Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 3)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 3

Title: Where The Colors Don't Go

[Author's notes: Whew, another chapter so soon? Wow, I'm on a roll, thanks to your guys feedback, they make me want to write]

Chapter Three: Where The Colors Don't Go


Smooth fingers traveled down my exposed stomach flesh where my shirt had ridden up, up they went, stopping after going up an inch or two until being removed complete. The lost of the cool touch on the side of my stomach alerts my attention as I take my lips off the ivory flesh on her neck and peer into her glossy crimson eyes.

A small smile slid to my lips at her nervous sand meek expression as I place both my hands on her hips, off the small of her back. “What if…” she began to say until I raise my hand and soothingly rub the pad of my thumb over her pale cheek

Lunch won’t be over until at least ten more minutes, no one is gonna walk in,” I assure her, than gave her a grin to help reassure the girl. Her head tilted adorably as she slightly pouched out her feathery lips, making me bite my tongue hard to keep from tackling her in a hug.

She still looked unsure, I probably should be too, considering we were walked in last week, but that was when there was only three minutes left of lunch, though, I don’t really care about someone walking in at the moment. Almost ten minutes left, what’s the chances, huh?

We were in the classroom; I was up against a wall with her leaning into me, while everyone else was off to lunch either outside or in the cafeteria. So Asuka was hardly worried at the moment.

C’mon, it’ll be okay.” I say in a soothing voice as I calmly brush some stringy blue hair out of her dazzling red eyes. That seemed to do the trick; she leaned back into me and places her hands back at my sides.

I close my eyes, awaiting for her lips on mine, several seconds pasted and I suddenly felt the presents of a body against mine had disappeared.

Asuka snapped her eyes open, to be greeted to the darkness of the room and looking directly into the ceiling. The German sat up with a confused expression as she kicked off the blankets on top of her.

This room… it didn’t look like hers, oh right. She was at the First Child’s place. Her mind raced to what caused her to awaken, her skin began to crawl, she could almost still those ghostly fingers on her. Asuka quickly brought her own fingers to the sides of her stomach, trying to rub off the tingling feel.

Her mind continued to wrap around the dream, her lip rose in disgust and her eyebrows furrowed. She became increasing grossed out, and mad, by her imitate dream.

The sensation on her sides where Ayanami’s touch was in the dream began to grow on Sohryu’s nerves and she took her nails and scratched, hoping to rid of the feeling.

Letting out a frustrated noise, Asuka kicked off the blanket and sheets to the floor, landing on top of the pillow Asuka had thrown off early. Before she went to sleep, she asked Rei which pillow was hers out of the two, when she responded; Asuka had knocked it off to the floor.

Taking her sapphire hues off the fallen bedding, she looked up around the room. It seemed empty until she looked toward to kitchen with the light on dimly. The German had gotten up to get ready to give Rei a scolding for no particular reason and trailed off to the kitchen where she assumed the albino was.

She stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, leaning against the wall and frowning.

There was Rei sleeping in a chair, hunched over the table, with her forehead resting on the smooth wood, one arm bent at an angle near her head and the other one was sprawled across the table, holding a half open bookThe Count of Monte Cristo,only being held open by Rei’s thumb sticking in it.

Asuka held in a snicker, Rei was probably going to be a world of hurt at sleeping at a right angle all night. She did slightly feel bad that she had pretty much given Rei no place to sleep, but she found herself not caring too much.

After watching for a few moments, Asuka turned shoulder and stalked off to bed before glancing at the clock, reading three in the morning. Only a few more hours until school, might as well get a couple more hours of sleep.


“Hey, get up!” Asuka said loudly, rubbing her wet locks with a brown towel in one hand and poking Rei with the other. “You should get ready for school, only an hour before we haveta go.” The German said as soon as Rei had sat up from her right angle.

The First Child stood up, arching her back in discomfort from the ache of how she slept. Her ruby eyes scanned the girl before in, Asuka clad in a towel with stringy wet coppery locks. Maybe Asuka would be like her old self today, so Rei was hopeful to say the least. “Are you feeling better today?” The albino asked in a voice that was near a whisper.

Asuka unconscientiously brought a hand up to the dark purple bruise on her forehead, touching it lightly. For the first time she saw it, it was in the bathroom mirror this morning, it had made Asuka wince looking at it. Her ocean hues looked to where she saw Ayanami’s were looking, in which was on the bruise on her forehead above her eyebrow. “Keh, I’m fine,” Asuka’s rude tone totally crushed Rei’s hope. “Now, where could I get some clean clothes to wear, like hell I’m goin’ to school in a towel.” Asuka tilted her head and gave a demanding look.

Rei began to stalk off out of the kitchen and into the main room of the apartment, she pointed to a dresser, signaling that was Asuka’s, than she wandered off toward her own dresser to grab out a clean school uniform and under garments then went off toward the bathroom.

Asuka stood next to her own dresser, watching as the bathroom closed and shortly after she could hear the shower. She waited a few more seconds until she dropped the towel off; she didn’t want Rei coming out if she had the queer eye for her ‘goodies’.

After fully dressed, found a brush, tied her hair up in some red ribbons she found lying on her dresser, she wandered in the kitchen to look for the breakfast.

There wasn’t much to eat in there, but their happened to be some Poptarts, she grabbed the box and tried to find something else, but she guessed that would do for now.

Hearing the click of a door opening, the Second Child left the kitchen to see Rei all clean and squeaky fresh out of the bathroom. Her hair was still wet, giving off a dark hazy blue sheen to it; Asuka found her self giving off an admiring stare. But she was quickly shaken out of her staring after she realized what she was doing. “Here, catch. We better eat on the go since we’re walkin’ to school.” Asuka said after a moment of silence and tossed the blue haired girl a pack of Pop.

