Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 12)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 12 - Abundance of confusion

[Author's notes:

Confusion and life... yep, they do go together.

 Warning:   This chapter is very sexually explicit. Disgression is strongly advised.


Chapter Twelve - Abundance of confusion


With a yawn, Mandy took her place at the breakfast table at the far end of the dining hall. She looked as if she so very tired right now, but having such a bright smile on her face, showed that she indeed still had some life.

With her hand Mandy’s knee, the half assed smirk on Allison’s face was a great sight to see as well.... making the short girl regain even more of her strength back. Thinking back, Mandy was still sure that she had left much her lost energy back somewhere in the brainy girl’s room the night before. She giggled and eyed the girl again, then reliving the night for a moment, she was now positive of that.

Eyeing the pancakes on the plate as she received it as it was handed down the line, Mandy was not quite sure about her breakfast.

" Are these suppose to be pancakes?" Mandy asked over to Alison, with a confused tone in her voice.

" I think they just might be..." Muttered back the girl in the glasses, who seemed rather unimpressed with the dark brown and not too flat circular objects piled like cordwood on the plate. " Perhaps they could be UFOs?"

The shorter girl stabbed one of the flapjacks with a fork, finding them to be hard to actually stab. She raised her eyebrow in curiousness

" They might be Hockey pucks masquerading as pancakes?" Snickered Mandy back.

" Pucks would look, and perhaps even taste better..." Said Allison almost out of the blue, as she tried stopping herself from laughing.

" More nutritious as well...." Playfully added in darker haired girl.

Alison nearly fell off of her seat, as she laughed so hard at her friend’s little comic jab of the food. To both of their surprise, they heard even Isis down the table had laughed at Mandy’s little joke It was apparent that the girl had heard the joke, and reacted as if she was joining in the fun with them.

Mandy was not too sure why the girl had suddenly ‘warmed’ up to them like this, but it was a complete one-eighty. She looked at Alison, who also seemed so very surprised at this turn of events.

" This is a first..." She said in more of a whisper, being a little suspicious of the whole thing. " I never have heard them even talk to us really, now they are laughing at our jokes?"

" I have to admit... this is really peculiar on all of their parts." Said the brainy girl, her voice showing more than mere leeriness with the sudden joviality coming from the popular girls. " Actually laughing at our jokes out of the blue... It is something that causes me to take a pause over...."

" A pause that they might know or be up to something?" Pointed out Mandy. " In fact... They might have some sense something is going on..."

" You mean about the list we handed in?" Asked Alison, trying to clarify what her friend was saying.

" Yes.... it might be about that list.."

The brainy girl seemed to pause, her eyes seemed to droop a little as she thought on it for a few moments.

" You think Miss Ashfield has done her investigation already, do you?" Allison inquired. " An they know they have been watched, or that some people suspect them with the list?"

Mandy stopped and thought about it. It did not seem like they knew that they had reported it already. She thought they might be suspicious that someone had taken their little ‘hate list’ in at the very least. Still, the sudden way they had included themselves in with people they normally shunned and ignored... lay credence to the thought that they might have some suspicions.

What ever the answer was, a little red flag was popping up in Mandy’s mind. These people were dangerous, and she had to be aware of that fact..

" I don’t think that Miss Ashfield is remotely done investigating yet..." She finally replied, whispering low. " She was wanting to be absolutely sure so she could do something about it. They could see that she is snooping around though..."

" Then they must know something... perhaps heard a rumor going around or something along those lines.." Allison speculated.

" Or they are ‘fishing’ around to overhear if there is something to be suspicious of..." Thought out Mandy. " They might not know if there is, but because of what they wrote down... they are looking over their shoulders to see if it had gotten reported. A written thing like that is as good as a confession of being prejudice."

The very intelligent girl tool a small glance over at Isis and her group. They had already went back to talking amongst themselves, as if they had not even laughed at all. The girl looked back to her friend.

" Either they know something, heard something along the way or just that alien pods have landed and taken over their minds..." She snuffed, with a flair of sarcasm that Mandy smiled at. " Don’t know which one is worse."

