Story: Between Truths and Realities (all chapters)

Authors: [ Biohazard . Kitty ]

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Chapter 1

Title: My What!?

“It’s confirmed, it’s an Angel.” Major Misato Katsuragi said stiffly, her dark chocolate eyes peering over the small clip-board in her hand than up to the three children lined up side-by-side in front of her.

“What? Another Angel already?” Young Shinji Ikari said, hands at his sides loosely balled in a fist

“Great! I’ll show the Angel how great I am.” Asuka said cockily, smirking slyly as she raised a hand and knocked some silky locks of apricot hair off her slender shoulder, than placed both of her hands on her hips.

“Well, Asuka, Unit 01 and Unit 00 will go out… ya know to see what the Angel is capable of, and Unit 02 will be in stand-by in case anything should go wrong.” Misato said informally, crossing her arms limply while loosely holding the small clip-board.

“What! That’s stupid; I could handle that Angel by myself!” Asuka spat, azure eyes narrowing, while the two other children stood mutely. Asuka glanced to Shinji, whom stood next to her and Rei on the other side of the Ikari. “Couldn’t I, idiot?”

Shinji stiffened a bit, “Uhm, y-yes.” The boy said, feeling rather uneasy under the Second’s gaze.

“This is an order, Asuka, and I’m not changing it.” The major said, making Asuka glare at her. “Well, go get changed and than go to your respective Evas.”

All three pilots muffled out a ‘yes m’am’ before heading off to their changing rooms.


“Hope you don’t mess up out there, First Child” The fiery red headed German sneered as she unbutton her blouse belonging to school uniform. “I mean, wouldn’t that be just terrible, ya?”

The First Child turned her head slightly, looking at the German out of the corner of her eye with minor annoyance, before casting her attention back to the last button of her white blouse.

Asuka looked over her shoulder, the two pilots facing each other’s back, their frontal in front of their lockers, with a sly smirk she turned her attention back to getting undressed “You sure you could handle it out there, ‘cause each Angel seems stronger than the last,” The Second Child questioned in a calm taunting voice just as she had thrown her bra and panties into the locker.

Rei’s slender eyebrows narrowed a little bit, annoyance growing. Asuka cast a look over to the albino, hoping to see some sort of raise out of the girl, seeing nothing but Rei’s back side half covered in her white plug suit.

Asuka let out a frustrated sigh, angered that she wasn’t pissing off the First.


“Eva Unit’s 01 and 00 launch!” Major Katsuragi commanded.

In a huge buzz of electricity the large purple and blue Unit went flying up out of the inners of NERV, past the Geofront, and into the depths of Tokyo 3, while Unit 02 remained in stand-by in the Eva cage.

“I don’t get why I have to stay back, I’m obviously the best pilot so I deserve to go out. Pfft.” Asuka muttered to herself as she sunk down in her control seat, looking at the screen displaying the other two Evangelions through narrowed eyes.

Mean while, up on the streets of Tokyo 3, Unit 01 and 00 were standing behind large sky scrapers equipped with offensive weapons while the Angel was just standing there with slumped shoulders.

The Angel had a humanoid shape, with thick dirt and mud colored fur, where there was no fur there was large gothic looking rock designs, mainly on its head, knees, right arm, left wrist, and its chest. The arm completely decorated in gothic style grime rock, instead of a hand at the ends of the wrist, like the other arm, there was a thick hefty club, about as long as an Evangelion. It was taller than an Eva too, about an Eva and a half.

The Angel just stood there in the middle of Tokyo 3, looking around with its glowing teal eyes.

Rei and Shinji waited for further order behind skyscrapers, hiding them from the bulky Angel.

“Shinji, take Unit 01 out towards the Angel. Ever since it appeared, it had been doing nothing but standing there.” Misato informed, as the Third Child clutched his controls while Rei stood at her current post.

The Angel stiffened, hearing something approaching; he lifted up his clubbed hand as soon as he spotted Shinji, making a deep growl noise in the pit of its throat.

Shinji stopped coming toward the Angel as the club was raised, as if it were getting ready to hit the purple Unit.

Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds, before the Angel smashed the Eva down, cracking the armor a bit.

“Shinji!” Misato called out as the Angel tried to take another swing at him, but Shinji rolled to the side and barely missed the hit.

“Operation has changed, you two are no longer observing the Angel, you are now to destroy the Angel,” Misato instructed.

“Does that mean I can come and kick the Angel’s butt?” Asuka asked hopefully, sitting up straight in her seat.

“No, you may remain in the Eva Cage on stand-by.” Misato replied to the red head, causing her to groan and slump back into her seat.

Rei aimed her machine gun at the Angel, whom hadn’t spotted her yet, as Shinji rolled to dodge another blow.

As the Angel began to raise its thick arm to get ready to hit the Evangelion, Rei fired several shots hoping to at least chip the rock off, the bullets merely bounced off.

The Angel stopped in mid swing, finally spotting Unit 00. It began to run towards the skyscraper Rei was currently behind, each step like a minny earthquake. It took a jump, busting down the building and pinning Unit 00.

“Ayanami,” Shinji cried out as he dashed off hoping to get the Angel off, but it merely took its hand and clutched tightly onto Unit 01’s face. Shinji tried to squirm free, trying to free his Unit’s face, while Rei couldn’t free herself stuck under the heavy Angel.

The Angel raised its clubbed hand, smashing Unit 00’s head, caving it in making Rei whither in pain and clutch her face in agony. It smashed Unit 00’s head again, making Rei feel as if her skull cracked.

Unit 00 went limp after another smash, almost completely destroying the Evangelion’s head.

Once Unit 00 was out of the way, the Angel turned and pinned to the purple unit, planning to give it the same fate as the blue one.

“Asuka, get out there and help out Unit 01!” Misato commanded, while Asuka smirked and cheerfully said a ‘yes m’am’ “Unit 02, launch!”

“Alright Angel, you’re mine!” Asuka cocked her Pallet Rifle and took aim at the Angel’s back, hitting the A.T. Field.

The Angel rubbed Unit 01’s face in to the ground a little as it peered at Unit 02, a certain gleam in its eyes. The Angel picked up Unit 01by the neck, knocked it in the face with the club, sending the purple Unit into a building.

It went chasing after Unit 02; Asuka could feel the vibrations with each step the Angel took, and tackled the red Unit to the ground and attempted to shatter Unit 02 with its club, but Asuka was doing her best to dodge to hits, in which she barely managed.

Shinji struggled to get up, but his head was pounding. He winced his eyes open, spotting a pool of blood from Rei’s Eva, he stopped at the head of the one eyed Unit was pretty crushed, and there seemed to be no movement from Rei or her Unit.

He didn’t have any time to worry about Rei, because if didn’t get his hinny in gear Asuka might have the same fate.

“Get off of me, Angel!” Asuka spat as she got her Progressive Knife out and took a stab at the Angel’s shoulder.

The Angel let out a pained cry, for the first time opening its mouth, a blinding light escaping from its mouth for the short few seconds it was open.

The Angel raised its clubbed hand, while with the other one pinning both of Unit 02’s arms above its head. Before the club could make impact, Unit 01 had run up, and barely managed to grab a hold, the club maybe mere inches away from Unit 02.

“Idiot, what took you so long!?” Just as Asuka finished saying that, the Angel let out an ear shattering roar, the white light seeping from its mouth, nearly blinding Asuka and Shinji. It had wiggled Shinji to let go of the club, and swung a punch that knocked Unit 01 down.

The Angel focused its attention back to Unit 02, sending a powerful punch to the chest of Unit 02, cracking the armor, to reveal the Entry Plug.

It had opened its mouth, the rays of light seeping into the capsule containing Asuka, whom was clutching her ribs in torture.

Asuka cast a look toward the visual screen, the plug suddenly getting brighter and brighter until Asuka had forced her eyes shut, tears forming from strained eyes by the light.

Suddenly the light began to slowly fade, the pain in her ribs weakening, her body felt as it were laying flat instead of sitting up in a seat. She opened her eyes for a spilt second, seeing the azure skies in her fuzzy vision before she felt very light headed and closed them again.


Slowly, with a slight wince upon her lightly tanned face, Asuka opened sapphire eyes a bit, closed them, and reopened them fully.

“Asuka? Oh good, you’re finally awake. You had me worried there,” A male’s voice sounded.

Asuka dizzily looked over to the beholder of the voice, seeing brunette hair, caring steel-blue eyes, with a slight smile gracing his features. “Shinji… what’s goin’ on,” Asuka asked a bit hazily, confused as to why what was going on.

Oh wait… the Angel! She was in the middle of a fight with an Angel! “The Angel!” Asuka suddenly sprang up to a sitting potion, but than her vision blurred and her head suddenly felt very heavy.

“The what? Toji must’ve clunged your head with that baseball pretty hard. You remember, it’s after school Toji and some other guys decided to play baseball, you wanted to go watch so you dragged Ayanami, the class rep, and myself along.” Shinji informed, offering a hand to help Asuka stand, but she rudely pushed it away.

“Just as you sat down, Toji had hit the baseball with the bat, and accidentally knocked ya in the head,” The nerd, Kensuke Aida said as he took a single finger and slid his thick glasses up the bridge of his nose. “It was actually kinda funny,” Toji muttered to himself, standing off not to far from Asuka.

“Are you okay?” Shinji asked, looking at the fat bruise on the German’s for head, just slightly above her right eye.

‘What’s goin’ on? Wasn’t I in the middle of an Angel fight? Ugh, my damn head hurts, it’s making it hard to think straight.’ The red head thought, lightly touching her throbbing head as she stood up.

“Wow, I thought Asuka was gonna rip my balls off for this,” Toji whispered to his friend next to him, giving an uneasy look at the German.

“Ayanami and class rep went up to the nurse to inform her, if you want Shinji and I could help ya go there or somethin’” Kensuke shrugged than stuck his hands in his pockets.

“The hell, why’d Wonder Girl go to the nurse?” Asuka questioned, wincing her face when she tried to furrow her eyebrows.

Kensuke, Shinji, Toji, and Toji’s friend scrunched up their faces. “Ew, Asuka, I thought you said you’d stop callin’ her that.” Toji rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Yeah, we don’t want to be reminded of that story of how she got the name,” Kensuke made a grossed out look.

