Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 22)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 22

Title: Simple Choice III

The two female hollows dashed through the white sands of Mundo, searching for food as everything seemed to be, hiding or running away from them.

"Ahhhh this is getting us nowhere!" Tatsuki yelled madly as she came to an abrupt stop in the desert sand. Halibel treaded to a stop in front of the human-now-hollow girl as she spoke softly.

"You need to repress your spiritual energy; they run because they're scared of you." The black-haired girl stared at the blonde as she had no idea what the Espada woman was talking about.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Halibel looked at Tatsuki strangely as she thought the girl was joking.

"That Orihime girl never told you about spiritual pressure or hollows?" Tatsuki shook her head at Halibel's words as the blonde sighed and picked up a long stick. After some "Rukia-like" pictures in the sand, Tatsuki nodded and looked back up sadly at the Third Espada.

"They never told me...." Tatsuki felt a little betrayed as her own friends never breathed a word to her about any of this. Now with this complete stranger's words, everything suddenly made sense.

Orihime and the others random disappearing acts, their weird injuries, sensing strange things, and the feeling deep in her gut when something bad was about to happen. It did and didn't make sense, why keep her in the dark all this time, to keep her safe? Keep her ignorant?

"Dispair... that's a good start..."

A dark voice deep inside Tatsuki whispered lightly as Tatsuki turned and bit her lip, was she even their friend anymore? Her spiritual pressure trembled as she dropped to her knees.

"Didn't they trust you?"

Tatsuki's eyes widened at the thought as she grabbed her chest painfully. Anger mixed with her despair as it provoked the evil hollow inside of her.

"Stupid little Tatsuki..."

The boxer's hands gripped the white sands below her as she growled viciously.

"What do you fucking know about it!?" Tatsuki's face and voice become twisted and animal-like, saliva dripping from her mouth as the vicious hunger and hate filled her. Halibel moved closer to the girl as she lowered her own pressure.

"You will learn to control your hunger, your desire to kill." Halibel looked at the struggling boxer then to the night sky.

"I'm not like you... I don't "desire" to kill." The black-haired girl began to become more normal as she suddenly lay back on the sand, and stared into the black sky herself. She felt at ease as she remembered looking into the blue skies, when she was alive.

"I used to stare into the sky, wondering what I was going to do with my life...." Tatsuki put her hands behind her head as her humanity began to surface. "Now I don't know..."

"You will learn to forget, your memories of being human will fade and you will become empty...” The blonde's chest now tightened at her own words as it had been a long time since she'd felt this way. “Hollow..."

"I don't want to be hollow or a killer! I just want to protect my friend." It sounded selfish in Halibel's ears but she couldn't argue the point, she cared about things. Her faccion was the closest thing to a family she had, as she had trouble believing the other Espada were her "friends" more like a bunch of egotistical children, but then there was her...

"We will see how strong you're resolve is..." Halibel turned in a different direction as she headed into the sea of white sand alone, while Tatsuki looked on. "We will split up to give you a better chance of catching some... dinner."

Back in the white castle of Mundo Orihime cried woefully on her bed as she couldn't believe Tatsuki had really become a Hollow. She remembered how her brother had suffered the hunger a hollow had to endure as he even tried to kill her.

"Why Tatsuki?!"

The orange-haired girl curled into a fetal position on her bed as her eyes continued to pour out.

Back in the sands of Mundo, it wasn't long before Tatsuki stood before a group of aranncars as the leader stepped forward.

"What's a pretty little hollow like you doing out here?" The group chuckled maliciously; towering over the girl as Tatsuki smirked evilly, tightening her fists. The hunger inside the boxer came alive instantly as she launched herself at the unaware group.

"Looking for my dinner!" Tatsuki struck the leader head on as her fist smashed half of his masked face.

"You BITCH!  Kill her!!!" The injured hollow screamed wildly as the group moved against the black-haired hollow. Tatsuki's hands and feet lit up a dark purple as they swung in a dizzying fashion, striking every hollow in sight. The group of hollows groaned in a horrible collection of pain and suffering as Tatsuki stood before the weakened leader.