" Would explain things... mostly the alien theory." Mandy said back, impressed by the girl’s sudden attribute of being sarcastic.

As they both went back to their unappealing meals, the girls were not totally sure if these girl knew about what they had reported or not. Whatever it was going on in those girls collective minds, they needed to be wary for the time being.

Solemnly, both Alison and Mandy knew that to watch their backs, until they could be sure of things. That was what was a real necessary... considering what that group had done to that girl only a year before, and had gotten away with it thanks to the power wielded by their Mommies and Daddies.

That show just how much class distinctions really just stunk.



As the day started to go, Mandy watched Isis closely, along with her band of snobbish friends. She made sure to hover close to them, trying to find out whether or not they had found out anything, or at least suspected something. Being nonchalant about it, she found her spying was basically easy enough..

She listened and took any note of things throughout the fist two activities that were slated for the morning. The activities were arts and crafts, making of paper-mache masks and riding the horses. Each were a ‘close’ activity, where Mandy found it not very hard to eavesdrop on the band of girls.

The group just seemed to chat it up like usual. Boys, clothes, make-up and who they all really hated were the main topics... all that was pretty much normal for them, although some of it disgusting when it came to their opinions of people. The group had also gone back to ignoring everyone they shared the cabin with... just as easily as flicking the lights on and off. Things seemed to be as what it had been.

For now, Mandy was sure that Isis and crew had been only ‘fishing around’ when they had been laughing her joking around to see if something was up. Because it was Alison and herself, they had probably decided the two had nothing to offer as information, and simply went back to how they were.

That was just fine by Mandy’s thoughts on the matter. At least for awhile more, Allison and her could let themselves relax.... but still knew they had to watch their backs just for safety sake. Whenever the investigation starts after Miss Ashfield looks into it, just might be a whole other matter altogether.

Day went along until it was nearing noon, the sun was high in the sky and the heat was very punishing as it reached triple digits for the third day in a row. It seemed like animal and human alike, was not immune to the nearly stifling heat that mother nature was throwing down on peaceful Lake Pawa

To combat the amazing heat, most campers in Pawa had changed into swimsuits to jump in the refreshing lake waters or simply to try and stay as cool as they could have. The water was warmer than normal, but for those who did dive right in... it was still better than baking like a potato in the oven.

Mandy was no different than all of them. She ended up changing her shorts and tank-top set for her favorite ivory white bikini and a pair of flip-flops. By how Alison eyed her and smiled when she passed by, it was a good choice. She always loved the bathing suit anyways, that just made it even more so.

Allison went off to do something with her little brother for awhile, actually he was a half brother to the girl... since Alison’s had ended up remarrying some time ago They may not have been related to one another by blood, but it seemed that the two were just like if they had been born that way... only they had a better relationship than most. In looking at how they interacted, put that point home.

With it being so hot, Mandy was not knowing what to do with Alison off like that. She decided to buy herself a very cold pop from the little store beside the administration building. They had time on their hands anyways, because most of the activities schedule for outside had been either cut back or delayed until the hottest part of the day had gone away. Anyway it would all work out, it give the campers and councilors some free time to do what they might.

With a clear, cold and condensation dripping bottle of 7up in her hands, Mandy exited the small store and back out into the blazing sun. She loved how cold the bottle felt in her hand, and wished she could roll the cold bottle all over her body to cool the rest of her down... without everyone in camp thinking she was weird or something. She giggled, as CC had done something like that one time... she remembered it clearly, but she was not about to attempt what the girl had done. Some might have called what CC had done almost pornographic... Mandy had called it ‘embarrassing’ your girlfriend.

She went in search of somewhere to sit... somewhere it was cool and shady of a place, preferably out of sight. She wanted somewhere like that so she could retrieve her smokes from her little sleeping area, then go and have one before hunting out a seat in the Arts and Crafts room for awhile That particular building had an air conditioning in it in there, because of the paint and pottery clay. On a hot day like today, she knew that finding a spot in there might be tricky, but she needed a smoke first.

