Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: Visored contact II

[Author's notes:

Things start to heat up.


Tatsuki looked at Orihime strangely as she paused in the walkway.

“I’m sorry; Tatsuki would you like to join us?” Hiyori leaned up roguishly as Orihime laughed deliriously not knowing what the girl might say next.

“Yeah, breathing techniques right?” Tatsuki remembered, putting what the visored had said to the back of her mind as Hiyori stepped forward to say something.

“We were ready to fu…” Inoue covered the short blonde’s mouth as she laughed jokingly with a smile. Tatsuki looked at both girls with a curious look.

“Why is Orihime acting so weird, and who is this other girl?”

Tatsuki wondered spitefully as she walked into the living-room. Hiyori retreated to her chair as Orihime quickly picked up the sodas off the floor.

“What happened there?” The black-haired asked as Inoue laughed again.

“Ohhh nothing, jus’ clumsy ol' me.” Tatsuki knew Orihime was a bit unbalance and a little bit of a la-la head but that was expected. Tatsuki glanced at Hiyori sucking on her fingers, watching Inoue.

“Who’s little girl you babysitting?” Tatsuki smirked rudely as the orange-haired girl handed Hiyori a soda, with a look of warning. The visored looked around Inoue with a bored look.

“I’m not a little girl, you flat-chested tomboy.” Hiyori snapped as her fingers danced seductively on her lips. Tatsuki pushed off the couch and pointed at the smart-mouth visored.

“Look you little brat, I’m not just going to sit here and take that!” Inoue tried yanking Tatsuki back as Hiyori got to her feet, grinning.

“Brat is it? You want a piece of me boy?” Hiyori cracked her neck as her hands said bring it.

“I-I don’t think that’s…” Inoue interjected as Tatsuki stood toe-to-toe with Hiyori.

“My boxing gloves are in the other room.” Tatsuki looked down at the blonde with a jeer. The boxer abruptly felt a strange heaviness on her body as the testy visored flexed her body.

“What’s wrong with them?” Hiyori nodded to the gloves already on boxer’s hands.

“You could get hurt with these.” Tatsuki gripped her fists; tightening her lightweight biker gloves as she peeked back at Orihime, who shook her head wildly. Hiyori pulled a set of red gloves from her pocket and strapped them on.

“Please don’t fight, someone might get hurt.” Orihime pleaded as both girls moved to the large opening in the room.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tatsuki lifted her fists as Hiyori loosened her shoulders lazily.

“Thanks, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt you too much.” The spiky-haired girl darted straight for Tatsuki as Orihime cried out.

“No, Stop!” It was too late. The sporty girls’ fists started flying as Orihime watched nervously. After a few blocks and misses Hiyori stepped it up, punching Tatsuki twice in both kidneys and threw her in the wall.

“Done?” Hiyori danced on the balls of her feet in place, throwing her fists at the air. Tatsuki gritted her teeth, looking intently at the cheeky visored.

“This girl is stronger then she lets on, I better not underestimate her.”

Tatsuki told herself as she straighten her posture up against the wall.

“It’ll take more then a couple of love taps to take me down.” Smiled Tatsuki and brought her fists to bear. Orihime watched the two fearfully as a strange feeling began to build in her stomach.

“I’m getting turned on from watching them fight, but why?”

The orange-haired girl’s legs shook as she saturated her panties slightly. Hiyori smirked as her right fist connected with Tatsuki’s left cheek, sending her to the floor. Inoue felt the words on her tongue but just couldn’t push them out as Tatsuki swiftly tackled the blonde to the floor and mounted her.

“Come on, give it to me.” Hiyori looked over at Orihime with a knowing smile, then back to Tatsuki. The dark-haired girl’s fist came down once, then again.

“Harder!” Ordered Hiyori as Tatsuki struck her in the face even harder. Hiyori gasped hotly as her nose detonated with blood. Inoue started panting as Hiyori just smiled up at the angry girl.

“Stop smiling!” Tatsuki grabbed Hiyori’s collar as the bleeding girl’s blue eyes twinkled, with blood running down her nose and mouth.

“Why? Your girlfriend loves it.” The blonde visored looked back at golden-eyed girl, gripping herself through her skirt.

“O-Orihime…” Tatsuki let go of Hiyori and started to get up.

“Oops.” Hiyori sneered as she tripped the dark-haired girl and wrapped up her arms and legs when she hit the floor.

“What’s going on Orihime?” The tomboy looked up from the floor at the horny girl as Hiyori folded her arm up behind her back.

“I don’t know, my body is going crazy.” Orihime lamented yearningly as she rubbed her crotch through her school uniform. Tatsuki was dumbfounded as she watched her friend play with herself openly, while Hiyori pressed down roughly on the boxer and whispered into her ear.

“You didn’t notice your friend getting all hot and bothered from fighting me; you guys mustn’t fool around a lot.” Both girls blushed deeply as they knew the visored girl was right. Being friends for so long the two had thought about exploring each other bodies out of boredom or drunken lust, but neither could gather the courage to do it.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Hiyori chuckled as she twisted Tatsuki’s arm roughly, causing her to cry out in anguish. The painfully sound made Orihime squeeze her hand between her thighs as Hiyori scoffed at Tatsuki’s attempt to break free.