"I'm not so pretty now am I?" At these words Tatsuki ripped into the remainder of the hollow's face with her sharp teeth as he screamed in agony. Suddenly a fireball of pleasure rippled throughout Tatsuki's petite frame as the hollow's flesh passed her lips and slid down her throat. The lustful feeling only got stronger as she continued her feeding frenzy. All her troubles seem to evaporate in an instant as she actually felt good eating her "own" kind.

Not too far away Halibel watched the boxer feed raucously as she could see the undeniable pleasure in the girl's purple eyes. After a good twenty minutes of continuous eating, the third Espada strolled up to see Tatsuki staring off to space, her face and body covered in blood.

"Have you had your fill?" The blonde asked lightly as the black-haired girl turned to her, a little ashamed.

"W-Will it always feel that good?" Tatsuki touched between her legs as she had actually got wet from beating and eating another being. Halibel nodded slowly as Tatsuki felt like a piece of her soul had been lost. Tatsuki’s fighting pride tainted by her violent feeding which would no doubt be repeated in order for her to survive.

"What would Orihime say?"

"Let's go back..., your "friends" are waiting." Halibel started to walk back to the White Castle as Tatsuki slowly followed her, unsure if she could really live like this. Halibel stopped suddenly as she looked to the west. The wind was picking up quickly as a giant wall of sand began to move across the desert in the distance.

"What's wrong?" Tatsuki asked carefully as Halibel remained silent, still sensing the air.

"We need to find shelter now." The third Espada began to run as Tatsuki was right on her heels, seeing the massive sand wall, swallowing up the open desert.

"Why are we running? That sandstorm’s got to be miles away." The former human spoke up as Halibel found a small cave and headed for it.

"It will only take seconds before it hits us now RUN!" The wind rushed viciously passed the two hollows as the sandstorm was almost on top of them. Halibel made it to the shelter first as Tatsuki felt the wind began to pick her up. She gasped sharply for air and reached out with her hand as she was lifted into the air.

Suddenly Halibel gripped the boxer's floating hand in midair as Tatsuki started to flap in the wind like a flag. The blonde's composure remained unchanged as she slowly pulled the black-haired girl into the back of the cave until her feet touched the ground. The white sands gave way to a smooth rock farer back in the cave as the storm raged violently around the mouth now. The two Hollows watched from the safety of their shelter as Tatsuki sighed in relieve.

"Thank you..., I owe you one." The relieved boxer thanked gratefully as the storm had hit so hard and fast it had robbed her lungs of oxygen and almost her life.

"You’re thanks is not needed, Aizen wants you alive and I'm to see you stay that way." Halibel said sternly as Tatsuki snapped back.

"I'm not a helpless child!" The boxer stepped forward and pointed her finger in Halibel's face as the blonde felt her patients being tried again, but this time...

"You’re more helpless than you think child."  Halibel snatched Tatsuki's hand and folded it up behind her back as the boxer cried out in pain.

Suddenly the blonde gripped the purple-eyed girl's breast from behind and squeezed as a whimper spat from the Tatsuki’s mouth. Tatsuki forced her eyes shut as she felt a spike of fear and excitement race throughout her new body.

"Ahhhh please, don't." Tatsuki said weakly, her crotch stirring sensually as Halibel's hand dipped down between the girl's legs.

"Are you feeling it again? The same pleasure you felt when eating?" Halibel taunted knowingly as she pressed two fingers against the girl's sex. Tatsuki began to struggle around as Halibel pulled the girl tight to her body. The boxer could feel the blonde's giant breasts on her back as their body heat began to mix.

"Your body feels more intensely, pain… pleasure..." Halibel purred lightly as she slid her nose up and down Tatsuki's slender neck. The boxer's sex began burn through her Espada uniform as she couldn't control herself. "...All to fill our hollowed souls."