After walking around the camp area for almost twenty minutes, Mandy had ruled out a few of her normal places she smoked, because of the blazing sun had not moved enough in the sky to create any real amounts of shade yet. Grumbling to herself, she went to check out another spot she could think of, thinking that is she did not find a spot... she would have to put off the smoke and have some cooling off time in the art area.

As she started off to the next spot, she stopped as a voice called out with her name.

" Hot enough today, Mandy?" It asked, from somewhere not really away..

Mandy looked around, and saw it had been Miss Ashfield who called out. Standing on the porch of the Administration Cabin, dressed in only tight black pair of shorts and a halter top. Dispite the light clothing she wore, the woman seemed to be as hot as anyone caught outside today.

" I asked if you found it way too hot today?" The woman said, as the girl neared to speak with her , so they could without yelling.

" It is..." Agreed Mandy.

" You seemed to be looking for something?" the woman asked back, seemingly curious. " I have seen you pass me on this very porch three times in a space of around ten minutes.

" I am looking for something..." Mandy said.

" For what would you be out here searching for on such a scorcher of a day?" Miss Ashfield asked.

Mandy shrugged her shoulders playfully, but giggled a little as she felt suddenly uneasy..

" I am in search of a shady place to have a smoke." She said, knowing the woman smoked as well. " One away from most of the others."

" Let me guess..." Started the woman, after giving a glance up at the blazing orb in the sky. " Because of old man Sol up there cooking us, you have not been able to find a good spot?"

" Nope... still searching." The girl informed.

The woman paused for a moment, looking behind herself at the cabin for a second. She turned back, and had a small glint in her eye.

" If you want... and if you don’t tell anyone... come in and have a smoke in my office..." She said, looking up at the sun. " Tat beats the heat... I have air conditioning, you know."

Mandy sighed, as the thought of being somewhere cool, was inviting... but she was nervous about what nearly happened the other day. It brought back all of those emotions, and the strong pull she had also felt towards the woman. Thinking that she did not know quite where she stood with Alison yet along with this attraction she had for the long legged woman also, made it more confusing. She did not want any more confusion any more.

She was not quite sure of anything, yet in the end...the oppressive heat finally won out over her nerves.

" You sure of that?" Mandy asked.

" Close the door, no one will know I let you have one then.." The woman said with a smile. " Even Mrs. Granger is out for awhile having lunch with her husband... she can’t tell on me either for doing something nice and letting you have one measly smoke in the office."

" Alright... I’m going to grab my cigarettes and be right back then." She said, thankful.

" I’ll lend you one of mine..." She said, with a wave of invitation. " Just come on... beats running around in this heat just to get a blasted smoke."

The girl nodded, she could not beat that logic, running on a day like this was even torturous for her. She hurried over to the building, downing the last of her now not-as-cold pop. She followed the woman in to the office cabin, telling herself that she was going in to cool down and have a smoke.

The woman’s office felt refreshingly cool, but not overly either. To the bikini wearing form of Mandy, the perfect temperature really felt as if it was heaven on earth.

" Feels so good." She happily said, smiling as the cool air from the small window box gently massaged her pinked skin..

" That is why I stay in here during these heat waves..." Miss Ashfield said, laughing with it. " Even with wearing things like these bicycle shorts and light tops... this sort of weather is still so hot that I can’t stand it."

Mandy nodded, knowing exactly what she was saying about this heat. The lady handed her a cigarette, and sat down behind the desk. The girl lit the smoke and took a seat on the edge of the large desk, while giving a sideways look right at the woman, obviously a little nervous in being in the office alone like this.

The woman lit one of her own and sat back, her eyes somewhat looking over the barely covered form of the girl sitting there. She gripped the arm of her wooden desk chair a little, as if trying to control herself. She put on a smile and finally addressed the young beauty.

" I have started my investigation, if you wanted to know..." Said the woman finally, shifting her mind in a different direction. " I have brought in someone to look into Isis and the others."

Mandy paused from her smoke, and looked at the woman.

