Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 16)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 16

Title: Special glass II

[Author's notes: The second part.]

With the smell of vomit subsiding Ururu began to feel better as she watched Yuzu’s ass shake side to side again under the hot water. The brown-haired girl hummed as the dark-haired girl cleared her throat roughly

“I-I’m sorry a-about earlier.” Ururu felt a little guilty as she had caused this girl so much trouble.

“For what?” Yuzu turned around with a smile as she lathered her body with soap.

“For the mess I made and having to bandage me.” Ururu looked down dishonorably as the brown-eyed girl chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it, I would of done it for anybody, in fact…” Yuzu explained merrily as she moved closer to the wet girl. Ururu flinched sharply as Yuzu came face to face with her.

“You can thank me with a kiss.” Yuzu said keenly as a shocked Ururu just stared at her.

“B-But I just…” The dark-haired girl quivered as Yuzu’s warm breath caressed her face, ignoring her excuse.

“Ever kissed a girl?” Ururu’s blood pressure dropped as she felt weak at the knees.

“N-No.” Ururu’s hand came up to cover her mouth as Yuzu grabbed it and leaned forward with her lips.

“Want to?” Suddenly the shower curtain opened as both girls yelped and covered themselves with closed eyes. After the initial shock wore off they looked to see who it was.

“What’s your problem?” It was Karin in her birthday suit with a sly grin on her face.

“Karin!!! Wait your turn!!!” Yuzu shrieked hotly as she glared at her smirking sister.

“Whatever, move over girls.” With a bored look on her face Karin nudged her sister back and jumped in. Karin put head under the shower head as she griped noisily. Ururu’s nose picked up the new girl’s scene as it was heavy with musk and sweat.

“You could of just waited Karin.” Yuzu pouted babyishly as she crossed her arms.

“But I stink, smell!” Karin grinned openly as she slid her fingers through the lips of her pussy and stuffed in her sister’s face.

“KARIN!!!” Yuzu swatted her vulgar sister’s hands away as she fell back into Ururu and slipped. Gravity took over as their feet slid forward and took Karin off hers. The two sisters landed awkwardly on top of the poor shop girl as Karin leaned over her sister’s shoulder to face Ururu, grinning again.

“Did we hurt you?” The black-haired girl asked slyly as she leaned closer, knowing the girl was stronger then she looked. Ururu’s eyes hazed over at Karin’s wanting look in her eyes as her wet lips were heading right for hers. Suddenly Yuzu reached down and pinched her sister’s clit roughly.

“YUZU!!!” Karin screamed ferociously as she leaped off the two, shuddering at the unexpected throb of pain in her crotch. Yuzu slid off Ururu’s wet body as Karin rubbed her pussy softly with tears in her eyes. Yuzu helped Ururu to her knees as she turned to her sister with a snarl. She saw the hurt in her sister’s eyes as she instantly felt bad.

“I was only playing around Yuzu! Why did you have to be so mean to me?” Karin’s tears started to stream as she flung open the shower curtain with full intent to leave.

“Please Karin, I’m… ” Yuzu touched her sister’s arm as Karin swatted her away.

“You’ve done enough.” Karin stepped out of the shower and stormed out of the bathroom as Yuzu looked down ashamedly, tears filling her eyes.

“Are you ok?” Ururu asked meekly as she started to think this was all her fault. Like what if she didn’t stop at the pet shop, she wouldn’t have been late, or what if she watched where she was going she wouldn’t have the cuts, what if she didn’t pig out and throw up? What if?

“I’m fine, please finish up without me.” Yuzu also got out as Ururu was left in the shower, alone. Guilt-ridden, the shop girl closed her eyes and sobbed quietly.

“I should leave, before I cause any more trouble.”

After getting cleaned up, Ururu got out and dried herself off. She gently stepped into the hall and headed back to Yuzu’s room to get her clothes and head back to the shop. Before reaching the door she heard softly murmurs coming from the twin’s room. The door was cracked as Ururu slowed to a creep. She swallowed deeply as she inched towards the door, unsure of what laid on the other side.

