Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 4)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 4

Title: Little Demon

[Author's notes: Yay, an updizzle-date. I was going to add Kowaru to this story, so I had started typing away... and was like, 'Damn, this is a horrible idea' so I restarted D: He was suppose to the cool dude crushing on Rei and liked to piss off Asuka, and with the lesbian Asuka pretty much hated for reasons you probably should know why. But I thought 'how cliche, and you guys will probably hate me for it' So no silver haired d00d.

Btw, this is kinda a cruddy chapter. I don't like it more. No killing me, please.]

Chapter 4: Little Demon

The class had gone by fairly quickly, surprisingly, only thing that annoyed the poor German was pretty much constant talking from the young Ikari boy. He had sat by Asuka, bugging her about all sorts of stuff.

Luckily, it was lunch time now!

“Hey Ayanami, let me buy ya lunch today.” Toji said, sticking his hands in his pocket and gave his best friendly expression. Soon as the bell had rung signaling for lunch, Toji gathered his stuff and made a mad dash towards Rei’s desk.

“I am capable of getting my own lunch,” The albino responded, standing up away from her desk. The cold shoulder from Rei was driving Toji up the wall, like earlier in class when they were assignment to work on a class paper together, she had pretty much did all the work while Toji blabbered on how sorry he was. Suzuhara was well aware that he had said to Hikari that he wasn’t going to apologize, but when you get someone like Rei pissed off, you must have done something horrible. So, he had felt bad about it, but still didn’t get what the point was. After all, Toji thought, its Asuka own fault for being in the way and acting funny.

“Think of it as an apology gift then, now, c’mon, let me buy ya lunch, Ayanami.” Toji said, a friendly expression deepening, as he grabbed her arm and lightly tugged it. “Anything you want.”

“What’s taking you two so long?” Toji and Rei heard from the door, they both turned head to spot Asuka, Hikari, Kensuke, and Shinji poking their head from the side of the door giving curious glances at the two remaining.

“Ayanami’s being stubborn,” The jock said in a whinny voice, tugging the blue haired girl’s arm again.

“C’mon on you two, by the time you guys give up, lunch will be over.” Kensuke said, looking at the two through his camera, not filming them, just looking.

“Not until Ayanami lets me buy her lunch” Toji replied, looking back to the albino.

“I’m not hungry.” Rei shot to him, hoping that will make him drop it.

Toji opened his mouth to reply, but felt a jerk on his ear. The boy let out an overly dramatic pained noise as he felt himself getting dragged across the room, while Asuka was pushing Rei from behind her toward the exit.

‘Oh God, seeing Rei all stubborn… that’s weird.’ Asuka thought, rolling her eyes in an annoyed manner. Only reason why she was still sticking around was because Hikari hadn’t let Asuka go off, and she had pretty much dragged Asuka back to the class room to get Toji and Rei.

“Ow! Class rep, ya don’t gotta be to rough, ya know!” Toji spat, cradling his red ear. Finally, they had made it to the lunch room, with ten minutes to spare.

Ten minutes… the tingling feeling on Asuka’s returned when she heard Aida make some whinny comment about ten minutes left. Ugh, that dream seemed so real, the touches, the warmth, everything. All n’ all, she just wanted to go back to living with Misato, Shinji, and have NERV not as a bank. Asuka wasn’t sure if she should just play along with everyone, tell everyone else off, and screw over Rei with some like Kaji. ‘I hope Kaji’s here…’

So many questions over whelmed her, just so many that they were migraine worthy. Like, should Asuka just break it off with Rei? But when her mind tracks to pure happiness she appeared in those pictures with Rei, Asuka desired to feel that, she envied herself in those pictures. Not ever has she seen someone look so… content, all those pictures, everyone, including Shinji and the rest of the gang, look happy. Asuka wanted a shot at that. But when she thinks about it, Asuka doesn’t think she can have that. She hates Rei, and was doubtful anything can evolve from her loath. Or like, is everything going to turn to normal? The Evas, Angels, and everything else be how it should rightfully should be? Or was she stuck in this new reality. God, she hoped not.

“Wow, Asuka, you look really out of it today.” Kensuke said, a mouth full of food. Asuka looked to the nerd, shrugged her shoulders, then glanced to the rest of the group. Toji, Hikari, and Shinji were engaged in some conversation Asuka found herself not caring. Glancing to the albino being one of the centers consuming her mind, she was looking off out the window with an expression reading that she was defiantly off in La-la Land while she slowly at the lunch Toji had bought her.

‘Break it off with her’ Asuka thought, pouching her lips out, rested her elbow on the table, and placed her chin on the palm on of hand, with narrowed eyelids. “Wonder Girl,” Asuka asked softly, trying not to alert the others’ attention.

