Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 8)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 8

Title: Crush Crush Crush

[Author's notes: Hopefully a chapter you’re going to love, some big stuff in this up-dizzle.]

Slowly, sapphire eyes cracked open, but quickly shut as blinding white light tried to seep in. Keep her eyes shut tight for several more seconds, those crystalline eyes reopened, blinking a few times before focusing on her surroundings.

An ache developed her in chest area, her eyes drifted downward to see white sheets covering her body. Her hues of blue drifted away from the sheets and around the room. It was all… white, an eerie white. Bringing her eyes off the pasty colored room, too the several machines hooked up to her arm. It wasn’t until now her ears began to register the noise, the constant, slow, cooing beeping noise emitting from one of the machines.

‘Where… am I...? What’s going on…?’ Her mind felt a little hazy, the last thing she could remember was walking home from Misato’s place after dinner, taking a shower, and going to bed sharing the bed with Rei. But this white room with a beeping machine..?

Suddenly the door opened with swiftness, making Asuka crane her neck to see who was at the door. “Oh, hey you’re wake. Took quite a long snooze.”

It was Misato.

“The mentoring room detected a change in your heart rate; I thought you woke up, so I grabbed so lunch in case you were hungry. Want some food?” The violet haired woman asked perkily, offering out a tray holding NERV hospital food.

Wait… this seemed familiar, her outfit. It was a red jacket with a few badges, representing that she was a Major.

Her ribs hurt and she felt sore, blocking her mind from the grasp that something weird was up again. Blocking the uncanny black like confusion with almost calm like the color gray

“No,” Asuka responded a bit hoarsely as Misato walked further into the room.

Setting the tray aside on the small table besides the bed Asuka was in, Misato set her gaze to Asuka, she could tell something was on her mind and the Major was concerned.

A silence began to grow between the two females, until Asuka spoke up, “How is Rei?”

Quickly, Misato zipped her gaze to the red head, obviously shocked that Asuka would ask. Just the other day, Asuka was wondering where Rei was. Why hadn’t Asuka bother to ask Shinji? Where did this sudden concern come from?

“I’m not sure, but she’s probably doing well.” The purple haired woman replied with a shrug, pondering over how Rei actually doing. She had been hung up over Shinji and Asuka to spare much about Rei, much to her guilt.

“Could I see her?” Asuka asked, catching the Major by surprise again.

“She’s probably not awake,” Misato answered back as the German rolled her eyes. “Besides, you shouldn’t be moving around until your ribs heal.”

Trying to take a big breath to let out a huffy sigh, the breath was cut short by the feeling of a compression wrap around her ribs. She hoped she didn’t have to wear this long, partly because of her temper which mostly involves big breaths, which can increase the risk of lung infections, pneumonia., and partly because it was uncomfortable.

‘Why do I want to see Wonder Girl…?’ Asuka questioned herself, braking eye contact away from the other woman in the room. ‘Because she’s your girlfriend’, Asuka heard herself tell herself. ‘No, she’s not.’ Asuka replied back to herself. Asuka scrunched her face in displeasure; she couldn’t believe she was pretty much arguing with herself.

“I suppose… you can go see Rei,” Misato suddenly said with a shrug and bit her lip lightly as Asuka turned her attention back to Misato and let a grin unconsciously come to her lips.

As Misato helped the teen to get up, she shivered when her bare feet touched the cold tiled floor.

Having slight discomfort, Misato and Asuka finally reached the First Child’s room just a rooms few down.

Asuka stood still, just kind of looking at the door leading to the albino’s room; she could feel the presences of Misato to her side.

Putting her nimble hands on the door knob, she could feel the presences besides her fade, but she didn’t bother to look to the side where Misato was.

Soon as the door opened, there was a white light seeping into her eyes, Asuka assumed from the lights and windows. As she stalked further into the room, she felt the presences besides reappear as the bright light fade.

Seeing Rei in a hospital bed was not what she saw, quickly Asuka shifted her eyes to Misato, but didn’t see her. Instead, she saw bright wine eyes, shaggy blue hair that looked as if it had been freshly combed, and ivory skin. ‘…Rei?’

Looking back in front of her, she could see other people. She wasn’t NERV anymore she was at… school?

The Second Child’s face creased up in confusion. Before she had much time to think, she heard a familiar voice, “So you two still comin’ to the park today?” Focusing her blue hues on the owner of the voice, she spotted Toji standing next to a sitting Kensuke, both of them expecting an answer.

Looking to her side yet again, looking for Rei she noticed that she nodded to the boys’ question then she looked to Asuka, as if she were asking if it were alright she already answered. Feeling the corners of her lips lift upward, she gave a crooked grin at the blue haired girl.

After settling a few things about where to meet each other after school to head to the park, Asuka was left in her seat to wonder what had just happened.

She was heading to Rei’s hospital to reappear in this strange reality; all of this ‘crap’ was putting a strain on the German. As time went on, figuring out which to believe was increasingly difficult. As she already went over in her mind before, being with a girl was more sensible then piloting a huge ass Evangelion. But she found herself knowing more about her past in the reality of Evangelions then reality of with Rei. She didn’t even know if her mom had killed herself, heck, she didn’t even know if she has the same mother with the same past as the reality of Angels and NERV.

It wasn’t as if she could come up to anyone and ask what the hell was going on, they’d probably look at her like she was on crack for the mere mention of Angels of destruction.

After contemplating this through out the time, the school day had ended and Asuka found herself waiting for her friends to meet up and head over to the park. So far, Shinji, Rei, and Hikari were there… Asuka too.

“It looks as it’s going to rain,” Asuka heard a voice stating, coated in disappointment. Looking to the warm presents besides her, she spotted Rei looking off into the gray clouds gathering in the sky.

