Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 13)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 13

Title: Hollow hunger I

[Author's notes: Nel comes across a special dinner. ]

A tall, beautiful, green-haired hollow walked around the great white sands on the outskirts of Hueco Mundo, looking for something or someone to eat. She hadn’t eaten in days and decided to go out hunting by herself, which she normally did anyway.

The 3rd Espada known as Neliel Tu Oderschvank or Nel to most, had little to worry about, being a full Espada most would stay out of her way, if they were smart. So she’d have to repress her spirit pressure to get something to attack her, which again something normally did. Fooled into thinking they’d found an easy meal when really it was the other way round. She paused for a moment as a strong invisible wave of power washed over her.

“What do we have here?”

Nel’s senses began to pulse softly inside her as something powerful from the west let its energy be felt by the surrounding area. Wearing a smirk she changed direction and headed towards the large source of spiritual pressure coming from across the way. The pressure got stronger with each step as her mouth started to water.

“Wow, there’s a large group of hollows over there too, but it’s slowly thinning out.”

Not wanting to miss any of the action, she sonido the rest of the way there. Nel soon came to the edge of a large crater as she looked into it. She was shocked to see hundreds of half-eaten hollows piled on top of each other as a small, cloaked figure was on top of them, chewing the face off one. Nel focused on the victorious hollow’s head, telling instantly she was female as the girl glanced up at her with intense green eyes, and then went back to eating without a second thought.

“That girl killed all those hollows?”

Along with the menacing eyes, the girl’s hollow mask covered her chin to her nose as short spiky blonde hair topped off her slim, petite face. The dark blue cloak covered most of her body as Nel’s mind began to crank out ideas. Small for one, but something didn’t add up, the range of hollows lying about was staggering. Nel continued to stare at the girl eating like a starving cannibal as she felt a pleasurable heat rise up through her loins. Watching the girl devour her own kind was kind of hot; the pure intuition of all hollows.


It was simple, the more you ate the stronger you got, and if you ate stronger hollows your power could jump leaps of bounds. All of sudden the girl’s head tilted back as she let out a giant belch. Nel chuckled lightly at the rude gesture as she hopped off the edge of the crater and slid to the bottom. At the bottom Nel noticed the ground was wet.


As if the ground was a motion sensor, the blonde girl suddenly turned to the woman as she growled roughly.

“Mine!” The green-eyed girl took another bite as Nel slowly walked up to her, carelessly stepping on the dead hollows beneath her feet. Her curiosity was peaked now as Nel got ever closer. The girl was beautiful up close even with blood all over her hands and face. Her spirit pressure was strong too, not more then Nel’s but with the right training and diet this girl could one day be a true Espada.

“Get… back!” The girl yelled viciously as she crouched down ready to strike. Nel was amused by the girl’s ferociousness as she didn’t understand the woman could turn her into ash with her cero without even batting an eye.

“What is you’re name girl?” Nel asked lightly as she licked her lips. After a couple of days of not eating, her predatory instincts were harder to control as she just watched her little snack with desirable intent.

“Not a… meal!” Nel’s eyebrows arched upwards in surprise to hear how broken the girl’s language was and even more so when the girl knew what Nel wanted her for…, dinner. Nel just smiled as she repeated herself.

“You’re name.” The blonde had to think for a moment as she spoke.

“H-a-l-i-b-e-l.” The girl said slowly as she crawled off her dinner pile to the wet sand. Nel really didn’t care about her name but something about her was too proper to kill someone so powerful and not have the consideration to ask their name.

“I’m Nel, so are you ready to die Halibel?” Nel asked politely as her hunger wanted this girl, no, needed this girl to sooth her increasing appetite. Halibel shook her head wildly as she glared back at Nel.

“I don’t like to play with my food so please forgive me if I jus’ eat you now.” Thinking the girl was nothing more then an ill-lit, killing machine, she sonido behind her and threw her fist down at the back of Halibel’s head. Nel was surprised when her fist didn’t connect as she looked up to see Halibel standing a few feet away.

“Not… food!” Halibel shrieked meanly as she took off running. Nel chuckled again as she was forced to give chase.

