Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 19)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 19

Title: Throw down

“There’s too many injured, were not going to be able to save them all captain.” A male medic Shinigami told his commanding officer, Retsu Unohana. The battle between the Espada and the Shinigami had been raging for only minutes and hundreds had been injured or killed instantly as the fighting continued assiduously. The people on the outskirts had suffered even more with no way to defend themselves and the lack of proper medic attention.

“Then save who you can.” Unohana hated the way that sounded as she continued to heal a young girl in front of her with a massive chest wound.

“Will this ever end?”

Retsu thought darkly to herself as the pain and misery all around her was almost too revolting, too unbearable for any normal person to handle. Her senses suddenly went off as the older woman walked around the table and looked out a 4th barracks window.

“It’s her…”

To Retsu horror, she saw her vice-captain Isane who was hurt at the gate.


Blood dripped from multiple wounds as she drug her feet and sword across the threshold of 4th squad.


Her gray eyes searched in wanderlust of her dear commander.


Isane told herself repeatedly as she stood beaten and bloody in the middle of the courtyard. The older woman’s heart dropped in her chest as she saw the state her vice-captain was worst then she thought.


“Please take over for me.” The 4th captain ordered another medic to take her place as she hurried out of the room. Outside explosions and screams echoed everywhere as the Espada and hoards of hollows continued to wreak havoc on the soul society and the last line of defense of Karakura town. Retsu opened the front doors to the 4th quarters as Isane smiled a bloody smile.


She was just happy to see her captain, even with how bad she was hurt, she only wanted to see Retsu one more time.

“Captain…” The tall grey-haired girl whispered softly with a smile as something flashed behind her.

“ISANE!” Retsu yelled uncharacteristically as the tip of a blade suddenly appeared out of the tall, gray-haired girl’s chest. Blood exploded from the vice-captain’s chest as a ragged gasp escaped her mouth. The tall girl was forced up onto the balls of her feet as the blade slowly torn upwards. When it came to a stop, she looked down in shock and surprise as she touched the end of the bloody sword with a trembling finger. Her vision started to blur as she looked back up at her captain and reached out for her.

“Retsu… sama…”

The 4th Captain saw a figure slowly emerge from behind Isane as she paused. A tall, blonde-haired woman rose up, with a pair of piercing green eyes as the bridge of a nose was next. The rest of her face was covered by an extended collar joined to a short white jacket. The figure made full height as Isane slid off the blade and fell to the ground.

“Are you her captain?” The female Espada asked as she swung the blood off her blade. The captain burst into the courtyard instantly, blades crashing as Retsu forced the other woman back and away from Isane’s body.

“Get away from her.” Retsu said coldly as she glared hatefully at the Espada. Halibel held her ground a few feet away as she held her sword in front of herself.

“I didn’t think she could move that fast, I’ve underestimated her.”

Halibel knew better then to take people for granted, but the woman’s reaction to her killing her lieutenant was different, it was unexpected… and strong.

“Why would she care about what happens to one of her subordinates?”

Halibel found herself at odds with what she was trying to understand to what she knew. If one of her fraccion died would she care? Would anyone? Retsu’s lower lip quivered as she knelt down next to the dying girl and cradled her in her arms.

“I should have been m-more careful C-Captain.” Isane tried to frown as she couldn’t help but smile at the older woman.

“Isane…” Grief washed over the woman as she knew the grey-haired girl didn’t have much time left.

“I-I’m just glad I got to see you one more time... Retsu-sama…” Isane eyes slowly closed as she went limp in Retsu’s arms.


Retsu closed her eyes as she laid the grey-haired girl to the ground and stood. Tears formed in the woman’s eyes as she pulled out her sword. To Halibel astonishment, blood started to stream down from the older woman’s face as she whispered something.

“Ban.. Kai…” The blood reached the edge of her chin, dripped on to her robe and spread across it rapidly. The woman continued to cry with a straight face as she looked down at her sweet “little” Isane then back up at her killer.

“I’m sorry, but I must end your life now.” Retsu apologized sternly as she looked up and opened her eyes. Her kimono was swimming with blood now as Retsu lifted a finger and pointed at the Espada.

Attention was instant as Halibel found something different about the woman, something menacing and cold just waiting to commence untold violence. Halibel held her ground, glaring at the older woman’s emotionless face as red arms and hands started to form all over the captain’s coat.

