Story: Vandread II Again (all chapters)

Authors: ARM

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Chapter 1

Disclamer, I do not own Vandread or any of these characters so do not sue me please. I only used them for this fun little story here, Thank you. Story by ARM


Vandread II Again

The Nirvana was unusually quiet tonight. Only small security force crew’s still working to keep the enemy at bay for this sleep period. Two girls were hiding in the second medical room and were a little bit strange in their own way as well as to each other. Paiway, our little camera girl and Misty, our newest young member that was found adrift in an escape pod were in this more secluded area for right now to munch on some new extra energy treats prepared by Misty.


These two girls have only been friends a short while and even closer just this rest period because they both run into each other with food in their hands in the short hall to the med room here. They were going to fix a snack for themselves but that idea was changed when they met on the floor, literally, with each ending up half on top of each other. They decided to share what each had and make a much better tasting snack for both of them. Misty had previous meal preparation experience from her past life some years back. Only thing that Paiway could do was slide something between two slices of bread so she was real pleased that Misty made them a good tasting healthy snack with ingredients from both girls fairly quick.

Paiway had her camera out and taking pictures to remember this little get together for her album that everybody here on the Nirvana hated. Her constant picture taking continued when she happened to realize she had taken a few shots that put her and Misty in a somewhat awkward pose almost suggestive in a way that could indicate other things could possibly be going on here, which wasn’t. She was going to transfer them from the camera to her own private disk but Misty said she had the meal ready and to eat up before she eat it all so the camera lay where she put it for the while now.

Misty’s little snack, meal was real tasty for a change to paiway so she at least eat her share of the food all mixed together so they both could hurry back to their own rooms without being caught by any of the kitchen help. It was getting close to time for them to show up for breakfast preparations for the whole crew. They started out of the med room to go their separate ways when Misty’s way was blocked by some of the meal crew so she had to follow Paiway to her room and stay for a little while for the way to clear to get back to her own room.

Well they waited for a while but the chance never came so Paiway suggested that Misty just stay there for the next couple of hours, no one would know the difference anyway. After the new day started time didn’t matter too much as neither had a definite job on the ship yet.

Midmorning approached with both girls stirring, they had both went back to sleep. Misty was on the couch and Paiway on her bed just a foot away from the couch so when Paiway turned and swung her arm around a little, she slapped Misty right in the face. Both girls jumped up, Misty in a little pain and Paiway a lot surprised to hit anything that closes to her bed still half asleep and not remembering about Misty being there yet.

Immediately Paiway jumped down to the floor where Misty ended up and pulled Misty’s hand back from her face to check how bad she had hurt her, if any because Misty was still making a muffled ouch, ouch, ouch like sound. With her hand out of the way, there was a reddish spot between her cheek and ear that probably wasn’t there earlier. Paiway, not thinking too much about it, just leaned in to the red spot and put a gentle kiss on it.

Misty pushed her back away from her and about yelled, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing there anyway?”

This startled Paiway as well because all the girls on the Nirvana always do that to let the other person know they are trying to comfort the pain as well as the tension sometimes, let them know they are sorry for what they just did and that it was probably an accident anyway.

Paiway scooted back a little closer to Misty again, said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but that’s just my way of saying I’m sorry to you and I was only trying to make it feel better, that’s all. Boo, boos, always feel better after you kiss them so if it still hurts any, I’d like to kiss it again for you if you like.”

Misty scooted back next to Paiway and ask, “If I have a hurt and you kiss it, how long does it take for the hurt to go away then, or maybe how many kisses does it take, one long one or a lot of little short ones?”

Paiway leaned up a little closer to Misty smiling, said, “I don’t know really, sometimes a lot longer than others I’m sure depending on the hurt too.”

“Let’s find out then if you really want to know.” said Misty looking dead serious into Paiway’s eyes this time. She just reached up and put a more than light pinch on Paiway’s lips.

After Paiway bounced back up from where she fell back to getting away from the startling pinch that really did hurt, she said, “Hay, that really hurt you know?”

Misty scooted real close and said, “Now lets see if I can make the hurt go away then” and with saying that, she gently leaned into Paiway’s lips and just softly touched lips to lips at first for a few seconds. Then as gentle as the touch, Misty started moving her lips around some on Paiway’s lips.

Paiway abruptly pulled back laughing, said, “Hey that really tickles Misty.”

Misty gently pulled Paiway back into her arms snug and asks, “Well how about this then?” She put a little more force or pressure to Paiway’s lips this time. Well with more pressure now it didn’t tickle but the girls lips were warming up a little more with this force.