“What?” Asuka made a confused look, and placed both her hands on her hips. “What are you talking about, you idiots.”

Shinji slumped his shoulder down, getting ready to inform his friends to be quiet and don’t remind Asuka the real reason why Asuka calls Rei ‘Wonder Girl’, but Toji’s friend piped up before Shinji could uttered a word, “Like hell I want to elaborate how your girlfriend beds you!” He shrugged up his shoulders, remembering the day Asuka started calling Rei ‘Wonder Girl’, everyone began to question why and so she spilled the beans to Hikari, Toji over heard, and told Kensuke, Shinji, and his friend.

After her mind registered the word ‘girlfriend’ and ‘beds’, Asuka snapped, “My wh-wh-what!?”


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Chapter 2

Title: The Sweet Taste of WTF

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“Man, the nurse has already gone hom- - -Asuka! How’s your head,” A familiar voice asked, making the fiery German turn her head around, getting a glimpse of two on coming girls. Oh good, it’s Hikari, maybe she’ll talk some sense into these boys.

Were they on crack? That’s what Asuka thought, it didn’t take a genius to figure out she hated Rei, maybe they were just joking around. And their joking around was pissing her off.

The two girls had walked up in front of Asuka, with the boys behind Asuka and facing the girls. “Would everyone quit asking me that already? Damn!” Asuka said in a huff.

The German cast a look to Rei, her eyebrows furrowing, the girl seemed quiet and not being all touchy-feely like any other girlfriend would do if their other got hurt. Yeah… the boys were just being stupid, ha! She knew they were joking! But… that doesn’t explain the Angel fight she swore she was in.

Shaking her out of her thoughts, she felt a cool hand touch very lightly at her temple, near the bruise, but before that the fingers gently brushed some coppery hair out of the way. Ocean blue eyes widened feeling the cooing touch, then focusing her vision on the beholder of the hand, and then her slender eyebrows instantly shot down and slapped away the pale hand with her own. “Don’t touch me!”

The slap of smacking away the hand rung through everyone’s ears, making some gasp from the venomous tone leaking from Asuka’s snap, while Rei withdrew her hand as if she had just touched a hot potato.

Hikari glanced to the blue haired girl standing besides her, frowning at her friend, though it was hard to see, but if one knew Ayanami well enough, she was obviously emotionally hurt. Then, the class rep glanced past Asuka to see Toji having take his index finger and spin it in circles around his temple, trying to pass the message on that Asuka was ‘coo-coo-crazy’

Rei rested her hand by her side, being faintly red from what Asuka had done. She was merely just tried to inspect the welting bruise on her ‘girlfriend’s’ head and was being careful not to touch the wound, but to the side of it. Usually when Asuka had gotten an ouchie, she enjoyed Rei inspecting them; claming Rei’s hand was cool and soothing. ‘Maybe I hurt her…’ Ayanami thought, tilting her head slightly, making a few strands of moonlight blue hair fall into her crimson eyes.

“I apologize, did I hurt you?” Rei asked in a hushed voice, coated in hesitant and guilt.

‘What the hell is up? Wonder Girl apologizing, to me?’ Asuka thought while lowering her eyebrows further. ‘Oh God… what if she really has the queer eye for me? Disgusting.’

“No, you didn’t hurt me, stupid. I just don’t want you touching me! Now, what about the hairy ass Angel? Is it dead?” Asuka asked, placing both hands on her hips, as a frown gently slid to Rei’s lips.

Her girlfriend was acting weird, being all stand-offish, which was drastically different than her usual hanging on Rei hand and foot.

“There she goes talking about that… Angel… thing from before,” Shinji muttered to himself, scratching his temple. Had possibly Asuka gone bananas after the hit to the head, there sure was hell to pay to Toji.

“Holy hell, Suzuhara you don’t hit like a girl after all. You made the poor girl go insane,” The friend standing next to Toji said, genially feeling sorry for Rei, she looked like some sort of puppy abandoned in the rain. He was about the height of Toji, maybe taller, with tanned skin like Toji too. His hair was dark brown, being spiked up and lightly dipped in dirty blonde on the tips of the brown.

“Shut up Satoshi, if the Asuka wasn’t in the way she wouldn’t have gotten hit!” Toji shot back at his friend, catching the ear of everyone.

“Well if you didn’t suck at baseball, you wouldn’t have hit me, you ape!” Asuka snapped, getting increasingly pissed off by the second. The Angel, the weird light, supposedly getting knocked in the head with a baseball, and Rei’s her girlfriend. Seriously, what the hell is going on!? Asuka wasn’t so sure what to believe anymore, only that her head hurt like crazy.

“Maybe Ayanami and I should take you to the doctor?” Hikari suggested after glaring daggers at Toji, completely putting the blame on him for Asuka’s… weird attitude.

Asuka let out an angered noise and pointed a slender finger at her supposed girlfriend, “I’m not going anywhere with her!”

Rei’s eyebrows sunk down, her feelings beginning to hurt. Hikari quickly glance to the albino soon as those words left the German’s mouth, and gently gave Rei a pat on the shoulder in a comforting manner. “Asuka, Ayanami’s your girlfriend; you shouldn’t treat her like this, no matter how big of a bump on your head is,” Hikari crossed her arms, pouching her lips out. “Apologize to her.” Hikari remembered back to the first day Asuka had said her and Ayanami were a couple, and if anybody, and she really meant anybody, were to give them crap or harass Rei, she would personally run them through a wall and shove their head into an unpleasant place behind them.

“Yeah, apologize to poor Ayanami,” Satoshi gave a nod to his head, and walked to the blue haired girl and grabbed her by the chin, “I mean look at this face…” He said before Rei inched her chin out of the tanned boy’s grasp.

“I agree, apologize, Asuka,” Kensuke piped in, pushing up his thick glasses up the bridge of his freckled nose while Shinji and Toji nodded to show their agreement.

The Second Child balled her fist and prepared to scold and bark at everyone until the First’s voice cut in, “No, Asuka does not owe me apology,” Rei muttered in a stand-off voice, looking down to her shoes, her silky blue bangs covering her face.

“Well, you heard Wonder Girl.” Asuka crossed her arms, while Rei mentally blushed at the name. She had started calling her that after their first time they had gone past kissing and straight to sex.

“That’s it, call that babe you’re livin’ with to come and pick up Asuka and take her to the doc.” Toji placed one arm on his hip, and looked to Shinji.

“You big ape, I’m fine.” Asuka snorted.

“Or maybe to the loony bin.” Toji snickered to Satoshi.

“I heard that doofus, but whatever, I’m going home.” The German said to the small group and turned heel to head off, but then she heard Ikari’s timid voice pipe up. “Ah, Asuka, I live that way. You live with Ayanami now; um, maybe you should have her lead you home.”

‘I don’t live with Misato anymore… and now with the doll? This is stupid… ugh… I really need to lie down, my head is throbbing so hard I feel as if Imma die’ The Second Child thought while biting her lip and whirled around to face the group. ‘Maybe once my head quits hurting I’ll give everyone a piece of my mind and tell ‘em to shove it!’ It’s true, Asuka didn’t feel like resisting anymore, her head pounded so hard her vision seemed to black out for a short second. “Well,” The German gave an expecting look to the albino, whom still had her head hung a bit.

Hikari lightly bumped her elbow into her friend’s side, trying to make her go off with Asuka. “Wonder girl,” Asuka said expectedly, placing both hands on her slim hips.

Rei glanced up at her girlfriend, a grin almost appearing upon her lips, hoping finally the spunky red head was warming back up to her. Quickly, the quiet girl gave a look to Asuka’s hands placed on her hips, feeling disappointment rush through her veins. Ayanami had grown so accustomed to Asuka always offering her hand out, that it came out to a disappointment.

“Yes, let’s go home.” Rei said, taking the lead. Everyone who stayed behind said their goodbyes and wishes for Asuka to feel better, and by better they meant they wished her back to normal.

A long deafening silence erupted through the girls once out of the ear shot of their friends. Rei walked ahead with loose balled fist and Asuka trailed behind, lightly touching her owie.

“So, First Child, are we really… ya know…” Asuka drawled out slowly, curiously looking up at the girl. Her skin just purely crawled at the thought of being imitate with this girl in front of her.

“Yes,” Rei answered evenly, seemingly seeming fine and dandy. Asuka raised her lip in disgust and kept her rude comment to herself, she can explode her anger later, first she needed to rest. “You honestly don’t remember anything between us, Asuka?” Rei asked calmly, not bothering to turn her head around to peer at her girlfriend… well, Rei wasn’t even sure if Asuka still wanted to be that with her.

“No,” Asuka answered stiffly. There was nothing to remember, Rei and her were supposed to detest each other, but not all lovey dovey. Eck. “How could anyone ever date a wind-up doll anyways,” Asuka remarked rudely in a hushed voice.

Rei turned her head, peering at Asuka with slight furrowed brows, “I am not a doll.” Asuka couldn’t help but smirk, at least she gotten some emotion, she enjoyed pissing the blue haired girl off. The way her lips looked as it were getting ready to twitch into a frown and how her thin eyebrows would go down ever so slightly, it was quite cute- - - Wait hold up! ‘Gross, what am I thinking? She’s not even remotely anything close to… cute… well she is, no shut up mind. I’m soooo gonna kill monkey boy tomorrow for knockin’ me a good one… that is, even if I was hit all. What about NERV and the Evas? Everyone thinks I’m crazy for talking about the Angel. Maybe this is a really bad nightmare!’

“Hey, Wonder Girl, what about NERV?” Asuka asked after a few seconds of silence. Rei slowed her walking pace after hearing her nickname given to her and remained walking side by side to the German. “You mean the bank by Katsuragi’s and Ikari’s living quarters?” Asuka shot a confused glanced to the girl besides her.

“A bank?” Asuka muttered to herself rather than to the blue haired teen.

That’s it; first thing tomorrow Sohryu’s going to the doctor to make sure everything’s fine, Asuka seemed so different after getting that clunk in the head from Suzuhara. And, that big bruise, it made Rei just wanna go up and gently kiss it better, but the way Asuka’s actin’ she better stay away if she knows what’s best for her.


