Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 10)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 10

Title: All We Know Is Falling

[Author's notes: Sorry dude and chicks I didn't update last weekend, my internet was out D: And sorry I forgot to bold the talking text in the flash backs in the last chapter, I may, if I get unlazy, go fix that. Also, I use the word minute and I don’t want you guys getting confused. I mean minute not as time, but as something small

Anyone guess how I thought up the title for this chapter, I will be mighty impressed.]

A minute of word were exchanged between the two girls, it was like an immutable silence once upon entering the small homely apartment.

The two young teenagers were dripping, clothing clinging, and peachy short arm hairs stood up from the cold atmosphere. Asuka had gone off to take a shower, hopefully to recoil her mind about the two realities she had kept skulk to herself and to warm herself up from being stuck out in the freezing and hard rain that had felt like little pebbles knocking against her. While Rei dug through her dresser and closet for something to change into instead of her soaking school uniform.

She settled for a pair of purple and green plaid boxer shorts, it could get rather torrid feeling at nights sometimes, and a plain white wife beater with a small Pikachu imprint on the back toward the bottom, quite unnoticeable.

She grabbed a small kitchen towel out of the drawer, after changing out of her wet uniform, to use to help dry her shaggy blue hair.

She hung her wet clothes and semi-wet kitchen towel over the clothes washer and drier; she would have ran them through the washer but realized she needed more detergent.

Giving a stoic expression, her lip lightly pouching out, Rei walked over to her bed, and plopped down lazily. Her bare feet hung off the edge, her body not lying toward the top of the bed like most people would do. Her ruby eyes wandered to the television and then to the remote sitting next to it, almost like she was contemplating whether or not to watch the television.

Opting out of it, Rei decided to move her glassy hues up to the ceiling, knowing full well she’s all ready counted all the tiles. Her vision blurred, letting off an empty gaze, her mind taking off into her thoughts as she drowned in the silence and the sounds of Asuka’s shower and the rain.

Worried had filled her for Asuka, she’s been acting old. She felt anxious that she might have to just inure this new feeling with Asuka, she missed how she felt so inseparable with Asuka and how Asuka always seemed to want some sort of contact between the two, even just as simple as knuckles touching. Then she thought about maybe this was just a bump in their relationship and all would end up peachy and dandy afterwards just like in a cheesy romance novel.

Shifting her eyes to look at a different ceiling tile, her mind just swarmed with thoughts. She wondered what was going on in Asuka’s head, what was disturbing her. She remembered back to earlier how Asuka seemed so confused, her expression ponderous with something, and then she remember back to the kiss in the bus booth… how it felt like a first time, though she was sure it was far from a first. It’s not like she has never kissed in front of friends, usually initiated by Asuka, before.

Just as her thoughts began to grasp around what might be up with Asuka and what inner demons she might be dealing with, the sound of the door opening and a towel clad Asuka came stalking out. Her face seemed flat and neutral. Rei frowned a bit and scooted over on the bed, so that there was room for Asuka and so that her feet weren’t hanging off anymore, and she flipped on her side so that her back faced the German.

Asuka gave an incredulous look at the pale skinned girl, but then turned to her dresser to choose some clothing. Deciding upon a creamy yellow t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts… she remembered wearing them before back in the realities of Evangelions. Also she grabbed a fresh pair of white panties and a bra.

Flashing an inquisitive look at Rei and then deciding to change there, feeling comfortable enough to do so. Usually she wouldn’t be so bothered by changing in front of Rei, because of how she had to change into plug suits with her, but this time it felt different. This time it was completely different.

As Asuka slid into bed, she heard a hushed cough come from the other girl and then she shifted for herself to get under the blankets. Asuka helped by lifting the sheets up for Rei to get under.

Rei flashed a small smile as sort of a thank, in return Asuka gave a matching small short lived grin. “So…” Asuka began to say as she crossed her arms behind her head and looked up to the ceiling. “When do you think the rain’s gonna clear up?” Asuka asked in a quiet voice, the shower from minutes ago had calmed her just enough for now for not to worry too much about her current predicament.

Shifting to lay flat on her back and to look at Asuka, “Probably soon, the rain doesn’t sound too loud against the wall anymore.” Rei answered as she looked up to the ceiling like Asuka.

Asuka looked at Rei through the sides of her eyes, head facing the ceiling, nipping lightly at her own bottom lip as she peered at the albino. There must be a reason why Asuka was suppose to like her so much judging by what everyone else said them to be. So far, Rei doesn’t seem as blank faced and obeying as Rei as a pilot. Though, Rei still seemed quite detached. Turing her head in an unnoticeable way, Asuka tried to get a better look at the girl. Asuka tried to form a picture of the Rei in the world of Evangelions, how her eyes seemed to be clear and facial features stiff, where as this current reality Rei had depth to her cherry hues and a softened face. To a normal pass-by person, these things Asuka was taking note of was unnoticeable to them probably. ‘Maybe I’m over analyzing things just to give myself pathetic comfort about this whole situation.’