"S-Stop." Tatsuki pleaded again as Halibel flung the girl forward and off balance. The boxer glared back at Halibel as a rare smile touched the blonde’s face.

"You may have wanted me to stop, but your body wanted something different." The 3rd Espada teased harmlessly as Tatsuki didn't want to believe her, but her hot pussy was all the proof the blonde needed.

"Not from you!" Tatsuki yelled spitefully as Halibel's eyebrows lifted.

"Who then that Orihime girl…?" The blonde smirk shortly, running her hand through her hair as Tatsuki's blood boiled fiercely. "I wonder if she taste as good as she looks?"

"Shut up!" The boxer suddenly swung on the 3rd Espada as Halibel struck first, sending Tatsuki reeling back.

"Do you enjoy trying my patients, girl?" Halibel asked angrily as she stormed towards the stunned girl and punched her right in the stomach.

"How can you protect your friend when you can hardly protect yourself? You should have just stayed that girl's lover." Tatsuki's eyes went wide as she doubled over Halibel's fist, forcing spittle from her mouth. The boxer slid to her knees as tears filled her eyes, not from the physical pain, but emotional.

"We've never been... l-l-lovers." Tatsuki had a little trouble getting the last word out as Halibel let a surprised noise escape her lips. The blonde couldn't believe that the two girls had never been intimate; they both were beautiful, young and earnest. Even if they had never had sex Halibel was sure of one thing, this girl had lost many hours of sleep, pleasuring herself to the image of her friend.

"Have you ever pleasured another woman before?" Halibel's question made Tatsuki's inside squirm hotly as she had only seen it in XXX-rated magazine and her dirty imagination. The black-haired girl shook her head as she looked up innocently at the 3rd Espada.

"C-Can you... Show me?" Halibel felt a pleasurable heat raise from between her own legs now as Tatsuki bowed her body lowly and put her hands in front of her.

"I will help you, but this will be loveless." Halibel stood before Tatsuki as the boxer leaned up and stood with a tiny smile. The blonde hollow felt a light blush cross her face as Tatsuki smiled more.

"If this is to be loveless, then why are you blushing?" Chuckling, the boxer licked her lips as the third Espada huffed.

"It's not funny, now pay attention." Halibel gripped Tatsuki's collar and pulled her close as the two hollows looked deeply into each other’s eyes. The boxer slowly closed her purple eyes and puckered her lips as Halibel swallowed hard; her mind suddenly remembered her former lover.

"What's wrong?" Tatsuki's left eye popped open as Halibel had a distant look in her greenish eyes.

"It's nothing." Halibel shook her head shortly as she curled her hands under Tatsuki's cheeks and pulled her into a deep, open mouth kiss. The two hollows tongues twisted sensually, tasting and probing as their hands began to follow suit. After a few minutes of kissing and fawning, the two pulled away breathlessly as they both whispered….



The two looked at each other shyly as they had heard the name change.

"You called me Nel, that your girlfriend?" A teasing tone crept from Tatsuki's lips as Halibel frowned sternly.

"That's none of your business." Tatsuki could feel the shift in Halibel's spiritual pressure as she was sure she had hit a tender nerve.

"It's ok; you can call me Nel if you want?" The blonde blushed deeply this time, feeling Tatsuki's small hands cruise over her rippling body as her eyes hazed over.

"Nel..." The tall blonde whispered again, more openly as she kissed the eager Boxer. Both Hollows slowly began to peel off their white uniforms as they soon stood naked in front of each other. Halibel took in Tatsuki's petite, but firm body as she felt her crotch become soggy. Tatsuki just stared at Halibel's large breasts as she cupped her own smaller ones, a little embarrassed.

"It's ok, I like small ones." Halibel smiled lightly, wrapping her arms around the black-haired girl’s back as she leaned over and licked her tiny left nipple. Tatsuki inhaled swiftly as air hissed passed her teeth, while Halibel switched nipples.

