Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 13)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 13

Title: Going Back without the Forth

[Author's notes: Gah, sorry gals and dudes for the lack of updates. I accidentally uninstalled Microsoft Word, it a long story, but to shorten it up I got Word back and I can have somewhere I feel comfortable typing at. My other Word, it was old as a rock now I have the 2007 version, yay. Btw, Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.]

“Which one?” A voice boomed over the loud atmosphere.

Vibrant red eyes shifted focus to the beholder of the voice and then cocked her head slightly to the side to signify she didn’t quite catch what Asuka had said.

Asuka rolled her eyes and sighed while she lifted her hands a little to try and bring Rei’s attention to them, being too lazy to try and shout over the blaring radio. In her hands were two different colors of ribbons Asuka had planned to put in her hair, red in her right and gray in the left. Both of the ribbons matched her outfit. A pair of grayish blue jeans with plaid red patches on the knees and a plaid patch on her rear left pocket. A gray tank-top sweater with red triangles decorating the front side with a white long sleeved under shirt with a texture of fresh unused bed sheets.

Rei shifted her eyes between the two ribbons for a second before pointing at the right one. Asuka gave a half smirk as thanks and turned back to the mirror inside the bathroom.

The two girls were getting ready to go out with their friends for pizza and a day chilling of around the city.

Asuka lifted a slight smile to her lips as she peered at herself in the mirror while fixing her hair in her usual do. The weekend had a great start so far and she hoped today would go pretty well as well. The walk with Rei last night had given Asuka a sort of tender feeling. Nothing too interesting had gone on during the walk, it was simple and peaceful.

On the radio, the annoying radio host announced what the next song coming up would be and Asuka scrunched up her nose, she hated that song. It was so perky and catchy.

Not even one verse into the song, Asuka heard the volume of the song go off. After tying the last ribbon in, Asuka poked her head of the bath room to look at Rei. “That song likes to test my nerves.” Rei said once Asuka poked her head out.

“Same here,” Asuka answered as she flipped the bathroom light off and stumbled out of the bathroom.

Letting her ocean blue eyes wander, Asuka curiously looked at Rei’s attire. Plain blue jeans with a slight rip on her right knee. A saturated lime green sleeve-less vest, the vest was thick yet not bulky. The vest had many pockets and a hood. Under the vest was a very thin and slender white shirt with extra long sleeves that was loosely rolled up to her elbows. Around her neck was a medium sized pale purple bandana with barely visible white and black spots.

“Ready to go?” Asuka asked as she placed her hands on her hips. Rei gave a silent nod.


Cobalt eyes traced to sound of footsteps coming closer, then a smile traced his pearl pink lips, “Rei, Asuka, hey,” Shinji warmly greeted while Kensuke waved, who tried to seem cool next to Shinji.

“Hey losers,” Asuka greeted cockily.

“Hello Ikari, Aida,” Rei murmured while she attempted to roll sleeves up again, which only resulted for them to unroll out.

“Class rep made up stay out here while she got us some seats.” Kensuke informed in an annoyed tone as he rubbed his scrawny cold arms.

“And where’s the ape?” Asuka asked curiously.

“He’s not here yet,” Shinji answered while digging his fist further into his pockets of his dark purple and blue coat and dug his chin into his scarf.

“Well, have fun cooling your butts out here, Wonder Girl and I are goin’ in.” Asuka grabbed Ayanami’s pale skinned hand and motioned her towards entrance of the pizza place.


An hour had pasted by and everyone was finishing up and was in light conversation, until Asuka piped up, “Anyone want me to go fetch some refills?” Asuka asked as she picked up her cup with only a sip left of soda.

Only Toji was in need of a refill, so Asuka took his cup as he handed it to her, then the German let her hues wander to Rei to see if she’d tag along. Asuka pouched her lip out a little while an eyebrow furrowed. She was talking to Shinji.

Asuka tried not to think anything of it, but she had to admit she just didn’t like it when Rei would stay back to talk to someone else.

Making a silent huff noise, the red head turned heel with her cup and Toji’s to catch a refill toward the front of the building.

After about a few steps, Asuka felt her eyes flutter upward as she stumbled with her walking. Her azure eyes began to flutter upward again, whiteness covering before Asuka quickly shut her eyes.

