Story: Between Truths and Realities (chapter 1)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 1

Title: My What!?

“It’s confirmed, it’s an Angel.” Major Misato Katsuragi said stiffly, her dark chocolate eyes peering over the small clip-board in her hand than up to the three children lined up side-by-side in front of her.

“What? Another Angel already?” Young Shinji Ikari said, hands at his sides loosely balled in a fist

“Great! I’ll show the Angel how great I am.” Asuka said cockily, smirking slyly as she raised a hand and knocked some silky locks of apricot hair off her slender shoulder, than placed both of her hands on her hips.

“Well, Asuka, Unit 01 and Unit 00 will go out… ya know to see what the Angel is capable of, and Unit 02 will be in stand-by in case anything should go wrong.” Misato said informally, crossing her arms limply while loosely holding the small clip-board.

“What! That’s stupid; I could handle that Angel by myself!” Asuka spat, azure eyes narrowing, while the two other children stood mutely. Asuka glanced to Shinji, whom stood next to her and Rei on the other side of the Ikari. “Couldn’t I, idiot?”

Shinji stiffened a bit, “Uhm, y-yes.” The boy said, feeling rather uneasy under the Second’s gaze.

“This is an order, Asuka, and I’m not changing it.” The major said, making Asuka glare at her. “Well, go get changed and than go to your respective Evas.”

All three pilots muffled out a ‘yes m’am’ before heading off to their changing rooms.


“Hope you don’t mess up out there, First Child” The fiery red headed German sneered as she unbutton her blouse belonging to school uniform. “I mean, wouldn’t that be just terrible, ya?”

The First Child turned her head slightly, looking at the German out of the corner of her eye with minor annoyance, before casting her attention back to the last button of her white blouse.

Asuka looked over her shoulder, the two pilots facing each other’s back, their frontal in front of their lockers, with a sly smirk she turned her attention back to getting undressed “You sure you could handle it out there, ‘cause each Angel seems stronger than the last,” The Second Child questioned in a calm taunting voice just as she had thrown her bra and panties into the locker.

Rei’s slender eyebrows narrowed a little bit, annoyance growing. Asuka cast a look over to the albino, hoping to see some sort of raise out of the girl, seeing nothing but Rei’s back side half covered in her white plug suit.

Asuka let out a frustrated sigh, angered that she wasn’t pissing off the First.


“Eva Unit’s 01 and 00 launch!” Major Katsuragi commanded.

In a huge buzz of electricity the large purple and blue Unit went flying up out of the inners of NERV, past the Geofront, and into the depths of Tokyo 3, while Unit 02 remained in stand-by in the Eva cage.

“I don’t get why I have to stay back, I’m obviously the best pilot so I deserve to go out. Pfft.” Asuka muttered to herself as she sunk down in her control seat, looking at the screen displaying the other two Evangelions through narrowed eyes.

Mean while, up on the streets of Tokyo 3, Unit 01 and 00 were standing behind large sky scrapers equipped with offensive weapons while the Angel was just standing there with slumped shoulders.

The Angel had a humanoid shape, with thick dirt and mud colored fur, where there was no fur there was large gothic looking rock designs, mainly on its head, knees, right arm, left wrist, and its chest. The arm completely decorated in gothic style grime rock, instead of a hand at the ends of the wrist, like the other arm, there was a thick hefty club, about as long as an Evangelion. It was taller than an Eva too, about an Eva and a half.

The Angel just stood there in the middle of Tokyo 3, looking around with its glowing teal eyes.

Rei and Shinji waited for further order behind skyscrapers, hiding them from the bulky Angel.

“Shinji, take Unit 01 out towards the Angel. Ever since it appeared, it had been doing nothing but standing there.” Misato informed, as the Third Child clutched his controls while Rei stood at her current post.

The Angel stiffened, hearing something approaching; he lifted up his clubbed hand as soon as he spotted Shinji, making a deep growl noise in the pit of its throat.

Shinji stopped coming toward the Angel as the club was raised, as if it were getting ready to hit the purple Unit.

Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds, before the Angel smashed the Eva down, cracking the armor a bit.

“Shinji!” Misato called out as the Angel tried to take another swing at him, but Shinji rolled to the side and barely missed the hit.

“Operation has changed, you two are no longer observing the Angel, you are now to destroy the Angel,” Misato instructed.

“Does that mean I can come and kick the Angel’s butt?” Asuka asked hopefully, sitting up straight in her seat.

“No, you may remain in the Eva Cage on stand-by.” Misato replied to the red head, causing her to groan and slump back into her seat.

Rei aimed her machine gun at the Angel, whom hadn’t spotted her yet, as Shinji rolled to dodge another blow.

As the Angel began to raise its thick arm to get ready to hit the Evangelion, Rei fired several shots hoping to at least chip the rock off, the bullets merely bounced off.

The Angel stopped in mid swing, finally spotting Unit 00. It began to run towards the skyscraper Rei was currently behind, each step like a minny earthquake. It took a jump, busting down the building and pinning Unit 00.

“Ayanami,” Shinji cried out as he dashed off hoping to get the Angel off, but it merely took its hand and clutched tightly onto Unit 01’s face. Shinji tried to squirm free, trying to free his Unit’s face, while Rei couldn’t free herself stuck under the heavy Angel.

The Angel raised its clubbed hand, smashing Unit 00’s head, caving it in making Rei whither in pain and clutch her face in agony. It smashed Unit 00’s head again, making Rei feel as if her skull cracked.

Unit 00 went limp after another smash, almost completely destroying the Evangelion’s head.

