Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Showtime

[Author's notes: Oirhime and Kusajishi get on Sui Fong's bad side.]

"Give it back big boobs!" Kusajishi whined childishly, stomping her foot as she glared at Orihime lying on the couch.

"You weren't using it." Orihime smirked ruefully as she pounded the buttons on the hand-held game that was technically the young girl's.

“I wish them two would shut the hell up.”

A few feet away, the hard-nosed captain of Squad 2 Sui fong sat watching at a small TV/VCR as she took a drink of what humans called OJ without any interest. She and Kusajishi had been sent to handle the “bount” situation that was getting seriously out of hand and were forced to shack up with the orange-haired girl.

"But it's mine!" Kusajishi screamed viciously as she tried snatching back the game. Orihime quickly pulled back without missing a beat as Kusajishi hit the floor, hammering her fist into the floor.

"You weren't even playing it; you only want it because I have it." Orihime bit back as she stared at the screen intently. Kusajishi pursed her lips as she picked up her drink and dumped it over the orange-haired girl’s head.

"You little BITCH!" Screamed Orihime as she grabbed her own drink and slung it. Kusajishi ducked swiftly as it splashed Sui and her TV. Orihime's eyes widened instantly as she dropped the game and stood up, dripping wet. Kusajishi leaned up and backed away as smoke rose up from the TV. Sui fong slowly opened her eyes as water ran down her face.

"Sui-sama, I'm so sorry." Orihime appealed quickly as she started around the table with a towel. The pony-tailed girl was on her feet in seconds, glaring furiously at the two as the burned up circuits of the TV started to stink up the room.

"Sui-sama?" Orihime asked softly as she lifted the towel to Sui fong's face. With the quickness Sui snatched up Orihime's wrist as Kusajishi started to walk away slowly. Sui fong pushed Orihime to the couch as she grabbed Kusajishi by her short pink hair and yanked. Kusajishi yelped painfully as fong pulled and pushed her onto the couch next to Orihime. The two looked terrified at the angry woman, as she remained silent.

"Entertain me." Sui whispered maliciously as she switched her glance from Kusajishi to Orihime.

"What?" Orihime asked unsurely of Sui's question as she looked to Kusajishi. The young girl just looked back at her and shrugged.

"You broke my TV, now I want you both to entertain me." Sui fong finally smiled as she sat on the coffee table in front of them, waiting.

"What do you want us to do?" Orihime asked again not too sure how to really entertain the short-tempered captain.

"Action, comedy, drama, do something that two people make real, and do it now, act." Sui fong suggested with a threatening tone as she leaned forward connecting her knees, elbows, palms and cheeks.

"Sui-sanny, this is stupid." Kusajishi spoke up as she stood up. Fong's face contorted insanely, swinging her head she drew her sword faster than the young girl could blink.

"That's Captain Sui, and I'll show you stupid girl, get undress!" Sui fong demanded viciously as she pointed her short, but deadly Zanpakutoo in the young girl's face.

"Don't kid around Sui-sama." Orihime whispered meekly as she watched the sword slowly track to her.

"Who said I was kidding around? Up! You too Orihime, strip down." Sui fong motioned with her weapon as she licked her lips.

"But I didn't, Sui-sama…" Orihime groaned lowly as she looked to Kusajishi already pulling off her shirt.

"NOW!" Sui fong ordered harshly as she stabbed the couch between the two girls. Both girls jumped as they started pulling at their clothes at a much more rapid pace. Orihime started sobbing as she didn't know why she was being punished; the brat was the one to blame not her.

"Orihime..., do it and stop whining." Mocked Sui fong as Kusajishi and Orihime's pants hit the floor. Both girls stood in their underwear and bra's silently as the devilish Captain sneered.

"I didn't tell you to stop!" Grinned Sui fong as she twirled her sword in her hand with ease. Kusajishi pulled her white panties with the silly frog on them to the floor and pulled her training bra over her head as Orihime dropped her matching orange under garments. The two now stood cupping and covering themselves in front of the ruthless captain's beaming eyes.

"Hands to your sides!" Sui fong ordered belatedly as she felt her insides swirl with excitement. It'd been awhile since she'd seen a naked girl as she took her time taking in both girls’ bodies. Kusajishi crotch was bald as expected between her slim white thighs, her pretty pink eyes and cute face, outlined by her short pink hair that branched down to her double A-cup breasts.

"It's a shame; she'll always look like that."

Sui thought to herself as her sight drifted over to Orihime. Now this girl was built like a goddess, long firm legs stood her a good two and a half feet taller than Kusajishi, her bust double D's easily, a neatly trimmed bush matching that pretty long orange hair down to her firm, creamy ass and finally them golden eyes shining brightly.

"Feeling stupid yet Kusajishi? Now lay back on that couch and get them knees apart so we can get a good look at that sweet, little la-la of yours." Sui fong smiled deceptively as she stood up in front of the two blushing and trembling girls.

