Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 7)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 7

Title: Trouble In Paradise

[Author's notes: Updates might be slower, school started up again. And I got a question; some of you may be curious maybe wondering about Rei and Asuka’s AU you past… I’ve been contemplating wither to dedicate a whole chapter to an AU flashback… or should I screw it and just move on and only flash back when necessary?

Btw… AU Asuka has a little bit of a different personality then normal Asuka, aside from being gay and has a huge thing for Rei … I would say a little more dorky, but no that doesn’t sound the right way to describe it. –shrugs-. Oh well…]

‘Yes… I see you staring at me, you butt head.’ I think to myself as I peer over at this dude glaring at us as we walk into another isle.

Rei and I are the store by her place; Misato invited her to have dinner with Shinji and me. I swung by her apartment and went to the near by store to pick up some crap Shinji needed to make for dinner.

I wonder if I could get Rei to stay the night with me, it’ll be our first time as a couple if she was going to stay. Shinji’s dad is an idiot, the first time Rei ever stayed the night with me… he had a huge list of stuff for Rei. Like a bed time, what to make for dinner, and all this stupid stuff. I can’t believe she even managed to live on her own now.

What is next on the list?” I hear from my girlfriend, peering over at. I forget for a moment what she’s talking about, but the following second I remember.

I reach into my jean pocket grabbing out a folded yellow piece of notebook paper and read what’s next, “Just some bread left and that’s it for the list.”

We slip into the next isle and I give a cocky smirk over at the guy who’s glaring at us behind the cash register.

I guess he’s still pissed off Rei actually likes me instead of him. He’s an upper classmen from our school.

As we finish walking past him, I grab Rei’s hand and walk closer to her. She looks over at me then down to our hands and back up to where she was walking.

We finally get the bread and stalk over to the cashier, I think his face is going to get stuck if he keeps glaring like that, plus it’s starting to piss me off.

I get the money out of my pocket to pay for what Shinji needed and handed it over into larger hands of the cashier. I’m tempted to grope Rei, just to irritate him.

I smirk as I stand behind Rei, placing my hands at her hips as what’s-his-face puts the money in the cash register and gets the change, and I crawl my fingers up. I feel Rei’s head shift and she tries to peep at me, “What are you doing,” She asks in that silent chilling voice of hers.

I smirk a bit more, “Want to stay over tonight?” I ask in the best seductive voice I could muster, ignoring her question while I continue let my fingers travel upward… they’re right below her breast… too bad her shirt’s on. I know Rei’s probably uncomfortable with what I’m doing; I’m not really planning to completely feel her up anyways.

As I finish planting a kiss on the side of her ivory neck, I hear a crude noise resembling a cough then a, “Here’s your change,” Coming from the very guy I was trying to annoy. I look over and scrunch up my nose in disgust… I guess he pitched his ‘tent’. Ew.

I grab the change hurriedly and the bags containing the groceries. Rei asked if she could carry them, I guess to be polite, but I turn her down a tad obnoxiously.

“Asuka…” A calm, yet attention grabbing, voice filled the German’s ears catching her awareness.

Dragging her sapphire hues to the voice, Asuka peered over at Rei. “What?” Asuka snapped a bit rudely.

“You were… starting to fall behind,” The albino informed a tad timidly, as Asuka realized she was fairly far behind Rei in the isle they were walking down.

Asuka shrugged in response and speed up her walking space to reach Rei’s side. She didn’t get it… why was she getting these flash backs? ‘They’re your memories.’ Asuka hears a voice in her head say. ‘But they can’t be… I feel as her, the person that is me, isn’t even me. Those… memories… feel like I’m watching them, viewing like some movie.’ The German thought, feeling as if memories from both of her ‘realities’ were like scattered and distant dreams. As more memories pressed on, it became increasing difficult to keep grasp on the fact this wasn’t real… she was Asuka Langley Sohryu pilot of Evangelion Unit 02 not Asuka whom just went to school and was gay.

But when she really thought about it all, the Angels, Evas, n’ all… it seemed all like it was a bunch of hocus pocus and being in a lesbian relationship with another girl seemed more like reality then piloting a giant Evangelion product of NERV. All this mumbo gumbo was killing Asuka in the head… why couldn’t this just be easy? She felt herself loose touch upon reality. Maybe she was going crazy.

Asuka made a mentally frustrated noise, ‘I don’t even know what to believe anymore’

“Katsuragi called this morning before you woke up…” Rei started to casually say as they walked into another isle, Asuka caught a glimpse of the upper classmen cashier.

“Yeah…” The German said in a voice encouraging her to continue speaking while she placed her hands into her pockets.

“She invited us over to dinner tonight.”

“Are we going?” The German asked, looking over at the blue haired girl pushing the slightly squeaky cart down the isles.

