Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 21)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 21

Title: Simple Choice II

[Author's notes: A second bit.]

After a short talk with the former captain and betrayer of the 12 court guards, the two “human” girls stepped back into the haunted white halls of Mundo to find Halibel and Lillynette waiting for them.

“What do you two want?!” Tatsuki snapped harshly as she raised her right hand to protect Orihime. Halibel just stared daggers at the newly formed Vesto lord, still finding her tone disrespectful as Lillynette looked up at her then to the boxer.

“She doesn’t like you….” The one-eyed hollow grinned slyly as she moved closer in a dancing fashion. The black-haired girl tensed instantly as she laid her hand on orange-haired girl’s stomach and slowly motioned her behind her.

“Knock it off we’re not… didn’t Azien tell you?” Lillynette sneered hotly as troubled looks crossed Orihime and Tatsuki’s faces.

“I guess we’ll just have to show you….” The young girl let her spiritual pressure go as Halibel stood by silently watching. The boxer felt an unseen, but familiar heaviness on her body as she flexed against it.

“I wouldn’t do that….” The smaller girl be-bopped closer, bring the full force of the 1st espada with her as Tatsuki’s knees started to shake.

“Why is my body reacting this way?!”

“You feel it don’t you? The Fear? The Hunger?” Every step Lillynette took brought Tatsuki down a bit more until she was on her hands and knees, panting. Tatsuki’s eyes and hair started to change color and shape, as she grunted roughly at the floor. Suddenly a sharp spike of hunger ripped at her mind as her body was flooded with an unspeakable pain.

“What is this feeling?!? It’s maddening!!!”

“Looks like someone’s g-e-t-t-i-n-g h-u-n-g-r-y!” Lillynette said playfully as she was almost on top of the boxer when Orihime cried out fearfully.

“Don’t hurt her!!!” Tears were flowing from her golden eyes again as Tatsuki looked up at her friend. The heartbreak was almost unbearable in the human girl’s eyes as Tatsuki’s purple eyes became black.

“But I must protect you!” The boxer roared violently as Lillynette forced her face to the ground. Pinned, the boxer held herself up a little bit as her emotions confused and scared her. Why did she yell at Orihime just now?

“Not yet….” Halibel stepped forward as Orihime knew what she was talking about.

“You look like you’ve seen this before?” The 3rd Espada asked lightly, closing in as Orihime nodded unwillingly.

“M-My brother was turned into a hollow and h-he attacked us…, don’t you remember Tatsuki?” Tatsuki remembered instantly the same feeling she had at Orihime’s house.

“The invisible hand choking me….”

“So you know what will happen if she doesn’t eat?” The orange-haired girl nodded again at the blonde’s words, remembering all too well as she couldn’t even look at Tatsuki anymore.

“Orihime!?” The boxer’s murderous voice tried to sway her friend’s golden eyes to look upon her again as they remained hidden.

“Please do as they say… and don’t question Lady Halibel, she’s not much for talkers.” Orihime said sadly as she turned her back on her long time friend.

“Now you trust these freaks!?!” Tatsuki screamed with outrage as Lilly now forced her harder into the ground out of spite.

“Now we’re fucking freaks! Look in the mirror bitch you’re one of us now!” The green-haired snarled toughly, grinding the girl now as Halibel looked to Orihime.

“Enough!” Orihime screamed now, her voice trembling.

“They are not freaks; Lady Halibel has taken good care of me here, she has seen to my needs and requests and I treat her with respect, and now you have to too.”

“But… we’re monsters… aren’t we?” Tatsuki started to get control of herself as Orihime’s voice calmed her swiftly; it always did in stressful times.

“They were human once just like you, and now after a long, hard journey through this terrible place, some of them regained their consciousness and continued living by….” Orihime couldn’t finish her sentence as she started walking away from the three female hollows. The golden-eyed girl paused suddenly.

“I’m going to my room; please take care of Tatsuki-chan…, I-I-I beg you.” The orange-haired girl bowed her head and continued on as her footsteps echoed loudly in Tatsuki’s ears.

“Please don’t leave me alone AGAIN!!!”

Tatsuki wanted to cry and run after her friend but couldn’t force herself to do so as she sighed lowly.

“I-I won’t fight anymore….” Lillynette let the boxer out from under her homicidal pressure as Tatsuki rolled on to her side, gasping for breath.

“Lillynette, make sure Orihime makes it to her room safely.” Halibel said quietly, looking down at the roughed up boxer as Lillynette chuckled darkly.

“She’s all yours.” Lilly smirked fully as she kicked Tatsuki in the gut just because. The black-haired girl felt the air forced from her body for a second time as she drew in larger breaths now.

“Remember your place little one.” The one-eyed prime whispered threateningly as she danced off. The 3rd stood as silent as a grave as Tatsuki rolled to her hands and knees, and then got to her feet.

“Is everyone this nice around here?” The black-haired girl asked jokingly as she looked up at blonde hollow.

“Let’s go.” Halibel turned on a dime and started walking as Tatsuki followed after her. The two Espada walked quietly as Tatsuki felt a weight of questions on her tongue.