Cherry hues slowing connected with azure ones, curiosity lightly coating that deep red. “I was thinking, we should… uh… go to the… store!” Asuka said, her voice very awkward. ‘Way to go idiot! Why didn’t I do it?’ Asuka mentally slapped herself, having a difficult time. She was confused, why couldn’t she say that she wanted to break up?

Catching the expression Rei sudden wore to what the German had said, Asuka clarified with, “Uhm, after school. I noticed there wasn’t much to eat at the apartment.” Asuka clarified coolly in a cocky voice, while she idly thought her voice wasn’t taking orders from her brain anymore.

The albino flashed her an odd expression before saying in her usual calm and quiet voice, “Remember, I go to Ikari’s father’s house today. It’s Friday.”

Rei went to Shinji’s father’s bank, NERV, after school on Fridays to help out around the bank and have dinner later on. It was under agreement that Gendo would pay for the apartment and whatever else. ‘Why do I know that?’ Asuka scrunched up her face in confusion at the fact she just remember what Rei did on Fridays. ‘Wait, why does that pig of a Commander want to have just Rei for dinner?’’

“Why do you have to go?” Asuka asked while cocking a slim brow. “So Ikari will pay- - -“

“No, not what I was asking, idiot.” Asuka rolled her eyes as Rei sort of dunked her shoulders. “I used to live with him, he still wants to see me, hence the dinners, and working at NERV.” Thinking over what Rei had said, the German began to think that perhaps Shinji and Ayanami were related. No, what about the last name Ayanami?

Her mind suddenly flashed back:

Hey, Ayanami… do you ever wonder about your parents” I asked, turning my head slightly, looking at the girl besides me. She and I lay on top of a lush grassy hill over looking the city of Tokyo 3, my thumb was caressing ivory knuckles, I enjoy the slight indents between each bone and the silky touch of her skin.

She turned to look at me briefly, than back up to the seemingly endless blue sky. “Sometimes.” She answered shortly, in a light whisper.

Whatever happened to ‘em?” I ask, cocking my eyebrow up curiously. Rei and I are good friends, yet sometimes I yearn for more. I could go on ‘n on for my reasons, but I should be listening to what she’s saying, not eyeing her up.

I don’t remember them, I believe I use to live with this one man, I think he was a friend of Ikari.” Rei stated slowly, trying to remember as she spoke. She lightly bit her lip, making my eyes seem to be glued looking there as I tighten my grip on her hand. “So, how’d you end up staying at Gendo’s place? Cause he wouldn’t even let Shinji live there after his mother died.”

She bit her lip again, rolled her eyes to the side, trying to think and recall. God, she’s so cute. If only she’d bite my--- my thoughts were stopped abruptly, probably for the better, when she started speaking again, “The man said he was going out of town for a couple of days, or so I believe he was. He claimed to Ikari, that he had no one to watch me. So, Ikari said he would look after me while he was gone. I was five, or around that age. I don’t really recall.”

“Wow, that guy must have been a hell of a good convincer to get the bastard to watch ya.” I say slyly, than squeeze her hand lightly to encourage her to continue.

I noted her quick annoyed expression she flashed me, before she continued, “He never came back. That is why I live with Ikari now.”

That other guy is an ass, who would ever want to get rid of you?” I ask in a cocky voice as I sit up and pinch her cheek and move closer to her. She removes my fingers from her cheek and stands “We should get you back to Katsuragi’s living quarters.” I roll my eyes at that, whenever I try to get close closer to her, she always pulls away. Damn, it annoys me so much.

Yeah, whatever.”

“Hey, Asuka snap out of it! Lunch is over.” Toji waved his hand in front of Asuka idiotically, making her growl and slap it away. “I know, monkey boy!”

“Sure ya did.” Toji replied in a whisper as he stuck his hands in his pocket and began to walk. “So, during lunch Shinji and the rest of us thought after school lets out, we should walk down to the park and hang a bit. It’s been a while since we’ve done that. And, maybe, Ayanami, you could drop by after goin’ to Shinji’s father?” The jock asked, looking hopefully at the blue haired girl.

“I will not been able to leave until after sun set,” The albino replied, actually disappointed she wouldn’t be able to make it.

“We'll go Monday too, so you can get a chance. And what about you Asuka, gonna come along today?” The dark haired boy asked, turning to the fiery red head.

Asuka knocked some apricot strands of hair off her slender shoulders, before replying, “Sorry ape, like I’d want to hang out with you.” With that being rudely said, Sohryu placed both hands on her hips and awaited the snarky remark that was sure to come.

“What else do you have to do? Go along with your girlfriend? Can’t even be away for three seconds.” Toji replied, surprisingly calmly, as he scratched the top of his tanned ear lobe.

Suddenly, Toji a growing pain on his foot. “Ow! You didn’t have to stomp on my foot, ya know!”

‘How could I ever forget she was a little demon?’ Toji thought, trying to keep tears from appearing in his eyes.

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