Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 17)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 17

Title: Simple Choice

[Author's notes:
Azien's trickery knows no end...]

Orihime stood in the middle of her white-walled prison, looking out the only window to Huceo Mundo.

“Nothing but black skies and white sand.”

She didn't know how long she'd been here, but it felt like forever. She had willingly come to this horrible place, filled with horrible monsters and Azien was the king of those monsters. She was free to move around his massive palace, but she never left her room. She knew at any given time a hollow or one of the ex-soul reaper captains could snatch her away and she didn't want to think about what they'd do to her.

Inoue was naive but far from stupid. When she first got here Azien had explained very little to her, simply put she was going to help him but didn't say with what. She remembered looking around the dim room as it was full of high-ranking Espada. Every one of them was different, yet all the same, soulless creatures that fed on human souls and their own kind.

A tall, sharp looking man with long black hair looked like he was ready to fall asleep as a petite one-eyed girl in hot-pants punched him repeatedly. To the right a spiky, blue-haired badass that reminded her of an orange-haired boy back home, he even had the same smirk to match, an old man with a crown on his head and a stiff look on his face. The other Espada, mostly males ran the gambit from color to height as they looked at Orihime with one of two emotions, lust or hunger.

Then there was a stunning blonde woman, the only woman in fact, with piercing green-eyes that burned into her very core. The look was hard and unreadable as she stood firmly, her eyes never leaving her. Orihime continued to listen to Azien as he asked her a simple question.

“Look around and choose one of these lovely Espada to look after you during your stay here Miss Inoue... but I must warn you, choose wisely.” It almost seemed like a threat more than a choice. She instantly marked off more than half of them as she looked at her possible choices. Would it be the long-haired guy with the hyper girl? The blue-haired smirker or the beautiful blonde with the glaring emerald eyes?

“Her.” Orihime pointed to the 3rd Espada Tia Halibel with a slim finger. It was in a split second Orihime seen a flicker of surprise in those cruel green eyes.

“Good choice, but I thought you'd pick Stark or maybe even Grimmjow.” Azien smiled lightly, speaking of her two other options as the unpicked Espada began to leave. Halibel walked slowly to the human girl and turned to Azien. The demi-god leaned to the side, his palm holding his cheek that connected to his fake smile.

“No harm is to become of Orihime, so I hope you're fracción can control themselves Halibel, otherwise you will pay dearly for it, understand?” Halibel nodded silently as she turned to Orihime.

“Follow me.” The stern woman said as she walked off. Inoue looked back at Azien as the smile never left his face.

“You're free to wander my home, but remember, the pets I keep are very dangerous, they won't kill you, but heaven knows what they might do to a cute girl like you.” Orihime turned quickly away from the god-like figure on his throne as she just wanted to get away from him as soon as she could. His very presents seem to suck the air from her lungs and make her body heavy with dread in the worst way, thankfully that was all.

In the hall Orihime stared at Halibel's back as questions started to pop into head.

“Uhhhh Miss Halibel, who or what is your fracción?” The question was simply put but Halibel didn't answer. Minutes passed as Orihime started to speak when the blonde stopped in her tracks.

“You are to only speak when spoke to and if you talk back to me I'll rip your tongue out understand human?” The harsh woman said as Orihime swallowed hard. Maybe she had made the wrong choice with this Espada, but what could she really do about it now? Halibel continued walking as the orange-haired girl fell silent.

Halibel only hated one other thing then Azien and that was talkative people as Orihime walked quietly behind her, looking at the floor. The two came to a door as Halibel opened it and walked in. The room was really nice for a prison as Orihime looked around. A soft looking futon, a chair and table even a hanging curtain that was most likely hiding a toilet.

“This is where you will stay, I will keep the door locked, not that I don't trust you but I don't trust the other Espada.” Halibel said knowingly as Orihime looked around the room again.

“Thank you...” Orihime whispered to the floor as the blonde hollow didn't reply and shut the door.

The second the door closed is when Orihime really didn't want to be here anymore, she wanted to be home with her friends and go to school like a normal girl, but she was no longer a normal girl, fate had cast her in a world of war and hate that she had to fight. Days seem to blaze by in seconds as Orihime had only her thoughts now.