"Orihime..." Tatsuki tilted her head back as the blonde's hands moved lower. The boxer widened her stance as Halibel had no trouble finding the wildfire between Tatsuki's thighs. The third Espada continued to suck on Tatsuki's chest as the boxer felt a long digit slide pass her wet petals into her tight sex.

"Ohhhh!" Halibel flinched in surprise as Tatsuki suddenly gripped the blonde's dripping sex and inserted her own fingers into the third's clenching love tunnel.

"What's wrong? Haven't petted yourself in a while?" Tatsuki teased hotly, watching Halibel's eyes slowly roll back. Not to be bested by a human Halibel dug another finger into Tatsuki's hot crotch as she felt the thin barrier resist her creeping fingers.

"Still a virgin."

"Ouch." Tatsuki jumped to the balls of her feet, to prevent ripping as she forced Halibel's sticky fingers out of her burning pussy.

"That could be a problem." Halibel stared at her wet fingers then the boxer's crotch. Tatsuki hid the fear in her eyes as she threw herself into the blonde's arms.

"It will only hurt for a moment." Tatsuki squeezed the third tightly as she widened her gap again. Halibel's fingers slid in with ease as she instantly found the fleshy barrier. Tatsuki tensed her body, burying her head into the blonde's chest and with one quick thrust the boxer's hymen torn open as Halibel's digit pushed deeper in Tatsuki's sex.

"Uuugghhh..." Tears touched Tatsuki's eyes, the balance of pain and pleasure become equally extreme as she came instantly. The boxer shuttered violently in the blonde's arms as Halibel held her even tighter. The boxer turned up her wet purple eyes as they met Halibel’s emerald ones.

"You want to keep going?" The third asked lightly as Tatsuki nodded her head and latched onto the blonde's right nipple like a baby. The two slowly kneed to the sandy stone, still fawning each other lovingly as the cool cave began to heat up.

“Here sit on this.” Halibel pulled her white jacket between them as Tatsuki adjusted it and sat on it. The blonde put her hands on the boxer’s knee caps and slowly spread them. Tatsuki blushed deeply as Halibel stared at the dark-haired girl’s soaking wet gap and lowered her mouth. Tatsuki could feel the third’s warm breath between her inner thighs as her tongue swiftly tasted the boxer’s sweet sex.

The mixture of blood and sex was so succulent Halibel shivered passionately at the taste, wanting more she pressed her face deeper. Tatsuki yelped loudly, falling back without stretched arms as the blonde dug into the boxer’s tight box. Words couldn’t explain the feelings rushing throughout Tatsuki’s body and brain as she stared in amazement at the cave’s ceiling. Afraid, she slowly placed her hands on the blonde’s short hair as the third moaned in approval.

Halibel on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of the young girl’s tangy pussy in her mouth as she potent concoction made her insides burn lustfully. The blonde’s left hand reached up and squeezed Tatsuki’s tiny right breast as the boxer groaned aloud.

“More, inside me…” Tatsuki lifted and spread her legs wide open for the third Espada as Halibel’s right hand made its move towards the former human’s red-hot core. The dark-haired girl arched her back agonizingly, crying out in the same fashion as she quickly cover her mouth with both hands. The blonde woman chuckled at the boxer’s childish attempt to remain quiet as she was started to slowly pump her fingers.

“Ohhhh!” Tatsuki’s eyes rolled into the back of her head at the filling of her breach as she began to rock her hips. Soon the two hollows were thrusting against each other as Tatsuki blushed crimson, hearing Halibel’s fingers squishing into her tight pussy obscenely.

“You’re so wet.” Halibel whispered lightly as her long tongue assaulted the boxer’s little clit. Tatsuki was rapidly approaching orgasm again as she whimpered softly.

“H-Halibel… I-I’m going t-t-to…” Halibel wrapped mouth around the boxer’s love-button and thrust her fingers to the edge of Tatsuki’s womb as the girl blew her milky white load into the third Espada’s cute face. Instead of stopping, Halibel continued sucking and fucking the boxer’s dripping slit as the dark-haired girl strained her crotch and body upward.

