Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (chapter 10)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 10 - Which way to turn?

[Author's notes: Two sides... we all have.  Which one of them do we follow?]

Chapter Ten - Which way to turn



Supper time at Pawa was over, people were heading off to their cabins or to the little store in the ‘downtown’ area to meet people and by snacks until nine when campfire was on. It was something out of the ordinary, that was always replayed over and over nightly around the sparkling waters of Pawa.

The ritual of everyone gathering to sing and have fun around a huge bonfire was a staple in the life of a camper... and was well known, and well liked.. a perfect sort of ending to each day’s activity. The congregating of the campers at the store was also a type of custom in of itself, although it served a different sort of purpose than the bonfire..

Some campers did go back to their cabins, while some boys and girls would ‘hook up’ to go off for some ‘alone’ time. Those kids would hid themselves behind buildings, trees and in the shrubbery that sat throughout the camp grounds for the usual teenaged preoccupation with the opposite sexes... or the same sex as some people would be inclined.

Mandy did not go to either of the gathering places, opting to walk around the grounds to enjoy the hot evening air that was alive with the smells of nature. She did stop to talk to various people she came across, people she had known through school and camp for awhile, but then would continue on to have a smoke or two before the campfire was suppose to start. She had so many things on her mind at this time, a cigarette and a little time away from the other campers was needed, as well as wanted.

She passed a young couple as she headed for the water’s edge, who were engaged in some real heavy petting at the moment. Mandy could not help but to break a smirk while pretending not to even see them.. even thought they were both hidden so poorly by the bushes they have chosen for their expressions of love. Mandy kept going, but still watched slyly out of the corner of one eye.

The tall lad had the girl in his arms, his lips busily kissing her neck while his free hand was blatantly jammed down the front of her very tight fitting shorts. The short red head that had the large bust had her eyes closed and was moaning a little more than just softly. It was obvious the thin youth had one of his finger up in her... and she was more than enjoying every little thing that finger was doing to her. Judging from the heavy film of sweat on her flushed cheeks, it was clear that her climax was not too far away.

As Mandy kept herself walked down to where the boathouse sat in the waning light of day, she heard the girl back with the all to thinly built lad let out a huge gasp and then let out a whimpering moan, followed by the only words that could have been made out as being English.

" Ohhh... Mark!!" The gasp said, and that said volumes.

Mandy could not help but give herself a half stifled giggled. It was really clear, she had been so right with the orgasm thing. That buxom girl had gone off like a roman candle, probably to the delight of that boy she was with.

" Good one..." She said, trying not to snicker any louder than she already had been. Just then, she heard a second moan that was a little louder still. " She a multiple orgasmer, I think."

She left the two ‘lovers’ where they were, very sure that very soon... they would be both deep into the ‘action’ of another kind, the kind that would involve much more than petting. Mandy was very sure that she did not want to stick around for any more than what she already had stumbled across. She headed down the lowly path that would take her to where she was going, thankful that she was finally out of earshot.

The boathouse area was void of any lovers using the space for any rendevous. The place sat in the low light, the only noises were from back at camp, and the lapping of waves on the dock. She could see no one, not even Miss Ashfield... which she felt a little saddened by just a little.

In truth, Mandy was glad no one was there in the first place. The girl was more than sure that her usual night time smoking spots would be taken by now, by the same sort of people as the couple on the path back there. That was why she chose to come all the way out here to have her smoke in private. She wanted some solitude for as long as she could have gotten.

Taking the pack out of her small handbag she carried over her shoulder, she lit one up and sat down on a overturned cut stump to watch the water while she enjoyed her nicotine fix. After the initial rush of the smoke hit her, she settled in to enjoy the placid solitude under a very perfect summer evening sky. It was picturesque out here.

Mandy just enjoyed her quiet, while thinking about the ‘near’ kiss she had gotten from the amazingly gorgeous Miss Ashfield earlier in the day. She was wondering just what had came over her that exact moment, remembering those gorgeous lips of the woman and how they had captivated her so strongly... and how much she desired the kiss. She could remember just how much she felt drawn to the so attractive tall woman like that... even right now, she could feel it so vibrantly. She could feel the shivers in her whole body as she just thought about it.

Was this just lust she was feeling, were her hormones simply going off on their own without any help from her brain? Was it purely lust she was feeling? If not, was it the starting point of actually falling in love with the lean and incredible shapely lady? She was sure of only being very captivated by the lady.

Which one of these was it, or was that she some pervert that was getting off on how the woman had seemed to stare and admire her from afar?