Asuka mentally glared at herself and took her eyes off the girl to look back up the ceiling. “Are you alright?” Asuka heard the blue haired girl besides her ask.

Bringing her azure eyes back to Ayanami, she cocked an eyebrow at her then lowered it. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay?” Asuka blurted a tad rudely. Rei wasn’t looking at Asuka, but she couldn’t help but sigh at Sohryu

“What about earlier…” Rei asked in a trailing voice, in which Asuka sort of rolled her eyes.

“I was just feeling a little stressed,” Asuka muttered, hoping Rei would drop it. She felt a weird pang in her gut, Rei had seen her shed tears earlier and Asuka couldn’t bare the thought of others seeing her weak.

Asuka’s hopping had paid off; Rei seemed to be staying silent. Asuka closed her eyes in relief, and I opened my eyes after smirking at Rei who had lazily plopped down on her new bed. It didn’t even have her sheets yet.

Though, it’s been a long day. Pretty much nothing but getting her stuff from Gendo’s place to her new place, I still can’t believe the over protective jerk let her move out on her own. Shinji and the others had already left for home, but I decided to hang back with Rei. The apartment looks pretty crappy from the outside, but it doesn’t look half bad here.

Its cool n’ all Rei’s out on her own at such a young age, but I can’t spend my Friday nights with her anymore. She has to spend them with Gendo. I’m not too thrilled about that, but there’s always Saturday and Sunday of the weekend and other days of the week

Tiring day, huh?” I ask Rei, standing by the end of the bed while Rei let her gaze travel towards me and I crossed my arms.

You hardly did anything,” She said and I smirked. She’s right, I made Shinji do most of the heavy work for me. “You kept looking at the movers Ikari hired,” Rei answered, the movers Gendo hired… they were actually attractive… but by moves I’d like to think Rei. So yes, I was.

When Rei wasn’t looking at me, I was looking at her until she brought sight of vision my way and I brought my gaze away from her to not get caught staring and my gaze just happened to be looking at the movers.

I’m torn between wanting her to wear short tank tops that ride up and not wanting her to wear them; they might be the death of me. Like every time Rei bent over to grab a box or pick something up, her shirt would ride up to expose a good proportion of her back side. I found her back to be quite the admirable sight if I do say so myself.

I tilt my head a little as Rei raises her arms up to rest her head on them as she lied there, which caused the shirt to ride up again. I hope my head tilt to see her well toned stomach isn’t too noticeable.

Suddenly Rei sits up with a small sly smile making me wonder if I was just caught trying to stare up her shirt. Sad thing about me is that I’ve already accepted this, liking her. Sometimes I just try to talk myself out of liking her, because I know its wrong and I’m sure she just thinks of me just as a friend… and when I try something friends wouldn’t normally do she usually gets distant from me. Though, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to mind when I hold her hand anymore… I can’t help but chuckle at my old excuse of wanting to warm them when I actually wanted to hold them.

Asuka… do you want to stay with me tonight?” Rei asked and I bring my gaze to her with a smile on my lips.

I try to answer without sounding overly excited and happy about Rei’s question, “Yeah I suppose. Not like I want to go back to see the idiot Shinji and Misato. Though I should call up Misato to make sure she’ll know I’ll be here tonight.” I place both hands on my hips and try to keep a neutral expression.

Rei gave me a meek half grin before letting her eyes wander to newly installed house phone over on the dresser, I let my gaze follow hers. I nod my head and stalk off to the phone.

As I walk over to the phone I begin to wonder where I might sleep, because of only one bed and no couch. After I finished dialing Misato’s number in, I look over at Rei with a wondering look. Maybe she’ll let me share the bed with her.

I shut my eyes to picture being so close to Rei in bed,
and open them to see a pitch black room with the dull slow sound of rain from the outside.

Asuka looked around to also hear the soft breathing of the person besides her. Rei was on her side, facing Asuka, and barely cuddled up to the German. The blankets were pulled up high on Rei, her head almost being under the sheets.

‘…Another memory...’ Asuka thought monotonously with saturated blue eyes looking up to the ceiling, while idly hearing Rei let out a soft cough in her sleep.

Feeling her side suddenly feel cold, Asuka looked to where Rei was to see she had shifted away from her. Her back now faced Asuka and the pale girl was near the edge.

Asuka felt herself frown at not having Rei’s warmth at her side, and felt herself frown even more for missing it.

Asuka rolled her eyes at her self then noted how humid and hot it felt in the room. Asuka quietly slipped herself out of the sheets so the blankets wouldn’t add heat to her warm body.

Rei let out a quiet shiver in her sleep, the silent noise catching Asuka’s ears. Shifting a look at her, letting her lip pooch a little, ‘Is she cold…?’

‘The idiot better not being getting sick’ Asuka thought with slightly furrowed brows and sat up a little to softly let her hand touch the sleeping girl’s forehead. It felt quite warm, a bit feverish.

Asuka couldn’t find it in herself to feel more apathy toward the girl as she scooted closer and lazily and tiredly warped her arm around the girl to help keep her warm.

‘…I hate this.’

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