Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 15)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 15

Title: Admit it

[Author's notes: Mashiro gets caught...]

Mashiro lay on her stomach on her bed as she cautiously flipped through a magazine in front of her. She had “borrowed” the magazine from Lisa, which was XXX-rated, they all were. The others all borrowed them properly by asking and shedding their pride as Lisa would grin every time she gave them out or would get them back, everybody but Mashiro that was. Mashiro refused to give the stuck-up bitch the satisfaction that proved she was just as much of a pervert as the others.

With the first couple of books she didn’t see the big deal, males having sex with females was normal in the human world, but this new one she had just stolen made her sex dripping wet. It was girls making love… No, it was girls fucking girls, their faces showed hollow but desperate emotion all for show but still a little hardcore for most. This wasn’t to say Mashiro was a lesbian but seeing girls fingering and tonguing each others sticky pussies in the lewdest way possible was breathtakingly hot.

Flipping through the adult book, her mind started playing tricks on her as the girls faces on the pages began to change into people she knew. Hiyori, Lisa, Orihime and even her own face stared up at her with lusty intend. The young visored shook her head with surprise as she felt her crotch start to itch. She squeezed her legs together tightly as the itch grew with the flip of every page. Her nipples soon united with her love bean as goose-bumps covered her body. Her suit was hot, her boots made her feet sweat as she hated feeling like this in the middle of the day, she wanted a shower because that was the only time she… you know.

It was soon becoming unbearable as she looked around her small room. A tiny grin worked up her face as she grabbed her sword leaning on her bed as laid it under her, angling it so she could rub her throbbing clit on its smooth sheath. At the end of the book she started over again as she grinded her love button into her zanpaktoo. The faces again were changed like before, but this time they stayed that way. She purred heavily, her hips rocked slowly as her clit pinged off her sword, sending miniature shockwaves of pleasure throughout her petite frame.

On one page Mashiro was on her back, legs spread with Hiyori between her thighs, her tongue deeply rooted inside her pussy. On another Orihime was facing the wall with her ass sticking out as Mashiro had her face planted in it and was tossing it good. It was all becoming too much for Mashiro as she put two fingers in her mouth to hush her moaning and sucked them furiously. Her panties were stuck to her crotch as her clit bobbed from left to right over her zanpaktoo. Sweat poured from under her helmet as she tightened her ass and groaned. Unknown to the entranced visored her doorknob turned silently as two light-blue eyes peeked in. Mashiro’s whimpering and slurping made the stranger dig a fang into their bottom lip as they pushed leisurely in the small room. The tiniest creak of the floor alerted Mashiro as the visored was suddenly pounced on. The stranger held the green-haired girl’s hands down to the sides of the magazine as they pressed their bodies together roughly.

“What’ca doing Mashiro-chan?” A lusty question was whispered by Hiyori as she curled around her horny teammate. If her suit wasn’t hot enough she now had Hiyori’s body heat burning into her as she struggled weakly. Mashiro wasn’t sure what to do; hiding the magazine came first but was impossible with Hiyori holding her hands. Moving her sword was just as impossible as the extra weight pressed her clit even harder into her sheath. All the visored girl could do was conceal her blushing face and snuff her groaning.

“Have you been looking at naughty books Mashiro-chan?” Hiyori asked childishly as she snuggled her nose into Mashiro’s neck that was hot to the touch. Mashiro remained silent as she hoped Hiyori would get bored with her and leave her alone.

“The silent treatment huh? Well I guess I’ll go tell Lisa you’ve been stealing her perverted books, she’d love to hear all about that I’m sure.” Mashiro’s eyes widened as she knew if Hiyori did that Lisa would beat her unconscious but not before humiliating her in front of everyone first. It was now lose/lose for Mashiro as she now had to reason with the wild blonde.

“What do you want?” Mashiro said lightly into her pillow as Hiyori cocked her head.

“What was that Mashiro-chan, I can’t hear you?” Hiyori’s mocking tone made Mashiro gritted her teeth and withhold her answer as she felt the blonde shift. The rude visored violently crammed her crotch against the ashamed girl’s ass, putting even more pressure on her swollen clit as a loud gasp escaped Mashiro’s lips. Hiyori did it again as Mashiro strained against it this time which did nothing but make her even hornier.

“I’m waiting.” Hiyori slowly pounded her cunt in her teammate’s ass repeatedly, moaning the same two words every time. Mashiro’s knees dug in as she managed to lift her clit off her sword for a moment, gasping at how turned on she was. This was bad; her body was on fire and sweating like crazy, being this horny made the visored unable to control herself as she was just too far along.