Rei had caught the pack, but just barely and muttered a thank you. She set it down and began to slip on her long tight knee socks and put on her school shoes as Asuka began to do the same, expect her socks were white with a red strip near the top.

“Ready to go,” Rei asked as she picked up her Poptart pack and stood up, looking over at the German.

Asuka gave a slight nod and followed Rei off to the door. She couldn’t believe she was actually going along with this, living a life where everyone thought she was gay with Rei.

This couldn’t be right; they belonged in a world of Evangelions and NERV. Without her Eva, she felt like an every day common Jo. And what about her past… her Mama? Where they still the same? Maybe everyone was just trying to pull some cruel joke on her.

The walk to school seemed to take forever, but eventually the two made it to school, and Asuka found herself at her locker. Weird… she didn’t need a locker within the world Evangelions, Rei had to help her open it then she had went off to class once Toji tried to talkg to her.

Asuka had given curious glances around the locker, it having many pictures taped in side. There were a few with Shinji and Hikari, but the ones that really caught her eye were the ones she was with Rei. Asuka looked so happy in them, a certain happiness she was sure never felt before. She took her time looking at them, memories of how the pictures were taken invading her mind.

The first one was the two girls wrapped in the same scarf; Rei looked distracted by something off camera while Asuka was grinning into the camera. Asuka was holding the camera toward them, and the pad of her thumb could be seen in the picture. Also, it was slightly snowing in the picture.

Asuka could remember it was taken during Christmas break and it was the first snow fall of the season.

The second picture had Rei looking as if she were getting ready to start giggling with Asuka butting into the picture. Hikari’s hand was reaching out from the camera, trying to get Asuka out of the way, and Toji’s hand was holding Asuka’s arm trying to get her out of the picture. Asuka could remember that Hikari was trying to get a picture of Rei to hang up in her own locker, but Asuka had felt like being a dork and butt into the picture and gave a silly kiss on Ayanami’s cheek. It was snapped right before Asuka’s lips met Rei’s cheek. In the end, Hikari got her picture of just Rei after several attempts and Asuka had kept this picture, finding Rei’s expression to be quite adorable. Even now, Asuka found the picture rather sweet, not like she’d admit it.

The third one looked as if it was taken at Misato’s apartment, the way Asuka’s mind remembered it, Rei had came wandering up and made herself comfortable in Asuka’s lap. They were both in the living room, so Asuka was sitting on the floor. Rei had snuggled up next to Asuka and had a faint playful grin graced on her lips. Asuka was in mid laugh, do to something Misato had said as she took the picture.

The fourth one was taken towards the end of summer vacation; both Rei and Asuka were sharing a bicycle. They were at the park with Shinji, trying to squeeze the last bit of summer out of their vacation. Asuka remember it was a fun day, that Asuka was a little depressed she actually wasn’t there to experience it.

The fifth was just of Rei, it was one of those uninspecting quick shot pictures, it was taken at a slanted angle. It was a close up of Rei’s crimson left eye, and a Band-Aid stuck to her cheek, Rei had a certain relaxed look to her. This was also at Misato’s place, though Asuka couldn’t remember why she took the picture in the first place or why Rei had a band-aid on her cheek.

Then the final one Asuka took the time to examine was one with Rei giving a pouting expression. She looked annoyed by the fact she was wearing a goofy hat and everyone that could be seen in the picture, Toji, Shinji, and Kensuke, were laughing. Asuka could remember she had bought the hat at the store and put it on Rei’s head when she wasn’t paying attention. The beanie looked quite silly on Rei, it was light brown, had an overly happy puppy face on the front, and two stubby puppy ears on top of the beanie hat.

There were more pictures containing the two girls, but class was getting close to getting started, so Asuka decided it was best to go. The pictures with Asuka in them, the happiness coating her features had made Asuka let out a frustrated growl. All of this was a hard thing for Asuka to believe, she hated Rei, how could these pictures with her and Rei make her look so at ease? It almost disgusts the girl to be that happy.

“Hey Asuka, you feelin’ any better?” Shaking Sohryu out of her thoughts, she looked to Kensuke walking up.

“You better be the last person who ask me that, geek boy.” Asuka replied sharply, beginning to walk toward class.

“Still the flaming demon, I see” Kensuke whispered, looking down to his camera and cleaned the lenses of it.

“Damn, Hikari, Ayanami is pissed at me.” Asuka heard as she entered into the classroom. “Really, how so?” She heard the response from Hikari. “The cold shoulder, I mean c’mon, though you can’t really tell she’s glarin’ at me… I think she wants to hit me.” Toji admitted. “Well, you after all did totally knock her girlfriend in the head, I would be mad too. Why don’t you apologize?” Hikari responded. “I see no point in apologizin’, I’m not the one with an attitude problem.” Toji replied stiffly. “Suzuhara,” The class rep stiffly said, making the jock dunk his shoulders and lean back in his chair.

Asuka made sort of a ‘tccht’ noise before furtherly walking into the room; she glanced around for a set. There was one in the back by the window, behind Rei, and a few by Toji and Hikari. The Second Child tilted her head, her head flashing back to that dream and those pictures as an urge to sit in that sit over near Ayanami.

“Hey Wonder Girl.”

[End notes: I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter and like where this is headed. I kind of had a hard time writing this, because what I had planned for this chapter I decided to keep that for a later chapter cause it seemed better for later than now. And the pictures I described out in this chapter, I've drawn out and currently am coloring them in photoshop... if anyone's interested in seeing them I'll tell you my email in the chapter if y'all are interested. Btw, the chapter got this name from this song from Gilmore Girls, I thought it fit well to the picture scene in this chappy. I would describe why, but I don't want to bore you.

Anywho, until next time... hope to hear from ya, see ya for now!]

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