Rei had been looking forward to going to the park with her friends, as much as it didn’t seem like it; she loved hanging out with all her friends. Especially Asuka. She had gotten disheartened when she had to go with Gendo on Friday while the rest of the gang got to go to the park, now that she had the chance to go with them, it looked as if a down pour was going to happen.

“I bet we have at least a good hour and a half to hang at the park if we hurry there,” An approaching voice of Toji said, a calm grin upon his lips and hands tucked into his pockets. Rei returned a small, yet subtle, grin.

Kensuke was trailing behind Toji, fiddling with his camera.

The group began to walk, away from the school. Toji had butt in between Asuka and Rei. “I wonder if I could kick Ayanami’s butt in Ultimate Frisbee… but probably by the time we reach my place to get the Frisbee and to the park, it’d probably start raining by then…”

“We should just buy a Frisbee to keep in one of our lockers,” Shinji said as Asuka pushed Toji aside to have her spot back between Hikari and Rei.

Everybody agreed with Shinji’s idea, and Rei suggested that she’d buy the Frisbee and Toji said he wanted to keep it in his locker, but then Asuka piped in saying it’d probably get lost in the mess of his locker, so Shinji said he’d keep the Frisbee in his when Rei bought one.

The park was drawing near, yet was still out of eye sight, and everyone, mainly Toji, was blabbering on what they should do when they get to the park.

A thick and chubby drop of rain splattered on the tip of Asuka’s nose, hitting like a ton of bricks being dropped from a skyscraper.

Looking up into the sky, straining her neck, Asuka saw the sky had gotten dark and silvery clean drops began to fall.

Second by second the drops began to come quicker, light at first, but thicker and heavier by the moment.

By a matter of seconds, the gang began to get drenched. It was only less then a minute when heavy rain began to pour… pounding like a boxer to his punching bag.

The small group began to quicken their pace to find some shelter from pummeling rain. What they had managed to huddle into was one of those Bus Stops. Ya know, with the see through plastic booths with a crappily made bench.

“Aw man! My camera! My camera!” Kensuke cried, examining his camera, accidentally elbowing Shinji in the rib.

They barely fit in the booth, but it was better then being stuck in that rain. It had hit hard, almost like someone whacking a golf ball and hitting someone else with it. Both Kensuke and Shinji were jammed in the furthest, then Rei and Asuka were besides them, and Toji and Hikari were pressed up against the two girls, trying to avoid the rain trying to plow in the entrance in which they stood by.

Rei’s back was pressed against the wall, with Asuka’s breast pressed up against her own, being sandwiched between the plastic wall and Asuka.

“Hey, watch it, ape!” Asuka snapped as she felt an elbow nail her in the side back.

“That wasn’t me!” Toji cried out frustrated as he tried to lean back to avoid the rain beginning to enter and get him wet, which only ended up of him being shoved with Asuka’s foot to get off of her.

“Sorry Asuka,” Hikari piped up, she being the one who had elbowed the girl. Hikari had her back facing the girls, just like Toji, trying to stay away from the rain as well.

A loud thunder roared suddenly, causing Hikari to jump in surprise and bump Toji, knocking into Asuka, causing Asuka to hit foreheads with Rei.

Ayanami scrunched up her nose and started to rub her wet forehead with hand, her head temporarily hurting from the hit. Asuka really is hard headed.

Instead of snapping at the jock for bumping into her like Asuka had planned to, she got caught up in observing Rei. She had to admit, the collide of their foreheads had hurt, considering she still had the bruise, from the baseball, on her forehead, but Rei’s expression was too priceless, quite adorable. Even Shinji, who peered at them to see what was going on, found Rei’s expression to be endearing as well.

The short pain in her forehead faded, and Rei looked up to Asuka, who was slightly taller then she. She didn’t realize just how close they really were, breast and hips touching, she could feel each breath Asuka took, the exhales of breaths tickling down her neck, causing her skin to shiver with a mix of the chilly air and the sheer power Asuka was making Rei feel. Asuka’s strong eyes were bearing down on her, making Ayanami feel small and helpless. She could lose herself in those hues of sapphire all day long if she wanted to.

Rei felt herself pull her head forward, Asuka like a magnet to her. As Rei drew near, she noticed Asuka’s eyes shift downward, looking to Ayanami’s moist pearl lips. She didn’t know why, but she pulled in slowly and hesitantly.

The albino’s lips collide with the German’s, touching barely, seemingly ready to pull back. She should be used to this now, use to just giving Asuka a quick peck, but something felt different… maybe because her friends were there, or maybe because something indeed feet different, this felt… new. Like a first time, but she was sure this was not a first; she had kissed Asuka many, no, countless, times.

It was only a fraction of a second Rei’s lips were on Asuka’s, Rei brook contact between them. But in even less of a fraction of a second, she felt a pair of lips back on hers, reacting and moving against. Rei was a little caught off her guard, not expecting her kiss to be returned, especially not as intimate as it was beginning to become.

Tongues began to touch, react with one another, lips beginning to grow lightly swollen.

“You guuuuys! Get a room.” Came a whinny voice from Kensuke, not really enjoying seeing his friends mackin’ lips.

Rei could feel Asuka’s heart pounding into her own chest, as both girls looked to Kensuke, a flushed look on both. Suddenly Rei felt shifting and the body crushed against her was gone. Asuka managed to squeeze her way through Toji and Hikari and out of the Bus Stop.

Kensuke frowned and shouted over the pounding rain, “I was just being sarcastic, I didn’t really mean- - -“ In mid-sentence Rei bit her lip in a worried manner and squeezed through her friends to follow after Asuka.

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