“It's always the hard way with hollows.”

Nel was on top of the girl instantly as Halibel suddenly used her sonido to get ahead of her.

“How can she use sonido? She’s not even a full Espada.”

Halibel, it seems was full of surprises as Nel glided along side her, grinning. Just for sport, Nel threw kicks and punches at the blonde as Halibel dodged and ducked everything thrown at her.

“It’s been a while since anyone was able to keep up with me girl.” Nel announced as she missed with a cloth-line to the face.

“My name… Halibel!” The blonde stopped instantly and threw a round-house at Nel’s face. To test the girl’s strength Nel let the kick land square on her face.

“For something so small, you’re pretty powerful.” The kick stung a bit, but she had been kicked way harder before. The green-haired woman was now tired of her little game of cat and mouse as she quickly struck Halibel with her own round-house. The blonde gasped weakly, her nose broken and eye blackened on contact as she spun violently to the ground. Nel just watched the girl inquisitively as Halibel quickly got to hands and knees, her face pouring blood as she looked up

“Please… jus’ eat.” Halibel begged pathetically as her tears mixed with the blood and fell to the white sand below.

“Have some pride before you die.” Nel said sternly as the smell of red copper filled the air. Nel felt a low ache in her heart as she saw the blonde’s bloody tears falling carelessly from her green eyes.

“More come… too weak.” Halibel got her feet under her as she swayed drunkenly.

“What are you prattling on about?” Nel steeled her face but it was already too late, the girl had pierced Nel’s lonely heart.

“No power control… have to kill.” Halibel pointed to all the hollows surrounding them.

“How often?” Nel didn’t want to even hear the answer as Halibel went silent.

“Answer me Halibel.” The commanding tone was back in Nel’s voice as her hunger started to turn on her again. The girl only stood a few feet and was now a willingly meal. The green-eyed girl stopped crying for a moment as she slowly worked her mouth to give her terrible answer.

“All days… Sometimes in row.” Halibel sniffled aloud and took a deep breathe. Then to Nel’s shock, the blonde closed her eyes and walked straight to her. Nel froze the second their bodies touched as Halibel buried her face into her chest and slowly wrapped her arms around her back.

“Be quick… no pain.” Nel’s hands slowly rose to the back of Halibel’s neck and head as the girl scrunched up against her. It would be so easy; a flick of the wrist and this girl’s neck would be as limp as a noodle.

“More coming... hurry.” The seconds felt like years as Halibel only hoped to die instantly.

“Laters.” Nel looked up at the edge of the crater as it began to fill with hollows, lots of hollows.

“If you survive…, we may spend some time together, you understand… Halibel?” Nel looked deeply into her now soft, innocent green eyes as the girl smiled and nodded wildly.

“She’s a fast learner I’ll give her that.”

Soon the gathering of hollows attacked as they stormed to the bottom of the crater. Nel put her hand on her sword as a soft hand stopped her.

“I’ll kill… them.” Nel saw a glint of blue crystal fill Halibel’s green eyes as the blonde got to her knees and dug her hands into the sand.

“Dangerous here… go!” Suddenly the sand began to swirl like a giant whirlpool as it started to suck in the weaker hollows.

“Halibel?” Nel looked at the girl concentrating on the sand as she flash stepped into the air.

“GO!” The sand swirled faster and faster as more hollows got swept up in the vortex of death. Then unexpectedly, hundreds of sharp, gigantic tendrils of sand erupted from the sand and began to grind up the hollows. The dying hollows screams were deafening as Nel watched the young espada eradicate them in one flail swoop. When the screams went silent the sand slowed to a stop as did the deadly tendrils.


Nel slowly drifted back to the ground as Halibel got to her feet, trembling.

“See…? Told youuuu.” Halibel dragged the end of her sentence as she blacked out and fell forward. Nel caught the girl in mid fall as she smiled tenderly.

“Yeah, you did.” Nel lifted the spent girl into her arms and headed back quietly as Halibel curled up against her strong frame.

“You did…”

[End notes: Part II is up.]

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