Story: Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - A new sort of begining

[Author's notes: Mandy returns to Camp Pawa... but on a mission of the heart and the value of memories kept.]

Camp Pawa: The lake of diamonds and memories

By Jd Wheels


"The sequel to Camp Pawa."

** I own all the characters and places and events written in this book, and it is an original Yuri story.**



The sun of summer was warm and inviting, as Lake Pawa shone like a star in the brightness of the light. A new season of camp was now on tap, and the past school year was a memory for all. Busses carrying all the campers were now arriving one after another.

The thin figure of Olivia Stern, one of the chief councilors of Camp Pawa stood near where the cabin postings were hung on the main bulletin board, waiting for the rush of this years Campers.

In not too very long, the deluge arrived. The woman watched as kids leaped off of busses and hurried over to see what cabins they would be in. The summer was now officially starting for her at that second, the ‘hoard’ had arrived.. Camp Pawa was officially alive and kicking..

The woman stood silently, watching all of the smiling faces unload from the large vehicles, obviously watching for campers she would recognize from years gone by. She did see many faces that were familiar to her, and that seemed to make the lady smile a little. The exuberance and out and out excitement that children were showing was making her feel good that she was here for the four weeks the camp would be going.

She stood there, as other councilors helped the young ones gather bags, and check for what cabin they would be in this year. It was going smoothly, just like they had planned it to go in the first place.

Someone in the unloading crowd caught Olivia’s eye right off. A short dark haired girl had stepped off of one of the busses, one that she recognized right off the bat. The girl was unmistakable, even after such a long time since seeing her last. This camper was one of her favorite ones from past years, yet she had never let that little bit of information go past inside of herself.

The woman walked over to the girl, with a very cheery voice.

" As I live and breath... It’s Mandy Thayer." She said, recognizing the dark haired girl, waving as she made her way over.

Mandy was older than the last time Olivia had seen the girl. She had not grown taller any, still not even reaching five foot in height, but the girl’s compact body had honestly matured and blossomed into early womanhood in the two years since she had seen her.

Looking the girl over, she noticed other changes. Mandy’s long hair had now grown nearly past her waist in a lovely curtain of dark tresses, and was silky and full. The girl had definitely grown into a fine young woman

Olivia then curiously noticed something that made her a little upset. In the eyes of Mandy as she stood there, while kids whizzed passed, something was showing the extent of the girl’s maturity. It was a older look hung in those brown orbs, almost gone was the child like twinkle. It was as if the girl had been gone a lifetime.

Mandy smiled, as Councilor Olivia greeted her with a warming smile.

" If I am not mistaken... It has been a long while since you graced Camp Pawa with your presence?" Asked Olivia.

" It has been very long..." Said the girl back softly. " Things have not changed here one little bit."

Olivia chuckled.

" No, No... it has not..." She said. " The place has had a few new coats of paint and other things, but it has not really changed."

" I don’t know if that is good or bad yet, but it is nice to see the place still here anyways."

Olivia looked at the girl for a moment, as if her mind was working on something.

" I was just thinking back here... I am remembering that you were not here last year...." Said the councilor, thinking out loud. " So it seems that makes it almost two years since you came last."

" Yeah... that was the last time I was here, Miss Olivia." The girl said, with a strange sense of flatness.

" That would make you sixteen, right?"

" I am.... that makes me a real Senior camper now..." Said the girl, giving a little smile with her statement.

Olivia nodded, as the girl was right. At sixteen, the girl would be a full fledged Senior Camper this time around. That fact was going to make the girl a sort of assistant councilor to the younger campers at Pawa. Most kids never returned to be the seniors after awhile, but the girl had. Olivia was glad for that, senior campers help the overworked and overwhelmed counseling staff.

Olivia then noticed the girl’s face had become almost drawn into a sad look. She looked at the young one’s face, and studied it for a few moments.

" Doesn’t the thought of being a senior camper agree with you?" She asked, puzzled by the sudden turn of mood of the girl.

" It will be a new experience, Councilor..." Said the girl, her words drawing off.

" Are you not looking forward to camp then?" The woman asked, the sullen faced girl causing her a little bit of alarm.

Mandy sighed, and looked at the woman. She shook her head.

" It’s not camp or anything like that, Miss Olivia... " She said. " It is great to see the Camp again, hopefully connecting with friends we have not seen after so long... but..."

" Then... what is it?" The lady asked, still not grasping the why from the girl.

The long haired girl looked at the woman, there were a few tears in that gaze she was giving. This shocked the woman more than ever.

" It is the reason why I never came last year, Ma’am." Mandy said. " It was because of CC..."

Olivia quickly remembered the beautiful and very outspoken goth girl from that year, the one that had ended up being the girlfriend of Mandy. She looked at the girl in front of her, wondering to ask what it was all leading to.

" I remember Crystal, er, CC from that year still ..." She smiled. " You two met here."

" We did, Miss Olivia....Met and fell in love..." Began the girl, her face now becoming really downcast.

" Did she not want to come this year... is that why your sad with it?"

" She passed away last year." The girl replied vacantly.

Councilor Olivia felt like a huge weight hit her, she was so stunned by the news she had just gotten. She had never heard of any campers of her’s dying before, but now it had just leapt out at her. She collected herself, and made eye contact with the girl.

" She died?" Said the woman, her voice showing the extent of her shock at this.

Mandy took a purpose filled breath in, as she could tell the woman had not heard what had happened. She swallowed hard, knowing that she would have to tell the woman what had happened.

" We left Camp that year, and we were happy... Going to the same school and everything, we were so in love... even my parents were tickled with her, after getting over the shock of finding out I was gay..." She started, choking out the words a little. " Thanks to her family, and her also... "

" That was a great thing..." The woman commented.

" I was glad for the support of my parents with that. They even said that they had noticed I was a little different since I was little" The girl said, with a very little smile.

" I know your parents... they love you so much... I had a hunch that they would have come to terms with it." Olivia said. " So what happened to CC?"

The girl swallowed really hard, and to the councilor it was as if the girl was fighting to come out with the right words. She purposely let the girl work through it

" We were still together and strong through out the school term and everything, then just before the summer last year, she got sick."

" Sick?"

" Really sick..." Mandy said, her tears welling in her eyes faster than they had been." So very sick in fact..."

" What happened?"

The girl paused to collect herself better, the words were obviously very hard to actually come out with.

" She started to have many nose bleeds out of the blue and then began to feel so run down that she could not get herself out of bed... she ended up missing almost a whole month of school."

" Was it the start of something?" Olivia asked.

Mandy nodded her head, her body now seemed to tremble a little.

" I really thought that something was not right, but she would not go to the damn doctor. After fighting me and her parents every step for that month, CC finally agreed to see her doctor." The long haired young girl then stopped right there, her face then fell emotionless like stone. " I had a sinking feeling that something was really wrong with CC."

" Was it?"

Mandy looked down for a moment, as if she was reliving the situation over again right there.

" We found very soon that she had leukemia... And they advised us that it was advanced, but hopefully it was treatable. " Mandy said, her voice was toneless as she paused. " She went through a long round of chemotherapy and other treatments, but that ended up making her only sicker than she already was... She lost so much weight, her hair came out all in less than a week and the cancer was still getting worse and worse..."

" Nothing was working?" Inquired Olivia, scared to hear what she already had figured out.

The long haired girl shook her head, tears were now running down her ivory skinned cheeks as she looked right at the woman. The answer was already painted on Mandy’s face, but Councilor Olivia waited quietly as a church mouse for the remaining words that were going to come.

" She got continually worse, and I watched her whither away little bit by little bit...until she ended up weighing less that I did..." The dark haired girl shuttered and closed her eyes for a second. "...CC battled like a lion every step of the way, finally her body gave out and she died just before new years last year..." The girl finally said. " I was there... holding her hand as I had been doing."

Olivia felt her own flood of tears loading in her eyes, and felt her sense of sadness coming with knowing what had happened. She thought of CC for a flash of a moment, then she found herself looking at Mandy’s pained face.

" Oh, Mandy... I am sorry to hear that..." Said the Councilor. She fought to say something positive, but what sure that nothing would really comfort the girl... no matter what she could say. " So you’re here to have a break or something?"

Mandy shook her head as she composed herself, wiping a tear from the ivory skin of her cheek. Shifting on her feet, Mandy lifted her head high with a deep breath, then straightened her back.

" CC asked me before she died, to come back here and enjoy Camp one last time... in her memory, with our memories..." Mandy said, then breaking a smile as she thought on the girl. " to come here, where the two of us had met... fell in love... promising to simply hold those things close to me and enjoy one more time before I go into my final years of high school."

" I think that you are so brave to actually do that for CC." Tentatively smiled Olivia.

" Could I do anything else?" Plainly said Mandy.

" No..." Was the lady’s only reply.

The woman could see that Mandy was torn by being here. Her mind drifted back, remembering her own first love with a boy named Troy she met long ago, when Camp Pawa had been first founded and she was simply one camper. The love she had for the lad was intense and seemed to be only a second away. All of the memories of it all flooded back to her, vibrant and almost fresh.

She thought on it for a moment, then she felt her heart sink. The lad had moved away after they had left Camp Pawa. They did write for about a year, then the letters became fewer and fewer. Finally, they all had stopped all together, she never saw him again. She went to camp for the next few years, in hope that he might have been there, but never did.

Olivia did not understand the girl liking girl thing, she had told herself that many times, but she did have some insight that helped. Whether gay or straight... love was strong, complete and could be painful. Seeing that type of pain on such a young girl’s face touched her heart, no matter what orientation the girl was.

Olivia watched the girl’s face, as she did understand the girl’s reservations about being here. She could clearly remember her feelings the next year she had been back, but also knew that this would be wholly different.

" So we should get you to up to your cabin, and ready you to help out around here." She said, trying to be as positive as she could be.

" That is why I am here." The girl said, seemingly pushing her emotions aside..

" You’ll be a one hell of a Senior Camper this year..." Winked the lady. " Just try to have a blast with it... if you can."

" It will be different being a senior..." Mandy said, her voice now holding a little tone of hopefulness. " Different in so many ways!"

Olivia nodded and pointed to where the bus drivers had started to unload the busses underbellies of suitcases, duffle bags and so many tied up boxes for the waiting kids.

" I’ll go look up where you’ll be bunked..." The woman said. " An’ I’ll take you there straight off."

Mandy smiled and nodded, seemingly taking the woman’s words to heart The girl walked off to find her suitcase and other things, disappearing in to the crush of Campers that mulled everywhere while getting their own stuff as well.

Olivia went to find just what Senior cabin the girl was placed in this year, hoping a little bit that it was with her group in Cabin Seven. She giggled, knowing that she had not even seen that list, something she should have done when arriving the other day to set things up.

[End notes: NOTES: Chapter one is a set up, the next few just might blow your minds people!]

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 - Friends and surprises

[Author's notes:

Two years had changed many things... but the extent is only a mask.


Chapter Two: Friends and surprises




Cabin number nine was located only a minute and a half walk down to the boathouse. It was the newest of the cabins at Pawa, and one of the more envious cabins that anyone could be assigned to. It was done in a radical styled designed concept which was donated to Pawa a few years back, one style of building that probably had never been thought of before in a camp type of setting.

The place was large and long, much like a small dining hall might be, but with a big difference. Along each side of the cabin, was built six individual cubical styled cubbyhole rooms, with a long drape at the open end that could be closed. This cabin was known for giving people a little more privacy that normally one would get at camp. For that reason, it was strictly a Senior Camper’s cabin.

Each little place had a relatively soft looking bed, a heavy wood closet that was bolted straight to the wall and had a small personal light over the head of the bed. A few brass hooks for clothes finished off what was there. It was not much to really look at, but it was better than the dormitory style of other cabins.

Mandy was sort of happy to get this cabin assignment, as the cabin was known as the ultimate best that Camp Pawa could offer. She noticed that the little ’nook’ with her name on it was at the very end on the right hand side of the cabin, right next to the door that was marked already as the councilor’s room.

The girl stored her things away, finding that she had more than enough room for everything and then some as she went to task. She finished off unpacking by putting out a beloved picture of her and CC straight on the headboard of the bed, giving it a soft kiss before she placed it with great reverence.

Miss Olivia peeked around the corner of the little wall, and saw the girl standing there. She saw the picture up, and knew what she was doing already.

" Unpacked already?" The woman asked.

" Yeah... I am..." Said Mandy, breaking her vacant stare to look at the councilor.

" Your quick..." Smirked the councilor. " I’ve been here a couple of days, and I have not even did that yet.

Mandy giggled, as the woman played up her words by making a playful pouting face.

" The others will be trickling in the next while... You know it might take all day for them to all to finally straggle in the way those buses rolled along...." Said Olivia. " Why don’t you get a coffee or something... get acquainted with Pawa again there might be others you know already here."

" Can I help any?" Mandy asked.

" Nah..." The woman said. " I might need your help now and then... you are a senior now." She sighed and turned. " Just go and have some time to look around."

Mandy looked at the woman and nodded. Councilor Olivia hurried off to her own little room area, leaving the girl to what she may or may not do.

Mandy fished a pack of cigarettes from her backpack and hustled herself out of the cabin. She wanted to go and have a smoke, while she had a chance to. She thought of when she had done the exact things with CC, that fateful evening, when the two talked for the very first time. She smiled a little with the memory, and hurried to their spot.

Sitting on the limb of the same tree, Mandy puffed away on her smoke. She felt a little sad being here again, but at the same time, felt a little bit of peace also flooding her heart.. as if CC was there with her. Sending a exhale of smoke to the soft breezes, she just let her self enjoy this small moment, reminiscing with herself with the many memories that now dominated her mind.

A voice calling out to her broke her train of thought abruptly. She glanced over in the direction of the voice and was more than just shocked to find out the shouters identity. She nearly fell over when that realization came.

In a very pretty looking white and off powder blue flowing sundress, that was topped off by a very over the top floppy hat, stood one Lori Casper. Mandy was very shocked with seeing the girl, and her shock was being intensified by what two years had really done. The time had really did something to this girl.

By what Mandy was seeing, this was not the so intensely shy girl that she had known over the years. The way Lori was dressed, her body language and just the way the girl was actually being vocal as she raced up to Mandy, this was not the Lori of old. This model that had showed up for this Camp time was new and very much looked fully improved.

The very thin girl raced up to Mandy, the new bubbly personality was literally bursting out of her. The very crippling shyness she knew Lori for was now a thing of the past, here stood a totally different girl than she had known two years earlier.

" Well, well Lori!" Said Mandy, looking at the girl.

Lori smirked at the dark tressed girl, a small smile plastered all over the small features of the once very introverted gal..

" Your back at Pawa I see, Mandy.." She said.

" Seems so...." Giggled Mandy, still not quite getting over the changes in the girl before her. " It has been a while since I have been here..."

" Miss Olivia told me that you were..." Said the girl, as she stood there and rocked on her bare feet. " I was actually quite happy to hear that you had came back to Pawa again."

Mandy looked at the girl with awe, not fully grasping this new Lori that had bounced up to her. She leaned towards the girl and smiled back

" You are... so different..." She said bluntly, as that was the only thing her mind could come out to say.

Lori shrugged her shoulders, then give a playful wink to Mandy..

" My mom said I was a butterfly back then, and had to burst out of that cocoon that I was in..." She said, the giggled loudly and hopped on her feet a little. " My mom loves that poetic type of crud."

" Looks like you sure did change, regardless of how your mother’s poetic tendencies put it...." Mandy said back, with a small giggle. ".. that shy, untalkative girl I knew before... is really not there anymore."

" Lets just say... I ended up finding myself in that silence..." Smiled the blond girl, looking at Mandy. " And I owe some of this to both you and that goth girl that was in our cabin ... uh... CC was her name, I think..."

Mandy raised a eyebrow, she was unsure of exactly what the girl was getting at with the statement.

" You owe CC and Me for your change?" She said. looking at the girl.

" Yep... you both!" Said Lori, her smile now was both happy, and very assured as she spoke.

Mandy was going to ask Lori what that actually was, but Lori was being called out to by a group of girls who were walking passed one of the cabins nearby. The girl turned around at the sounds, as Mandy waited..

" Oh gotta go... my friends are callin’ me." Said the girl spinning on her bare feet like a jackrabbit getting away from a fox. " we’ll talk later about it...K?."

" Uh, sure..." Said Mandy, not really knowing just what else to say to the girl.

With that, the girl raced off like the wind. Mandy sat puffing away on her smoke. She was very curious at just what she had done to get the girl to come out of her self so dramatically. It was a change like night and day. She giggled to herself, and continued to just sit there and smoke. Whatever it was that the girl had eluded to that she did with CC... it apparently had a remarkable change with young Lori.





Mandy got back to her assigned cabin after finishing her cigarette leisurely, enjoying the silence of her little hiding spot. She end up finding a few more girls had finally arrived, dragging with them mountains of luggage with them. Mandy did not know any of the girls personally, but she did know a small bit about each one she saw inside of the cabin... although it was more by name and the reputations she had heard over the years..

A dark skinned girl called Brandy Lester was the first girl Mandy saw once she had stepped in to the cabin. She was the same age as Mandy, but she knew her as one of the popular girls at Pawa. Brandy was smart and beautiful and also known to have a very streak of being a sort of prankster as well. Brandy was one of the more interesting people that made up the ‘in’ crowd, the only one that really was liked by others.

Isis Mackay was also there, another member of the ‘Pretty four’ as they were referred as. Being tall, blonde, thin and full of attitude, this girl made Tracy MacDonald look like a wallflower, a real bitchy type of girl who shunned anyone who was not like her, or would not follow her. Mandy had a feeling that with Isis there, there could be more than a few ruffled feathers on occasion..

Mandy noticed another girl, and sighed as she figured out who it was. It was Isis’s best friend, one Megan Ann Williams, who had also been assigned to the cabin. This girl was also blond and tall as Isis, and she was more than equal to the bitch role that her best friend was known by. The two of them were called, although behind their backs, the snooty twins, a name they had both earned.

The thing about Morgan though, was that the attitude and mannerisms did seemed to be more of an act rather than a personality trait she had. This was something that Mandy had noticed over the years. She thought that she acted like this to be in the popular people, and hiding a much nicer person inside. Whether or not that was true, Mandy would always wonder.

The other girl that had arrived, was known a real outsider, not unlike what she always was classed as. Allison Grey was a rather plain looking girl, seemingly locked behind those thick glasses she always wore. With simple chestnut colored brown hair that always was held back by a basic hairband and her somewhat quiet way about her, Allison seemed to hide who she really was behind large books that she constantly had her nose in. This girl could not be totally explained as a shy person or being antisocial, but the girl was one who generally would keep to herself nine times out of ten.

Mandy looked finally took a serious look at every name that would make up the twelve girls that would share the cabin. The only name that she actually knew personally, Was Lori’s, whose little cubbyhole room was one over from hers. Other names posted outside the other slots were not recognizable at this point of time for Mandy, but she thought once seeing the girls, they might pop into her mind.

Letting out a long sigh, Mandy went into her little cubbyhole room. Being at cam brought out the loneliness she had been feeling for months now.

" This summer looks like it’s gonna be somethin else." She told herself, full of sarcasm, as the summer did not look promising

This summer was one of change and difference, and Mandy already knew that. Her friend Donna was not going to be at camp this year, another thing that was making this year really bad. The girl had gone on a vacation with her Mom and Dad rather than come to camp... a decision that she wished Donna would not have made. It was the first camp in many years for Mandy that Donna did not attend Pawa with her.

Mandy drifted back in her mind a little. Donna had ended up being a great comfort for her, right after CC had passed away, as was the girl’s whole family. Donna had become a even better friend than she had been, something that made the grief and sadness seem just a little more bearable than it could have been.

Now, here she was at Camp, there was no Donna... CC was gone.. and her mind reminded her there was no Lacy either. Thinking back, since her friend had moved away, she has heard nothing, not even getting one single letter from a friend she had called ‘her sister’. This was another one of those unwanted changes in her life.

With a long sigh of grudging acceptance, Mandy just shook her head and made herself hope that something would come out of Camp this year, to help. Anything would be nice right now, she thought to herself, anything at all..

The long haired girl’s thoughts were abruptly broken, when Councilor Olivia poked her head through the curtain of the little living quarters.

" Could you do me a little favor, Mandy?" The woman asked.

Mandy turned and nodded, thankful that something had pulled her out of this funk she was in. With her thoughts being like they were moments ago, she was more than eager for some sort of interruption

" Sure." She said

The woman stepped in to the small space and held out a stack of small yellow colored cardboard cards.

" These are cards noting all of the girls that have arrived on the first wave of buses... like you did..." The woman explained. " I need to meet the other buses when they pull in to camp, but the new administration wants us to put in each card in as you girl’s all arrive.... it’s a pain in the ass, if you ask me."

" So what is the favor?" Quizzed the young girl.

" Could you be a doll and run these over to the main office for me?" She said with raised eyebrows. " That would make all of this a little less complicated for me than they are going."

" That’s all..."

" Pretty simple, Mandy." Smiled the lady.

Mandy was more than happy to help. She thought she might be able to sneak off for another smoke just before lunch would be served. She was really savoring just thinking about it.

" I could do it..." She nodded.

" Oh, thank god..." Sighed the woman. " Hurry over then, ‘cause I will have more to come."

" I’ll be back soon..." She said as she left the little cubical, agreeing to lend a hand to the lady..

" Thanks again, Mandy." Said the woman with a sigh, seemingly relieved that the girl was going to help her out like this.

As the dark haired made her way to the cabin door, she could hear the others in her cabin whispering really low between one another. They were not aware of it, but Mandy was picking up on the ‘topic’ they all seemed to be discussing.

" Is that the girl that’s a dyke?" Said one in a hushed voice, turning her head as Mandy passed them all..

" I think it is the one we heard about a few years ago..." Said the dark skinned girl." The one that was attacked by that crazy gal..."

" I thought she was raped by some boy..." Said the first.

" That was another girl...." Corrected the dark skinned girl. " Not her..."

" But is she the lezzie or not?" Said the first one.

" With our luck, it is her..." Said Isis, her words were sharp and not made to be silent.

Mandy simply left, ignoring the three gossiping girls to their suspicions. She was not going to give them any information, or the satisfaction of letting them know anything at all

" Their right..." She said to herself, then she chuckled at her thoughts. " Hell if I am going to verify it though!"

It seemed that nothing had changed here, especially the attitudes that abounded here. It seemed as if she had traded Tracy’s attitude for this ones larger attitude. They were interchangeable between them both.

She sighed and decided to let herself enjoy the little walk across camp, she would have more than enough time to keep on ignore the three later... and have many more times over the next month as well to do that. She knew that it would not be the first time she was going to have to ‘tune out’ someone.

Yep, nothing had changed one damned bit.


Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 - Eyes!

[Author's notes: Nervousness and other emotions can be more than what they seem.]

Chapter Three - Eyes!!



The administration office was a hub of activity from the outside, as Mandy neared the large log made structure. People could be seen going in and out of the place, almost like some odd looking choreographed dance. Camp Pawa was definitely alive and kicking her on the first day, under the blazing sun overhead.

Mandy entered the building, after ducking past two people who were rushing out at the same time, making the both gasp as she did squeaked passed. The girl giggled and finished sliding inside the door with a great fluidity of motion, telling herself that she was thankful for her small size at that moment.

The outer office was just like it had been for many years, almost too neat and orderly for a camp office. Mrs. Granger, the long time secretary of Camp Pawa was sitting at her desk as usual, looking as happy as she had ever seen the woman before. Upon seeing the woman, she felt finally, that she was glad that she had decided on coming back to Pawa.

The late middle aged woman was one of her most favorite people here, as she was known for being very approachable, always helping out with every thing that goes on here when asked... and she was known by every returning camper for hand making huge batches of deliciously decant fudge and handing them out through out the camp. With more than a hundred campers expected this year, Mandy had no doubt in her mind that the woman would be doing the exact same thing this year... or possibly already had the fudge done and ready to be handed out..

Mandy had known both Mr & Mrs. Granger, Her likable husband was the maintenance man at Pawa since she cold remember. On seeing the woman again in her usual role, the young girl was glad for the chance to see the woman again, and made her a little more optimistic for a good time here at Camp Pawa.

Mandy approached the desk very softly, as she could see that Mrs. Granger was busy talking to a very tall lady who stood just nearby. The girl could not help but notice this woman that was there, it was as if she was drawn to do so, as the lady was very striking just even on first impressions..

The unknown woman, who seemed to be in her early to mid thirties, had strikingly blonde hair that was done in an amazing short cut bob style, and which was accented by the fact that she was wearing a very nice designer short and top set as well. The woman was as fit looking as she was tall, her height almost was to the point of being intimidating even while looking at her. This was a woman that seemed if she would command authority anywhere she probably went. The woman just came across as that.

Mandy gulped a little, and quietly continued to walk up to where the two ladies were, wanting to disturb their conversation as little as she could possibly do.

Mrs. Granger quickly spotted the girl and smiled. The woman that was with the secretary also seemed to instantly noticed the presence of the young girl..

" Well, well, your back at Camp Pawa again, Miss Thayer..." Mrs. Granger said, flashing a smile that always said ’welcome’ to anyone.

" I am..." Said Mandy, happy to hear the greeting she got.

" Been about two years, by my memory..." The woman said with a smile.

" It’s been about that..." Smiled the young girl at the lady behind the desk.

The older woman leaned on her desk and looked at the small girl.

" So there, little missy... What brings you in here today?" She said, very chipper sounding.

" I brought you these cards from Councilor Olivia...." Mandy giggled in reply, holding out the card towards the woman. " Guess I’m just helpin’ her out a little."

" That is so kind of you to do for her..." Commented the woman, taking the cards. " Things are a little crazy, as usual, for arrival day." She looked at the cards, and then gave a little smile to Mandy. " So... I see that your bunk assignment is in our ‘radically deluxe’ cabin this year."

Mandy gigged, as she knew just what the woman was meaning. She nodded and watched the woman put away the stuff she had handed in.

" It is an interesting set up in there..." She replied.

" Isn’t it?" Chuckled the woman. " Lord, The man who designed it, built it and gave it to us really went ‘out of the box’ on it in a big way.."

" I have not seen anything like that ever..." Continued the girl. " It is... very different than any of the other cabins I have been in..."

" It is very strange, I got to tell you..." Said the woman, laughing along with the girl. " But because it had been donated , and we so really needed at that time for more camper space, I say that we cannot complain in any way with it."

" You know... your right, Mrs. Granger." Said Mandy, agreeing with the description of the cabin, with a giggle of her own.

At that moment, Mandy noticed that the woman that was standing with Mrs. Granger seemed to be looking at her. She saw the smoky grey-blue eyes regarding her with a different sort of look, one that was making the young haired girl more than just a little uneasy. The way the lady was making eye contact with her, was very unusual, and made Mandy a little uncomfortable.

Mrs. Granger then suddenly spoke up, shifting the girl’s thought back. She seemed to be looking at the woman, then at her with a look of shock on her face.

" Where are my manners gone, Mandy dear..." Said the woman, seemingly annoyed with herself. " This is Miss Ashfield, our new head Administrator that came last year to out little summer home here."

The woman turned and looked at Mandy, showing just how tall she really was. To Mandy, she was almost like a giant who loomed over her. This woman was possibly very close to being six feet tall, compared to the under five foot stature, she was very large. The woman looked at her with such an intense stare, those smoky eyes were almost piercing.

" Nice to see you camper..." The woman said with a low and sultry voice, her eyes locking onto Mandy’s.

" Nice to meet you, Miss. Ashfield." Said Mandy, with nervous politeness.

" And what would your name be?" The woman asked, her gaze now solidly locked with the young girl’s

Mandy froze for a moment, the lady’s eyes seemingly stopping any words from coming out. Taking a long, deep breath in to compose herself, Mandy was fighting herself to reply so she could not be considered rude.

" Mandy, Mandy Thayer." She just said

Miss Ashfield shifted on her feet, so she could look at the girl in the face, her eyes still compelling the young girl to not once look away from her... it was as if Mandy was drawn to look right at the woman standing in front of her

" Have you have come to Camp Pawa many times?" The woman inquired, her eyes still locked on to the girl’s eyes.

" I have came here since I was seven..." Said Mandy, her nervousness building at a alarming rate under the woman’s almost unblinking expression. " Except for last year, I did not come."

" I’m dreadfully sorry to hear that you did not attend last year, Mandy..." The woman said, as she continued her stares. " But you are here with all of us this year, and that is the main thing."

" Uh, yeah... I am..." Was all the short girl could blurt out of her mouth.

The very intense stare that was coming from the woman felt intimidating, almost as if the woman was nailing her to the spot with her exotic eyes. The weird thing about it, was that Mandy could not stop herself from locking her own gaze on to the tall lady’s, causing her not to really to know just what to say back to the Head of this camp in response.

" Now that you have returned to our little rustic fold, I hope that you will end up having a great time with us here at Camp Pawa this year..." Miss Ashfield said, as her eyes moved up and down, as if looking the girl over more than once.

" Thank you, Miss Ashfield." Said Mandy, her body having the urge to leave right at that moment. She backed away slightly, heading for the door. " I should return to my cabin now... and see what is happening."

" By all means, Young lady, return to your cabin." Said the tall woman, nodding her head while her eyes continued what they had been doing for what it felt like hours. " I really hope that we will be seeing around camp over the coming weeks. If you have any problems at all, feel free to come and see us, and we will try to help out to the best of our abilities."

" I am sure that things will be just fine here at camp, Ma’am..." Said a nervous Mandy, finding herself now moving towards the door rather quickly. " Thank you Mrs Granger, Miss Ashfield."

Mandy immediately left the office, while Mrs. Granger waved her goodbys as she answered the ringing telephone next to her. The other woman waved also as the girl left, but she seemed to be still intently watching Mandy as she left the admin office... It was almost as if she was visually following her. Mandy found that she could not get out of there fast enough, as she exited.

Once outside, Mandy turned and headed back in the direction of the Cabin, her feet seemingly wanting to move faster than when she had been going to the office. Something about how the woman was towards her, was very unnerving in so many ways... so much so that she wanted to get away from the place as fast as she could.

The dark haired girl could not shake the creepy feeling after her meeting with the Head Person. It had felt like the tall woman had been ‘checking her out’ or something, always leering at her with this most unflattering gaze that made her as uncomfortable as she had ever felt. Mandy shuttered a little and kept her legs moving, as she had came across this type of behavior many times before.

In the apartment building where she lived in the city with her folks, Mandy had this very odd little man living a few floors down from her. Every day as she went to school, the man was standing in the lobby area, and always watched her leave. He would eye her in the same way as the woman had been doing, almost as if the old man was visually undressing her for his own sick pleasure.

The only difference between either the woman or the old man, Mandy thought, was the man would boldly comment on the shape her ass or how pretty he thought she looked. The man was never shy about making that clear, even to the point of telling her exactly what it was he wanted to do to her.

Simply put, the man always gave Mandy a serious case of the creeps, but she had always made sure that she give the leech of a man a very wide berth ever time. The woman in the office had gave that exact sort of feelings. Just the way Miss Ashfield had been looking at her in the office area, really did make her think of that perverted old man, but Mandy just thought that she might be jumping to a conclusion..

She just hurried herself in the direction of her hiding tree out behind the bathroom cabin. She was glad that she had her pack of smokes with her in the pocket of her shorts, deciding that she was going to take a chance sneak one and to calm down from this. With each passing moment, she was becoming more sure that she was wrong, but the similarities were so close to the dirty old man from apartment twenty six-B... it was scary.

Councilor Olivia waved to her to come over to where the busses were starting to turn in, as Mandy passed by. The second wave of campers were now arriving, and it seemed like the woman was needing her..

Mandy sighed and nodded, knowing that the woman could be wanting some help with the children that were arriving. Hurrying over, she wanted to see what the woman was needing, and to put away her little fears for awhile. She was more sure than ever, she had really misinterpreted the woman.

"Did it go well?" The councilor asked.

" Yeah..." Said Mandy, smiling a small grin. " They took the cards and all."

" So I think you met out new ‘boss’?" Asked Olivia.

" I did... She was in the office when I went in." The girl informed.

Mandy nodded, and Olivia seemed to crack as small smile of thankfulness to the girl. Mandy did not tell the woman what she was thinking with meeting Miss. Ashfield, already knowing that she was mistaken for jumping to a conclusion like she had done. She just listened to what the woman needed help with, the arriving children that were crowded on to the busses that were rumbling in to camp. The girl was feeling more than happy to help out, and made the councilor happy as she agreed to do so.

As the children flooded off the yellow bus, Young Mandy helped the younger campers to get to a centralized area near the flagpole, so when the other councilors arrived, it would be easier to gather up their charges. Councilor Olivia seemed so grateful for the girl’s help, and that made the task for Mandy to really feel fulfilling.

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 - Looks like lurking

[Author's notes: Old friends... new twists and strangerness.  Yep, that is Camp Pawa.]

Chapter Four - Looks like lurking



Late afternoon found that Camp Pawa now filled up to it’s full capacity. Every one of the one hundred and ninety seven campers that were expected, had arrived in the little wooded jewel beside the lake. The camp was now was clearly alive and hopping with excitement.. The camp was now officially and literally open for business

Mandy had spent quite a bit of the afternoon time just sitting outside of her cabin, bathed in the warmth of the early summertime sun. The girl’s face seemed not to be mirroring the other campers overall enthusiasm and delight as the first day was in full swing. With young Mandy, it seemed there was a type of sadness that was hanging in her eyes.

The cabin that she had been assigned into was now finally full, and she found herself not at all happy. Out of the twelve that were going to be bunking in the oddly built cabin, that was counting herself, only a handful of the girls that were with her this summer.. she actually knew and liked. The other, more popular girls that made up the bulk of her cabin mates, were a different story.

The only ones assigned with her she knew enough were Lori, Brandy, Allison and a girl named Chloe King. Chloe had been in her cabin off and on for many years, but they had never really gotten to be fast friends or anything. She liked both Brandy and the always smart Allison as well... but all of these girls were nothing more than acquittances to her, for she knew them very little..

All of the others assigned to her Cabin were all in the more popular group that went to Pawa, and never fooled around with the fact that they saw her as a bit of a freak. More than once on this first day of camp, she had heard them whispering about her being ‘the dyke’ in the cabin and how they ‘really did not like that’ and spoke about the attack that had been made on her the last year Mandy had been at camp.

Mandy did her best to simply ignore them, but the fact was that she was going to be in close proximity with this grouping of the ‘popular girls’... was making her feel just how much she was out of place at the moment. She knew that she was different, something that she still was struggling with.

Mandy found herself daydreaming that CC was still alive to be here, or if she could have Lacy back as her friend to help this all out. These daydreams were just making her feel more isolated, and more out of place... and she knew that these ‘ Popular girls’ would never stop. She snuffed, as she had deja vu going on with the memories of Tracy still fresh in her mind after so long.

To help herself feel a little more settled, Mandy decided to go for a little walk, as supper was still about an hour away. She wanted to see if she could find anyone else around camp she knew, and hoped meet5ing up with someone, would make her feel a little more like wanting to be here in the first place.