Ayanami’s place, it seemed so… comforting. That was Asuka’s first impression coming in the apartment, this place looked livable compared to what the outside of it looked like. It was grungy and unappealing outward looking apartment, that Asuka was tempted to rather just sleep in a tree. But once inside, her mind changed. The floor was tilted from the door way down the short hall, than it changed to creamy white fuzzy carpet. The walls were painted a very light blue, with a white rim outlining the bottom of the wall, nearing the carpet. There were picture frames and photographs taped or nailed to the wall, along with some posters and some silly drawings on paper taped to the wall as well. There were two dressers, one she guessed was hers and the other’s was Rei’s. The kitchen was small, but it had a two person table with matching chairs, an old looking fridge, and a titled floor. Near the kitchen was the bathroom with the door shut, so Asuka couldn’t tell what it looked like. Then, there was a twin-sized bed, looking as if it could barely fit two without them touching. The blankets were blue and white, and there were two pillows and an extra blanket at the edge of the bed. And not far from the end of the bed was a minny tan dresser with a small television on top and a DVD player and in the cabinet of the dresser was probably DVDs, Asuka guessed.

“Here…” Asuka all of a sudden heard, she shifted her field of vision to the pair of creamy yellow pajamas neatly folded in Ayanami’s grasp. “I assume your school uniform is uncomfortable to rest in…”

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Chapter 3

Title: Where The Colors Don't Go

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Chapter Three: Where The Colors Don't Go


Smooth fingers traveled down my exposed stomach flesh where my shirt had ridden up, up they went, stopping after going up an inch or two until being removed complete. The lost of the cool touch on the side of my stomach alerts my attention as I take my lips off the ivory flesh on her neck and peer into her glossy crimson eyes.

A small smile slid to my lips at her nervous sand meek expression as I place both my hands on her hips, off the small of her back. “What if…” she began to say until I raise my hand and soothingly rub the pad of my thumb over her pale cheek

Lunch won’t be over until at least ten more minutes, no one is gonna walk in,” I assure her, than gave her a grin to help reassure the girl. Her head tilted adorably as she slightly pouched out her feathery lips, making me bite my tongue hard to keep from tackling her in a hug.

She still looked unsure, I probably should be too, considering we were walked in last week, but that was when there was only three minutes left of lunch, though, I don’t really care about someone walking in at the moment. Almost ten minutes left, what’s the chances, huh?

We were in the classroom; I was up against a wall with her leaning into me, while everyone else was off to lunch either outside or in the cafeteria. So Asuka was hardly worried at the moment.

C’mon, it’ll be okay.” I say in a soothing voice as I calmly brush some stringy blue hair out of her dazzling red eyes. That seemed to do the trick; she leaned back into me and places her hands back at my sides.

I close my eyes, awaiting for her lips on mine, several seconds pasted and I suddenly felt the presents of a body against mine had disappeared.

Asuka snapped her eyes open, to be greeted to the darkness of the room and looking directly into the ceiling. The German sat up with a confused expression as she kicked off the blankets on top of her.

This room… it didn’t look like hers, oh right. She was at the First Child’s place. Her mind raced to what caused her to awaken, her skin began to crawl, she could almost still those ghostly fingers on her. Asuka quickly brought her own fingers to the sides of her stomach, trying to rub off the tingling feel.

Her mind continued to wrap around the dream, her lip rose in disgust and her eyebrows furrowed. She became increasing grossed out, and mad, by her imitate dream.

The sensation on her sides where Ayanami’s touch was in the dream began to grow on Sohryu’s nerves and she took her nails and scratched, hoping to rid of the feeling.

Letting out a frustrated noise, Asuka kicked off the blanket and sheets to the floor, landing on top of the pillow Asuka had thrown off early. Before she went to sleep, she asked Rei which pillow was hers out of the two, when she responded; Asuka had knocked it off to the floor.

Taking her sapphire hues off the fallen bedding, she looked up around the room. It seemed empty until she looked toward to kitchen with the light on dimly. The German had gotten up to get ready to give Rei a scolding for no particular reason and trailed off to the kitchen where she assumed the albino was.

She stopped at the entrance to the kitchen, leaning against the wall and frowning.

There was Rei sleeping in a chair, hunched over the table, with her forehead resting on the smooth wood, one arm bent at an angle near her head and the other one was sprawled across the table, holding a half open bookThe Count of Monte Cristo,only being held open by Rei’s thumb sticking in it.

Asuka held in a snicker, Rei was probably going to be a world of hurt at sleeping at a right angle all night. She did slightly feel bad that she had pretty much given Rei no place to sleep, but she found herself not caring too much.

After watching for a few moments, Asuka turned shoulder and stalked off to bed before glancing at the clock, reading three in the morning. Only a few more hours until school, might as well get a couple more hours of sleep.


“Hey, get up!” Asuka said loudly, rubbing her wet locks with a brown towel in one hand and poking Rei with the other. “You should get ready for school, only an hour before we haveta go.” The German said as soon as Rei had sat up from her right angle.

The First Child stood up, arching her back in discomfort from the ache of how she slept. Her ruby eyes scanned the girl before in, Asuka clad in a towel with stringy wet coppery locks. Maybe Asuka would be like her old self today, so Rei was hopeful to say the least. “Are you feeling better today?” The albino asked in a voice that was near a whisper.

Asuka unconscientiously brought a hand up to the dark purple bruise on her forehead, touching it lightly. For the first time she saw it, it was in the bathroom mirror this morning, it had made Asuka wince looking at it. Her ocean hues looked to where she saw Ayanami’s were looking, in which was on the bruise on her forehead above her eyebrow. “Keh, I’m fine,” Asuka’s rude tone totally crushed Rei’s hope. “Now, where could I get some clean clothes to wear, like hell I’m goin’ to school in a towel.” Asuka tilted her head and gave a demanding look.

Rei began to stalk off out of the kitchen and into the main room of the apartment, she pointed to a dresser, signaling that was Asuka’s, than she wandered off toward her own dresser to grab out a clean school uniform and under garments then went off toward the bathroom.

Asuka stood next to her own dresser, watching as the bathroom closed and shortly after she could hear the shower. She waited a few more seconds until she dropped the towel off; she didn’t want Rei coming out if she had the queer eye for her ‘goodies’.

After fully dressed, found a brush, tied her hair up in some red ribbons she found lying on her dresser, she wandered in the kitchen to look for the breakfast.

There wasn’t much to eat in there, but their happened to be some Poptarts, she grabbed the box and tried to find something else, but she guessed that would do for now.

Hearing the click of a door opening, the Second Child left the kitchen to see Rei all clean and squeaky fresh out of the bathroom. Her hair was still wet, giving off a dark hazy blue sheen to it; Asuka found her self giving off an admiring stare. But she was quickly shaken out of her staring after she realized what she was doing. “Here, catch. We better eat on the go since we’re walkin’ to school.” Asuka said after a moment of silence and tossed the blue haired girl a pack of Pop.

Rei had caught the pack, but just barely and muttered a thank you. She set it down and began to slip on her long tight knee socks and put on her school shoes as Asuka began to do the same, expect her socks were white with a red strip near the top.

“Ready to go,” Rei asked as she picked up her Poptart pack and stood up, looking over at the German.

Asuka gave a slight nod and followed Rei off to the door. She couldn’t believe she was actually going along with this, living a life where everyone thought she was gay with Rei.

This couldn’t be right; they belonged in a world of Evangelions and NERV. Without her Eva, she felt like an every day common Jo. And what about her past… her Mama? Where they still the same? Maybe everyone was just trying to pull some cruel joke on her.

The walk to school seemed to take forever, but eventually the two made it to school, and Asuka found herself at her locker. Weird… she didn’t need a locker within the world Evangelions, Rei had to help her open it then she had went off to class once Toji tried to talkg to her.

Asuka had given curious glances around the locker, it having many pictures taped in side. There were a few with Shinji and Hikari, but the ones that really caught her eye were the ones she was with Rei. Asuka looked so happy in them, a certain happiness she was sure never felt before. She took her time looking at them, memories of how the pictures were taken invading her mind.

The first one was the two girls wrapped in the same scarf; Rei looked distracted by something off camera while Asuka was grinning into the camera. Asuka was holding the camera toward them, and the pad of her thumb could be seen in the picture. Also, it was slightly snowing in the picture.

Asuka could remember it was taken during Christmas break and it was the first snow fall of the season.

The second picture had Rei looking as if she were getting ready to start giggling with Asuka butting into the picture. Hikari’s hand was reaching out from the camera, trying to get Asuka out of the way, and Toji’s hand was holding Asuka’s arm trying to get her out of the picture. Asuka could remember that Hikari was trying to get a picture of Rei to hang up in her own locker, but Asuka had felt like being a dork and butt into the picture and gave a silly kiss on Ayanami’s cheek. It was snapped right before Asuka’s lips met Rei’s cheek. In the end, Hikari got her picture of just Rei after several attempts and Asuka had kept this picture, finding Rei’s expression to be quite adorable. Even now, Asuka found the picture rather sweet, not like she’d admit it.

The third one looked as if it was taken at Misato’s apartment, the way Asuka’s mind remembered it, Rei had came wandering up and made herself comfortable in Asuka’s lap. They were both in the living room, so Asuka was sitting on the floor. Rei had snuggled up next to Asuka and had a faint playful grin graced on her lips. Asuka was in mid laugh, do to something Misato had said as she took the picture.

The fourth one was taken towards the end of summer vacation; both Rei and Asuka were sharing a bicycle. They were at the park with Shinji, trying to squeeze the last bit of summer out of their vacation. Asuka remember it was a fun day, that Asuka was a little depressed she actually wasn’t there to experience it.

The fifth was just of Rei, it was one of those uninspecting quick shot pictures, it was taken at a slanted angle. It was a close up of Rei’s crimson left eye, and a Band-Aid stuck to her cheek, Rei had a certain relaxed look to her. This was also at Misato’s place, though Asuka couldn’t remember why she took the picture in the first place or why Rei had a band-aid on her cheek.

Then the final one Asuka took the time to examine was one with Rei giving a pouting expression. She looked annoyed by the fact she was wearing a goofy hat and everyone that could be seen in the picture, Toji, Shinji, and Kensuke, were laughing. Asuka could remember she had bought the hat at the store and put it on Rei’s head when she wasn’t paying attention. The beanie looked quite silly on Rei, it was light brown, had an overly happy puppy face on the front, and two stubby puppy ears on top of the beanie hat.