“I know I shouldn’t.”

Her eyes looked into the crack fearfully as her face turned red hot instantaneously. Yuzu was naked on her knees in front of Karin sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what the twins were doing as Ururu looked away from the two, panting lightly.

“I know this is wrong, but why does it make my body itch so badly.”

Ururu knew better then to spy on people but she’d had never seen anything like this in the flesh, just in magazines and it was making her awfully wet. Her eyes begged for more as her heart and mind was disarmed by the act of forbidden love happening just on the other side of the door. Her pussy began to burn as Karin started moaning aloud.

“Ohhhh deeper Yuzu.” Ururu lowered herself to the floor without a sound as her towel fell loosely around her body. She could smell her own essence rising up from her puffing sex as it solicited attention. The sucking sounds drew Ururu’s glance again as she saw Yuzu’s left hand playing with Karin’s small nipples and her right hand was performing with her little cunt. Karin’s head was tilted back, her mouth ajar as drool raced down to her jaw line.

“This is really happening!”

Ururu’s thinking was replaced quickly with awe-struck images of two sisters orally pleasing each other. Ururu’s fingers from her right hand slid to her crotch as she blushed heavily from the heat and juices flaring from inside her. The towel fell completely from Ururu’s body as she placed her warm cheek on the cool floor and arched her ass into the air. She felt like such a slut, naked on the floor in someone else’s house, finger-fucking herself to taboo sex. The sound of feminine angst grew louder in Ururu’s ears as the dark-haired girl chomped on her lower lip, trying to snuff her own moaning. It didn’t take long for the magic words to be hollered as Ururu was about to peak as well.

“I-I’m cumming Yuzu!” Karin cried out as a loud whimper escaped Ururu’s lips.

“Me too.” Ururu felt her hot liquid spurted from her tight gap and run down to her stomach as she collapsed to the wooden floor, trembling. Ururu slowly got to her shaky knees as she looked at the tiny pool of cum on the floor and wiped it up with her towel. Then to the shop girl’s surprise she heard her name being called out.

“You can come in now Ururu.” It was Yuzu, her voice full of lust as Karin giggled on the bed. Ururu froze stiff as she looked at the door and slowly opened it. The twins both were grinning wantonly as Ururu tried to hold their lustful glares and failed.

“Were you watching us or just listening?” Karin asked passionately as she and her sister stood up, cum running down the insides of their thighs. Ururu looked at both girls dripping cunts as she suddenly felt drawn into the room.

“Come in Ururu, I don’t like having to clean up all kinds of messes.” Yuzu could tell Ururu had just cum from the sweat and state to the girl was in as the red faced and embarrassed Ururu walked in. Yuzu stepped forward, took the purple-eyed girl’s hand and lead her back to her bed. The three sat on the bed as Yuzu started. The shop girl could smell Karin’s pussy on Yuzu’s breath as the young, brown-haired girl put Ururu’s soiled fingers in her mouth and sucked them fervently.

“Mmmmm you taste so good.” Yuzu moaned sweetly, pulling the wet digits from her lips as spit and cum dribble down her chin.

“Let me have a taste.” Karin butted in as she put Ururu’s fingers in her mouth next. Ururu was speechless as Karin’s tongue wrapped around her fingers tasting herself, her sister’s spit, and Ururu’s cum. The dark-haired girl was getting wet again as Yuzu leaned in close like before.

“I’m still waiting for that thank you.” Ururu knew what she meant as Yuzu smiled and pursed her lips. Ururu closed her eyes and leaned in, a little excited and completely scared as she had never kissed anyone before. Their lips touched softly as they soon parted and let their tongues twist into the other’s mouth. Moments passed as the kiss got deeper and more passionate as Ururu had to pull back dying for breath.