The girl hurried up a small graded hill on a dirt path, heading to what most campers had affectionately nicknamed ‘downtown’. The term was referring to the center of camp that had the administration building, dining hall and other smaller buildings central to the Camp’s daily operations. She knew that many of the campers would end up congregated there, and hopefully there would be more than a few familiar faces there.

There were more than a few handfuls of campers hanging around when she arrived at ‘downtown’. She scanned the crowd for familiar faces as she headed for the ‘snack shack’, a littler general store type if thing where you can buy pops treats while staying at Pawa. Most people would stand in front of this little vestige of urban life, and meet up.

After scanning the people for a few minutes, Mandy finally spotted someone she knew. Zachary Keegan, her only fairly long time male friend she had, was wandering around near the flagpole, talking to another boy. She smiled as she saw him, her mind noted that the lad was far different than the last time she saw him. An obvious growth spurt had taken full control over this lad entire body.

Zack was not the pencil thin, very short boy she had known only two years ago. The youth was now nearing six feet tall and his frame was muscled and filled out. If the lad had not have his all too distinctive smirk on his face, she would have missed the fact that it was actually him in this crowd. The lad had changed so much, but never that split ass grin he always wore. Spotting the lad like she had, made Mandy feel as if she had won a lottery or something.

Zachary spotted Mandy right off and his face beamed a even larger smile. He said something to the boy he was talking to, and then ran over to the girl.

" Hey, Mandy...!" He said, his speech showing that his high pitched-before-puberty voice had lowered into a deep booming baritone. " Your back...."

She nodded and looked at the lad, careening her neck to actually see the over foot taller youth’s face.

" Yeah... I am." She commented.

" Seems like your not at all sure of being here..." The lad said, showing he was observant in picking up some subtle clue from the girl’s demeanor.

" Shows that much?"

" Yeah, it does." He said " You never have been one to hide shit like that anyways."

" This year feels not at all like it should..." Admitted the girl.

Zachary shifted a little, as if his mind was mulling things over. He looked at the girl and smiled.

" I know it does not..." He said finally.

" You... do?"

" Yeah... I heard about CC passing away there..." He said bluntly. " Bummer."

Just the mention of CC’s name made Mandy’s mood sink a little. She looked at Zack and nodded. Then she wondered if the lad knew about her and CC.

" I know about you and CC..." He said finally, reading the small girl’s face as she stood there.

" do?" She said, feeling instantly nervous.

He looked into Mandy’s face, and chuckled.

" I know that you two were a item by the time you both left camp that year..." He said " Don’t worry... I understand all to well."

" You do?" She said again."

" Your stuck on using those two words aren’t you..." The lad said, laughing a little at the girl.

" I’ll try an’ change that...." She drawled, then looked at the lad. " How did you end up finding out that?"

" If we are playing truth or dare here, I would answer that... which I will..." He said with a wink. " ... My truth is... I’m gay, so I just knew!"

Mandy’s jaw dropped as she looked at the youth. She tried to say something, but they youth’s so open candor simply had robbed her of the ability to speak at the moment. He just broke out laughing harder still, nearly doubling over in the process.

" That really did surprise you, didn’t it..." He said.

" Just a little bit..." She meekly replied, giving a small shy grin to the tall youth.

" It shocked the hell out of my parents too..." He said with a roaring laugh. " That’s ok though... I like who I am now... and so do my parents as well "

She blinked, but understood what he had said. It was not easy for her to tell her parents either, and by the way Zack was saying his piece, she could tell that it was not an easy thing for him to have done. She thought back on her own moment, when she ‘came out’, and felt so glad that her parents had came to grips with her choice to be who she was. It was not easy for them, but she was glad that they had done it after a long while.

The two stood there and laughed for a little bit, getting reacquainted with one another. In this moment, Mandy felt better than she had been... for this lad had broken it open for her. They just stood and talked, each now seemingly so very relaxed.

As they stood there, Zack seemed to be looking past her. Curious, she looked at the youth questioning.

" What are you looking at?" She asked

" Over there... at that strange woman over there." He said, turning his attention back to Mandy.

" A woman?" She mimicked, looking at the tall lad. " You just told me you like boys?"

He looked down at the small girl and chuckled a little, but there was a seriousness in his eyes as well.

" Not like that..." He said with a subtle wave of his hand. " That woman seems to be staring this way, right at you..."

Mandy turned her head innocently, to see what Zack was talking about. She saw it was the tall and angular form of Miss. Ashfield, that was the woman that Zack had commented to her about. She eyed the woman, wondering just why she was there.

Miss. Ashfield was standing on the porch to the administration building, leaning up against one of the log-poles that held up the overhang above the entrance to the building. The woman did seem to be staring in her direction, and focused right on her. Even from the distance they were at, Mandy could clearly see those smokey blue eyes were not moving as they seemed to be wholly locked on to her.

Mandy felt a little cold shiver go up her spine, the woman’s unblinking stare was more disturbing than when she had been doing it when she first met the woman. She found her own mouth had gone dry all of a sudden, as the woman’s presence there reminded her too much of that old pervert from back home again...Comparing the stares of the old pervert and the woman..showed that was almost exact in it’s nature.

With her face almost blank, the girl turned and looked over at the youth. The question he had posed to her, now was the same one back at him.. the why.

" That is Miss Ashfield, the new Administrator of camp." She informed.

" Oh...I see..." Said Zack, who then paused for a second or two. " That don’t explain why she is looking over here at you." He eyed the woman for a moment, without lifting his head any. " It is... creepy though..."

Mandy nodded her head. She was feeling the same way.

" She was staring at me just like that earlier... when I had went to the office to help out my councilor with some attendance things." She confided.

" She was staring at you like that?" Zack asked, snuffing a little at the end of his shocked words.

" She was..." She nodded. " I did not know what to think of that..."

" Whoa, Nelly!" He gasped, giving a overstated head tilt in the process. " That is just too way beyond creepy for words...."

" Tell me about it..." Mandy said.

The young lad took another more cautious look over at the woman, then took a long breath in.

" I don’t know what she is doing... or if she is actually doing anything in the first place..." Zack said with a small shrug of his shoulders. " Still...I find it more that just a little bit weird that she is not even moving a inch from where she is.."

Someone called out to Zack from across the way, and the lad turned to see who was calling out. Upon seeing who had called out to him, he excused himself to go over while expressing that they would talk more later on. The girl nodded and watched the lad run off to where a tall dark skinned boy stood waiting.

Now alone among the large crowd of people in Pawa’s ‘downtown’, Mandy soon was feeling way more uncomfortable as the woman had not stopped watching her. As if that was bad enough, Mandy also had spotted Isis and her band of pretty people coming up from the cabins, flanked by some boys who seemed to be ‘just walking behind them’...but knew that was not the case. The group was headed straight to where she was.

Already feeling so uneasy because of the woman, and now having that grow as the group neared, she decided just not to be around. Mandy turned and left the area as quickly as she could, hoping to fit in a smoke before supper came around and also was hoping that she would bump into Lori for some company until they were called to eat.

She took one looked back as she left, and could still see the woman standing on the administration building’s porch. It seemed like she was still following her ever move even when she was heading away.


[End notes: AUTHORS' NOTES:  Here is where the story gets weird... and a surprise that will blow away everyone:)]

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5 - The dock

[Author's notes: imagined or real, life can be as confusing as hell.]

Chapter Five - The dock



Cabin Nine was calming down, but not quite still yet. The first night of everyone there was now drifting towards sleep for everyone. There were many still whispering inside in the many small cubicles, as everyone was either in bed , or heading off to bed right after a small gab session with someone..

Mandy lay in her little cubical room, propped up against a pillow with a book. She could hear the others in the cabin talking away, boys were the main topic. She watched at the shadows going past her closed curtain for a few moments, as some girls were still moving around. She just turned her eyes back to the page she was reading, and dove back in.

Lori’s voice suddenly came from behind the thick white curtain that was her door. Mandy looked up at the shadow on the curtain when she heard the voice, and seemed to break a small smile with it’s appearance.

" You still awake, Mandy?" The voice of Lori called out, her voice almost musical in the way it did.

The dark haired girl made sure that she was covered up with the blankets and called out to the girl enter. With a bouncing step, the girl stepped into the small space, a large smile painted over her face. The girl stood there, dressed in a ‘Lisa Simpson’ print nightgown and some really crazy looking bunny slippers. The girl’s bubbliness seemed so out of place, considering it becoming late in the evening.

" How did you enjoy your first day back here at good ol’ Pawa?" The girl asked, bubbly.

" Guess it was good..." The girl replied truthfully.

The girl’s bubbliness quickly faded a little bit, as she heard the tone in Mandy’s voice. Raising a eyebrow, Lori give a questioning look at the girl in the bed.

" Guess it was good?" She asked, after a moment.

" Yeah." Mandy nodded.

" That was not a sign being excited or nothing..." Lori said, with a sigh. " Your usually the one who is the most excited about being a Camp."

Mandy fingered the blanket on the bed as she looked at Lori. She could tell that the girl was sort of saddened a little by her feelings she had shared towards camp. The dark haired girl shrugged her shoulders, as she could not help how she felt... it was what it was.

" Guess I’m not quite into Camp this year..." Mandy admitted.

" What is wrong with camp?" The girl inquired.

Mandy sat herself up a little better in bed, making really sure that she was fully covered up as she did.

" Guess Camp does not have the mystique it once had for me..." She started to explain. " Most of my friends from other years are either, gone or are not coming to camp any more..."

" Well, It’s like that every year, ya know..." Lori came back with, her eyes showing that she had seen that also. " But I think that is pretty much a normal gives us a chance to actually come back and make some new friends every year." She stepped a little more inside the small cubical room. " It happens a whole lot."

Mandy looked at the girl’s face, as she spoke. She could see that Lori was trying to help her out with this. Mandy sighed, and tried to explain a little more.

" Some of it has to do also with what happened the last time I was here..." Mandy said flatly, her mind flashing back to the incident where she had been attacked by Raven. " It seemed too much changed now... Lacy has moved away, CC passed away.... With everything else that has gone on, Pawa does not feel like what it had."

" You know other people... others that you have met also over the years? Have you seen any of them?"

" I have not seen too many of some of the others... Other than Zack." Returned Mandy, flatly. " Could I ask if you have seen any of the others?"

Lori’s face went a little somber, as she looked at Mandy.. She was thinking over the words of her friend

" No, I have not seen many..." Lori admitted, with a slight sigh coming out. " But I have seen lots of people that I recognize from past years.... and I made some new friends even last year."

" I noticed that too..." Mandy said, agreeing with that wholly.

" Your also have seen people you know sort of... Get to know them too." She then suggested, her perkiness returning. " Have some fun with that... Pawa is a great place to be, you know that as well as I do! You can’t just mope around all the time, and lock yourself away because you don’t want to interact with people.."

" I’m moping?" Said Mandy, seemingly a little shocked at the girl’s blunt observation of her.

" Face it Mandy... you are moping." Lori said, without a flicker of hesitating to say it. " The only way you can cure that moping attitude of yours is to just have some fun...just do it."

As much as Mandy did not want to admit that Lori simplified look at life was right... the girl was so right. She nodded her head and looked at the girl.

" I guess I am not in the right frame of mind this year." She admitted, her mind drifting to the image of CC in her mind.

" I know that CC passed away and the trial of that girl who attacked you was a real downer thing..." Said Lori, showing that she was understanding of that. " But you are needing to let things go of it all and just let yourself have some fun."

Mandy just nodded and agreed. Perhaps she was letting everything get to her. She was here to honor the wishes of CC... as if CC knew she needed to do what Lori was saying. CC would be the first one that would kick her in the ass, metaphorically speaking, to get out there and have some fun here at camp.

She smiled, as she realized just why CC was wanting her to return to camp so badly. She wanted her to go on.

" I think your right..." Said Mandy, her energy level, and mood, was rising. " I need to have a little fun."

" You think I’m right, dont’cha?" Asked Lori, giggling away as she looked at her friend.

" Yeah... you are." Nodded Mandy. " Guess it is time to have a little fun."

Lori giggled hard, her face turning beet red. She looked at the dark haired girl in the bed and smirked

" I’m right... Wish other people knew that..." Giggled Lori.

" Does it help that I know?" Said Mandy, as she could not help but start giggling along with the even shorter than her girl.

" A little.. If I could convince my two pain in the ass brothers that I am actually right sometimes.." Said the girl through the laughing. " That would be better!"

" Good luck with that..." Mandy said, her humor now peeking out from the cover of her now dissipating mood.

The two looked at one another, and the rain of laughter billowed out of them to fill the little cubical room. The laughed so hard, they did not care if the others in their cabin thought they were going a little nuts.

After calming down a few minutes of laughter, the two girl’s talked for a little while longer, then Lori left to go to bed. Mandy felt better about camp now... more than she had since arriving early this morning. She layed back and had to smile... perhaps camp was not too bad... even without people she was close to. CC was wanting her to move on, and not lament away for her and what they had. She had always said that to her.

Mandy took the picture down of her and CC, and looked at it for a moment. The image of her and CC warmed her heart, as she looked at it. CC, even in death, had a way of shaking her out of her doldrums and setting her life on a better path... that was one of many reasons why she loved the girl.

" I promise that I will have some fun, my goth girl... That was why you wanted me to come back here so badly, isn’t it?" Mandy whispered, looking at the image of CC on the glossy paper in her hands.

At that moment, it felt like CC was right there in the room with her, nodding her head slowly and giving her that her with a ‘I told you so’ face. She smiled to the picture, knowing now that it was the reason that the goth girl wanted her to come back here so badly, and made her promise to do so on the day that she died.

She kissed the face on the picture and felt the love she still had for the girl in black welling in her heart. CC may be gone, the girl’s unconditional love for her still seemed to touch her no matter what.

She set the picture back and turned off the light. Snuggled into the blankets, she felt the cozy warmth envelope her naked form with a soothing hold. Almost instantly, she had fallen asleep.. her mind was not as heavy with things finally.


It was very early in the morning, still hours away from the sun’s rising. Mandy awoke to the stillness of the cabin, for a second unsure of why she had come out of her sleep..

She groaned, realizing that it was her bladder that had awoken her so suddenly thins night... again.. She giggled at herself, knowing immediately that her bladder’s nighttime call was because of the three very large glasses of fruit punch that she had drank at the campfire meeting they had every night.

" I should not have done that." She told herself giggling, feeling almost as if she was sloshing right then..

Knowing that she would not be able to put her self back to sleep until she had delt with this problem, she slipped herself out of bed. The girl quickly threw on her robe over her bare body, thankful that she had brought the article of clothing home for just this occasion. On her tiptoes, the girl began to leave her little hole in the wall room and try to be as quiet as she could be while exiting the cabin.

She found the night time air outside to be still and very warm, feeling almost muggy on her skin. She headed towards the bathroom cabin that was not very far away, fiddling with the pack of smokes she had tucked into one of the front robe pockets. She began to remember the good times of going to have a cigarette with CC in the middle of the night that summer they met... and that brought a smile as she walked through the darkness.

Now feeling much better after getting rid of what was left of that blasted fruit punch, Mandy left the bathroom cabin and started to head for the little spot where she always was smoking. As she went, she suddenly had spotted something at the far end of the dock at the boathouse, a little glow of red light. She eyed the little pointy of light, curious at why a light would be out here so lat at night.

She saw the small little light in the darkness moving and bouncing, tracing little paths in the darkness. It was quickly obviously it was someone else, who was out this late having a smoke as well. She smiled and decided to head out to the moving light, thinking that it was better to have smoke with someone, taking Lori’s suggestion of meeting other people to heart for the reason to do it.

She neared the light, and her heart nearly skipped a beat. She found standing at the end of the long dock, dressed in a very flimsy purple nightgown and puffing away on a cigarette, was the unmistakable Miss Ashfield.

She felt a wave of nervousness and uneasiness flood her, her mind already flashing reminders of the unsettling stares and constant looks she had gotten from the very tall yet strikingly beautiful woman the couple of times she had already been around her. She started to turn on her heels, thinking of just heading to her spot to have that smoke before returning to bed, and to avoid the woman in the process.

The voice of the woman suddenly came out of the darkness, it’s sultriness hanging on the breezeless air.

" And what are you doing out of bed so late, Miss Mandy?" It asked her, but without any tightness that would note it as anger

Mandy felt her breath stop in her throat, as she found that she was caught being there. Her mind seemed to go blank, her speech centers seizing, not expecting the woman to have seen her in the first place.

" I just have been to the bathroom..." She blurted out, then regretting telling her that.

The woman turned and looked at the girl, holding the smoke so daintily in her hand like some movie star from the golden age of movies she had seen. Mandy felt a little sharp breath leave her lips as the woman faced her full on. The woman in the nightgown was very pretty, and to her surprise she could see that the material of what she was wearing was very sheer, even in the low light of the moon.

The girl could clearly see that the woman wore nothing underneath the soft purple material. Large well rounded breasts could be seen jutting out and rising with ever breath she took. The woman’s nipples could be seen poking out visibly in the dimness. Mandy noted the woman’s waist was very slim and sleek, her soft curves were of a woman that was definitely in her prime. The surprised girl’s eyes could not help but notice that the woman’s private area was covered with a smattering of soft blond hair that seemed to be cut very close and in the shape of a heart, and drew her gaze down the woman’s legs that came out from under the nighty to show off their long leanness in all of their glory.

Mandy averted her eyes, and looked up at the woman’s face. She felt so uneasy with the woman dressed so provocatively and being out in the open like this, but it also was making her insides begin to twitch and react as the fact that lady beauty did not pass her. The girl in the bathrobe focused in on the woman’s face while making sure to clutch her robe opening at her neck tightly in her free hand, her mind already screaming at her to get out of there as fast as she could.

The woman looked at the girl, a smile of being rather pleased with the young gal being there painted on her face.

" Did you come out this way for a smoke by any chance?" Miss Ashfield asked calmly, her voice had a hint of knowingness.

" Uh, yes... Ma’am... I was going to have one..." Mandy blurted out, dispite herself.

" Normally, there is no smoking in camp, you know..." The woman said, then adding. " But because I smoke myself, as this cigarette tells you... I have a tendency to look the other way, if smoking is in private."

" Yes ma’am..." Mandy said, not really knowing what else to say to the provocatively dressed woman.

" Then stand with me and have one..." The woman offered with a smile. " I do not mind the company of a lovely girl like you."

Reflexively, the girl pulled out her pack and retrieved one of her cigarettes. She lit it with a nervous hand, as she noticed the woman staring at her while she did so. She took a long pull from the newly lit smoke, and tried to think of a way to get away fast... without being rude. That might not work out so, and she knew that.

Miss Ashfield looked at the girl, her eyes seemingly now tracing every line of Mandy’s thin features.

" You seem to be a little nervous, girl..." She commented, looking her right in the face. " Are you, Mandy dear?"

" Just feeling tired..." Said Mandy, through a plumb of smoke. " Long day."

" You should relax... your are at camp." Suggested the woman, stepping to stand beside the girl.

Mandy froze, as the woman now stood only a foot away from her, looking at her with those same smoky looking eyes. The woman reached out her arm, and placed her non-smoking hand on her shoulder, almost a lightly as a feather landing on the ground.

" Such a very obviously pretty girl like you needs a chance to relax out here... in the great outdoors.... to get away from the hustle of the big city..." She whispered, as she fingers massaged Mandy’s robed shoulder, then reaching up to cup her cheek. " Just don’t let things get in the way of just having that simplest of pleasures..."

Mandy was not quite sure of what she was sensing at the moment, other than the fact the woman’s touch seemingly was too friendly for her comfort. Miss Ashfield’s intentions seemingly were nothing but harmless, but something by the way the woman massaged her shoulder, then touching her cheek and coupled with the way she was talking to her... something about it felt not quite right.

Instinctually, Mandy smoothly stepped away from the woman. Now with more than four feet between them, the dark haired young girl seemed to be keeping her eyes firmly locked on to the scantily clad woman..

Miss Ashfield just stood there in silence, but seemed to be almost a little perturbed by Mandy’s reaction and then her movement away from her. The woman smoothly took a pull off of her smoke and leaned against one of the dock pilings, but she said nothing for a moment as she stared at the girl.

Mandy felt her uneasiness now really growing deep inside of herself, and made a firm decision.

" I... I should get back to my cabin..." Mandy stammered, flicking what was left of her smoke into the waters that flowed under the dock. " It is getting very late, and I do need to get some sleep."

Miss Ashfield nodded slightly, shifting herself against the wood she leaned against. She snuffed and held the smoke gracefully in her hand.

" If you need to ever talk to someone, Mandy..." Began the woman, her provocative eyes looking right at the young one, her eye contact was very strong. " Don’t even hesitate to come to me...My door will always be open for talking or hanging out, at all hours of the day... or night."

" Yes, Ma’am.." Mandy said, hearing something that hung in the woman’s voice, something that made her even more nervous as it hit her ears.

Mandy turned and hurried off up the wooden planks of the dock, wanting nothing more that to put some space between her and the woman. She listened as she hurried off, and noted that she could not hear the woman’s footsteps behind her to signify that the woman was following her.

The girl took the main trail from the boathouse, the one that would lead her straight up to her cabin, her bare feet now moving a little faster than a plain walk. She was not sure if the woman was doing anything wrong, but it had felt like the woman had been hitting on her... and that made even the thought of it very uncomfortable. She hoped that she was reading too much into it, and she was completely wrong, and just headed back to her warm bed in the cabin for sleep.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTES:  The next chapter will be up soon, and hold the key to this story:)]

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6 - Hate by hand

[Author's notes: Enemies are everywhere... but they seem to be bigger when they are staring at you straight in the face.]

Chapter Six - Hate by hand



Mealtime was always chaotic at Camp Pawa, but breakfast was usually the worst meal of the day. Still sleepy campers could be more than a little testy at times, coupled with the more awake and very excited ones, it really made for a interesting time indeed.

Among the throng that packed the dining hall this morning, sat the group from Cabin Nine. They all seemed to be calmer than most in gathered for breakfast, and that was saying a whole lot. Hijinks aside, they were the more quiet of the tables

Mandy sat beside Lori and Allison this day, tucked away against a far wall. The popular girls usually took all of the good seats at the tables, making the lesser ones in the cabin sit in virtual shadows, ignoring them would be easier that way... it seemed to be saying.

She could still hear their whispers, all still debating who was gay or not... her name was one of the more spoken with this topic. They talked about it at great length, thinking that no one could hear them over the din of breakfast. They were wrong about not being heard, Mandy was able to hear every snobbish word being spoken. By how each girl was talking about it.. it was clear that Isis was the main one of the bunch who seemed to have a problem with that particular topic, which was no shock either. Her homophobia was legendary by now.

Mandy wondered what business it was of these rumoring girls, for them to be actually speculating on such a thing. By things already known, Isis and her group really was not liking even the thought that even one of their cabinmates could actually be in fact... gay. They had their suspicions about even her, but she payed no attention to that.

Mandy snuffed to herself, and her mind thought on these girls. Given the fact of just who these girls were and what the dark haired girl knew about each one of them,. The basic fact that they were going on and with their speculations and prejudices, was not a really big surprise to her in the first place.

It did not really matter to Mandy either way that Isis and the others were constantly gossiping about anybody that was deemed different in their eyes, or if they would end up knowing that she was ‘a dyke’... she simply knew she was never to be apart of the ‘in’ crowd anyways and that made her not letting them get to her in any way.

It had taken a long time to come to terms with herself, it had been especially hard after CC had passed away, she was not about to let some bleach blond camping snobs get to her... that was one of the things she had taken away from her relationship.. To be who you are and to fuck with everyone else.

The girl just took it in stride, simply going back to ignoring them, which was one of the biggest pastimes she knew she would have to do here at camp. With the snooty pack all in her cabin this year, it was going to be more than a way of life. She giggled, as the girls were just simply to her.. ridiculous

The girl turned her attention to eating her scrambled eggs and pan-fries in almost silence, as the little surprise meeting she had with the Camp’s head person the night before swirled in her mind. It seemed like she could not totally shake what had happened on her first night here, or how the woman had acted to her once she was standing on the dock with her. It was still very much, a very unsettling thing to her, the woman’s odd behavior and everything else were locked firmly and deep into her memory.

Mandy little flight of the mind was abruptly snapped back to the world of reality by a very boisterous Lori speaking to her.

" Hey... are you awake over there?" The girl said, already looking at Mandy like she was strange or something.

" Uh...Yeah... why?" She asked, wondering what the girl wanted.

Lori leaned in closely, her face only inches away from Mandy’s.

" Looked like you were sleep-eating those eggs or something there..." The girl commented, adding. " Trust me on what I am going to say...Sleep-eating won’t make those eggs taste any better.".

Mandy giggled and looked at her friend.

" Maybe my brain is still in bed somewhere, hiding from this breakfast." She quipped, giving a smirk.

" Maybe so... you might wanna check under the bed when you get back to the cabin to see where it is..." Impishly the girl poked fun at Mandy.

" Funny... very funny." Mandy replied, rolling her eyes at the girl’s dry sense of humor.

Lori laughed, and turned as someone tapped her on the shoulder, not even replying to Mandy’s counter-quip. Reluctantly, the dark haired girl turned back to her meal, and making a face. She eyed the food on her plate, and was wondering if eating in her sleep just might make it taste better than it did.

Allison, who normally was so quiet that it made Lori’s before time of being the silent one seem like a roaring crowd of thousands at some stadium, tapped Mandy. The dark haired Mandy turned, really very shocked seeing who it was that had tried to get her attention..

" Mandy... Allison said, her voice barely reaching to be audible over the hall’s noise.

It was the first time in years that Allison had spoken directly to Mandy... the girl with the thick glasses always had been the stereotypical bookish wallflower, and had never really spoken except when spoken to. This was totally out of character for the girl.

" What is it?" She asked of the plain bookworm.

The girl paused, seemingly waiting for a little bit of a lull in the crazy noise that the dining hall held.

" Sometime today... could you meet me so we can... talk?" Said the girl, her voice hesitant and polite all at the same time.

" Talk?" Questioned Mandy, a little more than shocked at the girl’s request. " You want to talk with me?"

" Yes... if you would not mind." She said. " I must talk to you."

The very over polite girl seemed very keyed in on wanting to talk, the serious tone that was held in her soft spoken way told that right off the bat. Mandy was curious at the girl’s request, but was willing to heart the girl out.

" When would you like to meet with me." Asked the girl.

" How about right after breakfast?" Mandy suggested

" That will be fine... I will meet you out at the boathouse, near the lakeshore..." She said, then her face showed that their conversation was now over.

The girl went silent again, seemingly diving back into her own world right after the last word had passed her lips. Mandy wanted to know why she had been asked to meet, but decided that she could wait to find out.



With breakfast over, the every camper scattered back to their cabins, to await the start of the activities for the day. Some did not directly go back, while others lingered in front of the Dining hall to talk.

With more than an hour before all of the activities started, Mandy headed straight to the boathouse that was just past her cabin, to meet up with the shy and very reserved Allison. Ever since the girl had asked her to, she was curious with the why.

Allison was waiting on the far side of the boathouse, the one that was closest to the lake itself. Where Mandy found the introverted girl sitting, nobody would have seen her from the direction of the camp. She went up to the girl, who had her face buried in a book, as usual.

" I’m here..." She said, being careful not to startle the girl.

Allison looked up and closed her book with a gentle movement. The girl adjusted the thick rimmed glasses she had on, her face turning very serious as she looked right at the arriving girl. Mandy just waited for whatever it was that she was there for to come out.. expecting anything and everything.

After a few moments, Allison finally spoke.

" I have some disturbing information that I have known you really might need to know ...." The girl in the glasses said. " After thinking on what I have for you for awhile, it became even more clearer to me that this information you needed to know, before you had found it out by yourself."

" Go on.." Nodded Mandy.

The girl readied herself, looking straight into Mandy’s face with none of the shyness that usually clouded this girl’s who demeanor

" I first have to ask you... a kind of a personal question..." The girl started, with bluntness that really was surprising.

" You have a question for me... a personal one?" Mandy said, tilting her head at the girl.

" A quite serious one at that." The girl said so monotonly.

Mandy looked at the girl, wondering what the girl was wanting to know from her. She nodded and waited for the question that was about to come. The girl was to the point with her question.

" Are you gay?"

The girl, who was always been in the background and never been one to even doubt things out loud, now she was being so direct with her question. Mandy was more than just a little shocked at the absolute directness she had been asked.

" Why would you ask that?"

" What I have to tell you... has a direct bearing on my question..." The girl said, her voice was so analytical in its way, but had a all over feel of great emotion..

" What you have to tell me... has some sort of bearing on knowing if I am gay or not?" Eyed Mandy.

" Let me just first say that whether or not you are a Homosexual, does not matter to me personally in any are who you are... I just need to know this little piece of information before finally revealing anything, so I can gauge what you might think of what I have...."

Mandy paused for a moment, knowing already that she was not about to hid who she was from this girl. One thing for sure was that Allison was truly needing to know, and there was no ulterior motive seemingly attached to it.

" If you must know...I am a Lesbian." Mandy said, as it was still a little uncomfortable for her to admit it, even after all the time that had passed since she had realized it.

The girl nodded, her mind seemingly dropping into thinking mode. She suddenly nodded to herself, almost as if she had been having some sort of debate with herself. Standing from where she had been sitting on a overturned boat, she pulled a piece of paper from her dark colored jean jumper skirt.

" Then you really need to read this." She said, handing Mandy what she was offering to her.

Mandy took the paper and looked at it. It was apparently a long, handwritten which had been xeroxed. The paper, which were two pager, was simply put a diatribe against homosexuals and other people which listed the many reasons that homosexuals should not even be allowed to come to Camp Pawa. It listed how repugnant it was, that gays were freaks and should be forced to undergo something that would get them to be normal.. rather than to be against what God and society should be.

Under all of the hate fueled words, was scribbled down a long list of names. Mandy was blown away by what was there, as she saw Zack’s name listed, as well as her own... even CC’s name was among the list of over thirty.

Seeing CC’s name there, boldly marking her out as a ‘flaming dyke’, made the short girl mad as hell. Mandy could not believe that someone could pass judgements and call people evil and wrong like this, and all because of the fact that they did not agree or even accept that people were different.

She looked up at Allison and shook her head, her shock and disgust was clearly written all over her face.

" This is person who wrote this is against gay people, and they seemed to be outing people left and right." Said Mandy.

" Told you that you needed to see it." Allison said, making a face.

" Where in the hell did you find this pile of shit?" Asked a offended Mandy.

Allison sat herself back down on the overturned boat and looked at the short, dark haired girl. The look in her eyes mirrored what Mandy was feeling at this point.

" My younger brother, who is also at camp, got that handed to him just after campfire last night...." She started. " He said that another list and manifesto, similar to that one, was given out last year as well... it was all the same, bashing every single homosexual kid that were at camp."

" Who would be behind this filth?" Said Mandy, already looking over the list a second time.

" I have my suspicions to the whom the author or authors could very well be..." Said Allison, letting a long sigh out. " I am firmly opposed to what has been written in that sickening and disgusting letter... and I just knew you needed to know."

" Who do you think it is?"

Allison looked right at Mandy, her unflinching stare told volumes without a sound, yet she seemed ready to bring up her suspicions.

" If I had to take a educated guess by what is written there..." Said Allison, who paused at that moment.. " I think it’s Isis and her group, along with some of the others that hang with her here at Pawa."

" You think so?"

" It is a firm possibility that Isis could have...." The book worm said, adding. " I have overhear many times in just one day how they talk among themselves... they talk exactly as that letter says."

Mandy looked at the paper in her hand, and made a grumbling noise. Allison’s suspicions were hers as well. With the way this was written is such a hatred fueled, and so exacting way, she could see that Isis could very well have authored such a thing. She was not sure either, but she would not put it past the girl.

" Thank you." Said Mandy, turning to head back up the hill to camp.

She noticed Allison had nodded back, but was not even moving to do the same. She just left the girl there to the quiet of the lakeside.

As Mandy returned to the cabin, she now was faced with a dilemma, what to do about this letter, and the authors of it. She felt sickened by what the letter had said, but now a little fearful to... not knowing who was so against people like her.. made her wonder just who her enemies might be. After being attacked by Raven the year before.. she was now worried about the actions of a bunch of homophobic people... they would exact some damage just because she was different.

She thought of telling Councilor Olivia, and showing the note also... but she knew even that might be dangerous. She just planned to ponder on the situation, and hoped that whatever she was going to do, would be the right thing.

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - Too damned close

[Author's notes:

Camp is suppose to be fun...

 Warning:  Scenes of a sexual nature is in the chapter.  Read at your own risk.


Chapter Seven - Too close



The morning was just starting over Pawa, the heat was now back over the sleepy Camp. The morning heat did hearkened back to the heat that had been exactly the same way two summers ago. Young Mandy had noted that, but seemed to relish in the steaminess that was befalling the camp.

Mandy and the rest of Cabin Nine had headed in to the shower cabin to wait for their turn to use them. Another cabin was still using the facilities when they had gotten there, obviously the girls from that cabin had been taking their sweet time using them. They had suppose to have been done ten minutes previous.

Sitting off to the side, Mandy was basically alone. Her Cabinmates effectively had ostracized her as usual. The most popular girls were waiting right next to the door that led into the showers, talking away like crazy. With the hate letter she had been handed still quite fresh in her mind, as well as the suspicions she had of who made it, she was glad that the girl’s still shunned her.

Mandy sat wrapped snugly in her bathrobe off to the side watching Isis and her friends joking around as usual. The group were looking over in the direction of Mandy and laughing, the words ‘dyke’ and ‘ lez’ could be heard spoke more than just a few times... as was her name in the very same breath.

The constant flood of derogatory words was beginning to get old really, fast for Mandy, but from what she had read on that hate list and just knowing these girls like she does, it was not surprising. Since coming to camp, she had heard it all many times before, and could not help think just how screwed up Isis her friends really were. It made her mad, but she knew that for now, she could do nothing about it.

Mandy leaned back a little more, intent on simply not letting these bitches get to her... CC had told her not to let anyone get in the way of who she was.

Noticing that one of her girls seemed to be off on her own, Councilor Olivia came over and sat beside Mandy. She eyed the young gal for a second, and noticed that the girl might not have even realized that she had sat down next to her. She playfully shouldered the girl, to get Mandy’s attention

" I say there, little girl..." She said with a very fake sounding British accent. " A penny for your thoughts...."

Mandy looked over at the woman and giggled a little. She could see the clear impish grin Olivia had on her face. The young girl gave a mischievous face of her own back, and shouldered the woman right back.

" For my thoughts, it’s a dollar!"

" A dollar for your thoughts?" The woman asked, playfully, discarding the use of the accent again. " You really think that your thoughts are actually worth a whole dollar?"

" Inflation!" Mandy said in retort, smirking.

The woman could not help but start to laugh at the young girl. Olivia shrugged her shoulders in reply.

" I guess I deserved that one." She chuckled.

