Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 15)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 15

Title: Chapter 15 - Poof!! Out of the blue

[Author's notes: Ahh... Life is strange. Things can just pop up at any given time... good or bad.]

Chapter Fifteen - Poof! Out of the blue



Mandy’s deep sleep was unceremoniously broken, almost like being shot out of a cannon, going from a dead sleep to her eyes popping wide open. She was feeling more than just a little disoriented as her mind finally had followed her body to more of an alert state, trying to figure out what that damned noise was that had pulled her awake in the first place.

The girl tried to gather her senses as quickly as she could, and finally came to realize that what had woke her up had been the voice of Councilor Olivia from just outside her room. She rubbed her eyes, as her mind began to fully comprehend things.

Mandy could hear the woman on the other side of the drapery door, and it seemed her councilor was more than acting a little excited. The tone of the voice and everything told that the woman was very excited

"Mandy... Mandy!!" She kept repeating, each time she did it.. she had gotten louder. " Wake up!! Wake up!!"

Mandy swung herself out of bed, quickly snatching up her robe from the end of the bed. She pulled the robe onto her bare body, noting by the clock that it was barely after six in the morning... breakfast was not until seven. For the girl, the question ‘why she had been roused out of bed like this’, came to her. She was not quite sure why as she went to see just what this was all about.

Parting the drapery door, she found the short haired woman acting almost like a very excited teenager. Olivia seemed to be quite animated and barely able to contain herself. Mandy eyed the woman for a second or two, as this sort of behavior from Miss Olivia was not exactly normal.

"What’s going on here?" Mandy asked, her speech still a little slow with grogginess, fighting to finish tying her robe properly.

" You are not going to believe this..." The woman said, with the largest smile Mandy had ever seen on her. " This is incredible..."

" Come on... Tell me..." Said the girl, wanting to find out what was going on so early in the morning.

The woman calmed herself down a little, then started her explanation for the suddenness of waking the girl like she had done.

" There is this really large limousine parked out in the main compound next to the admin building, that has come just a few minutes ago, while we councilors were having our early morning meeting with Miss Ashfield and the others..." Olivia explained, as the words spilled out of her mouth rapidly. " We heard a honking sound, and we all went out to see what the hell was going on. Right there... big as life... was one big-daddy of a limo... and then whoever was in that bad-assed car, were asking for you."

Not only did the news snap Mandy to fully awake in a fraction of a second, she could not believe what the woman was telling her. Blinking twice to clear herself, she made sure that she was awake, and that she had heard the woman correctly. Settling that she was in fact awake, this was not a dream she was caught in...she had actually heard the what the woman was saying.

She eyed the woman with scepticism, but was confronted by the huge smile that was plastered on the councilor’s face. This was no practical joke that was being played on her or anything else. Shifting a little as she stood there, she needed to clarify what she heard one more time to make sure..

" Let me see if I heard you right here..." Said Mandy, her mind trying to make order out of what she had been told. " Someone came here in a limo... to our camp... And that person inside of this limo is looking for me?"

" That is right..." Nodded the woman. " The people who are sitting there in the limo requested that someone come and get you."

The thought of a limo out there was mind blowing enough, but the fact that who ever it was asking for her... was totally unbelievable. Mandy was more than sure she did not know anyone who would be in one of them, little alone drive all the way out here for her.

" Did they say who they were... or anything like that?"

" All they did was drive up and honk, we went out to see why they were there..." Began the woman. " the driver said that his client wished to talk to you... and would we please go and get you."

" Did you see who it was that was in the back?" Asked Mandy, still not figuring out who it could be out there in a car.

" The driver was the one who was doing the asking... With the dark tinted windows the limo has and the fact that it’s still dark out there...I could not see any of the people that were inside." Explained the woman. " I guess the thing that you should do is put something on and see who it is."

" I guess that is the only way to see who it is.... is to go and see" Mandy said, nodding her head.

" That would be the obvious way to do it." Olivia said. " Streaking around here is highly frowned upon."

Mandy turned and grabbed the clothes she had layed out for the day, and started to pull them on without even closing the drape again. She just wanted to get herself dressed as fast as she could, then to see who in the hell would be out here at six in the morning asking for her while in a limo.


