Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 11)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 11 - The darkness holds...

[Author's notes:

One's own needs can be forgotten, when the mind is occupied with too much... but things always end up to work themselves out just fine.

WARNING:  Chapter contains explicit sexual scenes and some language.  Readers strongly advised to use disgression.


Chapter Eleven - The darkness holds...



Hot was the descriptive word for the night. It was a very sticky, heavy sort of air that was draped over Camp Pawa... making it feel as if everyone was in a sauna. The night’s weather made it a very uncomfortable time to be trying to sleep. Some people actually were sleeping, most were restless in the humidity that clung to the land.. making slumber a light thing..

Mandy layed in her bed, the mugginess of the night making it hard to fall asleep. Even sleeping naked without even a sheet to cover her, did not even help her. The addition of a small fan in the corner, only succeeded in moving around the air, making it circulate it’s heated grip. She sighed and just layed there, listening to the snoring of the others in the cabin... and noting the tossing and turning of a few. It was not a good night.

She had dozed a little for awhile, but had found herself wide awake again and sweating like she was on a ten mile run. She sighed, as she realized that at camp, she never really did sleep well in the first place. She giggled as she also realized that she had never really slept well, except at home... even when they had traveled and stayed with relatives.

With her mouth feeling so dry, She looked over at her water bottle next to her bed in the dim light coming from the small window over her bed, and saw it was empty. She grumbled in her chest as her mouth felt even dryer with her realizing the plight, this heat needed cold water if she was to sleep.

" Guess I have to get up now and get some water." She grumbled to herself, thinking of that long walk to the bathroom where they had cold drinking machines that gave cold clear water. " Damn!"

As she put on her lightest nightshirt she had brought with her, she wished she could just streak all the way out to the bathroom... and avoid being covered by the nightshirt she had forced onto her sweat covered body. She giggled at that thought of streaking across the compound like that, even her beloved CC would probably have never done that.

She had paused for a second, then Mandy giggled at herself again. Her mind had reminded herself that CC would have actually streaked to the bathroom, that is if she had dared the girl to do it. She shook her head as she thought about it, and giggled a little more. You never dared CC to do anything.. even if it was outrageous as hell, because the tall goth beauty would not of even balked at doing it..

There had been more than a number of ‘incidents’ where Mandy had came to really regret actually daring the girl to do something bizarre. Being shy or indecisive, was never any description you ever could possibly use to characterize the tall goth beauty as. The outgoing young goth had done many stunts along the way, and always shocked Mandy that she actually had done so.

She wondered why she had not learned her lesson any sooner, but it had made her life more than interesting... then again, CC was more than just simply interesting. That was what made Mandy love her. She smiled, as at least that had not changed in any sense of the word.

Grabbing her water container along with sticking a smoke behind her ear, she decided that it just might help her sleep some... laying there was doing absolutely nothing anyways. Grabbing a lighter, Mandy hurried off to do her chore.

The walk to the bathroom was uneventful, yet very pleasant. She had walked this route so many times over the time at camp, but it seemed when she made the trip at night... it was a refreshing thing to do. Perhaps it was of the fact there were no bustle of people flying around in the darkness. The simpleness of having a moment of solitude, seemed to be the reason for how it felt. It always felt little anticlimactic when she reached the bathroom area, as she simply loved the walk.

After filling her bottle up with the cold water from the machine, as she had came for, Mandy stopped behind the toilet cabin and had the smoke as planned. Underneath the silvery moon that hung high in the clear summer sky, she let herself take all of what the stillness of the hot night could offer up to a gal like her. It was as if those few moments of harmony, that ended up enriching her soul.

In the shadow, of this night she found herself really enjoying the cigarette while she tried not to think too much on events over the last couple of days. She forced herself simply stop all of that and take in the silence of the night in all of its glory. She soon felt a little more calmed, as the warmth of the air began to sooth her nerves, making her believe that she would finally be able to go back to bed and find that elusive sleep she so wanted.

Puffing away, she just continued to enjoy the night as she had been doing... looking forward to closing her eyes soon, and drifting off until morning would break once again for Camp Pawa.

She entered into the cabin about twenty minutes later. Finishing her smoke, Mandy had gone for a small midnight stroll near the cabin, enjoying all of the sights and sounds that the camp had in the nighttime. She was feeling more than ready for bed now, the heavy feeling of sleep was creeping up on her.. and that was such good news to her tired body.