" Even if you do...?" Snickered Mandy, then continuing. " Are you still going to pay up if I do tell you.

Olivia looked at her camper and laughed even harder than she had been, her face showed she liked the girl’s wit. After a few moments, Olivia’s face became a little more serious.

" Enough of this... I was trying nicely to say that you seem... a little down this morning..." She said, laying out what she was seeing. " It is what I am just seeing in you there, Missy..."

The girl nodded, as the woman waited on her to say something.

" I guess..." Mandy said back, debating with herself on telling the councilor about the list she had gotten from the brainy girl. " Just thinking on a few things..."

" Must be something rather large...." The woman pointed out, then verbally stepped back for a second

" I guess it is..."

" You want to say what it is?" Asked Olivia.

Mandy shook her head, deciding with Isis and her friends so near at the moment, it was not the time to tell the Councilor.

" Not right now..." She said softly.

" I wont pry, Mandy... If you need someone to talk with, just know I’m here for that."

" I will." Mandy said.

" Promise?"

" Yes... I will..." Repeated Mandy.

Olivia noted that the girl was not about to say anything, so she went off to heard her awaiting girl’s into the showers, seeing that cabin seven finally was done using the facilities, noting that they had gone over by nearly ten minutes in the process.

Mandy stayed right where she was sitting for the time being, opting to let her cabinmates go and use the showers first. She was clearly not in any mood to have to share the steamy shower time with Isis and her band of snobbish homophobics. Let the pretty girls have their time, and make them stay as far away as possible from herself also.

The girl just leaned back against the concrete wall of the outer change room to simply watch and wait. Cracking a smile to herself only, she was feeling so glad that she had made her decision... it would keep here from trying to drown any of them by jamming one of the shower heads in there, right down any one of those prima donna’s throats.

Mandy snickered at the very thought, finding it ridiculous that she had actually been daydreaming that little scenario. She shook her head, noting that it would have been a daydream CC would have very much liked. The thing was, if Isis and her crew would have been around two years ago... CC would have considered for just a moment or two... to actually shoving a shower head, although it would have been decided to be a much different and more painful anatomical spot that she herself would have picked.

Mandy laughed again, wishing the girl could have been here right now... to voice her much more ‘charming’ opinions on what to do with the group. CC had never been shy on giving her unsolicited two cents worth when it comes to ‘beauty queens’ and other assorted idiots as she would have so eloquently said , that was why Mandy loved the tall goth girl so much... and also the reason why she felt so alone at times. The exact same reasons



Mandy finally got her chance, as her ‘friends’ were done and filing out, still yakking away as was usual for them all. Slipping past the hoard of beach blonde diva-wannabies she shared the cabin with... Mandy went into the tiled area, looking forward to being able to wash all of the sweat and dust from the day before.

The hot water felt so good on her skin as Mandy slipped under the stream. She sighed, as she could feel her whole body relaxing down all at once. She smiled and just let the hot feelings sooth her. Taking her soap out of the travel case, she began her routine as she always did, noting she was the only one in the area at this moment. That suited her fine.

Halfway through her showering ritual, she heard someone had come into the showers from the changing area. She looked over and could see a single figure through the mists of steam, but not exactly see who it was. The figure was fairly tall, and thought it might have been their councilor, Olivia, coming to have herself a quick shower as well. The woman usually did that, to let the girl’s have their turn, without her looming there. Mandy did not think nothing more about it and returned to enjoying her shower.

Then young girl was just in the middle of washing her long locks, when a hand softly touched her shoulder. She jumped a little and turned her head, to tell Olivia that she would be just a few minutes more, and then felt her hear jump into her throat. The person who had put a hand on her shoulder was not the councilor as she expected. It was someone she had least expected it to be.


The hand belonged to a very naked Miss. Ashfield. The woman smiled, almost as if she was glad that Mandy was looking at her.

" Did I startle you?" She said, her eyes were already locked on to the girl.

Mandy took a small step back, finding the woman was standing very close to her. She took a humid breath in and tried to give the woman a respectful smile.

" I did not know you were in here, Miss Ashfield." She said back, keeping her eyes on the woman, her arms absently were trying to cover her nakedness from the woman..

" That was why I made sure that you knew I was here...." The tall lady said, smiling broadly. " Avoids being startled."

" I will be done soon..." Mandy said, noting that she was very uneasy being in the showers with the woman, especially after everything.

" Take your time, Miss Thayer..." The woman said with a small giggle. " We are both here for the same reason."

Mandy could not help but notice just how the woman looked. She was tall and lean woman, her full woman figured body was lush and curvaceous with amazingly full breast that jutted out through the steam filed air in all of their glory. The woman was very amazingly gorgeous as the water beaded off of her long bod..., but the fact for Mandy was Miss Ashfield was too close to her in the shower. That really made her feel very leery with that fact

The woman simply stood there, her eyes roving over the young wet girl’s nudity with a hungry look. She seemed to smile, as her gaze got down to Mandy’s legs, as her smoky eyes seemed to trace ever single curve the girl had.

" You are a very strikingly beautiful young girl..." The woman commented, with a wry smile on her face.

Mandy did not know how to respond to the woman’s so smoothly worded comment. She muttered a thank you and turned into the water and away from the woman’s sultry eyes. She wanted to finish and rinse herself off herself, then get out of there, as she felt extremely uncomfortable being with the woman alone in the showers... as the woman never seemed to have moved off. She could see the woman was barely steps away.

Washing out her hair in a bit of a hurry, Mandy was making sure that the shampoo was completely out to avoid having a bad hair day. As she smoothed back her very wet locks, she suddenly felt two hands touch on her back, beginning to massaging her so tenderly.

Mandy froze to the spot. She could feel the soapiness of the hands on her hot water reddened skin, as they began to rove over her back, then started to trailed down her spine to slowly kneed her buttocks.

" Let me help you wash back here, for you..." Said the woman’s voice in the smaller girl’s ear, her breath on her lob. " Just let yourself relax and enjoy this."

Breathing shallow as she tried to make sense of the situation, Mandy felt a mixture of fear and a hinting of pleasure flood her. The hands soaping her felt very nice and soft, sending tingles through out her body both inside and out, but who was doing the massaging made her very panicky with the boldness the woman had started to exhibit. Mandy was finding for the moment, that she was unable to even step away with the suddenness of the woman’s advances, as she was not knowing how to respond..

The woman continued to soap Mandy slowly, while stepping up behind her to press her own body up against the shorter girl.. Hands now moving to the sides with a light touch, slowly making there way around, Miss Ashfield’s hands trailed deliberately up the front of the much shorter girl, her sudsy fingers finely stopping to cup Mandy’s smallish breasts.

" You feel so damned good, so don’t you worry any... we are all alone in here... I made sure of that. " Said the lady, her lips kissing the crook of Mandy’s neck like a butterfly landing while saying. " You are so beautiful, I saw you come in here.. I could not help myself to get you alone."

Before the girl could say or do anything, the woman’s hand moved downwards over her stomach, coming to a rest when she had cupped her young treasure between her legs. Mandy gasped, as the fingers firmly came into contact with her outer folds, one of them beginning to search for the hidden button that was her clitoris.

Mandy could not believe what was happening, but it was all too very real as she felt the woman’s slender finger boldly slipping inside of her young vagina. She stiffened, as she felt every movement.

" What are you doing..." Said Mandy, feeling the digit slide in without any hesitation on the part of the woman.

" Shhh... The woman said. " Just relax, my little beauty girl... we are alone, like I said..."

" No... I don’t want to..." She cried back, feeling the finger not even making an effort to leave. ""

" Just relax and let what may just come naturally for us both, my darling..." Whispered the woman. " I know, and you know, that we are inevitably going to link up..."

Before Mandy could do a thing else, the woman had drove a second finger fully inside of her while playing with her left breast. Young Mandy’s mind now was yelling at her, literally screaming for her to get the fucking hell out of there as the woman probed deeper into her young recesses.

Mandy finally snapped out of her shock and jerked her hips back sharply, the movement dislodging the woman’s fingers out of her treasure. With Miss Ashfield shocked, Mandy then pulled herself totally away from the arms around her, spinning herself completely out of the woman’s grasp and sidestepped away. She was across the large shower room in a fraction of a second, and out of the woman’s reach before she could comment something.

The young girl grabbed her robe and her personal care articles all in one motion, and began to bolt away from the very surprised woman, and to the exit..

" I did not mean to scare you...." Sputtered the woman after the girl. " It was not my intention to do that..."

" Get away from me!!" Was the only thing Mandy said back, pushing the woman away the best she could do with her small size.

" Come back here, girl..." Squawked the woman, her voice suddenly holding almost a demanding tone to it.

With out another word, Mandy shot out of the shower room as fast as she could move as the woman called out to her a few more times. She ignored and fled, ignoring anything the woman was yelling at her..

Racing through the changing room while pulling on her robe, Mandy’s whole being was on then single minded need of getting herself out of there. With out questioning herself, she did just that. She exited the shower cabin on a dead run, not even venturing a single look over her shoulder as she bodily pushed the door open and flying out into the bright summer morning sun, as she was so scared to see the woman might have been following her.

Once outside, The young girl did not hesitate and raced off. She ran headlong for the safety of her cabin, her heart pounding away in her chest as her hands that held her robe closed turned a almost transparent shade of white. Ignoring the pain her bare feet felt as she went over rocks and rough patches of grass, she bolted for her cabin as fast as she could get her legs to move.


Nobody really questioned why the running form blew past them, although some of them were surprised to actually see a wet and robed figure shooting passed them. All of the people just passed it off and kept on going to where they were headed in the first place.

The girl was in the cabin and out of sight in a very short time. No one took a second thought to why.

[End notes: AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have just begun to write.  Please tell me if you like the direction this has taken ( I have a few 'surprises' instore for the next two chapters)]

Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 8 - Enlightened

[Author's notes: Do you know people, after so many years. That is a question everyone seems to wrestle with at one point in time or another.]

Chapter Eight - Enlightened

With a start, Mandy shot straight up in bed, feeling a lump sitting in her throat. Her own ears caught the sound of her very own loud gasp, as she fought for a breath as her whole body felt so cold. In the darkness of her little cubbyhole room, she found herself alone and her body was bathed in a heavy sheen of cold sweat ... dispite the heat that hung in the air.

With her heart pounding in her chest wildly, her mind quickly figured out that she had been having a seriously bad dream... one that bolted her out of one sound sleep. She gasped and was very thankful for the fact that she was still tucked in her bed and not anywhere near the scary place that her mind had went into when she was asleep. She looked around the small space, assuring herself as she did.

The girl fought to calm herself down, as her mind still was so jammed with what the dream had been all about in the first place. The dream had been so realistic, so very realistic that she had to keep remind herself that she actually was alone and safe in her bed... And what that dream had been was that, just a dream. She knew that, but she was telling her racing heartbeat that little piece of information.

Mandy swung her legs out of bed and sat on the edge of the mattress to try and quell her head.. She could finally feel her heartbeat starting to slow down to a near normal rate, and the cold sweat that had covered her bare body now was drying rapidly, thanks to the heat brought by the summer night. With a few shuttering breaths in, she felt so very thankful that her dream was not real.

She wiped her streaked face off with the back of one hand and sat there for a moment, taking a few more moments to assure herself that she was quite safe. She took a long look at the picture of her and CC she had stuck to the headboard, and that seemed to help bring more calm to her dream-jangled nerves.
“ Oh, man!” She whispered to herself, as the dream faded a little... at least the fear part of it had. “ That was one mother of a dream!”

Even though the dream was now fading, and her heart was basically back to normal working order, she found that she had a problem of being so wide awake. The girl grumbled a little and shook her head, knowing that there was way more night left at the moment. She knew her own body, knowing that for the time being... if she layed down, sleep would not come no matt3er how much she wanted it.

Grabbing her robe from where it hung on a hook straight across from her bed, she shoved her pack of cigarettes into one of the pockets before putting it on, opting to not put on anything else for the few minutes she was going to leave for. She was wanting to have a quick smoke and just try to separated herself from this dream. She hurried off to have that little break, before trying to get herself back to sleep.

She just decided to go just behind her group’s cabin to have a smoke, feeling a little afraid that Miss Ashfield would be standing on the end of the docks again for a nocturnal smoke. She did not want to chance that the woman would end up seeing her as she went out there. After what the woman had done in the shower room to her, she was not wanting to see Miss Ashfield at this point of time.

Her dream, actually it had been her nightmare, had been about the tall woman. One that had been so vivid in it’s way, that it had literally scared the living crap out of her. Even being awake, Mandy could not fully shake it’s tendrils of fear from her shaken mind... it had made her fears even deeper.

The warm air was soft on her cheek, as Mandy lit one of her smokes. She listened to the crickets and other sounds that made up the nightlife serenade of the lakeshore. She found these sounds of nature so soothing, as she blew a plume of smoke out. It was almost a perfect reason to be out this late.

From where she stood, she could see quite a bit of the camp area, thanks to the fullness of the moon. There were no lights on in any of the cabins that she could see, and there was no movement of any kind outside as well. All of Camp Pawa’s campers were tucked away in their beds for the night, so the camp was blissfully serine under the cloaking of darkness. She leaned up against the outside of the cabin to enjoy this quiet moment.

A movement caught her eye, and she jumped a little. The person there was not very tall, so her instant thought that it was Miss Ashfield again vanished. She looked again, and saw it was the brainy girl who had appeared. She smiled, as Allison neared.

The very smart girl looked at Mandy for a moment. There was a very interested glint in Mandy’s face, one that came with her unexpected appearance in the darkness of the night.
“ I did not know that you smoked.” Allison said with a small grin.
“ Bad habit.” The long dark haired girl said.
“ I know...” Nodded Allison. “ I have that bad habit also... so could I borrow one from you?”

Mandy gave a very odd sideways glance at Allison, as her question shocked her. It was something that she never envisioned the very intelligent girl doing, yet the question blew that up all to hell.
“ You smoke?” She finally asked, assured that the girl was not bluffing her in any way.
“ Hey... I may be a brain, that is what I’m known as anyways...” Allison said calmly. “ ... But yes, I do smoke.”
“ I did not know...” Mandy said with a laugh.
“ Not too many do know...” Smirked the smart girl, with a playful point at her face. “ Guess you really can’t judge a book by its”
“ I’m guilty of that...” Mandy admitted, knowing that she had a somewhat clouded view of the girl.

The long haired girl handed Allison a cigarette and nodded. The brainy girl produced a lighter from under the billowy made nightgown... which was obviously void of any pockets, and lit the smoke.
“ Where in the hell did you have that?” Quizzed Mandy, unsure of where the girl had brought out the lighter.
“ I had it stuck in the top part of my underwear...” Smirked the girl, seemingly not as shy as she seemed she always was. “ It was the best place to carry it.”

Mandy watched as Allison puffed away on the smoke. She thought that she knew the girl quite well after all the years she had known her.... she knew squat about her in the end, it was apparent. It had been that way since coming to camp... she noted that people changed. The brain girl she knew, really did have a very different side to her altogether... one that she had never even thought she had up to now.

The two girls had half finished their smokes, when Allison looked at her cabin mate. She blew out what she had in her lungs, then fixed on to Mandy.
“ So you couldn’t sleep?” She asked.
“ No...” Mandy shook her head. “ Couldn’t”
“ You think you might be suffering a little from insomnia or something?” Allison asked.
“ It’s not that...” Said Mandy, shaking her head.
“ Then its... what?“ Asked the brainy girl, trying to think on the answer as she spoke.
“ A bad dream is more like it.” Mandy informed back.

Allison looked at the girl, and saw that Mandy had answered it without wit or sarcasm. She read the girl’s facial features.
“ Bad dreams, hu?”
“ Yeah...” Nodded Mandy, not wanting to really go into it. “ It was a good one at that.”
“ Did the bad dreams perhaps stem from that list, I gave you?” Allison said, her mind coming to a conclusion.

Mandy was going to discount the question posed to her, but stopped herself. The question had hit some nerve deep inside of her. Even though the dream had been mainly about Miss Ashfield and the sexual advances she had made to her, it seemed that also seemed to have played a little part of her scary nocturnal movie. She contemplated about that for a second, and saw that it actually was in part... the reason for her bad dream.
“ Partly, I guess...” Mandy admitted.

Allison saw the girl face was telling that was the truth, and was quick to nod.
“ That damned note...It has also been bothering me a great deal also... more than what I had expected it to.” He girl said flatly.
“ It did?” Said Mandy, a little shocked at the feeling behind the girl’s statement.
“ It really has...” Allison said, sighing deep. “ It hit me hard, when I was shown that vial thing... I was thoroughly repulsed.”
“ It made me sick almost.” Mandy said

The smart gal nodded, then paused for a moment. Mandy could se that something was mulling around in the smart lass’s mind.
“ It seems that it has really bothered you.” She commented
“ More than I have ever admitted to.” Allison voiced, her eyes lifting to stare right at the smaller girl. “ That contemptuous piece of writing was the most horrid thing I have ever had the unpleasure of reading... created by a sick and opinionated minds belonging to Isis and her band of merry followers”
“ You know that for sure?”
“ I saw her writing... and it was the same that was on the note.” Boldly said Allison. “ No doubt about it.”

Mandy saw the girl’s eyes seem a little down at the moment, but she waited for the girl to say whatever it was, knowing the gravity of what the were talking about.
“ Being honest about the reasons it bothers me... I have not actually been open about that reason yet. It is...” She said, pausing to look at Mandy with a nervous stare. “ You see... I have always been attracted to girls as well.”

Mandy blinked, as the girl admitted her secret to her. It was the second admission she had gotten since coming to camp.
“ You think your gay?” Asked Mandy.
“ More than just think that I am...” Said Allison firmly. “ Searching myself..I have found that out.”
“ So... You have found that your attracted to girls?”
“ I guess I knew in a way all my life... I knew I was just different for years, and not just because that I was smart and read all the time either...” Conceded the girl, with a sigh like she was relieved with getting that out. She paused, and looked at Mandy.“ I seem to also remember you had that exact same look for years as well.. so knowing your gay as well, did not surprise me too much.”

The shorter girl nodded, as she could not disagree with the girl’s observations. As far back as she could remember, she always had felt different like that... it was CC that had helped her find herself.. or maybe simply help her discover it. Either way it had came about, she understood the feeling being different.. and about seeing that revelation about who she was in the end.

She looked at Allison, and nodded. Mandy was finding that she was understanding the girl more than ever before, even after the many years she had known Allison. She studied the girl’s simple un-makeup wearing, yet so pretty face and saw that Allison was at ease with her admission to her.. and found herself surprisingly feeling proud for the girl.
“ So...” Allison sighed, taking the last drag from her smoke. “ What do we do about Isis’s little hate letter?”
“ I don’t know what to do about that letter though.” Admitted Mandy. “ I have had some ideas... but nothing really set.”

Allison seemed to be pondering the problem, looking up into the clear night sky as she did. The bright girl’s face seemed to already hold one idea.
“ Perhaps hand it in to Miss. Ashfield...” The smart girl suggested. “ I should have done that first, and not taken it to you first... but I was shocked at the despicable content of that letter right off.
“ I was thinking about Councilor Olivia first...” Stated Mandy, afraid of Miss Ashfield still.
“ Could do that too...” Allison agreed. “ This vial act needs to be delt with... who knows how many homosexuals go to camp... do they need to be violated like this. We need to make sure that this does not go on any further... after what happened to you two years ago.”

Allison nodded her head, as she seemed to already know that plan of action as well. She tossed the now died butt away.
“ Let’s get some sleep on it then...” The girl suggested. “ A good sleep with help us make that decision more clearly if we do that.”
“ Smart Idea.” Mandy agreed.
“ That is what I’m known for, Mandy.” Said the girl, her eyes sparkling with a imp like fire.

The brainy girl had already turned to head back inside, then she stopped even before turning the corner of the building. Allison turned around and went back to where Mandy stood. She stopped close to the smaller girl and leaned in to Mandy. The girl planted a small peck of a kiss on Mandy’s cheek, then giggled as she stood up again
“ What was that for?” Giggled Mandy, feeling her face turning a shade of red she had forgotten it could change into..
“ That was for you... being you...” Plainly said the brainy gal, adding with a sly little wink. “ and I think that you are a little more than cute as well... as if you had not guessed that already.”
“ You do?” Said a now very shy feeling Mandy.

The girl smiled with a very meek nod of her head, but her eyes seemed to hold on to Mandy’s.
“ In truth... I always thought so.” Allison said, her face lit by the glow of the moon... showing her to be blushing as well.

Allison waved and hurried around the building. Mandy snickered lightly, as she threw away her burned out cigarette into a pile of rocks near the cabin wall. Taking out another smoke, she had decided to stay out for a little while longer, then try her had at getting some sleep. With talking things out, she was seeing she just might be able to.

Her mind wandering a little, Mandy had to admit that behind those thick glasses, the plain looking Allison always seemed so pretty... now knowing her more than before, the girl really seemed even more pretty. She felt a little bad at not noticing Allison before, but she was feeling glad that she had anyways.

Shifting a little so the light breeze of the night would not go up her robe, Mandy stood and enjoyed the smoke, as she went back to listening to the crickets chirp off somewhere in the darkness.

It had been another day of great discoveries. Some had been good, some not. In whole, this was a normal day, when you were at Camp Pawa. Her confusion with the advances from the camp’s headwoman still hung in her mind... but it now was put into focus some how.

Chapter 9

Title: Chapter 9 - A rainbow shifts

[Author's notes: Doing the right thing can make a person all too confused.]

Chapter Nine - A rainbow shifts



The new day broke so clear, as not one single cloud hung in the summer sky over Camp Pawa. The heat was rising fast, as the day was going to be one very hot one indeed as she shimmer waves of the hotness were already rising off of the sand of the beaches.

Mandy was sitting in her small room, finishing dressing herself in her favorite black form fitting sundress, the very one that CC had bought for her just before she had gotten sick. It was short, even on the small frame of Mandy as it fell only to just barely to mid-thigh, but she loved how it felt on her every time she wore it. Wearing the skimpy little bikini underwear that came with it, added to the pretty sensation.

She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror that hung on the wall. She smiled, as the look of the dress really did make her feel so good. As she admired herself hesitantly, Allison poked her head into the room.

" Hey!" She said.

" Morning!" Mandy replied back.

The girl with the thick glasses stepped in and looked at the shorter girl. She smirked and made a small sound of enjoyment as she looked the girl up and down a few times over..

" That dress looks so good on you." She commented. " I am just a little jealous about that."

" I feel like it does." Said Mandy, blushing lightly. " I love it."

" I could not wear anything like that..." Said the brainy girl. " It is not me... I have no legs to speak of.. you on the other hand, pull it off quite nicely."


Mandy nodded, liking the complements she had gotten from the girl. She turned after one more look at herself in the mirror, as the girl stood there.

" What’s up?" Mandy asked, having a feeling that this was not just a social call on Allison’s part.

" Have you thought any more about what we talked over last night?" Allison asked, as usual being straight forward..

" About that list?"

" Yes." Said the brainy girl, her face now flushing as she caught herself eyeing how Mandy looked in the dress.

The shorter girl shrugged, as she still was not quite sure what would be the right way to report it. Alison nodded, knowing the feeling herself.

" I have ran it through my mind over and over again... I still have not picked what to really do." She said, adding. " Perhaps we will think of something later.... I have something other to so..."

" What do you have to do?" Mandy asked, as she looked over at the girl. They had activities planned out, and the girl’s comment came out of left field.

The brainy teenager looked at her friend.

" My mother and two sisters are coming to Pawa for a visit here..." She said, with a sigh. " I am suppose to show them around camp, and all because one of my little bratty sisters might be coming her come next year..." She giggled and give a longer sigh. " The good news about that is ...because I’m a senior camper this year, I might not be back here again."

" If you are asked to sign up to be a CIT, would be back here..." Asked Mandy, remembering that there was a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in front of the main administration building for Councilors in Training.

Allison sighed and shrugged.

" My mom has been bugging me about that same thing, saying that it might be a good thing to have on my University application.. to be a CIT." She said as she looked at the girl.. " She saw the notice about it on the bulletin board last year when they picked me up, and has been on me ever since to think about doing it."

" Mine too... after she heard about it." Mandy said. " I have not decided yet If I’m going to or not."

" I have not made any determination on whether or not I will as of yet." Said Allison, in her usual analytical fashion, then added. " The deciding factor is whether or not I could handle being my sister Gail’s councilor... if she does go her next year."

Mandy laughed, as the girl’s little dilemma really was a factor in the decision process. She looked at the girl and shook her head.

" That is one problem I don’t want to have..." She said. " I’m glad that I don’t have your sister then."

" Awh, c’mon then..." Allison said, her own laughter coming out. "Your are missing so much fun not actually having my two so sweet sisters around to bug the heck out of you..."

" Better you than me..." She smirked.

" Gee...thanks!" Was all the reply Allison gave with a deep down giggle, at which Mandy laughed as well.

The book girl waved and turned after getting herself to stop laughing long enough to do so. She paused at the drape door and looked back for a moment.

" My mom and sisters arrive right after breakfast... if you want to walk that horrid letter over to Miss. Ashfield later in the afternoon sometime, I’ll go with you." The girl offered.

Mandy thought for a second, then shook her head. Even though what happened in the showers between the woman who run Pawa and here still unnerved her, she was not going to let this letter thing go.

" I’ll walk it over after lunch..." She said, assured of her answer seconds before. " You can just go and tell them how you ended up possessing it.."

" You sure about that?" Asked Allison, stopping before going through the drape-door. " You would do this alone... just because I need to see my family?"

" Yeah..." Nodded Mandy. " Just go and survive your family... and try to have some fun."

The brainy gal made a silly face by sticking out her tongue and making a little gagging noise along with it.

" Fun? ... I’ll try to have some...if possible..." The girl gave a quick wink, then she was gone.

With her stomach growling loudly for breakfast, Mandy put on her favorite slip-on shoes and headed out to go to the dining hall.... bypassing the group of gossiping girl’s who had been now dubbed as Isis’s posse.

"They were at it again..." she told herself as she skirted passed and resisting here urge to bitch slap the lot of them.




The midday sun was so very hot overhead, but there was Mandy, standing in front of the administration door. She seemed not to move a muscle, as if she was unsure of things.

She looked at the portal with a little hesitant gaze, her mind playing the what had happened in the shower over and over in her head. She had been scared when the beautiful woman had touched her, her body feeling those touches in the most vivid of ways. She stood there, contemplating on whether or not to actually go in with the letter... and found the fear she had with seeing th woman had changed. She now felt different, it was as CC always said, she now felt horny.

Thinking back on how the woman beautiful body glistened with the water from the showers, how the woman’s hands felt as she put them on her naked body, how the fingers probed her inner being.. it was all conspiring to make her hormones jump. It was wrong for the much older woman to do that to her... but she found now that she was starting to crave the woman’s touch as well.... as was evident by the dream that had woken her up in the night. It had frighten her... but now she realized that it had lit her desires as well.

She actually was afraid at the change in her, actually how she was now lusting after the woman like this. She looked at the letter she held in her hand and took a long, purposeful breath in. She needed to do what she needed to do, and was determined to follow it through

" I cant be thinking like this..." She told herself with an inner voice. " I just need to go in and show Miss Ashfield this letter.... I need to."

Steadied by her self-talk, the girl felt like she could go in now. She opened the door and strode in, knowing her mission was one that could not be put off any longer. Gay campers may not know about the letter yet, or what this piece of paper actually was spouting, but they needed to be protected by such hate these girls had put on the paper.

The outer office had no one in it, the kindly secretary was nowhere to be found. The girl quickly figured that she had stepped out of the office to have lunch with the staff that always fed the kids first..

" Damn!" She said a little angry with herself that she had not thought about that possibility..

Mandy noticed that the other office door was ajar, and spotted Miss. Ashfield sitting at her desk. The girl was a little more than just apprehensive about going in to the office alone like this but knew she had to inform the woman of this letter. Without Allison here, it was up to her to do this.

With a sigh, she steadied herself and headed to the doorway.

Miss Ashfield looked up as a knock was heard. She looked up and was obviously shocked at Mandy being there.

" Miss Mandy..." She said, her voice a little tight.

" May I come in?" Mandy said as calmly as she could. " I need to talk to you about something that is rather important."

" Important?"

" Serious is more like it." Said Mandy flatly.

The woman nodded, watching the young girl’s face as she did. With courage and a need to do what she had to do, Mandy came in and started telling her about the letter she clutched in her hand.

The woman listened to the girl’s explanation and read the note. Her face got such a shocked look on it, as she seemed to take in ever word that was on that paper and felt it stinging like acid on bare skin..

" This is sickening...I am so shocked with this garbage..." She commented. " You mean to tell me that this hate fueled list has been distributed around our camp... this piece of pure evil?"

" Yes, Ma’am." Said Mandy. " It seems like it has been floating around here awhile... that is what Allison said.."

" This is so vial... I cant even believe such filth actually was written by someone going to Pawa." She said, obviously upset by it. " Do you know who it is, that has penned this disgusting letter?"

Mandy looked at the woman.

" My friend said it seemed to be the writings of a girl we share our cabin with." She said. " I don’t know that for sure, but my friend seems to be more than confident she knows that is who it was."

" One of you cabinmates?" She said, giving a sideways look at Mandy.

" Yes... it is, Miss Ashfield... one of our cabinmates..."

" Let me guess..." Said the woman over top of the girl’s words, her eyes flashing with understanding. " Could this person’s name be Isis Mackay by any chance..."

Mandy could not believe her ears, as the woman’s calculated question was spoken to her. The girl nodded slowly as she looked at the pretty woman, not quite knowing how she had ever guessed who her and Allison expected.

" How did you..." Mandy spluttered out, her shock was more than just evident from her face.

" Your wondering how I have came up with the correct name like I did... Right, Mandy?" The lady said, smirking as the girl stared at her with this completely baffled look in her eyes.

" Yes... yes..." Mandy said, her mind still not getting how she actually had guessed like that

The woman stood up and looked at the girl in front of her, and her face showed a very serious flair in her eyes. She fingered something on her desk for a moment, as she started to explain herself to the young girl.

" Let’s just say that last year, which was my first year being in charge around here... I ended up having to deal with out little friend, Isis, more than a few times over that summer...." She said. " That was not a pleasant thing, I must tell you..."

" You... Have... delt with her?"

" That is an unfortunate ‘yes’..." Said the lady, with a grumble. " I had that unfortunate task

" I am guessing that this is not the first time you have heard of Isis doing something like this also... right?"

Miss Ashfield took a moment to pause, her normally sultry gaze was now hardened into steely contempt.

" We had many instances like that... the most serious was when Isis and her friends were harassing a young girl from the same cabin as them. The whole lot of them had deemed that this young thing was a ‘lesbian’ because she was such a different sort of person... " She sighed. " They took steps to try and ‘purge’ what they saw as wrong from Pawa’s ranks."

" What in hell did they do?" She asked the tall woman. " I was not here last year, Miss Ashfield."

"You never heard since you have been back here?"

" No, Ma’am..."

The woman got oddly quiet for a moment, her face turning into a mask of sternness right before Mandy. .

" They ridiculed that girl, taunting her daily, calling her names that even adults should never use and literally pushed her around to the point she ran away from camp... twice in one week." The woman shook her head. " They eventually escalated their abuse when they jumped the girl when she was coming back from riding the horses one late afternoon..."

" Did they beat this girl up badly?"

" I wish it was just a beating from hell they ended up administered on this poor girl.... Isis and her little gang ended up going way farther with brutality and cruelty than I have ever seen, and I am an administrator in a high school normally."

" What did they do tho this girl?" The girl asked, a little afraid to actually hear about it.

Miss Ashfield’s face showed a mask of pure pain, a pain that was welling up inside of her. The lady swallowed hard, as it was obvious what had happened, affected the woman right down to her very soul.

" What they did was deplorable... and is so hard to say even now..." She started. " They did beat her pretty badly, then upped the viciousness when they shaved her head.... stripped her naked behind the stables ... and left her to make her way back all across the camp’s grounds to their cabin that was located on the far side past the craft building." The woman snuffed loudly as she continued.. " That was one action we could not end up pinning on any of them... as the girl was by then just too scared to finger them.... she left the next day."

Mandy was shocked at the actions Isis and her friends had done. She knew they were cruel in so many ways, but even she never would have expected this much. One thing she was assured of now, these girls were being an example of what evil might be..

" What happened to the girl?" Somberly asked Mandy, thinking about what happened to this young girl.

" After she had left camp and gone home, she got into drugs and she tried to commit suicide a few times... all because of Isis and her friends harassment." Said Miss Ashfield, shaking her head. " Luckily she did not succeed in killing herself and thankfully, I heard that she is now in therapy and getting better."

" Was Isis thrown out of camp or what?"

" That is the thing that hurts me the most about that...." Said the woman, her face flaring with a overtone of anger. " Because who Isis’s family is, and the power they wield even towards Pawa itself... We could not expel Isis from ever coming back to camp.. even though I wanted to so badly. Between you and me... that girl is noting but evil.."

Mandy was shocked, but not too surprised either. Isis and her posse were a force to be reckoned with when banded together... just like all bullies. They were a group that was now more than shown that they could do damage in ways that most people would never have eve dreamed up.

" So what are you going to do with the letter thing?" She asked, then muttered. " Is there something you can do?"

The woman looked up for a moment, obviously thinking on the matter. She looked at the letter she still held, and made a grimace of disdain at it.

" I have to get the board of directors to investigate this situation... and have both you and this Allison girl to sign affidavits to verify it all" She said, adding. " I think the police might have to be also called in as well... this is a hate crime in our country."

" Will they do something about it? Would anybody do something about that letter?" Said Mandy.

Miss Ashfield sighed low in her chest, as if she was half not wanting to reply to the young girl.

" After what happened last year, or the lack if what was done.. I am not sure what the board will or will not do..."

" Can you do something by yourself?" Mandy asked softly.

" That I have already thought about..."Said the woman with a nod, then she added with more vigor. " I think I will investigate this myself before taking this to the board... and if I see that it is Isis and friends, I can take it to my bosses and fight tooth and nail with them to get something done about it."

" You can do that?"

" If I don’t do something like that... the board would do nothing..." Said the woman. " If I have the ammunition to back all of this up, they might have to do something with Isis after all."

Mandy was relieved to hear the woman was going to try and do something about it. She sighed and looked at the woman.

" Thank you." Was all Mandy could say

Mandy was going to leave, when the woman called out.

" I would like to talk to you... personally, before you return to activities.." The woman said, her voice was low and soft.

The girl turned to face the woman, her whole body shaking as she now had a flash of the past come to her. She found the woman standing right in front of he, the smokiness if her eyes were now back.

" I want to apologize more my... actions the other day..." She said. " Finding you in the showers, I was not expecting... then I found that you were so... amazingly beautiful, and I just could not help myself.... and I ended up taking liberties that I should not have done."

" You... apologize?" Stammered the girl back.

" I do..." Said the woman, her face conveying that she was truly repentant for everything. " But I won’t apologize for seeing how utterly beautiful you are."