There were more pictures containing the two girls, but class was getting close to getting started, so Asuka decided it was best to go. The pictures with Asuka in them, the happiness coating her features had made Asuka let out a frustrated growl. All of this was a hard thing for Asuka to believe, she hated Rei, how could these pictures with her and Rei make her look so at ease? It almost disgusts the girl to be that happy.

“Hey Asuka, you feelin’ any better?” Shaking Sohryu out of her thoughts, she looked to Kensuke walking up.

“You better be the last person who ask me that, geek boy.” Asuka replied sharply, beginning to walk toward class.

“Still the flaming demon, I see” Kensuke whispered, looking down to his camera and cleaned the lenses of it.

“Damn, Hikari, Ayanami is pissed at me.” Asuka heard as she entered into the classroom. “Really, how so?” She heard the response from Hikari. “The cold shoulder, I mean c’mon, though you can’t really tell she’s glarin’ at me… I think she wants to hit me.” Toji admitted. “Well, you after all did totally knock her girlfriend in the head, I would be mad too. Why don’t you apologize?” Hikari responded. “I see no point in apologizin’, I’m not the one with an attitude problem.” Toji replied stiffly. “Suzuhara,” The class rep stiffly said, making the jock dunk his shoulders and lean back in his chair.

Asuka made sort of a ‘tccht’ noise before furtherly walking into the room; she glanced around for a set. There was one in the back by the window, behind Rei, and a few by Toji and Hikari. The Second Child tilted her head, her head flashing back to that dream and those pictures as an urge to sit in that sit over near Ayanami.

“Hey Wonder Girl.”

[End notes: I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter and like where this is headed. I kind of had a hard time writing this, because what I had planned for this chapter I decided to keep that for a later chapter cause it seemed better for later than now. And the pictures I described out in this chapter, I've drawn out and currently am coloring them in photoshop... if anyone's interested in seeing them I'll tell you my email in the chapter if y'all are interested. Btw, the chapter got this name from this song from Gilmore Girls, I thought it fit well to the picture scene in this chappy. I would describe why, but I don't want to bore you.

Anywho, until next time... hope to hear from ya, see ya for now!]

Chapter 4

Title: Little Demon

[Author's notes: Yay, an updizzle-date. I was going to add Kowaru to this story, so I had started typing away... and was like, 'Damn, this is a horrible idea' so I restarted D: He was suppose to the cool dude crushing on Rei and liked to piss off Asuka, and with the lesbian Asuka pretty much hated for reasons you probably should know why. But I thought 'how cliche, and you guys will probably hate me for it' So no silver haired d00d.

Btw, this is kinda a cruddy chapter. I don't like it more. No killing me, please.]

Chapter 4: Little Demon

The class had gone by fairly quickly, surprisingly, only thing that annoyed the poor German was pretty much constant talking from the young Ikari boy. He had sat by Asuka, bugging her about all sorts of stuff.

Luckily, it was lunch time now!

“Hey Ayanami, let me buy ya lunch today.” Toji said, sticking his hands in his pocket and gave his best friendly expression. Soon as the bell had rung signaling for lunch, Toji gathered his stuff and made a mad dash towards Rei’s desk.

“I am capable of getting my own lunch,” The albino responded, standing up away from her desk. The cold shoulder from Rei was driving Toji up the wall, like earlier in class when they were assignment to work on a class paper together, she had pretty much did all the work while Toji blabbered on how sorry he was. Suzuhara was well aware that he had said to Hikari that he wasn’t going to apologize, but when you get someone like Rei pissed off, you must have done something horrible. So, he had felt bad about it, but still didn’t get what the point was. After all, Toji thought, its Asuka own fault for being in the way and acting funny.

“Think of it as an apology gift then, now, c’mon, let me buy ya lunch, Ayanami.” Toji said, a friendly expression deepening, as he grabbed her arm and lightly tugged it. “Anything you want.”

“What’s taking you two so long?” Toji and Rei heard from the door, they both turned head to spot Asuka, Hikari, Kensuke, and Shinji poking their head from the side of the door giving curious glances at the two remaining.

“Ayanami’s being stubborn,” The jock said in a whinny voice, tugging the blue haired girl’s arm again.

“C’mon on you two, by the time you guys give up, lunch will be over.” Kensuke said, looking at the two through his camera, not filming them, just looking.

“Not until Ayanami lets me buy her lunch” Toji replied, looking back to the albino.

“I’m not hungry.” Rei shot to him, hoping that will make him drop it.

Toji opened his mouth to reply, but felt a jerk on his ear. The boy let out an overly dramatic pained noise as he felt himself getting dragged across the room, while Asuka was pushing Rei from behind her toward the exit.

‘Oh God, seeing Rei all stubborn… that’s weird.’ Asuka thought, rolling her eyes in an annoyed manner. Only reason why she was still sticking around was because Hikari hadn’t let Asuka go off, and she had pretty much dragged Asuka back to the class room to get Toji and Rei.

“Ow! Class rep, ya don’t gotta be to rough, ya know!” Toji spat, cradling his red ear. Finally, they had made it to the lunch room, with ten minutes to spare.

Ten minutes… the tingling feeling on Asuka’s returned when she heard Aida make some whinny comment about ten minutes left. Ugh, that dream seemed so real, the touches, the warmth, everything. All n’ all, she just wanted to go back to living with Misato, Shinji, and have NERV not as a bank. Asuka wasn’t sure if she should just play along with everyone, tell everyone else off, and screw over Rei with some like Kaji. ‘I hope Kaji’s here…’

So many questions over whelmed her, just so many that they were migraine worthy. Like, should Asuka just break it off with Rei? But when her mind tracks to pure happiness she appeared in those pictures with Rei, Asuka desired to feel that, she envied herself in those pictures. Not ever has she seen someone look so… content, all those pictures, everyone, including Shinji and the rest of the gang, look happy. Asuka wanted a shot at that. But when she thinks about it, Asuka doesn’t think she can have that. She hates Rei, and was doubtful anything can evolve from her loath. Or like, is everything going to turn to normal? The Evas, Angels, and everything else be how it should rightfully should be? Or was she stuck in this new reality. God, she hoped not.

“Wow, Asuka, you look really out of it today.” Kensuke said, a mouth full of food. Asuka looked to the nerd, shrugged her shoulders, then glanced to the rest of the group. Toji, Hikari, and Shinji were engaged in some conversation Asuka found herself not caring. Glancing to the albino being one of the centers consuming her mind, she was looking off out the window with an expression reading that she was defiantly off in La-la Land while she slowly at the lunch Toji had bought her.

‘Break it off with her’ Asuka thought, pouching her lips out, rested her elbow on the table, and placed her chin on the palm on of hand, with narrowed eyelids. “Wonder Girl,” Asuka asked softly, trying not to alert the others’ attention.

Cherry hues slowing connected with azure ones, curiosity lightly coating that deep red. “I was thinking, we should… uh… go to the… store!” Asuka said, her voice very awkward. ‘Way to go idiot! Why didn’t I do it?’ Asuka mentally slapped herself, having a difficult time. She was confused, why couldn’t she say that she wanted to break up?

Catching the expression Rei sudden wore to what the German had said, Asuka clarified with, “Uhm, after school. I noticed there wasn’t much to eat at the apartment.” Asuka clarified coolly in a cocky voice, while she idly thought her voice wasn’t taking orders from her brain anymore.

The albino flashed her an odd expression before saying in her usual calm and quiet voice, “Remember, I go to Ikari’s father’s house today. It’s Friday.”

Rei went to Shinji’s father’s bank, NERV, after school on Fridays to help out around the bank and have dinner later on. It was under agreement that Gendo would pay for the apartment and whatever else. ‘Why do I know that?’ Asuka scrunched up her face in confusion at the fact she just remember what Rei did on Fridays. ‘Wait, why does that pig of a Commander want to have just Rei for dinner?’’

“Why do you have to go?” Asuka asked while cocking a slim brow. “So Ikari will pay- - -“

“No, not what I was asking, idiot.” Asuka rolled her eyes as Rei sort of dunked her shoulders. “I used to live with him, he still wants to see me, hence the dinners, and working at NERV.” Thinking over what Rei had said, the German began to think that perhaps Shinji and Ayanami were related. No, what about the last name Ayanami?

Her mind suddenly flashed back:

Hey, Ayanami… do you ever wonder about your parents” I asked, turning my head slightly, looking at the girl besides me. She and I lay on top of a lush grassy hill over looking the city of Tokyo 3, my thumb was caressing ivory knuckles, I enjoy the slight indents between each bone and the silky touch of her skin.

She turned to look at me briefly, than back up to the seemingly endless blue sky. “Sometimes.” She answered shortly, in a light whisper.

Whatever happened to ‘em?” I ask, cocking my eyebrow up curiously. Rei and I are good friends, yet sometimes I yearn for more. I could go on ‘n on for my reasons, but I should be listening to what she’s saying, not eyeing her up.

I don’t remember them, I believe I use to live with this one man, I think he was a friend of Ikari.” Rei stated slowly, trying to remember as she spoke. She lightly bit her lip, making my eyes seem to be glued looking there as I tighten my grip on her hand. “So, how’d you end up staying at Gendo’s place? Cause he wouldn’t even let Shinji live there after his mother died.”

She bit her lip again, rolled her eyes to the side, trying to think and recall. God, she’s so cute. If only she’d bite my--- my thoughts were stopped abruptly, probably for the better, when she started speaking again, “The man said he was going out of town for a couple of days, or so I believe he was. He claimed to Ikari, that he had no one to watch me. So, Ikari said he would look after me while he was gone. I was five, or around that age. I don’t really recall.”

“Wow, that guy must have been a hell of a good convincer to get the bastard to watch ya.” I say slyly, than squeeze her hand lightly to encourage her to continue.

I noted her quick annoyed expression she flashed me, before she continued, “He never came back. That is why I live with Ikari now.”

That other guy is an ass, who would ever want to get rid of you?” I ask in a cocky voice as I sit up and pinch her cheek and move closer to her. She removes my fingers from her cheek and stands “We should get you back to Katsuragi’s living quarters.” I roll my eyes at that, whenever I try to get close closer to her, she always pulls away. Damn, it annoys me so much.

