Story: An Unlikely Love (chapter 2)

Authors: Rei Yuriko

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Chapter 2

Sakura woke up the next morning tiered and groggy. She reached over Hanta and grabbed her clock. She looked at it and rubbed her eyes to see more clearly. 10:34!!!

“Oh Kami-sama! I’m 4 and a half hours late! Tsunade is going to kill me.”

“Sakura?” Said Hinata, also just waking up.

“Sorry Hinata. I have to go immediately. There is food in the cupboard. You can have whatever you fancy. Ja ne.” Sakura said as she through on her clothes and ran out the door. She ran down to the second training field where she was supposed to meet Tsunade at 6:00 am.

Tsunade was sitting there at the edge of the field, tapping her foot in a new crater that Sakura was sure Tsunade had created while waiting for Sakura to arrive.

“Tsunade, Tsunade. I’m so sorry. I…” Sakura was breathing heavily.

“I don’t want to hear it.” Tsunade cut in. “I have a lot of paperwork that has been building up on my desk.”

“I know, and I have been keeping you from it.”

“Yes you have. So, that will be your punishment.” Tsunade said and crossed her arms, clearly happy with the outcome.

“I beg you pardon, but did you say that you wanted me to do your paperwork, the Hokage’s paperwork?”

“Well if there’s anything important you can find me down at the bar enjoying my self. Oh Sakura I got to go now the sake is calling me.”

“Are you sure about this Tsunade? Maybe you should at lest sort out the things that you think are appropriate for me to handle from those that you should probably deal with.”

“You’ve always got it in for me. Work, work, work that’s all I ever do.”

“Well you are the Hokage.”

“Don’t get smart will me little lady.”

“I’m sorry Tsunade.” Sakura said tilting her head down.

“S’ok dear. Alright lets go off to the Hokage Tower but then I’m going to the bar!”

“Yes Sensei.” Sakura said as they walked of together. When they got to Tsunade’s office Tsunade started sorting the papers on her desk while Sakura stood looking at her back awkwardly. Tsunade finally couldn’t take her staring any longer and whirled around.

“What is it Sakura something seems amiss with you.”

“Not amiss really just… Oh I don’t know really. Tsunade?”


“When was the first time that you had sex?”

“Oh well unfortunately it wasn’t that memorable, wait why do you ask Sakura?”


“Sakura you didn’t did you?”

“I didn’t have anything planed it just happened.”

“Oh Sakura I hope it wasn’t a mistake.”

“No defiantly not.” She smiled “It was perfect. I just didn’t know what to do you know.”

“Well I’m sure you could figure it out well enough.”

“Yeah I suppose.” She sighed.

“Just let things happen as the will. Don’t try to push it.”

“So who is it may I ask?”


“Oh really. Well that’s nice. Ah young love. What I wouldn’t give for another chance.”

“You still could do something you know. Shizune is not with anyone.”

“Maybe your right. Maybe I just need your confidence. Anyway get on those papers. Just cuz we had this talk doesn’t excuse you for being late to practice, very, very late.”

“Yes sensei.”

“See you bright and early Monday morning, and enjoy your weekend.”

“Thank you Tsunade. You too.”
On her way home Sakura decided to go to the ninja weapons shop since she was running low on some things like kunai and shuriken, but more because the shop was near the Hyuuga compound. After she left the shop she would casually stop by Hinata’s house with her new purchases to prove that she was ‘just in the area.’ Sakura walked into the weapons shop and all her anxiety about meeting up with Hinata melted away. She loved weapons shopping, all the shiny new metal doodads begging her to buy them all. She had grabbed a bunch and was headed to the cash register when she saw Hanabi walk in to the shop with some of her friends. One of her friends said

“I’m so glad Hinata’s not here today. She’s such a bad ninja. Even your father’s given up on

“Yeah I know he wishes I had come first.”
That made Sakura so mad that she almost ran over to beat up those snot nosed brats, but then she thought better of it. Beating on little kids was not her style. She bought her new weapons and left the shop. Not only had the kids made her angry they had informed her that her keen plan to run into Hinata had failed since she wasn’t in the compound today. Slightly deflated by her unsuccessful voyage Sakura slowly walked home. When she got to her when she got to her apartment building there was Hinata sitting on her front steps reading a book. As Sakura got closer she identified the book as Icha Icha Paradise. Sakura chuckled never expecting Hinata to read something like that. Hinata popped her head out of the book and hid it when she heard Sakura's laughter. Hinata blushed and stammered out

"I... I'm not very experienced and I felt ashamed compared to you."

"Its ok. I'm not experienced either. You were my first you know."

"Really? But you were so good!"

"Well thank you but I wager I could get lots better." Said Sakura. Hinata blushed again, this time it really looked as if her face was about to explode.

"Eh-to, um I'll try to be less shy i...if you will... if you are willing..."

"Come now lets go inside." The two walked in Sakura's door. When they got in they sat down at Sakura's table.

"Some tea?" asked Sakura.

"Let's skip to tea this time and get down to business."

"Um sounds like you know what you want." Both girls went to the closet to pull out Sakura's futon. They layed it out on the floor. Hinata pushed Sakura down on to it. Hinata then slowly unzipped her sweatshirt with Sakura pinned between her knees, her face now red as a beet. Although she was acting brave she was just as scared inside. Now topless Hinata fell back.

"I can't do this Sakura. I'm sorry." she said as she began to cry.

"It's ok Hinata we'll take it slow."

