Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 20)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 20

Title: Hollow hunger III

[Author's notes: Ahhhh update...]

Nel swiftly regained consciousness as Stark covered her mouth and drug the screaming hollow to the main servant’s quarters. Raising his knuckle he still had the common decency to knock, and for a rare moment he felt a little guilty for what he was about to do. After a few seconds the door clicked open softly.

"Yes, lord Stark, lady Nel?!" A meek hollow girl answered the door, noticing instantly the difference in their postures as Stark let go of the frenzied hollow. Nel lurched forward, pinning the young girl under her powerful hands as her sharp jaws unhinged.

"Lady Nel! Please DONAHHHH!!!" The servant screamed sadistically as the 3rd Espada sunk her teeth into the shrieking girl's face without remorse. The other servants, about 8 in all watched Nel devour one of their own as the combined spiritual pressure of the 1st and 3rd paralyzed them all. Stark ran his hand coolly through his brown hair as their begging eyes fell on him.

"Sorry about this...." Stark apologized shortly as Nel's black eyes slowly looked up at the remainder of her dinner, blood dripping from her mouth.

"Must feed!!!"

The first Espada looked on dreadfully, watching Nel kill at random to slate her madding hunger.

"Such a waste...." He really didn't like to kill the "help" but it needed to be done. Suddenly he felt a tug at his boot as he looked down at the first victim with half her face chewed off.

"M-Master S-S-Stark, w-why...?" The young girl clawed her way up the prime Espada's leg as he didn't even answer her and crushed her internal organs instantly with his spiritual pressure, hoping to end her suffering hastily.

"Damnit Nel..."

Elsewhere, the other half of the first Espada slowed down as she let the small blonde catch her breath.

"Thank... you..." Halibel wheezed heavily as Lillynette smiled slyly, turning conveniently to a door to her right and stepped in.

"I wouldn't stay out there, the others are never far from something so...." The child-like girl sneered as Halibel creped in carefully behind her fellow hollow. "...Yummy."

"Nel, ok?" Halibel asked brokenly as Lily stepped back to the door and locked it. Halibel tensed as she heard the door close, and a lock slide into place.

"I don't know, maybe Stark killed her or maybe he didn't." The one-eyed hollow said offhandedly as she looked over Halibel's frame.

"Is that lady Nel on your hand?" Lillynette’s sharp pink eye angled smartly as she saw the girl's wet hand.

"Me." Halibel said slightly as Lillynette leaped at them and started sucking them wildly. She moaned hotly around Halibel's digits as she pumped them into her mouth repeatedly and without permission.

"Stop!" The blonde jerked her hand back as Lillynette smiled meanly.

"I wasn't done yet...." The one-eyed girl pushed the reluctant girl lightly as the blonde went flying back and landed on a soft bed. "And until you're... Master comes back, your all mine." The one-eyed girl announced viciously as Halibel was quickly on her hands and knees.

"Not slave, not YOURS!" Halibel scrambled around wildly for and exit as Lynette leaped onto the bed.

"I'm not going to eat you..., literally." Halibel decided to make her move and punched the girl in the face as Lynette chuckled.

"How primitive you are, it's making me drip." Halibel tried to punch her again as the one-eyed girl toughen her skin, shatter the girl's fist.

"Ahhhh! Cracked!" Halibel screamed violently as Lily grabbed her by the throat and shook her violently.

"It didn't work the first time, what makes you think it would work a second?" The pink-eyed hollow asked as she tightened her hand around Halibel's neck.

"Let, GO!!!" The blonde started kicking the pink-eyed girl in the ribs roughly on both sides as Lillynette shook her head and smashed Halibel to the mattress.

"I I'm going to taste you, even if I have to break every bone in your fucking body." Halibel whimpered at the real threat of dying as Lillynette latched on to the blonde's body carelessly. Halibel trashed around wildly as Lillynette’s tongue scraped across the younger hollow's skin.

"Stop, don't like!" Halibel cried out hurtfully, her body trying to resist as Lillynette pinched her tiny breast roughly.

"Shut up and try to enjoy this, l know l will." Lillynette’s lips and tongue moved lower as Halibel pressed her hands against the one-eyed hollow’s head in a feeble attempt to stop her. Lillynette crushed down on Halibel's body with her massive spiritual pressure as her mouth was an inch away from the green-eyed girl's pussy.

The door was suddenly kicked in as Nel stood on the other side, glaring in.

"What do you want?" Lillynette paused angrily as Nel stepped into the room when a heavy hand fell on her shoulder.

"She did save her life..." Stark said seriously as Nel knew Halibel owed Lillynette her life and if Stark hadn't of stopped her...

"You have to let her, it’s the law…."

Nel closed her eyes as she was torn on what to do.

"Well?" Lillynette snapped, seeing the debate as Halibel cried out.

"Nel! Help Halibel!" The words ripped into Nel's heart as she stepped forward again.

"Nel... don't." The prime Espada asked again caringly as Nel shrugged him off and came up next to the bed.

"That's enough." Nel ordered as the pink-eyed girl hissed and let go. Halibel jumped into Nel's powerful arms as Lillynette roared ferociously.

"Life saved, a favor repay!" Nel knew not letting Lillynette have her way with Halibel would cost her The Prime Espada's friendship and in a world of enemies, friends were hard to come by.

"You know what this means don't you? We won't help you anymore…." Stark said sternly as Nel nodded and walked out of the room, when she turned back and smiled at him.

"I understand..., hey thanks for helping me out back there." Stark smiled back shortly and nodded as he closed his door. The two started down the hall as Nel frowned deeply.