Yeah, whatever.”

“Hey, Asuka snap out of it! Lunch is over.” Toji waved his hand in front of Asuka idiotically, making her growl and slap it away. “I know, monkey boy!”

“Sure ya did.” Toji replied in a whisper as he stuck his hands in his pocket and began to walk. “So, during lunch Shinji and the rest of us thought after school lets out, we should walk down to the park and hang a bit. It’s been a while since we’ve done that. And, maybe, Ayanami, you could drop by after goin’ to Shinji’s father?” The jock asked, looking hopefully at the blue haired girl.

“I will not been able to leave until after sun set,” The albino replied, actually disappointed she wouldn’t be able to make it.

“We'll go Monday too, so you can get a chance. And what about you Asuka, gonna come along today?” The dark haired boy asked, turning to the fiery red head.

Asuka knocked some apricot strands of hair off her slender shoulders, before replying, “Sorry ape, like I’d want to hang out with you.” With that being rudely said, Sohryu placed both hands on her hips and awaited the snarky remark that was sure to come.

“What else do you have to do? Go along with your girlfriend? Can’t even be away for three seconds.” Toji replied, surprisingly calmly, as he scratched the top of his tanned ear lobe.

Suddenly, Toji a growing pain on his foot. “Ow! You didn’t have to stomp on my foot, ya know!”

‘How could I ever forget she was a little demon?’ Toji thought, trying to keep tears from appearing in his eyes.

Chapter 5

Title: A Speck of Silver

[Author's notes: Been somewhat of a while since I've updated... I'm kinda starting to lose interest in this story, but I'm trying to stay strong and get this fic done without making you wait forever for an update like my other story Second Wind.

This chapter is a bit more focused on Rei then Asuka, just so you know. The next chapter is going to be different then the others...]

“We could swing by my place and get my Frisbee if anyone wants to play a round of Ultimate Frisbee at the park….” The dark skinned Toji suggested, crossing his arms around his chest and tilting his head. “It’ll be fun to cream Asuka again,” Suzuhara said in a trailing voice, eyeing his friends as they walked down the long school hall crowded with other students.

“Psssht, as if you could ever beat me, monkey boy!” Asuka shot back in a prideful voice while lowering her eyebrows in a cocky manner. Shinji, Kensuke, and Hikari rolled their eyes and sighed as they felt a bicker fight begin to grow between them.

Rei on the other hand wasn’t paying too much attention to whatever everyone else was saying as they walked down the hallway with fellow students making their way out to go home. Not like it really mattered if she paid attention, she would be at Gendo’s for most of the night so their talking would be useless information to her. Feeling a light jab at her side, Ayanami looked down to the elbow gently digging into her side then she brought gaze up to a pair of questioning blue hues. “So you’re off to Shinji’s father place?” Asuka asked in a low voice as if she were afraid the others might hear her. Not like they did, Hikari, Toji, and Kensuke were in some conversation Asuka found uninteresting, though Shinji, he was just being silent.

“First to NERV and then I am to eat dinner at Ikari’s living quarters,” Rei replied a bit flatting as she looked in front of her, spotting the exit of the school nearing. “What time will you be back,” The Second Child asked curiously as she knocked some coppery red locks off her lean shoulders.

Sparing the German a glance, gaining some hope Asuka would start being herself again. A lot of the things Asuka had done and said had emotionally cut Rei real deep. She might seem fine and dandy to everyone else, but inwardly a form of depression wore the albino down. One might say they were two young fourteen year olds that should keep their hands to their selves and that they were too young to have deep feeling for another. But Rei felt as if she was another person, she felt more mature and older than other fourteen year old… she felt as if she were a twenty-one year old in a fourteen year old’s body. She was certain Asuka was like that too, but a cocky child-like exterior around others.

Realizing it has been a few moments of silence and the group had already exited the school, Rei responded, “Around eight, perhaps a little later.” Looking away from the red head Rei continued to speak, “I could stop by a close grocery store to pick up some food, you said at lunch we needed to stock up… I could go on my way back from Ikari’s.”

Rei instantly looked toward Asuka, feeling her knuckle brush against Asuka’s light tanned knuckle. The blue haired girl remembered the winter when they were thirteen and just friends, Asuka would prosperously bump her knuckles up against her own, she could tell Asuka did it prosperously just by the way she kept knuckles their too long. Anyway, after bumping knuckles, Asuka would take her hands if they were cold and make up some dramatic lie about people with cold hands then demanded that she must warm them. After that winter, Asuka grew use to grabbing Rei’s hands, so continued to hold Rei’s hands whenever and usually made up an unbelievable excuse for her reason to be holding them. Rei didn’t need a reason; she enjoyed the warmth that Asuka’s hands always gave off.

Rei mentally frowned at herself; she’s making it seem as if Asuka hadn’t touched her in years, which in fact just the other day, before Asuka’s head had a run in with a baseball, the two had a heavy kiss session before school that made them ten minutes late.

“Nah, we could go tomorrow. It’ll give us something to do tomorrow, anyway.” Asuka said casually and crossed her arms, seeming to not have noticed she had touched Ayanami’s hand by accident.

The whole group came to a stop when they were at the spot in which Rei must go her different direction. “See ya Ayanami,” Both Toji and Kensuke said at the same time. “I’ll see you Monday, Ayanami.” Hikari said, giving a small wave to the First Child. “Would you… say… hello to my father for me?” Shinji asked a bit timidly, a tad jealous that his father obviously favored Rei over his own son.

Rei gave a simple nod to Shinji’s request and then turned her attention to Asuka. “Whelp, Wonder Girl… I’ll see you later.” The German said in an arrogant voice and placed both hands on her hips, “I’ll be sure to kick ape’s butt at Ultimate Frisbee.” Asuka said in the same voice as before, while mentally slapping herself, ‘Damn, why I being… civil to First Child?’ Shaking her from her thoughts, she felt a hand run down her cheek-- bringing chills to Asuka. “Be careful not to hurt your self again,” Rei gently said, hoping Asuka didn’t get knocked in the head with a Frisbee.

Pushing Rei’s hand away and giving a cocky expression, “I will, and quit touching me.” Asuka shocked herself; there was hardly any bitterness in her voice.

“Goodbye for now, Asuka.” Rei said after a moment while tilting her head to knock some light indigo hair out of her ruby eyes.


“You look a bit down.” A calm and slightly loud voice Rei heard, making her crimson eyes to make contact with another pair. Shaggy dark silver hair, a pair of long smirking lips, ivory pale skin, and a matching pair of red eyes was what Rei’s gaze met. “Girl troubles?” He coolly asked, as he walked up next to Rei and leaned his back against the brick wall like Ayanami was.

The two were outside; Gendo gave them a break from working for about ten minutes.

Kaworu Nagisa worked part time at NERV and worked a longer shift on Fridays. He was Rei’s age, but home schooled and was two grades higher than Rei.

“Still with that German girl?” The silver haired teen asked, coolly looking to the stoic girl besides him who looking at the world around her.

“Yes,” Rei replied simply, meeting crimson eyes.

“Care to spill, I know something is up,” Kaworu asked evenly while still holding a smirk.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t be asking,” This boy usually got on the girl’s nerves. He always seemed to be popping up out of no where, always wore that cool smirk, and seemed to always try to pry out information about Ayanami’s life away from work at the bank.

“I was once told talking about things that make one upset; one should talk it out with another. I heard it makes one feel a bit more comfort, or so I remember being told.” Kaworu put both hands in his pockets, raising one eyebrow.

“I believe we should get back to work,” Rei said a bit coldly as she turned shoulder to head back inside.


The night was cool, bringing goose bumps to Rei’s scrawny bare arms, making her pick up her walking pace.

Gendo got heavily caught up in a phone conversation after dinner and motioned for Rei to head home and gave her money to spend for the week, but not bothering to give her a ride… considering the walk would take thirty minutes to walk back. But luckily, Rei just finished climbing up the stairs leading to her apartment floor.

She was home an hour later than what she had told her girlfriend.

Just as she shut the door and locked it, Rei’s gaze caught Asuka just as she finished putting on her pajama top.

“About time you’re back.” Asuka rolled her eyes, then began to take the ribbons out of her hair.

“I apologize,” The blue haired girl replied while digging around for night clothing in her own dresser. “Enjoy your time at the park,” Ayanami asked and looked to the red head that plopped down onto the bed and laid back… she looked worn out.

“We played a couple of rounds of Ultimate Frisbee, Shinji and I were on the same team and monkey boy and the dork were on the other team. Hikari watched and kept score. We won most of the games… it’s a bit tiring playing only two on two.” Asuka gave a chuckle as she continued to speak, “Shinji missed throwing the stupid Frisbee at me, and hit the ape in the back of the head.” Even Rei couldn’t help but smile at that. “Just what he deservers, the idiot.” Rei nodded her head to Asuka’s words as she stalked off to the bathroom to change.

Soon as Rei came out of the bathroom, Asuka was all set and ready for bed, all tucked in and everything… but she was scooted over far to the right of the bed.

‘Why am I feeling like this? Why do I want her sleeping next to me? Just the other night the thought of her being next to me made my skin crawl…. But now?’ Asuka’s mind traced to the dream from the night before, those photographs, and flash backs… were those warming her up to the albino? ‘Damn her.’

“Ya coming to bed?”

[End notes: Sorry for the shortness]

Chapter 6

Title: Reality and Fantasies

[Author's notes: Kinda short, kinda confusing, kinda different chapter.]

Slowly azure eyes cracked open, before a blinding light forced her to close them. Soon as the lids shut, her body was come by a horrific pain in her ribs.

Asuka shot up out of a laying position as the pain in her ribs grew, her eyes hastily opened and widened at her sudden quick movement. She felt a rising in her chest and forced her hunched over, only creating more pain in chest, and coughed up blood. The rising feeling faded after coughing up the red liquid.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and words enter her ears, “Lay back down.” Asuka looked to the hand, then up to the voice, and to where she was. She was a stretcher, with several doctors surrounding her and pushing the stretcher down a hallway.

“Quick! Get all the pilots to the ER, now!” Came a familiar voice.

Asuka bit her lip, trying to keep her cries of pain to herself as she looked to the voice. There were two other stretchers, with doctors pushing them along bickering amongst each other about the people upon the stretchers.

