Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 18)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 18

Title: Hollow hunger II

[Author's notes:

Nel runs into a bit of static and loses it.


After a short walk back, Nel was among her own kind again as she looked around. The curious followed her in the shadows as malicious whispers caught her ear. A smirk worked up her face as Lillynette burst out of nowhere, grinning insanely.

“Hey Nel, what‘s for dinner?” The small one-eyed girl hopped around in front of the 3rd Espada childishly as Stark stepped out of the shadows behind her.

“A little take-out Nel?” The tall hollow asked with a real smile as Nel stopped next to him. Nel turned her head slowly as more eyes materialized in the shaded edges of the hall.

“No…, just a…” Nel began her explanation softly as someone cut her off rudely.

“Pet?” A sinister tone voiced as Nnoitra appeared as well. Nel frowned heatedly as the 8th Espada grinned evilly at her and more so when his eyes fell on Halibel. She hated the one-eyed hollow more then the others as she grinned herself.

“I’ve never had this big of a welcoming party before.” Nel chuckled lightly as she tightened her grip on Halibel. Beside Stark, Grimmjow and Lillynette, Nel didn’t trust the other Espada, especially Nnoitra.

“You’ve never brought your dinner home before either.” Stark looked hungry at Halibel as Lillynette jumped up and punched him in the face.

“STARK!!!” Lillynette yelled as she glared meanly at him. The hit barely fazed him as he looked down at the small girl pouting.

“What did you hit me for?” The 1st asked nicely as Lillynette started to cry.

“You were checking her out!” Lillynette screamed violently as she raced off without discrepancy.

“Lillynette, wait.” Stark called out calmly as he looked back at Nel then Nnoitra.

“You’ll know what it’s like soon enough.” Stark nodded and followed his wilder side down one of the random white hallways. Nel was tired now as she headed to her room.

“Are you just going to ignore ME!?!” Nnoitra pointed his Santa Teresa at the only female Espada’s back as he continued to taunt her.

“You’re bed finally get lonely Nel? I bet you can’t wait to dig into every hole on that girl’s body.” Nnoitra’s tongue dipped from his mouth as Nel leered knowingly, not even looking back at the 5th she spoke threateningly.

“What I do with my own things is my business and my business alone, hurry along now Nnoitra, I’m sure Tesla is waiting for you to fill him with your despair.” Nel goaded carelessly as Nnoitra blew up with rage.

“BITCH!!!” The grin was gone from his face as he swung back his Zanpuktoo.

“Wait Nnoitra.” A soft voice demanded as the one-eyed hollow froze in mid swing. It was Szayelaporro, smiling slyly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“She’ll get what’s coming to her, make no mistake…” Nel paused for a moment as she wasn’t to sure if a fight was going to break out.

“Is that a threat Grantz?” Nel let her spirit pressure be felt as the pink-haired man shrugged.

“It’s whatever you want it to be.” Szayelaporro said snidely as Nel walked off without a word to her room. Nel was very easy going but with people like Nnoitra and Szayelaporro, a violent mixture of despair and madness she had to be on guard. Nel stopped outside her door as she looked down at Halibel and smiled.

“So cute… and delicious.”

Nel shook her head wildly as she realized that she had forgotten to eat. The 3rd stepped into her room as she cruised straight to her bed. She laid Halibel on the bed as she crashed next to her, exhausted and still hungry. A few hours passed as Nel awoke slowly, feeling Halibel moving around next to her.

“Hey be still and go to sleep.” Nel grumbled lowly, punching her pillow as Halibel continued to move around.

“I’m sorry.” Halibel said softly as she laid still. After a few minutes the young girl began to move around again as the young girl rolled onto her back.

“Halibel, you need to go to sleep.” Nel’s tone was even with a hint of annoyance as her hunger began to start up again. Funny enough, Hollows were heavy sleepers as being awake was like being hungry all the time.

“Sorry, nervous, never been inside.” Nel smiled a little at the green-eyed girl’s innocent reply as she rolled over to face the girl.

“Well, what do you do when you’re nervous?” The green-haired asked sweetly as Halibel blushed deeply.