“Stop struggling, Orihime really likes it when I hurt you.” Hiyori mocked as she jerked on Tatsuki’s arm again, with the same reaction.

“Don’t hurt her anymore!” Inoue yelled fearfully as both girls looked at her seriously. The distressed girl slowly started to undress, moaning softly.

“I want you both…” Orihime begged feebly as Hiyori’s hard facial expression changed to a puzzled one. “…right now.”

“Jus’ like that?” Hiyori let go of Tatsuki, a little stunned as the injured girl got to her feet. Her panties were the last thing to hit the floor as Inoue’s sweet pre-cum dribbled down the sides of her legs from her soaked gash.

“Well, Orihime is a little different from most girls.” Tatsuki smiled slyly as she moved closer to her friend with building bravery. Orihime embraced her friend tightly with a hug as Tatsuki instantly picked up the thick sexual aroma coming off her.

“You’re so hot down there Inoue, why don’t you show us?” Tatsuki teased daringly into the naked girl’s ear as she stepped back watching Inoue.

“This is so embarrassing, but I feel so free.”

Orihime smiled shyly as she parted her vaginal lips, exposing her juicy sex. Hiyori licked her lips as she pulled her pants down too and looked to Tatsuki doing the same.

“So you two are perverts.” Nodding bashfully, Orihime pinched her clit repeatedly as Tatsuki got to her knees in front of her. Tatsuki had been waiting her whole life to be in this position as she wasted no time and extended her tongue into her friend.

“I wonder if this is there first time!?!”

Hiyori watched anxiously, playing with herself with much more vigor then before. Orihime admired Tatsuki’s wet member swirling inside her as she looked up at Hiyori, staring lustfully at them.

“Would you care to join us?” Inoue smiled lusciously as the spunky blonde got to her knees next to the boxer, who turned sharply and kissed her. Hiyori moaned lightly as Tatsuki pressed her tongue and Orihime’s tangy sap into her taut mouth. Tatsuki’s tongue twisted and twirled like a caught feral wildcat as Hiyori’s tongue overpowered hers into submission.

“It’s like she’s never done this before.”

Hiyori thought, as she started to piece together the situation in her head. Orihime shuttered at the sight as she gripped both girls by the hair. The kissing tomboys parted slowly as they looked up at Inoue nodding her head. Sniggering, Hiyori latched on the orange-haired girl’s clit as Tatsuki plunged between her friend's swallow petals to her firey insides.

“Well that’s something her tongue can do right.”

After a few minutes of intense lip & tongue service Orihime’s knees started to buckle as she pulled the two girls away from her crotch and whimpered. Hiyori and Tatsuki observed with awe as a hot stream of urine shot from Orihime’s sopping wet gap. The pissing girl fell to her knees crying as the stream slowed and pooled between her legs.

“Why are you crying Orihime?” Tatsuki asked consolingly as she put a gentle hand on the sobbing girl’s shoulder.

“Y-You probably think I-I’m a gross weirdo.” Inoue wiped her eyes as she looked at both girls who smiled at each other then Orihime.

“I guess that makes us all gross weirdoes.” Tatsuki leaned back slightly as she aimed her crotch at Hiyori and started pissing on her.

“Hey! So it a pissing war you want huh!” Hiyori spread her legs into position as she targeted Tatsuki and relieved herself.

Orihime covered her face as she giggled with the peeing girls. It was so un-lady-like but at the same time so liberating as the giggling turned to full out laughing.

“Oh my god, this is insane!” Tatsuki fell back almost crying from laugher as her crotch dripped on the floor.

“Wow, you two really surprised me for being virgins.” Hiyori smirked as she glared at the two girl’s blushing again.

“Well, it’s…” Tatsuki rubbed the back of her head as Hiyori lifted her hand.

“You don’t have to say anything, kiss her.” The visored pointed at Orihime as she scratched her foot. Tatsuki fidgeted in place as Orihime looked around.

“Are you kidding me, jus’ kiss her already!” Hiyori slapped her face, sighing. The two finally looked into each other eyes, their faces red as cherries. Orihime took a deep breath as she leaned in and kissed her friend awkwardly. Tatsuki tongue was out of control again, licking Orihime’s lips tactlessly. Hiyori was fed up as she crawled onto Inoue and sat in her lap.

“Like this.” Hiyori cupped Orihime’s face and kissed her passionately. Groaning, the golden eyed girl closed her eyes as she rubbed the visored’s slim hips. Tatsuki felt a little jealous as Hiyori groped Inoue’s massive breasts, agitatedly.

“Ok, I think she’s got it.” The boxer pulled Hiyori back.

“Oh, you want some too?” Hiyori pushed off Orihime and landed on top of Tatsuki. The spiky blonde dampened the blood on her upper lip as the dark-haired girl closed her eyes.

“Maybe we need a bed…”


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