Asuka looked to Misato, the owner of the voice before; she was trailing behind the stretchers, seemingly stressed out and worried.

“Please, lay down,” Asuka heard again as she painfully looked to the doctor touching her shoulder. “You’re only causing yourself more pain.” The doctor informed, as the German whimpered from a shock of pain flashing by.

The redhead was willing to do anything to ease the pain in her ribs, and she decided to heed the man’s words. “Oh God!” Asuka cried out as she laid back down, feeling a hard jab in her chest, which the noise alerted Misato’s attention.

“Her skull, we fear it may cave in if we don’t hurry up!” Asuka heard a doctor shout from one of the other stretchers.

Suddenly the pace that the doctors were pushing her stretcher slowed and the voice of the doctor who told her to sit down spoke up, “ Take her to the room the pilot of Unit 02 was suppose to go to, it’s much closer.”

Asuka closed her eyes, her vision beginning to blur, the throbbing in her rubs really making it difficult to keep her from not passing out.

Soon after closing her eyes, Asuka couldn’t keep her thoughts straight; the only thing her mind could concentrate on was her pain…. Not where she was, not what was going on, and not who they were talking about the girl who might have her skull caving in.


We’ll be together?” The voice was meek, yet questioning. She looked at me, her head facing downward, peering at me with her timid ruby eyes. “For forever.” I hear a familiar voice say, I look to that voice. She looks like me.

Asuka? Oh good, you’re finally awake. You had me worried there,” A male’s voice sounded. I turn away from the red eyed girl holding my look-a-like’s hand and to a boy hunched over looking someone else who looks just like me; she had a bruise on her head.

Again I hear another voice, I turn to look behind me to see a boy pull his pants down, “It's overpriced, but that's okay, here’s your change!”

“Can you say crazy anal micromanager?” I hear a male’s voice say, I turn to look. It’s a boy with spiky dark brown hair, standing next to him was that red eyed girl, as they both watch someone who looks like me walk away in a huff. The crimson eyed girl responded in a flat voice, “Not five times fast.”

When a wind-up doll like you starts being sympathetic to me...I've really hit rock bottom” I look to my left, suddenly I feel my back lean against an elevator and I’m face to face with red eyed blue haired girl. Just behind her was another look-a-like, just like me.

I’m not a doll.” The girl in front of me said.

I look back at the look-a-like as she stood up straighter and spat out in a quick reply, “Shut up! You do anything you're ordered to, don't you? You'd kill yourself if Commander Ikari told you to, wouldn't you?!”

Now, now, that’s not very nice.” Abruptly the elevator room I was currently in faded away and a disappointed looking person stood in front of me. She looked like me, yet she had a smile on her face and her hair was in ribbons instead of her red neutral clips. “Not a very nice thing to say to someone you love, huh?” She said.

“What? I didn’t say that, she did!”
I look around, trying to find the look-a-like that I saw in the elevator, but she was no where to be found. Suddenly, the black area faded back to the elevator room, except I wasn’t in front of that blue haired girl.

I was in her spot, that other look-a-like’s spot from before. What’s going on?

I think you’re a tad delusional.” I look ahead of me; it’s the one wearing the ribbons. She’s smirking at me; I lower my brows in irritation. “Which are your memories? Which are just your fantasies?”

What the hell are you talking about!?” I spat at her as I grow increasing pissed off.

That is what you are to find out.” She said, before I even had the chance to reply everything went from dark to light, to white, and the sound of a soft ‘beep…beep…beep’ filled my ears.

“Asuka!?” A happy, yet soft, voice sounded from the side from the sounds of it.

Slowly, two blue eyes gazed off to the side, looking at a violet haired woman through half closed eye lids at the entrance to the room.

‘Where am I? What I doing here? Ugh, my chest hurts and I’m hungry.’ The German thought as the purple haired woman approached closer.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake, you’re been out cold for a day and a half.”


“How’s your ribs? The doctors said, you had two broken ribs and one is cracked,” Katsuragi asked in a concerned voice as she finally reached the bedside Asuka lay in currently.

‘So… I’m in the hospital? Did I hit my head again with? No wait; she said something about my ribs.’ Asuka thought, not bothering to answer Misato. The Second Child scrunched her face up in a confused expression.

‘Wait a sec… am I at NERV? The Angel? Was that a dream… in that world without Evangelion and Rei was my- - -‘ Asuka caught her thoughts short, “Where’s Wonder Girl?”

Misato gave a shocked expression before she responded, “Uhm… she was just released out of critical care… I heard she was a few rooms down. Asuka, are you okay?”

“The Angel…?” The German puzzled, trying to get things straight in her mind… she couldn’t figure what really was going on. One minute she was in an Angel fight with the Evas getting their butt creamed, the next she was laying down with a buries on her head from a stupid baseball, then she found out Rei was her girlfriend, and now she’s in the hospital with funked up ribs. Which was real? Asuka couldn’t figure it out… she had memories from both realities; both of them seemed as if they were real.

“If it hadn’t been for Unit 00 reactivating Unit 02 woulda been doomed. I’m not even sure how Unit 00 could even move… the Angel had crushed its head clear off. For some reason, the Angel was interested in your Eva… so Unit 00 had kept the Angel away from your Eva while Unit 01 destroyed the Angel… I was sure we were all good as dead, I’m glad that Angel’s deceased now.”

“All of this is real?” Asuka asked, looking off to the monitors she was currently hooked up to.

Before Misato had the chance to answer, Asuka’s vision was engulfed in white.

By the time her vision cleared, she found herself not in pain in the ribs anymore and the room was dim. She could hear soft breaths from behind her, and warmth behind her too.

She felt something cuddle up next to her, and Asuka found herself being in absolute ease and comfort.

‘What’s going on…?’ Asuka turned her head ever so slightly, to spot a patch of shaggy blue hair, a pair of closed eyes, and ivory skin.

‘Rei…?’ Asuka thought to herself in a puzzled manner.

She currently lay on her side, her head on a comfy pillow, a blanket covering her body, with Ayanami too resting on her side, but she had her forehead and some of her body leaning, in an unintentionally snuggle, against Asuka’s back.

A familiar voice fills Asuka’s head as she turns her head away from looking at the First Child.

Which are your memories? Which are just your fantasies?’

[End notes: I hope you enjoyed this chapter… I dunno if I really like how it came out… but eh I got my point across, well, I hope I did.

Your opinions...?]

Chapter 7

Title: Trouble In Paradise

[Author's notes: Updates might be slower, school started up again. And I got a question; some of you may be curious maybe wondering about Rei and Asuka’s AU you past… I’ve been contemplating wither to dedicate a whole chapter to an AU flashback… or should I screw it and just move on and only flash back when necessary?

Btw… AU Asuka has a little bit of a different personality then normal Asuka, aside from being gay and has a huge thing for Rei … I would say a little more dorky, but no that doesn’t sound the right way to describe it. –shrugs-. Oh well…]

‘Yes… I see you staring at me, you butt head.’ I think to myself as I peer over at this dude glaring at us as we walk into another isle.

Rei and I are the store by her place; Misato invited her to have dinner with Shinji and me. I swung by her apartment and went to the near by store to pick up some crap Shinji needed to make for dinner.

I wonder if I could get Rei to stay the night with me, it’ll be our first time as a couple if she was going to stay. Shinji’s dad is an idiot, the first time Rei ever stayed the night with me… he had a huge list of stuff for Rei. Like a bed time, what to make for dinner, and all this stupid stuff. I can’t believe she even managed to live on her own now.

What is next on the list?” I hear from my girlfriend, peering over at. I forget for a moment what she’s talking about, but the following second I remember.

I reach into my jean pocket grabbing out a folded yellow piece of notebook paper and read what’s next, “Just some bread left and that’s it for the list.”

We slip into the next isle and I give a cocky smirk over at the guy who’s glaring at us behind the cash register.

I guess he’s still pissed off Rei actually likes me instead of him. He’s an upper classmen from our school.

As we finish walking past him, I grab Rei’s hand and walk closer to her. She looks over at me then down to our hands and back up to where she was walking.

We finally get the bread and stalk over to the cashier, I think his face is going to get stuck if he keeps glaring like that, plus it’s starting to piss me off.

I get the money out of my pocket to pay for what Shinji needed and handed it over into larger hands of the cashier. I’m tempted to grope Rei, just to irritate him.

I smirk as I stand behind Rei, placing my hands at her hips as what’s-his-face puts the money in the cash register and gets the change, and I crawl my fingers up. I feel Rei’s head shift and she tries to peep at me, “What are you doing,” She asks in that silent chilling voice of hers.

I smirk a bit more, “Want to stay over tonight?” I ask in the best seductive voice I could muster, ignoring her question while I continue let my fingers travel upward… they’re right below her breast… too bad her shirt’s on. I know Rei’s probably uncomfortable with what I’m doing; I’m not really planning to completely feel her up anyways.

As I finish planting a kiss on the side of her ivory neck, I hear a crude noise resembling a cough then a, “Here’s your change,” Coming from the very guy I was trying to annoy. I look over and scrunch up my nose in disgust… I guess he pitched his ‘tent’. Ew.

I grab the change hurriedly and the bags containing the groceries. Rei asked if she could carry them, I guess to be polite, but I turn her down a tad obnoxiously.

“Asuka…” A calm, yet attention grabbing, voice filled the German’s ears catching her awareness.

Dragging her sapphire hues to the voice, Asuka peered over at Rei. “What?” Asuka snapped a bit rudely.

“You were… starting to fall behind,” The albino informed a tad timidly, as Asuka realized she was fairly far behind Rei in the isle they were walking down.

Asuka shrugged in response and speed up her walking space to reach Rei’s side. She didn’t get it… why was she getting these flash backs? ‘They’re your memories.’ Asuka hears a voice in her head say. ‘But they can’t be… I feel as her, the person that is me, isn’t even me. Those… memories… feel like I’m watching them, viewing like some movie.’ The German thought, feeling as if memories from both of her ‘realities’ were like scattered and distant dreams. As more memories pressed on, it became increasing difficult to keep grasp on the fact this wasn’t real… she was Asuka Langley Sohryu pilot of Evangelion Unit 02 not Asuka whom just went to school and was gay.

