Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 9)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 9

Title: Awakening Of Tatsuki Arisawa - Masked power

[Author's notes: Tatsuki's inner power is released...]


“Hey, you Tatsuki Arisawa?” A sharp voice asked as Tatsuki closed her locker. The dark-haired girl paused for a moment, looking at her locker as she tried to match a face with the rude voice.

“And if it is?” Arisawa tightened her hand on the strap of her gym bag as she slowly turned around.

“Answer my question first.” An intimidating girl grinned as she was flexing her forearms just itching for a fight. The girl was about Tatsuki's height and build but had a pink and blue eyes. The boxer had never seen her before as.

“Yeah, I am and you are?” Tatsuki retorted meanly as she tossed her bag on the floor.

“Names Apache, Let’s fight!” As soon as the bag hit the floor, the evil-looking girl attacked. Tatsuki had just finished her intense kick-box training as she just stared at the girl. The girl was strong, powerful even she could just sense it, Tatsuki’s eyes went out of focus instantly as she jumped and spun, her right foot blasting the girl back.

“Did you see me out there?” The white-robed girl smirked as she tightened her black belt, her feet steadfast now. Arisawa was now a favorable feather-belt kick-boxer and upcoming contender and she was still in school. Question was did anyone care? No one asked so she never brought it up. They were just too busy out there… fighting… something or someone.

“…I need to become stronger.”

“Yeah, we saw you, the names Mila… Mila Rose.” A rough voice announced itself as a taller, dark-skinned girl stepped around the lockers. Apache stood up next to the lofty girl, grinning again.

“You’re good, but I don’t know why “The 3rd” sent us here? Hi, Hehehe I’m SunSun.” A light giggle rang over head as a smaller of the two sat edged on the top of the lockers, her cloaked hands dangling in front of her.

“3 against 1 huh?” Tatsuki raised her fists as her eyes started to haze over again. The lockers shook violently as a small girl awoke suddenly from her nap.

“She’s awakening!” Ururu jumped to her feet as she started opening draws.

“What’s going on?” The young red head boy known as Jinta looked up at her, picking his nose.

“Mr. Urahara said this might happen, that Tatskui girl is Ichigo’s friend and her hidden power is being unleashed right now!” Ururu was panicky but still functioning. Suddenly a soft clicking of wooden clogs stopped in the doorway as a cane-stomp followed.

“Nova, retrieve Tatsuki Arisawa and bring her to the basement, Jinta, call Hiyori.” Kisuke said shortly as the red-haired mod soul appeared, nodded, and disappeared in the same instant.

“How can this girl defend against all three of us? She’s just…” Apache though, slowly getting to her knees in the middle of the now destroyed locker-room. She watched SunSun and Mila Rose attack the girl constantly as she just dodged and swayed out of the way of all the kicks and punches.

“She’s not a soul reaper… then what the hell is she?” Apache spat blood on the ground as SunSun was thrown into Rose and sent flying. With a loud crash, Tatsuki’s eyes started to focus back in as she looked around the demolished room, lockers dented, benches broken.

“What’s going on? How did this all happen?” The boxer looked around as it had happened again, another random blackout spell. Lately she was shut-off from her senses for short periods of time and always awoke surprised and shocked to her surrounds, which were normally annihilate or a person beaten half-to-death.

“Baka! you did it, didn’t you realize that!?!” Apache yelled nastily as the boxer just stood blinking.

“W-Why did you attack me, why are you h-here?” Tatsuki poured with questions as Apache smiled.

“To kidnap you of course, jus’ like you’re friend… Orihime.” The dark haired girl stood up grinning again as she knew how to beat this girl. The others smiled as they knew mentally they could bring this girl down.

“Yeah that pretty little orange-haired hottie’s you’re friend right?” Mila's tongue cruised her lips hotly as SunSun giggled again.

“Yeah, she’s awfully loud.” SunSun jumped into Mila’s arms lovingly and kissed her faccion sister.

“Yep, she’s a real screamer, you’d figure after the first couple times of getting raped you’d learn, she did, and ohhhh the crying was the best, that never stopped.” Apache was touching herself now as Tatsuki just stood trembling all over.

“Y-You raped O-Oirhime?!?” Tatsuki’s eyes darkened as the room started to tremble with violent soul pressure. The three girls all started frowning as the enraged girl’s spiritual pressure when through the roof.

“Yeah and she loved every second of it.” Apache poked on as she lit up a cero in her hand.

“I’ll KILL YOU!!!” A raspy voice shrieked as tiny bits of white started to build in the corner of Tatsuki’s face. A wicked, grinning masked face suddenly darted forward with full intent to kill as Apache flinched back. In a flash the sadistic girl unexpectedly disappeared.

“Did you see that?” Mila asked unsurely as she was just as spooked as Apache.

“I though humans were weak, feeble beings.'' Apache gasped as she realized she should be dead right now.

“So Lady Halibel was right.” SunSun wiped the blood from her nose as she looked at the others.

“We’re leaving now.” Apache said shortly as a strip of blackness ripped open in mid-air. The three climbed into darkness with different thoughts as they left the destroyed room for someone else to find.


Violent laugher ripped through the red porthole as Tatsuki suddenly appeared. Her fists were glowing wildly as it struck a large rock formation. The rock cliff was destroyed instantly as the figure slowly drifted to the ground. Across the way stood Ururu, Urahara Kisuke, Mashiro Kuna, Hiyori Saugaki, Lisa Yadomaru, and Hachigen Ushoda.