“Freeze like the north winds of the arctic.” Hiyori squeezed the green-haired girl’s wrists as they froze in place. Mashiro strained to move her arms as they refused to do so.

“I don’t see why you have to be difficult; I just want to hear you admit it.” Hiyori grinned over Mashiro’s shoulder as she slowly squashed the girl’s clit back to her sword.

“Admit what.” Mashiro whimpered into her covers as she trembled from head to toe.

"That you’re jus’ as much of a pervert as anyone else here." Hiyori smiled slyly as she bit into the whimpering girl’s neck. Mashiro hissed harshly as tears formed in her eyes. She didn't want to admit it, she had too much pride, but what choice did she have? Without her hands Mashiro was a sitting duck as Hiyori wrapped her hands under her and squeezed her budding chest. Mashiro bit into her pillow as she continued to bear this humilation.

"Mashiro?'' The blonde bit her ear this time as the girl under her came a little in her panties. She wanted, no needed that sweet sexual release her body was demanding as she only knew of one way.

"I admit it..." Mashiro said quietly as Hiyori gripped her little nipples tightly.

"Louder." The fanged toothed girl ordered menacingly as she started pumping her crotch into her teammate again. Mashiro just moaned as she stopped resisted and let herself get fucked. Hiyori stopped her groping and grinding as she relized Mashiro was enjoying this way too much. The green-haired groaned feebly as Hiyori let her hang.

"Hiyori, please f-fuck me." Mashiro whined childishly as Hiyori chuckled.

"You didn't say it right." The blonde smirked as she squeezed the horny girl tightly.

"I-I'm a pervert!" She yelled loudly as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"And you want me to...?" Hiyori chided on as she licked the girl's sweaty temple.

"Fuck m-me like the perverted s-slut I am." Mashiro's guard and resistance was completely shut down now as she had submitted to the lust forced on her. She was just a dirty pervert like everyone else but she had finally made peace with it and that made her feel a bit better.

"Your wish is my command." Hiyori giggled hotly as she flipped Mashiro over and glared at her. Her tear-stained face, trembling lip, stiff nipples and wet crotch made Hiyori even hornier. The green-eyed girl stripped down rapidly as she ripped Mashiro's suit off too.

"Damnit Hiyori!" Mashiro snapped viciously but secertly she was thankfully as her body could now breath. Hiyori grinned and mounted the girl as she pulled the girl's goggles down over her eyes. Sweat made the goggles foggy as Mashiro competely lost sight of her blonde friend.

"Soooo, what do you want me to do first pervert?" Hiyori asked seductively as Mashiro's mind went straight to pictures of the mag.

"Will you eat my pussy?" Mashiro asked as she felt Hiyori's wet sex smear across her tight tummy.    

"You really are a pervert." Hiyori laughed as she slid down the girl's body and positioned herself for what was asked. Time was important and she wasted none if it with fore-play as she darted her tongue right in between Mashiro's soaking petals. A giant moan roared from the green-eyed girl as Hiyori placed fingers on her soft, open lips. 

"You need to keep it down honey." Hiyori ordered sternly as she forced a set of digits into Mashiro's taut mouth. The girl sucked loudly on them as it only silenced her for a moment. They had to hurry, half of the visoreds were out and the other half were sleeping or relaxing. Either way, the two didn't want to be walked in on.

"Mmmm Mashiro, your pussy is so wet." Hiyori teased gladly as her lips glistened with the subborn girl's juices. Mashiro only replied with more moaning as Hiyori's tongue rubbed her inner walls with more force. The green haired girls legs wrapped around the blondes head as she was on the verge of orgasm.

"Ohhhh Hiyori, FUCK ME!" Mashiro screamed as Hiyori grinned hotly into Mashiro's cunt Hot cum suddenly exploded into her face and mouth as the blonde savored the feel of sticky liquid that layered her face. Hiyori rubbed and licked her teammate's clit as Mashiro continued to spew white cream from her gap. Hiyori leaned up after what seemed like for forever as she looked down at Mashiro, sweating, panting and surprisingly still cumming.

"You cum like you control you're mask." Hiyroi chuckled brightly as Mashiro collasped on the bed. Mashiro was exhausted as she looked up at Hiyori. A devilish smile cross the blonde's as she spoke up. 

"You're not done yet, hey Lisa, Orihime check this out!" Mashiro's eyes widened as she darted upright, staring at the door. The door opened slowly as Lisa stood grinning in the doorway with Orihime smiling shyly next to her.        

"The fun's just starting, pervert..."         


[End notes: LaTeRs]

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