Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 11)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 11

Title: Melting

[Author's notes: Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks without an update and that this is so short, I got writers block… but I got an idea for a new Rei/Asuka fic that I’m not sure you’ll guys like so Imma run it by you and please tell me what you think in a review or through PM. First of it, it’ll probably already start off Rei/Asuka already as a couple because it’s a bitch to build them up. Anywho, I haven’t thought too much into yet, but I think it’s be pretty fun to write something along the lines of Rei and Asuka trying to save Shinji, but to do so they must travel between worlds, but not any normal words. Worlds of different movies, like Lion King, Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, and other such movies. Each different movie world affects the girls’ appearance. Donald and Goofy might be willing to give the girls a helpful hand What do you think? I’m not sure that I want to write it, but it does sound fun to write.]

A soft mummer escaped the half asleep German, a mummer of displeasure of being dragged out of ease of sleep. Her dreams were blank, nothing of discontent and no traces of things to be bothersome, just bliss empties through lidded eyes.

Letting out a lazy sigh, two azure eyes struggled to open, but after being cracked open they instantly shut as light seeped in. Scrunching up her face, Asuka reopened her eyes and slowly adjusted to the morning brightness.

Asuka was up against Rei’s back, who lay on her side and had her head under the covers probably by mistake. Asuka groggily grumbled as she sat up and scooted away from Rei. Letting her sapphire hues wander to the clock, Asuka let out the sighed word of ‘crap’. They should have been up a while ago; they were an hour late for school.

The German knocked some messy strands of coppery hair out of her face and looked at the sleeping figure under the covers. “Hey, wake up,” Asuka took her hand and shook Rei slightly, in which Rei shrugged in a sort of way to get Asuka’s hand off. “We’re late for school.”

“So…” Rei muttered, obviously half asleep.

“Don’t you think you should get up,” Asuka kept her hand on Rei’s shoulder for the sake of annoyance. Rei poked her head of the blankets and snacked an arm out to knock off Asuka’s hand.

“No.” Asuka furrowed her brows at Rei’s response. ‘Not even up for three whole minutes and she’s already being difficult,’The German thought with less anger then she thought.

“Why?” Asuka asked sitting up a bit more and tilting her head a bit more to see the blue haired girl besides her. Then her mind shifted back to last night when she felt Rei’s forehead, how it felt warm. “Are you feeling sick or something,” Asuka asked in which Rei sort of nodded. Asuka sighed and sarcastically thought, ‘Isn’t this great…’

Asuka turned her head away, seeming in thought then in the following second she looked back at Rei.

Upon Rei’s feature was a light flushed look, probably from a fever, and her red hues were half lidded. A pang of gilt flashed through Asuka, maybe Rei wouldn’t’ have been sick if Asuka would have stayed in the bus booth.

Reaching her hand out, she lightly touched Rei’s forehead, it was warmer then it was last night. “Yeah, you’re warm. Ya probably got a fever. Stay put, I’ll fetch ya some soup or something.

“You should probably go to school,” Rei suggested quietly while pulling up the sheets to her chin.

“Tcccht, no way,” Said Asuka as she hopped off the bed and stalked into the kitchen “So does your throat hurt?”

“Not much,” Rei responded as she sat up on the bed with an eyebrow barely raised at the German.

Rei rested her elbow on her knee, hunched her back so that her chin could rest on the palm of her hand of the arm propped up on her knee.

Taking a glance over at the blue haired girl, Asuka asked, “Well, is there anything ya want to eat?” Asuka tried to ignore what her brain was asking her and tried to go with the flow. What she tried to ignore from her brain was why did she feel as if she should skip the rest of the school day to make Rei feel better? Asuka, as of late, couldn’t bring herself to force hate upon Rei. She was warming up to the stoic girl.

“I am not really hungry, but I am thirsty.” Ayanami responded through sleepily narrowed eyes.

“A glass of water comin’ up.” Asuka knew lots of water could help flush out Rei’s under the weather body.

