Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: Pet I

[Author's notes: Chizuru has a little surprise for Orihime.]

“Wow, it sure is hot today, huh Chizuru?” Orihime smiled brightly as she walked next to her classmate and friend though the streets filled with people and summer heat.

“Yeah it is, hurry up.” Chizuru smirked slyly as she locked her right arm with Orihime’s left and hurried her down the street.

“What did you want to show me again?” Chizuru shuttered at Orihime’s innocent tone as the short, maroon-haired girl cleared her throat and pressed on.

“It’s a surprise, I’m sure you’ll love it.” Chuzuru smirked uncontrollably as she couldn’t wait to get the busty girl of her dreams back to her place.

“Ok.” Orihime smiled back as she loved surprises and didn‘t want to spoil it. After a few more minutes of walking the two rounded the corner as Chizuru stopped in front of her house.

“Here we are.” Chizuru announced finally as she opened the front gate to her home.

“Wow, this is your house? It’s so big.” Orihime’s childish curiosity made Chizuru’s inside’s squirm as she led the carefree girl inside.

“Are your parent’s home?” Orihime asked as she took her shoes off next to Chizuru, who was grinning strangely to herself.

“No, there both on business trips, Come on, it’s up in my room.” Chizuru smiled as she took long, orange-haired girl upstairs.

“This is my room.” Chizuru opened her door and used every ounce of strength to keep herself from jumping Orihime’s bones, as they walked in.

“Make your at home.” Chizuru leered as she closed and secretly locked the door behind them.

“Sooo, what’s the surprise you wanted to show me?” Orihime wondered in a merry tone as she looked around Chizuru’s room.

“Sit down here; I’m going to show you my new pet.” Chizuru’s heart fluttered in her chest as Orihime sat down on her bed and she walked to her closet.

“Now, don’t be too surprised.” Chizuru warned knowingly as she slowly opened her closet door and reached in.

“You can come out now.” Chizuru gripped a leash and slowly pulled what was on the other end out.

“Is t-that? No, it can’t be…”

A figure crawled out of the closet as Orihime almost fell back in disbelieve.


Tatsuki crawled out on her hands and knees, half naked with a ball gag and black leather straps lacing across her body.


To be continued...

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