Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 5)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 5

Title: A Speck of Silver

[Author's notes: Been somewhat of a while since I've updated... I'm kinda starting to lose interest in this story, but I'm trying to stay strong and get this fic done without making you wait forever for an update like my other story Second Wind.

This chapter is a bit more focused on Rei then Asuka, just so you know. The next chapter is going to be different then the others...]

“We could swing by my place and get my Frisbee if anyone wants to play a round of Ultimate Frisbee at the park….” The dark skinned Toji suggested, crossing his arms around his chest and tilting his head. “It’ll be fun to cream Asuka again,” Suzuhara said in a trailing voice, eyeing his friends as they walked down the long school hall crowded with other students.

“Psssht, as if you could ever beat me, monkey boy!” Asuka shot back in a prideful voice while lowering her eyebrows in a cocky manner. Shinji, Kensuke, and Hikari rolled their eyes and sighed as they felt a bicker fight begin to grow between them.

Rei on the other hand wasn’t paying too much attention to whatever everyone else was saying as they walked down the hallway with fellow students making their way out to go home. Not like it really mattered if she paid attention, she would be at Gendo’s for most of the night so their talking would be useless information to her. Feeling a light jab at her side, Ayanami looked down to the elbow gently digging into her side then she brought gaze up to a pair of questioning blue hues. “So you’re off to Shinji’s father place?” Asuka asked in a low voice as if she were afraid the others might hear her. Not like they did, Hikari, Toji, and Kensuke were in some conversation Asuka found uninteresting, though Shinji, he was just being silent.

“First to NERV and then I am to eat dinner at Ikari’s living quarters,” Rei replied a bit flatting as she looked in front of her, spotting the exit of the school nearing. “What time will you be back,” The Second Child asked curiously as she knocked some coppery red locks off her lean shoulders.

Sparing the German a glance, gaining some hope Asuka would start being herself again. A lot of the things Asuka had done and said had emotionally cut Rei real deep. She might seem fine and dandy to everyone else, but inwardly a form of depression wore the albino down. One might say they were two young fourteen year olds that should keep their hands to their selves and that they were too young to have deep feeling for another. But Rei felt as if she was another person, she felt more mature and older than other fourteen year old… she felt as if she were a twenty-one year old in a fourteen year old’s body. She was certain Asuka was like that too, but a cocky child-like exterior around others.

Realizing it has been a few moments of silence and the group had already exited the school, Rei responded, “Around eight, perhaps a little later.” Looking away from the red head Rei continued to speak, “I could stop by a close grocery store to pick up some food, you said at lunch we needed to stock up… I could go on my way back from Ikari’s.”

Rei instantly looked toward Asuka, feeling her knuckle brush against Asuka’s light tanned knuckle. The blue haired girl remembered the winter when they were thirteen and just friends, Asuka would prosperously bump her knuckles up against her own, she could tell Asuka did it prosperously just by the way she kept knuckles their too long. Anyway, after bumping knuckles, Asuka would take her hands if they were cold and make up some dramatic lie about people with cold hands then demanded that she must warm them. After that winter, Asuka grew use to grabbing Rei’s hands, so continued to hold Rei’s hands whenever and usually made up an unbelievable excuse for her reason to be holding them. Rei didn’t need a reason; she enjoyed the warmth that Asuka’s hands always gave off.

Rei mentally frowned at herself; she’s making it seem as if Asuka hadn’t touched her in years, which in fact just the other day, before Asuka’s head had a run in with a baseball, the two had a heavy kiss session before school that made them ten minutes late.

“Nah, we could go tomorrow. It’ll give us something to do tomorrow, anyway.” Asuka said casually and crossed her arms, seeming to not have noticed she had touched Ayanami’s hand by accident.

The whole group came to a stop when they were at the spot in which Rei must go her different direction. “See ya Ayanami,” Both Toji and Kensuke said at the same time. “I’ll see you Monday, Ayanami.” Hikari said, giving a small wave to the First Child. “Would you… say… hello to my father for me?” Shinji asked a bit timidly, a tad jealous that his father obviously favored Rei over his own son.