"Ok I'm sorry for taking it so fast." She wiped away her tears. The both of them lay together,

a perfect fit. Their chests moved up and down together as if they were one living being.

"Did you know that Tsunade is in love with Shizune?"

"What? How do you know that?"

"I was talking to her about you and she told me."

"What?" Blush raced back to Hinata's face.

"I didn't tell her how it was at first just that it was a girl."

"At first? Oh Kami-sama I think I'll die of embarrassment."

"You’re ashamed of me?”

“No, no it’s not that.”

“Humph” Sakura let out as she turned around so they no longer fit together.

“I’m sorry Sakura. I didn’t mean it that way. I’m just not ready for people to know that I’m with a girl.” Said Hinata sheepishly. Sakura turned around again.

“So were a couple?”

“Yes I think so.” Said Hinata. Sakura hugged her so hard that she could barely breathe enough to say ‘let go.’ Sakura let go immediately.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes I am now.”



“I love you Hinata.”

“I love you too Sakura.”

At that moment Hinata grabbed her sweatshirt and stuck her hand into the pocket to pull out a small pink plastic switch, which when she pulled out farther revealed a pink cord. Hinata slowly pulled out the rest of the cord which ended in a small bullet shaped object covered in bumps and dips. Then she placed it next to her on the futon. Hinata got back on top and slid her hand down to Sakura’s blooming forest. Hinata rummaged around down there stroking each delicately curling pink hair.

“Um” A soft low sound came from Sakura’s mouth. Hinata slowly moved her hands down to Sakura’s lips, rubbing them and pulling them out gently, then quickly rubbing over them as they lay on her body. Sakura’s right leg was now shaking and spasming like she had some unknown disease, but it was not unknowns. This was love this was lust this was sex. Hinata moved one hand out of Sakura’s desert oasis, licking it before placing it gently on Sakura’s breast, squeezing it just right. Hinata knew just how hard to squeeze from feeling her own breasts, something a man can never know. Both girls nipples were already hard. Hinata bent down to lick Sakura’s. She first flicked one gently with her tongue, then the other. Then she licked around each little castle making Sakura squeal. Hinata then grabbed her own breast and started massaging it and moaning. She stopped licking Sakura and put her own hands to her mouth and wet them with he saliva. Then she brought her hands to her nipples to wet them.

Sakura was laying back trying to catch her breath from all the stimulation. Hinata was suddenly becoming so bold, but was a welcome surprise to Sakura, who had taken the lead last time. Sakura looked up into Hinata’s white eyes and smiled a smile of true happiness. Hinata reciprocated and then moved down on Sakura. She licked Sakura’s clit until it was so hard that it was plain to see. Then she moved up a little pressing her breasts together around Sakura’s clit. Hinata’s nipples tugged and stroked it. Sakura’s face was contorted. It almost looked like she was in pain, and maybe she was but if it was, it was a good pain. A pain not unlike tears of joy and happiness; a pain of ecstasy.

High pitch sounds started coming from Sakura’s mouth, like a wheel in need of oil.

“Stop stop I’m gonna cum!” gasped Sakura, but Hinata continued without a word. “Please! It hurts. Ahh ahh awash!” she shouted as she came all over Hinata’s chest. Sakura’s breathing immediately changed from quick and shallow to long and slow. Hinata picked up a blanket from beside them and wiped herself off. She then lay beside Sakura who was exhausted, but Hinata was not finished with her yet she was just taking a break and letting Sakura catch her breath.

They Lay together in silence, just resting. Sakura rolled over on her side and looked at Hinata as if they was touching souls. Then she began to stroke Hinata’s beautiful long locks. Sakura moved closer to kiss her. A sweet gentle kiss, just brushing Hinata’s lips with her own. Then a little more until they were embracing each other in a full blown passionate kiss.

They lay together back to front so that there bent legs interlocked like machinery. They stayed that way for what seemed like hours, but really more like minutes. Then Hinata picked up the small pink vibrator that she had placed next to the futon. She grabbed the bullet end in her right hand and the switch in her left. She licked the bullet so it would go in smoothly. Then she lowered it to Sakura’s crotch. Sakura closed he legs tight

“I already came. I’m to tired to cum again.” Sakura begged.

“I’m sure that you have the stamina. We are Kunoichi after all.” said Hinata in a slightly mocking tone. Sakura then relaxed her legs letting Hinata open them. She slipped her right with the bullet down between Sakura’s legs and then up into her vagina all the way in until the bullet was right at her G-spot. Then she slid her two fingers out leaving the bullet in place. With her left hand she flicked the switch to low.

“Oh umm” came out of Sakura’s mouth. Hinata put down the switch and went up to kiss Sakura. They didn’t start with a soft gentle kiss this time. Hinata was a little taken aback by how passionately Sakura’s lips jumped on her own. The vibrator was obviously doing her good. They kissed and embraced so passionately it was almost violent. Then Hinata grabbed up the switch again and turned it up all the was past medium and right to high. Sakura broke the kiss to let out a long deep moan to top all moans. She then paused to get her breath an moaned again. She kept moaning and then kissing and grabbing at Hinata’s large breasts. The moans were getting closer together and higher pitch. Then it came.

“Un un aaaah!” she moaned and then screamed. With that Hinata turned off the vibrator and gently sliped it out. Sakura who had become very tense in her orgasm lay back down and rolled onto her side. Hinata lay down next to her.

“How was it?” Asked Hinata

“Um…” replied Sakura who was already half asleep.

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