The shorter girl was surprised by the woman’s admission, and that sent a pleasurable shiver through her. She looked at the woman straight in the eyes, and found her heart pounding and her mind swimming with the absolute perfect beauty the tall woman was. She was scared and excited at the same time.

" Thank you..." She stammered, as she looked a Miss Ashfield’s perfectly per portioned face with a heat building inside of herself.

The very tall woman began to lean into Mandy, slowly drawing herself closer the short girl with lips perking and eyes closed. The young girl felt like everything was moving in slow motion as the delicate scent of the woman’s floral perfume flooded her senses. Entranced, the girl found herself leaning into the woman also... finding that ever last part of her wanted to feel the woman’s lips, and much more.

With her mind beginning to swoon, Mandy’s own lips were ready to receive the woman full lips onto hers, heart racing with the anticipation as the gap closed. The girl let her eyes fall close in reflex, as even this fraction of time before the kiss... made the anticipation of it that much more agonizing. She found herself drawn, and not one part of her was stopping... the only thing to her was the full lips that were on their way.

Their lips were just about to touch in a sensually slow ballet when they heard the door to the outer office open suddenly. Mandy and Miss Ashfield pulled back like if they had come in contact with something very hot, acting so flustered while they tried to look as composed as they could..

" I am back from my lunch break." Called out the voice of Mrs. Granger as she stepped in.

Breathing very heavy, Mandy looked at the woman with her and tried to act as natural as possible.. which was not working very well for her. The woman looked back with a little knowing smile, as she also seemed to be very flustered.

" Uh, I will look into that and get back to you as quickly as I can..." Stammered Miss Ashfield a little, her face showing a marked red tinge to it .

" Uh... Thank you." Said an embarrassed Mandy, turning and leaving the woman’s office as she felt her own face turning very hot.

Mandy moved through the outer off, pausing to wave at Mrs. Granger for a split second before darting out of the door The always very bubbly woman had waved back with gusto, as she watched the young girl make her way outside. It seemed like the secretary had not even noticed the girl’s crimson coloring that painted the cheeks. The woman simply took her seat behind the desk and began going through a tall stack of files.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:   Sorry about the small cliffhanger... but it is on purpose. The next chapter can be described as vbery interesting and will be up in a day or so.  Please Read and review... continue to help me get better at this.:)


Chapter 10

Title: Chapter 10 - Which way to turn?

[Author's notes: Two sides... we all have.  Which one of them do we follow?]

Chapter Ten - Which way to turn



Supper time at Pawa was over, people were heading off to their cabins or to the little store in the ‘downtown’ area to meet people and by snacks until nine when campfire was on. It was something out of the ordinary, that was always replayed over and over nightly around the sparkling waters of Pawa.

The ritual of everyone gathering to sing and have fun around a huge bonfire was a staple in the life of a camper... and was well known, and well liked.. a perfect sort of ending to each day’s activity. The congregating of the campers at the store was also a type of custom in of itself, although it served a different sort of purpose than the bonfire..

Some campers did go back to their cabins, while some boys and girls would ‘hook up’ to go off for some ‘alone’ time. Those kids would hid themselves behind buildings, trees and in the shrubbery that sat throughout the camp grounds for the usual teenaged preoccupation with the opposite sexes... or the same sex as some people would be inclined.

Mandy did not go to either of the gathering places, opting to walk around the grounds to enjoy the hot evening air that was alive with the smells of nature. She did stop to talk to various people she came across, people she had known through school and camp for awhile, but then would continue on to have a smoke or two before the campfire was suppose to start. She had so many things on her mind at this time, a cigarette and a little time away from the other campers was needed, as well as wanted.

She passed a young couple as she headed for the water’s edge, who were engaged in some real heavy petting at the moment. Mandy could not help but to break a smirk while pretending not to even see them.. even thought they were both hidden so poorly by the bushes they have chosen for their expressions of love. Mandy kept going, but still watched slyly out of the corner of one eye.

The tall lad had the girl in his arms, his lips busily kissing her neck while his free hand was blatantly jammed down the front of her very tight fitting shorts. The short red head that had the large bust had her eyes closed and was moaning a little more than just softly. It was obvious the thin youth had one of his finger up in her... and she was more than enjoying every little thing that finger was doing to her. Judging from the heavy film of sweat on her flushed cheeks, it was clear that her climax was not too far away.

As Mandy kept herself walked down to where the boathouse sat in the waning light of day, she heard the girl back with the all to thinly built lad let out a huge gasp and then let out a whimpering moan, followed by the only words that could have been made out as being English.

" Ohhh... Mark!!" The gasp said, and that said volumes.

Mandy could not help but give herself a half stifled giggled. It was really clear, she had been so right with the orgasm thing. That buxom girl had gone off like a roman candle, probably to the delight of that boy she was with.

" Good one..." She said, trying not to snicker any louder than she already had been. Just then, she heard a second moan that was a little louder still. " She a multiple orgasmer, I think."

She left the two ‘lovers’ where they were, very sure that very soon... they would be both deep into the ‘action’ of another kind, the kind that would involve much more than petting. Mandy was very sure that she did not want to stick around for any more than what she already had stumbled across. She headed down the lowly path that would take her to where she was going, thankful that she was finally out of earshot.

The boathouse area was void of any lovers using the space for any rendevous. The place sat in the low light, the only noises were from back at camp, and the lapping of waves on the dock. She could see no one, not even Miss Ashfield... which she felt a little saddened by just a little.

In truth, Mandy was glad no one was there in the first place. The girl was more than sure that her usual night time smoking spots would be taken by now, by the same sort of people as the couple on the path back there. That was why she chose to come all the way out here to have her smoke in private. She wanted some solitude for as long as she could have gotten.

Taking the pack out of her small handbag she carried over her shoulder, she lit one up and sat down on a overturned cut stump to watch the water while she enjoyed her nicotine fix. After the initial rush of the smoke hit her, she settled in to enjoy the placid solitude under a very perfect summer evening sky. It was picturesque out here.

Mandy just enjoyed her quiet, while thinking about the ‘near’ kiss she had gotten from the amazingly gorgeous Miss Ashfield earlier in the day. She was wondering just what had came over her that exact moment, remembering those gorgeous lips of the woman and how they had captivated her so strongly... and how much she desired the kiss. She could remember just how much she felt drawn to the so attractive tall woman like that... even right now, she could feel it so vibrantly. She could feel the shivers in her whole body as she just thought about it.

Was this just lust she was feeling, were her hormones simply going off on their own without any help from her brain? Was it purely lust she was feeling? If not, was it the starting point of actually falling in love with the lean and incredible shapely lady? She was sure of only being very captivated by the lady.

Which one of these was it, or was that she some pervert that was getting off on how the woman had seemed to stare and admire her from afar?

Either way it actually was... it made her feel almost as if she was cheating on CC. It had been a very long time since CC had passed away, but it sort of felt like she had not died for some reason. She knew that this was silly to react like this, yet as she thought lovingly about her first love... she could not help feeling that way.

One thing was for sure though, she was unsure of the answer to any of it. Deep in her innermost thoughts, she also had to admit that she would have loved to have seen just what might have happened if her and the woman would had ten minutes more alone. It would have been, as CC always joked when they had no time for sex, but wanted to...very interesting.

She shuttered with pleasure with that single thought, and her heart yearned to be with CC, if only for a fleeting moment... to arrest these feelings.

She giggled at herself for thinking perverted like that, also knowing it had been a very long time since she had been intimate with CC, the only person she had been ever with. Taking a drag from her nicotine stick, she averted her thoughts to the water, and how perfectly still it was on this hot night. It was pretty, as the colors the sun made in the sky as it went down, was reflected softly in the liquid glass of the lake out there.

Mandy was just sitting there enjoying the beauty of nature, when Allison appeared next to her out of the dimness. She looked up at the girl, and saw the girl did not really looked too stressed out after spending the day with the bulk of her family. She did look a little tired and all, but still she was fin with the encounter of the relative kind.

" Hi..." The girl in the thick glasses said, lighting a smoke of her own.

Mandy eyed the girl as she took a seat next to her, as she opting to sit on a old upturned plastic bucket that was not very far off. The girl noticed Mandy looking at her and gave a tired roll of the eyes.

" I see you survived being ‘sistered’ for the day" She said to the girl, with a grin.

" Admittedly... it was not too bad in the end." Said Allison with a playful smile. " Seeing my Mom was nice... and I have to say that Chandra is not too bad.... I guess."

" Your sister is not too bad?" The shorter girl said, seeing a bright grin flash on Allison’s face.

Allison giggled and looked at the girl on the stump. She pretended to think on the question, but the impish smirk that flooded over the brainy girl’s face showed she already had an answer all lined up.

" I’m thinking that as a pain...." She started to quipped. " Chandra is very good at being... but it was nice to see her anyways."

Mandy shook her head and laughed, as her friend started to shake a little with the laughter that was rolling out of her. Allison calmed her self a little, and shrugged playfully.

" You know what I mean by that." The simple girl said through the many laughing spells that seemed to keep coming..

" I think I can...." Nodded the dark haired gal back.

Allison took another drag and let it out into the shadows of evening. It seemed it was that precise moment, that the smart girl’s mind had flashed over to more serious things. With this more decisive look on her face, Allison turned to look right at the girl on the stump.

" I went and told Miss Ashfield what I knew about that list... and what I was thinking. I saw her right before coming here to the boathouse." She informed with a sigh, getting down to business in quick fashion. " Miss Ashfield said she already talked it over with you earlier today, when you brought it to her attention.

" I did that right after lunch." Nodded Mandy. " What did she say to you?"

Allison did not hesitate in replying, her eyes now locking onto Mandy’s as she started.

" She said that she was looking into this on her own, before doing anything else." Allison said, then gave the other girl a strong stare. " Mandy... Do you trust that she will actually do something about Isis and her prejudice attitude?"

" I do." Mandy answered.

" I am a little troubled..." She said back. " Miss Ashfield told me what really happened to this one girl from last year... not what was just floating around here as rumors back then. It shocked me... and made me feel a little worried."

Mandy nodded and took a drag off of her own smoke. She knew why Allison was talking about it, and saw that it really did bother her.

" She is going to investigate all of it, and investigate it to the fullest... that’s what I am positive of." She assured Allison with a tone in her voice.

" How far do you think her investigation will have to go, or can she go as far as needed? She said she may bring in the police into it as well." Flatly said Allison. " Do you see her doing anything at all, if possible?"

Mandy looked right at the girl, and made a nod of being assured

" If she has to do one thing or another to actually to stop all of this hatred... I am all for what ever that may be." Mandy answered back. " I see her doing anything that would be needed."

" That makes me a little scared..."

" Scared?" Mandy asked, seeing the look that now hung on the girl’s face. " Of what?"

" There may end up being reprisals from Isis and her crowd, if they found out that we had the list, and knew it was them... and that we had taken it in. Very serious reprisals..." Said Allison the words could be heard in a tight tone of voice, words that were not as articulate as they usually were from her. " Not just a reprisal that comes with a list that ‘outs’ every single gay boy or girl here... there could be real physical types of reprisals... if they could do what they did to that girl last year."

Mandy already knew that was a very real possibility, one that had not passed her by when she heard about it. She turned to the brainy girl and saw the fear that was hidden behind the intelligent exterior. It was a deep fear by how it hung in Allison’s eyes, and in some way Mandy felt the same weight in her own mind.

" That had crossed my mind... more than once since meeting with Miss Ashfield..." She admitted, then felt a wave of determination flow through her. " But I see int this way... I don’t want to be afraid of them either, just because of who I am ... just because I am different than what they think and want..."

" I don’t want to either." Allison said, her voice calmer that what it had seemed to have been.

" Nobody should feel that they need to hid because of who they are... and neither do you..." Mandy paused for a moment, putting a hand on the girl’s shoulder. " I believe that is the reason that you showed that list to me in the first place.."

Allison looked at the girl and nodded, seemingly calmed right down by Mandy’s wholehearted assurances. The brainy gal broke out a smile... one with a little more confidence that was flashing through. She nodded to almost thank the girl for her words, before turning to stare off at the lake while taking a sophisticated looking puff of her smoke as she did so.

Now sitting there in the silence that had fell, Mandy found herself staring at the girl’s profile closely, while Allison was busy looking at the calming waters of Pawa. For the first time that Mandy could remember, Allison looked like as if her mind was far from the glass still waters she so intently looked on.

As Mandy studied the girl’s face intently, she felt the beginnings twinges of emotions crop up... ones that she had not had felt in herself for so long. The feelings were of a sense of deep closeness with the girl... a closeness that felt like it was growing into something further than what it had been even this morning towards the girl.

The small dark haired girl continued to watch the other girl in quiet, while muddling over what ever it was in her mind... and noticing that it was a familiar feeling, without having a name to identify it. It was hidden for a moment, but the feeling was strongly known.

Suddenly, out of the blue... Mandy’s mind figured it all out... and it know was posing a very big problem for her... as if she did not have enough problems to dwell on. It was clear, that she was discovering herself being attracted to this brainy girl, an attraction that was now growing even as she sat there in the beauty of the warm summer evening.

Mandy had already figured out that it was partly Allison’s subtle plainness... which was actually the girl outward beauty in its own right, but her feelings were stemming from the simplest meaning of just finally understanding the girl way more than she had ever done in the many years of knowing her

Thinking back, Mandy reminded herself on what she had been feeling towards the remarkable looking Miss Ashfield earlier on, and on how her mind had been so awash with the woman’s long angular legs and well toned tanned body that matched up with a vibrant personality... a image which seemed to touch her in so many ways. The brainy girl that was sitting beside her on the other hand, was the direct opposite of the woman in so many ways, like night was to day.

Allison was petite and very willowy in her form, but still it was not even close to being in a boyish way... it was actually more of a dainty sort of femininity, like a fine china doll in some respects. The girl also dressed so very conservatively...and that really contradicted a sense Mandy felt. She had been starting to sense that there was a free spirit lurking right behind those wire rimmed glasses she wore, one that was urgently wanting to come out. Mandy then started to think on just how extremely intelligent Allison was as well, but it was without the ego that normally went along with it.

Dainty and so intelligent... that was that paradox that Allison herself seemed to hold, which seemed to make the girl just who she was. That basic contradiction that made up the brainy girl, Mandy could not help but feel drawn even more... but it was a draw that was much different than what she felt towards Miss Ashfield. There lied the problem.

Now more confused that ever, Mandy turned to watch the same body of water as the girl. Taking a long pull off of the cigarette she held, she found herself trying to sort things out in her head. Lust and a deep down feeling of like seemed to be clashing head to head in her mind... this was a first for her.

Allison turned to Mandy, and saw the gal was off in her own world. She giggled and playfully pushed the girl’s leg with her foot... the seriousness she had shown earlier on, had vanished.

" Hey you..." She said with a little chuckle.

Mandy broke out of her thoughts and looked at Allison.

" Are you going to Campfire?"

" I was planning on it..." Said Mandy, her mind shifting back to the girl.

" Then shall we have another smoke, then go to campfire together?" Allison asked, a bubbly giggle in her words.

" Sounds like a plan..." Mandy said, a little flustered with her thoughts still in her mind.

The two sat and had another smoke together, chatting away about other things. Mandy saw how more open the girl was as they chatted, and that seemed to spread a warm feeling through her body... but it did seem to stop the clash that had been going on in her mind.

What ever it was that she was feeling, could wait. She just liked the feeling of comradery the girl brought, but also was unsure of the other things also. Not wanting to constantly dwell on it, she simply let herself enjoy the company.... that was what camp was all about.

Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 11 - The darkness holds...

[Author's notes:

One's own needs can be forgotten, when the mind is occupied with too much... but things always end up to work themselves out just fine.

WARNING:  Chapter contains explicit sexual scenes and some language.  Readers strongly advised to use disgression.


Chapter Eleven - The darkness holds...



Hot was the descriptive word for the night. It was a very sticky, heavy sort of air that was draped over Camp Pawa... making it feel as if everyone was in a sauna. The night’s weather made it a very uncomfortable time to be trying to sleep. Some people actually were sleeping, most were restless in the humidity that clung to the land.. making slumber a light thing..

Mandy layed in her bed, the mugginess of the night making it hard to fall asleep. Even sleeping naked without even a sheet to cover her, did not even help her. The addition of a small fan in the corner, only succeeded in moving around the air, making it circulate it’s heated grip. She sighed and just layed there, listening to the snoring of the others in the cabin... and noting the tossing and turning of a few. It was not a good night.

She had dozed a little for awhile, but had found herself wide awake again and sweating like she was on a ten mile run. She sighed, as she realized that at camp, she never really did sleep well in the first place. She giggled as she also realized that she had never really slept well, except at home... even when they had traveled and stayed with relatives.

With her mouth feeling so dry, She looked over at her water bottle next to her bed in the dim light coming from the small window over her bed, and saw it was empty. She grumbled in her chest as her mouth felt even dryer with her realizing the plight, this heat needed cold water if she was to sleep.

" Guess I have to get up now and get some water." She grumbled to herself, thinking of that long walk to the bathroom where they had cold drinking machines that gave cold clear water. " Damn!"

As she put on her lightest nightshirt she had brought with her, she wished she could just streak all the way out to the bathroom... and avoid being covered by the nightshirt she had forced onto her sweat covered body. She giggled at that thought of streaking across the compound like that, even her beloved CC would probably have never done that.

She had paused for a second, then Mandy giggled at herself again. Her mind had reminded herself that CC would have actually streaked to the bathroom, that is if she had dared the girl to do it. She shook her head as she thought about it, and giggled a little more. You never dared CC to do anything.. even if it was outrageous as hell, because the tall goth beauty would not of even balked at doing it..

There had been more than a number of ‘incidents’ where Mandy had came to really regret actually daring the girl to do something bizarre. Being shy or indecisive, was never any description you ever could possibly use to characterize the tall goth beauty as. The outgoing young goth had done many stunts along the way, and always shocked Mandy that she actually had done so.

She wondered why she had not learned her lesson any sooner, but it had made her life more than interesting... then again, CC was more than just simply interesting. That was what made Mandy love her. She smiled, as at least that had not changed in any sense of the word.

Grabbing her water container along with sticking a smoke behind her ear, she decided that it just might help her sleep some... laying there was doing absolutely nothing anyways. Grabbing a lighter, Mandy hurried off to do her chore.

The walk to the bathroom was uneventful, yet very pleasant. She had walked this route so many times over the time at camp, but it seemed when she made the trip at night... it was a refreshing thing to do. Perhaps it was of the fact there were no bustle of people flying around in the darkness. The simpleness of having a moment of solitude, seemed to be the reason for how it felt. It always felt little anticlimactic when she reached the bathroom area, as she simply loved the walk.

After filling her bottle up with the cold water from the machine, as she had came for, Mandy stopped behind the toilet cabin and had the smoke as planned. Underneath the silvery moon that hung high in the clear summer sky, she let herself take all of what the stillness of the hot night could offer up to a gal like her. It was as if those few moments of harmony, that ended up enriching her soul.

In the shadow, of this night she found herself really enjoying the cigarette while she tried not to think too much on events over the last couple of days. She forced herself simply stop all of that and take in the silence of the night in all of its glory. She soon felt a little more calmed, as the warmth of the air began to sooth her nerves, making her believe that she would finally be able to go back to bed and find that elusive sleep she so wanted.

Puffing away, she just continued to enjoy the night as she had been doing... looking forward to closing her eyes soon, and drifting off until morning would break once again for Camp Pawa.

She entered into the cabin about twenty minutes later. Finishing her smoke, Mandy had gone for a small midnight stroll near the cabin, enjoying all of the sights and sounds that the camp had in the nighttime. She was feeling more than ready for bed now, the heavy feeling of sleep was creeping up on her.. and that was such good news to her tired body.

The girl made an effort to close the door of the cabin behind her so softly, that she could not even hear it click at the end. She slowly began to tiptoe her way down the isle to her little cubical room at the far end of the building. She wanted nothing more than to lay herself down and sleep like she never had done before, hoping that the heat would not complicate her needed plan.

She had just gotten half way past the first two cubicles, when her ears picked up a very out of the normal sound. She froze, thinking she might have inadvertently woken someone up when she had came in. She stood right where she was, hoping that the person only had awoken for a fraction of a second, and they would fall right back to sleep almost instantly if she would not move a muscle. She hated waking people up.

Standing there holding her breath, the same noise came to her again, this time a little louder than the first time. It appeared to be a slight grunting noise mixed with some other sound backing it. She could not really make it out what it was for sure, but it seemed to be coming from the cubical on her left. She looked at the little nameplate on the wall that split one cubical from the next one and wondered what the noise could be.

It came right from Allison’s little cubbyhole.

Mandy neared the draped entrance of Allison’s room on cautiously placed bare feet. She could see a faint flickering light coming from behind the cloth barrier, the sound that she had been hearing clearly was behind the entrance way. She found the thick white colored drape was not over all the way, leaving a sliver opening that was enough she could have peered into. She debated herself if she would actually take a look in to see what the noise was or not... but still hearing the noise made her more curious than her cautious nature was telling her, so she ventured a peek in.

She could see Allison in her bed, the room lit by two candles in the corner. The girl had the sheets flung off of herself, and she layed there on her back in a sweaty heap. Mandy saw that the girl had not a stitch of clothing on, and was laying on her back, her knees bent up in the air. The girl was making all of the odd sounds, because she had two fingers of one hand plunged up her little treasure, the second hand was on her own small but very full breast... while her open eyes were fixed straight on the ceiling over herself.

Mandy went to leave, to leave Allison to her little ‘pleasures’ in peace, but she could not make herself stop watching. She simply stayed right there in her amazement, watching the girl pump her fingers in and our of the hole that was surrounded by a light patch of dark hair. Almost hungrily, the girl watched as she could see Allison’s long fingers were glistening with her juices, and the girl’s pubic hair was flattened with the oozing that came from her hole,. She watched entranced as those juices dripped down Alison’s small yet well rounded cheeks of her buttocks.

Standing there, Mandy could feel her own little treasure twitching away between her legs, noticeably awakened by seeing her friend finger herself like this. She swallowed hard and breathed a little harder, as she started to feel her own juices beginning the drip out of her opening and down the insides of her thighs. Wide eyed, she found that she still could not make herself even look away.

She soon was determined to get herself to turn away, feeling like a pervert that she was standing and watching her friend pleasure herself. She made herself close her eyes, but that did not make anything any easier.

Mandy started to head back to her owned, when she heard alison let out a huge gasp, as her orgasm obviously had finally exploded. She took only a small step, then she heard the girl sighed and that was followed by a few muttered words.

" Mandy... please, Mandy!" Allison had called out, in the deepest grip of her blissfulness.

Stunned at what she had heard Allison call out, even in it’s rushed whispered tone, Mandy froze once again where she was. She stayed right there for the longest time, as the girl climaxed a couple times more while she was there.. and always that came with her name hanging on Alison’s lips.

It was a surprise, and a explosion of excitement to hear the girl calling out her name like this every time. She noticed than on each occasion of Allison’s orgasm, she had nearly orgasamed herself each time. She could literally feel her treasure react strongly when having her name reach her ear.

Standing there, not knowing what to do with her body tingling like crazy, Mandy lingered for a moment.

" Why cant I make myself leave?" She asked herself

" that you?" Said a very whispered voice, which was not the one inside her head.. She stopped breathing for that moment

The dark haired girl did not know what to do, for she had been caught watching Allison. She thought of just sneaking away, but the girl could see her now.

" Yes, It’s me." She finally whispered, knowing that the girl had spotted her through the little opening.

" Come in then." Said Allison’s voice, still panting away from her last orgasm.

Mandy stepped into the small space, her face reddened with the embarrassment of being caught peeping like she had been. She made herself look at Alison, hoping that a heartfelt apology would help.

" I’m sorry..." She said with a whisper, stepping to the side of Alison’s bed. " I should not have been watching you and..."

Allison cut off her apology, by standing on her knees on the bed, and planting a dynamic kiss on to Mandy’s mouth. Mandy whimpered softly into Allison’s mouth, as those lips of her friend’s sent shockwaves through her body that was already hypersensitive from how horny she was.

"You found out my best kept secret I’ve got..." Softly breathed Allison, between long kissing stretches.

" Your...Secret?" Mandy gasped back, between the kisses from the naked girl that took her breath away. " What secret?"

Allison blushed and paused to look at Mandy, her eyes seeming to sparkle in the flickering candlelight.

" I don’t know if I love you... like CC did, or if I am... but I am so drawn to you, I have been driven to distraction..." Started Allison, her hand now going up Mandy’s nightshirt, fingertips finding the running juices that dripped down the inner legs of the shorter girl. " But... I am wanting you so badly... I never wanted anyone like this before...." She breathed as she could feel the warm slickness on Mandy thigh... as she traveled upwards. " I think the feeling is mutual right now... judging what I found...."

The brainy girl looked deep into Mandy’s eyes, her gaze steaming with desire. Without the thick rimmed glasses on, the plain looking girl was amazingly gorgeous to the still shocked girl. Hidden all those times behind those thick lenses, Mandy now could see just how amazingly pretty Allison was.... she already knew the girl’s heart was that way. Hormones in overdrive, the last tinges of Mandy’s resistence... if any, were fading fast.

Lips mashing on hers, Mandy felt herself being pulled onto the bed by the taller girl. She sighed and let herself be brought down on the girl’s naked slimness. They wrapped around one another almost the second their bodies touched, passion flooding there entire beings.

Allison slip her hand again up the girl’s nightshirt, and found the shaved beauty of Mandy’s treasure as legs fell open for her to reach better. Kissing the girl even more, the girl slid in a finger with ease, as Mandy was more than stimulated enough to not even worry. She pushed a second finger in to the smooth pinkness, then made sure they were in all the way. The girl could not help but shiver, when she heard Mandy moan with enthrallment.

" Let me make love to you please..." Allison whispered into Mandy’s ear, feeling the soft wetness wrap around her digits. " You make love to me."

Mandy pulled off her own nightshirt, and threw it somewhere into the darkness of the small space. Pulling Allison on top of her then, she quickly kissed back with as much fire as the girl had been doing to her, as their now bared and sleek bodies came together as one. She slipped her own hand between them both, fingers now touching the brainy girl’s quivering labia ever so lightly.

" Now!!" Breathed Allison into Mandy’s mouth, still moving her own hand at the same time deeper into Mandy.

The smaller girl stopped the Alison’s pleas when she inserted two of her own fingers. Body stiffening as she could feel the fingers going in, Alison let out a moan of pleasure and bucked her own hips to make sure they were in all the way. She then wriggled her own fingers in reply, and then Mandy was the one that moaned out. She sighed and let herself drift away.

Hands going in sync, the two girls kissed and felt one another as the heavy sweat from their skins melded together into a perfume all of it’s own. The musky odor that was produced swirled in their minds, and made their passions rise, building their pressures with each passing moment.

The girls soon felt as if they were going to explode, and they each seemed to be trying to get the other to cum first. They locked gazes as they now layed beside one another, hands still very much busied...they both were close to their own climaxes.

" Oh... God...I’m going to cum..." Allison breathed. " I want you to also..."

" Oh God... me too..." Gasped Mandy, feeling her resolve to hold off waning with Allison’s persistent fingers..

" Kiss me then..." Panted the brainy girl.

" We will cum together..." Mandy moaned, as her lips contacted the girls.

" Yes!" Was the exhilarated word the girl said, before being cut short by the hungry kiss of Mandy’s.

With the kiss, each girl sped up their own individual hands, wanting to pull the orgasm out of other. As if on cue, the two did climax at the exact same time... and that heightened each other’s explosion ten fold.

Mandy shuttered, as her orgasm flood her with a force she had not felt for a very long time. Every fiber of herself was jolted when her entire body exploded, the slender fingers that were inside of her pulled every last ounce of her climax out of her. She could feel her wetness literally shooting out of herself as she was caught in the vortex of pure ecstacy. Mandy was aware of the treasure that was wrapped around her own fingers, as it twitched and pulsed wildly each time she sank them in to the fullest. Allison’s treasure reacted to her, by bathed her hand in warm juices that coated her arm all the way up to the elbow.

The tried to stifle their release, by burrowing their faces into one another’s necks... and could feel the others full raptures as they cried out. They layed there and shuddered together for the longest of time, until the orgasms subsided.

Allison body vibrations slowed, as she breathed heavily into Mandy’s shoulder. She swallowed and looked at the girl’s face. She found the girl was already looking at her.

" I don’t swear much... almost never... " Softly said the brainy girl, with a smile of complete satisfaction on her face. " But... Holy Fuck!!"

" I second that..." Mandy smirked, feeling her own afterglow drape her body in it’s satisfaction embrace.

" Can I third-that?" Said the brainy girl, panting heavily.

They just layed there in the silence of the room, their sweat covered bodies held do closely as to feel the other breathing. Each girl could not help but to smile, as they stared longingly into one another’s faces.

" I’m sorry for peeking in on you like I did..." Mandy finally said, then grinned broadly. " But what came about..."

" I am glad you did...." The young Eienstein girl said, with a giggle. " It sort of... like... ‘broke the ice’, so to speak."

" Guess it did at that." She smirked back. " Sort of like an iceberg in the middle of the tropics."

" Great metaphor..." The brainy girl said, kissing the soft skin just above Mandy’s breast.

" Guess I can have a good one... once in a while..." The shorter girl smiled, feeling the softness of body that layed beside her.

Alison laughed as quietly as she could at Mandy’s little cheekiness, pulling the girl even closer to her.

" I just want to revel in this particular moment.... feel you as close to me as I can possibly get..." Asked the girl with a sigh to her words. " Would you mind if I did so?"

" No." Said Mandy, as she did not want to leave the girl’s side, not just yet anyways.

The two girls fell quiet again, just simply letting themselves feel the full enjoyment of laying there. It was clear by the dead silence the cabin was cloaked int, that no one had been disturbed up by their little ‘encounter’. The place still was filled with the odd snoring sound that filtered into the small place.

With that fear of being found gone, they stayed together for a while longer...until Mandy had to sneak back to her bunk. With the fact of the list being out there and Isis still a threat, they just knew that they had to do that for their own sakes. The did part, only after smothering one another with kisses, and a few playful gropes as well..

Mandy snuck back to her bed, not even stopping to put on her nightshirt to make it back. As she slipped her now satisfied body into bed, she felt a twinge of sadness flood her when she looked at the picture of CC. She hoped that CC up in heaven understood what had happened, for she was not quite sure herself. She now really felt like she had cheated on CC, but then as if on cue, a warm feeling flooded her body. It was almost as if something was comforting her out of the heat of the night.

Mandy realized that this very well could have been CC’s plan all along for her, when she had told her to come back to Pawa in the first place. She thought back, to a day she usually tried to forget.

CC had voiced that she wanted Mandy to be as happy as she could, to find love and go on in life. That was the last thing the goth girl ever talked to Mandy about, before she had fell asleep, and then passed away sometime that night, with the diminutive form of Mandy sitting right next to the bed, knowing the exact moment when God had taken her love home.

For Mandy... That soul memory hurt to even think on, but was one that was so very treasured also. That was, the legacy that Crystal, known simply as the girl called CC, had given her. That was a gift only love could have gave.

Snapping back to the present, Mandy was not sure of the love thing yet herself, admittedly she had strong attractions for Allison, as well as Miss Ashfield. As of this moment, they were new feelings and still undecided on.... but Mandy had this strange feeling, that somehow CC thought she was going in the right direction.

"Tonight, was just some sort of step, maybe..." She thought to herself as she layed there.

That made her start to think a little bit, as she pushed the sheet farther away from hee still hot body... her nose still knowing Alison’s scent was strong on her skin. She wondered if there would be different directions to come.

Played out, Mandy soon drifted off to sleep for the last few hours until needing to be awake. She felt at peace strangely, but she also had some worries tucked away back in her mind as well.

Would what happened so spontaneously with Allison, change their friendship for the worse... or would it lead somewhere larger, and to something deep? The Miss Ashfield thing also was a big question... but for now... sleep lent a hand to relieve all of it until at least morning.

[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  The story now turns into high-gear from here.  There are TWO surprises coming... please kep reading and reviewing.

 Sneak peek:  Mandy had one hell of a surprise coming... will this change things even more!


Chapter 12

Title: Chapter 12 - Abundance of confusion

[Author's notes:

Confusion and life... yep, they do go together.

 Warning:   This chapter is very sexually explicit. Disgression is strongly advised.


Chapter Twelve - Abundance of confusion


With a yawn, Mandy took her place at the breakfast table at the far end of the dining hall. She looked as if she so very tired right now, but having such a bright smile on her face, showed that she indeed still had some life.

With her hand Mandy’s knee, the half assed smirk on Allison’s face was a great sight to see as well.... making the short girl regain even more of her strength back. Thinking back, Mandy was still sure that she had left much her lost energy back somewhere in the brainy girl’s room the night before. She giggled and eyed the girl again, then reliving the night for a moment, she was now positive of that.

Eyeing the pancakes on the plate as she received it as it was handed down the line, Mandy was not quite sure about her breakfast.

" Are these suppose to be pancakes?" Mandy asked over to Alison, with a confused tone in her voice.

" I think they just might be..." Muttered back the girl in the glasses, who seemed rather unimpressed with the dark brown and not too flat circular objects piled like cordwood on the plate. " Perhaps they could be UFOs?"

The shorter girl stabbed one of the flapjacks with a fork, finding them to be hard to actually stab. She raised her eyebrow in curiousness

" They might be Hockey pucks masquerading as pancakes?" Snickered Mandy back.

" Pucks would look, and perhaps even taste better..." Said Allison almost out of the blue, as she tried stopping herself from laughing.

" More nutritious as well...." Playfully added in darker haired girl.

Alison nearly fell off of her seat, as she laughed so hard at her friend’s little comic jab of the food. To both of their surprise, they heard even Isis down the table had laughed at Mandy’s little joke It was apparent that the girl had heard the joke, and reacted as if she was joining in the fun with them.

Mandy was not too sure why the girl had suddenly ‘warmed’ up to them like this, but it was a complete one-eighty. She looked at Alison, who also seemed so very surprised at this turn of events.

" This is a first..." She said in more of a whisper, being a little suspicious of the whole thing. " I never have heard them even talk to us really, now they are laughing at our jokes?"

" I have to admit... this is really peculiar on all of their parts." Said the brainy girl, her voice showing more than mere leeriness with the sudden joviality coming from the popular girls. " Actually laughing at our jokes out of the blue... It is something that causes me to take a pause over...."

" A pause that they might know or be up to something?" Pointed out Mandy. " In fact... They might have some sense something is going on..."

" You mean about the list we handed in?" Asked Alison, trying to clarify what her friend was saying.

" Yes.... it might be about that list.."

The brainy girl seemed to pause, her eyes seemed to droop a little as she thought on it for a few moments.

" You think Miss Ashfield has done her investigation already, do you?" Allison inquired. " An they know they have been watched, or that some people suspect them with the list?"