Sitting down on the bed in front of Rei, Asuka handed over the glass of water. “Thank you,” Rei murmured after taking a sip. “Yup,” Asuka responded with a lazy half smile.

Silence began to fill the room, the two girls remaining hushed.

Rei looked at Asuka with slight wonderment and confusion, Asuka’s ‘I hate you’ act, her warm up act, her ‘let me take care of you’ act, and just Asuka in general baffled Rei. Rei defiantly knew something was up and Asuka wasn’t willing to tell what, and Rei wasn’t so sure she should go and try to poke around in Asuka’s mind.

“Okay… this is boring,” Asuka suddenly said, forcing the ill girl out of her thoughts. Asuka felt as if she had read Rei’s emotion, she felt confusion floating the girl, and Asuka thought nothing better then to drag Rei’s mind off of it.

Quickly, Asuka dodged her sapphire hues around the room and snatched the remote to the television. Asuka motioned for the girl to scoot over and then moved besides her so her back could rest against the bedpost.

“Lets see what’s on,” Asuka mumbled while flipping on the TV while being aware of Rei’s scorching red eyes on her.


Hours pasted of the girls doing nothing until sunset, they lazy bugged their day away. Rei seemed to get better through the day; it must be one of those sleazy 24-hour flues.

After eating a small dinner, the girls had crawled back into to bed to watch some movie on the DVD player. Thirty minutes didn’t even pass and Rei was knocked out cold. The albino’s head lay slumped against Asuka’s shoulder, looking rather uncomfortable on the neck, though, Asuka found herself not wanting Rei to move away.

Tilting her head, Asuka looked to the paler girl, lips pressed flat. ‘She’s really not all that bad, not that bad enough to hate anyways’ Just as Asuka began to shift her gaze away from Ayanami , the German felt Rei snuggle into a bit more, and Asuka felt a weird feeling in the pit of stomach. The feeling was like what she had felt for Kaji…. But this one was different.

Asuka took a hard sallow and tried to desperately ignore it. With a sigh, Asuka leaned her head to the side and rested her head against Rei’s, and tried to pay attention to the movie.

Asuka wasn’t having any luck keeping her mind on the television; it was stuck on the sleeping girl besides her. Suddenly a thought struck her mind like lightening. What if she were suddenly forced to go back to reality of Evangelions and never be this close to Rei again? ‘Wait… that’s what I want, damnit!’ Asuka sighed, ‘stupid emotions.’ Asuka idly thought.

She tried to force herself to peel herself away from the girl snuggling next to herself, but she was too comfortable to move, no matter how stubborn her screaming brain was.

Seemingly out of no where, a loud obnoxious knock occur at the door, causing Rei to flitch and awaken.

Asuka felt her eyebrows clamp down, annoyed by the fact that someone woke up Rei. “Stay here, I’ll go answer it,” Asuka said lazily as she ran fingers through her coppery locks in hope her hair wasn’t that crazy.

“What?” Asuka asked annoyed before she looked at who was at the door.

“Why weren’t you at school lill’ missy? I was wondered about you, Rei in there too?” Asuka had to take a few blinks to let her blue hues adjust to who she was looking at: an angry Misato and a timid looking Shinji behind.

“You and Rei ran off last night and you guys weren’t at school today, so I was worried about you guys.” Shinji said, relieved to see Asuka her and had no doubt Rei was inside.

“And you must always attend school unless you have a legit excuse, for our deal for you to live with Rei to continue,” Misato said in a non-to-pleased voice.

“Rei’s sick,” Asuka said through narrowed eyebrows in which Misato sighed.

‘Not exactly a good excuse skipping school, but as seemingly addicted Asuka is to Rei, I get why she’d stay back… I guess I can’t stay too mad.’ The violet haired woman thought while crossing her arms.

“So, you’re going to let us in?” Misato asked while shifting most her weight to her right leg, making her hip stick out a bit

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