Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 2)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 2

Title: The Sweet Taste of WTF

[Author's notes: Yay, your feedback have motivated me to update... cause seriously, it'll take me forever to update with out your motivation. So thank you for the kind, and some of them funny, feedback. Hope this chapter doesn't disappoint.]

“Man, the nurse has already gone hom- - -Asuka! How’s your head,” A familiar voice asked, making the fiery German turn her head around, getting a glimpse of two on coming girls. Oh good, it’s Hikari, maybe she’ll talk some sense into these boys.

Were they on crack? That’s what Asuka thought, it didn’t take a genius to figure out she hated Rei, maybe they were just joking around. And their joking around was pissing her off.

The two girls had walked up in front of Asuka, with the boys behind Asuka and facing the girls. “Would everyone quit asking me that already? Damn!” Asuka said in a huff.

The German cast a look to Rei, her eyebrows furrowing, the girl seemed quiet and not being all touchy-feely like any other girlfriend would do if their other got hurt. Yeah… the boys were just being stupid, ha! She knew they were joking! But… that doesn’t explain the Angel fight she swore she was in.

Shaking her out of her thoughts, she felt a cool hand touch very lightly at her temple, near the bruise, but before that the fingers gently brushed some coppery hair out of the way. Ocean blue eyes widened feeling the cooing touch, then focusing her vision on the beholder of the hand, and then her slender eyebrows instantly shot down and slapped away the pale hand with her own. “Don’t touch me!”

The slap of smacking away the hand rung through everyone’s ears, making some gasp from the venomous tone leaking from Asuka’s snap, while Rei withdrew her hand as if she had just touched a hot potato.

Hikari glanced to the blue haired girl standing besides her, frowning at her friend, though it was hard to see, but if one knew Ayanami well enough, she was obviously emotionally hurt. Then, the class rep glanced past Asuka to see Toji having take his index finger and spin it in circles around his temple, trying to pass the message on that Asuka was ‘coo-coo-crazy’

Rei rested her hand by her side, being faintly red from what Asuka had done. She was merely just tried to inspect the welting bruise on her ‘girlfriend’s’ head and was being careful not to touch the wound, but to the side of it. Usually when Asuka had gotten an ouchie, she enjoyed Rei inspecting them; claming Rei’s hand was cool and soothing. ‘Maybe I hurt her…’ Ayanami thought, tilting her head slightly, making a few strands of moonlight blue hair fall into her crimson eyes.

“I apologize, did I hurt you?” Rei asked in a hushed voice, coated in hesitant and guilt.

‘What the hell is up? Wonder Girl apologizing, to me?’ Asuka thought while lowering her eyebrows further. ‘Oh God… what if she really has the queer eye for me? Disgusting.’

“No, you didn’t hurt me, stupid. I just don’t want you touching me! Now, what about the hairy ass Angel? Is it dead?” Asuka asked, placing both hands on her hips, as a frown gently slid to Rei’s lips.

Her girlfriend was acting weird, being all stand-offish, which was drastically different than her usual hanging on Rei hand and foot.

“There she goes talking about that… Angel… thing from before,” Shinji muttered to himself, scratching his temple. Had possibly Asuka gone bananas after the hit to the head, there sure was hell to pay to Toji.

“Holy hell, Suzuhara you don’t hit like a girl after all. You made the poor girl go insane,” The friend standing next to Toji said, genially feeling sorry for Rei, she looked like some sort of puppy abandoned in the rain. He was about the height of Toji, maybe taller, with tanned skin like Toji too. His hair was dark brown, being spiked up and lightly dipped in dirty blonde on the tips of the brown.

“Shut up Satoshi, if the Asuka wasn’t in the way she wouldn’t have gotten hit!” Toji shot back at his friend, catching the ear of everyone.

“Well if you didn’t suck at baseball, you wouldn’t have hit me, you ape!” Asuka snapped, getting increasingly pissed off by the second. The Angel, the weird light, supposedly getting knocked in the head with a baseball, and Rei’s her girlfriend. Seriously, what the hell is going on!? Asuka wasn’t so sure what to believe anymore, only that her head hurt like crazy.

“Maybe Ayanami and I should take you to the doctor?” Hikari suggested after glaring daggers at Toji, completely putting the blame on him for Asuka’s… weird attitude.

Asuka let out an angered noise and pointed a slender finger at her supposed girlfriend, “I’m not going anywhere with her!”

Rei’s eyebrows sunk down, her feelings beginning to hurt. Hikari quickly glance to the albino soon as those words left the German’s mouth, and gently gave Rei a pat on the shoulder in a comforting manner. “Asuka, Ayanami’s your girlfriend; you shouldn’t treat her like this, no matter how big of a bump on your head is,” Hikari crossed her arms, pouching her lips out. “Apologize to her.” Hikari remembered back to the first day Asuka had said her and Ayanami were a couple, and if anybody, and she really meant anybody, were to give them crap or harass Rei, she would personally run them through a wall and shove their head into an unpleasant place behind them.

“Yeah, apologize to poor Ayanami,” Satoshi gave a nod to his head, and walked to the blue haired girl and grabbed her by the chin, “I mean look at this face…” He said before Rei inched her chin out of the tanned boy’s grasp.

“I agree, apologize, Asuka,” Kensuke piped in, pushing up his thick glasses up the bridge of his freckled nose while Shinji and Toji nodded to show their agreement.

The Second Child balled her fist and prepared to scold and bark at everyone until the First’s voice cut in, “No, Asuka does not owe me apology,” Rei muttered in a stand-off voice, looking down to her shoes, her silky blue bangs covering her face.

