Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 14)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 14

Title: Bored

[Author's notes: Haineko tries to lighten Rangiku's mood.]

“I’m bored.” Whined Haineko as she picked her nose with her pinky finger on the back of the couch.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” Rangiku moaned from her desk that was full of papers.

“Let’s do something!” The feline flicked randomly as she looked over at her master sitting a few feet away.

“Like what? I have all this work to do.” Rangiku bitched half-heartedly as she slammed her hands on the desk, causing some papers to fall to the floor. She hated this, she’d much rather be doing anything else then paperwork and Haineko wasn’t helping any by bitching about being bored either.

“I’ll be as old as you sitting around this dump.” The cat-girl hoped on the floor and stretched longingly.

“Shut up!” The busty woman yelled as she hated being called old as much as she hated paperwork.

“I know how to get Rangiku in the mood.”

The cat-like zanpuktoo crawled on the floor to a small cabin to left side of the room, smirking all the way. Rangiku sighed woefully as she lay back in her chair and closed her eyes, wishing to be anywhere but here.

“The captain is such a slave-driver, you’d think with all the work I do I’d get a break from boring old paperwork.” Matsumoto grunted painstakingly as a beautiful smell filled her nostrils. Her eyes widened as a small bottle floated in front of her face.

“Hey where’d you get that?!?” Rangiku yelled viciously as she tried to snatch the bottle. Haineko lifted the bottle with her tail as she giggled.

“I found it.” The cat-girl lied slyly as Matsumoto bolted out of her chair and chased after her Zanpuktoo.

“God damnit Haineko, that’s not yours!” The orange-haired woman dove and missed as Haineko jumped on her back and took a sip out of the bottle. The cat-girl smacked her lips in surprise as the sake had a very sweet taste.

“Is this even sake Tobiume?”

Haineko looked at the bottle as Tobiume smiling face came to mind.

“It’s free boozes, so why are you bitching!?” The short haired girl explained as she took another sip. The feline shuddered unconscientiously as the “sake” made her a little dizzy.

“I’m not screwing around anymore, give me the sake now!” Matsumoto snarled fiercely as she swung back knocking Haineko over and jumped on her. The two wrestled around on the floor as Haineko kept the bottle out of Rangiku’s reach with her tail, despite fighting with her master. Suddenly Haineko started giggling wildly as Matsumoto got the upper-hand on her and pinned her wrists to the floor.

“Knock it off and give me the bottle Haineko!” Matsumoto demanded sternly as her Zanpuktoo smiled surreptitiously.

“Anything you say melons.” Rangiku snarled at the nasty name as she raised her hand to the green-eyed girl. The feisty feline unexpectedly shifted her strong hips, catching Matsumoto off-balance and climbed on top of her.

“Open wide.” Haineko giggled again as she pinched off her master’s nose and forced the bottle to her lips. Fighting for air caused the shinigami to consume the strange liquid as it poured down her throat.

“There, that’s wasn’t so bad was it?” The cat-girl got to her feet as a warm, beautiful sensation spread across her body.

“That wasn’t sake! What the hell did you give me?!?” Matsumoto’s temper flared as she got to her feet too. Her lips tingled from the sugary juice as she was still pissed at being tricked by her own sword, but now she now noticed Haineko acting a little strange.

“What wrong with you?” Rangiku drew concern into her voice as her sword grinned passionately at her. Haineko’s eyes hazed over as her lips cruised her lips.

“Nothing’s wrong with me.” Purred Haineko as her hands fondled her breast like nothing was wrong. The two stared at each other for a few seconds as Haineko crouched down on all fours, threatening to pounce.

“Ohhhh Rangiku, I’m so horny.” Awed, Matsumoto’s body seemed to react instantly to her sword’s words as her own crotch grew hot and moist.

“H-Haineko, stop.” The shinigami panted hotly as the zanpuktoo attacked suddenly. Stunned by the unexpected move, the lieutenant fell backward over the edge of the couch and on it. A frighten gasp was followed by a throaty moan as Rangiku’s lips were crushed by Haineko’s. The busty woman’s eyes when wide as the wildcat pressed her tongue into her surprised counterpart’s mouth.

“My zanpuktoo is kissing me?!?”

Matsumoto’s mind was shocked by the very thought, many more zoomed through her head as Haineko’s hands squeezed her master’s huge chest tenderly, purring all the while. The soul-reaper gently closed her eyes as she surrendered herself and kissed the energetic cat-girl back.

“Ohhhh this is so wrong, but why do I want this so bad?”

Haineko asked herself curiously as she really didn’t care at this point, her body was doing all the talking now. Rangiku on the other hand couldn’t make heads or tail of what was going on as it dawned on her.

“The bottle…”

She was quickly getting caught up in the moment as Haineko’s thigh caressed between her master’s legs. Matsumoto trembled feebly as her panties became stuck to her crotch.

“H-Haineko…” Rangiku whispered as her hands reached up and grabbed her sword’s chest. The cat-girl howled as she threw her head back blissfully.

“Master!” Haineko cried out as she yanked open Matsumoto’s robe and sucked on her large breast.

“Haineko!” The vice-captain yelled as the cat girl’s dug her hands into her pant to her dripping love flower and penetrated it.

“Ohhhh I’m going insane!” Rangiku cried out as Haineko quickly worked down her chest to the heat flaring from her master crotch. Fresh air hit Rangiku's cunt as she bit down on her knuckle.

“Don’t worry, me and Tobiume have been practicing.” Rangiku’s eyes widened then shut tightly as a long, wet tongue slid deeply inside her. Haineko had to swallow a few time as the woman’s pussy was just pouring into her mouth.

“She’s so good.”

Rangiku couldn’t handle the sudden excitement as she gripped Haineko’s ears and came. The Zanpuktoo consumed the hot girl cream speedily as the orange-haired woman couldn’t do anything but shudder and come on the couch. Rangiku panted heavily as she stared at the ceiling.

“That was… amazing.” The woman whispered still high on her orgasm as she never thought she’d be having sex with Haineko or that she’d be this good at it. Suddenly a knock rattled the room as Rangiku’s heart drop.


The woman came to attention as the door slowly opened. Rangiku prayed to god it wasn’t him but the odds were against her.

“Are we interrupting anything?” It was Momo with her Zanpuktoo Tobiume floating behind her, both grinning wildly.

“It’s not…” Rangiku began to explain as Haineko suddenly butted in.

“Come in, we were just getting started.”

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