" Brought in someone?" Mandy said, not quite understanding what the woman was trying to relay to her.

" I called in a favor from a Private Investigator friend of mine." She explained calmly. " This person is checking out things at this very moment, gathering information and any evidence that might be needed. If my investigator gets something solid out of it... we can hang Isis and her group with, because then I can take that evidence of this straight to the board and then the cops... what they are doing, even with just the listed note, is nothing less than a hate crime."

Mandy thought on the things she was told for a moment.

" You have a Private Investigator around camp?" She asked, with a pause. " I have not seen anyone out of the ordinary around here."

" That is the whole idea behind having a Private Investigator in the first place." Said the woman. " Being trained in not being seen, an investigator then can be fee to dig in and get more information that police ever could, without having those girls getting suspicious of anything."

The girl mind flashed back to this morning, and how she thought Isis and her friends were ‘fishing’ around. She told of how she was now wondering if the girls had caught on to this investigator person somehow. She explained to Miss Ashfield about the incident in the dining hall right off, afraid that was why the group was digging around because they had found out about being investigated.

The woman nodded, seemingly understanding the girl’s concerns. She shook her head then and made sure to look Mandy right in the eyes.

" My friend only started a couple of hours ago..." She explained. " No way in hell they could know about my investigator at breakfast time... no one, but you right at the very moment, knows."

" Then... why were they all poking around like that?" Questioned the young girl. " You have to admit, that is a little suspicious."

The woman giggled a little bit and nodded, seeing that was a concern for the young girl.

" A guilty mind sometimes plays with a person’s mind..." Miss Ashfield finally started. " They had put the letter out there, and probably the do checks from time to time to see if they might get caught... after what they did to that girl, they are just protecting their asses since they got away with it once."

Mandy nodded, and looked at the lady’s confident face. That made total sense to her, and now felt like she could relax a little better now. She knew that the lady was right in bringing in a professional... and hopefully this person could put an end to Isis and her band of homophobic snobs.

The sleek woman stood up and went to pass the girl to get something, and her hand inadvertently brushed up against Mandy’s bare leg. The woman shuttered and stopped when she touched the girl’s leg, noting the girl had also shivered noticeably.

She looked at the girl, her eyes smokily suddenly had locked on to Mandy’s eyes only to then slowly began to rove down to the barely clad little body that now was only a short distance away.

" Your bathing suit...." She said, actually stuttering nervously a little. " Looks so good on you."

Mandy blushed, as the woman commented on what she was wearing. She felt uneasy, but she felt her body tingling like mad at the same time. Just like the last time, she felt herself being very drawn to the woman... her whole body now was feeling like one huge knot of sexual explosiveness. Even her treasure had become almost instantly wet, and was making the crotch of her bikini bottoms very damp in just a very short time.

Mandy thought for a moment of leaving, looking right into the woman’s beauty. A sixteen year old and a thirty something should not be even near this point... no matter if it was a man and a girl or Woman and girl. She new it, yet the truth was, she wanted the woman. It was very clear as well... Miss Ashfield felt the same way.

The woman leaned in, just like she had done the day before. Her lips this time, did touched down on Mandy’s. The girl did not even make a move to back off one inch, from her seat on the edge of the desk, she had returned the woman’s kiss with her own.. filled with great eagerness.

The woman’s lips made Mandy’s body feel weak, she noticed the soft yet firm hands of Miss Ashfield now were caressing her bare sides. Feeling such a light touching on her skin, it was sending shivers of complete sensualism throughout her body. It felt like her entire being was quivering, ever fiber of being was wanting this beautiful woman who was touching her... to take her right then and there.

As they kissed, Mandy could feel the woman’s hands had stopped to rest on the top curving of her hips... exactly where the ties to her bikini bottoms gently lay. She felt tugging on the strings that held her bottoms in place, and for a split second she had thought of stopping this and leaving, but she just give a long contented sigh as the woman pulled on the strings to complete the task at hand.