“I’m not...” Kusajishi opened her mouth to protest but was cut short as the hilt of Sui fong's sword forced its way down her throat. Kusajishi gagged loudly around the handle as she fell back onto the couch, coughing uncontrollably. The short girl's eye's watered instantly as she perched her feet on the edge of the couch. She spread her knees wide, then parted her little pussy petals like she was told. Tears streamed down face as she looked back at Sui fong's evil grin, her dark eyes lusting for more.

Kusajishi, feeling not only stupid and humiliated, but strangely hot at being ordered around, especially by Sui fong who could save your life one second to killing you the next. Everything about her was intimidating from her short black hair to her long braids that held her Zanpakutoo, with her hawk-eye sight and blinding speed she was as deadly as she was beautiful. Sui fong reached back for her glass of orange juice and held it over Kusajishi's tiny body.

"Head back." Sui fong lifted the sharp end of her sword under Kusajishi’s chin, forcing her head back. With careful aim Sui fong began pouring the juice down Kusajishi's slender neck and chest. The OJ splashed off her pert mounds, slowly draining to her love-hole. Kusajishi held her breath as the cool liquid streamed over her clit and swelling labia. Orihime watched in amazement as the young girl's body trembled and eyes fluttered.

"She likes it...?"

Orihime thought knowingly as Sui fong snapped her out of her daydream.

"Now Orihime, I want you to lick her clean." Sui fong sneered as she sat down with her glass. Kusajishi's eyes flirted softly at Orihime, wanting nothing more than the girl's tongue to suck every drop of juice off her smooth skin. Orihime folded her lips in not wanting to really do such a thing, but between Kusajishi's wanting glare to Sui fong demanding one she really didn't have a choice.

"Don't pout Orihime just be happy I'm entertained, I'd hate to have to hit you, hell who knows, you might even like this." Sui's infectious grinning spread from her face to Kusajishi's as they waited. Orihime got to her knees and slowly scooted in between Kusajishi's legs. Orihime blushed wildly as Kusajishi innocently eyed her mouth to move closer.

"Slurp it up like a good little slut." Sui fong barked diabolically as she kicked Orihime in the back. Orihime's face landed between Kusajishi's small mounds, her lips involuntarily tasting Kusajishi's sweetened skin. The pink-eyed girl moaned immensely from the contact as her tiny slit secreted its own sweet juices.

“What I’m I doing? This is’in right.”

Orihime told herself again and again as she actually stuck her tongue out and tasted the younger girl's flesh.

“There you go Orihime, lick it all up." Sui smirked as she put her feet on the girl’s arched back like a foot rest. Reluctantly Orihime extended her tongue the entire way out and started licking all over Kusajishi's chest.

“I bet that tastes pretty good huh?” Sui spat obnoxiously as she poked the orange-haired girl in the ass cheek with her sword. Sui’s derogatory manner made Orihime’s insides catch an unwanted fire as she continued to lick Kusajishi's firm body.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, Kusajishi only a girl.”

It just didn’t feel right to Orihime as she slowed her pace. Kusajishi moaned lustfully as her small fingers wrapped themselves into Orihime’s hair.

“I have to stop this!”

Orihime finally stopped as Sui smirked and poked her hard with her sword.

“Something wrong Orihime-chan?” Sneered Sui as she poked her again. Anger built inside Orihime this time as she turned her head back to the rude captain.

“This is’ in right, Kusajishi only a girl you sicko!” The golden-eyed girl yelled as Fong just stared at her. It took a second, but then Sui suddenly started to chuckle.

“Jus’ a girl you say? Listen you orange-haired airhead, Kusajishi has been around longer then you think, and I’m damn sure she’s known about what her body wants and needs longer then you’ve been alive. So don’t get all high-and-mighty with me, besides if there was a problem I’m sure our little Kusajishi-chan would have said something by now, don’t you think?” Sui snapped as she slapped Orihime’s ass. Orihime bit back a yelp as she turned back to Kusajishi.

“It’s ok Orihime, you're doing great.” The pink-haired girl just smiled and nodded as she lower the genuinely confused girl’s face down to her boiling core. Orihime held back tears as her mouth went back to work unwilling. The small girl started moaning and groaning again as Sui began touching herself with a sneer.

"Good Orihime, it’s really good." Kusajishi cried out as she wrapped her legs around the orange-haired girl's head. The captain decided to join in as watching was losing its sport. With a few silent steps the mean woman stood behind the sub captain of squad 12, her nimble fingers finding the tiny numbs on the pink-haired girl's chest.

"Jus' a... little... more..." Kusajishi begged roughly, her hips bucking as Sui pinched harder. Orihime lapped harder as her teeth grinded lightly across the small girl's clit, sending shockwaves throughout her body. Orihime suddenly turned her face to the side as small streams of cum spurted from Kusajishi's tight cunt. Gasping for air, cum stringed down Orihime's face and mouth as she sobbed aloud.

"Wow, you're good Orihime, do me next." Sui fong panted as she pushed Kusajishi’s draining body out of the way.

"Do I have a choice?" Orihime wiped her eyes and mouth as she looked up at the menacing captain.

"Yeah, but I don't think you want option B." Sui lifted her sword under Inoue's neck. With another sob, she swallowed hard and opened her mouth again.

"Good girl." Sui moaned as Orihime's tongue went back to work.

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