About two minutes of this and both girls were breathless, couldn’t breath so they broke the kiss for a second and right back together again but this time a lot more gentle with the moving around with ease. Somehow there Misty’s tongue got poked out between her lips and just touched Paiway’s lips moistening them somewhat, made it a whole lot easier to move around smoothly.

Now it was Paiway’s turn to surprise Misty so she opened her mouth just a little to breath first but she really wanted to do a little tongue chasing of her own. If Misty could do it, she could too but she was going to add a little more with her tongue exercise. Misty already had her arms lightly around Paiway so as Paiway gently wrapped her arms around Misty, she did so but a lot lower with her palms messaging Misty’s very feminine hip muscles.

This brought a slight pause in the tongue aggression from Misty and her eyes opened some but a second later, she grinned inwardly, a hidden smile and from her lips came a very distinctive pleasurable moan and literally tried to devour Paiway’s lips and whole mouth this time with both girls tongues freely but aggressively swapping each others mouths.

Maybe Misty but certainly not Paiway had ever done this or had these feelings at all but right now that didn’t matter to either girl. They were just enjoying the overwhelming affection from the other girl in their kiss in each others arms right now. Time was irrelevant.

Paiway had only peck kissed before, nothing like this open mouthed, tongue swapping, devouring aggressiveness with hands starting to wonder everywhere on the other body now. This was a need to touch, a desire to hold and kiss, and a want to just feel the other girl’s body. And to top this all off, both girls were really enjoying this new found pastime, their kiss was the beginning of a love affair that neither of these girls have ever even dreamed of before, this new kind of feeling and it was with another girl at that.

But here on the Nirvana where the whole crew was girls anyway, what is the difference anyway? These girls have to love other girls if they want a partner or friend to do what ever with so most are probably lovers as it is to some degree anyway.

With both girls having way too much fun right now, Paiway had forgotten that when they came in the room she placed her camera on her desk and forgot to shut it off and it was almost pointing right at the two girls and she had it set for one picture every 5 seconds so little did they know, they were on candid camera.

By now hands and lips had started to stray a lot further on each other to the point that even though Misty was the first to back away some at first, she was now probably the most dedicated aggressor Paiway could ever imagine from any girl on this ship. Misty was just enough older than Paiway that she knew of a few tricks that really surprised her about clothing removal and a few more things about touching and kissing and where.

Almost before Paiway knew what was really going on, Misty had her half undressed with only her tiny training bra and panties remaining left to be removed and her own cloths completely gone to the way side somewhere in this small room. Paiway was surprised yes but she wasn’t going to complain any because this was her first time this far with any girl.

Misty was certainly gentle enough for a good teacher so she let Misty have her way with her. What ever she wanted to do was Ok with her because she’s waited so long for this. Everyone else on this ship always looked at her as too young for this yet and besides she’d had her eye on Misty the day they picked her up lost out in space. You could almost say it was love at first sight for Paiway and it was looking almost the same way for Misty as well as of this moment anyway.

About two more minutes and Misty had Paiway complete naked and looking into each others eyes now setting up on the edge of Paiway’s small bed. Misty moved into Paiway a lot closer, whispered, “You know where I came from and back a lot of years ago, men and women do this together but all of you here on the Nirvana are all girls anyway. This makes you and I here together like this seem as natural as breathing to me too now, understand?”

This next move from Misty was a breath taker to Paiway as she felt her left ear become a place for Misty’s tongue to moisten and gently probe its depths while circling the crevices and curves. Misty’s hands were up lightly touching, caressing the small chest curves and peaks. Paiway had no idea of this new feeling sensation and when Misty finally got just a light hold of her tiny nipples, it was all she could do to keep from letting out an unusually pleasurably moan for her. She turned her own cheek to Misty’s cheek with those wet lips sliding their way to the dripping lips with probing tongues into waiting mouths ------?

While all this fun stuff was happening in Paiway’s room this early in the work day, all the top pilots of the Nirvana were in the debriefing room laughing at Hibiki for all his stupid moves in the raid on the Nirvana the day before. Jura and Barnett arm and arm were angry but still laughing at him while Meia was just smiling as were Dita now doing her best to defend his every move by her smiling face and at him mostly. Bart was in the meeting as well as the Nirvana pilot/navigator and he was even laughing at Hibiki with all the girls.

Goskinick looked around, ask “Where is Paiway, She was going to take notes to get the pilots lined up for a practice run of this new move on the enemy.” Meia ask, “Well where is Misty? She was going to prepare us all our mid morning break snack for our important meeting here.”