“Well, you heard Wonder Girl.” Asuka crossed her arms, while Rei mentally blushed at the name. She had started calling her that after their first time they had gone past kissing and straight to sex.

“That’s it, call that babe you’re livin’ with to come and pick up Asuka and take her to the doc.” Toji placed one arm on his hip, and looked to Shinji.

“You big ape, I’m fine.” Asuka snorted.

“Or maybe to the loony bin.” Toji snickered to Satoshi.

“I heard that doofus, but whatever, I’m going home.” The German said to the small group and turned heel to head off, but then she heard Ikari’s timid voice pipe up. “Ah, Asuka, I live that way. You live with Ayanami now; um, maybe you should have her lead you home.”

‘I don’t live with Misato anymore… and now with the doll? This is stupid… ugh… I really need to lie down, my head is throbbing so hard I feel as if Imma die’ The Second Child thought while biting her lip and whirled around to face the group. ‘Maybe once my head quits hurting I’ll give everyone a piece of my mind and tell ‘em to shove it!’ It’s true, Asuka didn’t feel like resisting anymore, her head pounded so hard her vision seemed to black out for a short second. “Well,” The German gave an expecting look to the albino, whom still had her head hung a bit.

Hikari lightly bumped her elbow into her friend’s side, trying to make her go off with Asuka. “Wonder girl,” Asuka said expectedly, placing both hands on her slim hips.

Rei glanced up at her girlfriend, a grin almost appearing upon her lips, hoping finally the spunky red head was warming back up to her. Quickly, the quiet girl gave a look to Asuka’s hands placed on her hips, feeling disappointment rush through her veins. Ayanami had grown so accustomed to Asuka always offering her hand out, that it came out to a disappointment.

“Yes, let’s go home.” Rei said, taking the lead. Everyone who stayed behind said their goodbyes and wishes for Asuka to feel better, and by better they meant they wished her back to normal.

A long deafening silence erupted through the girls once out of the ear shot of their friends. Rei walked ahead with loose balled fist and Asuka trailed behind, lightly touching her owie.

“So, First Child, are we really… ya know…” Asuka drawled out slowly, curiously looking up at the girl. Her skin just purely crawled at the thought of being imitate with this girl in front of her.

“Yes,” Rei answered evenly, seemingly seeming fine and dandy. Asuka raised her lip in disgust and kept her rude comment to herself, she can explode her anger later, first she needed to rest. “You honestly don’t remember anything between us, Asuka?” Rei asked calmly, not bothering to turn her head around to peer at her girlfriend… well, Rei wasn’t even sure if Asuka still wanted to be that with her.

“No,” Asuka answered stiffly. There was nothing to remember, Rei and her were supposed to detest each other, but not all lovey dovey. Eck. “How could anyone ever date a wind-up doll anyways,” Asuka remarked rudely in a hushed voice.

Rei turned her head, peering at Asuka with slight furrowed brows, “I am not a doll.” Asuka couldn’t help but smirk, at least she gotten some emotion, she enjoyed pissing the blue haired girl off. The way her lips looked as it were getting ready to twitch into a frown and how her thin eyebrows would go down ever so slightly, it was quite cute- - - Wait hold up! ‘Gross, what am I thinking? She’s not even remotely anything close to… cute… well she is, no shut up mind. I’m soooo gonna kill monkey boy tomorrow for knockin’ me a good one… that is, even if I was hit all. What about NERV and the Evas? Everyone thinks I’m crazy for talking about the Angel. Maybe this is a really bad nightmare!’

“Hey, Wonder Girl, what about NERV?” Asuka asked after a few seconds of silence. Rei slowed her walking pace after hearing her nickname given to her and remained walking side by side to the German. “You mean the bank by Katsuragi’s and Ikari’s living quarters?” Asuka shot a confused glanced to the girl besides her.

“A bank?” Asuka muttered to herself rather than to the blue haired teen.

That’s it; first thing tomorrow Sohryu’s going to the doctor to make sure everything’s fine, Asuka seemed so different after getting that clunk in the head from Suzuhara. And, that big bruise, it made Rei just wanna go up and gently kiss it better, but the way Asuka’s actin’ she better stay away if she knows what’s best for her.


Ayanami’s place, it seemed so… comforting. That was Asuka’s first impression coming in the apartment, this place looked livable compared to what the outside of it looked like. It was grungy and unappealing outward looking apartment, that Asuka was tempted to rather just sleep in a tree. But once inside, her mind changed. The floor was tilted from the door way down the short hall, than it changed to creamy white fuzzy carpet. The walls were painted a very light blue, with a white rim outlining the bottom of the wall, nearing the carpet. There were picture frames and photographs taped or nailed to the wall, along with some posters and some silly drawings on paper taped to the wall as well. There were two dressers, one she guessed was hers and the other’s was Rei’s. The kitchen was small, but it had a two person table with matching chairs, an old looking fridge, and a titled floor. Near the kitchen was the bathroom with the door shut, so Asuka couldn’t tell what it looked like. Then, there was a twin-sized bed, looking as if it could barely fit two without them touching. The blankets were blue and white, and there were two pillows and an extra blanket at the edge of the bed. And not far from the end of the bed was a minny tan dresser with a small television on top and a DVD player and in the cabinet of the dresser was probably DVDs, Asuka guessed.

“Here…” Asuka all of a sudden heard, she shifted her field of vision to the pair of creamy yellow pajamas neatly folded in Ayanami’s grasp. “I assume your school uniform is uncomfortable to rest in…”

[End notes: Well... I am I still doin' good so far? Thoughts and opinions please. :D]

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