Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 12)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 12

Title: Friday Nights

[Author's notes: My mind’s been a bit full of stuff lately to update, but my mind is clear for now, so here’s an update for your pleasure

Oh and about that other idea story, I’m too lazy for that at this point in time. :D]

Azure eyes scanned the around, looking past small black text of the magazine page. It was a Friday night, the apartment was for the most part empty, and Asuka felt lonely. The German was half lying and half sitting on the messy bed, sheets unmade and scattered.

It was five o’ clock, the sun was starting to set, and Rei wouldn’t be back from Gendo’s until nine or ten o’ clock, at least from what Asuka had gathered these past few weeks. It had been a couple of weeks since Rei had fallen ill, which oddly enough the next day after the two girls missed school, they went back the very next day.

Over the past couple of weeks, Asuka seemed just fine. No flashbacks, no memories invading her mind of her ‘supposed’ past with Rei, and no being jump started back into the other reality of Evangelion and NERV.

Asuka could feel her once firm grip on the other reality fading, like she was holding on to that reality with a loose fickle grip.

Over these past weeks, Asuka learned Rei wasn’t all that bad or boring. The red felt herself grow attached, even if one couldn’t get her to admit it.

She found herself enjoying these past couple of weeks, she felt like she had a real friendship with Hikari, Shinji, Toji, even Kensuke, and especially Rei. Asuka felt like a normal teenager, doing normal teenaged things: Hangs out with friends, going to school, getting chewed out on getting a ‘D’ on a test by a parental figure –Misato--, and time to goof off and be herself.

Asuka would hate to actually admit that she wasn’t having such a bad time and almost feared to go back to the reality of Evangelions.

Taking a slender well pointed finger, Asuka lazily flipped the page of the magazine she had been reading. “I’m so boooored,” Asuka whined to no one in particular while skimming the page for an article interesting enough to check out.

Her ocean blue hues stopped when they spotted an article titled ‘To Get That Certain Boy to Like You’ And subconsciously Asuka chuckled, “Already got Wonder Girl.”

Looking up away from the magazine, Asuka glanced to the clock to only let out an obnoxious moan of annoyance. “Only 5:03…”

With a huff Asuka lazily dropped the magazine to the floor and rolled on her side with a bored narrowed eyes.

Even though Friday nights were the start of the weekend, everyone but Asuka was busy, and that left Asuka lonely and bored.

Misato had late night work, Shinji was staying the night with Kensuke tonight, Toji was baby sitting his little sister who had a broken leg from jumping out of a tall tree last Sunday, Hikari had a family movie night, and Rei had her usually Friday nights with Gendo.

“I hope Wonder Girl gets home earlier tonight,” Asuka muttered in a drawn out whinny voice as she kicked around the blankets to find the remote to the television.

“Damn.” Asuka uttered after a few minutes. “Where is that darn remote?”

Asuka sat on the bed crossed legged for a few seconds, thinking back to last night.

The previous night the two girls were watching the television right before they planned to go to bed. Asuka sat with her legs spread apart while her was back leaning against the headboard of the bed, keeping her at a 80 degree angle. Rei was in between Asuka’s legs, leaning against the German as she watched the television. Rei was slouched up against Asuka, her head resting against the red head’s chest, while Asuka rested her chin on top of Rei’s head. “It’s hot,” Asuka complained while pushing the blankets off, but in the following second Rei had pulled them back up and stated that she was cold. Asuka had sat the remote besides her on top of the blankets unknowingly, and pushed the blankets down again “Sit closer, I’ll keep you warm, I’m already melting as it is.” Rei pulled the blankets back up, but only covering her.

Suddenly, it was like the light bulb in Asuka’s head went off after remembering the events of last night. Maybe after all the tugging on the blankets it had knocked the remote away. Getting on her hands and knees, Asuka crawled to the side of the bed.

With her rear sticking up in the air and her head upside down, Asuka looked around for the remote.

Leaning her head down further, Asuka looked under the bed, and smirked. “Aha,” Asuka had spotted the remote in the middle of under the bad. How’d it get so far lodged down there?

Trying to reach for the remote without falling off, Asuka was unsuccessful. So she sat up right and hopped off the bed and got on her hands and knees. Barely, Asuka had gotten the remote.

Glancing toward the TV, Asuka suddenly frowned, deciding that she didn’t want to watch TV anymore.

With a grumpy sigh, she sat the remote down next to her in the bed. Her blue hues looked up to the clock, only 5:09. ‘Time is sooo slow’

Asuka had already done her homework, taken a shower, had a load of laundry going, and already eaten dinner. There wasn’t much else to do.

Asuka tried to remember back to the other Friday nights, pondering how she survived the past Friday nights.

Suddenly, Asuka’s mind went off with an idea. Maybe not an idea, but something for her to do. A walk.

A pair of booty shorts and a tank top was probably not the best idea for going outside in the fall weather. So Asuka got herself up off the bed and marched to her dresser. She threw on a pair of jeans, grabbed her light gray zip up hoodie, and a plain pair of black flip flops.

Giving one last look around the cozy apartment room, Asuka left, putting her hands in the pockets of her hoodie.

After making her way down several flights of stairs, which Asuka cursed at being on the second highest floor, Asuka was on her way on the side walks.

The sky was lit with blazes of oranges and pinks. The wind was blowing, but not to the point it was too noticeable. It was cool, but not cold. Every where seemed so abandoned and empty, only making Asuka feel lonelier.

After a good five minutes of lonesome walking, a voice and footsteps filled her ears. Asuka perked up, sapphire eyes casting out for the source. A patch of blue and silver both with ruby eyes greeted Asuka’s gaze.

Asuka felt her eyes narrow seeing the silver haired boy, Kaworu, talking to Rei. Asuka plainly did not like him. He was following closely behind Rei, talking about something Asuka could not quite hear.

Asuka saw Rei’s lips move, saying some to Kaworu. Asuka then saw Kaworu pierce his lips forward before responding and sticking his hands in his pockets.

Getting annoyed at the fact Kaworu was talking to Rei, Asuka decided to call out to get Rei’s attention, since they had yet to notice Asuka. “Hey, Wonder Girl!”

Both the silver and blue haired teens looked to Asuka, but only a smile graced Rei’s pale pink lips. Rei made her way towards Asuka, with Kaworu.

“Why, hello, Miss Sohryu,” Kaworu said slyly, holding his back straight and head high. “I was just accompanying Rei home, making sure she got there safe…”

Asuka rolled her eyes and turned toward Rei, who expression easily read she wished he would go away. Asuka shot a look toward the pale boy in a white tee, “Rei can handle her own, so buzz off, idiot.”

“Well, well aren’t you perky” A smirk graced his long flat lips. Asshat, was Asuka’s first though.

“Have you chosen yet?” Kaworu suddenly asked while Asuka cocked her eyebrows and Rei grabbed Asuka’s hand, and Asuka didn’t bother to pull her hand away.

“What are you talking about?” Asuka shot back. The German pondered why this boy had made Asuka so angry and pissy.

Kaworu let out a quiet chuckle before turning around and saying in a low voice, “You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Before they knew it, Kaworu was almost out of eye site. “That kid’s weird,” Asuka said while making a funny face in his direction. Rei nodded in agreement.

A moment passed before Rei began to speak, “So why are you…”

“Out here?” Asuka finished for the blue haired girl. Rei nodded. “I was bored, so I went on a walk.” Asuka said, pleased by the fact Rei was back earlier then usual.

“Should we continue your walk,” Rei asked cutely with a head tilt.

Asuka bit her lip before responding, “Keep up with me and I lead the way!”

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