The sun was now just breaking the horizon with it’s cascading rays of gold, oranges and reds, starting the day off so beautifully with the pallet that only Mother Nature’s hand could have produced. The air was already so steaming hot as the summer day announced itself as Mandy followed closely behind Olivia... on her way to meet up with this strange large car that had arrived.

Mandy wrung her hands nervously as she walked along, her mind still trying to figure out just who this could be that had came all the way out here so early in the morning, and was brought by a limousine, just to see her. She could not even fathom the identity of this person... or persons, that have shown up in this little piece of summertime pleasure on the shores of Lake Pawa.

As the girl hurried along just behind Olivia, it had not past her attention that behind her was the entire pyjama clad group from her cabin following behind in the light of the breaking day. Clearly, everybody from the cabin were extremely curious about this limo arriving, and they all wanted to find out who it could be that had arrived so early in the morning at their beloved Camp Pawa in a limo. She did not really care if they tagged along like this, all she wanted was to find out herself who these people were.

Arriving at the administration cabin, she finally saw the motorized beast sitting there. The limo was a long and very large type of vehicle, it was a glossy black with very deeply tinted windows all around except for the windshield. It sat right in front of the administration building almost like a lurking shadow. Mandy began to walk over to the large car, her eyes seeing that there was no hint at all to who it might be sitting and waiting on her arriving.

A man in his late forties or barely fifties, dressed in a dark suit with a brimmed cap was standing leaning lightly up against the car. He spotted the large group of people coming up the soft hill, and he stood up from his resting state. The man looked right at Mandy and a large smile came over his squared face.

The man looked right at Mandy, and took a few steps towards the girl, while Miss Olivia moved to the side.

" Ahh... You must be Mandy Thayer, are you not." The man said with a resonating voice, seeing the girl nod in reply to his question. He smiled, a sense of friendliness flowed from his grinning. " I am glad to see you have finally arrived."

" Do I know you?" Asked the girl, sure that she did not know the driver.

The Limo driver broke out into a chuckle, that seemed to come from deep in his burly chest..

" You do not know who I am in any way, Miss Thayer, although it does feels for me as if I actually do know you after hearing things about you for years..." He said, the smile he had on was almost infectious.

" You heard about me?" Mandy said, with a nervous yet curious shade to her voice.

" Oh, yes... quite a bit..." He chuckled, reminding the girl of a very jovial Santa. " On to business here...I have someone here to see you, the one that does know you very well indeed."

Mandy watched as the man scurried to the side of the car and opened the door with such fluidity that it showed he had worked as chauffeur for a long time. She waited with a slight butterfly feeling rolling around in her stomach. Whoever the man’s client was, that person was going to step out of the huge vehicle at any moment. There was a slight momentary lag, and someone finally did step out.

The person that stepped out was a tall, very slenderly built girl. She was dressed in a rather long, but very airy summer dress of light blue that accented tumbling and flowing golden locks of hair which went all over the shoulders and fell past her waist. Mandy raised her eyes to look at the sleek face, and instantly saw the delicate features of this girl that were now visible in the morning light.

Mandy gasped slightly, as the amazing blueness of the eyes caught her, and saw that were staring at her. Her heart jumped in her chest like a Olympic athlete, her mind started to form the reality that this person was more than familiar.

" It’s been over two years since we have seen each other, has it not?." The owner of those deep blue eyes said.

Mandy’s mouth dropped open, her eyes filled up with tears. The person who had stepped out of that limo, was someone that she had honestly thought for so long... she would never see again. Now that person was standing there.

" Is that you, Lacy?" The young girl stammered, her mind not believing what her eyes were telling her.

" That is my name!" Said the sleek young woman, who was staring right back at her.

The dark haired girl began to run towards the girl, her feet felt like they were being held up by just the air. Quickly, the distance between them was eaten up, the two girls came together and hugged tightly. A gasp could be heard rising from the crowd from Cabin Nine, followed by various murmurings of joyous talking, but to Mandy as she held her best friend in the world after so very long... that did not matter.

Mandy held on to the much taller girl, the difference between their individual heights were very evident. The shorter girl sighed, as she had never felt so happy to see someone as she did right now

" It been a few years since I have been out here at Pawa, and also seen you...hasn’t it." Lacy began with a smile beaming, stroking the long dark locks of the one in her hands.." Seems like forever, if you ask me."