“What the…”

“Dance of bloody tears.” Abruptly the hands darted right for the Espada as she jumped into the air to evade. The blonde turned and twisted gracefully in the air as the murderous hands followed her every move.

“You’re only going to make it more painful for yourself.” Retsu said quietly as the number of arms continued to grow with their attacks. Halibel dodged and sliced through what seemed like hundreds of arms as they simply grew back and hawked her endlessly. Halibel began using her water technique to ward off some of the assaulting limbs as it started to come from all angles.

“There’s too many.”

Halibel tried to flip backwards as one of the hands scraped her arm. The blonde felt it as it barely fazed her and landed on the ground. The dangerous arms suddenly recessed for a moment as they circled their master, waiting for her very whim to kill.

“That’s some bankai you have there.” Halibel said shortly as she gripped her sword tightly as she began to consider her options.

“There’s no point in attacking the arms, I have to go straight for the kill.”

Halibel focused seriously on the captain, looking for a weakness in her bankai. The woman stood calmly, like nothing was wrong as Halibel gritted her teeth.

“You’re running out of time.” Retsu called out as Halibel just looked at her and pointed her sword.

“You barely scratched me, and it will take more then a little cut to…” Out of the blue her sword dropped from her hand as her eyes went wide.

“My arm…?”

Rarely surprised Halibel tried to pull her arm back, but it failed to response.

“How…? When…?”

“I told you were running out of time and now it’s too late.” The 4th captain said somberly as she held her finger pointed at the hollow.

“This is’in happening!”

Halibel’s hollowed jaw gritted tightly as her anger started to take over. A feeling she kept locked away inside her since joining Azien’s army. Retsu slowly closed her fist as Halibel’s frozen limb exploded at the elbow from her body. The blonde gritted her teeth as she continued to stare at the captain with her extreme green eyes.

“You fucking bitch…” Halibel whispered wickedly out of character as she leaned over and picked up her sword. It made no difference really, the blonde was ambidextrous and now more determined to gut this woman and rain in her blood. Retsu anchored her feet as she watched the hollow’s every move.

“Such language is not very becoming of a lady.” Retsu looked to the ground as Halibel screamed devilishly.

“I’m going to enjoy smashing your fuckin’ face into the ground until your goddamn head explodes, and then I’m going to fucking rape that dead girl and wear her ovaries like a fuckin’ tie.” The older woman grinned and slowly looked back up as her face darkened. She had amused herself with the face smashing, but the very image of this hollow having her way with Isane was unspeakable. Halibel felt the tiniest of shivers run down her spine, the insults were nothing, the arm an inconvenience, but that look was something else.

“I never want to hear you talk about Isane again.” The captain let her spirit pressure run wild with hate and anger, a feeling she too kept to herself.

“Then stop me!” Halibel shrieked wildly as she charged the captain at full force. Her legs and body followed next as she was frozen in place.

“What did you do to me!?!” Halibel screamed violently as tried to force movement of her body.

“You are nothing more than a puppet about to have her strings cuts, be sure to thank Azien in the next life.” Sighed Retsu as she was about to finish her off. The blonde snarled aloud as she threw her head back.

“I AM NO ONE’S PUPPET! DESTORY! TIBURON!!!” The Espada’s spiritual pressure exploded throughout the courtyard as Retsu held her ground in blatant defiance. Halibel touched down lightly as her body and outfit were transformed. Her right-arm a giant spear-like weapon, her pants now a reveling skirt, yet only her hatred filled eyes remained the same. Halibel stepped forward with a wicked grin as she brought her convert arm up to attack.

“Let’s take our fight elsewhere, shall we?” Retsu knew if the 4th squad fell the 13 court-guard would lose the best trained medics in the whole soul society.

“Why ask? I know this is the main medical station for the Gotei 13.” Halibel turned her attention to the build beside them and raised her arm.

“Shinigami scum… WIDE-CERO!” The blonde swung her arm down at the building as a giant yellow beam roared out of her arm. The flash step was instant as the captain deflected the murderous cero and screamed angrily.

“YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ASKED ESPADA!!!” Retsu was in close range instantly as she smashed Halibel’s face through a little break in her defense and sent the blonde high and far into the air. In a different part of the soul society both Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake looked towards the 4th’s quarters as they saw Retsu soar into to the air her face twisted in rage.

“That can’t be good.”


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