of sweat evident on her scalp as she determinedly forced her thin and very ravaged body to move more upright against the pillows that propped her up. Looking at the girl on the tv, Mandy could see that she was near the weight when she died of under eighty pounds, and that made her ache to see.... remembering how drastically fast she had lost the weight once starting treatment.

CC seemed to make the right adjustments and looked at the camera, her face holding a very different type of smile that she usually wore... even when the cancer treatment made her so violently sick.

" Well, I guess I am gonna have to start from the start here, Mandy..." The girl said to camera. " You are going to have to bear with me, as I have a whole hell of a lot to be saying to you, My precious flower... and I am not quite sure I have ended up having the energy to do it all... but like my father always said- ‘what the fuck and go for broke’!"

Mandy looked at girl on the screen, and felt her heart wrench in her chest. She was not sure when this video was taped, but by how frail the love of her life seemed to be on the screen was clear that this could have not been very long before that horrible day. The young girl waited and watched while the girl on the tv struggle for a moment to breath, before continuing. She saw that there was a determination on CC’s face, and also there was somewhat of an air of urgence that also hung on the image.

The girl soon stopped her labored breathing and looked straight into then lense of the camera. Mandy smiled, as she could see that certain hint of a glimmer shining in those eyes. She felt her tears become torrents, as that look brought back every conceivable emotion she ever had with the girl on the television.

" Here I sit, waiting for you to come back from school on the last day of classes before Christmas break. It is December 20th, and looks pretty damned cold outside yet I’m feeling so warm thinking of you.... Yet I struggle with wanting to talk to you heart to heart, and always being too tired to bring out what I have been thinking about..." She said, her voice beginning to seem to have a little more life than it had. " It is right now... that I feel like I have the strength to say it all in one shot, so before this spurt of energy fades away... I am having my mom tape me saying it."

Mandy gasped at the first words spoke by CC on the video, a realization had came through the video. CC herself had just told her that as she was recording this thing for her, from the date she had was the day before she eventually did die, the realization that in about twenty hours or so CC would be gone. Fighting back her tears, Mandy swallowed hard as she forced herself to watch and listen, her heart needing to hear what the girl was struggling so proudly to tell her.

On the screen, CC seemed to be able to go on..

" The doctors that had came in here this morning after you had snuck up here before classes told me that it was a matter of time before I do, as my body’s organs are beginning to fail fast ....they also said that my heart is already weakened by all of this shit they have tried to cure me with..." She giggled weakly. " Enough about me here...I worry about you and need to say a few things that have been in my heart for awhile here...Maybe that is why I find myself with some surge of energy all of a sudden... they say that happens just before you die... so with energy to do this." She smirked tiredly " are my thoughts."

There was a long pause, then CC gave a very long look to the camera, almost as if she was right there and looking deep into Mandy’s eyes.

" I know you so well... your smart, loving, caring, funny... and very loyal to a fault... and that what really worries me...." She said, her demeanor getting serious. " With how I feel for you said, I am recording this because I know you... you will not want to move on and love again once my fight is over. I feel a need for this to be recorded." CC turned a little to the camera. " Call what I’m feeling a prediction, a way out there hunch or whatever it is... I think that if you find yourself falling in love in the future, you will not let yourself do that...because of your feelings for me." A tear flowed down her pasty white skin of her cheek. " You will end up not letting your heart go to embrace love- even when it’s your own heart that finds itself connecting with another and beginning to feeling so much for whoever that is... that is your loyalty... This is the reason that my mother has promised to make sure you see this video, in the event that she hears about something like that."

Mandy saw the tears flowing down the hollowed cheeks of CC, and they simply went straight to her heart. She had seen tears rarely from CC ever, the girl had never been one for such things... but as she sat there and watched those little liquid diamonds come... it really brought her to feel even more love for the pretty goth girl than ever. Forcing herself to keep her own emotions in check, she watched the video again.

CC seemed to compose herself again, visually she was fighting the emotions she was having in goth fashion.

" It is because I know you, that I leave you this little record of what I need to say... and it will be there for you.... and these words will hopefully tell you that it is alright that you love another.... that is my wish for you." She giggled on the screen, her smile had returned for that split second." I will be making you promise to go to camp again one last time, when you get here after class The reason why I am asking you to do this is that I am hoping that the fresh air of Lake Pawa make you think of me once in awhile... and help your heart begin to move forward as you keep the memories of me."

Mandy felt each word hit home, as the girl talked right to her. She found that the deep sadness and the sense of loss she has had since CC died, now was somehow leaving her. She still missed CC, but the weight of it all had lifted suddenly. The dark haired young girl watched the screen, as the camera angle had now moved in close that CC’s face was the only thing on it. She shuttered, knowing that the girl was going to say something more on this video.

CC looked right into the lense again, this time there was even more of a serious look on her face. She took a breath in, as it was clear the energy level she had felt, was now leaving her quickly.

" To make this as clear as possible for you right now..." She said with a stern voice. " I want you to go on and live... remember that I am in your heart always, and that I truly did love you.... my single wish is now that you find happiness and peace with who you are... the what you are is irrelevant. If you are falling for someone right now... go for it, if your heart is telling you. That is the only one that can tell you weather or not you actually are."