The girl made an effort to close the door of the cabin behind her so softly, that she could not even hear it click at the end. She slowly began to tiptoe her way down the isle to her little cubical room at the far end of the building. She wanted nothing more than to lay herself down and sleep like she never had done before, hoping that the heat would not complicate her needed plan.

She had just gotten half way past the first two cubicles, when her ears picked up a very out of the normal sound. She froze, thinking she might have inadvertently woken someone up when she had came in. She stood right where she was, hoping that the person only had awoken for a fraction of a second, and they would fall right back to sleep almost instantly if she would not move a muscle. She hated waking people up.

Standing there holding her breath, the same noise came to her again, this time a little louder than the first time. It appeared to be a slight grunting noise mixed with some other sound backing it. She could not really make it out what it was for sure, but it seemed to be coming from the cubical on her left. She looked at the little nameplate on the wall that split one cubical from the next one and wondered what the noise could be.

It came right from Allison’s little cubbyhole.

Mandy neared the draped entrance of Allison’s room on cautiously placed bare feet. She could see a faint flickering light coming from behind the cloth barrier, the sound that she had been hearing clearly was behind the entrance way. She found the thick white colored drape was not over all the way, leaving a sliver opening that was enough she could have peered into. She debated herself if she would actually take a look in to see what the noise was or not... but still hearing the noise made her more curious than her cautious nature was telling her, so she ventured a peek in.

She could see Allison in her bed, the room lit by two candles in the corner. The girl had the sheets flung off of herself, and she layed there on her back in a sweaty heap. Mandy saw that the girl had not a stitch of clothing on, and was laying on her back, her knees bent up in the air. The girl was making all of the odd sounds, because she had two fingers of one hand plunged up her little treasure, the second hand was on her own small but very full breast... while her open eyes were fixed straight on the ceiling over herself.

Mandy went to leave, to leave Allison to her little ‘pleasures’ in peace, but she could not make herself stop watching. She simply stayed right there in her amazement, watching the girl pump her fingers in and our of the hole that was surrounded by a light patch of dark hair. Almost hungrily, the girl watched as she could see Allison’s long fingers were glistening with her juices, and the girl’s pubic hair was flattened with the oozing that came from her hole,. She watched entranced as those juices dripped down Alison’s small yet well rounded cheeks of her buttocks.

Standing there, Mandy could feel her own little treasure twitching away between her legs, noticeably awakened by seeing her friend finger herself like this. She swallowed hard and breathed a little harder, as she started to feel her own juices beginning the drip out of her opening and down the insides of her thighs. Wide eyed, she found that she still could not make herself even look away.

She soon was determined to get herself to turn away, feeling like a pervert that she was standing and watching her friend pleasure herself. She made herself close her eyes, but that did not make anything any easier.

Mandy started to head back to her owned, when she heard alison let out a huge gasp, as her orgasm obviously had finally exploded. She took only a small step, then she heard the girl sighed and that was followed by a few muttered words.

" Mandy... please, Mandy!" Allison had called out, in the deepest grip of her blissfulness.

Stunned at what she had heard Allison call out, even in it’s rushed whispered tone, Mandy froze once again where she was. She stayed right there for the longest time, as the girl climaxed a couple times more while she was there.. and always that came with her name hanging on Alison’s lips.

It was a surprise, and a explosion of excitement to hear the girl calling out her name like this every time. She noticed than on each occasion of Allison’s orgasm, she had nearly orgasamed herself each time. She could literally feel her treasure react strongly when having her name reach her ear.

Standing there, not knowing what to do with her body tingling like crazy, Mandy lingered for a moment.

" Why cant I make myself leave?" She asked herself

" that you?" Said a very whispered voice, which was not the one inside her head.. She stopped breathing for that moment

The dark haired girl did not know what to do, for she had been caught watching Allison. She thought of just sneaking away, but the girl could see her now.

" Yes, It’s me." She finally whispered, knowing that the girl had spotted her through the little opening.

" Come in then." Said Allison’s voice, still panting away from her last orgasm.

Mandy stepped into the small space, her face reddened with the embarrassment of being caught peeping like she had been. She made herself look at Alison, hoping that a heartfelt apology would help.

" I’m sorry..." She said with a whisper, stepping to the side of Alison’s bed. " I should not have been watching you and..."