“You might have your hands full with this one ladies, are you sure you can handle her without the others?” Kisuke asked slyly as he flipped opened his fan.

“Shut up Urahara, I’ll knock this bitch out in one blow.” Hiyori rolled her shoulders as Mashiro squealed aloud.

“I love her outfit, Karate chop dingo!” Mishiro started to swing her hands in a chopping motion.

“I wonder what she looks like under it.” Lisa chided with a lustful grin as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“WHERE IS ORIHIME!?! GIVE HER BACK RIGHT NOW!!!” Tatsuki saw the small group of people and placed instant blame on them.

“Hachigen!” Hiyori yelled quickly.

“Hai.” The large man said calmly as he sat down and clasped his hands together. Tatsuki slammed into something solid as she looked up at a yellow barrier in front of her, looking around she found herself trapped.

“DAMN YOU, GOD DAMN YOU, ORIHIME! ORIHIME!! ORIHIME!!!” Tatsuki screamed repeatedly as she smashed into the barrier recklessly with her fists. The group looked seriously at the hollow-faced girl, screaming and thrashing inside the barrier as only one question had to be asked.

“So… who’s first?” Kisuke said cleverly as he looked down the line of vizards.

After an hour of fighting, Lisa stepped out of the barrier exhausted as Hiyori stepped in. Hiyori sighed as Tatsuki was hunched over now, cuts and gashes spread over her body. Her arms and legs twitching sporadically.


An iniquitous voice murmured.


Again it said, waiting for her to answer.

“What’s going on? Who are you?”

Tatsuki blinked as darkness surrounded her.

“Why I’m the darkness in your heart, why do you ask?” A sly voice spat as Tatsuki's eyes when wide in surprised. Before her eyes, stood a negative of herself. The other Tatsuki just smirked as she stared the real Tatsuki down.

“The Darkness in my heart?”

“Yeah, are you fucking deaf? Now let’s fight, I’ve been WAITING SO LONG!!!” The twisted girl flashed before Tatsuki as a hard fist greeted her. Tatsuki felt the ground break her head’s fall as she quickly planted her hands and twisted her feet up. She executed a perfect upside down bicycle kick as the hollow girl blocked it, her feet skidding backward.

“Give me everything you got girl!” The negative shrieked as she gripped the boxer’s leg and slammed her to the floor, her arm twisted back.

“You need me, you need me to become… stronger, right?” The evil girl chuckled as Tatsuki spat blood on the ground and started smiling, ignoring the pain in her arm.

“The darkness in “MY” heart, right?” Tatsuki laughed as she slowly got to her feet. The white spiky haired girl leaned back, gritting her teeth as Tatsuki made full height.

“You’re done here.” It was so simple, instantly Tatsuki was holding her hollow self’s arm behind her back.

“I don’t need you, you need ME!!!” Tatsuki screeched shaking her head crazily as Hiyori carefully lifted her sword, watching Tatsuki scream at herself.


Both girls shouted as the hollow girl started to fade.

“Beaten by a human!?! I’ll never live this down.”

The unenthusiastic girl bowed her head as she disappeared completely.

“One day…

                 …I will ride as Queen…

                                                    …One day…”

The mask started to crack and fall from Tatsuki’s real face as she looked up slowly. The black gone from her eyes, only tears now. The others just looked on as Hiyori could easily kill the girl right now.

“Orihime, please give her back...” Tatsuki fell forward with a thud as Hiyori nodded out to Hachigen. The barrier disappeared as the vizard girls surrounded her.

“She must be in love with that Orihime girl.” Lisa smiled hotly as Kuna blushed.

“You think? This girl is a board-line psychopath and her hollow…” Hiyori nudged the knocked out girl with her toe.

“Who cares, she's one of us now.” Lisa snapped lightly as she started pulling at Tatsuki’s clothes.

“Stop Lisa, we don’t rape, you fucking know that.” Hiyori snatched the Lisa’s wrist roughly.

“As much as I’d like to see where this goes, Miss Arisawa will remain under my care for now, Ururu?” Kisuke’s serious smile gave way to a smirk as he moved both vizard girls out of the way with his cane and motioned for Ururu.

“Bastard fuck! Don’t move me aside like some goddamn animal!” Hiyori snapped as she gripped the blonde man’s cane. Immediately Ururu twisted the wildly vizard girl’s hand to it’s snapping point as Hiyori bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood.

“You will let go now, and apologize to Mr. Urahara.” Ururu said shortly, her face emotionless. Lisa and Kuna had their hands on their swords now as their comrade’s hand started to crack.

“Shit! I’m sorry Kisuke Ahhh!” Hiyori whined as Ururu pushed her backwards and off-balance.

“Ururu is not someone you should take lightly; she’s a captain-grade fighter, a bit like our friend there.” Kisuke opened his fan, hiding his grinning mouth as his eyes wondered over to Tatsuki.

“I’ll call you if I need you.” Kisuke dismissed the vizards as only Hiyori glared at him before retreating with her comrades.

“What do you think Ururu?” Kisuke’s kindness spilled as his young helper disinfected Tatsuki’s wounds and dressed them properly with a smile.

“Maybe she’ll be my Onii-sama.”

Ururu’s blush was hid well from her master as Kisuke merely folded his fan.

“I could use a nice cup of tea right now.”


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