“I told her I wasn’t sure, then she responded Ikari would be making dinner and we’d be welcome to come over if we wanted.” Ayanami asked tilting her head quickly to the side to knock some light indigo hair out of her pastel face.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Asuka said, a grin slithering to her lips as she noticed Rei shift her gaze to her and a small smile appear on her feathery lips. Asuka wouldn’t admit, but the smile was cute.

“If it isn’t my two favorite girls,” Came a freakish calm voice from behind the two girls. Both of the females turn to meet with a pair of crimson hues, messy dark silver hair, and a cooling grin.

Asuka furrowed her two slender eyebrows. Who the hell was he!?

After a few moments of silence, he spoke up, “Trouble in paradise I presume?”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Asuka asked a bit on edge, not bothering to ask who he was… she didn’t want to seem like a fool asking who he was… she bet if she was herself she’d know. No wait… she is herself… whatever.

“No witty and rude comment first thing after you laid your azure eyes upon me,” He responded composedly while putting his hands in his pockets. “Something must be up,” He continued. His ruby eyes gazed to Rei, widening his smirk, remembering her even more stand-off attitude yesterday at NERV.

Kaworu walked up to the two girls, as the German pouched out her lips in an angry frown. “So thus, trouble in your paradise. Relationship problems… I’m great listener,” the silver haired boy brought his gaze back to Rei towards the end of his confident spoken words.

Asuka’s view of this guy was defiantly that he was an asshat, a nosey asshat. “It’s none of your business...” Asuka said sharply, inching closer to Rei as she noticed the looks he was giving her. She felt this certain protective and defensive vibe coming through her.

Kaworu just gave a chuckle and walked in between the girls and turning into another isle.

The two just stood there a moment, letting their eyes linger there, until Asuka spoke up, “God, he was annoying.” She looked over to the albino whom nodded, making a small grin appear on the German’s lips.

Unconsciously, Sohryu reached a hand out and brushed a strand of stringy blue hair out of cherry eyes, in return Asuka received a grin even reaching Rei’s eyes, making them seem as if they were luminiating.

As Asuka pulled her hand back to her side, she suddenly felt awkward. The action she had just did, it didn’t feel as if she had done it. It was as if someone else had done it. Asuka shivered, feeling really weird.

Upon finish getting all the food items the two girls needed, it was time to pay and be face to face with that guy Asuka remembered from the flash back. “No unappropriate touching today?” He asked, his voice dripped in an apathetic tone.

“I’m sure your pants are too tight today anyways, I figured why not save you the pain just this once,” Asuka said sly as she crossed her arms and smirked with her gritted his teeth and flushed at her comment. “Yeah, I think I’m too much of a softy for my own good,” Asuka continued to say in a sarcastic voice.


“Hey stranger,” A friendly voice greets the German. “Never come by anymore, you must be real busy.” Asuka rolled her eyes and kept her mouth shut about the double meaning of ‘busy’… she was already too annoyed to snap back. On the way over Asuka had tripped in a puddle of water, drenching her pant leg and almost knocked Rei over.

“But I’m glad you guys decided to come over,” The violet haired woman said, further opening the door as a way to invite Rei and Asuka in.

“Shinji better be cooking tonight…” Asuka muttered in a grumpy voice.

“He is,” Misato said as the three walk down the minny hall of the apartment, with Asuka dragging behind with pouching lips.

Her eyes wandered around, realizing there was pictures hung up on the wall, unlike Misato’s apartment in the world of Evangelions. A lot of the pictures were of Pen-Pen and Misato. Most of the pictures looked kind of old, noticeably because of how young Pen-Pen looks.

As she continued to walk, she noticed as she went on the pictures were more recent. One picture caught her attention. It was mainly just had her and Rei, with Shinji laying on his gut watching TV and Pen-Pen loafing around on top of Shinji’s back.

Asuka was behind Rei, she guessed that Rei was sitting in Asuka’s lap, but she couldn’t tell because the camera cut off the area. Rei looked uncomfortable and awkward. Asuka had a huge dorky smile on towards the camera; her fingers were pulling at the sides of Rei’s lips forcing her to give an uneven grin.

The Second Child couldn’t help but express a smile looking at the picture; it was an amusing picture to look at.

“That was a fun night…” A voice said, making Asuka jump and turn to glare at Misato for the startle.

“When was it?” Asuka asked, biting at the bottom of her lip as she took her gaze off the older woman and back to the picture.

“Almost two years ago, the first night Rei stayed over. We couldn’t get her to give a smile for the camera, so you forced her to. How could you not remember? You use to talk about that night constantly.” Misato placed her hands on her hips and Asuka responded with a shrug. “You guys should come over and stay the night some time… been a while.”

Asuka nodded, still irritated about the puddle of water from earlier.

“So… why’s your pant leg wet?”

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