The knot unraveled smoothly, and fell apart like a whisper. Her bottoms hung there only for a fraction of a second, then the small piece of material fell as Mandy opened her knees slowly and with anticipation.. With a light tug, she felt the woman remove the now freed bottoms... and the young girl waited almost in limbo...excitedly for what would come next.

" You are so damned beautiful..." Softly spoke the woman into Mandy’s ear, as she trailed a finger over the exposed and erect pink folds that were not quite so hidden between the lean legs of the girl..

Gasping like she had never done before, the petite teen felt her entire body quiver under just the simplest touch. The tip of the woman’s fingernail was now being trailed ever so lightly just around Mandy’s swollen clitoris, and she let a long moan out as the sensations overwhelmed her.

" Oh..." Mandy gasped out over and over again, the woman’s finger now working its way to entering her. By how wet she felt herself, Miss Ashfield would have no trouble at all. " Please... your making me ache all over..."

" Your like perfect rose petals dampened with dew in the morning..." The woman whispered in response, as she finally sunk her finger deeply into Mandy’s ready treasure. " It feels so soft, so amazingly like velvet under my fingers... so...inviting."

The gasping girl could only lay herself back on the desk, as the feeling of the woman’s finger sent the biggest shockwave of pleasure through her. From her head to her toes, the pleasure feeling was unlike anything she had felt before. Each time that Miss Ashfield moved her digit deep into her, it felt like another pulse of electricity blasted its way through her... making her crave for more of the woman’s touches.. and for what ever else might come.

The woman stood there, her hand still working in and out Mandy’s little flower, watching the girl writhe and gasp and finding that so exhilarating. Miss Ashfield paused, then slowly leaned herself through the raised knees and started to kiss the flatness of the girl’s stomach with as lightly as she could.. Mandy shivered under this sort of attention, which the woman smiled in between placing each deliberate peck on the soft skin under her.

Mandy squirmed and swooned every time the woman’s amazing lips connected to her stomach. With her mind spinning and her body feeling like she burning up with all of the sensations, she could tell that the lady was making her way down her tummy, to the goal that only was a few blissful lip falls away. With every part of Mandy shivering with expectation, the girl wanted to feel those wonderful lips on her folds of her now very awaiting treasure.

When the woman’s lips finally contacted her trembling flower folds, Mandy could not stop a gasp of pleasure from shooting out of her mouth. In response, she parted her legs even more widely, feeling the woman’s tongue was now coming into play. It firmly started to lap over each fold separately, skirting around where the woman’s finger was still sliding in and out of her. She felt that tongue now brushing the little button that was now so erect, swirling around it in circles in such a way that it made even the inside of her channel vibrate.

Mandy thrashed her head from side to side, every muscle in her body was reacting to that the woman’s attention. Her hips pushed her pussy into meet the tongue with abandon, grinding on the woman’s face.

" Your like brown sugar..." Miss Ashfield moaned, as she sped up her finger and made sure that it went in as deep as she could have it go.

Arching her back, the young girl felt her orgasm building, the energy of it climbing by leaps and bounds. Somehow, the woman had been making it build for Mandy from the first moment she had kissed her... now that climax seemed to just keep building up, getting stronger and more close. Every second, seemed to hold the chance of a release, but still it kept on growing. Mandy was nearly going out of her mind by this time, as it was such an amazing feeling... she did not want it to end, yet she was wanting it to explode also.

The woman seemed to know what she was doing, stopping just before the girl would have orgasamed. She seemed to do that a few times, building the pressure up until Mandy was nearly pleading for the woman to let her explode finally. The lady smiled and returned to lapping the flower again, this time differently.

Mandy felt both the tongue and finger now really going at it, her sweat covered body stiffened as the anticipation was over and the rush for orgasm now began. Not being able to stop it, Mandy let out a cry...slamming her hips up into the woman’s face. The full force of the orgasm now broke through. Waves of pleasure crashed through the short girl’s body, making her aware of the gush of her juices shooting out of her only to be instantly drank up by the woman.

