Story: Bleach {Unleashed} (chapter 10)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 10

Title: Feeding time

[Author's notes:

Menoly and Lolly learn a new trick.


“Hey..., Menoly?” Lolly asked gently as both hollow girls walked down the dark halls of Azien’s castle.

“What?” Snapped the dark-haired girl as she looked back at her softer half.

“Do you ever worry about…, dying alone?” Lolly looked downcast from her sister as a loud bothersome groan irrupted from Menoly.

“Lolly, are you stupid? Of course I don’t think about dying.” Menoly puffed her chest as Lolly noticed she didn’t say anything about the alone part. Menoly stopped in her tracks as Lolly’s question made her pause for thought.

“What’s wrong Lolly I’m I not good enough for you anymore?” Menoly mocked sensitively as Lolly just looked at her flabbergasted.

“No, it’s not that, I jus’ don’t…” Lolly began lightly as Menoly frowned at her sister’s lack of confident love for her.

“Love me anymore? Who have you been fucking? Lilynette? Halibel? That little bitch SunSun? Are they keeping that cunt cleaned and hot are they?” Menoly stepped forward as anger filled her red eye.

“No Menoly I only love you, you know that.” Lolly explained quickly as her fraccion sister punched her in the face.

“And don’t you ever forget it.” The dark-haired girl huffed as Lolly held her swelling cheek.

“I-I’m sorry Menoly.” Lolly held back the tear in her purple eye as her mean sister sighed audibly.

“I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to hit you, but you know how I feel about you and I hate it when you say things like that.” Menoly kissed Lolly’s cheek and then her mouth as Lolly sniffled aloud, nodding her head.

“Don’t cry, come on let’s go fuck that human slut, that will make you feel better.” Both girls smiled as they walked down the hall, holding hands. When they came to Orihime’s room they soon found her “occupied” by Halibel’s fraccion, which surrounded the beautiful orange-haired girl. Halibel sat off to the side as she watched her girls intently.

The orange-haired girl with golden eyes named Orihime was on her hands and knees on a small bed as SunSun was in front of her, cunt planted right in her face. Mila Rose was laying under her sucking, pinching, pulling her fat, juicy globes which were scratched and bruised from Rose’s brutal, but loving mistreatment. Apache brought up rear; greedily assaulting both of the girl’s holes with her fingers and tongue at a speed a normal girl would have been driven crazy by now. Every one of them except Orihime was naked and masturbating furiously as the human’s clothes were opened in only two spots. Lolly and Menoly saw the huge red handprints all over Orihime’s ass made worse with all the sweat probably. This poor girl had been at this for hours, knowing Halibel and her fraccion as they saw shameful tears falling from her golden blubs.

“What do we do now?” Lolly said sadly as moaning, groaning, and swearing filled their ears. Halibel looked to the two girls standing in the doorway as she spoke up.

“This is a private party, now get fucking lost.” The blonde said ruthlessly as her fraccion looked over as well. Menoly was ready to fire back as Lolly stood in front of her impolite sister.

“May we just watch?” Lolly’s silky voice made Halibel reconsider as she looked at her fraccion.

“What do you think girls?” Halibel grinned sharply as she knew she’d like the three different answers.

“Yeah, let ‘em.” SunSun said brightly as she grinded her crotch harder in Orihime’s ashamed face.

“I don’t care.” Mila chuckled shortly as she went back to sucking Inoue’s almost purple nipples.

“Sure, we’ll show you how to fuck this human bitch properly!” Apache roared sadistically as she slapped the humiliated girl’s ass hard and repeatedly.

“Whatever.” Menoly rolled her eye as Halibel nodded to Lolly. The three carried on carelessly fucking and sucking the human in everyway possible as Menoly and Lolly stood against the wall watching. It wasn’t long before both girls started to get wet as they observed the boiling sex scene right before their eyes.

“Menoly, I’m going crazy.” Lolly whispered passionately, ready and willing to join or even just finger herself as her sister hushed her. Watching Orihime getting fucked by the three ferocious fraccion was awesome, but both girls found just watching the reserved 3rd Espada masturbating absolute breathtaking.

“Menoly…” Muttered Lolly.

“Shhhh, they’re almost done.” Hissed the red-eyed girl as she guiltily constricted her thighs.

“I’m cumming!!!” SunSun screamed deafeningly as she pressed her squirting cunt against Orihime’s taut mouth. The orange-haired girl began to swallow immediately as she couldn’t believe a small girl like SunSun could cum so much. Every thrust sent ounces of cum down golden-eyed girl’s throat as Mila cried out next.

“Me too!” Mila shoved SunSun’s twitching body out of the way as she took her place. The tall girl grunted roughly as her sizzling cum shot down Orihime’s esophagus almost choking her.

Lolly couldn’t help herself as she clutched her crotch, trying to fight back the building horniness inside her. Apache smiled darkly as she was ready to fill Orihime next. Mila fell back with a satisfied grin as Apache stepped in front of Orihime and wrapped the fingers from her left hand into her lovely, long hair.

“I hope you’re still hungry human.” It wasn’t a question as Orihime moaned weakly.

