Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 7)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 7

Title: Pitying The Weak

[Author's notes: Halibel lives by a serious set of rules and mercy aren't one of them.]

Haibel walked down the large, dark maze-like hallway by herself with only her thoughts to keep her company. It had been days since the intruders had been spotted in Huceo Mundo. Reports were pouring in about the old espada and random hollows being defeated, but Halibel didn’t care.

“No one’s asked me to do anything about it, so I won’t.”

The tall blonde espada reasoned with her eyes ever watchful over her elongated white collar. Halibel continued her stroll as she heard voices ahead. The voices were accompanied by crashes and painful cries as the green eyed girl’s ears contracted to the striking sounds. The high-level arrancar came upon the door where all the noise was coming and paused.

“Come on sissy girl! Fight back!”

Looking in she saw Grimmjow’s subordinates Menoly and Lolly beating the hell out of the orange haired girl known as Orihime. The innocent girl was a mess, her left eye was black, and her nose and lips were dripping blood all down her torn, white espada outfit. Lolly held Inoue’s arms behind her back as Menoly battered her relentlessly.

Normally Halibel could care less what others did, but Azien needed this girl for something and it sure wasn’t her fighting abilities. The tercera espada stepped into the room as Lolly was the first to notice her.

“Piece of shit…” Menoly slugged Orihime in the stomach as she caught Lolly looking at something behind her. “…What is it Lolly?” The girl turned with her red eye blazing. The tall, steadfast blonde stood in the doorway eerily quiet, waiting like a watchful predator.

“What do you want?” Menoly’s sharp tongue demanded as Lolly quickly let go of Orihime.

“Are you crazy? That’s Lady Halibel!” Lolly whispered urgently as Menoly snarled.

“So what, we’re not bothering her.” Menoly’s logic was snuffed instantly as Halibel spoke with a soothingly calm voice.

“But you are bothering me.” Halibel’s green eyes narrowed on Menoly as her sonído placed her in front of the two, one-eyed hollow girls. Both underlings trembled as the Espada’s blunt sprit pressure threatened to crush them on the spot.

“We’re sorry, it won’t Agh!” Lolly tried to apologize as Halibel back-handed her into the wall with one wipe of her arm. Orihime looked up to see the red head fall to the floor, the back of her head split open. Only a giant spider web of damage and important crimson remained on the wall as the young girl spat and dripped blood across the black floor. Menoly stepped back cautiously as Halibel looked to Orihime.

“Why don’t you fight back? These two aren’t even that strong.” Halibel said stiffly as Menoly gritted her teeth as she tried to blindside the tercera espada.

“Foolish, even for you.” Halibel tilted her head, causing the dark-haired girl to miss then grabbed her by the neck. Lifting the girl off her feet, Halibel lower her high collar slowly as a green ball of energy built in front of her mouth.

“Cero.” Whispered Halibel as the blast consumed Menoly in a bright emerald light filled with a maddening screech. Orihime looked away as the limelight dimmed and brought back the shadow and dark of her room. Halibel still held the rude girl by the neck as Orihime looked back afraid of what she might find. Menoly’s skin was mildly burnt, her clothes disintegrated as the blonde threw the naked and wounded girl in front of Orihime.

“Take it.” Halibel ordered.

“Take what?” Inoue’s eyes started to tear as she didn’t know what the woman wanted her to do.

“Take your revenge.” The arrancar’s voice tightened as she raised her hand to her collar again.

“Why? She’s already hurt.” Orihime argued feebly as Lolly got to her shaky feet. With a side glance Halibel was on top of the girl immediately as she broke the girl’s leg at the kneecap. Screaming, Lolly tried to fall to the floor as the third strongest Espada gripped her bloody red hair, hanging her in place.

“They beat and violated you, now you show them mercy, idiotic.” The vesto lord dragged the purple-eyed girl forward as Lolly cried weakly, holding the espada’s forearm for some kind of pointless leverage.

“They didn’t mean it, they, they...” Orihime jammed her words as both Menoly and Lolly‘s ''eyes'' looked fearfully at the innocent girl.

“They aren’t sorry, one-eyed hollows are very untrusting.” Halibel stated as she snatched Menoly up by her hair and dangled her next to her companion. Orihime had a hard time looking at both girls sobbing in front of her.

“It’s just…” Orihime’s sight focused on Haibel’s threatening eyes just over her white collar with heart. “…No one loves them.”

“Do upon others what you'd have done onto you.” The arrancar demanded impatiently as the hurt in the girl’s golden eyes glowed with falling tears.

Love and pity…? That garbage just grew under Halibel’s skin in the worst way. Angry, Halibel dropped the girl’s roughly at her feet and leaned back to her full height.

“You are useless, why would anyone want to save you?” The blonde now glared at the frail girl as her hollowed jaw unhinged behind her banded mouth.

“I see why those two attacked her; she’s a walking target, and with a full body like hers...”

Inoue observed the gears turned in Halibel’s head, fearlessly she asked.

“Are you done then?” Orihime fired off as she set her hands of the two damaged girls.

“Are you going to take back what they took from you?” The arrancar eyes approved as both girls shuttered under the orange haired girl’s glowing hands.

“What they took from me?”

Orihime though about it as the two girls just groaned agonizingly.

“No, I just pity them…” Orihime sighed.

Halibel’s eyes darkened as she was sick to her stomach with this merciful girl.

“My full cero at this range could wipe out these ineffective weaklings.”

“O-Orihime, I-I’m sorry.” Lolly’s eye fluttered forgivingly next to Menoly, who was barely conscious.

“You change nothing!” Halibel finally yelled as she turned her back on the three beaten and broke girls and stormed out.

“Only the lonely can love sharing their pity for the weak.”

The walls shuttered around the arrancar’s though and intense spirit pressure as she disappeared down the hall with her sonído.


[End notes: ... Jus' something about Halibel I jus' love.]

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