Rei gave a simple nod to Shinji’s request and then turned her attention to Asuka. “Whelp, Wonder Girl… I’ll see you later.” The German said in an arrogant voice and placed both hands on her hips, “I’ll be sure to kick ape’s butt at Ultimate Frisbee.” Asuka said in the same voice as before, while mentally slapping herself, ‘Damn, why I being… civil to First Child?’ Shaking her from her thoughts, she felt a hand run down her cheek-- bringing chills to Asuka. “Be careful not to hurt your self again,” Rei gently said, hoping Asuka didn’t get knocked in the head with a Frisbee.

Pushing Rei’s hand away and giving a cocky expression, “I will, and quit touching me.” Asuka shocked herself; there was hardly any bitterness in her voice.

“Goodbye for now, Asuka.” Rei said after a moment while tilting her head to knock some light indigo hair out of her ruby eyes.


“You look a bit down.” A calm and slightly loud voice Rei heard, making her crimson eyes to make contact with another pair. Shaggy dark silver hair, a pair of long smirking lips, ivory pale skin, and a matching pair of red eyes was what Rei’s gaze met. “Girl troubles?” He coolly asked, as he walked up next to Rei and leaned his back against the brick wall like Ayanami was.

The two were outside; Gendo gave them a break from working for about ten minutes.

Kaworu Nagisa worked part time at NERV and worked a longer shift on Fridays. He was Rei’s age, but home schooled and was two grades higher than Rei.

“Still with that German girl?” The silver haired teen asked, coolly looking to the stoic girl besides him who looking at the world around her.

“Yes,” Rei replied simply, meeting crimson eyes.

“Care to spill, I know something is up,” Kaworu asked evenly while still holding a smirk.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t be asking,” This boy usually got on the girl’s nerves. He always seemed to be popping up out of no where, always wore that cool smirk, and seemed to always try to pry out information about Ayanami’s life away from work at the bank.

“I was once told talking about things that make one upset; one should talk it out with another. I heard it makes one feel a bit more comfort, or so I remember being told.” Kaworu put both hands in his pockets, raising one eyebrow.

“I believe we should get back to work,” Rei said a bit coldly as she turned shoulder to head back inside.


The night was cool, bringing goose bumps to Rei’s scrawny bare arms, making her pick up her walking pace.

Gendo got heavily caught up in a phone conversation after dinner and motioned for Rei to head home and gave her money to spend for the week, but not bothering to give her a ride… considering the walk would take thirty minutes to walk back. But luckily, Rei just finished climbing up the stairs leading to her apartment floor.

She was home an hour later than what she had told her girlfriend.

Just as she shut the door and locked it, Rei’s gaze caught Asuka just as she finished putting on her pajama top.

“About time you’re back.” Asuka rolled her eyes, then began to take the ribbons out of her hair.

“I apologize,” The blue haired girl replied while digging around for night clothing in her own dresser. “Enjoy your time at the park,” Ayanami asked and looked to the red head that plopped down onto the bed and laid back… she looked worn out.

“We played a couple of rounds of Ultimate Frisbee, Shinji and I were on the same team and monkey boy and the dork were on the other team. Hikari watched and kept score. We won most of the games… it’s a bit tiring playing only two on two.” Asuka gave a chuckle as she continued to speak, “Shinji missed throwing the stupid Frisbee at me, and hit the ape in the back of the head.” Even Rei couldn’t help but smile at that. “Just what he deservers, the idiot.” Rei nodded her head to Asuka’s words as she stalked off to the bathroom to change.

Soon as Rei came out of the bathroom, Asuka was all set and ready for bed, all tucked in and everything… but she was scooted over far to the right of the bed.

‘Why am I feeling like this? Why do I want her sleeping next to me? Just the other night the thought of her being next to me made my skin crawl…. But now?’ Asuka’s mind traced to the dream from the night before, those photographs, and flash backs… were those warming her up to the albino? ‘Damn her.’

“Ya coming to bed?”

[End notes: Sorry for the shortness]

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