Of everyone she thought about, Tatsuki was the one she thought about most. The tough boxer was worried sick no doubt, that she had just left without saying goodbye or anything for that matter. It was a good thing, the less she knew the better...

“I hope she's ok.” At this thought a knock came at the door and being as polite as she was, she answered.

“Please come in.” The door opened slowly as Halibel stood in the doorway. Orihime did learn who her fracción was as she could only picture them since Halibel didn’t trust them either with the helpless human.

“Come with me.” She said shortly as Orihime walked to the door. Back in the hall again Halibel walked ahead of her silent as a grave as Orihime suddenly had a bad feeling.

“You want to know where you’re going and why, right?” Halibel spoke softly as she walked a steady pace.

“It did cross my mind.” Orihime said meekly as she had a good idea this hollow may know something.

“Azien said you might be a little lonely here, and I guess he has a surprise for you.” The human girl was caught off guard as she listened to the hollow woman.


The words hung for a minute as she couldn't believe or understand what kind of surprise a devil could give her. When they came to a pair of large double doors Orihime remembered this was the room from before.

Entering, she found it much emptier then before as Azien sat in his throne, smirking away. A small group of young girls stood before him as she remembered the wildly hot-pants chick, there were two other one-eyed girls, a mean looking violet-haired girl and the other a softer orange-haired one. Next were the three fracción of Halibel; Apache, Mila Rose, and SunSun. Cold dread washed over her as that bad feeling crept up her spine again.

“I'm sure you're wondering why your here?” Azien leaned back as Orihime's stomach twisted. Fear and panic breathing down her neck as the hollow girls all stared hotly, undressing her with their eyes.

“I brought you a visitor.” This, to Orihime meant he had kidnapped someone else.

Her hands trembled as the fear was wide spread now, only one question remained to be asked.

“Who you might be wondering?” Azien nodding to the shadows, Orihime's jaw hit the ground as the stranger came into the light.

“Tat-suki?!?” Orihime stammered as the tough tomboy looked at her feebly. She looked pale and her chain…

“Orihime?!” A sigh of disbelieve jumped from Tatsuki’s mouth, tears filled her purple eyes as she was just so happy to see Orihime alive and well.

“Ohhhh I'm so sorry.” Orihime's own tears fell freely from her eyes as the hollow girls giggled at how stupid humans acted sometimes.

“I'm jus' glad you're ok, they didn't hurt ya’ did they?” Anger was clear as day in her words as Tatsuki looked at the hollows seriously.

“And if we did?” Apache sneered, tilting her head menacingly as she licked her lips.

“I'll fucking kill you.” The boxer said darkly as Apache stepped towards the cocky human.

“That will be enough ladies, let's get down to business shall we.” Azien said sharply as Apache stepped back, snarling and chatting lowly to the others.

“Now Tatsuki…, you have to make an important choice….” Azien continued to smile as Orihime's blood went arctic.

“I see you are very protective of your friend Orihime here, I'm I right?” Azien asked lightly as his palm met his cheek. Tatsuki looked at Orihime deeply and nodded. Was it some kind of joke? Of course she’d do anything for the girl, why ask?

“I'm I also to assume you'd do anything for her?” Azien's questions seem to be pulled right from Tatsuki’s mind as Orihime suddenly cried out.

“Don't listen to him Tatsuki, you have too much to live for, he's a lair, he's evil don’t believe anything he tells you!” Halibel laid a stiff chop to Orihime's neck as the girl's legs buckled to the floor. The pain throbbed in her neck as wicked laugher seemed to break out all around.

“Too much to live for... Is that some kind of sick joke? Or are you really that blind?” The violet haired girl named Menoly grinned as she pointed to Tatsuki's chest. Orihime was horrified when she found the girl's chain of life broken. Simply put, Tatsuki was already dead.

“Tatsuki... you're, you're...” Orihime couldn't even say the word as she broke down and cried.

“Orihime what's wrong? I'm what?” Tatsuki tried to fight the panic inside her as Orihime looked completely heartbroken.