Mandy stopped and thought about it. It did not seem like they knew that they had reported it already. She thought they might be suspicious that someone had taken their little ‘hate list’ in at the very least. Still, the sudden way they had included themselves in with people they normally shunned and ignored... lay credence to the thought that they might have some suspicions.

What ever the answer was, a little red flag was popping up in Mandy’s mind. These people were dangerous, and she had to be aware of that fact..

" I don’t think that Miss Ashfield is remotely done investigating yet..." She finally replied, whispering low. " She was wanting to be absolutely sure so she could do something about it. They could see that she is snooping around though..."

" Then they must know something... perhaps heard a rumor going around or something along those lines.." Allison speculated.

" Or they are ‘fishing’ around to overhear if there is something to be suspicious of..." Thought out Mandy. " They might not know if there is, but because of what they wrote down... they are looking over their shoulders to see if it had gotten reported. A written thing like that is as good as a confession of being prejudice."

The very intelligent girl tool a small glance over at Isis and her group. They had already went back to talking amongst themselves, as if they had not even laughed at all. The girl looked back to her friend.

" Either they know something, heard something along the way or just that alien pods have landed and taken over their minds..." She snuffed, with a flair of sarcasm that Mandy smiled at. " Don’t know which one is worse."

" Would explain things... mostly the alien theory." Mandy said back, impressed by the girl’s sudden attribute of being sarcastic.

As they both went back to their unappealing meals, the girls were not totally sure if these girl knew about what they had reported or not. Whatever it was going on in those girls collective minds, they needed to be wary for the time being.

Solemnly, both Alison and Mandy knew that to watch their backs, until they could be sure of things. That was what was a real necessary... considering what that group had done to that girl only a year before, and had gotten away with it thanks to the power wielded by their Mommies and Daddies.

That show just how much class distinctions really just stunk.



As the day started to go, Mandy watched Isis closely, along with her band of snobbish friends. She made sure to hover close to them, trying to find out whether or not they had found out anything, or at least suspected something. Being nonchalant about it, she found her spying was basically easy enough..

She listened and took any note of things throughout the fist two activities that were slated for the morning. The activities were arts and crafts, making of paper-mache masks and riding the horses. Each were a ‘close’ activity, where Mandy found it not very hard to eavesdrop on the band of girls.

The group just seemed to chat it up like usual. Boys, clothes, make-up and who they all really hated were the main topics... all that was pretty much normal for them, although some of it disgusting when it came to their opinions of people. The group had also gone back to ignoring everyone they shared the cabin with... just as easily as flicking the lights on and off. Things seemed to be as what it had been.

For now, Mandy was sure that Isis and crew had been only ‘fishing around’ when they had been laughing her joking around to see if something was up. Because it was Alison and herself, they had probably decided the two had nothing to offer as information, and simply went back to how they were.

That was just fine by Mandy’s thoughts on the matter. At least for awhile more, Allison and her could let themselves relax.... but still knew they had to watch their backs just for safety sake. Whenever the investigation starts after Miss Ashfield looks into it, just might be a whole other matter altogether.

Day went along until it was nearing noon, the sun was high in the sky and the heat was very punishing as it reached triple digits for the third day in a row. It seemed like animal and human alike, was not immune to the nearly stifling heat that mother nature was throwing down on peaceful Lake Pawa

To combat the amazing heat, most campers in Pawa had changed into swimsuits to jump in the refreshing lake waters or simply to try and stay as cool as they could have. The water was warmer than normal, but for those who did dive right in... it was still better than baking like a potato in the oven.

Mandy was no different than all of them. She ended up changing her shorts and tank-top set for her favorite ivory white bikini and a pair of flip-flops. By how Alison eyed her and smiled when she passed by, it was a good choice. She always loved the bathing suit anyways, that just made it even more so.

Allison went off to do something with her little brother for awhile, actually he was a half brother to the girl... since Alison’s had ended up remarrying some time ago They may not have been related to one another by blood, but it seemed that the two were just like if they had been born that way... only they had a better relationship than most. In looking at how they interacted, put that point home.

With it being so hot, Mandy was not knowing what to do with Alison off like that. She decided to buy herself a very cold pop from the little store beside the administration building. They had time on their hands anyways, because most of the activities schedule for outside had been either cut back or delayed until the hottest part of the day had gone away. Anyway it would all work out, it give the campers and councilors some free time to do what they might.

With a clear, cold and condensation dripping bottle of 7up in her hands, Mandy exited the small store and back out into the blazing sun. She loved how cold the bottle felt in her hand, and wished she could roll the cold bottle all over her body to cool the rest of her down... without everyone in camp thinking she was weird or something. She giggled, as CC had done something like that one time... she remembered it clearly, but she was not about to attempt what the girl had done. Some might have called what CC had done almost pornographic... Mandy had called it ‘embarrassing’ your girlfriend.

She went in search of somewhere to sit... somewhere it was cool and shady of a place, preferably out of sight. She wanted somewhere like that so she could retrieve her smokes from her little sleeping area, then go and have one before hunting out a seat in the Arts and Crafts room for awhile That particular building had an air conditioning in it in there, because of the paint and pottery clay. On a hot day like today, she knew that finding a spot in there might be tricky, but she needed a smoke first.

After walking around the camp area for almost twenty minutes, Mandy had ruled out a few of her normal places she smoked, because of the blazing sun had not moved enough in the sky to create any real amounts of shade yet. Grumbling to herself, she went to check out another spot she could think of, thinking that is she did not find a spot... she would have to put off the smoke and have some cooling off time in the art area.

As she started off to the next spot, she stopped as a voice called out with her name.

" Hot enough today, Mandy?" It asked, from somewhere not really away..

Mandy looked around, and saw it had been Miss Ashfield who called out. Standing on the porch of the Administration Cabin, dressed in only tight black pair of shorts and a halter top. Dispite the light clothing she wore, the woman seemed to be as hot as anyone caught outside today.

" I asked if you found it way too hot today?" The woman said, as the girl neared to speak with her , so they could without yelling.

" It is..." Agreed Mandy.

" You seemed to be looking for something?" the woman asked back, seemingly curious. " I have seen you pass me on this very porch three times in a space of around ten minutes.

" I am looking for something..." Mandy said.

" For what would you be out here searching for on such a scorcher of a day?" Miss Ashfield asked.

Mandy shrugged her shoulders playfully, but giggled a little as she felt suddenly uneasy..

" I am in search of a shady place to have a smoke." She said, knowing the woman smoked as well. " One away from most of the others."

" Let me guess..." Started the woman, after giving a glance up at the blazing orb in the sky. " Because of old man Sol up there cooking us, you have not been able to find a good spot?"

" Nope... still searching." The girl informed.

The woman paused for a moment, looking behind herself at the cabin for a second. She turned back, and had a small glint in her eye.

" If you want... and if you don’t tell anyone... come in and have a smoke in my office..." She said, looking up at the sun. " Tat beats the heat... I have air conditioning, you know."

Mandy sighed, as the thought of being somewhere cool, was inviting... but she was nervous about what nearly happened the other day. It brought back all of those emotions, and the strong pull she had also felt towards the woman. Thinking that she did not know quite where she stood with Alison yet along with this attraction she had for the long legged woman also, made it more confusing. She did not want any more confusion any more.

She was not quite sure of anything, yet in the end...the oppressive heat finally won out over her nerves.

" You sure of that?" Mandy asked.

" Close the door, no one will know I let you have one then.." The woman said with a smile. " Even Mrs. Granger is out for awhile having lunch with her husband... she can’t tell on me either for doing something nice and letting you have one measly smoke in the office."

" Alright... I’m going to grab my cigarettes and be right back then." She said, thankful.

" I’ll lend you one of mine..." She said, with a wave of invitation. " Just come on... beats running around in this heat just to get a blasted smoke."

The girl nodded, she could not beat that logic, running on a day like this was even torturous for her. She hurried over to the building, downing the last of her now not-as-cold pop. She followed the woman in to the office cabin, telling herself that she was going in to cool down and have a smoke.

The woman’s office felt refreshingly cool, but not overly either. To the bikini wearing form of Mandy, the perfect temperature really felt as if it was heaven on earth.

" Feels so good." She happily said, smiling as the cool air from the small window box gently massaged her pinked skin..

" That is why I stay in here during these heat waves..." Miss Ashfield said, laughing with it. " Even with wearing things like these bicycle shorts and light tops... this sort of weather is still so hot that I can’t stand it."

Mandy nodded, knowing exactly what she was saying about this heat. The lady handed her a cigarette, and sat down behind the desk. The girl lit the smoke and took a seat on the edge of the large desk, while giving a sideways look right at the woman, obviously a little nervous in being in the office alone like this.

The woman lit one of her own and sat back, her eyes somewhat looking over the barely covered form of the girl sitting there. She gripped the arm of her wooden desk chair a little, as if trying to control herself. She put on a smile and finally addressed the young beauty.

" I have started my investigation, if you wanted to know..." Said the woman finally, shifting her mind in a different direction. " I have brought in someone to look into Isis and the others."

Mandy paused from her smoke, and looked at the woman.

" Brought in someone?" Mandy said, not quite understanding what the woman was trying to relay to her.

" I called in a favor from a Private Investigator friend of mine." She explained calmly. " This person is checking out things at this very moment, gathering information and any evidence that might be needed. If my investigator gets something solid out of it... we can hang Isis and her group with, because then I can take that evidence of this straight to the board and then the cops... what they are doing, even with just the listed note, is nothing less than a hate crime."

Mandy thought on the things she was told for a moment.

" You have a Private Investigator around camp?" She asked, with a pause. " I have not seen anyone out of the ordinary around here."

" That is the whole idea behind having a Private Investigator in the first place." Said the woman. " Being trained in not being seen, an investigator then can be fee to dig in and get more information that police ever could, without having those girls getting suspicious of anything."

The girl mind flashed back to this morning, and how she thought Isis and her friends were ‘fishing’ around. She told of how she was now wondering if the girls had caught on to this investigator person somehow. She explained to Miss Ashfield about the incident in the dining hall right off, afraid that was why the group was digging around because they had found out about being investigated.

The woman nodded, seemingly understanding the girl’s concerns. She shook her head then and made sure to look Mandy right in the eyes.

" My friend only started a couple of hours ago..." She explained. " No way in hell they could know about my investigator at breakfast time... no one, but you right at the very moment, knows."

" Then... why were they all poking around like that?" Questioned the young girl. " You have to admit, that is a little suspicious."

The woman giggled a little bit and nodded, seeing that was a concern for the young girl.

" A guilty mind sometimes plays with a person’s mind..." Miss Ashfield finally started. " They had put the letter out there, and probably the do checks from time to time to see if they might get caught... after what they did to that girl, they are just protecting their asses since they got away with it once."

Mandy nodded, and looked at the lady’s confident face. That made total sense to her, and now felt like she could relax a little better now. She knew that the lady was right in bringing in a professional... and hopefully this person could put an end to Isis and her band of homophobic snobs.

The sleek woman stood up and went to pass the girl to get something, and her hand inadvertently brushed up against Mandy’s bare leg. The woman shuttered and stopped when she touched the girl’s leg, noting the girl had also shivered noticeably.

She looked at the girl, her eyes smokily suddenly had locked on to Mandy’s eyes only to then slowly began to rove down to the barely clad little body that now was only a short distance away.

" Your bathing suit...." She said, actually stuttering nervously a little. " Looks so good on you."

Mandy blushed, as the woman commented on what she was wearing. She felt uneasy, but she felt her body tingling like mad at the same time. Just like the last time, she felt herself being very drawn to the woman... her whole body now was feeling like one huge knot of sexual explosiveness. Even her treasure had become almost instantly wet, and was making the crotch of her bikini bottoms very damp in just a very short time.

Mandy thought for a moment of leaving, looking right into the woman’s beauty. A sixteen year old and a thirty something should not be even near this point... no matter if it was a man and a girl or Woman and girl. She new it, yet the truth was, she wanted the woman. It was very clear as well... Miss Ashfield felt the same way.

The woman leaned in, just like she had done the day before. Her lips this time, did touched down on Mandy’s. The girl did not even make a move to back off one inch, from her seat on the edge of the desk, she had returned the woman’s kiss with her own.. filled with great eagerness.

The woman’s lips made Mandy’s body feel weak, she noticed the soft yet firm hands of Miss Ashfield now were caressing her bare sides. Feeling such a light touching on her skin, it was sending shivers of complete sensualism throughout her body. It felt like her entire being was quivering, ever fiber of being was wanting this beautiful woman who was touching her... to take her right then and there.

As they kissed, Mandy could feel the woman’s hands had stopped to rest on the top curving of her hips... exactly where the ties to her bikini bottoms gently lay. She felt tugging on the strings that held her bottoms in place, and for a split second she had thought of stopping this and leaving, but she just give a long contented sigh as the woman pulled on the strings to complete the task at hand.

The knot unraveled smoothly, and fell apart like a whisper. Her bottoms hung there only for a fraction of a second, then the small piece of material fell as Mandy opened her knees slowly and with anticipation.. With a light tug, she felt the woman remove the now freed bottoms... and the young girl waited almost in limbo...excitedly for what would come next.

" You are so damned beautiful..." Softly spoke the woman into Mandy’s ear, as she trailed a finger over the exposed and erect pink folds that were not quite so hidden between the lean legs of the girl..

Gasping like she had never done before, the petite teen felt her entire body quiver under just the simplest touch. The tip of the woman’s fingernail was now being trailed ever so lightly just around Mandy’s swollen clitoris, and she let a long moan out as the sensations overwhelmed her.

" Oh..." Mandy gasped out over and over again, the woman’s finger now working its way to entering her. By how wet she felt herself, Miss Ashfield would have no trouble at all. " Please... your making me ache all over..."

" Your like perfect rose petals dampened with dew in the morning..." The woman whispered in response, as she finally sunk her finger deeply into Mandy’s ready treasure. " It feels so soft, so amazingly like velvet under my fingers... so...inviting."

The gasping girl could only lay herself back on the desk, as the feeling of the woman’s finger sent the biggest shockwave of pleasure through her. From her head to her toes, the pleasure feeling was unlike anything she had felt before. Each time that Miss Ashfield moved her digit deep into her, it felt like another pulse of electricity blasted its way through her... making her crave for more of the woman’s touches.. and for what ever else might come.

The woman stood there, her hand still working in and out Mandy’s little flower, watching the girl writhe and gasp and finding that so exhilarating. Miss Ashfield paused, then slowly leaned herself through the raised knees and started to kiss the flatness of the girl’s stomach with as lightly as she could.. Mandy shivered under this sort of attention, which the woman smiled in between placing each deliberate peck on the soft skin under her.

Mandy squirmed and swooned every time the woman’s amazing lips connected to her stomach. With her mind spinning and her body feeling like she burning up with all of the sensations, she could tell that the lady was making her way down her tummy, to the goal that only was a few blissful lip falls away. With every part of Mandy shivering with expectation, the girl wanted to feel those wonderful lips on her folds of her now very awaiting treasure.

When the woman’s lips finally contacted her trembling flower folds, Mandy could not stop a gasp of pleasure from shooting out of her mouth. In response, she parted her legs even more widely, feeling the woman’s tongue was now coming into play. It firmly started to lap over each fold separately, skirting around where the woman’s finger was still sliding in and out of her. She felt that tongue now brushing the little button that was now so erect, swirling around it in circles in such a way that it made even the inside of her channel vibrate.

Mandy thrashed her head from side to side, every muscle in her body was reacting to that the woman’s attention. Her hips pushed her pussy into meet the tongue with abandon, grinding on the woman’s face.

" Your like brown sugar..." Miss Ashfield moaned, as she sped up her finger and made sure that it went in as deep as she could have it go.

Arching her back, the young girl felt her orgasm building, the energy of it climbing by leaps and bounds. Somehow, the woman had been making it build for Mandy from the first moment she had kissed her... now that climax seemed to just keep building up, getting stronger and more close. Every second, seemed to hold the chance of a release, but still it kept on growing. Mandy was nearly going out of her mind by this time, as it was such an amazing feeling... she did not want it to end, yet she was wanting it to explode also.

The woman seemed to know what she was doing, stopping just before the girl would have orgasamed. She seemed to do that a few times, building the pressure up until Mandy was nearly pleading for the woman to let her explode finally. The lady smiled and returned to lapping the flower again, this time differently.

Mandy felt both the tongue and finger now really going at it, her sweat covered body stiffened as the anticipation was over and the rush for orgasm now began. Not being able to stop it, Mandy let out a cry...slamming her hips up into the woman’s face. The full force of the orgasm now broke through. Waves of pleasure crashed through the short girl’s body, making her aware of the gush of her juices shooting out of her only to be instantly drank up by the woman.

Each stroke by the woman’s tongue to catch the beads of juice, would bring another wave of ecstacy and another shutter to wrack the tiny girl... the power of every wave of climax that came, was felt right down into her soul. Unable to even be aware of anything else, the girl whimpered in the euphoria.. losing count of how many she actually had felt.

With the last jolt, Mandy’s body went limp on the desk, her body felt a heaviness as the orgasm ebbed away. The girl felt how hard her chest heaved, and noticed the stickiness of her sweat covered body while still feeling small jolt of her orgasm shoot through as it passed.

Miss Ashfield stood up and looked at the girl, her face was silvery wet with the juices she had been so lovingly enjoying. She cocked her head a little, watching the girl lay there for a moment.

" Well?" The woman asked, a pleased smile on her face.

Mandy could not speak for a moment, but she felt her face flash a smile back. She sat up and looked at the woman, shifting forward on the now slick surface of the wood. Without a word, Mandy reached out and touched the woman’s crotch... and felt the quivering heat of the pussy that was under the spandex.

" You don’t have to..." Said the woman, gasping.

" You don’t want me to?" Breathed Mandy, tracing the outline with her own fingers.

" Yes..." Said the woman, her face now flushing.

Mandy let herself slowly down onto the floor between the desk and the woman. Boldly, the pretty girl pulled down Miss Ashfield’s shorts over the full hips and then guided them down those luscious legs. She waited at the ankles, and the lady stepped out of them as she watched what the girl would be up to now.

The woman’s perfect treasure with it’s closely cropped blond hair came into view. She smiled, as she could see that the woman was already very wet from what she had been doing to her. Leaning in while still on her knees, she took the first exploring lick of the woman without any hesitation.

Miss Ashfield gasped as she stood there with the girl at her feet, the young girl’s tongue so amazingly probing her outer mound.. Mandy now had wrapping her arms around her lower half, while burying her face in between her legs... her hands on the firmness of the ass and pulling her in. The woman moved her legs farther apart, and the girl slid in between, while her lips never left where they were. Gasping, she watched as the girl ate her pussy.

Mandy rung the woman’s hole, slowly spiraling her tongue in like water going down a drain... hitting the little button often. The woman gasped and leaned a little over forwards, putting both hands on the desk. Now being able to look down, she watched as Mandy suckled her cunt, and that made the experience that much more heightened in arousal.

" God your good..." The lady gasped, at which the girl sped up her manipulations. That made the woman shiver.

Lapping the sweet nectar from the woman, Mandy had flung her self into the job wholly. She could feel the muscles of the woman’s ass under her hands jump and shake, the pussy her mouth was busy with, gushed and tremble constantly. Opening her eyes to see Miss Ashfield leaning right over her, she could see the woman’s large tits were swollen and the nipples stood out through the top... all signs that the woman was not far off from orgasm at this point. She knew she had to step it up a notch.

She let one of the ass cheeks go and moved her hand under her own chin. She sunk her finger in the lady’s hole, moving her tongue slightly to now deal with the little nub. As one, she worked on the pussy, paying close attention to every detail. She hit every sensitive spot she knew of, wanting nothing more than to make the woman climax as hard a she had done.

A scream of great force and pleasure suddenly came out of Miss Ashfield’s mouth, shaking the room with the volume. Mandy felt the treasure vibrate and fill her mouth with a large amount of sweet juices and have it run down her face. Speeding up her hand and mouth with the cues, she knew that the lady was in full flooding orgasm, and she was determined to pull out as many orgasms as she could.

After what seemed to hours, the now panting and sweating woman stood up and took a step back....breaking contact with the young girl’s mouth. She looked down, and collapsed to the floor on her knees right in front of Mandy.

" I don’t believe it..." She gasped.

" What?" Asked Mandy, a little scared that the woman had second thought on what the just had done together. " Did I do something wrong?"

Miss Ashfield shook her head, as she reached out to touch the girl’s wetted face.

" No, you did not..." She panted.

" Then what?"

" I never have orgasamed like that..." She said, giggling a little. " To be honest, I never had as ‘multiple’ orgasm before."

Mandy blushed, as the woman was obviously complementing her. The woman smiled and laughed a little again.

" Thank you..." She said so plainly, her eyes now softly hanging on the girl’s soft features for moments at a time.

" For what?" Mandy asked, almost innocently.

" Just... because!" Was all the woman could say back.

The woman then took a look at the clock that hung on the wall. She gasped and rose to her feet so smoothly, like a cat.. which Mandy found so graceful of the much taller woman.

" Mrs. Granger will be back in the office at any minute." Miss Ashfield said, putting her hand to her cheek. " Perhaps we should get ourselves dressed again, so as not to be ‘caught’ in an awkward moment?"

" I would guess that might be a good idea." Mandy said, oddly seeming very dazed as she looked up at the woman’s face

" It would." Miss Ashfield said, kissing Mandy on the forehead as the girl got to her feet as well.

The woman smiled and moved off a little, handing Mandy the bottom part of her swimsuit in the process. The girl nodded slowly, the smile that had been set on her face had now totally vanished.

They both dressed hurriedly, trying hard not to look as if they were guilty of something, while listening for the return of the secretary.

As Mandy began to, Miss Ashfield called out to her. Almost blankly, the girl turned to the woman.

" About that Private Investigator. I told you about." She started, with a twinkle sitting in her smoky eyes. " If there is anything to report from the digging around I will make sure that you are told what he has found."

"That sounds good..." The girl said, half way short, then she seemed to very quickly leave of the office.

Miss Ashfield sat down in her big chair and lit a smoke. Letting go a large plume of smoke, the woman leaned back and seemed drift off somewhere in her thoughts. By the large and very bright smile that her face sported, it said exactly what it was that she thought about. She seemed to be feeling so happy.

" Wow!" She whispered to the emptiness of the room.

The phone started to ring on her desk, and she eyed the annoying device as if it was almost evil. She sighed as she picked it up.



The young dark haired girl had left the administration building before the secretary had even gotten there, and quickly hurried herself to her cabin... as the heat now was literally heavy outside.

She entered the cabin, and went to her bunk. Grabbing her smokes, she dashed out back into the heat. Her face, showing that she was troubled at he moment. She scooted around the cabin’s exterior to the back.

Without any shade, she hid herself away and lit one of then smokes with shaky hands. She took a long pull from the cigarette, and leaned back against the cabin wall.

" What have I done?" Her mind said, over and over again.

She slid down the wall, plopping herself on to the dirt and grass that grew next to the cabin. She made a sound of being disgusted, than slammed her non-smoking hand hard on top of her bare leg... leaving a very large red mark an the already partially sunburned skin..

" Dammit!" She said through gritted teeth.

She took a drag off of her smoke, as she mind flew in her head. She looked upwards to the sky, her body now vibrating a little with emotion.

" What am I fucking doing?" She asked herself. " I don’t know if I am going with Alison...even though I already slept with her without take the time to find that out.. then with another very brilliant stroke, I just go out and cheat on Alison with Miss Ashfield... who I just had this urge to fuck the living hell out of... and I end up feeling as if I cheated on CC with both of them..." She hung her head. " Two people, one full day... Fuck I’m stupid!!"

The girl shook her head, tears streaming down her face. If CC had a plan, like she had thought this morning... she has just gone and fucked it right up. She wondered if she had just made up that nice little thought of CC actually guiding her somehow from the great beyond, for herself, so she could run wild without any second thoughts about it.

She had never done stuff like all of this ever before in her life, and she was unsure of if she had done all of this on purpose. The only sure thing was just how she really had succeeded with completely and utterly fucking up her life.

She could hear the booming voice of Councilor Olivia calling for the cabin to gather for the afternoon activities in the coolness of some of the buildings. Mandy simply ignored the woman and kept smoking away right where she was. She waned nothing to do with anyone or anybody.

She wanted to be alone.. and try to find away to straighten out even a little, this total fuck up she had made for herself. Thinking about CC, she already knew, the girl would be very disappointed with her at this point.

[End notes:

AUTHORS NOTES:  It begins!!  The next chapter is well... unexpected( I came up with it on the spur of the moment, and it fits into the story perfectly)  Read and review... this is getting interesting even for me.


Chapter 13

Title: Chapter 13 - Through someone's eyes

[Author's notes: When you don't be honest, or tell what is bothering you... you just might end up huting the ones that care about you the most.]

Chapter Thirteen - Through someone eyes



The sun rose in the sky, breaking the horizon with such an amazing golden hue that it shone like an angel’s halo. That was the signal that morning was breaking over the calm water of Lake Pawa. Already ninety three degrees before six thirty in the morning.... It would seem to be a cue for everyone, that would be one of the hottest ones.

Cabin Nine was just starting to stir to face another day. Girls were in and out of their rooms constantly, racing around in an hurry as breakfast was only less that a half hour away. By the states of dress of some of the girls were at this moment, they might end up to be the ones who would not be ready in time.

Out of her room, Alison stepped into the main area, popping her cigarette pack into the pocket of her almost too long cargo shorts. The brainy girl started to walk off, and she caught the dusty skinned girl named Brandy coming out of Isis’s room and heading into her own. Alison noted that the girl was wearing a plain white camisole and a odd choice of very baggy multi-colored boxer shorts that were obviously men’s. They were, eve to the brainy girl, one hell of a fashion choice to say the least.

The dark skinned girl paused to actually glare at the Alison once, then simply give a snobbish sneer and then disappeared into her little living quarters. The brainy girl shook her head and giggled, the sight of what Brandy was wearing was a visual nightmare to her and hit her as comical.

" Those are some very crazy shorts!" She mused to herself, thinking about the bright rainbow of colors the girl had on them while walking on.

The girl in the glasses headed down the row of rooms, and stopped in front of the doorway that was to Mandy’s cubbyhole. She paused for a moment as she noticed that Isis had come out of her room at that very moment, flanked by one of the other girls that made up the group who always were together. Alison watched the two for a second, then turned and ignored the girl.

Alison had every reason to ignore the two snobby girls right then. She had just overheard the term ‘dyke’ whispered between Isis and her fawning friend, and she knew the comment had more than likely directed at her, or at Mandy’s room she was in front of. Ether way the girl meant it, this type of behavior constantly reminded her of the hate filled words written on that letter by Isis... and that made the girl feel ever creepier to her.

Settling herself from the little episode that just had happened, Allison was glad that she was going to see Mandy... the only sane person in this cabin, other than the Councilor who headed up around here

" Are you up?" The bookworm called out to the drawn drapery door.

Oddly, Allison got not one response from her call-out. She frowned a little at the drape but simply called out the question for a second time. Once more, the same result came back, dead silence. She paused for a moment, staring at the hanging white material as she gave it a couple of moments more.

Almost half a minute had passed, still nothing. Now curious to why Mandy had not called back to her, Alison pulled back the edge of the drape door and slid herself through the small space she had made..

Allison found that the room was lit by a single bulb over the head board, perfectly lighting the fact that there was no Mandy inside. She was puzzled by the fact that Mandy was not in her room at that time, but with the empty room staring at her like this... she could not say why the girl was not there.

With the eye of a very observant type of person, she saw the bed had seemed to have been barely slept in . The sheets looked a little rumpled and the pillow had a indent, but for the most part the bed looked almost unused. Looking down, she noted that the girl’s pair of flip flops were missing, the closet where they stored their things in was left a little open as well. All the signs that the girl was already up. When she turned , she noticed that the girl’s pack of cigarettes, normally that Mandy tucked under one corner of her pillow, was gone.

The fact the smokes were not there, told her that the girl might have slipped out of the cabin slightly earlier than she normally would have for a smoke, as it was already way too hot. Now that she knew where the girl might be, she turned and decided to join the pretty girl for one too, before trying to choke down what the cooks were trying to pass off as food around here. That, for Alison, was not very appealing... and hoped that they would serve something good for a change.

The young bookworm headed for the great outdoors, making a hurried beeline around the side of the cabin. She already knew that was probably the place where Mandy would be having her morning smoke. She already had int in her mind that with breakfast being far from a culinary delight, it was safe to assume that Mandy would not be hurrying her smoke for getting there.

Alison was shocked to find that Mandy was not behind the cabin. There was not even a hint that the girl had been there in the first place, noting that there were no fresh butts in the rocky space they put them. She looked down the hill to the bathroom cabin, thinking that the girl might have gone there first to tend to business, and then hid behind that place to have a smoke. She hurried down the hill to find out if that was where she was..

Both inside and out of the bathroom facility, there was no sign of Mandy. Alison was getting a little upset that the girl seemed to be nowhere she usually was. Placing her hands on her hips, she stood their looking around, she now was really wondering just where that damned girl had gone off to. Admitting to herself, this was not like the long haired girl to go off like this, even if she had gone solely for having a smoke.

Allison quickly realized that she had not talked to the girl since yesterday.... just before going off with her younger step-brother and a few other friends to find relief from the heat at the spray park just past the Camps property. When she came back, she could not remember if she had ran into her or not.

Thinking on that, It struck Alison right then that she had not seen Mandy down at the campfire gathering last night. Thinking on for there, when her and the others had headed off to bed, she still could not remember if she had seen her or not. She felt very bad that she could not remember that, and she looked up the hill back to the cabin.

The brainy girl was getting a little worried now. Mandy had been always a bit of a loner now and then, but disappearing like this was way out of her character. The brainy girl had some sort of idea of where the other few places were that Mandy liked to hid to smoke but they were all too numerous for her to check each and every one before breakfast all by herself. She started back to the cabin, hoping that the girl would have gone back to the cabin by now, or she would just show up in the dining hall.

Just as she neared the cabin, she lifted her head and was startled to find someone right in front of her. There was Councilor Olivia, in her path.

" Oh!!" Said Alison, with a start. " I did not see you there."

" Sorry I gave you a start..." The woman said, with a smirk.

" It’s alright, Miss Olivia!" The girl replied, her heart now felt like it was beating once again.

The woman wasted no time, seeing the girl was over getting a surprise like she had.

" I just wanted to see where two of my campers got off to on me..." The woman promptly explained. " I saw that there were two of ya were missing a few minutes ago... and I thought both of you might be just having a smoke out here... seems that I was at least half right in my assumption, but now I have to ask where is your partner in nicotine?"

Alison looked at the woman, and took a deep breath.

" I was going to have a smoke with Mandy, like you thought..." She started. " But I found that Mandy was not out here at any of her usual spots. She was not in her room, or even at the bathroom... I was just now going to check if she had gone back to the cabin already, but because you are here asking me where she is, I will guess that is a no."

" Do you have an idea whatsoever where that girl could be?"

" No, Ma’am." Answered Allison. " That is why I am out here, with you, looking for her."

The councilor looked at the girl standing there, she seemed a little irked at the whole situation.

" Let me get this straight... you have not seen her at any time this morning?" Inquired the head of Cabin nine.

" I have not seen her in quite awhile...." Plainly said the young girl.

Pausing, the councilor seemed to be getting a little alarmed with the missing young girl. Olivia seemed to look around her for a moment.

" I don’t remember seeing her last night off hand... That is with the fact that I also had been busy helping out in the eight and nine year old cabins.. I guess I had forgotten to take any notice of Mandy...." She muttered low. " Was she down at the Campfire last night?"

" I was at campfire with my Half brother... and I never saw her." Alison said flatly. " Truthfully, I have not seen or talked to her very much since yesterday afternoon sometime before lunch"

The woman nodded, while it seemed like she was searching her memory, back to see when the last time it was that she had personally saw the petite girl last.

" I do remember that she was at the supper table last night." Olivia said, thinking back hard. " I would have to say that was the very last time I saw her for the night."

" Yeah... I know she had been there..." Allison said, her eyes twinkling with her remembering that small piece of information. " I remember that I sat next to her, beside the far wall where our table is."

" I remember seeing you both there now..." Said the councilor, with a nod. " Tell me then...How did she seem to be at supper? Did she say anything at all to you about some sort of problems she was having or anything at all that might tell us if she has run off or something?"

Alison’s eyes flashed a downcast gaze, that matched what her face was showing.

" She did not say much to meat supper.. we did talk a little, but she seemed more quiet than usual..." She realized. " I just thought she was tired because of... the heat. I was feeling real tired from it myself, so I did not think anything of it." She looked at the girl. " You think she ran away for some reason?"

Olivia rubbed her face lightly, it was showing that she was beginning to be beyond worried at this point. She took a deep breath in, trying to calm herself down so she could think this through.

" I don’t really think that Mandy is the type to run away like this, but I had to ask on the off chance that was it." She said, then it seemed that frustration started to set in. " Dammit that girl anyways!!"

Alison looked at the woman for a second, seeing the frustration boiling out of her. She sighed and took a step closer to her ‘cabin mother’, as some kids called the councilors.

" Should we be out looking for her then, Miss Olivia?" Asked the brainy girl. " She might just be close very close... perhaps she does not know it is nearing breakfast.."

Olivia looked over, snapping out of her momentary lapse into the unwelcome world of frustration. She collected herself quickly, her mind going through the proper procedures for finding a missing camper.

" I think we have to.... This is not like Mandy to vanish like she has." Said the woman. " Let’s round up the others in the cabin to help look around the camp... It will be faster than if we do it."

Just as they were going to hurry back to gather some of the others to help look around camp, they spotted the unmistakable form of Mandy walking slowly up the trail that led to the athletic sports area at the far side of camp.

" I don’t believe it!!" Stammered Olivia. " There she is!"

" So that is where she went..." Said Alison, her face showed the relief she had flowing through her mind.

" Let’s go meet up with that girl.... Just so you know, I am going to be first to ask her where the hell she was all this time..." Said The councilor, her voice sounding like she was on the edge of being infuriated. " You will have your chance, Alison... but I get first crack at her!"

Olivia started off walking so quickly, eating the yard up with her purpose filled stride. Alison followed quickly behind the upset woman, telling herself to simply lay back and let the woman be first. she did not want to get into the line of verbal fire that was bound to be swung like a club by their councilor. She was happy to see Mandy, but wanted to find out why she had simply took off and everything, but she knew those questions and more the frustrated woman will getting the answers to.

Olivia got to the girl so quickly then did not hesitating firing her questions at her. Allison stood back as silently as she could, listening to Olivia go off..

" Where were you, Miss Thayer?" She snapped with fire, seemingly being angrier than she had let on.

" I went for a walk and had a smoke a little earlier..." Stuttered the young girl wide-eyed, her voice sounding almost deadpan. " Guess that I kind of lost track of time while doing that."

" You usually stay out back behind the cabin, or just over at the bathrooms.... at least then I know where the hell you are then..." Olivia said sharply, her face turning red. " Why in the hell did you go off like that without notifying me, or giving a heads up to anyone else for that matter before you sashayed off like that?"

