Story: An Unlikely Love (chapter 3)

Authors: Rei Yuriko

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Chapter 3

Hinata spent the night on Sakura’s futon. When she awoke Sakura was making Japanese Omelets. This was Hinata’s favorite breakfast. How did Sakura know? Hinata stood up and started to put on her clothes. Sakura turned around.

“Ohiayo” Sakura said brightly.

“Oh-ohiayo” Spit out shyly.

“I hope you like the breakfast I’m making”

“It…it smells w…wonderful.”



“You were so brave and strong last night. Why are you so timid now and in training?” Sakura asked with sincere concern.

“Are you making fun of me?” Hinata said angrily

“No Hinata I would never. I’m just worried about you as a ninja and a person.”

“No…no one has ever asked me about it with genuine concern for me before.”

“I love you Hinata That means I care about every aspect of you. I want you to be happy and I want you to be the best ninja you can. I think you can make your father proud of you.” With that last sentence Hinata started to cry. Sakura turned off the stove and ran over to comfort her. They hugged tightly.

“He’ll never be proud of me. He’s practically disowned me. He would have Hanabi be the next head of the clan if he could.”


“He hates me. He wishes I was never born.”

“No parent ever wishes that of there child.”

“He does. He told me so.” Hinata started crying again.

“He doesn’t really mean that Hinata. He was angry and said something that he didn’t mean. I know it. There is nothing more important to a parent then there children.”

“He told me that he should just leave me on the curb in some other country.”

“Hinata… come here. Its ok. I’m here and I will NEVER leave you.”

“I love you Sakura.”

“I love you too Hinata. Don’t worry I’m sure that your family can be mended.”

“I’m not sure that I want it to. I almost want to give up and hate them all. Hate would be easier then love, love when they all hate you. it’s a weird feeling I really do hate them. Sometimes I want to kill them; prove that I am strong, but whenever I think that I feel so bad inside, like I’m killing myself.”

“It’s ok Hinata I’m sure your father feels just as bad when he says those things.”

“I don’t know.”

“I do know.”

“Maybe. I hope so. How can I make him proud? I’m always shy and timid.”

“Not always…” Sakura said with a sly smile that made Hinata blush all over.

“Well I…I hmm.”

“We can train together. I’m pretty strong after all this time with Tsunade. Here have some omelets there ready.”

“Oh thank you so much Sakura. That’s my favorite breakfast you know.”

“Really? Me too.” They went up to get them and put them on plates.

“Hey Hinata. What do you say we go to the wave country today? I have the weekend off.”

“Ok that should be fun.”

“Do you have a swimsuit?”

“Um well no.”

“That’s ok we’ll just get you one when we get there. Kay?”

“Ok” said Hinata with a little smile.

“We’ll get you a really cute one.”

“Oh I don’t know I just want a simple one.”

“Don’t give me that. it’s a cute bikini or nothing.”

“Oh … I…”

“Well we can decide when we get there.”

“Um yeah.” said Hinata. They finished their breakfast and started packing.

“Sakura why are you packing weapons?”

“You can never be too careful. You should know that. Besides maybe we can get some practice in out there. It’ll be a bit nostalgic for me since it was where I had my first A class mission.”

“Really when was that?”

“It was when I was still a genin, before our first chunin exam actually. We got the assignment because the client lied about the difficulty too avoid paying more than he could afford. Ah good memories, although I was full of terror during it.”

“I can only imagine A class mission so early on.”

“It was hard. I though Sasuke had died, but Naruto saved him I couldn’t do anything.”

“I wonder what they are doing now, Naruto and Sasuke I mean.” said Hinata with a sigh

“You still care about him don’t you?”

“About who? Naruto? Of coarse he was my first crush. Don’t tell me you don’t care about Sasuke?”

“I care very much about both of them.”

“Yeah I wonder what they would think if they found out about us?”

“Sasuke probably couldn’t care less. All he seems to think care about is killing Itachi. I learned that the hard way. As for Naruto, he wounl probably go off to his room to jack off to the image of us and then ask for a three way.”

“You really think that of Naruto?”

“No I know that of Naruto. Naruto didn’t go off with Jiraiya only because he has powerful jutsu to teach him. Jiraiya is a master pervert. He wrote that book you were so embarrassed to have.”

“Whaa? You mean Icha Icha Paradise?”