"Thank you…." Halibel whispered as Nel wished she had let Lillynette rape her. The last person she wanted against her was the prime Espada and here she was. The one reason she didn't want to keep the girl was now coming back to bite her in the ass.

"I should have..."

Nel wasn't sure what to do, she had lost Stark's favor and when the others found out, they'd try and make their move, especially Nnoitra.

"Nel, ok?" Halibel asked quietly as Nel was deep in thought.

“Do I kill her? Make her my pet, or servant? Let her go back to the desert?”

Her mind strained from all of the thoughts as she really didn't know what to do now.

"Nel?" Halibel asked again as the 3rd turned and snapped.

"What?!" The young hollow froze with fright as she could see the glaring anger and her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I did this to myself." Nel growled as she put her arm around girl. Halibel tensed for a moment, and then loosened her body.

"Why did that girl want...?” Halibel blushed as she remembered the roughness of the pink-eyed hollow's bedside manner.

"It's jus' Lillynette saved you from me..." The green-haired explained lightly as she eased into the rest. "...So we owe them now... or did…."

"It because, I didn't let her..." Nel nodded slowly as Halibel shook her head and wiped her eyes.

"We go back! I let her finish!" The blonde cried as she grabbed Nel’s garment.

"That's not how it works, we had our chance to repay them but I couldn't bear to see you suffer..." Nel continued to walk as the blonde stood still and made up her mind.

"I do myself!" Halibel ran back down the hall as Nel turned swiftly.

"No, Halibel don't!" The girl ran around the corner as someone snatched her instantly. The green-haired girl prayed the 1st was still in their room as she raced to the turn and found her gone.

"No one to help you now Nel! If you want to save your little friend come to the top of Las Noche and FACE ME!!!" Nnoitra's voice echoed throughout the halls as Stark and Lillynette opened their door and looked at Nel availingly or Stark anyway.

"Guess you better go see what Nnoitra wants!" Lillynette snapped contemptibly, licking her lips as Stark looked away.

Nel darted for the rooftop as she saw Grimmjaw walking down the hall. The blue haired Espada stuffed his hands into his coat and looked away from her as it kind of stung. Grimmjaw was the proudest of the Espada, he knew the code well enough, but the walls of Huceo Mundo were very thin. She was on her own now, and as she climbed each step, it weighted on her heart. Nothing is more terrible then a monster with feelings.

The light appeared at the end of the tunnel as she raced to her fate...

(I don't write out entire spoilers; please look up what really happens to Nel)

This picks up right after...

"Get a good taste, because it ain't happening again." Nnoitra pressed his boot down on the back of Halibel’s head as it forced the young girl's head deeper into Nel's split helmet.

"Her sacrifice will grant you the power of an Espada!" The 8th Espada laughed as Halibel cried into green haired girl’s bloody face.

"Don't you think its dangerous get let her consume Nel's reiatus?" Szayel Aporro Granz mentioned as Nnoitra snapped hatefully.

"Shut your goddamn mouth, I'm going to let her live with the shame of betraying and sacrificing her Master, besides she will never be as strong as Nel." Nnoitra suddenly kicked Halibel off the unconscious girl as she smashed into a random red pillar. The black haired Espada reached down, grabbing Nel and swung her out to the edge of Las Noche.

"So long Nel…, have a nice trip." Nnoitra released the now younger girl as she fell to the white sand below.

Back at the pillar, the blonde was on her feet, changed… different…

"You killed Nel!" Halibel voice was clear as day now as her body and power had grown.

"Your still...!?" Nnoitra noticed a number slowly appear on the girl's inner breast as it shocked him.

"But how?!" Nnoitra suddenly darted for the blonde, his weapon ready to slice off her head as a loud gun shot went off. The three froze and looked over at Stark as he held his massive pistol in the air.

"Leave her be Nnoitra, you already took down Nel by yourself..." Stark's sharp eyes caught Szayel reaching for his sword as he flash-stepped in front of the pink-haired man.

"I don't think so nerd!" Lillynette’s voice sneered viciously as Stark pistol-whipped Granz to the ground with a bone crushing force, knocking him out.

"Why did you attack him?! He's not even an Espada!" Nnoitra yelled as Halibel just watched the prime Espada exert his power.

"While you're intent is clear to me, his is not." Stark smirked as he lifted his gun again.

"Now do you need a kiss from Lillynette too?" Nnoitra gritted his teeth as he knew without Szayel’s device there was no way he could beat the prime Espada in a straight up fight.

"You win this time, but I will be there to see you both fall under the blade, mark my words!" Nnoitra yelled knowingly, running off as Lillynette suddenly went off.

"Asshole!" The cero hit the 8th Espada in the back and send him flying down the stairs, shrieking insanely.

"Hope someone cuts his ass to ribbons." Lillynette changed back to normal as Halibel ran up to her and started kissing her wildly.

"What's the fuckin' deal?" Lillynette pushed the girl off her as Halibel jumped back at her again.

"Unreal how much Nel taught you in such a short time." Stark chuckled painfully as he stopped Halibel with his reiatus only. The blonde looked up to see the man's face slowly change as it became me feminine. Her body filled out nicely as she leaned over and whispered into Halibel's ear.

"Would you like to learn more…, Espada?" Stark’s face changed back to normal, leaning back as Lillynette gripped his arm gleefully to Halibel’s nodded head. Even with her reaction, Halibel was still holding her guilt and shame as she tried to salt it away.

“I’m sorry Nel…”

“…I wasn’t strong enough...”

“…To prevent your sacrifice…”

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