Allison cut off her apology, by standing on her knees on the bed, and planting a dynamic kiss on to Mandy’s mouth. Mandy whimpered softly into Allison’s mouth, as those lips of her friend’s sent shockwaves through her body that was already hypersensitive from how horny she was.

"You found out my best kept secret I’ve got..." Softly breathed Allison, between long kissing stretches.

" Your...Secret?" Mandy gasped back, between the kisses from the naked girl that took her breath away. " What secret?"

Allison blushed and paused to look at Mandy, her eyes seeming to sparkle in the flickering candlelight.

" I don’t know if I love you... like CC did, or if I am... but I am so drawn to you, I have been driven to distraction..." Started Allison, her hand now going up Mandy’s nightshirt, fingertips finding the running juices that dripped down the inner legs of the shorter girl. " But... I am wanting you so badly... I never wanted anyone like this before...." She breathed as she could feel the warm slickness on Mandy thigh... as she traveled upwards. " I think the feeling is mutual right now... judging what I found...."

The brainy girl looked deep into Mandy’s eyes, her gaze steaming with desire. Without the thick rimmed glasses on, the plain looking girl was amazingly gorgeous to the still shocked girl. Hidden all those times behind those thick lenses, Mandy now could see just how amazingly pretty Allison was.... she already knew the girl’s heart was that way. Hormones in overdrive, the last tinges of Mandy’s resistence... if any, were fading fast.

Lips mashing on hers, Mandy felt herself being pulled onto the bed by the taller girl. She sighed and let herself be brought down on the girl’s naked slimness. They wrapped around one another almost the second their bodies touched, passion flooding there entire beings.

Allison slip her hand again up the girl’s nightshirt, and found the shaved beauty of Mandy’s treasure as legs fell open for her to reach better. Kissing the girl even more, the girl slid in a finger with ease, as Mandy was more than stimulated enough to not even worry. She pushed a second finger in to the smooth pinkness, then made sure they were in all the way. The girl could not help but shiver, when she heard Mandy moan with enthrallment.

" Let me make love to you please..." Allison whispered into Mandy’s ear, feeling the soft wetness wrap around her digits. " You make love to me."

Mandy pulled off her own nightshirt, and threw it somewhere into the darkness of the small space. Pulling Allison on top of her then, she quickly kissed back with as much fire as the girl had been doing to her, as their now bared and sleek bodies came together as one. She slipped her own hand between them both, fingers now touching the brainy girl’s quivering labia ever so lightly.

" Now!!" Breathed Allison into Mandy’s mouth, still moving her own hand at the same time deeper into Mandy.

The smaller girl stopped the Alison’s pleas when she inserted two of her own fingers. Body stiffening as she could feel the fingers going in, Alison let out a moan of pleasure and bucked her own hips to make sure they were in all the way. She then wriggled her own fingers in reply, and then Mandy was the one that moaned out. She sighed and let herself drift away.

Hands going in sync, the two girls kissed and felt one another as the heavy sweat from their skins melded together into a perfume all of it’s own. The musky odor that was produced swirled in their minds, and made their passions rise, building their pressures with each passing moment.

The girls soon felt as if they were going to explode, and they each seemed to be trying to get the other to cum first. They locked gazes as they now layed beside one another, hands still very much busied...they both were close to their own climaxes.

" Oh... God...I’m going to cum..." Allison breathed. " I want you to also..."

" Oh God... me too..." Gasped Mandy, feeling her resolve to hold off waning with Allison’s persistent fingers..

" Kiss me then..." Panted the brainy girl.

" We will cum together..." Mandy moaned, as her lips contacted the girls.

" Yes!" Was the exhilarated word the girl said, before being cut short by the hungry kiss of Mandy’s.

With the kiss, each girl sped up their own individual hands, wanting to pull the orgasm out of other. As if on cue, the two did climax at the exact same time... and that heightened each other’s explosion ten fold.

Mandy shuttered, as her orgasm flood her with a force she had not felt for a very long time. Every fiber of herself was jolted when her entire body exploded, the slender fingers that were inside of her pulled every last ounce of her climax out of her. She could feel her wetness literally shooting out of herself as she was caught in the vortex of pure ecstacy. Mandy was aware of the treasure that was wrapped around her own fingers, as it twitched and pulsed wildly each time she sank them in to the fullest. Allison’s treasure reacted to her, by bathed her hand in warm juices that coated her arm all the way up to the elbow.