“What’s going to happen to me?” The boxer asked lowly as she shifted her sharp, purple eyes away from the blonde woman, abruptly remembering what Orihime had said.

The silence was deafening as Tatsuki wasn’t much for word games, but she hated silence more than anything else.

“Tell me… please….” Tatsuki checked her tone as she couldn’t believe how worked up she was.

“You’re a hollow now; you have to eat souls to live.” Halibel said bluntly.

“Like… people?” The boxer was a little scared, as the blonde shook her head.

“There are no humans in Huceo Mundo; you have to eat other hollows here.” Halibel harshly enlightened Tatsuki’s ignorance as a servant girl walked towards them.

“Start with this one.” The 3rd Espada swiftly grabbed the young hollow girl by the neck as the servant cried out in fear.

“Lady H-Halibel, p-please don’t!” Pure dread consumed Tatsuki’s body, seeing the fear in the small hollow’s eyes as it was no different from a human’s. This girl didn’t want to die, she certainly didn’t want to be a meal, but that same fear sparked the exasperating hunger inside Tatsuki.

“Can you take her life?” Halibel turned the servant hollow to Tatsuki as the boxer stared straight into her eyes. The angry spike of emotion from before seared Tatsuki’s mind again as a strange famine began to make her body tremble.

“Just bite into her face, she will scream thou.” The 3rd moved forward, prey in hand as Tatsuki couldn’t do it; her humanity was still fresh in her mind.


Numbing the pain was hard but with Orihime’s voice she was able to get it under control… for now.

“You are not human anymore; their limitations and morals are no longer your concern.” The hollow girl was crying now as Tatsuki finally met Halibel’s glaring green eyes.

“It can be any hollow? There are more of us out there right?” Halibel wasn’t sure where this was going, when the servant girl suddenly cried out.

“Yes! In the desert, hundreds of thousands of hollows run wild out there, simply beasts that don’t need a reason to attack you!” The girl explained rapidly as she hoped what she had said would save her life.

“I can hunt? Where? Show me.” Tatsuki felt her primal instincts come alive inside her as she snatched the feeble hollow from Halibel. Spite struck up Halibel’s spine as she couldn’t believe the forwardness of this human Espada girl.

“This way, the western wall is the closest to us from here, then it’s just open desert from there.” The girl didn’t waste a breath or step as she took off running the second Tatsuki set her down.

“Are you coming?” Tatsuki smirked over her shoulder and took off after the girl as Halibel stood dumbfounded.

“The desert…?”

It had been years since she had gone to the desert not since Nel was….

Halibel gritted her teeth behind her collar as she snuffed the former Espada from her mind.

“Thank you Mistress for sparing my life….” Tatsuki followed the happy servant girl as the boxer was glad she didn't have to take her life. She could sense Halibel following them as the guiding hollow asked her.

"What is your name Mistress?" Tatsuki smiled lightly and answered.


"Ohhhh Lady Tatsuki, please if there is anything I can do for you please just let me know." The girl was just happy not to be dead as the boxer nodded and looked back to see Halibel still walking behind her.

"So why are you going through all this trouble, you don't have to hunt in the desert you know, we'll bring you anything you want." The servant girl explained knowingly as Tatsuki nodded her head.

"It's ok; if I have to eat other living things I'd rather do it this way." The servant was a bit surprised by the Espada's reply, but didn't argue as she could still easily be dinner. After a few more minutes of walking, the three hollow females stood in front of a large fortified door.

"This is it Lady Tatsuki, the western gate nothing but miles and miles of open desert beyond this point, I'm sure you'll find plenty of hollows to...." The servant girl explained as Halibel interrupted her.

"That will be all slave, leave us." The servant looked directly at the floor, ashamed for being so friendly towards the high-ranking Espada, but before the servant left Tatsuki asked her.

"What is your name?" The servant girl stared fearfully at Halibel then the former human as she spoke.

"I-I don't have one...." The hollow boxer frowned as she suggested one.

"I'll call you Jana-chan from now on, ok?" "Jana" burst into tears as she sobbed loudly.

"L-Lady Tatsuki, y-you are too kind!" The purple-eyed girl smiled warmly as Jana wiped her eyes repeatedly.

"Go on now; I'll be back soon Jana." The crying girl did what she was told and walked off as Tatsuki turned to find Halibel glaring at her, but not as intently as before.

"Now you make friends with the help?" The blonde's tone wasn't mean or snarky as Tatsuki could play her game too.

"Let's go, I'm hungry." The boxer was quick to the point as she opened the door to the wide open desert. The wind rushed white sand pass her feet as she looked into the dark sky.

Tatsuki breathed in deeply as the acrid air filled her lungs. Next she reached out with her spiritual pressure as she could feel thousands of hollows, wondering the desert in search of food... and death.

"You ready to show a girl a good time?" Tatsuki asked slyly as Halibel simply took off into the desert silently with Tatsuki right behind her. They cruised along, barely touching the sand below their feet as Halibel looked over at the spunky new Espada.

The boxers purple eyes were focused straight ahead, her body aerodynamically slicing through the air. This girl would have to kill to live now as her very life from before had changed all of a sudden…, but she was still able to except it…

…And all for one person….

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