Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 6)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 6

Title: Reality and Fantasies

[Author's notes: Kinda short, kinda confusing, kinda different chapter.]

Slowly azure eyes cracked open, before a blinding light forced her to close them. Soon as the lids shut, her body was come by a horrific pain in her ribs.

Asuka shot up out of a laying position as the pain in her ribs grew, her eyes hastily opened and widened at her sudden quick movement. She felt a rising in her chest and forced her hunched over, only creating more pain in chest, and coughed up blood. The rising feeling faded after coughing up the red liquid.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and words enter her ears, “Lay back down.” Asuka looked to the hand, then up to the voice, and to where she was. She was a stretcher, with several doctors surrounding her and pushing the stretcher down a hallway.

“Quick! Get all the pilots to the ER, now!” Came a familiar voice.

Asuka bit her lip, trying to keep her cries of pain to herself as she looked to the voice. There were two other stretchers, with doctors pushing them along bickering amongst each other about the people upon the stretchers.

Asuka looked to Misato, the owner of the voice before; she was trailing behind the stretchers, seemingly stressed out and worried.

“Please, lay down,” Asuka heard again as she painfully looked to the doctor touching her shoulder. “You’re only causing yourself more pain.” The doctor informed, as the German whimpered from a shock of pain flashing by.

The redhead was willing to do anything to ease the pain in her ribs, and she decided to heed the man’s words. “Oh God!” Asuka cried out as she laid back down, feeling a hard jab in her chest, which the noise alerted Misato’s attention.

“Her skull, we fear it may cave in if we don’t hurry up!” Asuka heard a doctor shout from one of the other stretchers.

Suddenly the pace that the doctors were pushing her stretcher slowed and the voice of the doctor who told her to sit down spoke up, “ Take her to the room the pilot of Unit 02 was suppose to go to, it’s much closer.”

Asuka closed her eyes, her vision beginning to blur, the throbbing in her rubs really making it difficult to keep her from not passing out.

Soon after closing her eyes, Asuka couldn’t keep her thoughts straight; the only thing her mind could concentrate on was her pain…. Not where she was, not what was going on, and not who they were talking about the girl who might have her skull caving in.


We’ll be together?” The voice was meek, yet questioning. She looked at me, her head facing downward, peering at me with her timid ruby eyes. “For forever.” I hear a familiar voice say, I look to that voice. She looks like me.

Asuka? Oh good, you’re finally awake. You had me worried there,” A male’s voice sounded. I turn away from the red eyed girl holding my look-a-like’s hand and to a boy hunched over looking someone else who looks just like me; she had a bruise on her head.

Again I hear another voice, I turn to look behind me to see a boy pull his pants down, “It's overpriced, but that's okay, here’s your change!”

“Can you say crazy anal micromanager?” I hear a male’s voice say, I turn to look. It’s a boy with spiky dark brown hair, standing next to him was that red eyed girl, as they both watch someone who looks like me walk away in a huff. The crimson eyed girl responded in a flat voice, “Not five times fast.”

When a wind-up doll like you starts being sympathetic to me...I've really hit rock bottom” I look to my left, suddenly I feel my back lean against an elevator and I’m face to face with red eyed blue haired girl. Just behind her was another look-a-like, just like me.

I’m not a doll.” The girl in front of me said.

I look back at the look-a-like as she stood up straighter and spat out in a quick reply, “Shut up! You do anything you're ordered to, don't you? You'd kill yourself if Commander Ikari told you to, wouldn't you?!”

Now, now, that’s not very nice.” Abruptly the elevator room I was currently in faded away and a disappointed looking person stood in front of me. She looked like me, yet she had a smile on her face and her hair was in ribbons instead of her red neutral clips. “Not a very nice thing to say to someone you love, huh?” She said.

“What? I didn’t say that, she did!”
I look around, trying to find the look-a-like that I saw in the elevator, but she was no where to be found. Suddenly, the black area faded back to the elevator room, except I wasn’t in front of that blue haired girl.

I was in her spot, that other look-a-like’s spot from before. What’s going on?

I think you’re a tad delusional.” I look ahead of me; it’s the one wearing the ribbons. She’s smirking at me; I lower my brows in irritation. “Which are your memories? Which are just your fantasies?”

What the hell are you talking about!?” I spat at her as I grow increasing pissed off.

That is what you are to find out.” She said, before I even had the chance to reply everything went from dark to light, to white, and the sound of a soft ‘beep…beep…beep’ filled my ears.

“Asuka!?” A happy, yet soft, voice sounded from the side from the sounds of it.

Slowly, two blue eyes gazed off to the side, looking at a violet haired woman through half closed eye lids at the entrance to the room.

‘Where am I? What I doing here? Ugh, my chest hurts and I’m hungry.’ The German thought as the purple haired woman approached closer.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake, you’re been out cold for a day and a half.”


“How’s your ribs? The doctors said, you had two broken ribs and one is cracked,” Katsuragi asked in a concerned voice as she finally reached the bedside Asuka lay in currently.

‘So… I’m in the hospital? Did I hit my head again with? No wait; she said something about my ribs.’ Asuka thought, not bothering to answer Misato. The Second Child scrunched her face up in a confused expression.

‘Wait a sec… am I at NERV? The Angel? Was that a dream… in that world without Evangelion and Rei was my- - -‘ Asuka caught her thoughts short, “Where’s Wonder Girl?”

Misato gave a shocked expression before she responded, “Uhm… she was just released out of critical care… I heard she was a few rooms down. Asuka, are you okay?”

“The Angel…?” The German puzzled, trying to get things straight in her mind… she couldn’t figure what really was going on. One minute she was in an Angel fight with the Evas getting their butt creamed, the next she was laying down with a buries on her head from a stupid baseball, then she found out Rei was her girlfriend, and now she’s in the hospital with funked up ribs. Which was real? Asuka couldn’t figure it out… she had memories from both realities; both of them seemed as if they were real.

“If it hadn’t been for Unit 00 reactivating Unit 02 woulda been doomed. I’m not even sure how Unit 00 could even move… the Angel had crushed its head clear off. For some reason, the Angel was interested in your Eva… so Unit 00 had kept the Angel away from your Eva while Unit 01 destroyed the Angel… I was sure we were all good as dead, I’m glad that Angel’s deceased now.”

“All of this is real?” Asuka asked, looking off to the monitors she was currently hooked up to.

Before Misato had the chance to answer, Asuka’s vision was engulfed in white.

By the time her vision cleared, she found herself not in pain in the ribs anymore and the room was dim. She could hear soft breaths from behind her, and warmth behind her too.

She felt something cuddle up next to her, and Asuka found herself being in absolute ease and comfort.

‘What’s going on…?’ Asuka turned her head ever so slightly, to spot a patch of shaggy blue hair, a pair of closed eyes, and ivory skin.

‘Rei…?’ Asuka thought to herself in a puzzled manner.

She currently lay on her side, her head on a comfy pillow, a blanket covering her body, with Ayanami too resting on her side, but she had her forehead and some of her body leaning, in an unintentionally snuggle, against Asuka’s back.

A familiar voice fills Asuka’s head as she turns her head away from looking at the First Child.

Which are your memories? Which are just your fantasies?’

[End notes: I hope you enjoyed this chapter… I dunno if I really like how it came out… but eh I got my point across, well, I hope I did.

Your opinions...?]

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