“What’s wrong?” Nel tilted her head as Halibel chewed her lower lip apprehensively and remained silent. Nel nudged the girl as it demanded an answer.

“I-I touch… down there.” The blonde girl motioned with her eyes to the lower half of her body as her blush got deeper.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Nel smiled with a yawn as Halibel looked at her wide-eyed in surprise.

“R-Really?” Halibel beamed gladly, hugging Nel as their body heat mixed. The blonde sighed in the older woman’s arms as her crotch grew hot. The girl let her hands trail down her body as Nel suddenly grabbed her hands.

“I don’t think your ready to be sexual with anyone yet, and I don’t feel like teaching tonight.” It was a boldface lie; she wanted the girl so bad, it hurt. This made her grit her teeth as an annoying voice came to mind.

“You’re bed finally get lonely?”

Nnoitra was right, besides her fraccion, the years of loneliness were catching up with her and she hated it. She wanted to, oh how she wanted this girl, but how would that affect her among the others? Nel was respected and hated for her controlled manner. Halibel snuggled tightly against the woman as the tired blonde whispered softly.

“Then… hold me?” Nel slowly wrapped her arms around the green-eyed girl as Halibel trembled lightly. Halibel continued to vibrate in Nel’s strong limbs as she cooed softly to her. Halibel suddenly started crying as she squeezed Nel and buried her face into her chest. After a couple of intense tears and a little shifting, Halibel quieted down as Nel started to drift off to sleep. Before the sandman could take Nel away, a light moaning binged to life. Nel played possum as she felt extremities moving in a soft and deliberate motion.

“Is she?!”

Nel remained still as Halibel’s moaning got louder. The familiar smell of female sex filled Nel’s nose quickly as she knew the blonde was masturbating point-blank. Nel felt a dampness stir between her legs as Halibel’s breath pounded against her. Along with her sexual angst, Nel’s hunger burned thought out her body again.

“No, not now!”

Nel trembled slightly as her hands pressed down on the horny girl. Halibel moved closer as she planted her lips to Nel’s neck. A tight gasp escaped Nel’s lips as she enfolded the blonde’s body. Halibel’s tongue worked in small circles on 3rd’s collarbone as Nel began to fawn over her.

“Ohhhh.” Halibel groaned hotly from the tender touch as she dug her fingers into her tight pussy. She never imagined she’d be in a warm bed next to a compassionate woman, which might really give a damn about her. Until a couple of hours ago the empty, horror-filled desert was her home. Always fighting, eating, and hiding, never free to walk without someone or thing attacking her. She was home.

Nel on the other hand was fighting the damned hunger that roared inside her. She had never gone this long without eating and now it was starting to take its toll.

“H-Halibel please, hurry.” Nel growled as she was on the brink. Halibel sensed the bloodlust in Nel’s tone as she reached to the rim her womb.

“Ohhhh Nel!” The green-eyed girl screamed at the ceiling as cum burst from her swollen cunt. Nel felt hot cum paint her upper thigh as she quickly got up, breathing heavily. Nel drunk in Halibel’s naked form sprawled out on the bed as she touched her wet pussy. Halibel looked over and smiled as Nel suddenly howled in pain, her primal-self emerging.

“I can’t control myself!”

“Halibel! Get away!” Nel screamed viciously as her hollow helmet melted across her face. Halibel froze in terror, pissing herself as the door was suddenly kicked in. Stark and Lillynette exploded into the room as Nel unleashed her full spiritual pressure. Being the first Espada the two had little trouble with the intense pressure as Lillynette grabbed Halibel as Stark wrapped Nel in a sleeper hold.

“Lillynette take Halibel somewhere safe, I’ll take care of Nel.” The prime Espada ordered with the supremacy of his number as Nel thrashed around in his authoritative grip.

“Come on!” The one-eyed hollow nodded shortly as she darted out the room with the blonde. Halibel looked back for a second as tears poured from her sad green eyes.

“HALIBEL!!!” Nel’s blind rage forced her to reach out for scared blonde as Stark tightened his grip around her neck.

“Christ Nel, you of all people should have known this would of happen.” Stark gave a final squeeze as Nel’s eye’s rolled back in her head and fell into darkness.

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