“That’s it. Naruto is just like him. He’s training in other ways too.”

“Oh…” Hinata blushed all over again.

“I wonder when they will come back.”

“Soon I should expect its almost been a year.”

“Yeah but he said that he would most likely be gone three years.”

“What really?”

“He never told you?”

“He never knew that I existed.”

“I’m sorry. It was the same for me and Sasuke.”

“Well I need to go to my house to get weapons and things.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just went to the weapons shop yesterday so you can use some of mine.”

“Oh, but I need a towel and money and…”

“I got you covered. I suggested it so its my treat.”

“Oh I don’t know, I…”

“Please Hinata lets do this right. I’m taking you on a date. I’ll pay. You can take me out some other time. Deal?”



“What clothes shall I bring?”

“Well we’ll just be gone for two days you can wear the same thing. Its not as though either of us have different outfits; just all copies of the same one.”

“Yeah your right is not like anyone will notice if its just two days.”

“I figured we would go stop by the bridge builders house, he was the one that hired team 7 before, and ask him where we might stay the night.”

“Oh ok that sounds good to me.”

“Alright then lest get going.” Sakura said as she put one last thing into her bag.

Tsunade got out of bed and slowly made her way to the kitchen. She opened the freezer and pulled out some mochi. Then she grabbed a bottle of sake and poured some into a cup. She leaned her back against the wall and took a sip when Jiraiya’s head popped down in front of her open window.

“I’ve got news of…”

“Jiraiya!” Tsunade yelled in a rage.

“Well, well what a sight. Tsunade in her nighty drinking, sake by the smell of it, and eating mochi in the morning. Tsunade your such a naughty girl.”

“Your that naughty one spying on me trying to catch me naked.” she growled

“I was doing nothing of the sort. I just came to bring you news of the Akatsuki. I tried your office first, then the bar, and then I made my way here.”

“Oh stop jabbering about how you got here what is the news?”

“Oh yeah right… I’ll tell you if you show me your boobs.” With that last comment Tsunade’s anger maxed out and she punched him in the face clear across to the next building were he hit with a loud crack. Jiraiya stugled to get up.

“I’m sorry Tsunade it was just a joke.” he said but though to him self ‘though I wouldn’t have minded if she had shown me.’

“Grrr so what was that news?”

“Right, it appears that they are after Yondaime Hokage’s scroll of sealing. One would assume they need it to get out the kyuubi or to seal the other biju.”

“Where’s Naruto!” She said in shock finally realizing he was supposed to be with Jiraiya.”

“He’s on your roof. We made sure no one noticed us.”


“Anyway the Akatsuki are out in full force looking for any Konoha shinobi that they can take advantage of. Especially ones with high clearance.”

“Right. Thanks for the news. Make sure Naruto is safe. I’ll take care of the scroll.”

“Good then well be off. Take care.” Tsunade though to her self ‘I better change the location of the scroll, but first I finish breakfast.’ She bit into the soft pink flesh of the ichigo mochi. The ice cream insides squished out and a little trail ran down her chin. She pushed the rest into her mouth and then made an attempt to lick up the sticky pink mess on her face, but she failed. She took a cloth from the counter and brought it over to the sink. She turned on the water and put the cloth underneath it. She stayed there for a moment lost in thought. She went back to a time years ago when she was much younger. The day when she first acknowledged her love for Shizune, but chose not to act.


It was a hot summer day and Shizune was tiered of training. Tsunade had acted like she could go on forever but in truth she was just as tiered, so Tsunade grumpily gave in and suggested that they take a swim in the lake that they had past to get to the field they were training in. Shizune was overjoyed at this proposal so they both started off towards the lake. When they got there Shizune pulled off her clothes so fast Tsunade couldn’t speak. She looked up and down at Shizune’s beautiful body.

“Um Shizune…” She said in an unusually bashful tone.

“What?” She said “I’m going in. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Um yeah you go on ahead I’ll just be a moment.” Said Tsunade. Thoughts were rushing through her mind. Shizune was so attractive, but she was still her student, but love is love and its not like Shizune was underage, but, but, but, no ’I will not act’ she thought ’I can not act. I’m too afraid to act. I’ll swim in my clothes.’ Then Tsunade ran into the water so as not to seem suspect.


Tsunade lifted the cloth up to her face and wiped off the sticky residue.

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