" You look so great...." Said Mandy, still in shock at this sudden appearance by the blonde haired girl.

" You are looking better than just great. Mandy-girl." Lacy commented, looking at the girl.

" I’m still way shorter that you are....." Mandy quipped back, with a sparkling smirk. " I think I can deal with it!"

Lacy began to giggle as she stood holding the girl, the pretty giggles almost sounded like the soft tinkling of bells. With a happy sigh, Lacy let go of Mandy and took a step back. The tall girl smiled broadly as she took a longer look at the girl who had flown to her.

" Your still the same girl who always cracked jokes and stuff... that is refreshing to hear, after all of the time that has past." Lacy said.

" It’s such a great surprise to see you again, Lacy" Said the now smiling girl, looking at the girl with a glow that lit her face right up.

" I was hoping things had not changed with you..." Said the slender girl of the limo. " You always did have this amazing yet uncanny ability to make me laugh... no matter what mood I happened to be in. That, I have missed."

Mandy and the tall girl took a few silent moment to look at each other, seemingly to drink in the fact that they were actually together again. As they looked at one another, nobody could have know how great they both felt at that moment.

Breaking the silence that had came, Mandy was clearly still so very shocked at the arrival of her friend... but now she was starting to get back her powers of speech, which she had lost for a few minutes there.

" Can I ask you why are you are here... here at Camp?" Mandy said, her surprise had turned back to curiosity.

" So... Your wanting to know why I’m here?" Lacy teasingly said while Mandy stood there.

" Wouldn’t you after not seeing their best friend in so long, then they just simply popped up out of nowhere from a stretch limo first thing in the morning?" She replied with a mischievous giggle, adding. " I’m am blown away by it, not stupid."

" I guess that I would be ‘blown away’ as well." Lacy replied, joining the girl in a chorus of giggles.

Lacy took a step back and motioned with a sweep of her hand, almost as if she was doing a ballet move, at the open door of the limo where the driver was silently waiting with the same large smile he had the first time Mandy saw him.

" Hop in to my limo, we will take a leisurely drive together." The elegantly dressed girl said, her giddiness was so musical on the air as she was unable to hide it..

" And then are you going to explain why the hell you are here?" Mandy said, taking a step towards the open door of the limo.

The girl of the limo looked at the Mandy with a surprised smile, her eyes showing interest. Lucy then give a happy sigh and nodded her head a little.

" Forget what I had said earlier..." Lacy said, her eyes sparkling with such a strong emotion. " I see that some things have changed for you.... and that seems to be in a big way."

Mandy smiled a little meekly, but her own eyes twinkled as the girl’s observations came as another small surprise. She nodded, as her friend was so right... two years had passed by since they had said their goodbys.

" You just might say that..." Mandy acknowledged with a little smile.. " Yeah... You could sort of say that things have changed for me, I guess."

" There is more to it, than what is noticeable by how you talk..." Lacy said, giving a long loving look right into Mandy’s face. " I can really see just how much that things have changed.. that is so evident, right there in your eyes, Mandy... "

" In my eyes?" Asked Mandy, unsure of what the girl was trying to communicate to her.

Lacy nodded, her face got bright as she continued.

" Yeah... it’s like I sense this’re a little more confident... more assured of yourself, you might say... full of self-confidence from inside of you, but I also seem to think there is something else as well..." she explained, exactly what she saw.

" You see all of that?" The shorter girl asked, seeing that this girl intuition has not been lost over the two years.

" Your not at all like the girl I hung around with. That girl would have not continued to press for an answer, but here you are doing just that." Lacy smiled, as the words were lust coming out " Now...Just get in to the limo then... and we will have a ‘talk’... I have a few questions for you as well."

Mandy climbed into the large vehicle, while the others all watched. She could hear the murmurs and questions flaring... and knew that she had made Isis and her group envious as hell. She could not help ut laugh a little, as this was probably digging into them all like crazy. She was even shocked at herself getting into a limo like this... and it was really happening to her.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE:  The shift is near... even I am excited. This will lead off on a tangent that I came up with from somewhere. LOL!! Don't know where from though.   Keep Reading and reviewing... Please!]

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