The tried to stifle their release, by burrowing their faces into one another’s necks... and could feel the others full raptures as they cried out. They layed there and shuddered together for the longest of time, until the orgasms subsided.

Allison body vibrations slowed, as she breathed heavily into Mandy’s shoulder. She swallowed and looked at the girl’s face. She found the girl was already looking at her.

" I don’t swear much... almost never... " Softly said the brainy girl, with a smile of complete satisfaction on her face. " But... Holy Fuck!!"

" I second that..." Mandy smirked, feeling her own afterglow drape her body in it’s satisfaction embrace.

" Can I third-that?" Said the brainy girl, panting heavily.

They just layed there in the silence of the room, their sweat covered bodies held do closely as to feel the other breathing. Each girl could not help but to smile, as they stared longingly into one another’s faces.

" I’m sorry for peeking in on you like I did..." Mandy finally said, then grinned broadly. " But what came about..."

" I am glad you did...." The young Eienstein girl said, with a giggle. " It sort of... like... ‘broke the ice’, so to speak."

" Guess it did at that." She smirked back. " Sort of like an iceberg in the middle of the tropics."

" Great metaphor..." The brainy girl said, kissing the soft skin just above Mandy’s breast.

" Guess I can have a good one... once in a while..." The shorter girl smiled, feeling the softness of body that layed beside her.

Alison laughed as quietly as she could at Mandy’s little cheekiness, pulling the girl even closer to her.

" I just want to revel in this particular moment.... feel you as close to me as I can possibly get..." Asked the girl with a sigh to her words. " Would you mind if I did so?"

" No." Said Mandy, as she did not want to leave the girl’s side, not just yet anyways.

The two girls fell quiet again, just simply letting themselves feel the full enjoyment of laying there. It was clear by the dead silence the cabin was cloaked int, that no one had been disturbed up by their little ‘encounter’. The place still was filled with the odd snoring sound that filtered into the small place.

With that fear of being found gone, they stayed together for a while longer...until Mandy had to sneak back to her bunk. With the fact of the list being out there and Isis still a threat, they just knew that they had to do that for their own sakes. The did part, only after smothering one another with kisses, and a few playful gropes as well..

Mandy snuck back to her bed, not even stopping to put on her nightshirt to make it back. As she slipped her now satisfied body into bed, she felt a twinge of sadness flood her when she looked at the picture of CC. She hoped that CC up in heaven understood what had happened, for she was not quite sure herself. She now really felt like she had cheated on CC, but then as if on cue, a warm feeling flooded her body. It was almost as if something was comforting her out of the heat of the night.

Mandy realized that this very well could have been CC’s plan all along for her, when she had told her to come back to Pawa in the first place. She thought back, to a day she usually tried to forget.

CC had voiced that she wanted Mandy to be as happy as she could, to find love and go on in life. That was the last thing the goth girl ever talked to Mandy about, before she had fell asleep, and then passed away sometime that night, with the diminutive form of Mandy sitting right next to the bed, knowing the exact moment when God had taken her love home.

For Mandy... That soul memory hurt to even think on, but was one that was so very treasured also. That was, the legacy that Crystal, known simply as the girl called CC, had given her. That was a gift only love could have gave.

Snapping back to the present, Mandy was not sure of the love thing yet herself, admittedly she had strong attractions for Allison, as well as Miss Ashfield. As of this moment, they were new feelings and still undecided on.... but Mandy had this strange feeling, that somehow CC thought she was going in the right direction.

"Tonight, was just some sort of step, maybe..." She thought to herself as she layed there.

That made her start to think a little bit, as she pushed the sheet farther away from hee still hot body... her nose still knowing Alison’s scent was strong on her skin. She wondered if there would be different directions to come.

Played out, Mandy soon drifted off to sleep for the last few hours until needing to be awake. She felt at peace strangely, but she also had some worries tucked away back in her mind as well.

Would what happened so spontaneously with Allison, change their friendship for the worse... or would it lead somewhere larger, and to something deep? The Miss Ashfield thing also was a big question... but for now... sleep lent a hand to relieve all of it until at least morning.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  The story now turns into high-gear from here.  There are TWO surprises coming... please kep reading and reviewing.

 Sneak peek:  Mandy had one hell of a surprise coming... will this change things even more!


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