Each stroke by the woman’s tongue to catch the beads of juice, would bring another wave of ecstacy and another shutter to wrack the tiny girl... the power of every wave of climax that came, was felt right down into her soul. Unable to even be aware of anything else, the girl whimpered in the euphoria.. losing count of how many she actually had felt.

With the last jolt, Mandy’s body went limp on the desk, her body felt a heaviness as the orgasm ebbed away. The girl felt how hard her chest heaved, and noticed the stickiness of her sweat covered body while still feeling small jolt of her orgasm shoot through as it passed.

Miss Ashfield stood up and looked at the girl, her face was silvery wet with the juices she had been so lovingly enjoying. She cocked her head a little, watching the girl lay there for a moment.

" Well?" The woman asked, a pleased smile on her face.

Mandy could not speak for a moment, but she felt her face flash a smile back. She sat up and looked at the woman, shifting forward on the now slick surface of the wood. Without a word, Mandy reached out and touched the woman’s crotch... and felt the quivering heat of the pussy that was under the spandex.

" You don’t have to..." Said the woman, gasping.

" You don’t want me to?" Breathed Mandy, tracing the outline with her own fingers.

" Yes..." Said the woman, her face now flushing.

Mandy let herself slowly down onto the floor between the desk and the woman. Boldly, the pretty girl pulled down Miss Ashfield’s shorts over the full hips and then guided them down those luscious legs. She waited at the ankles, and the lady stepped out of them as she watched what the girl would be up to now.

The woman’s perfect treasure with it’s closely cropped blond hair came into view. She smiled, as she could see that the woman was already very wet from what she had been doing to her. Leaning in while still on her knees, she took the first exploring lick of the woman without any hesitation.

Miss Ashfield gasped as she stood there with the girl at her feet, the young girl’s tongue so amazingly probing her outer mound.. Mandy now had wrapping her arms around her lower half, while burying her face in between her legs... her hands on the firmness of the ass and pulling her in. The woman moved her legs farther apart, and the girl slid in between, while her lips never left where they were. Gasping, she watched as the girl ate her pussy.

Mandy rung the woman’s hole, slowly spiraling her tongue in like water going down a drain... hitting the little button often. The woman gasped and leaned a little over forwards, putting both hands on the desk. Now being able to look down, she watched as Mandy suckled her cunt, and that made the experience that much more heightened in arousal.

" God your good..." The lady gasped, at which the girl sped up her manipulations. That made the woman shiver.

Lapping the sweet nectar from the woman, Mandy had flung her self into the job wholly. She could feel the muscles of the woman’s ass under her hands jump and shake, the pussy her mouth was busy with, gushed and tremble constantly. Opening her eyes to see Miss Ashfield leaning right over her, she could see the woman’s large tits were swollen and the nipples stood out through the top... all signs that the woman was not far off from orgasm at this point. She knew she had to step it up a notch.

She let one of the ass cheeks go and moved her hand under her own chin. She sunk her finger in the lady’s hole, moving her tongue slightly to now deal with the little nub. As one, she worked on the pussy, paying close attention to every detail. She hit every sensitive spot she knew of, wanting nothing more than to make the woman climax as hard a she had done.

A scream of great force and pleasure suddenly came out of Miss Ashfield’s mouth, shaking the room with the volume. Mandy felt the treasure vibrate and fill her mouth with a large amount of sweet juices and have it run down her face. Speeding up her hand and mouth with the cues, she knew that the lady was in full flooding orgasm, and she was determined to pull out as many orgasms as she could.

After what seemed to hours, the now panting and sweating woman stood up and took a step back....breaking contact with the young girl’s mouth. She looked down, and collapsed to the floor on her knees right in front of Mandy.

" I don’t believe it..." She gasped.

" What?" Asked Mandy, a little scared that the woman had second thought on what the just had done together. " Did I do something wrong?"

Miss Ashfield shook her head, as she reached out to touch the girl’s wetted face.

" No, you did not..." She panted.

" Then what?"

" I never have orgasamed like that..." She said, giggling a little. " To be honest, I never had as ‘multiple’ orgasm before."