Jura said, “I don’t know what going on here but one of the cooks has seen the two of them going in Paiway’s room real early this morning. When did them two get together anyway, anyone know?”

Meia said, “Well with Misty kind of feeling out of place here, different. I didn’t think anyone was close to her except maybe Hibiki, Dita, and myself so maybe she has made a new friend now but with them in Piaway’s room right now and both of them supposed to be here, I wonder just how close they really are.”

Goskonick said, “Well we could always switch their camera on in the room but I’m not going to disturb their privacy and we can take mental notes anyway this morning, OK let’s get this formation briefing under way guys.”

Well the meeting went well, all the girls finally ending up on top of and pounding Hibiki’s head as usual before they finally went to their work or jobs on the Nirvana. Just before lunch time now, the two girls in question finally emerged from Piaway’s room holding each others hands and with smiles a mile long as well.

The rest of the days training exercises and activates went well and right on up to the evenings after all duties total ship entertainment put on by the crews very own camera girl Piaway. She had the pilots’ new exercises video for the enemy, from the last attack on the Nirvana. All the pilots and officers with the Captain were in the debriefing room for the new and somewhat different moves and Piaway was in charge of everything which included video out to the entire ship. Every one in there sure smiled at her when she set by Misty at the head of the Com table to start the show and she did just that too.

Piaway had the video disc in the computer and said “Now for some very good moves on our mission to use for us to show the enemy better we are very determined to win, we have this exercise hopefully the entire Nirvana crew will enjoy.” Piaway hit the go button and all the monitors on the ship went to black to start then a picture of Misty fixing a sandwich, then one of Misty handing one to Piaway, then a picture of them both eating together in Piaway’s room, then a picture of them close handing each other a bit on forks, then a picture of them still eating but much closer now. Now the whole ship was watching the picture of two girls feeding each other with smiles and the room behind them seemed somewhat darker as well. Now the whole ship seen these same two girls had moved a lot closer to each other.

Now there was a long silence, a hush on the ship, in the com room too so Piaway finally looked up from Misty’s eyes to see just what the hush was all about when she noticed that what the ship was watching was not the maneuver exercise but of two girls eating and smiling at each other very close, very loving. Piaway just about panicked seeing this and started to get up to turn off the computer when the Captain said, “Well this certainly is a new maneuver we haven’t seen before but I think we’ll enjoy watching it anyway, right crew?” Piaway stood and said “I’m sorry everyone, I got the wrong disc in by mistake, I need to change it real quick.”

Now everyone was laughing at Piaway but Misty jumped up beside her and stopped her from getting to the kill switch, said, “Please let it go, leave it on, might as well show them everything else we did as well. I‘m not ashamed of what we did in there, are you? This will show everyone that even us younger girls have needs, these emotional feeling of love for someone just like everyone else, we‘re not just little girls anymore. Besides we can’t possibly have done anything more than what the rest of you girls do with each other anyway, right? This might also show the three men on this ship how we girls love each other, might even give Hibiki an idea how to love Dita now too, and well with a few exceptions though, right everyone?”

Everyone really laughed this time as they all settled back down to watch the rest of Piaway’s video and all had enormous smiles as the action on the screen continued and Piaway‘s face just kept getting redder too. After about three more hours of video and the whole crew still watching as the new sex education class ended, everyone in the debriefing room was still looking at the screen in silence and all had red faces now even though it had ended 5 minutes ago.

Finally Dita got it together enough to looked down at the floor right where Hibiki and Bart both ended up, unconscious and nose bleeds, she yelled “Hibiki, what’s wrong with you, you ok, wake up Hibiki, wake up?”

Naturally the Doc was different; he just smiled looking at the girls but then looked at Parkay to really smile but said, “So that’s how you girls do that too, I thought that’s what the baby book indicated; now I understand everything else now also.” He looked around with everyone over to Misty and Piaway all asking them all kinds of questions about how they did this and that and how it felt to each other being much younger while doing it.

The Captain said, “Nice video girls, keep up the good work young ladies, you get my vote as entertainment of the year too girls.”

Jura said, “Barnett love, we got to try that last move they did, that looked beautiful.”

Meia said, “Ok girls, movies over so how about we all go to bed to try that last move, alright? I want Misty to show me how too so girls, who’s room then, yours Piaway or yours Misty or I guess we could all go to my room first too, what do you say girls?”

Everyone laughed but they all got up and headed to their rooms for the evening to try some of their interesting moves as well and all this was from the two youngest girls on the Nirvana now so who was it that said they were too young to do that kind of activity anyway?


Little girls are still girls no matter how old or young they are and they still feel love.



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