“My turn.” Karin sat on the other side of Ururu as she turned her face lightly with her finger. Ururu was more prepare this time as she tilted her head and waited for Karin to kiss her. Both girls moaned into each other’s lips as Yuzu lightly rubbed Ururu’s upper thigh attentively. When their kiss broke, Ururu was overcome with lust as she simply turned and started making out with Yuzu again. Six hands explored adoringly as Ururu continued to switch kiss the horny twins.

“Do you like this Ururu-chan?” Yuzu asked shyly as she kissed down the side of the girl’s neck slowly. Ururu moaned in approval as her lips were sealed to Karin’s again. Yuzu leeched to her small nipple next and pinched it roughly with her teeth. Ururu head jerked back as a small yelp spat from her lips.

“Yuzu! Don’t be so rough with Ururu-chan.” Karin barked as her sister looked back sheepishly. It didn’t matter now Ururu’s body was on fire now as the attentive twins continued to massage and caress her lower and lower. Yuzu slipped to the floor first as she grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her down next to her. Ururu watched the two carefully as she opened her legs cagily. The twins knew what the girl was thinking as they giggled and looked at each other.

“Sorry Ururu-chan, you have to watch right now.” Karin cupped Yuzu’s cheeks as she kissed her deeply. Ururu felt the sheets soaking up her pre-cum as she couldn’t help but touch herself. The twins stroked each other friskily as Yuzu nodded lustfully at her sister. Karin lay back on the floor as the brown-haired girl switched ends, putting them in the 69 position.
Ururu bit her finger as she closed her eyes and tried to go somewhere else.

“No, it\'s too soon!”

The shop girl dropped to the bed, groaning harshly to drown them out as horny moaning and sucking wetness filled her ears.
Names and domineering encouragement were swapped aloud as Ururu squirmed on the bed her little fingers deep as they could go. Yuzu reached up and poked Karin in the bellybutton as her twin threw her mouth back with a glistening grin. The only sound was Ururu’s murmuring as silence fell on the room. Ururu picked up the calm as she looked to the edge of the bed. Her purple eyes filled with desire as both twin sat at her bent knees, glaring at her. Again Ururu opened her legs as Yuzu spoke up softly.

“Ururu-chan, please tell us you want this.” Yuzu eyes got misty as she looked away. Ururu was confused as she leaned up to understand.

“What my sister means is, are you ok with us… touching and tasting you?” Karin blushed darkly as she made small circles on Ururu’s legs. Ururu looked at both girl’s as she burst into tears. The twins flinched back a little shocked at the girl’s reaction.

“We’re sorry Ururu! W-We didn’t mean it.” Yuzu called out as the shop girl continued to cry. Sudden Ururu grabbed both girl’s around the neck as she whispered into their ears.

“Besides Jinata you’re the only two that have ever paid this much attention to me… So yes, please! Make love to me!” Ururu cried out towards the end as the twins smiled sticky smiles. Their hands quickly pried the legs shaken legs apart as the two locked arms as put their wet tongues to work.

“Soooo wonderful.”

Ururu’s mind was fully focused on her tiny twat as two strong, but loving tongues permeated her inner layers. Yuzu used her extra hand to caress and pinch the dark-haired girl’s nipple as Karin selfishly played with herself. Soon Ururu whimpered the twin’s names as they ramped up their assault. Ururu tried to hold back but it was too late.

“I’M CUMMING!!!” Ururu screamed at the top of her lungs as hot cum shot from her cunt. The two didn’t let up as Ururu had to grab their hair and pull them away from her spurting gap.

“No! I’m going to…!” A stream of piss erupted from Ururu’s pussy as the spent girl collapsed to the bed fighting for every breath. The twins watched the clear liquid arch in awe as Ururu shuddered and whimpered quietly to herself.

“You’re not done yet are you Ururu-chan?” Yuzu asked happily as she lifted her fingers to the golden shower before her.

“Are you?”




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