Mandy blushed, as the woman was obviously complementing her. The woman smiled and laughed a little again.

" Thank you..." She said so plainly, her eyes now softly hanging on the girl’s soft features for moments at a time.

" For what?" Mandy asked, almost innocently.

" Just... because!" Was all the woman could say back.

The woman then took a look at the clock that hung on the wall. She gasped and rose to her feet so smoothly, like a cat.. which Mandy found so graceful of the much taller woman.

" Mrs. Granger will be back in the office at any minute." Miss Ashfield said, putting her hand to her cheek. " Perhaps we should get ourselves dressed again, so as not to be ‘caught’ in an awkward moment?"

" I would guess that might be a good idea." Mandy said, oddly seeming very dazed as she looked up at the woman’s face

" It would." Miss Ashfield said, kissing Mandy on the forehead as the girl got to her feet as well.

The woman smiled and moved off a little, handing Mandy the bottom part of her swimsuit in the process. The girl nodded slowly, the smile that had been set on her face had now totally vanished.

They both dressed hurriedly, trying hard not to look as if they were guilty of something, while listening for the return of the secretary.

As Mandy began to, Miss Ashfield called out to her. Almost blankly, the girl turned to the woman.

" About that Private Investigator. I told you about." She started, with a twinkle sitting in her smoky eyes. " If there is anything to report from the digging around I will make sure that you are told what he has found."

"That sounds good..." The girl said, half way short, then she seemed to very quickly leave of the office.

Miss Ashfield sat down in her big chair and lit a smoke. Letting go a large plume of smoke, the woman leaned back and seemed drift off somewhere in her thoughts. By the large and very bright smile that her face sported, it said exactly what it was that she thought about. She seemed to be feeling so happy.

" Wow!" She whispered to the emptiness of the room.

The phone started to ring on her desk, and she eyed the annoying device as if it was almost evil. She sighed as she picked it up.



The young dark haired girl had left the administration building before the secretary had even gotten there, and quickly hurried herself to her cabin... as the heat now was literally heavy outside.

She entered the cabin, and went to her bunk. Grabbing her smokes, she dashed out back into the heat. Her face, showing that she was troubled at he moment. She scooted around the cabin’s exterior to the back.

Without any shade, she hid herself away and lit one of then smokes with shaky hands. She took a long pull from the cigarette, and leaned back against the cabin wall.

" What have I done?" Her mind said, over and over again.

She slid down the wall, plopping herself on to the dirt and grass that grew next to the cabin. She made a sound of being disgusted, than slammed her non-smoking hand hard on top of her bare leg... leaving a very large red mark an the already partially sunburned skin..

" Dammit!" She said through gritted teeth.

She took a drag off of her smoke, as she mind flew in her head. She looked upwards to the sky, her body now vibrating a little with emotion.

" What am I fucking doing?" She asked herself. " I don’t know if I am going with Alison...even though I already slept with her without take the time to find that out.. then with another very brilliant stroke, I just go out and cheat on Alison with Miss Ashfield... who I just had this urge to fuck the living hell out of... and I end up feeling as if I cheated on CC with both of them..." She hung her head. " Two people, one full day... Fuck I’m stupid!!"

The girl shook her head, tears streaming down her face. If CC had a plan, like she had thought this morning... she has just gone and fucked it right up. She wondered if she had just made up that nice little thought of CC actually guiding her somehow from the great beyond, for herself, so she could run wild without any second thoughts about it.

She had never done stuff like all of this ever before in her life, and she was unsure of if she had done all of this on purpose. The only sure thing was just how she really had succeeded with completely and utterly fucking up her life.

She could hear the booming voice of Councilor Olivia calling for the cabin to gather for the afternoon activities in the coolness of some of the buildings. Mandy simply ignored the woman and kept smoking away right where she was. She waned nothing to do with anyone or anybody.

She wanted to be alone.. and try to find away to straighten out even a little, this total fuck up she had made for herself. Thinking about CC, she already knew, the girl would be very disappointed with her at this point.

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