But when she really thought about it all, the Angels, Evas, n’ all… it seemed all like it was a bunch of hocus pocus and being in a lesbian relationship with another girl seemed more like reality then piloting a giant Evangelion product of NERV. All this mumbo gumbo was killing Asuka in the head… why couldn’t this just be easy? She felt herself loose touch upon reality. Maybe she was going crazy.

Asuka made a mentally frustrated noise, ‘I don’t even know what to believe anymore’

“Katsuragi called this morning before you woke up…” Rei started to casually say as they walked into another isle, Asuka caught a glimpse of the upper classmen cashier.

“Yeah…” The German said in a voice encouraging her to continue speaking while she placed her hands into her pockets.

“She invited us over to dinner tonight.”

“Are we going?” The German asked, looking over at the blue haired girl pushing the slightly squeaky cart down the isles.

“I told her I wasn’t sure, then she responded Ikari would be making dinner and we’d be welcome to come over if we wanted.” Ayanami asked tilting her head quickly to the side to knock some light indigo hair out of her pastel face.

“Yeah, let’s go!” Asuka said, a grin slithering to her lips as she noticed Rei shift her gaze to her and a small smile appear on her feathery lips. Asuka wouldn’t admit, but the smile was cute.

“If it isn’t my two favorite girls,” Came a freakish calm voice from behind the two girls. Both of the females turn to meet with a pair of crimson hues, messy dark silver hair, and a cooling grin.

Asuka furrowed her two slender eyebrows. Who the hell was he!?

After a few moments of silence, he spoke up, “Trouble in paradise I presume?”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Asuka asked a bit on edge, not bothering to ask who he was… she didn’t want to seem like a fool asking who he was… she bet if she was herself she’d know. No wait… she is herself… whatever.

“No witty and rude comment first thing after you laid your azure eyes upon me,” He responded composedly while putting his hands in his pockets. “Something must be up,” He continued. His ruby eyes gazed to Rei, widening his smirk, remembering her even more stand-off attitude yesterday at NERV.

Kaworu walked up to the two girls, as the German pouched out her lips in an angry frown. “So thus, trouble in your paradise. Relationship problems… I’m great listener,” the silver haired boy brought his gaze back to Rei towards the end of his confident spoken words.

Asuka’s view of this guy was defiantly that he was an asshat, a nosey asshat. “It’s none of your business...” Asuka said sharply, inching closer to Rei as she noticed the looks he was giving her. She felt this certain protective and defensive vibe coming through her.

Kaworu just gave a chuckle and walked in between the girls and turning into another isle.

The two just stood there a moment, letting their eyes linger there, until Asuka spoke up, “God, he was annoying.” She looked over to the albino whom nodded, making a small grin appear on the German’s lips.

Unconsciously, Sohryu reached a hand out and brushed a strand of stringy blue hair out of cherry eyes, in return Asuka received a grin even reaching Rei’s eyes, making them seem as if they were luminiating.

As Asuka pulled her hand back to her side, she suddenly felt awkward. The action she had just did, it didn’t feel as if she had done it. It was as if someone else had done it. Asuka shivered, feeling really weird.

Upon finish getting all the food items the two girls needed, it was time to pay and be face to face with that guy Asuka remembered from the flash back. “No unappropriate touching today?” He asked, his voice dripped in an apathetic tone.

“I’m sure your pants are too tight today anyways, I figured why not save you the pain just this once,” Asuka said sly as she crossed her arms and smirked with her gritted his teeth and flushed at her comment. “Yeah, I think I’m too much of a softy for my own good,” Asuka continued to say in a sarcastic voice.


“Hey stranger,” A friendly voice greets the German. “Never come by anymore, you must be real busy.” Asuka rolled her eyes and kept her mouth shut about the double meaning of ‘busy’… she was already too annoyed to snap back. On the way over Asuka had tripped in a puddle of water, drenching her pant leg and almost knocked Rei over.

“But I’m glad you guys decided to come over,” The violet haired woman said, further opening the door as a way to invite Rei and Asuka in.

“Shinji better be cooking tonight…” Asuka muttered in a grumpy voice.

“He is,” Misato said as the three walk down the minny hall of the apartment, with Asuka dragging behind with pouching lips.

Her eyes wandered around, realizing there was pictures hung up on the wall, unlike Misato’s apartment in the world of Evangelions. A lot of the pictures were of Pen-Pen and Misato. Most of the pictures looked kind of old, noticeably because of how young Pen-Pen looks.

As she continued to walk, she noticed as she went on the pictures were more recent. One picture caught her attention. It was mainly just had her and Rei, with Shinji laying on his gut watching TV and Pen-Pen loafing around on top of Shinji’s back.

Asuka was behind Rei, she guessed that Rei was sitting in Asuka’s lap, but she couldn’t tell because the camera cut off the area. Rei looked uncomfortable and awkward. Asuka had a huge dorky smile on towards the camera; her fingers were pulling at the sides of Rei’s lips forcing her to give an uneven grin.

The Second Child couldn’t help but express a smile looking at the picture; it was an amusing picture to look at.

“That was a fun night…” A voice said, making Asuka jump and turn to glare at Misato for the startle.

“When was it?” Asuka asked, biting at the bottom of her lip as she took her gaze off the older woman and back to the picture.

“Almost two years ago, the first night Rei stayed over. We couldn’t get her to give a smile for the camera, so you forced her to. How could you not remember? You use to talk about that night constantly.” Misato placed her hands on her hips and Asuka responded with a shrug. “You guys should come over and stay the night some time… been a while.”

Asuka nodded, still irritated about the puddle of water from earlier.

“So… why’s your pant leg wet?”

Chapter 8

Title: Crush Crush Crush

[Author's notes: Hopefully a chapter you’re going to love, some big stuff in this up-dizzle.]

Slowly, sapphire eyes cracked open, but quickly shut as blinding white light tried to seep in. Keep her eyes shut tight for several more seconds, those crystalline eyes reopened, blinking a few times before focusing on her surroundings.

An ache developed her in chest area, her eyes drifted downward to see white sheets covering her body. Her hues of blue drifted away from the sheets and around the room. It was all… white, an eerie white. Bringing her eyes off the pasty colored room, too the several machines hooked up to her arm. It wasn’t until now her ears began to register the noise, the constant, slow, cooing beeping noise emitting from one of the machines.

‘Where… am I...? What’s going on…?’ Her mind felt a little hazy, the last thing she could remember was walking home from Misato’s place after dinner, taking a shower, and going to bed sharing the bed with Rei. But this white room with a beeping machine..?

Suddenly the door opened with swiftness, making Asuka crane her neck to see who was at the door. “Oh, hey you’re wake. Took quite a long snooze.”

It was Misato.

“The mentoring room detected a change in your heart rate; I thought you woke up, so I grabbed so lunch in case you were hungry. Want some food?” The violet haired woman asked perkily, offering out a tray holding NERV hospital food.

Wait… this seemed familiar, her outfit. It was a red jacket with a few badges, representing that she was a Major.

Her ribs hurt and she felt sore, blocking her mind from the grasp that something weird was up again. Blocking the uncanny black like confusion with almost calm like the color gray

“No,” Asuka responded a bit hoarsely as Misato walked further into the room.

Setting the tray aside on the small table besides the bed Asuka was in, Misato set her gaze to Asuka, she could tell something was on her mind and the Major was concerned.

A silence began to grow between the two females, until Asuka spoke up, “How is Rei?”

Quickly, Misato zipped her gaze to the red head, obviously shocked that Asuka would ask. Just the other day, Asuka was wondering where Rei was. Why hadn’t Asuka bother to ask Shinji? Where did this sudden concern come from?

“I’m not sure, but she’s probably doing well.” The purple haired woman replied with a shrug, pondering over how Rei actually doing. She had been hung up over Shinji and Asuka to spare much about Rei, much to her guilt.

“Could I see her?” Asuka asked, catching the Major by surprise again.

“She’s probably not awake,” Misato answered back as the German rolled her eyes. “Besides, you shouldn’t be moving around until your ribs heal.”

Trying to take a big breath to let out a huffy sigh, the breath was cut short by the feeling of a compression wrap around her ribs. She hoped she didn’t have to wear this long, partly because of her temper which mostly involves big breaths, which can increase the risk of lung infections, pneumonia., and partly because it was uncomfortable.

‘Why do I want to see Wonder Girl…?’ Asuka questioned herself, braking eye contact away from the other woman in the room. ‘Because she’s your girlfriend’, Asuka heard herself tell herself. ‘No, she’s not.’ Asuka replied back to herself. Asuka scrunched her face in displeasure; she couldn’t believe she was pretty much arguing with herself.

“I suppose… you can go see Rei,” Misato suddenly said with a shrug and bit her lip lightly as Asuka turned her attention back to Misato and let a grin unconsciously come to her lips.

As Misato helped the teen to get up, she shivered when her bare feet touched the cold tiled floor.

Having slight discomfort, Misato and Asuka finally reached the First Child’s room just a rooms few down.

Asuka stood still, just kind of looking at the door leading to the albino’s room; she could feel the presences of Misato to her side.

Putting her nimble hands on the door knob, she could feel the presences besides her fade, but she didn’t bother to look to the side where Misato was.

Soon as the door opened, there was a white light seeping into her eyes, Asuka assumed from the lights and windows. As she stalked further into the room, she felt the presences besides reappear as the bright light fade.

Seeing Rei in a hospital bed was not what she saw, quickly Asuka shifted her eyes to Misato, but didn’t see her. Instead, she saw bright wine eyes, shaggy blue hair that looked as if it had been freshly combed, and ivory skin. ‘…Rei?’

Looking back in front of her, she could see other people. She wasn’t NERV anymore she was at… school?

The Second Child’s face creased up in confusion. Before she had much time to think, she heard a familiar voice, “So you two still comin’ to the park today?” Focusing her blue hues on the owner of the voice, she spotted Toji standing next to a sitting Kensuke, both of them expecting an answer.

Looking to her side yet again, looking for Rei she noticed that she nodded to the boys’ question then she looked to Asuka, as if she were asking if it were alright she already answered. Feeling the corners of her lips lift upward, she gave a crooked grin at the blue haired girl.

After settling a few things about where to meet each other after school to head to the park, Asuka was left in her seat to wonder what had just happened.