“Dead, you're dead.” The hyper hollow known as Lillynette said in a matter of fact voice, staring hotly at the human soul. Tatsuki's heart “stopped” in her chest as she looked to Orihime hoping to god it wasn't true, but the look on her face said all. She was flattened, completely crush by what was fact now, she was dead and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

“Don't look so glum, because this may work in your favor.” Azien stood up as Tatsuki glared at the man-god wanting nothing short of killing him in the most violent way possible.

“Orihime has been labeled a traitor and will be killed if caught, but I can give you the power to protect her, to keep her safe from those that want to do harm to her.” Azien was sure he had Tatsuki's undivided attention as the boxer spoke up.

“At what price? I'm already dead.” Tatsuki's self-worth had taken a brutal blow as this man was willing to grant her the power to protect Orihime when she had nothing.

“Just your soul... And submission to my army, a small price to pay for a lowly human soul with nothing to lose.” Azien smirked proudly as Orihime saw what was happening, Tatsuki was actually thinking about.

“And if I refuse?” Tatsuki asked sharply, knowing it was silly to ask for options in her case.

“You'll be thrown into the desert and made into some worthless hollow's dinner.” Tatsuki didn't like that option one bit as her pride started to crack. She hated the fact that this man had so much control over her, like this was all part of his plan. Being dead wasn't as peaceful and heavenly as everyone made it sound; no it had to be this hell.

“I don't have all day.” Azien's cruel words sliced through the human girl's mind as she glared at him.

“Have the power to protect your friend or... become a meal.” Tatsuki trembled slightly as the hollow girls started moving towards her, grinning. Orihime looked at her friend gravely as Tatsuki stood up straight and nodded her head.

“I accept your offer Devil.” Azien's face creased a smile as the hollow girls surrounded the boxer instantly. Orihime watched from her knees as Halibel stood next to her. Their hands and mouths connected greedily with Tatsuki's body as the human girl moaned from all the attention.

They slipped her out of her dojo outfit swiftly as she stood naked for all to see. The hollow girls still molested and tasted the human for the first time for most of them as Tatsuki started to purr.

“What are you going to do to her?” Orihime demanded as Apache slid two fingers into Tatsuki's tight gap.

“She wants the power to protect you, so the only way I can give it to her is turn her into a hollow.” Pure terror crossed the orange-haired girl's face as she looked back to her friend.

“This may hurt... a lot.” Menoly said coolly as she and the others all bit into Tatsuki's smooth skin at once. Tatsuki screamed violently as sharp teeth ripped into her skin and muscles.

“STOP!!! God stop it!!!” Orihime yelled frantically as she tried to run to her friend but was held back by Halibel's strong hand. The 6 girls looked like a pack of wild dogs with blood on their hands and faces as they continued to consume the human girl's sprit.

“It was her choice.” Halibel's even tone made Orihime's rage come to light as she started thrashing around. She remembered her brother being a hollow as if that wasn't bad enough her best friend was about to become one too. It was a sad life to live, feeding on human souls, an internal battle that most lost and became mindless eating machines.

“Noooo...” Orihime sobbed as she tried to look away from the bloody mess. Halibel turned the girl's head back with her sword as she spoke again.

“This girl sacrificed everything for you; see how much pain she's willing to suffer for you.” Orihime looked up as more tears poured down her face. The hollow girls stood and sat back covered in blood as a black slime bubbled and consumed Tatsuki's destroyed body. Seconds passed as the black slime seemed to stand up on its own. Soon it dripped down a figure's outline as Tatsuki reappeared unmarked by what had just happened. Orihime even smiled as she looked at her friend, who smiled back.

“Orihime...?” Tatsuki asked softly as her face suddenly twisted painfully. The boxer screamed again as white liquid poured from her face. Her body quickly followed as it covered her whole frame and took shape.

Her mask had a black tribal down the right side of her face, and a small crown of horns around her head. Her body was slim and came to sharp points at her knees and elbows. Parts of her body were spotted with the same strange tribal marks on her face as this only added to her menacing look. Orihime looked into the black and purple eyes of her friend as she didn't sense Tatsuki in them at all. Azien stood up and slowly walked to the transforming hollow without a care in the world as Tatsuki roared viciously at him.

Everyone watched the new hollow's instincts kick in as the girl attacked the “harmless” man. Tatsuki's clawed hand froze an inch in front of Azien's chest as he looked down and then back up. He smiled simply as a sword suddenly ripped out of Tatsuki's chest.