Either way it actually was... it made her feel almost as if she was cheating on CC. It had been a very long time since CC had passed away, but it sort of felt like she had not died for some reason. She knew that this was silly to react like this, yet as she thought lovingly about her first love... she could not help feeling that way.

One thing was for sure though, she was unsure of the answer to any of it. Deep in her innermost thoughts, she also had to admit that she would have loved to have seen just what might have happened if her and the woman would had ten minutes more alone. It would have been, as CC always joked when they had no time for sex, but wanted to...very interesting.

She shuttered with pleasure with that single thought, and her heart yearned to be with CC, if only for a fleeting moment... to arrest these feelings.

She giggled at herself for thinking perverted like that, also knowing it had been a very long time since she had been intimate with CC, the only person she had been ever with. Taking a drag from her nicotine stick, she averted her thoughts to the water, and how perfectly still it was on this hot night. It was pretty, as the colors the sun made in the sky as it went down, was reflected softly in the liquid glass of the lake out there.

Mandy was just sitting there enjoying the beauty of nature, when Allison appeared next to her out of the dimness. She looked up at the girl, and saw the girl did not really looked too stressed out after spending the day with the bulk of her family. She did look a little tired and all, but still she was fin with the encounter of the relative kind.

" Hi..." The girl in the thick glasses said, lighting a smoke of her own.

Mandy eyed the girl as she took a seat next to her, as she opting to sit on a old upturned plastic bucket that was not very far off. The girl noticed Mandy looking at her and gave a tired roll of the eyes.

" I see you survived being ‘sistered’ for the day" She said to the girl, with a grin.

" Admittedly... it was not too bad in the end." Said Allison with a playful smile. " Seeing my Mom was nice... and I have to say that Chandra is not too bad.... I guess."

" Your sister is not too bad?" The shorter girl said, seeing a bright grin flash on Allison’s face.

Allison giggled and looked at the girl on the stump. She pretended to think on the question, but the impish smirk that flooded over the brainy girl’s face showed she already had an answer all lined up.

" I’m thinking that as a pain...." She started to quipped. " Chandra is very good at being... but it was nice to see her anyways."

Mandy shook her head and laughed, as her friend started to shake a little with the laughter that was rolling out of her. Allison calmed her self a little, and shrugged playfully.

" You know what I mean by that." The simple girl said through the many laughing spells that seemed to keep coming..

" I think I can...." Nodded the dark haired gal back.

Allison took another drag and let it out into the shadows of evening. It seemed it was that precise moment, that the smart girl’s mind had flashed over to more serious things. With this more decisive look on her face, Allison turned to look right at the girl on the stump.

" I went and told Miss Ashfield what I knew about that list... and what I was thinking. I saw her right before coming here to the boathouse." She informed with a sigh, getting down to business in quick fashion. " Miss Ashfield said she already talked it over with you earlier today, when you brought it to her attention.

" I did that right after lunch." Nodded Mandy. " What did she say to you?"

Allison did not hesitate in replying, her eyes now locking onto Mandy’s as she started.

" She said that she was looking into this on her own, before doing anything else." Allison said, then gave the other girl a strong stare. " Mandy... Do you trust that she will actually do something about Isis and her prejudice attitude?"

" I do." Mandy answered.

" I am a little troubled..." She said back. " Miss Ashfield told me what really happened to this one girl from last year... not what was just floating around here as rumors back then. It shocked me... and made me feel a little worried."

Mandy nodded and took a drag off of her own smoke. She knew why Allison was talking about it, and saw that it really did bother her.

" She is going to investigate all of it, and investigate it to the fullest... that’s what I am positive of." She assured Allison with a tone in her voice.

" How far do you think her investigation will have to go, or can she go as far as needed? She said she may bring in the police into it as well." Flatly said Allison. " Do you see her doing anything at all, if possible?"

Mandy looked right at the girl, and made a nod of being assured

" If she has to do one thing or another to actually to stop all of this hatred... I am all for what ever that may be." Mandy answered back. " I see her doing anything that would be needed."

" That makes me a little scared..."

" Scared?" Mandy asked, seeing the look that now hung on the girl’s face. " Of what?"

" There may end up being reprisals from Isis and her crowd, if they found out that we had the list, and knew it was them... and that we had taken it in. Very serious reprisals..." Said Allison the words could be heard in a tight tone of voice, words that were not as articulate as they usually were from her. " Not just a reprisal that comes with a list that ‘outs’ every single gay boy or girl here... there could be real physical types of reprisals... if they could do what they did to that girl last year."