Without realizing it, the two cups in her hands dropped to the floor, making a loud noise-which alerted the others at the table.

Asuka brought two fingers to her temples, trying to ease the over bearing feeling that was growing. Asuka heard her friend calling her name and their approaching foot steps.

Opening her tightly shut eyes, trying to peer back at her friends, her eyes were over come with complete blinding white light… and her body fell limp.


‘Nnnn, my head…’ The German thought, her eyes shut as she brought her hand to her forehead.

Opening her eyes slowly, a let yell pitched out of her throat as her heart rate spiked. “Wwwark!” Asuka suddenly furrowed her eyebrows and raised her hand up, pushing Pen-Pen away.

The penguin was bent over; looking over the German, which waking up to that face was hence the yell. “Stupid animal.” Asuka muttered, momentarily forgetting about her surroundings, as Pen-Pen ran squawking out of the room.

“What’s with all the no- … Asuka!” Asuka suddenly snapped her head towards the direction of the voice. “You’re awake… I was worried… you’ve been out for several weeks. I didn’t think it was the best idea to take you out of the hospital, but Misato insisted to take you back to her apartment… and now you’re awake.” Shinji said, using his nervous tender voice. About a week ago, Misato had decided to take Asuka out of the hospital, thinking it’d be better for her to stay at the apartment rather than NERV.

Asuka continued to look silently at Shinji, with Pen-Pen standing behind him. ‘Am I back…? Where’s Rei, she should be here.’ Asuka suddenly pouched her lip out; she wasn’t supposed to want Rei here.

Asuka fell back; her head lightly hitting the pillow while a loud sigh escaped her lips. She had thought all this switching was over, she was actually to the point where she was warm to the idea of stay there… in the other reality.

“Well, I’ll, uh, call Misato. I suppose you can just yell if you need anything, Asuka.” Shinji said, peering at Asuka, worried about her.

“Whatever, idiot.” Asuka murmured, wondering why all this reality crap had to be going on with her. It wasn’t fair; she just wanted to be alone. With Rei. ‘Wait, not her.’ Asuka let a grumpy sigh, all the same questions she’s asked herself a million times came floating back to her.

Maybe all this would be easier if she just had someone to help her through this, suddenly a new question popped into Asuka’s head. Why didn’t she just tell Rei about this? ‘Wonder Girl will believe me, she’s very understanding.’ Asuka’s thoughts went silent for a moment, picturing Rei from the other night on the walk after her getting back from Gendo’s. When night was settling in, the air dripping cooler, Ayanami’s cheeks and the tip of her nose grew a slight red, more so pink, from the cold air. ‘And she’s very cute… wait no, my mind’s getting off track here! Think; think about this stupid predicament I’m in. Like why do I keep getting stuck between dumb places? I want to go back home to see Rei again. Wait, her place is not home.’ Asuka suddenly let out a growl, frustrated beyond belief. Why was her mind so shifty?

‘I should be happy I’m back, I wanted back here… I wonder if Rei lives in the same place.’ The Second Child rolled her eyes at the fact her mind went back to the crimson eyed girl, her mind always seemed to be on her.

“Asuka, Misato wants to talk to you. She’s happy you’re awake, we were very worried.” Shinji said as he wandered into the room, holding the phone out to the German who was still lying down in her room.

Asuka sat up and snatched the phone from the brunette and held the telephone to her ear. “Yeah…?”

The phone call seemed long and question filled, but Asuka’s mind was elsewhere. About 20 minutes on the phone, Asuka had given Shinji the phone and he left.

Asuka sat there in bed for a moment longer before standing up, nearly falling the process. Her muscles felt swore from the lack of use these past several weeks. Her ribs also felt sore, but they weren’t too bad, they were almost completely healed.

The Second Child went to a mirror, catching her appearance. Asuka looked pale, her body looked scrawny and frail from remaining still and unused for so long. Asuka grew puzzled; Asuka’s been a busy bee with Rei… why did her body look so unused?

Asuka tried to ignore these pending questions, hold them off for now. Asuka felt as if being in Rei’s presents would help her handle this.

Rei seemed always seemed to ease Asuka’s troubles.

“I should take a shower first, I feel disgusting.”

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