The hollow screeched insanely as Azien slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the Hogyoku.

“PAIN!!!” Tatsuki stumbled back as her mask cracked, revealing her face again with blood running down both the sides of her mouth.

“You’re almost done.” Azien said carelessly as he touched the small crystal to the girl's forehead. A blinding light flashed around the room as Tatsuki screamed even louder. The room started to shake as Orihime shielded her eyes from Tatsuki's glowing body, floating in mid-air. A few seconds later the crystal dropped back into Azien's hand as the boxer crashed to the floor.

“You now have the power to protect your friend, Espada….” Azien announced as Tatsuki stood up again and looked around. The dark-haired girl was strange looking now as the tribal signs from before were stamped across her partially covered body. Her violet eyes now darker, more sinister as her spiked hair looked like it itself could kill someone. Her violent eyes slowly turned to her friend as Orihime was speechless.

“Orihime...?” Tatsuki asked unsurely again as her friend looked like she'd never seen her before. Tatsuki looked at her hands and body as she felt completely different, no pain just a weird sensation of change inside her.

“Let's try her out, Menoly, Apache rape Orihime.” Azien said sharply as both girls were on top of the girl instantly and immediately thrown into the wall in the same move. Tatsuki stood in front of her friend and snarled ferociously.

“Like I said before, if you ever touch Orihime I'll fucking kill you!” The other hollow girls looked at her with the same seriousness only shown to numbered Espada as this girl was no longer a feeble human soul but a powerful Arrancar, a Vesto lord, an Espada. She turned to Halibel as the blonde stared back at her intently.

“That goes for you and the rest of the Espada.” Halibel let her soul pressure flirt with Tatsuki's as the dark-haired girl smiled.

“Trying to feel me out?” Halibel remained silent as she drew her sword and pointed it at Tatsuki.

“You aren't some weak human anymore, you've been given a great power, and you will respect those above you, even if I have to force you.” The threat was real as Tatsuki gripped her fist.

“You’re welcome to try.” Apache and the others growled at the tomboy Espada as she actually had the nerve to test Halibel's patients.

“Now, now no need for such action against your new sister Halibel.” Azien smiled crookedly as he clapped his hands.
“She is no sister of mine!” Halibel struggled to keep her voice even as Azien grinned wantonly.

“I don't believe that's true, you're sisters of sacrifice, Halibel, you poisoned your own lover before her battle with the 8th Espada Nnoitra, you sacrificed her for power and became the new 3rd Espada, and the only difference is she willingly gave her life, when you selfishly took it.” Halibel's heart split in two at the mention of Nel.

When Halibel had first come to Huceo Mundo, the green-haired woman had taken her under her wing and kept an eye on her. Nel was good to her and showed her the ropes, but Halibel knew she would never be stronger then her.

It became clear to Halibel that as long as Nel was around she'd never be a top-ranked Espada. One day Nel came to see her; she looked stressed out as she told her about Nnoitra wanting to fight her. He had called her soft for going too easy on people and minding Halibel like a pet.

A plan grew in Halibel's mind as she now had a chance to get rid of Nel, but could she? This woman had showed her a side most never would see, shown her love and the joys of her body. Would she be able to do it? Would she be able to kill her own lover to move up the ladder of power, why not? Espada did it all the time, when they got weak and old, the strong and young came and replaced them, was their own circle of life.

Nel had become soft; no she was soft, too caring, and too forgiving as it was surprising she even ranked as high as she did. Halibel went and spoke with the 8th as he explained the same.

“She's gone soft Halibel, can't you see it in her face when she babies you, and I think you'd make a better 3rd then her.” His deceitful words and toothy grin had planted the seed of doubt as the blonde decided to work with him. She wanted the power, respect and everything else that came with being the 3rd Espada; she wouldn't have to live in Nel's shadow no more.

“You look hurt Halibel, you still think about her don't you? How she tasted, how she smelled or how she used to fuck you as you cried out her name again and again?” Halibel gritted her teeth behind her collar as she glared heatedly at the self-proclaimed god.

“You understand…, you and the others are dismissed, I need to have a word with these two alone...” Azien ordered swiftly as the hollows left without another word, especially Halibel.

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