Mandy already knew that was a very real possibility, one that had not passed her by when she heard about it. She turned to the brainy girl and saw the fear that was hidden behind the intelligent exterior. It was a deep fear by how it hung in Allison’s eyes, and in some way Mandy felt the same weight in her own mind.

" That had crossed my mind... more than once since meeting with Miss Ashfield..." She admitted, then felt a wave of determination flow through her. " But I see int this way... I don’t want to be afraid of them either, just because of who I am ... just because I am different than what they think and want..."

" I don’t want to either." Allison said, her voice calmer that what it had seemed to have been.

" Nobody should feel that they need to hid because of who they are... and neither do you..." Mandy paused for a moment, putting a hand on the girl’s shoulder. " I believe that is the reason that you showed that list to me in the first place.."

Allison looked at the girl and nodded, seemingly calmed right down by Mandy’s wholehearted assurances. The brainy gal broke out a smile... one with a little more confidence that was flashing through. She nodded to almost thank the girl for her words, before turning to stare off at the lake while taking a sophisticated looking puff of her smoke as she did so.

Now sitting there in the silence that had fell, Mandy found herself staring at the girl’s profile closely, while Allison was busy looking at the calming waters of Pawa. For the first time that Mandy could remember, Allison looked like as if her mind was far from the glass still waters she so intently looked on.

As Mandy studied the girl’s face intently, she felt the beginnings twinges of emotions crop up... ones that she had not had felt in herself for so long. The feelings were of a sense of deep closeness with the girl... a closeness that felt like it was growing into something further than what it had been even this morning towards the girl.

The small dark haired girl continued to watch the other girl in quiet, while muddling over what ever it was in her mind... and noticing that it was a familiar feeling, without having a name to identify it. It was hidden for a moment, but the feeling was strongly known.

Suddenly, out of the blue... Mandy’s mind figured it all out... and it know was posing a very big problem for her... as if she did not have enough problems to dwell on. It was clear, that she was discovering herself being attracted to this brainy girl, an attraction that was now growing even as she sat there in the beauty of the warm summer evening.

Mandy had already figured out that it was partly Allison’s subtle plainness... which was actually the girl outward beauty in its own right, but her feelings were stemming from the simplest meaning of just finally understanding the girl way more than she had ever done in the many years of knowing her

Thinking back, Mandy reminded herself on what she had been feeling towards the remarkable looking Miss Ashfield earlier on, and on how her mind had been so awash with the woman’s long angular legs and well toned tanned body that matched up with a vibrant personality... a image which seemed to touch her in so many ways. The brainy girl that was sitting beside her on the other hand, was the direct opposite of the woman in so many ways, like night was to day.

Allison was petite and very willowy in her form, but still it was not even close to being in a boyish way... it was actually more of a dainty sort of femininity, like a fine china doll in some respects. The girl also dressed so very conservatively...and that really contradicted a sense Mandy felt. She had been starting to sense that there was a free spirit lurking right behind those wire rimmed glasses she wore, one that was urgently wanting to come out. Mandy then started to think on just how extremely intelligent Allison was as well, but it was without the ego that normally went along with it.

Dainty and so intelligent... that was that paradox that Allison herself seemed to hold, which seemed to make the girl just who she was. That basic contradiction that made up the brainy girl, Mandy could not help but feel drawn even more... but it was a draw that was much different than what she felt towards Miss Ashfield. There lied the problem.

Now more confused that ever, Mandy turned to watch the same body of water as the girl. Taking a long pull off of the cigarette she held, she found herself trying to sort things out in her head. Lust and a deep down feeling of like seemed to be clashing head to head in her mind... this was a first for her.

Allison turned to Mandy, and saw the gal was off in her own world. She giggled and playfully pushed the girl’s leg with her foot... the seriousness she had shown earlier on, had vanished.

" Hey you..." She said with a little chuckle.

Mandy broke out of her thoughts and looked at Allison.

" Are you going to Campfire?"

" I was planning on it..." Said Mandy, her mind shifting back to the girl.

" Then shall we have another smoke, then go to campfire together?" Allison asked, a bubbly giggle in her words.

" Sounds like a plan..." Mandy said, a little flustered with her thoughts still in her mind.

The two sat and had another smoke together, chatting away about other things. Mandy saw how more open the girl was as they chatted, and that seemed to spread a warm feeling through her body... but it did seem to stop the clash that had been going on in her mind.

What ever it was that she was feeling, could wait. She just liked the feeling of comradery the girl brought, but also was unsure of the other things also. Not wanting to constantly dwell on it, she simply let herself enjoy the company.... that was what camp was all about.

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