“OH YES!!!” Tatsuki was sent flying head first into a second, more intense orgasm as she shuttered for a few moments in the air with Halibel still inside her. She finally collapsed to the edge of the smooth stone below her, fighting for air. Halibel let her slick tongue and fingers slowly slide out of the young hollow’s drenched pussy as Tatsuki panted laboriously.

“That’s… was… amazing…” The boxer looked up at her new lover as the left side Halibel’s face dribbled with her gooey girl-milk. The blonde crawled up Tatsuki’s frame and hovered over her as she looked deeply into her purple eyes.

“Will you take responsibility for your mess?” The blonde leaned in closely, not really giving the girl a choice as Tatsuki stuck her tongue out curiously and tasted her own cum. It wasn’t as bad as Tatsuki thought it would be as she continued to lick her up sticky mess and in doing so, suddenly she wanted to taste Halibel.

“Can I do the same… to you lady Halibel?” The boxer asked shyly as Halibel’s face flushed a cherry red, while leaning back. It was a silly request of course she wanted the same, she was so turned-on it would have drove her insane if she was denied the one thing greater than all the gold and diamonds in the whole world.

“Ok, but do it from behind.” Halibel abruptly remembered how Nel used to tell her how cute her face was when she got fucked as she was a little embarrassed to show it to a person who was a complete stranger a few hours ago. The blonde turned her body 180 degrees as she stuck her ass in the air and her face into her cum-stained jacket. Tatsuki stared at Halibel’s beautiful firm ass, her wet pussy lips just below, dribbling leisurely down her thighs.

“H-Hurry up…” The blonde trembled weakly as she felt the boxer’s purple eyes examining her most private area.

“Is that anyway to ask for something?” Halibel gritted her teeth at Tatsuki’s question as she had let her guard down too far. Knowing it was too late for the badass routine; she swallowed her pride and asked.

“Please… fuck me.” The third Espada said lightly as Tatsuki slid a single finger up the older hollow’s crack, causing the green-eyed girl to quiver.

“I can’t hear you.” The dark-haired girl ran her finger up and down between Halibel’s soaking pussy lips as the blonde moaned hotly.

“Ohhhh please fuck me!” Halibel tried to curl Tatsuki’s finger into her pussy as her ass bobbed up and down, begging for penetration.

“That’s better.” Tatsuki stiffened two of her fingers and pushed them deeply into Halibel’s saturated sex as the blonde groaned passionately into her dirty jacket. The boxer’s fingers began to piston back and fore as Halibel thrust back with growing vigor. Both girls blushed wildly as they couldn’t believe they were acting the way they were, one desprate to learn love, the other to teach out of loneiness, but they had come too far to turn back now.

Halibel reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as Tatsuki dove in tongue first into the blonde’s exposed pink sex. The taste was muskier than her sex as it smelled a little like a dirty belly-button but it didn’t faze the boxer in the slightest. The dark haired hollow stuffed as much of her tongue into the blonde’s fuck-box as she could as Halibel smeared her face in Tatsuki essence on her jacket, whimpering.

“Harder please…” The third was on the verge of orgasm as Tatsuki’s fingers joined the assault, hammering Halibel’s gapping pussy.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh.” Halibel’s body and voice shook enthusiastically as she continued to thrust even harder against Tatsuki’s lustful fingers and tongue.

“I’m going to cum!” The blonde yelled fervently, throwing her head back with a oddly beautiful expression on her face as she came in Tatsuki’s taut mouth. The boxer’s mouth was swiftly filled with cum as Tatsuki swallowed deeply, enjoying the flavor of another woman. The third shuttered and collasped to the ground speechless as it had been a long time since anyone had shared her bed, leading to her complete exhaustion.

"Nel..." The blonde whispered softly, closing her eyes and fell asleep as Tatsuki snuggled in closely to the blonde and joined her in peaceful slumber. She dreamed of her friends, Jana, and what Halibel and her had done as for the first time since coming here, she felt a brief sense of happiness.

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