The goth girl gave a tired smile and her head fell back, obviously drained by the effort of doing the video. She smiled to the camera and swallowed hard.

" I will always remember you... but please, let yourself live and love. That is how you will keep me alive in your heart!!" Was the last few words from the girl.

The screen flickered before it quickly went blank. Sadly for Mandy’s heart, the little message was over

Mandy lowered her head a little, as she thought over what the message was all about. She heard footsteps come to her side and a hand was placed gingerly on her shoulder.

" My daughter loved you so very much.... and fought hard to make that DVD when she had the strength." Mrs. Campbell said. " She put everything into it that she could have given."

" I loved her so too...still do right now." Said Mandy.

" I know that also, after watching you all of those times..." She said. " That is why I agreed to do this for her... in honor of that love you had given to her."

The short girl looked up at the woman, and gave a smile.

" How did she know I would be feeling like this?"

" She always had those intuitions." Said the woman. " I think when she loves, she also gets an insight far beyond the realm of normal..."

" How did you find out about.... things gong on?"

Mrs. Ashfield neared and looked st the girl. She smiled.

" After Ol iva had voiced what was happening, I felt so badly that I went to talk to Mrs. Granger..." She said calmly. " When she heard that you seemed to be down and backing off from people, Mrs. Grander somehow got a hold of Lacy to see what we both could do."

" I heard what was going on and flew back here and talked to your mom on the phone, and she gave me Mrs. Campbell’s number." Lacy said. " When she explained about this video for you, and about CC and all... It was obvious that your CC foretold what might be happening and then you know pretty much the rest."

" Now comes a question for you, Mandy." Mrs. Campbell said, breaking into the conversation.

Mandy blinked, as the woman’s directness took her off-guard.

" Me?"

" Yes..." The lady said, then smiled. " I have one very open question..." Mrs. Campbell looked right at the girl, with a smile that was undescribable. " With this Alison girl... are you falling for her, like CC was predicting."

Mandy nodded her head, as she now knew the truth in her heart. She blushed a little, as she now felt freed by the words CC had recorded for her.

" I am." She said, then added. " I do love her."

" Have you told her how you felt?" Prodded the woman.

" I was ...confused a little for a bit..." Explained the short girl as she thought it out. " To the extent that I never even recognize that I was.... I was thinking about CC and... I pushed those thoughts away..."

The woman squeezed the girl’s shoulder softly, as the look of understanding flooded over her face.

" You do not have to feel guilty about still loving CC, and know that she understood what you might be feeling... she only wanted you to move on- because she loved you." Mrs. Campbell said. " My Crystal only wanted you to be happy, and find love again."

" I know that now..." Said Mandy, the words of CC flooding her. " She loved me enough, to on video... kick my ass..."

Mrs. Campbell giggled at the girl’s words

" That she did..." She agreed, then stopped for a second. "Now... If you do love this Alison, and know it in your heart of hearts... should you not tell this girl... do you think she feels the same about you?"

" I... am not sure what she feels for me..." Said Mandy, realizing her silence had stopped the communication between her and the brainy gal. She smiled, as the intimate moments between them came back to her, then realizing what she had been doing. " I sort of stopped talking to her when I was figuring things out... now I want to know that..."

" I do...Damned me I do!!" Said a voice beyond the four in the room.

Looking over at the voice’s direction, all four saw the long haired girl by the name of Alison. She stepped closer to the group, her gaze locked on to Mandy. She seemed to simply stare, her chest heaving as she breathed hard.

" You love me?" Asked the girl in the thick glasses, her eyes widened.

Mandy stepped towards the girl, as the others just layed back a little. She looked at Alison and nodded, as her heart found the heaviness lift and she could finally explain herself.

" Yes." She whispered. " I do love you... even after all this time, I never even knew myself..."

The two girls came together, lips locking as they embraced. There was a rousing round of clapping coming from all. With blushing faces, the two released one another and smiled with a glow that was undescribable, keeping their hands clasped together though.

" So..." Said Alison, beaming a smile that was as bright as any sun. " What do we do now?"

Lacy stepped up and smiled.

" We have a ‘little boat ride’ to go on, you two." She said.

" Boat ride?" Questioned Mandy, seeing a impish look cross her best friends’s face.

" Yes, a ‘little hour’ of a boat ride." Cheekily smiled Lacy, as she looked over at Miss Ashfield.

" And sometime later on... there is another surprise in store for the both of you..." Added in the tall woman with Miss Campbell holding back a small fit of nervous giggling.

Mandy and Alison found themselves both giggling away, as the secretiveness of the three was as funny as it was confusing. Mandy smiled and looked right at Lacy.

" I have to be patient, don’t I?" She smiled.

" Both of you do..." Said the blonde haired girl, giggling under her words. " Trust me!"

Allison just shrugged and looked at Lacy, then gave a glance to the girl holding her hand.

" If we have to trust... we have to."

" Take it from me.. after all that was done today... expect anything..." Mandy blurted out, as she continued to giggle herself.

" I sort of expect having to do that already." Said the girl back, squeezing the hand that was in her’s.

Alison and Mandy sat down to visit with the three others, as the felt the boat already underway to a destination that was unknown to them both. They were excited with the turn of events, and simply waited to see what other things were going to happen to the both of them... this day already turning out to be a very interesting one indeed.


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