Once Unit 00 was out of the way, the Angel turned and pinned to the purple unit, planning to give it the same fate as the blue one.

“Asuka, get out there and help out Unit 01!” Misato commanded, while Asuka smirked and cheerfully said a ‘yes m’am’ “Unit 02, launch!”

“Alright Angel, you’re mine!” Asuka cocked her Pallet Rifle and took aim at the Angel’s back, hitting the A.T. Field.

The Angel rubbed Unit 01’s face in to the ground a little as it peered at Unit 02, a certain gleam in its eyes. The Angel picked up Unit 01by the neck, knocked it in the face with the club, sending the purple Unit into a building.

It went chasing after Unit 02; Asuka could feel the vibrations with each step the Angel took, and tackled the red Unit to the ground and attempted to shatter Unit 02 with its club, but Asuka was doing her best to dodge to hits, in which she barely managed.

Shinji struggled to get up, but his head was pounding. He winced his eyes open, spotting a pool of blood from Rei’s Eva, he stopped at the head of the one eyed Unit was pretty crushed, and there seemed to be no movement from Rei or her Unit.

He didn’t have any time to worry about Rei, because if didn’t get his hinny in gear Asuka might have the same fate.

“Get off of me, Angel!” Asuka spat as she got her Progressive Knife out and took a stab at the Angel’s shoulder.

The Angel let out a pained cry, for the first time opening its mouth, a blinding light escaping from its mouth for the short few seconds it was open.

The Angel raised its clubbed hand, while with the other one pinning both of Unit 02’s arms above its head. Before the club could make impact, Unit 01 had run up, and barely managed to grab a hold, the club maybe mere inches away from Unit 02.

“Idiot, what took you so long!?” Just as Asuka finished saying that, the Angel let out an ear shattering roar, the white light seeping from its mouth, nearly blinding Asuka and Shinji. It had wiggled Shinji to let go of the club, and swung a punch that knocked Unit 01 down.

The Angel focused its attention back to Unit 02, sending a powerful punch to the chest of Unit 02, cracking the armor, to reveal the Entry Plug.

It had opened its mouth, the rays of light seeping into the capsule containing Asuka, whom was clutching her ribs in torture.

Asuka cast a look toward the visual screen, the plug suddenly getting brighter and brighter until Asuka had forced her eyes shut, tears forming from strained eyes by the light.

Suddenly the light began to slowly fade, the pain in her ribs weakening, her body felt as it were laying flat instead of sitting up in a seat. She opened her eyes for a spilt second, seeing the azure skies in her fuzzy vision before she felt very light headed and closed them again.


Slowly, with a slight wince upon her lightly tanned face, Asuka opened sapphire eyes a bit, closed them, and reopened them fully.

“Asuka? Oh good, you’re finally awake. You had me worried there,” A male’s voice sounded.

Asuka dizzily looked over to the beholder of the voice, seeing brunette hair, caring steel-blue eyes, with a slight smile gracing his features. “Shinji… what’s goin’ on,” Asuka asked a bit hazily, confused as to why what was going on.

Oh wait… the Angel! She was in the middle of a fight with an Angel! “The Angel!” Asuka suddenly sprang up to a sitting potion, but than her vision blurred and her head suddenly felt very heavy.

“The what? Toji must’ve clunged your head with that baseball pretty hard. You remember, it’s after school Toji and some other guys decided to play baseball, you wanted to go watch so you dragged Ayanami, the class rep, and myself along.” Shinji informed, offering a hand to help Asuka stand, but she rudely pushed it away.

“Just as you sat down, Toji had hit the baseball with the bat, and accidentally knocked ya in the head,” The nerd, Kensuke Aida said as he took a single finger and slid his thick glasses up the bridge of his nose. “It was actually kinda funny,” Toji muttered to himself, standing off not to far from Asuka.

“Are you okay?” Shinji asked, looking at the fat bruise on the German’s for head, just slightly above her right eye.

‘What’s goin’ on? Wasn’t I in the middle of an Angel fight? Ugh, my damn head hurts, it’s making it hard to think straight.’ The red head thought, lightly touching her throbbing head as she stood up.

“Wow, I thought Asuka was gonna rip my balls off for this,” Toji whispered to his friend next to him, giving an uneasy look at the German.

“Ayanami and class rep went up to the nurse to inform her, if you want Shinji and I could help ya go there or somethin’” Kensuke shrugged than stuck his hands in his pockets.

“The hell, why’d Wonder Girl go to the nurse?” Asuka questioned, wincing her face when she tried to furrow her eyebrows.

Kensuke, Shinji, Toji, and Toji’s friend scrunched up their faces. “Ew, Asuka, I thought you said you’d stop callin’ her that.” Toji rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Yeah, we don’t want to be reminded of that story of how she got the name,” Kensuke made a grossed out look.

“What?” Asuka made a confused look, and placed both her hands on her hips. “What are you talking about, you idiots.”

Shinji slumped his shoulder down, getting ready to inform his friends to be quiet and don’t remind Asuka the real reason why Asuka calls Rei ‘Wonder Girl’, but Toji’s friend piped up before Shinji could uttered a word, “Like hell I want to elaborate how your girlfriend beds you!” He shrugged up his shoulders, remembering the day Asuka started calling Rei ‘Wonder Girl’, everyone began to question why and so she spilled the beans to Hikari, Toji over heard, and told Kensuke, Shinji, and his friend.

After her mind registered the word ‘girlfriend’ and ‘beds’, Asuka snapped, “My wh-wh-what!?”


[End notes: Thoughts, comments, opinions on this? Should I continue or blow this? Feedback loved, because I like to know opinions and junk like that.]

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