Mandy looked at the very upset woman for a second, then let her head sag forwards a little.

" I should have told someone I was going for a walk, I guess.." She said.

" Next time.. tell me where your going...tell someone for God’s sake..." Olivia said with a tight voice, then sighing to relieve her tension. " You know my bosses really take a dim view of a councilor losing their campers at the best of times, and you chose to just walk off without telling someone? Regardless if you are safe or not, I could have been canned right on the spot for this."

" You.. could have?" Sputtered Mandy.

" What do you think... they would throw me a party for losing you.." She said. " They would fore my ass in a New York minute."

" I did not mean to make trouble." Said Mandy so sheepishly.

The woman looked at the girl, eyes flaring a little but seemingly getting a handle on the anger..

" You are my responsibility here at Pawa... If you get lost, get hurt or God forbid, worse... I would be the one who gets my backside shot out from under me." Olivia said, her voice very stern.

" I will make sure I tell someone then...." Mandy said, showing her remorse. " I never wanted you to get into trouble."

" If you go out for a smoke... that is one thing..." Said the Councilor, her sternness already beginning to soften back to a smile. " If you want to go for a walk, I don’t really mind that... just tell me or someone that you are going to... that way, if your gone too long, we can go and find you faster that way."

" I promise." Said the girl back, almost meekly.

The councilor sighed, and her face began to lightened a little more with seconds gone. She seemed to be relaxing back to the easy going woman she always seemed to be.

" Lets go get the others then, if you promised to do that.." She chuckled. " It’s breakfast time."

The three turned and headed back up the hill to the cabin. Each seemed silent, and walked like that as they made their way there.

Alison layed back a little and followed the two others. She eyed them, but she was watching the long haired girl the closest of the two. She eyed Mandy while she walked behind them, pondering the girl.

Alison did not totally know what or if something was going on with the girl she had just made love to the other day. Her solemn mood, the solitary way she simply had took off and the look in those eyes told of something was just not right with the girl.

" What is wrong with Mandy?" She asked herself, looking straight at the back of the girl’s head. She had this weird sense go through her, a feeling of something her instincts had picked up for her... the question was just what in the hell was she picking up on. " Something is not right with her."

The girl was not to sure something was actually wrong with Mandy, but she could feel this thing literally gnawing at her. Mandy seemed to be alright on the surface, possibly a little quieter than she usually was, but still mainly normal Noting that, she could not shake off the feeling that something else was screaming at her the complete reverse if that she was seeing, and it came from her own soul.

It was those beautiful eyes, the breathtaking deep and highly arousing pools of hazel that Alison had locked into when she was making love for the very first time, the girl was her first. Now very different, those eyes of Mandy’s had been holding something else in their limitless appeal. It was a heavy sense of anguish and pain locked in those amazing orbs, an a sense of almost confusion mixing with it. It was how she knew something was really off.

The young eclectic girl thought it all through as she followed. There was not a firm understanding to just what it was, that had turned Mandy in to what she was looking like. She pondered the question over and over with in a few seconds, each time trying to reach for the one thing that would lead to the answer.

Her heart suddenly dropped in her chest, a feeling of dread came out of nowhere. Alison now felt a cold shiver shoot through her. She felt sick to her stomach, as she tried to hid her eyes.

" Is Mandy mad with me for some reason?" Her mind reasoned out, that was one idea. Her next thought, filled her a heaviness the instant she had thought about it. " Is Mandy sorry she had slept with her? Does she regret being with me?"

The girl lowered her head so she could not show her face, for it was right there for her. What else could it be, she asked herself. There was no other reasonable explanation for how Mandy was cutting herself off from everyone, she had started doing that yesterday... the day after they had made love.

The hard part of her realizing this very possible notion, was the fact she had thought on everything, and finally had figured out what was in her heart. If Mandy regretted sleeping with her, did not change the reality of her own feelings. It had finally came through for her... she was completely starting to fall in love with the shorter girl. Now plans to express her feeling lay shattered in a million pieces. She could not ever tell the girl how she felt. Not now, not ever.

Alison may have lost a chance to love the girl, she did not want to lose the friendship that had started. It hurt enough to think that Mandy regretted sleeping with her, she did not want to lose someone that she respected so much... even when they were not so close. She fought back the tears that were wanting to burst forward... She steadied herself and kept walking, thinking, no one will ever know.

Putting on a brave face, Allison fought all of her emotions down as they neared the cabin.. The other people from the cabin were already filing out to see if they could head over for breakfast. They joined up with the others, and headed over for whatever the cooks would be calling breakfast this morning.

She took a look at the somber looking Mandy and then looked away quickly. She had felt her heart jump, as the girl just being there, made her spirit want to announce it like a songbird on a spring day... but sometimes a bird in the wild has to die so other animals could keep on living.. Nature and love seemed to work that way in the end, Alison concluded, and you cannot stop nature.

Perhaps her heart dying will let Mandy go on and really live, and all without ever her knowing about it. Alison smiled for herself. If that was the way her life had to be... she was willing to lose it all, so the one she loves can have it all.

Chapter 14

Title: Chapter 14 - A call for redemption

[Author's notes: If you can see what you have done wrong... you hope that it's not to late to make amends.]

Chapter Fourteen - A call for redemption.



Night was a humid affair. The air was feeling so heavy over the land, that the heat that came with it was almost suffocating as it hung in the darkness. Even the night insects, seemed not to be as active in the steamy weather.

Olivia, the councilor of Cabin Nine had stepped out for a moment. With her charges tucked away in their beds fir the night.. she had slipped out to make a call home to check on things. She missed her boyfriend back home, and wanted just to connect with things to help herself out.

She was leaving the cabin that housed the councilor’s lounge area and was headed back to the cabin with a cool drink to help her fall asleep. It had been so hot through out the time at camp, this had became sort of a ritual with both the staff and campers. On these types of nights, one councilor would cover for another for a short time, just to get a little respite.

The woman was just passing the bathroom area, heading up to cabin number nine, when she noticed a figure sitting in the trees behind the facility. She already knew it might be one of two of her campers out for a nocturnal smoke. She thought she would remind them to get in to the cabin as soon as they were done before continuing on.

She found Mandy sitting alone on one of the lower branches of a tree that grew there, a lit cigarette lighting up the darkness with each drag taken. The councilor found it odd that the girl was alone out here for a change. The girl had usually went for a smoke with Alison, but for the last day or so, the woman had noted that the girl had reverted back to smoking by herself, and not just during the night.

The woman eyed the girl as she neared, and got a odd feeling of sadness coming from the short teenager. She was wondering if when she had gave her heck for going off on her own the day before, that might be the reason for the girl’s very down mood. She headed right over to her, wanting to see if she could smooth her outburst out.

Mandy noted the woman’s presence, and turned. She said nothing as the woman neared, but watched through eyes that seemed hauntingly vacant.

" Enjoying the night air tonight with a smoke, I see..." Said Olivia, looking at the girl who was lit by the moon overhead..

" It was too hot in the cabin to stay there... I couldn’t sleep." Said the girl, taking a drag.

"That was why I went out for a little bit" Olivia agreed. " It has been a hot one over the past few days, hasn’t it?"

" Yeah... it has been very hot." Agreed the girl, seemingly acting way more aloof that usual.

Olivia could see the girl was being very standoffish. This was something that she had seen in the girl in the past, but it had not been like that this year. She could almost feel that there was something that really was eating away at the girl... she hoped that this mood was not the result of her being sterner than she usually was.

" Hey, Mandy.." She asked.

" Yeah?" was the girl’s monosyllable reply.

" Correct me if I am wrong her..." The woman started, sounding like a diplomat in the UN. " Is there... something bothering you?"

The girl turned her head and shrugged. She took a second drag off of her smoke as she looked at the councilor.

" Just somethin’...." She said, although very flatly. " I’m figuring things out though."

" Would it be about what happened between you and me?" Olivia said, leaning up against the tree. " I may have came down on you a little hard... I am not a ‘heavy’ type of person when it comes down to it. I am one who tries to make camp fun."

The girl, much to Olivia’s surprise, shook her head.

" No... Its not about that... I was wrong, and I see that, Miss Olivia" She assured the councilor.

" Then... what?" She asked.

The girl just looked at her, her eyes were still blank looking and her expression was simply nonexistent.

" Its.. sort of a personal type of thing, Miss Olivia." She finally said, after a few seconds. " Just personal."

" I am not blind to the fact that you seem to be backing away from people... That is why I asked." The woman calmly explained what she was seeing through her position as Councilor. " If you got a problem, and want to talk about it sometime...I do have two ears you know..."

" I don’t want to really get into it with anyone..." Said the girl, her voice still very toneless. " I just need to figure out things... that’s all."

Olivia knew what that meant. She had been a teenager once also, and knew that figuring things out could mean so many things. She knew that as a young girl, she did the same thing time and again, driving her parents totally nuts in the process. That aside, she was getting the impression that there was more to it, than a young teenager trying to figure herself out. It seemed more than just the adolescence angst or the confusion of sexual identity, even after the girl had said her piece.

" Like I said....If you ever do need to talk at any time... just come and pull me aside." She said, trying to convey her willingness.

The girl looked at the woman, as she finished her smoke which had now became a shadow of what it had been. She threw the butt into a clumping of rocks and dirt, then hopped off the branch. She looked at the woman for a moment, her eyes seemed to hold a certain bleakness that was disturbing to the woman

" If I do want to talk, I’ll come to you..." She said, walking off. " I am going to head off to bed."

" Good night then, Mandy" Olivia said, still feeling worried about her camper’s state at the moment.

She watched the girl walk up the long hill, then enter straight back into the cabin in the quiet of the night. It was official, something about how the girl was acting struck her as very out of place... but she had no idea just what was going on inside that young one’s head. She was sure that this something was rather big, and she was unwilling to even say anything about it.

Olivia saw the girl go in, then she decided not to go back to the cabin just yet,. She knew that the councilor who she was standing in for her i[ there, would stay there a while longer. She just felt the need to take her own walk for awhile longer, the mood of her camper had touched somewhere deep in herself in a way that made her a little uneasy. It bothered her that Mandy was acting like this... more than any camper she’s had over the years..

The woman found herself returning to the cabin with the councilor’s lounge, and took a seat on the little patio area. The few chairs and tables just outside the building it was in, seemed to be a good place to sit for awhile. This was where most of the other councilors came to smoke and to be protected by the bug zappers just off of the brick pad at the same time. Since it was so quiet and free of anyone at this time of night, she could not pass up the place.

As she sat there in the silence, she saw a person come in to the light thrown by the bulb over the door into the lounge. She looked at the person, and found it was the head of the camp herself.

" Oh, Miss Ashfield.." She said, a little surprised to see her boss out there this late at night.

" I did not know anyone was around here." Said the head of the camp, seemingly equally surprised to find the woman there..

" I just made a phone call home and wanted a few moments of peace before heading off to bed.." Explained Olivia.

" Do you mind if I joined you to have a smoke then?. I know you don’t smoke.. but some company while I have one of my own would be nice on a night like this." Miss Ashfield asked politely.

" I don’t mind at all, Miss Ashfield... my boyfriend smokes, so I am all right with it." Olivia agreed.

The woman lit up and took a seat just across from where the councilor of cabin nine sat. The woman squinted over at Olivia for a moment, as she took the first long drag. Miss Ashfield seemed to have noticed that the woman seemed to be strangely quiet. She took a second drag as she seemed to think for a second.

" I am sure that your out here for more than just a little peace from your campers, Olivia..." Said the woman, blunt as usual.

Olivia looked up and into the woman’s eyes, and let herself give as little snuff.

" Is it that obvious, Miss Ashfield?" She said.

" We are not really working here... call me Alexis." Said the woman, smiling.

" Alexis? " Said the woman, surprised at the relaxed way the woman was talking to her.

She giggled and looked at her fellow Pawa worker.

" My parents named me Alexandria..." She explained. " All of my family had atypical names given to us... but in answer to your question... yes, it is obvious to me that something just might be tugging at you."

The councilor leaned back in the chair and took a long breath in. She looked at her boss, and saw that the woman was really wanting to know what was going on with her She was sort of surprised at the free nature the head of this place was being. She nodded, assured that the woman was asking quite genuinely.

" It has to do with one of my campers." She finally came out with.

Alexis nodded, and waited for the woman to continue. Olivia found herself wanting to unloading her thoughts to the woman. She had been around for a few past heads, but this was the first one that seemed to try and take an interest in not only the campers, but the councilors that worked here at Pawa.

" This Camper has sort of ... been acting more different over the last few days. It really makes me worried for the girl."

" Acting different?" Asked the woman, leaning a little more forward. " How so is the term ‘acting different’ being used here? Is it a good different or perhaps a bad way?"

" I have had this particular camper many times over my years being a councilor here, probably about five times or so..." She explained. " It’s what I am seeing in her that is different."

" So, explain to me just what is so different with this camper?" Asked the head of Pawa.

Olivia took a pause to collect her thoughts for a moment, as she saw that her boss was not going to simply pass off her worries any time soon. She found herself feeling strangely grateful for the woman taking the time.

" She had become more outgoing and vibrant at the start of this years camp, I saw that in her when she arrived back here... but now, she seems to have withdrawn, wanting to be by herself more and more, and interacting as little as possible..." She gave a shallow sigh, and continued. " It has almost been like a light switch has been turned off or something, that is how much of a change has happened."

" That is serious...." Alexis said. " Would there be a personal type of change there... perhaps she has lost some boy’s affection or something... a bully here in camp may be hassling her...."

" No bullies... and it’s not a boy, that much I know..." Said Olivia, shaking her head.

" Not a boy or bullies?" Alexis asked curiously. " Then... what is?"

" It’s a little sensitive to talk about, the things behind all of this...." She said back, visually she seemed to be sort of hesitant. " I don’t know how far I need to explain to let you have the information..."

Olivia paused to think, torn. She knew that this piece of information she held was very touchy... but if she did not divulge it, she would not be giving everything she had to help Mandy. She thought on the girl for a moment, and smiled. She knew that she had to risk actually coming out with certain things, and trust her boss will keep every last word to herself.

" I will explain a little further, but only if it will be in the strictest confidence..." Said Olivia. " I need to have trust from each and every one of my girls ... so I make sure to keep secrets that I know to myself mainly... so I need your assurance that you will keep that confidence also, if I am going to tell you..".

" In most respects, other than if there is a danger to someone’s personal safety, I work on that principle of being totally confidential.". She nodded. " I promise to you that this goes as far as my ears, except if I need to follow up, at which time whoever i go to, will also keep it to themselves."

Olivia looked at the woman, feeling that she was being honest. Now assured of the need for privacy was there... she could finally explain it to the woman.

" Ok... here it is.... there is tension among the girls, but no bullies to speak of..." She said. " The way I know it is not a boy that is causing this for the camper... is the fact that this girl is gay."

Olivia saw the woman’s eyes pop wide open, and there seemed to be a little bit of nervousness in it. She was curious about the reaction, but put it off as the woman’s surprise to what she had to divulge to her.

" She’s lesbian?"

" Ever since I knew she had figured that out. I became aware of that at the same time that I had seen her come out... that was with her first girlfriend who she met here a two years ago." She explained. " I think, in some way, she might be that she still is hurting because that first girlfriend had died awhile back.

" Her first girlfriend died?" Said Alexis, as the news seemed to touch the woman.

Olivia nodded, seeing the woman felt compassion for what she had jut told her.

" Her name was Crystal Campbell, CC to us... she came to camp only once and met up with Mandy then... Mandy Thayer is the camper I am talking about..." Explained the woman. " Her and CC became really close, and during the last weeks of Camp, I watched as their relationship bloomed. The sad part of this love story is... I heard that CC died of cancer sometime ago."

The headwoman seemed to drink the information all in, but her surprised expression seemed to linger to some degree. Olivia could see that the story of Mandy had sunk in deeply to her boss, and felt a new born respect for her.

" She is having some trouble with this her feelings she still has for this girl... and where she was fitting in now..." Alexis said, but there was a quiver in her voice.

" I think it might be a part of it..." Started Olivia, agreeing. " I thought she had started to see another girl that is in the cabin with her, but now... I don’t know if Mandy had been rejected by this girl...or something. They seemed to not be hanging around together now, and there in no indication to why that is.." She sighed. " Adolescent relationships seem so complicated."

The woman leaned back in her own chair, and took a long drag from her smoke. She seemed to ponder things. Alexis seemed a little more at ease, and Olivia wondered why the woman had reacted like that... even if she never really came out to say it.

" She may still be trying to sort out those feelings and emotions from losing the person she loved... and her contusing of loving someone new." Prompted the woman, now sounding more like a boss.

" You think It might be the fact that she still has all of those feelings for CC, even though she is trying to move on with someone else?" She questioned.

" It can be just that... I am thinking though that there may be another few pieces of her puzzle left undiscovered..." Said Miss Ashfield, her mind thinking on the matter. " Perhaps it is also tied to grief..."

" Grief?"

The woman took a moment, then continued on with her thoughts, although almost hesitant in some ways. It seemed like the woman was hiding something in a way.

" Grief is a hard thing to contend with... especially as a teenager." She said. " Mandy seems to be trying to do that still long after the fact."

" I am feeling that there is a little more to this with my camper...than that, I suspect."

" You do?" Alexis said, quivering a little again.

" Granted, I am not fully sure or anything... " Olivia said, pausing to think. "... but yes, I do thing there is a little more coloring this."

" Like what?"

" Something deeply personal and something from the heart... that is what I am thinking."

The head of Pawa sat there.

" Do you think she is seeing as if she was caught in a relationship she did not really want, since she still has some things unresolved in her heart." The woman asked, almost as if she was digging for something.

" Seems like something along those lines as well.. but not exactly that...." Olivia said, as she thought about it aloud. " It could be many different things that are jumbled together and working as one... now what do I do?"

The woman seemed to still be a little nervous, but was obviously thinking on Olivia’s camper problem.

" If we could know her past a little more, I find that there might be an answer in there." Alexis decided.

" Past?"

" Other friends she has...perhaps... someone close to her maybe could be beneficial." Miss Ashfield said as she spoke her mind. " Those are the people that might have some information or a unknown insight that we don’t know about."

" I see what you are trying to say... but the only one I know of is CC, and she is passed on."

" Does she know many people here at camp."

Olivia thought for a moment, while Alexis waited.

" There is one gal...Alison. That was the girl I thought she was seeing, and there are one or two others... but no one close though.."

" She use to be a loner type?"

" Very much so....back before she had met CC." Nodded Olivia. " Even thought she has changed a great deal this year... in some respects she is still growing out of that loner mentality."

"This could be something that can be problematic..." Said the woman, going silent for a moment,

Miss Ashfield nodded as she lit a second smoke for herself. It seemed like she had thought a lot through in the few moments.

" Let me think on some things... I will talk to you sometime tomorrow on this." She said. " I need to do a few things before bringing it to you..."

" Thanks for listening, Miss Ashfield." Said Olivia, seeming a little more relaxed at the moment.

" It is what I’m here for."

Olivia stood up and walked off in the direction of the cabin. It seemed like she felt a little better... good enough to finally sleep. She waved at the head of the Camp, and hurried off into the darkness. She seemed much lighter than she had been when she had sat down on the patio just a little while ago.

Miss Ashfield stayed back to have her smoke, her eyes pressed tightly shut. She seemed to be troubled by what she heard.

" Did I cause Mandy to stop going with that girl?" She asked herself, already knowing the truth. " Have I let my libido cloud her mind... did that come into play here?" The woman shook her head to herself. " I think I made this confusion for Mandy.. and now that pretty girl has things going a hell of a lot more complicated.... What have I done!!"

She felt a huge surge of emotion. She had already felt bad about sleeping with a camper... who was barely of age of consent to begin with, but to cause something like this to happen, she felt devastated that she had done so. She rubbed her head and looked up at the star cluttered sky and took a long breath. Alexis was pondering on just what she could do, to try and make things right.

For about ten minutes she thought on everything... her mind slashing through the regret she felt surging through her mind. It was a humbling experience to say the least, knowing that she may have caused a young girl so much internal pain.

Thinking back into her own life, she had been just like Mandy when she had been a teenager, opting for a more experienced lover than someone she had drawn close to. In hindsight now that she was older and wiser when it came to the art of love... she should have picked the close one. Did she make that the same for Mandy, as she had been with her own life?

As she thought on what to do.. she ad to admit that she had done that for the young beauty. Ashamed of herself, she put all of her mind on it.

With a gasp, the woman stood up from her chair and smiled to the darkness. In the silence of the night, she made a few sounds of utter joy.

" I have it!!" She said a few times over, bouncing like a excited little girl on Christmas day.

The woman threw away her cigarette and hurried off as she seemed to be talking to herself. It was not in the direction of her cabin she was heading in to, but towards the outer edges of Camp Pawa itself.

A few minutes of jogging through the night, Miss Ashfield stopped in front of a small house, just off of camp property. The woman looked at the lights that were still on through the windows, and seemed to be relieved for it. Racing up the little steps to the small porch, she made her way and then hurriedly knocked on the door.

The form of Mrs. Granger came into the doorway where Miss Ashfield stood. The older woman looked a little shocked to find her boss standing there in the dark just before one in the morning.

" Is there a problem back at camp?" The older woman asked, her face showing her curiosity at the visit. " It is not like you to bother me at home... little alone at this late hour of the night."

" I need your help... and you are the only one who just might make it happen." Miss Ashfield said as clearly as she could figure out how to.

The woman opened the door wider. The woman’s face now showed that she was more than willing to listen.

" Of course I will help you, Alexis darling..." She said so pleasantly, her face now was bright with the smile on her face. " What are you needing from this old secretary’s decrepit mind tonight?"

Alexis did not waste time, as the woman waited.

" You know who Mandy Thayer is?" She asked, starting it off.

" Why yes, I have known her since she was about eight, I think it was..." Said the woman, intrigued with the question. " She has always been a very proper, caring and always helpful girl since she was smaller."

" How well do you know her?"

" Being a secretary here for this long... I am almost a friend to every family of everyone that comes through Pawa’s gates..." She said. " I help them set up camp times and help them in every way, so the children can have fun.." She smiled so proudly with her service. " Long story short... I know Mandy very well."

Miss Ashfield nodded, seemingly very relieved to hear the woman’s answer.

" Would you be willing to tell me everything you know about her..." She asked with a pleading tone " I need to know who her friends are, maybe even family... Heck, I just need the whole nine yards."

" Why would you need to know that?" She asked, eying the woman.

Miss Ashfield seemed not to hesitate once, her words came out quickly.

" Let’s just say we need to help a sad and confused young girl called Mandy, any way we can." She plainly said. " This is what we need to do."

" That sounds very serious." Observed the woman.

" When it comes to who a person is on the inside... it is very serious thing to ask indeed!" Alexis replied, adding. " In this situation, it’s everything."

The woman thought for a moment, while reading Miss Ashfield’s face. She seemed to see that this was no fakery or any thing bad in the least. She nodded to Alexis and motioned for her to come in.

" What do you need to know first?" The older woman said with a smile as bright as any sun.

" What ever you can tell me legally, as the secretary." She said, as she went into the woman’s house. " Perhaps you could slip me a few of those illegalities too..."

" We will see what I can tell you openly first..." Said Mrs. Granger, as the taller woman stepped into her house. " After that it’s a ‘honestly needed to know’ sort of thing."

The door closed behind the head of Camp Pawa, and the two in the kitchen while her husband snored away loudly in the next room. Mrs. Granger talked and the tall woman listened with a mission in her mind.. She drank in every word, like a man in the desert.

It would be almost two hours before Mrs. Granger’s door would open again. This time, there was a broad smile on the headwoman’s face as she headed back to her cabin for some needed sleep. The next day would end up being a very busy one, she told herself.

That was what was needed to be done, her heart knew. She was willing for that to happen.

Chapter 15

Title: Chapter 15 - Poof!! Out of the blue

[Author's notes: Ahh... Life is strange. Things can just pop up at any given time... good or bad.]

Chapter Fifteen - Poof! Out of the blue



Mandy’s deep sleep was unceremoniously broken, almost like being shot out of a cannon, going from a dead sleep to her eyes popping wide open. She was feeling more than just a little disoriented as her mind finally had followed her body to more of an alert state, trying to figure out what that damned noise was that had pulled her awake in the first place.

The girl tried to gather her senses as quickly as she could, and finally came to realize that what had woke her up had been the voice of Councilor Olivia from just outside her room. She rubbed her eyes, as her mind began to fully comprehend things.

Mandy could hear the woman on the other side of the drapery door, and it seemed her councilor was more than acting a little excited. The tone of the voice and everything told that the woman was very excited

"Mandy... Mandy!!" She kept repeating, each time she did it.. she had gotten louder. " Wake up!! Wake up!!"

Mandy swung herself out of bed, quickly snatching up her robe from the end of the bed. She pulled the robe onto her bare body, noting by the clock that it was barely after six in the morning... breakfast was not until seven. For the girl, the question ‘why she had been roused out of bed like this’, came to her. She was not quite sure why as she went to see just what this was all about.

Parting the drapery door, she found the short haired woman acting almost like a very excited teenager. Olivia seemed to be quite animated and barely able to contain herself. Mandy eyed the woman for a second or two, as this sort of behavior from Miss Olivia was not exactly normal.

"What’s going on here?" Mandy asked, her speech still a little slow with grogginess, fighting to finish tying her robe properly.

" You are not going to believe this..." The woman said, with the largest smile Mandy had ever seen on her. " This is incredible..."

" Come on... Tell me..." Said the girl, wanting to find out what was going on so early in the morning.

The woman calmed herself down a little, then started her explanation for the suddenness of waking the girl like she had done.

" There is this really large limousine parked out in the main compound next to the admin building, that has come just a few minutes ago, while we councilors were having our early morning meeting with Miss Ashfield and the others..." Olivia explained, as the words spilled out of her mouth rapidly. " We heard a honking sound, and we all went out to see what the hell was going on. Right there... big as life... was one big-daddy of a limo... and then whoever was in that bad-assed car, were asking for you."

Not only did the news snap Mandy to fully awake in a fraction of a second, she could not believe what the woman was telling her. Blinking twice to clear herself, she made sure that she was awake, and that she had heard the woman correctly. Settling that she was in fact awake, this was not a dream she was caught in...she had actually heard the what the woman was saying.

She eyed the woman with scepticism, but was confronted by the huge smile that was plastered on the councilor’s face. This was no practical joke that was being played on her or anything else. Shifting a little as she stood there, she needed to clarify what she heard one more time to make sure..

" Let me see if I heard you right here..." Said Mandy, her mind trying to make order out of what she had been told. " Someone came here in a limo... to our camp... And that person inside of this limo is looking for me?"

" That is right..." Nodded the woman. " The people who are sitting there in the limo requested that someone come and get you."

The thought of a limo out there was mind blowing enough, but the fact that who ever it was asking for her... was totally unbelievable. Mandy was more than sure she did not know anyone who would be in one of them, little alone drive all the way out here for her.

" Did they say who they were... or anything like that?"

" All they did was drive up and honk, we went out to see why they were there..." Began the woman. " the driver said that his client wished to talk to you... and would we please go and get you."

" Did you see who it was that was in the back?" Asked Mandy, still not figuring out who it could be out there in a car.

" The driver was the one who was doing the asking... With the dark tinted windows the limo has and the fact that it’s still dark out there...I could not see any of the people that were inside." Explained the woman. " I guess the thing that you should do is put something on and see who it is."

" I guess that is the only way to see who it is.... is to go and see" Mandy said, nodding her head.

" That would be the obvious way to do it." Olivia said. " Streaking around here is highly frowned upon."

Mandy turned and grabbed the clothes she had layed out for the day, and started to pull them on without even closing the drape again. She just wanted to get herself dressed as fast as she could, then to see who in the hell would be out here at six in the morning asking for her while in a limo.


The sun was now just breaking the horizon with it’s cascading rays of gold, oranges and reds, starting the day off so beautifully with the pallet that only Mother Nature’s hand could have produced. The air was already so steaming hot as the summer day announced itself as Mandy followed closely behind Olivia... on her way to meet up with this strange large car that had arrived.

Mandy wrung her hands nervously as she walked along, her mind still trying to figure out just who this could be that had came all the way out here so early in the morning, and was brought by a limousine, just to see her. She could not even fathom the identity of this person... or persons, that have shown up in this little piece of summertime pleasure on the shores of Lake Pawa.

As the girl hurried along just behind Olivia, it had not past her attention that behind her was the entire pyjama clad group from her cabin following behind in the light of the breaking day. Clearly, everybody from the cabin were extremely curious about this limo arriving, and they all wanted to find out who it could be that had arrived so early in the morning at their beloved Camp Pawa in a limo. She did not really care if they tagged along like this, all she wanted was to find out herself who these people were.

Arriving at the administration cabin, she finally saw the motorized beast sitting there. The limo was a long and very large type of vehicle, it was a glossy black with very deeply tinted windows all around except for the windshield. It sat right in front of the administration building almost like a lurking shadow. Mandy began to walk over to the large car, her eyes seeing that there was no hint at all to who it might be sitting and waiting on her arriving.

A man in his late forties or barely fifties, dressed in a dark suit with a brimmed cap was standing leaning lightly up against the car. He spotted the large group of people coming up the soft hill, and he stood up from his resting state. The man looked right at Mandy and a large smile came over his squared face.

The man looked right at Mandy, and took a few steps towards the girl, while Miss Olivia moved to the side.

" Ahh... You must be Mandy Thayer, are you not." The man said with a resonating voice, seeing the girl nod in reply to his question. He smiled, a sense of friendliness flowed from his grinning. " I am glad to see you have finally arrived."

" Do I know you?" Asked the girl, sure that she did not know the driver.

The Limo driver broke out into a chuckle, that seemed to come from deep in his burly chest..

" You do not know who I am in any way, Miss Thayer, although it does feels for me as if I actually do know you after hearing things about you for years..." He said, the smile he had on was almost infectious.

" You heard about me?" Mandy said, with a nervous yet curious shade to her voice.

" Oh, yes... quite a bit..." He chuckled, reminding the girl of a very jovial Santa. " On to business here...I have someone here to see you, the one that does know you very well indeed."

Mandy watched as the man scurried to the side of the car and opened the door with such fluidity that it showed he had worked as chauffeur for a long time. She waited with a slight butterfly feeling rolling around in her stomach. Whoever the man’s client was, that person was going to step out of the huge vehicle at any moment. There was a slight momentary lag, and someone finally did step out.

The person that stepped out was a tall, very slenderly built girl. She was dressed in a rather long, but very airy summer dress of light blue that accented tumbling and flowing golden locks of hair which went all over the shoulders and fell past her waist. Mandy raised her eyes to look at the sleek face, and instantly saw the delicate features of this girl that were now visible in the morning light.

Mandy gasped slightly, as the amazing blueness of the eyes caught her, and saw that were staring at her. Her heart jumped in her chest like a Olympic athlete, her mind started to form the reality that this person was more than familiar.

" It’s been over two years since we have seen each other, has it not?." The owner of those deep blue eyes said.

Mandy’s mouth dropped open, her eyes filled up with tears. The person who had stepped out of that limo, was someone that she had honestly thought for so long... she would never see again. Now that person was standing there.

" Is that you, Lacy?" The young girl stammered, her mind not believing what her eyes were telling her.

" That is my name!" Said the sleek young woman, who was staring right back at her.

The dark haired girl began to run towards the girl, her feet felt like they were being held up by just the air. Quickly, the distance between them was eaten up, the two girls came together and hugged tightly. A gasp could be heard rising from the crowd from Cabin Nine, followed by various murmurings of joyous talking, but to Mandy as she held her best friend in the world after so very long... that did not matter.

Mandy held on to the much taller girl, the difference between their individual heights were very evident. The shorter girl sighed, as she had never felt so happy to see someone as she did right now

" It been a few years since I have been out here at Pawa, and also seen you...hasn’t it." Lacy began with a smile beaming, stroking the long dark locks of the one in her hands.." Seems like forever, if you ask me."

" You look so great...." Said Mandy, still in shock at this sudden appearance by the blonde haired girl.

" You are looking better than just great. Mandy-girl." Lacy commented, looking at the girl.

" I’m still way shorter that you are....." Mandy quipped back, with a sparkling smirk. " I think I can deal with it!"

Lacy began to giggle as she stood holding the girl, the pretty giggles almost sounded like the soft tinkling of bells. With a happy sigh, Lacy let go of Mandy and took a step back. The tall girl smiled broadly as she took a longer look at the girl who had flown to her.

" Your still the same girl who always cracked jokes and stuff... that is refreshing to hear, after all of the time that has past." Lacy said.

" It’s such a great surprise to see you again, Lacy" Said the now smiling girl, looking at the girl with a glow that lit her face right up.

" I was hoping things had not changed with you..." Said the slender girl of the limo. " You always did have this amazing yet uncanny ability to make me laugh... no matter what mood I happened to be in. That, I have missed."

Mandy and the tall girl took a few silent moment to look at each other, seemingly to drink in the fact that they were actually together again. As they looked at one another, nobody could have know how great they both felt at that moment.

Breaking the silence that had came, Mandy was clearly still so very shocked at the arrival of her friend... but now she was starting to get back her powers of speech, which she had lost for a few minutes there.

" Can I ask you why are you are here... here at Camp?" Mandy said, her surprise had turned back to curiosity.

" So... Your wanting to know why I’m here?" Lacy teasingly said while Mandy stood there.

" Wouldn’t you after not seeing their best friend in so long, then they just simply popped up out of nowhere from a stretch limo first thing in the morning?" She replied with a mischievous giggle, adding. " I’m am blown away by it, not stupid."

" I guess that I would be ‘blown away’ as well." Lacy replied, joining the girl in a chorus of giggles.

Lacy took a step back and motioned with a sweep of her hand, almost as if she was doing a ballet move, at the open door of the limo where the driver was silently waiting with the same large smile he had the first time Mandy saw him.

" Hop in to my limo, we will take a leisurely drive together." The elegantly dressed girl said, her giddiness was so musical on the air as she was unable to hide it..

" And then are you going to explain why the hell you are here?" Mandy said, taking a step towards the open door of the limo.

The girl of the limo looked at the Mandy with a surprised smile, her eyes showing interest. Lucy then give a happy sigh and nodded her head a little.

" Forget what I had said earlier..." Lacy said, her eyes sparkling with such a strong emotion. " I see that some things have changed for you.... and that seems to be in a big way."

Mandy smiled a little meekly, but her own eyes twinkled as the girl’s observations came as another small surprise. She nodded, as her friend was so right... two years had passed by since they had said their goodbys.

" You just might say that..." Mandy acknowledged with a little smile.. " Yeah... You could sort of say that things have changed for me, I guess."

" There is more to it, than what is noticeable by how you talk..." Lacy said, giving a long loving look right into Mandy’s face. " I can really see just how much that things have changed.. that is so evident, right there in your eyes, Mandy... "

" In my eyes?" Asked Mandy, unsure of what the girl was trying to communicate to her.