“Please, no more.” Apache merely laughed as she squeezed the golden-eyed girl’s nose with her right and squashed her gushing pussy into Orihime’s gasping mouth. Orihime fought desperately for air as she started to inhale the fraccion girl’s thick cum. Her lungs rejected it instantly as her mouth and nose suddenly exploded with hot cum.

“Can’t you even swallow cum proper? What a fucking waste.” Apache snapped spitefully as the white liquid dripped from both of Orihime’s orifices. A light hand fell on the rude fraccion’s shoulder as she turned to Halibel looking lustfully at her. Wordlessly, Apache stepped out of the way as Halibel stared into Orihime’s cum-covered face, hiding a smile behind her large collar. Orihime shook fearfully as the woman’s hard green eyes bored into her golden ones. She was scared of the other three girls, but she was terrified of this woman for sure. She didn’t protest or beg this time as she simply slid to the floor, tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and opened her jaw.

The 3rd Espada place her dripping slit over the human girl’s mouth as she unloaded her massive creamy treat. Ingesting the other girls cum was bad but Halibel was even worse. The hollow woman tightened her pussy on propose to harden her torrent as a little moan escaped her lips. To Orihime it felt like a having your open under a waterfall as her stomach began to ache.

“I think she likes it.” Apache leered as she kissed SunSun and started playing with her bald twat while Mila sucked her flat chest. Halibel didn’t say anything as she cracked her neck and slid off the girl’s plastic looking face. Orihime leaned forward, opening her eyes as a sudden stream of Halibel’s cum struck her in the left eye. The three fraccion laughed as Orihime just sobbed and fell to the floor. The girl’s belly was full now as she held it and cried. The four got dressed smiling and talking bad to Orihime who just lay there, sick to her stomach, and completely embarrassed. She just wanted to disappear, but she knew better, they’d be back tomorrow or even later depending on how they felt and it would be the same thing.

“She’s all yours.” SunSun giggled sweetly as Halibel and Mila walked behind her out the door. Apache was about to follow, when she walked over to Orihime and looked back at Menoly and Lolly.

“Want to see a magic trick?” Apache leered as she kicked the human girl in the stomach. Orihime whined painfully as the sadistic girl kicked her again and again. Orihime held her hand out as she cried out pitifully.

“I-I’ll do it, p-please don’t kick m-me anymore.” The exhausted girl begged as Apache smiled and stopped. Orihime got to her hands and knees shakily as she opened her mouth and started to dry-heave. After the third heave her stomach opened up as cum just came spewing out. Mouthful after mouthful of the white stickness spattered across the floor as Menoly and Apache grinned wildly, while Lolly felt a bit bad for Orihime but not enough to stop Apache. After finishing Orihime took a deep breath as she continued to sob. There had to be a gallon of cum on the floor as Apache pressed her foot down on the back of the human’s neck.

“Do it.” Apache demanded callously as she compressed Orihime’s face into the cum-coated floor. Orihime rubbed her face around in the fluid, trying to breathe as she turned her face to the side.

“Say it.” Apache pressed harder as the feeble girl screamed.

“I-I reject!” An orange barrier spread across the floor as the gooey liquid suddenly disappeared. The floor was spotless as Apache laughed.

“Where did it all go?” Lolly asked as Orihime leaned back and started groaning in pain again.

“Take a wild guess, later bitches.” Apache bit her lip hotly as she headed for the door. The two just stared at the fatigued girl sitting between bend knees, staring back at them.

“Are you going to feed me too?” Orihime asked blankly as she opened her mouth again.

“Well Lolly?” Menoly was dripping and ready fill this little slut with everything she had, but Lolly looked a little fretful. It only took one hard look from her contemptibly sister to make up her mind.

“Yeah, let do it.” Both fraccion were on top on Orihime in a heartbeat as it started over again. A few minutes passed as they filled, fucked, and sucked every opening on the human girl’s body.

“Dinnertime.” A small voice announced as a green-haired girl stood with a tray of food in her hands.

“Almost there.” Menoly grunted vociferously as Lilynette walked in and set the tray next to the bed. She watched the two one-eyed girls fuck Orihime senseless as the human moaned mindlessly into red-eyed girl’s drenched pussy. Both girls were soon at Orihime’s mouth as Lilynette knew what was going to happen next.

“Open wide now human.” Menoly ordered demandingly as both girls started cumming into her tight little mouth, and like before she swallowed every drop without complaint. Lilynette felt herself getting wet as she watched Orihime’s throat moving up and down, forcing more searing spunk into her already packed belly.

“That was awesome.” Lolly sighed in relieve as she lay back on the bed as Menoly turned and got dressed. Orihime looked to the hot food next to the bed as she moaned. She was starving, and the only thing she had all day to eat had been the “liquid diet” provided by all the female hollows. Lolly got dressed too as Lilynette looked at both drained fraccion girls.

“Are you done yet?” The green haired girl snapped as Lolly nodded, while Menoly just smiled cruelly.

“Hey Lilynette, want to see a magic trick?” Orihime began sobbing again as Lilynette beamed brilliantly, wondering what kind of trick.

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