Lacy nodded, her face got bright as she continued.

" Yeah... it’s like I sense this’re a little more confident... more assured of yourself, you might say... full of self-confidence from inside of you, but I also seem to think there is something else as well..." she explained, exactly what she saw.

" You see all of that?" The shorter girl asked, seeing that this girl intuition has not been lost over the two years.

" Your not at all like the girl I hung around with. That girl would have not continued to press for an answer, but here you are doing just that." Lacy smiled, as the words were lust coming out " Now...Just get in to the limo then... and we will have a ‘talk’... I have a few questions for you as well."

Mandy climbed into the large vehicle, while the others all watched. She could hear the murmurs and questions flaring... and knew that she had made Isis and her group envious as hell. She could not help ut laugh a little, as this was probably digging into them all like crazy. She was even shocked at herself getting into a limo like this... and it was really happening to her.

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Chapter 16

Title: Chapter 16 - Open hearts in a open land.

[Author's notes: The things with friends is you dont know just how much they care... unless you take the time to hear them.. and you dont know just how much you love them, until you have actually heard them.]

Chapter Sixteen - Open hearts in an open land.


The limo wound it’s way around the camp perimeter like a sleek animal going through the forrest. The large vehicle seeming to glide so effortlessly over the shoddy dirt roads that were there. It was a testament to the skill that the driver who piloted the huge car had.

Settled in for the ride, Mandy started to look around the interior of the car and marveled. She had never been in a limousine ever, and this first experience was one of great fascination she relished greatly.

It was larger than her own little cubbyhole was back at camp... and by far more opulent. Rich leather seats rung the insides of the large car, a small television was built into a small stand which also housed a small fridge and even a computer that matched up with everything. The girl had never seen anything built up like this, and she wondered how her friend had came about to be in one of these.

Lacy turned and looked at the girl beside her. She saw the girl was not really looking nervous, but the term might have been anxious. She knew that she should set up what was going to happen, as far as she could explain it.

" We will start with answering your questions for me... I will be asking some later." She said.

Mandy paused and thought. So many questions were in her head, and she was not quite sure of which one would be the first. She took a deepened breath in and just started.

" The first one is a pretty obvious one..." Mandy said, her voice was sort of strong as she did it. " Why did you show up at Camp?"

" Straight to the point..." Lacy mused, her eyes sparkling. " Got to hand it to you, that is a change."

The girl shifted and looked at her friend.

" Some of the answer, I can’t tell you right away..." Said Lacy, trying to be polite but somewhat evasive to a small degree. " I am able to say that I come to hear some things that pointed to you were having a little trouble down here at Camp, more than just one in fact... it was then I knew I had to come."

" From who did you hear that?"

" I can’t come out at the moment and tell you the ‘who’ I heard it from at the moment either..." Said Lacy, never once turning away from the girl. " Most things are interconnected."

" Why cant you tell me anything at all?" Asked Mandy, finding Lacy’ answer not quite what she expected her to say.

" It’s simple...I gave a promise to someone not to say anything, at least not yet anyways." She said bluntly. " I will be able to explain further.. but not for awhile longer."

Mandy knew that the if the girl had promised someone, she went through with whatever it was. That was one of many things that she always admired about the girl, her word was as good as gold...but the same attribute that she respected was also was frustrating her. She knew that Lacy would never break her word for anything, other than something very serious.

The dark haired girl wanted to respect Lacy and thought perhaps some other questions she could ask, and see if she those questions in a more round about way... would end up helping her find out things without compromising her friend’s stanch adherence to her principles.

" Then explain the limo thing to me." Mandy finally asked, picking her question to be one that is a little lighter to get things started.

Lacy nodded and laughed, looking at the expression that her friend’s face held. She turned in her seat to fully face the girl.

" That I can explain..." She said, with a wink. " You know that my family had moved away so Dad could build a electronic business up in a bigger city that he had started a year or two before we left..."

" I remember that." Said Mandy, her face sad as she went back to that time in her head..

" Well for one thing it surprised us all and now it is a success. He already has three outlets and two that are being built from scratch... and he has taken over another competitor’s chain that has four stores on other counties."

" So that is the reason for this over sized battleship you call a car..’ Said Mandy, understanding. " Your Dad got things humming along?"

" That is partially the way I came to be riding around in a limo... My father thinks it ‘keeps me safe’." Lacy said, then added with a little titter of a giggle. " There is a little more to the why..."

" Partially? More?" The girl came back with, confused again. " Girl...I think you have to keep explaining."

Lucy saw the look on Mandy’s face, and smiled.

" I was put in the first few commercials for Dad’s business, and someone from Hollywood saw me in them and talked to my family... " She blushed, as this girl was known to do at the drop of a hat. " After doing a few ads for a national chain of fast food places, I got more work quite fast...I just finished doing my first movie, and now have been asked to look at a few others to do."

Mandy nearly fell over, as the girl told her. Once over her surprise, a warm feeling came across her. She smiled, she already know that Lacy would do something very big in her life... she was right on the money with that one.

" Looks like you and your family have found happiness and success..." She said, feeling a tinge of sadness. " That was the reason to why I had not heard from you... you were too busy."

" It is... but.." Lucy started, but her words fell flat and her face changed in just a few seconds " In some ways, I really wish that the move and everything had not happened that way in the first place..."

" Lacy?" Asked the dark haired girl, worried about the suddenness of the change in her friend.

The blonde haired girl became somber, shiny tears had started to form at the corners of her eyes and a few rolled down the pale skin of those cheeks.

" Between everything that was happening... so many changes... I admit, I ended up so damned preoccupied to even write you one single time... I feel so horrible that I actually did that." She said, voice wavering as she spoke. She wiped one of the tears away and kept eye contact with the girl. " I thought of you so many times, over so many months and made many plans to get a hold of you... but it seemed like I ended up putting it off over and over again."

" You were busy building a new life... I understand that." Said Mandy, seeing the girl’s face turn so blank. " I admit that I was hurt a little by you moving away and then not hearing from you for two years... but that hurt I did feel, is now healed by seeing you."

" Do you honestly do not hate me for it?" Lacy said, seeming surprised at the girl’s words. " I would understand if you are."

Mandy took one of Lacy’s slender hands in hers and made sure the girl was looking right at her.

" I could never hate my best friend.. I was hurt, angry a little as well but never truly hated you for it." Said Mandy, knowing that she held nothing against the girl. " I am setting it straight for you once and for all. You are my best friend, and I do not hate you... period, end of story!"

" Could you forgive me for what I have done to you?" She said, her voice starting not to waver as much but still holding great emotion behind it. " Abandoning you like that...I was not the greatest friend."

" Already have, Lacy." Mandy said somewhat calmly, her friend’s tears tugging at her heart. " We will always be friends, and right now all I feel is happy for you and your new life, and happy that I have gotten to see you again."

The two hugged each other tightly, reaffirming the bond they had through out their childhood was still there...alive and kicking, as the saying goes. The broke apart and looked at each other. Smiles were evident on each girl’s faces.

" So... about the other stuff..." Said a smirking Mandy. " Still won’t say who told you I was having trouble?"

" I will be explaining it all... but in just a little while." Said Lacy, her voice giving the promising. " But I got to say though...I know quite a few things about you."

" About me, hummm? That.. I can wait for." That was all Mandy needed, and felt a little better with the mystery knowing the girl was keeping this promise. " So...I guess it is time for you to ask me something then, since I am having to ‘wait’ for my questions to be finally answered."

Seriousness painted Lacy’s perfect features all of a sudden. The thin tall girl turned and looked right at the girl.

" I said earlier that I see something else going on with you, and you know that I have heard some things..." She started. " I came to you for the reason that I was worried about you...What is going on with you? I heard about CC dying and about some other relationships you have had."

The dark haired girl froze, a mixture of shock and sadness coursed through her all at once. She lowered her head a little, as she wondered about her friend’s reaction to this... and what will come from it.

" You heard about CC?" Mandy said, so quietly, shocked to hear that she actually knew.

" Yes... I have heard that you two were close, and I also heard how much you were in love with this girl." She said back, slowly. " Judging by the look in those eyes of yours.. you loved this CC with everything you had..."

" You see that in me?"

" Face it, girl, I know how deeply you love, and without even trying." Lacy said firmly. " always have loved me like that, and you do that with everyone else in your life. You love with ever part of your being, and all unconditionally."

Mandy’s head drooped a little, and her eyes watered up a little. She looked up at her friend and nodded, knowing that Lacy’s insight was right on the nose. She felt so blessed, to have a friend like the one that sat next to her in a limo.

" I did love her so much...." Mandy whispered, with a gasping noise that stemmed from deep in her chest.

" Tell me about her a little." Said Lacy. " She must have been a very special type of person."

Mandy nodded, sighing with a mixture of sadness and longing. With eyes twinkling, she started.

" CC...She was one of the most different yet amazing person I have ever met. She was pretty, smart... had one weird sense of humor and a heart bigger than any mountain. She said " The best part of her was that she honestly loved me, just because of who I was.. That alone made me a better person for that... and I miss her so much."

" Wish I could have met her then..." Smile the blonde girl.

" I wish you could of too." She said with a half cry and half laugh. " Knowing you, you would look past her looks, and saw just what I did.. When she died, it felt like something in me did also."

Lacy sat for moment, thinking on the description of this girl named CC. She honestly did feel like she just might have liked this girl, and liked her a great deal... because of the fact that CC was clearly a person who was as unique as Mandy was.

" Gay or straight... That is never easy, to lose someone you love." She finally said, putting her hand on top of the smaller girl’s " Whether it is your first love, only love or something else, hurt is hurt."

" It still seems to be the hardest thing that I ever went through in my life." Mandy said.

" I hope I never come to understand it, like you... it would mean that I had lost someone like that." Firmly answered the girl.

" I hope that you never do." Plainly said the dark haired girl.

Mandy smiled a little, her friends caring words had already been easing her pain. She then looked into those blue eyes, and a question came up.

" Your alright with me being gay then...?" Mandy layed out the question, almost like she had thought twice about saying it at all. " That was always the one fear I had... the fear of telling you that I was gay, nearly paralyze me.... guess I was afraid of how I thought you would react to it."

Don’t you get it already, my dear Mandy?" Lucy said, making firm eye contact with the girl." Don’t you make me spell it out to you in ten foot letters...I already knew you were gay. You telling me is not even a shock in the least, and probably one of the worst kept secrets known in the world today."

Mandy looked at the girl a little shocked at the ease that the girl had said what she did, the girl’s face showed that it was indeed, not a gigantic shock. In fact the girl’s placid face showed that perfectly.

" How did you know, when I struggled with it inside me?"

" You don’t remember our times when we talked?"

" Remember.. what?" Mandy said back, unsure of what she meant.

Lacy leaned a little forward and gave a warm smile to Mandy.

" We talked about it often enough when you found yourself liking a girl a little more than you thought was normal to do, and I knew from what you were saying through your confusion over that... and I already had more than a suspicion or two that you were a lesbian." She said, pointing it out.

" I remember now..." Said Mandy, her eyes showing it had all came back to her.

" The fact that you are gay, never ever will matter once to me. I am not a lesbian, yet I know you won’t look down on me or anything because I am straight... so why should I? You’re my friend... and that does not and will not change, just because your preference is girls"

" You being straight does not change things to me...Except if I find your boyfriend could be prettier than you..." Joked Mandy, adding. " Only then I might have to do something about that... but to him, not you."

" I take it that you just might kick their hot asses, if they are prettier than I am?" Lacy smirked.

" I’ll decided what needs to be done.. when and if that happens." Mandy said with an impish gleam in her eye. " There can be only one ‘pretty person’... I may be bias, but it should be you!"

" You’re the same old Mandy." Smiled Lacy, seeming more relaxed.

With some things now out in the open and somewhat cleared, Mandy sighed and happened a look out of the limo window. She saw that they had turned onto a very unused road, heading actually deep into a huge stand of trees and seemed to be headed in the direction of the farthest edges of Lake Pawa.

She was curious to know where they were actually going, because it was apparent by how the driver was piloting this behemoth car, they were on their way somewhere and not just a simple ride around..

" I take it that we are going somewhere specific..." Mandy commented

:"We are."

" And you are not going to tell me where we are going, are you."

" Nope!" Smiled Lacy.

" Not one thread of a hint? Not one little suggestion at all" The girl teased, already knowing the answer to that..

" Not one word will come out of my mouth." Lacy came back with, adding. " I am hoping that once we get will open up more with what it is that’s going on with you right now."

" Maybe I will when we get to where we are going...." Poked the smaller girl, with a smirk.

Lacy looked at her friend with a sideways sort of stare, and started to bubble over with a fit of snickering

" Your playing with my words against me now?" She jested back, seeing what she was doing.

" Uh-hu." The girl came back with. " What good for the goose... you know the rest."

" I thought as much..." Lacy said, through shaking with the giggles. " Getting me back a little because of my promise... I like that."

Mandy giggled and sat back. She already knew the girl was as good to her word as anyone, she just wanted to bug her a little bit. Simple interaction with her best friend in the world, felt so damned good.

" Since you are not going to tell me squat...Tell me more about yourself then until we get to wherever it is that we are going." Mandy said. " Hopefully then I will end up getting some answers to my questions."

" Tell you about me?" Lacy said, taking a look at the girl in questioning " Like what?"

" Start with a sure fire favorite topic of yours... as usual, you can tell me about al; of the boys out there in the big city..." She smirked back.

" We don’t have to do that... You don’t like boys.." Whimsically pointed out the blonde girl.

" That may be true..." Chuckled Mandy with a smile a mile wide on her face. " But you do.. and I always did like hearing about the ‘studs’ as you so eloquently have named them, that you ogle."

" I would not say I ‘ogle’ them..." Said a partially blushing Lacy.

"You might not... But I think it is the right term.. and a nicer one as well...." She came back with. " A lot better than ‘undressing them with your eyes’, which would be the better way to say what you do."

" I do not!" Gasped the blonde girl through a smile.

" Like hell you don’t!!" Retorted back through the explosive laughing fit that Mandy had tumble out of her.

Shaking with the laughter that cam out of both girls, the car kept going on to it’s unknown destination. The friends simply talked for the remaining time while they were on their way to where ever it was they were going. It would end up being a very short trip from this point..

Chapter 17

Title: Chapter 17 - Afloat

[Author's notes: People ralling around you... make a heart explode with sunlight.]

Chapter Seventeen - Afloat.



The far end of Pawa was the widest and the deepest part of the lake. It was miles wide as well, and was impressive for a lake to be. In this corner of the world, Pawa was the biggest lakes around, and had been the obvious choice to pick when the Camp Pawa was first founded..

Lacy’s limo had arrived in a very secluded part of the lake area. It was thick with trees, but with one difference. There was a concrete path Mandy could see that led from where the gigantic car had parked that seemed to vanish into the large stands of trees. The path seemed to weave its way into the forrest, it’s destination was not quite clear as it meandered through the woods. By what the girl could gather, it seemed to be leading down towards the lake’s edge.

From where she sat inside of the limo, Mandy looked at this odd placement for a path, and wondered about why they were stopped there for. She knew that they were miles from where camp was, and from what she could gather, they were also so many miles from the resort town that was called Pawa Bay.

Lacy smiled broadly, seeming to be almost overly bubbly as she sat in the car. Mandy was confused at the limo stopping where it did.. She turned to look at her friend, and noticed just how animated Lacy was seeming to be.

" Why did we stop here.. in the middle of nowhere?" She asked slowly, with a lilt in her words.

" You’ll understand soon why we have stopped here..." The pretty blond girl literally sung her words.

" I’m taking a shot that it is another ‘cant tell you moment, please wait’ thing, right?" Sighed Mandy.

Lacy only answered by nodding as the driver opened the door, giving a secretive sort of smirk as she did. It was clear to Mandy that Lacy was going to continue to say nothing, and make her discover things as they were shown to her. She giggled, as she was sort of curious with all of this stuff.

Lacy stepped out of the limo so gracefully, the girl already having the air of being a star with out the attitude that normally came with such a status. She waved to the girl who was still in the car, egging her to follow her out. Mandy nodded that she understood and followed, knowing that her time for answers were now very close at hand.

The girl nodded to the driver, who was still broadly smiling. The man leaned up against the car, showing that he was going to be staying with the huge vehicle for this one. Lacy motioned to Mandy to follow her, leading her friend onto the path that was there. Mandy knew not to question the girl, and nodded. Side by side, the two long term friends followed the pat into the trees.

The path was long, and it took about ten minutes to go through. The trees were thick and the air hung with the humidity. Both girls walked in silence, as the birds twittered and squawked as the sun rose over Lake Pawa. Mandy fought the urge she had in asking more questions to Lacy, but somehow she just kept them to herself... as she was intrigued to find out why they were out here in the middle of nowhere.

The came out of the trees, and Mandy could see that there was a very large dock jutting out in to the water. Moored at the dock was a large luxury Yacht. It was painted a very pretty blue color, and seemed to have more than a few people aboard.

" A yacht?" Gasped Mandy, seeing the impressive vessel bobbing in the waters of Lake Pawa. " That is a Yacht...."

" It is no dingy..." She said, giggling.

"I know what it is...!" Snickered Mandy, seeing that the girl was jesting with her. " Why are we out here, looking at a yacht?"

" Patience, Mandy..." Lacy said, giving a smirk to the girl.

As the girls stepped on to the beginning of the dock, a very slender man stepped off of the boat dressed in a very amazingly white uniform that shone in the brightness of the sunlight. The man strode up the dock on long legs and met the two as they came out to meet him.

" All is readied for you, Miss Lacy, as requested..." The man said, giving a little bow towards the girls.

" Thank you very mich." She said to the man, then turned half way between the man and the girl next to her. " This is Mandy, Captain Anderson."

" A pleasure to be meeting you, Miss." Said the man to Mandy, giving a nod of his head. The man turned back his attention to Lucy " I have made very sure that things are as you had asked of my crew and myself... and hope that they are all to your satisfaction."

" Then...You have your orders, lead us aboard please."

" Yes, Ma’am." He said, as he motioned for both girls to follow as he headed to the large boat.

The yacht was so massive in it’s size and scope, looking bigger than any of the camp cabins by a long shot. It was like a luxury suite in a very high-end hotel, but this hotel floated. It was not anywhere as big as an ocean liner would have been... but it was still so very enormous. Mandy at her diminutive size, really felt so dwarfed as she headed up the gangplank to get on board. It was overwhelming to the girl.

Plush leather like bench seats were everywhere on the deck, as people of the crew seemed to be scrambled around doing last minute things as girls boarded. Some of the crew stopped to welcome them on to the ship with a very friendly and inviting tone, before they dashed off to do what they had been going to do in the first place. Others seemed to hover near them both, waiting for some orders to come.

Mandy, who was not accustomed any of this, was in awe at the opulence and grandeur of the huge boat. Lucy saw the girl’s reaction and simply stayed quiet to let her take it all in.

" You seem to like this boat?" The girl asked.

" This is so incredible." Mandy could only come out with, as this was what she always called over the top... And this floating hotel was just that.

" You should see some of the ones I saw down in Hollywood..." She said with a smirk. " My family’s boat here is pretty much a dingy compared to them."

" Why are we out on this boat in the first place."

" Always asking questions... It is the ‘new you"..." Giggled the blond girl, who looked at her friend. " All in good time here, Mandy... Just trust me..."

As soon as her words were out of her mouth, Lacy took her friend by the arm softly, and began to lead her down a doorway with a stairway. The entrance seemed to be lead down into the main part of the ship itself. Mandy was a little shocked by the boldness of the blonde haired girl, but let herself be led to find out what other things were in store for her, beside answers.

Mandy soon found herself led into a front room style of place, but this was far from what a room like this might have been to her. From plushly made couches adorning various parts of the room, to a collection of wooden chairs with hand stitched embroidered seats... this was a sight of pure comfort and luxury. The short statured girl looked around as she noticed many wide screen televisions placed along different walls in strategic angles... no hotel could have been decked out any better than this, it seemed much much more. This was more than just opulent, to the simple girl.

For the overwhelmed Mandy, this room, was definitely not like the homey type of front room she always enjoyed with her family back in the city, it was something to behold altogether. Thinking on that, the girl was sure that the whole boat was much more than that.

After a moment or two, Mandy noticed that there was a single person who was standing in the room she had entered. Seeing the form in partial shadow, she beginning to become sure that she knew this person. She took a long look at the shadow obscured form, unable to verify who it was. She looked at Lacy, who was standing beside her so quietly, as if non-verbally telling her to wait a moment or two longer.

After what felt like an eternity, the unknown figure turned and stepped out of the shadows and came into the light.. Mandy saw a totally amazing bright smile of the person, then the face registered that she did know who it was. She gasped as her heart skipped a little. The person was none other than Miss Ashfield.

The dark haired girl was in shock, seeing Pawa’s administrator standing in this floating mansion, and her mind flooded as it tried to figure out why the lady was onboard the ship. She looked at the woman for long moments, their eyes seemed to have locked together. The girl swallowed, fighting off the paralysis of her shock.

" W... why are you here?" Mandy finally managed to stammer out.

The woman took a second step forward, closing the gap between her and Mandy a little more than it had been.

" That is a very good question...’why am I here’?" Miss Ashfield started, her eyes seemingly unblinking as she looked at the shorter girl. " It is a question, that has a simple, yet not o subtly easy, answer. I am here, because of you..."

" Because of me?" Mandy said, a little shocked at the bluntness the woman had spoke with.

The woman suddenly turned a little sullen and her face became slightly drawn. The normally amazingly beautiful face now held a mask of distress. The young girl looked at this woman’s face, and found herself wondering why the lady’s expression was that way. She wanted to ask, but something stopped that from happening.

Miss Ashfield stood there, as if she was pondering something. She shifted, as if she had rectified whatever she was thinking of.

" I am here... and now feel more sure than I had been, to be doing something I should have done before." The woman said

" W... What do you have to do?" Mandy asked.

" I came to seriously apologize to you." The woman finally said, her words held a firmness of her conviction

" For... what?" Asked a very shocked Mandy, the words did catch her completely off guard.

The woman made eye contact with Mandy, her face showing the extent that she felt necessary to say what she needed to.

" For a great deal of things that are wrapped up in remorse, I have to admit... and I will start my apology off rather bluntly for you..." Said the woman, seeming more meek than she ever seemed to be.

" Apology?" Said Mandy, hearing the word flow from the tall woman’s mouth.

" Let me explain...It is an apology for..." The woman started, pausing for a second. " It’s an apology for taking advantage of you... and taking a huge advantage, and going to the extent that I did."

Mandy was shocked at the woman’s wholehearted admission to her. The girl could only stand and stare right into the woman’s face, and could see such a mask of remorse hanging there, it was such a powerful sense of remorse... one that she had never encountered before.

" Your apologizing for that?" She said, still not believing what she was hearing.

" I am..."

" Why would you...?" Said Mandy.

The woman took a long, deep breath in, but it seemed that she was not going to shy away from looking the girl straight in the face. She seemed to nod before continuing, her eyes held a very determined look in them

" I let my hormones and my attraction for younger women get the better of me... that was so clear when we had sex together that one afternoon, but I totally persuaded myself that it was alright to do so...." Said the woman, seemingly getting stronger. " It was... such a wrong thing to do.. I knew it... then I heard more..."

Mandy was embarrassed to have her friend hear about her little tryst, but she somehow had another stronger feeling hearing about this , made Lacy not the least uncomfortable.

" I was wanting to with you as well..." Said Mandy, admitting her own ‘horniness’ had made her melt into making love to the woman.. " Face it... I wanting to have sex with you it as much as you said you did with me."

" Does not make it right, Mandy, even thought I was... and still am, so attracted to you." She said, then swallowed hard. " You are so younger than me... just on that pinnacle of becoming a full adult, yet still having a’ways to go. You still being a teenager meant your hormones were hard at work, while your life experience was low... I, on the other hand... was simply weak and let it happen in the first place."

" You feel guilty for having sex with me then?"

" I would never sat that I was sorry for making passionate love to you... it was something that was so amazingly beautiful to me... that I still can’t think about it without smiling... but it was still wrong of me to do." Said the woman, making herself a little clearer to the young girl.

" Then if you don’t feel bad about it... why are you apologizing?"

The woman took a second step forward, now she was standing right in front of the small girl. She looked deep into Mandy’s eyes, reading the confusion that was hanging in those hazel pools that looked back at her.

" I made your mind doubt things about yourself, and I have figured out that you became confused with other feelings...ones that you have been feeling towards another girl..."

" You... know about Alison?" Spluttered Mandy, so shocked to hear that the woman knew this little bit of information so clearly.

Miss Ashfield nodded, her smile trying to show a little more of what she was feeling right then.

" I do know about this girl..."

" But... How?"

" Your councilor pointed out things to me she has been seeing, when we met up by chance one night a couple days ago..." Miss Ashfield said plainly. " She told me that you were sort of seeing this girl.. and I realized that because of my hormones jumping into all of it, I might have caused some damage.... then I heard that you backed off from everyone all of a sudden, isolating yourself... and I was more sure that I had made things worse for you."

Mandy looked deep into the woman’s face, and saw that the woman really did know most of it.. She then started to wonder how Olivia had actually noticed that, and ended up telling this woman exactly what was going on, and with such clarity..

" I was not really seeing Alison... sort of I" Mandy said, but strangely her words were trailing off.

" You were, I already can tell... even though you are not quite sure yourself." Bluntly said the woman, telling of what she was seeing.

" You could tell... but you... and.. uh... " Sputtered the girl, trying to get something out of her mouth. " How?"

The woman giggled a little, and took a second to touch Mandy’s cheek softly.

" It is not hard to tell that you are confused about that, even though the feelings for Alison have grown stronger... but you were also so confused about what you felt for me among other things... right?" The woman said, clearly she had a handle on what the girl was actually thinking.

" I was..." Said Mandy, in admission. " But how could you see what I think I feel for Allison?"

" I seen it in your eyes. With my experience with love, with like and many bouts of pure old fashioned lust....along with every shade of grey in-between.... It is clear that you already have had your heart taken by Alison... but your young lust overshadowed what was happening and then ripped away by me." She took a long breath. " For not even having a hint of that... is what I am apologizing for."

The girl was going to reply to the lady, but she could not. She opened her mouth, but nothing was coming out of her, there was a void. Her mind flashed, her heart raced as the very amazingly pretty woman’s words seem to stick in her. She lowered her head, as her mind suddenly became full of instant cohesion.

In that moment, she saw that Miss Ashfield was right on the mark with it. She felt her heart jump as she now was thinking about the brainy girl so clearly... a jump that was far more than her hormonal jumping when she looked at the stunningly beautiful Miss Ashfield. This time, her feelings were altogether different, and had a strength to it that was overwhelming. It was the feeling she had with CC, only it seemed much more... now she found herself feeling guilt. She did not know what she could say... as emotions careened through her.

A movement over to the right, made the small teen turn her head, surprised at the shadow moving. Mandy saw a woman standing there in the middle of a doorway, and she nearly fainted. This was also, no stranger to her. The woman was Cynthia Campbell... CC’s mother. She looked at the woman for a moment in shock, her mind reminding her that it had been almost a year since she had seen the lady.

Mrs. Campbell looked at the girl with a warmth that was from the heart.

" It is so very nice to see you again, Mandy." The woman said, her large smile reminiscent of CC’s smile.

Mandy broke into a smile, and she found her heart filled wit a joy that was bubbling over. It was so amazing to see the lady again, her heart began to run a little.

" It is very nice." She smiled, her heart feeling lighter now what she sees the woman again. " A nice surprise indeed."

" In the end, it was not a surprise to me..." Said the lady, smiling so warmly right at Mandy. " In fact, I have been anticipating meeting with you like this... But I never anticipated the meeting would end up like this."

Puzzled, Mandy looked at Mrs. Campbell for a moment. Being very unsure of exactly what the woman was saying, she decided to ask a question to get the ball rolling better.

" You expected that you would be meeting with me?" She asked, her day now filling with even more questions to be answered.

" Yes."

" But I have not seen you in a long time..." The girl said, after a second or two. " How in the world would you be waiting to meet up with me?"

The woman giggled and looked right into Mandy’s face.

" Lets just say that it was originally CC who was the one that had foreseen me meeting up with you at some point.." She replied back.

" CC?" Questioned the young girl, now really puzzled at the woman.

" It was CC." She said plainly.

Mrs. Campbell could see the girl was having a time of it trying to figure things out. She gave a soothing stare to the girl.

" This really needs to be explain for you..." She replied.

" Someone has to..." Mandy said with a long sigh beforehand. " I still have not got many answers this morning!"

The woman looked at Lacy, who stood nearby with Miss Ashfield. CC’s Mother pulled out what appeared to be a compact disk from her purse and handed it to Mandy, before turning fully towards Lacy and the other woman.

" She need a DVD player for what I handed to her..." CC’s mother said. " It’s all on there... an explanation into what is fully going on now, and what I am trying so hard what not to say anything at all until you view this... then we will have a little talk."

" What is it about?"

" You just watch this recording with an open mind... than it will become clear." Was all the lady would say, taking a step back from the girl.

Lacy took the DVD disk from the short girl and led her to a chair in front of one of the large flat screened televisions on the wall. She popped the silver circle into a black box built into the wall, and seemed to vanish. The screen flickered and then came on, as the lights over Mandy dimmed down, while hearing the others in the room moving farther away into the dimness.

Mandy anxiously waited and watched the screen, interested what this might be all about... and what it would end up telling her. A pronounced flicker shot across where she watched, then an video image came up on the screen right then. She could not believe what the DVD was showing her.

There was CC laying there, in her hospital bed, like the very last time she had seen her on the day she died. The girl’s features were blanched an almost transparent white, her cheeks sunken in and her beautiful dark brown eyes held a deepness that even when she had been well, always drew her. CC’s chemotherapy had taken the dark raven locks earlier on than even this video could have been made, but the baldness had never hid the striking beauty she had, and Mandy started to tear as she watched the video unfold.

On the screen, It seemed like CC was struggling a little to sit up... beads of sweat evident on her scalp as she determinedly forced her thin and very ravaged body to move more upright against the pillows that propped her up. Looking at the girl on the tv, Mandy could see that she was near the weight when she died of under eighty pounds, and that made her ache to see.... remembering how drastically fast she had lost the weight once starting treatment.

CC seemed to make the right adjustments and looked at the camera, her face holding a very different type of smile that she usually wore... even when the cancer treatment made her so violently sick.

" Well, I guess I am gonna have to start from the start here, Mandy..." The girl said to camera. " You are going to have to bear with me, as I have a whole hell of a lot to be saying to you, My precious flower... and I am not quite sure I have ended up having the energy to do it all... but like my father always said- ‘what the fuck and go for broke’!"

Mandy looked at girl on the screen, and felt her heart wrench in her chest. She was not sure when this video was taped, but by how frail the love of her life seemed to be on the screen was clear that this could have not been very long before that horrible day. The young girl waited and watched while the girl on the tv struggle for a moment to breath, before continuing. She saw that there was a determination on CC’s face, and also there was somewhat of an air of urgence that also hung on the image.

The girl soon stopped her labored breathing and looked straight into then lense of the camera. Mandy smiled, as she could see that certain hint of a glimmer shining in those eyes. She felt her tears become torrents, as that look brought back every conceivable emotion she ever had with the girl on the television.

" Here I sit, waiting for you to come back from school on the last day of classes before Christmas break. It is December 20th, and looks pretty damned cold outside yet I’m feeling so warm thinking of you.... Yet I struggle with wanting to talk to you heart to heart, and always being too tired to bring out what I have been thinking about..." She said, her voice beginning to seem to have a little more life than it had. " It is right now... that I feel like I have the strength to say it all in one shot, so before this spurt of energy fades away... I am having my mom tape me saying it."

Mandy gasped at the first words spoke by CC on the video, a realization had came through the video. CC herself had just told her that as she was recording this thing for her, from the date she had was the day before she eventually did die, the realization that in about twenty hours or so CC would be gone. Fighting back her tears, Mandy swallowed hard as she forced herself to watch and listen, her heart needing to hear what the girl was struggling so proudly to tell her.

On the screen, CC seemed to be able to go on..

" The doctors that had came in here this morning after you had snuck up here before classes told me that it was a matter of time before I do, as my body’s organs are beginning to fail fast ....they also said that my heart is already weakened by all of this shit they have tried to cure me with..." She giggled weakly. " Enough about me here...I worry about you and need to say a few things that have been in my heart for awhile here...Maybe that is why I find myself with some surge of energy all of a sudden... they say that happens just before you die... so with energy to do this." She smirked tiredly " are my thoughts."

There was a long pause, then CC gave a very long look to the camera, almost as if she was right there and looking deep into Mandy’s eyes.

" I know you so well... your smart, loving, caring, funny... and very loyal to a fault... and that what really worries me...." She said, her demeanor getting serious. " With how I feel for you said, I am recording this because I know you... you will not want to move on and love again once my fight is over. I feel a need for this to be recorded." CC turned a little to the camera. " Call what I’m feeling a prediction, a way out there hunch or whatever it is... I think that if you find yourself falling in love in the future, you will not let yourself do that...because of your feelings for me." A tear flowed down her pasty white skin of her cheek. " You will end up not letting your heart go to embrace love- even when it’s your own heart that finds itself connecting with another and beginning to feeling so much for whoever that is... that is your loyalty... This is the reason that my mother has promised to make sure you see this video, in the event that she hears about something like that."

Mandy saw the tears flowing down the hollowed cheeks of CC, and they simply went straight to her heart. She had seen tears rarely from CC ever, the girl had never been one for such things... but as she sat there and watched those little liquid diamonds come... it really brought her to feel even more love for the pretty goth girl than ever. Forcing herself to keep her own emotions in check, she watched the video again.

CC seemed to compose herself again, visually she was fighting the emotions she was having in goth fashion.

" It is because I know you, that I leave you this little record of what I need to say... and it will be there for you.... and these words will hopefully tell you that it is alright that you love another.... that is my wish for you." She giggled on the screen, her smile had returned for that split second." I will be making you promise to go to camp again one last time, when you get here after class The reason why I am asking you to do this is that I am hoping that the fresh air of Lake Pawa make you think of me once in awhile... and help your heart begin to move forward as you keep the memories of me."

Mandy felt each word hit home, as the girl talked right to her. She found that the deep sadness and the sense of loss she has had since CC died, now was somehow leaving her. She still missed CC, but the weight of it all had lifted suddenly. The dark haired young girl watched the screen, as the camera angle had now moved in close that CC’s face was the only thing on it. She shuttered, knowing that the girl was going to say something more on this video.

CC looked right into the lense again, this time there was even more of a serious look on her face. She took a breath in, as it was clear the energy level she had felt, was now leaving her quickly.

" To make this as clear as possible for you right now..." She said with a stern voice. " I want you to go on and live... remember that I am in your heart always, and that I truly did love you.... my single wish is now that you find happiness and peace with who you are... the what you are is irrelevant. If you are falling for someone right now... go for it, if your heart is telling you. That is the only one that can tell you weather or not you actually are."

The goth girl gave a tired smile and her head fell back, obviously drained by the effort of doing the video. She smiled to the camera and swallowed hard.

" I will always remember you... but please, let yourself live and love. That is how you will keep me alive in your heart!!" Was the last few words from the girl.

The screen flickered before it quickly went blank. Sadly for Mandy’s heart, the little message was over

Mandy lowered her head a little, as she thought over what the message was all about. She heard footsteps come to her side and a hand was placed gingerly on her shoulder.

" My daughter loved you so very much.... and fought hard to make that DVD when she had the strength." Mrs. Campbell said. " She put everything into it that she could have given."

" I loved her so too...still do right now." Said Mandy.

" I know that also, after watching you all of those times..." She said. " That is why I agreed to do this for her... in honor of that love you had given to her."

The short girl looked up at the woman, and gave a smile.

" How did she know I would be feeling like this?"

" She always had those intuitions." Said the woman. " I think when she loves, she also gets an insight far beyond the realm of normal..."

" How did you find out about.... things gong on?"

Mrs. Ashfield neared and looked st the girl. She smiled.

" After Ol iva had voiced what was happening, I felt so badly that I went to talk to Mrs. Granger..." She said calmly. " When she heard that you seemed to be down and backing off from people, Mrs. Grander somehow got a hold of Lacy to see what we both could do."

" I heard what was going on and flew back here and talked to your mom on the phone, and she gave me Mrs. Campbell’s number." Lacy said. " When she explained about this video for you, and about CC and all... It was obvious that your CC foretold what might be happening and then you know pretty much the rest."

" Now comes a question for you, Mandy." Mrs. Campbell said, breaking into the conversation.

Mandy blinked, as the woman’s directness took her off-guard.

" Me?"

" Yes..." The lady said, then smiled. " I have one very open question..." Mrs. Campbell looked right at the girl, with a smile that was undescribable. " With this Alison girl... are you falling for her, like CC was predicting."

Mandy nodded her head, as she now knew the truth in her heart. She blushed a little, as she now felt freed by the words CC had recorded for her.

" I am." She said, then added. " I do love her."

" Have you told her how you felt?" Prodded the woman.

" I was ...confused a little for a bit..." Explained the short girl as she thought it out. " To the extent that I never even recognize that I was.... I was thinking about CC and... I pushed those thoughts away..."

The woman squeezed the girl’s shoulder softly, as the look of understanding flooded over her face.

" You do not have to feel guilty about still loving CC, and know that she understood what you might be feeling... she only wanted you to move on- because she loved you." Mrs. Campbell said. " My Crystal only wanted you to be happy, and find love again."

" I know that now..." Said Mandy, the words of CC flooding her. " She loved me enough, to on video... kick my ass..."

Mrs. Campbell giggled at the girl’s words

" That she did..." She agreed, then stopped for a second. "Now... If you do love this Alison, and know it in your heart of hearts... should you not tell this girl... do you think she feels the same about you?"

" I... am not sure what she feels for me..." Said Mandy, realizing her silence had stopped the communication between her and the brainy gal. She smiled, as the intimate moments between them came back to her, then realizing what she had been doing. " I sort of stopped talking to her when I was figuring things out... now I want to know that..."

" I do...Damned me I do!!" Said a voice beyond the four in the room.

Looking over at the voice’s direction, all four saw the long haired girl by the name of Alison. She stepped closer to the group, her gaze locked on to Mandy. She seemed to simply stare, her chest heaving as she breathed hard.

" You love me?" Asked the girl in the thick glasses, her eyes widened.

Mandy stepped towards the girl, as the others just layed back a little. She looked at Alison and nodded, as her heart found the heaviness lift and she could finally explain herself.

" Yes." She whispered. " I do love you... even after all this time, I never even knew myself..."

The two girls came together, lips locking as they embraced. There was a rousing round of clapping coming from all. With blushing faces, the two released one another and smiled with a glow that was undescribable, keeping their hands clasped together though.

" So..." Said Alison, beaming a smile that was as bright as any sun. " What do we do now?"

Lacy stepped up and smiled.

" We have a ‘little boat ride’ to go on, you two." She said.

" Boat ride?" Questioned Mandy, seeing a impish look cross her best friends’s face.

" Yes, a ‘little hour’ of a boat ride." Cheekily smiled Lacy, as she looked over at Miss Ashfield.

" And sometime later on... there is another surprise in store for the both of you..." Added in the tall woman with Miss Campbell holding back a small fit of nervous giggling.

Mandy and Alison found themselves both giggling away, as the secretiveness of the three was as funny as it was confusing. Mandy smiled and looked right at Lacy.

" I have to be patient, don’t I?" She smiled.

" Both of you do..." Said the blonde haired girl, giggling under her words. " Trust me!"

Allison just shrugged and looked at Lacy, then gave a glance to the girl holding her hand.

" If we have to trust... we have to."

" Take it from me.. after all that was done today... expect anything..." Mandy blurted out, as she continued to giggle herself.

" I sort of expect having to do that already." Said the girl back, squeezing the hand that was in her’s.

Alison and Mandy sat down to visit with the three others, as the felt the boat already underway to a destination that was unknown to them both. They were excited with the turn of events, and simply waited to see what other things were going to happen to the both of them... this day already turning out to be a very interesting one indeed.


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Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 18 - A night of stars

[Author's notes:

When accepting love, it come so much easier.

Warning: This chapter has explicit sexual content and language. Reader disgression is highly advised.


Chapter Eighteen - A night of stars



The large craft sailed into the heart of lake, heading a little north but still away from the camp miles down the lake. Lacy and the others had went topside, as the heat of the day was such that inside the cabin of the large craft or not... it was still very hot.

Alison and Mandy stayed close together at the railing, looking out over the bow of the boat while still holding hands. The stood there, each loving the hot breeze on their faces as the yacht made its way to who knows where, feeling as if the world had became just a little brighter to them both.

Mandy looked at the girl next to her and smiled, her heart swelling. She was glad that she had figured things all out. Looking at the side view of Alison, she was amazed at this plain girl... amazed at the beauty she had

" Do you have any clue where we are going on tis thing?" She said.

" I know that we are not being piloted back towards camp..." She said, looking at the far shore as she layed her head on the girl’s shoulder. " We are going away from it by the minute."

" Wonder where we are going?" She mused again, feeling so calm having the pretty girl resting her head on her head.

" If I remember correctly... the marine maps I’ve read for the area of Lake Pawa tells of only a few large islands and the shore over there is still pretty wild." She said. " No towns or nothing this far out... only sporadic cabins are around this end of Pawa."

Mandy looked at the girl in the glasses and smirked.

" You study marine maps?" The dark haired girl teased, yet she seemed a little surprised as well.

" It’s sort of a hobby of mine..." She grinned.

" That’s a hobby?" Said the girl back.

" You know I’m ‘a brain’, as the others have so eloquently named me." Alison giggled, kissing Mandy on the cheek. " You are an artistic type, I’m more along the lines of the intelligent type..."

" I can see that..." Smirked the short girl.

" I was thinking that was a good thing...means that we will be able to complement one another nicely."

Mandy smiled uncontrollably, as she could not dispute that little insight by the gal. She stared into the girl’s face and felt the love she had for Alison. It was like she had felt for CC, but this was different in a way... and she was glad for that.

Mandy felt at peace, but wondered how she could have been so blind to her own feeling for the pretty bookworm. She made a decision on the matter, and chalked it up to growing up... She was sure that up in heaven, CC was smiling on her. Even as an angel, the pretty goth girl had taken care of her.

The two noticed the boat had angled again, this time angling the bow towards a group of large islands off the port side. The craft quickly passed between two smaller islands poking out of the water’s surface, and it seemed to be heading straight for a very large island that sat in deeper water passed the two.

Lacy appeared next to the two girls, after she had been talking with the others. Mandy looked at the girl’s face, and was sure that there was something up...the impish look that was pasted onto the blonde’s face made her think of it right off.

" I know that look on your face, Lacy..." Mandy said, with a smirk. " That tells me that another one of your ‘surprises’ is coming."

" You know me too well..." The girl giggled, adding. " But yes, there is one coming right up."

" And your still not going to tell us absolutely squat about it?" Mandy asked.

" You’ll just have to see what I... and the others... have in store for the two of ya." The girl only said, but with her face now having a even more of an impish gleam to it.

Lacy made a motion for the two girls to follow her as she turned. Mandy sighed and leaned into her new girlfriend’s ear as the did follow the now softly whistling girl.

" I think we will get some of our answers to where the hell we are going...." She said

" The suspense is killing me..." Agreed Alison.

" You are anxious too?" Mandy gasped. " But...You look so calm..."

" It is killing me all the same..." She said. " I hide it well..."

The others were crowded around the entrance down into the ship’s cabins. The seemed to all have the exact same mischievous smirk on their faces as Lacy did, Miss Ashfield seemed to also be trying to stop a giggle fit as well. Mandy shook her head, the suspense was now really getting to her. They waited, but no one was saying a word, as if waiting for a few moments more, making Alison and Mandy wonder even more.

The captain of the boat soon appeared from below. The man seemed to be carrying a large picnic styled basket that seemed to be on the heavy side. He smirked and set it down on the deck right in front of Lacy and the others. He turned to the blonde girl and nodded.

" We are only a few minutes away from getting to our destination, Miss Lacy...." He said.

" Thank you, Captain." She said back, as the man hurried back inside again.

Lacy looked at the two and smirked again.

" This is for you both..." She announced.

" What is it?" Asked Mandy, eyeing the wicker made container..

" Sandwiches, chips and a few thermoses of drinks and other miscellaneous necessities are packed in there." She smirked and seemed to get more excited..

Mandy eyed her friend, then the picnic basket that was at Lacy’s feet.

" Why would we need this?" She asked. " Getting rid of us on some deserted island or what?"

" Its not that... A getaway, I’d describe it as... " Giggled the girl. " You are both going to spend time somewhere... alone." She said, her eyes sparkling.. " It is a handpicked place to connect with each other after all of this stuff that has been going on for the both of you...while Mrs. Ashfield and all of us as well, get another surprise ready for you."

Understanding some but still confused, the two girl stood there and looked at the group... uncertain what all this was leading up to.



Within twenty minutes, Alison and Mandy found themselves walking up a small dock heading onto a large island. The yacht that had brought had already pulled out from the dock and was sailing away at a pretty good clip, after two crew members had taken the picnic basket up the hill for them.

Mandy spotted a small house sitting on the top of the hill, about fifty yards passed the end of the dock. Alison spotted the structure as well, as she held tight on to the girl’s hand as they headed towards it.

" It seemed that we are purposely marooned here until morning." She quipped.

" That is what they said..." Smiled Mandy. " Seems like they are ‘wanting for us to get better acquainted’."

" You have a great friend there, in Lacy." Nodded the girl back, smiling.

" She’s one in a million." Said the girl happily.

" She has to be... she set it up that you could sleep with your girlfriend."

Mandy laughed at the comment, her heart singing as she saw the smile on Alison’s pretty face..

" She has to be a good friend." She said, kissing the girl on the cheek as they walked.

" That was why she made sure that we would honestly be totally alone for the day..." Alison giggled.

" We are very... isolated., aren’t we?" Smiled Mandy, slipping her arm around the girl. " It is good to connect together again."

" I’m guessing that was their whole idea behind this little ‘Robinson Caruso’ thing..." Said Alison.

" It is.. and interesting proposition...." Smiled Mandy, the thought of being alone with the pretty girl made her soul sing.

" Like the ‘cool kids’ say, ‘ I’m down with that." The book worm said, looking into the dark haired girl’s face.

There was a bright twinkle in Alison’s eyes, Mandy saw, yet she also noted there was a sizzle of passion as well. It was the same passion filled look the girl had when they had made love together that one night... a night that felt so far away. She stopped for a moment, and turned Alison towards her.

" I want to say something here..." She said, feeling that she had to sat her own thing, as did Miss Ashfield back on the boat.." I am sorry that I never told you how I felt.... I was... not fully clear with myself."

Mandy looked at Mandy and nodded. She clasped her hands around the cheeks of the smaller girl with such a loving touch.

" I understand...." She said. " I did not want to admit it myself as well... since I could remember, I felt pulled to you."

" You... did?"

" I don’t kid myself any more...." Started Alison. " I tried to ignore that I was attracted to girls... and I really had tried to ignore that since I saw you here at camp, for you were the first girl I was seriously attracted to... Now that I’m not ignoring it or just pushing it away, I feel..." She said, her words trailing off for a second.

" Free?" Mandy suggested.

" Yes, that is the word." Said Alison, her eyes sparkling with a happiness that was so genuine.

As they headed to the small house, they had already began to kiss with fire, their small talk making way for more pressing matters of the heart. Dispite the blistering heat of the day, they knew their own heat was past that.... it was a full fledged blaze.

They finally got up the hill and went into the house. Unsurprisingly, they found that it was as small inside, as it was on the outside. A bed, a toilet area and a fireplace was all that was there, along with a smattering sticks of furniture. They did not care how little there was, as they pulled each other towards the bed in a heavily breathed dance of kissing and rubbing.

Mandy pulled off Alison’s top off and threw it god knows where and looked at the girl, feeling the passion that flooded her every fiber as she noted there was no bra to do. The girl’s perky small breasts jutted out at her, the little rosebud nipples were already so hard and glowed pinkish against the milky firmness.... and she was drawn to their absolute beauty.

The shorter girl lowered her head and began to lick one of Alison’s erect nipples lightly, ringing it with her lips while doing so..

" Oh...God!!" Gasped the brainy girl, throwing her head back and pulling Mandy’s head into that boob.

Mandy did not disappoint, as she went between both breasts, using her hands and tongue to good use. Mandy was enthralled by the sweet and salty taste of the sweat beads as they formed on Alison’s ivory skin, all of it accented by the softness the skin had under her hungry mouth. She closed her eyes, to experience ever last bit of the girl.

Alison moaned wildly, as the girl ravished love down on her breasts. Sweat from the heat in the cabin only added to her experience, filling her nose with the exciting aroma of their bodies own aphrodisiac musks.

She pulled the girl from her bosom, and made her look right at her. With eyes locked together, It was Allison’s turn to take off Mandy’s top. She pulled it up and off the girl, throwing it like Mandy had done with her, helter skelter into a corner.

" I want to feel experience you in ever way I can possibly do..." She breathed, looking at the shorter girl perfect small tits that were as aroused as her’s were.

" As I do, you." Said Mandy, looking right into those glittering eyes.

" You do love me..." Alison smirked, catching the girl with her eyes as she was already assured of the answer.

" More than I even knew... but now I know." Answered back Mandy, her face showing the honesty that she was saying every single word.

The two fell silent and they melted into one another as they let themselves fall sideways onto the bed. There they let hands begin to rub one another’s naked torsos, kissing and rubbing up against the other as their arousals rose with each touch. Hung in the moment, entwined with each other, they just seemed to be drinking it all in as deeply as they could.

Mandy slid her hand down the front of Alison, slipping under the waistband of her shorts as they continued on their passion fueled way. The girl got two surprises for her in one as she went for the girl’s treasure. One was the girl was not wearing panties under the shorts, the second surprise made Mandy’s heart race and her body quiver a little. She had found that the girl’s dark thatch of hair she remembered from the last time...was not there, Alison’s vulva was now shaved thoroughly clean just like her own was.

" After our last ‘encounter’, I shaved it..." Alison whispered. " I liked your’s so much... I decided that I wanted to do it."

The dark haired girl smiled and got up on her knees. She moved on the bed, lifting the girl’s legs and slowly removed the flimsy shorts. Alison’s whole body shivered while she helped the girl by lifting her small rounded ass up a little. She squeaked a little, her anticipation was evident in her eyes.

Now without the material that the girl was wearing, Mandy could see the pretty pinkness that was shaved just right. The folds were errect and flushed, juices were already flowing over it and wetting her thighs.

" Well..." She said slyly, lowering herself as the thin girl opened her legs wide to invite her.

Mandy’s lips touched the soft folds of the girl’s treasure, her senses taking in the soft musk that was wafting up to her. She felt Allison gasp and thrust her pussy up into her mouth, involuntarily she was begging for more contact. Obligingly, she suckled the outer lips softly and reveled in the sugary taste of the girl’s nectar that was oozing out. She tool a lick from the folds, and could feel the girl tremble. Spurred on by her own wanting of the girl’s honey, she started to lick in ernest.

Alison threw her head back into the bed as pure pleasure flowed, her girlfriend’s lips was sending many shockwaves through her. She opened her legs to the extent that they could, wanting more. Mandy’s tongue taking the hint and began to probe her insides deftly. Alison could not help but coo softly, as the girl sent a flurry of electric pulses through her with each subtle but deliberate movement.

" Please..." She found herself whimpering. " More!"

The girl between the angular legs moved her head up a little so as to suck on the harden nub of the clitoris, replacing her tongue with a finger that slid so effortlessly into the velvety warmth of her lover’s treasure. As it sunk to her upper knuckle, she felt a gush of juices flow over her hand as Alison shuttered. She turned her hand and arched the probing finger to find the girl’s g-spot. Almost instantly, felt a harder gush explode out to coat her hand again. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her tongue ringing the little nub, loving the fact that she was making the brainy girl cum again and again.

After a few minutes, and many thundering orgasms passed, Alison sat up and pulled the girl over her. She rolled her onto the bed and ended up the one between a pair of luscious legs. Her eyes sparkled as she looked down at Mandy, as her hands now rested on the waistband of the girl’s shorts.

" Now... It’s my turn..." She said.

Mandy lifted up and the girl slid off the shorts over her smallish hips and down her legs. Alison’s eyes opened wildly and a little smirk of pleasure came over her face.

" No panties for you either?" She asked, throwing the article of clothing over a shoulder.

" Too hot..." She grinned back.

The bookworm took off her glasses and put them down on a little sidetable next to the bed. She looked down at Mandy’s very wet treasure, smiling at the smooth pink flower that was already in bloom just for her. She lowered her head and went in to taste the sweetness that was awaiting her with all the zeal she had in her. Her sweetness assaulted her senses with pure pleasure.

Feeling the girl’s lips contact her labia, Mandy could only produce a loud gasping noise. Putting her legs on either side of Alison’s head, she gave her free reign to do what she wanted to. Feeling that tongue that slid into her, the gentleness of it overshadowing the girl’s inexperience made Mandy’s mind swoon and her body to react. She rocked her hips against the girl’s mouth, wanting more of the same feeling to blast through her... and she was not disappointed as the girl was more than up to the task.

Her body shivering in delight, the shorter girl could feel her climax building and shaping like a caged beast. Every part of her was needing the release to come, but also never wanted it to stop. Alison was lapping away at her labia, sending her into unabashed pleasure. She felt her orgasm quickly peaking, she was now only seconds away when the girl between her legs pushed one her own fingers deeply into her hole. Mandy felt the fingers fill her, and that alone triggered her orgasm.

With a scream of pure power coming from her very depths to fill the little cabin, Mandy’s climax totally took her over as her body shock and bucked as they pulsed through her one after another without any sign of an end to them. She thrashed around and slammed her hips like lightning as the girl was milking orgasms right out of her one after another in a multiple tidal wave of fingers and tongue.

With her final orgasmic wave over, the short girl collapsed back into a sweaty heap on the bed, panting hard as the calming feelings of her afterglow came over her. Alison had climbed out from between her legs and layed herself gingerly on top of her.

Panting as hard as she was, Alison looked at her.

" That was so amazing..." She smirked, kissing Mandy on the lips.

" Incredible..." Said Mandy back.

" That too..." The bookworm giggled, stroking her lover’s sweat covered abs as she kissed her again.

Mandy found that her arousal was totally not over, she found as her own pussy’s taste was sweet on Alison’s lips. She kissed the girl back, making sure that whatever residual taste she still had on her lips also, the girl would experience. By the moaning sounds that came from the girl as she kissed her, she was sure that the girl got a good taste of her own wonderful juices that had not been all sweated off.

They layed on the bed for awhile, holding their sweat slick bodies together as they listened to the quietness the island was giving them from outside. They seemed content and happy, each of their own confusions were a thing of the past.

" This feels so relaxing... I feel like I am new...." Mandy replied, surprised that after her many orgasms, her treasure still was twitching for a little more attention.

" Well then... shall we repeat?" Said Alison, her hand slowly going down to the juncture of the shorter girl’s legs.

" Not had enough?" Tried to say Mandy slyly, but the fingers on her treasure made it difficult to get out as it sent pleasure waves through her.

" Nope!!" Said the girl back with a smirk, then a kiss as she stroked the softness under her fingertips.

For the next few hours, they simply enjoyed themselves by exploring one another in very minute detail... each time they would climax and return the other’s attention with pure passion in their souls. Dispite the heavy heat of the day, it was not anywhere near what heat the two were feeling to one another. For them, they had the passions fire stoked up to the highest hights anyone could have.

The day would pass on into evening, the two lovingly attended to one another. Finally spent of energy for the moment, they opened the picnic basket where sandwiches and other things awaited their hunger. They ate, talking low between one another like lovers did, oblivious of the days heat that seemed to make the little cabin on their island feel like a sauna bath



Mandy and Alison sat silently on the bed, still naked, lit by the camp light that was the only means of illumination in the cabin. They listened to the hooting of an owl that came from near the cabin, it’s mournful sounds being accompanied by the soft chirping lullaby from a choir of crickets. It was a perfect complement to them simply laying there and caressing each other so softly

Sometime later on in the evening, they voicelessly got up and hand in hand they went out of the cabin. Out on the little porch they stood taking in the very hot night, unafraid of anyone seeing them in this state of undressed.

" It’s really been a very remarkable day..." Said Alison, looking up at the moon high in the star filled sky.

" I would say so..." Giggled Mandy, sliding around her arm to draw the girl into her.

Alison sighed and seemed to just melt into her lover’s side.

" Any ideas on what those other surprises Lacy and the others might have when they pick us up in the morning?" She asked. " They had made it clear that there was some more to come..."

" After this day... I would not be surprised by anything or anybody for that matter...." Mandy replied, hugging the taller girl to her. " I’m thinking that we should expect the unexpected."

" I thought as much..." Agreed the girl.

The two looked at the stars overhead, and seemed to be so content. The island was still, the sounds of the waves lapping against the dock came like a soft symphony to them. The kissed softly and just stood there for a while, to simply enjoy the moment that God and nature seemed to have given them.

" We should go to bed, I guess..." Mandy suggested, breaking the peacefulness of the moment softly.

" Do we sleep or other when we get there?" Said Alison, moving her hand to rub Mandy’s small but well rounded behind.

" We could see which is which..." Mandy replied, adding as the hand was starting those twinges in herself again. " They are going to pick us up to take us to breakfast at Pawa."

" Well... " The bookworm smirked. " We could do both... and hope we are awake enough to meet them."

The two turned and kissed as they returned inside for the night. They would make love one more time, then fell asleep holding each other as the night continued it’s placid opera just for them.

[End notes:

Author's note:  The last chapter is coming up. Bare with me as I wrap it up( Loose ends you know) and It will set up things for the last story in this series.  It will be called CAMP PAWA: WATERY MIRROR



Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 19- Eyes wide, Eyes closed

[Author's notes: Friends, loves... and a lake.  Perfect!]

Epilogue: Chapter Nineteen- Eyes wide, eyes closed.



Morning was bright, and showing the heat once again. The sun was peeking over the lake and urging things to awake for the coming day. This new day was already hinting at a very hot one indeed... as the air hung heavy over the lake

From the boat moored at the dock, Lacy and Mrs Ashfield were starting to stride up the hill to the little cabin at the top, where they had brought Alison and Mandy to the day before. They both were sweating heavy as they made their way to the little structure, each eyeing the cabin as they neared

" Think they are still asleep?" Asked Lacy, wiping her brow as she trudged up the hill.

" I think that might be a possibility..." She said, with a little blush. " For one reason or another."

" I guess we have to wake them..." Nodded the girl

" We have to..." Said the woman, a big smile planted right on her face. " We need to get them back to Camp ASAP... I have that ‘surprise’ for them already unfolding while we are here picking them up..."

" Is it about what we discussed last night with Mrs. Campbell and that Olivia lady?" Asked the girl, with a grin.

" It is... And a tiny bit more as well" She giggled.

Lacy nodded, not quite knowing all of what the woman was eluding to. Seemed to her, that she would have a surprise out of this as well. She just walked on with Miss. Ashfield, toward the little structure ahead of them.

They entered the little place quietly, finding the door unlocked. They were both trying their best to be as silent as they could so if the two were asleep still, they would not scare them when they walked in..

Just inside the door, both of them noticed that there was clothing strewn on the floor, as if someone was in a hurry to get undressed and the picnic basket still having some of the food inside it. Lacy giggled a little, inferring from the clothes, just what had gone on in the little cabin all yesterday.

Each of the arrivals looked around the small space, quickly finding Alison and Mandy were still asleep. The two were laying on top of the covers of the bed, each were as naked as the day they were born. They layed still, holding one another still very much in the grip of a very deep sleep that neither of them had even heard them both come in.

" Guess they were ‘tired’..." Giggled the woman, looking at the unmoving two in the bed.

Miss. Ashfield sighed, looking at the naked sleeping girls. She could not help but smile at the sight.

" That’s beautiful..." She commented, with a tear in her eye.

" I am not even gay, never want to be either, yet...." Whispered Lacy, who also seemed to be touched by what she saw. " And I still think that is the most romantic thing I have ever seen."

" A shame that we have to wake them..." The woman said, adding. " But, even they will be glad that we did."

Miss Ashfield called out softly to the sleeping two, being so careful not to shock the living hell out of either one of them. Alison and Mandy never stirred with her words, so the woman called out again a little louder, while still making sure that she was still being as careful as she could be.

Mandy opened her eyes first, and saw the two standing at the foot of the bed. It seemed to take a second to realize what was happening, and she seemed to blush a little. Without covering herself, Mandy began to shake the sleeping form in her arms.

" We have ‘visitors’, Alison..." She said.

Alison awoke with a start, looked at Lucy and Miss Ashfield. She sputtered a sound of surprise and promptly tried covered herself with her hands but pulled Mandy into her to hide her state while blushing brightly

" Uh... Hi..." She stuttered, seemingly a little alarmed at the appearance of the two in this small hideaway.

" Told you we had visitors...." Said Mandy.

The woman and girl giggled and turn their heads a little, to give a little privacy to the two. Mandy took this moment and leaned over the edge of the bed to reach as much of their clothing as she could while Alison snatched what was hers as soon as she recognized them.

With her head turned, Miss Ashfield started to talk.

" We have to hurry and get the both of you back to Camp as quick as we can..." She said.

" Would that be because of that little ‘surprise thing’ again, you had so offhandedly eluded to?" Said Mandy, as both her and Alison dressed quickly... much to the relief of the bookworm herself.

" That is exactly right." Was all the woman said.

" And you know what it is, right, Lacy?"

" Once again... I have to hide things." Said the girl, still looking away.

Mandy gigged and pulled on her shorts.

" I guess all we can do is go back and find out what is going on.." She said. " Once again."

" You guessed it." Lacy sung out.

" Here we go again..." Muttered Alison, already dressed but still blushing a wild shade of red.

With things on and the picnic basket collected, the four hurried out of the cabin and headed straight for the yacht. No one was really talking, but they all simply got to the boat as fast as they could to return to the Camp that was miles up the coast of the lake itself.



Camp Pawa was already starting to awaken and move around under the rising heat when the four arrived back in camp. Even to anyone unfamiliar with the Camp, there was great activity going on which was very different going on. There were more people mulling around when the four arrived from the dock area.

Mandy and Alison found a scene going on in front of the administration office. There was a grouping of cars, vans and people with almost the entire population of Camp crowded in to watch whatever was going on. It seemed like a total madhouse going on so early in the morning.

Both girls looked closer, they saw Isis and her band of intolerant followers with what appeared to be police and a mass of people. Isis seemed enraged as she screamed out things that even a truck driver would have blushed at, swearing and making threats as people escorted her. The girl’s friends on the other hand, were very much silent as they were each led by a police officer.

Alison and Mandy looked at each other with mouths open, not quite getting what was going on at the time. They watched the girl ands the other, soon recognizing in the crowd were Isis’s mom and dad who seemed to be almost as mad as their daughter seemed to be.

" What the hell..." Said Mandy, trying to figure things out.

Miss Ashfield, who was standing next to them, looked at the two young lovers and seemed to break another large smile to them

" I am thinking that perhaps you might be needing a little expiation for this hullabaloo going on..." She grinned.

" Uh... yeah." Said Alison, not as eloquently as she normally spoke.

" That would help..." Interjected Mandy.

The woman laughed, as she watched Isis having what seemed to be a breakdown at the moment..

" I told you both that I had a investigator looking into that damned hate letter for me..." She started.

" I am guessing by the police and others here, not to mention Isis being dragged off that your friend had found what you wanted...." She asked.

" Yes... and no..." The woman said in reply.

" Yes and no?" Mandy asked, looking at the woman with a hard questioning look.

The woman took a long breath in and looked right at the short girl.

" It did not go quite like was planned out..." She smirked, then adding. "... In fact, it worked out in another way, with the exact same results that I was hoping for... and the results were far beyond what I was expecting I had to do."

Mandy looked at the woman, curious what this ‘another way’ would be. The lady turned more, as the group of people loaded up Isis and the others int one large van, parked amongst Cadillacs and BMWs.

" Isis and some of the other parents of her group got wind of what I was doing, and they demanded to see this list I had. I handed it over, thinking that they would simply sweep it under the rug." She said, adding.

" They sided with you..." Mandy asked blinking wildly.

" To my surprise, Isis’s parents recognized their own daughters handwriting on the note and came to me with a plan that they had came up with to change them all, without the police arresting them for a hate crime."

" They actually had a plan?" Alison said, jumping in with her amazement obvious.

That they actually had..." Nodded the woman. " They were so embarrassed with Isis’s actions and her obvious hate she was exhibiting, they devised a plan with the other parents of the other girls to send them all to the camp over at Lake Greggor for the remaining parts of the month." She gigged. " They have a program for this sort of things... but I was amazed at how fast they got them into it."

Alison was confused, but Mandy seemed to break out into a smile.

" Do you understand this... I don’t quite follow..." The bookworm asked of her girlfriend. " What program is there?"

Mandy looked at her girlfriend and smiled.

" Lake Greggor is where a camp was founded a few years back... a camp that stops intolerance and hate with teens. It’s called Camp all-of-the-rainbow." She said, a smile cracking over her face. " It’s where teens and young adults go to change misconceptions and prejudice through living with those from other races and sexual orientation."

" So... they are going to learn about differences and races..." Alison said, getting the plan. " They are being sent there?"

" It means that Isis and her friends will learn where their hate really leads to." Miss Ashfield said proudly. , adding. " And we don’t have to be subjected to it here at Pawa."

Alison turned and watched the van with Isis and the others pull out, the parents also were following and all of it was under a police escort. She found herself feeling relaxed more than ever.

Alison then gave a little giggle and then took Mandy’s hand.

" That was a load off of my mind..." She said.

" It is..." Mandy smirked.

" Mine too..." Added in Miss Ashfield. " I do not want that sort of thing in my camp."

" Nobody should want that crap." Said Mandy.

" Hallelujah!" Lacy came in with.

Alison took a last look at the convoy of many vehicles as it winded down the road away from Camp Pawa.

" I hope it works...." She said. " I had trouble coming to terms with my own sexuality, little alone dealing with the disgusting mind-set of any bigoted people."

" It’s not easy..." Agreed the shorter girl. " But I am glad that I have..."

Lacy smiled and turned to Mandy. She leaned in and hugged the girl.

" I should get back to Hollywood here..." She smirked. " I wish I had more time to stay and visit with you, Mandy."

" Me too." Mandy said.

" But you got to admit, my dear girl...." The blonde girl said, flashing her now well known imp like smirk again. " When we are together.. it’s never boring."

" I cant argue that." Said Mandy, laughing hard, as the others around her could not help but laugh as well.

Lacy hugged the girl one more time, then did the same with Alison. The brainy girl was shocked by this move, but found it so easy to hug back. The three just stayed like that for long few minutes.

The girl smiled at Mandy, with such warmth that tit was obvious how close the two were still, and it seemed like Alison was being seen that way by the blonde girl as well.

" Nice meeting you, Alison..." Said Lacy. " I’m pretty sure that we are going to be friends."

" You are best friends with the girl I love... I think that is already a forgone conclusion."

" Take care of her... you hear?" Lacy said, in a humorous attempt to be stern.

" You have not to worry." Said the young bookworm, smiling as she now was arm in arm with Mandy.

Lacy looked at her driver, who was pointing at his watch quite frantically, obviously trying to hurry the girl.

" Hey... after camp, why don’t I fly you both out and you can see the movie being made, and we’ll shop." Said Lacy, with a smile.

" Me? In Hollywood?" Said Mandy.

" Not just you either... I think you’ll both like it?" Lucy said

Alison smirked.

" Hummm..." She mused, with an impish grin. " Me, my girl and Hollywood... sounds good." She giggled. " I know my parents will agree to that... after getting over the shock of what I have to tell them."

" Then it is settled." Lacy said with a smile. " I will even pay!"

The girl hugged Mandy and Alison together, as they all giggled with what they had just discussed. The girl then hurried away, waving as she hopped into her Limo. A moment or two later, the large car was off in a cloud of dust, heading back into the city to catch that plane Lacy had spoke about back to the City of Angels.

Feeling a little sad with seeing her friend leave, she hugged Alison. The girl returned the favor, adding a kiss on the cheek as well.

" I’m going to miss her..." Said Mandy, kissing the girl on then lips.

" I think I will too..." Said Alison, returning the kiss. " But I have you... and that is good too."

" Hope so... we slept together." Whispered Mandy, with a giggle."

" Ha, Ha..." Said the bookworm back, giving the girl a much larger smooch.

Miss Ashfield seemed very relaxed now, as the pressures of everything lifted. She saw the kissing to and shook her head.

" Now that is all taken care off... lets get some breakfast." She said.

" Is it edible?" Asked Mandy, wisecracking.

" It ‘s all we got... we wont die- I think." The woman cam back with, laughing with her answer.

The three walked off together, heading for the dining hall and that breakfast repast. Mandy could not help but think how things had changed since she arrived back at good ol’ Pawa. She smiled as she thought of CC for a moment. It seems that the girl was sitting up there in heaven, and laughing. With everything that had happened in a very short amount of time... CC would have been laughing so hard that she might fall off a cloud.

Mandy giggled, she liked the mental image of that. She squeezed Alison’s hands as they entered the hall for their meal. She was sure, the rest of Camp was now going to be boring, after all of this stuff.




[End notes:

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  This was incredible to write. The last part of this series is already being written, but because I usually write two stories at once( if i get stuck on one, I go do the other to not get fully writer's blocked), I will be posting another story while writing the last chapter for PAWA


It is a period piece called MEMORIES... It is an adaptation of a story I wrote in grade 12, but now it is much more...:)


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