She was heading to Rei’s hospital to reappear in this strange reality; all of this ‘crap’ was putting a strain on the German. As time went on, figuring out which to believe was increasingly difficult. As she already went over in her mind before, being with a girl was more sensible then piloting a huge ass Evangelion. But she found herself knowing more about her past in the reality of Evangelions then reality of with Rei. She didn’t even know if her mom had killed herself, heck, she didn’t even know if she has the same mother with the same past as the reality of Angels and NERV.

It wasn’t as if she could come up to anyone and ask what the hell was going on, they’d probably look at her like she was on crack for the mere mention of Angels of destruction.

After contemplating this through out the time, the school day had ended and Asuka found herself waiting for her friends to meet up and head over to the park. So far, Shinji, Rei, and Hikari were there… Asuka too.

“It looks as it’s going to rain,” Asuka heard a voice stating, coated in disappointment. Looking to the warm presents besides her, she spotted Rei looking off into the gray clouds gathering in the sky.

Rei had been looking forward to going to the park with her friends, as much as it didn’t seem like it; she loved hanging out with all her friends. Especially Asuka. She had gotten disheartened when she had to go with Gendo on Friday while the rest of the gang got to go to the park, now that she had the chance to go with them, it looked as if a down pour was going to happen.

“I bet we have at least a good hour and a half to hang at the park if we hurry there,” An approaching voice of Toji said, a calm grin upon his lips and hands tucked into his pockets. Rei returned a small, yet subtle, grin.

Kensuke was trailing behind Toji, fiddling with his camera.

The group began to walk, away from the school. Toji had butt in between Asuka and Rei. “I wonder if I could kick Ayanami’s butt in Ultimate Frisbee… but probably by the time we reach my place to get the Frisbee and to the park, it’d probably start raining by then…”

“We should just buy a Frisbee to keep in one of our lockers,” Shinji said as Asuka pushed Toji aside to have her spot back between Hikari and Rei.

Everybody agreed with Shinji’s idea, and Rei suggested that she’d buy the Frisbee and Toji said he wanted to keep it in his locker, but then Asuka piped in saying it’d probably get lost in the mess of his locker, so Shinji said he’d keep the Frisbee in his when Rei bought one.

The park was drawing near, yet was still out of eye sight, and everyone, mainly Toji, was blabbering on what they should do when they get to the park.

A thick and chubby drop of rain splattered on the tip of Asuka’s nose, hitting like a ton of bricks being dropped from a skyscraper.

Looking up into the sky, straining her neck, Asuka saw the sky had gotten dark and silvery clean drops began to fall.

Second by second the drops began to come quicker, light at first, but thicker and heavier by the moment.

By a matter of seconds, the gang began to get drenched. It was only less then a minute when heavy rain began to pour… pounding like a boxer to his punching bag.

The small group began to quicken their pace to find some shelter from pummeling rain. What they had managed to huddle into was one of those Bus Stops. Ya know, with the see through plastic booths with a crappily made bench.

“Aw man! My camera! My camera!” Kensuke cried, examining his camera, accidentally elbowing Shinji in the rib.

They barely fit in the booth, but it was better then being stuck in that rain. It had hit hard, almost like someone whacking a golf ball and hitting someone else with it. Both Kensuke and Shinji were jammed in the furthest, then Rei and Asuka were besides them, and Toji and Hikari were pressed up against the two girls, trying to avoid the rain trying to plow in the entrance in which they stood by.

Rei’s back was pressed against the wall, with Asuka’s breast pressed up against her own, being sandwiched between the plastic wall and Asuka.

“Hey, watch it, ape!” Asuka snapped as she felt an elbow nail her in the side back.

“That wasn’t me!” Toji cried out frustrated as he tried to lean back to avoid the rain beginning to enter and get him wet, which only ended up of him being shoved with Asuka’s foot to get off of her.

“Sorry Asuka,” Hikari piped up, she being the one who had elbowed the girl. Hikari had her back facing the girls, just like Toji, trying to stay away from the rain as well.

A loud thunder roared suddenly, causing Hikari to jump in surprise and bump Toji, knocking into Asuka, causing Asuka to hit foreheads with Rei.

Ayanami scrunched up her nose and started to rub her wet forehead with hand, her head temporarily hurting from the hit. Asuka really is hard headed.

Instead of snapping at the jock for bumping into her like Asuka had planned to, she got caught up in observing Rei. She had to admit, the collide of their foreheads had hurt, considering she still had the bruise, from the baseball, on her forehead, but Rei’s expression was too priceless, quite adorable. Even Shinji, who peered at them to see what was going on, found Rei’s expression to be endearing as well.

The short pain in her forehead faded, and Rei looked up to Asuka, who was slightly taller then she. She didn’t realize just how close they really were, breast and hips touching, she could feel each breath Asuka took, the exhales of breaths tickling down her neck, causing her skin to shiver with a mix of the chilly air and the sheer power Asuka was making Rei feel. Asuka’s strong eyes were bearing down on her, making Ayanami feel small and helpless. She could lose herself in those hues of sapphire all day long if she wanted to.

Rei felt herself pull her head forward, Asuka like a magnet to her. As Rei drew near, she noticed Asuka’s eyes shift downward, looking to Ayanami’s moist pearl lips. She didn’t know why, but she pulled in slowly and hesitantly.

The albino’s lips collide with the German’s, touching barely, seemingly ready to pull back. She should be used to this now, use to just giving Asuka a quick peck, but something felt different… maybe because her friends were there, or maybe because something indeed feet different, this felt… new. Like a first time, but she was sure this was not a first; she had kissed Asuka many, no, countless, times.

It was only a fraction of a second Rei’s lips were on Asuka’s, Rei brook contact between them. But in even less of a fraction of a second, she felt a pair of lips back on hers, reacting and moving against. Rei was a little caught off her guard, not expecting her kiss to be returned, especially not as intimate as it was beginning to become.

Tongues began to touch, react with one another, lips beginning to grow lightly swollen.

“You guuuuys! Get a room.” Came a whinny voice from Kensuke, not really enjoying seeing his friends mackin’ lips.

Rei could feel Asuka’s heart pounding into her own chest, as both girls looked to Kensuke, a flushed look on both. Suddenly Rei felt shifting and the body crushed against her was gone. Asuka managed to squeeze her way through Toji and Hikari and out of the Bus Stop.

Kensuke frowned and shouted over the pounding rain, “I was just being sarcastic, I didn’t really mean- - -“ In mid-sentence Rei bit her lip in a worried manner and squeezed through her friends to follow after Asuka.

Chapter 9

Title: Can You Feel The Pressure?

[Author's notes: I was toren between writing an update, playing World of Warcraft, or working on one of my Rei/Asuka pictures on photoshop. I obviously chose this. :D Short chapter, because this didn’t end up the way I had it planned. I didn’t write it out too well, I think, but I guess that’s up for you guys to decide.]

It’s been a week, a long week, without her. She’s here, but not with me. She’s far away, but she’s right next to me. I let my gaze linger to her and I pooch out my lips in a pout. I feel horrible; my stomach almost hurts because of it. It’s like that kind of stomach ache that you actually know nothing going’s on in there, but it aches from some strong bad emotion.

I swiftly take my dull eyes off of her when I realize her cool gaze is looking at me, right through me it feel.

I set both my elbows on the wooden table and rest my chin on the back of my joined hands, looking off into the distance everything looks kind of blurred to me, I know I look pathetic. I know I’m fuming and pouting like an immature child. I can’t help it. She’s sitting in front of me, looking through me, as our friends talk while they at their lunch.

My mind traces back to last week, on a Monday. She had gotten a new hair cut, it wasn’t much shorter, just enough so it wasn’t all in her eyes. I could see those deep cherry eyes so much easier. Her hair, I really admired it. I had gotten up extra earlier that morning, it was the day. The day I had planned to tell her everything. This whole couple of weeks that had past, we were closer then ever. We were doing things that normal friends shouldn't have done.

I had walked all the way to her apartment, instead of meeting her half way to school like usual. I chickened out, I couldn’t tell her. I held off telling her.

We made it to school earlier then usual, it was just us two in the class, the teacher and other students out rooming the halls.

I had stood leaning on her desk while she sat, we were having a light conversation. I don’t know why, but she seemed in quite a good mood, I noticed her eyes seemed to a laminate when they looked at me and she smiles softly.

Out wordily I knew I looked just fine, calm and relaxed. But on the inside I was nervous, my nerves not leaving me relaxed. I’m not usually this nervous around her.

“You know, I really love that can I see your eyes easier, without your hair in the way,” I say a bit overly calmly as I reached my hand out and shakily placed it on her cheek. I held my smile; Rei hadn’t pulled away at the contact.

“I really like…” I leaned forward, I feel sweaty, I want this. My heart pounded so hard it hurt. Our friendship, it seemed as if it was over, something greater just a few centimeters away. I knew my sentence I was saying was uncompleted, but I have a feeling as I pull forward that kissing her will get my point across.

With my hand cupping her cheek, I notice that she’s starting to pull her head closer to mine. Our lips are so close, oh God how I wanted this, that I can almost fill them.

And then, seemingly out of no where, I hear the door open so obnoxiously loud and I jumped back like I was almost caught doing something bad. I see a few classmates stalk into the class and I grumble. Great, those bastards.

I turned back to Rei, she wasn’t looking at me.

And that’s where we are now, she’s been ignoring me all week… ever since we almost kissed. I’ve called, tried to start up conversations that ended with shrugs or one worded sentences, walked her home, walked her to school, and everything else I could think of.

Our friendship… oh God, I’d rather die then lose it. I’m so stupid.

Rain continued to pour from the dreary sky, pounding so hard it was almost enough to bruise tender flesh. But the rain didn’t stop Asuka from walking through it, nor didn’t it stop Rei following close behind. The two girls were both soaking wet, clothes clinging like a second skin.

‘Why is this happening… why won’t these… memories just stop. I can’t take it.’ Asuka thought, not realizing she had slowed her walking pace.

Asuka didn’t know if she could handle anymore of this. These two realities, these memories… those memories couldn’t be hers. They were like watching movies in first person, hearing every touch, every feeling, every breath… but they didn’t feel like hers.

School is getting ready to be out here in a few minutes. I’m watching over her like a hawk, I’m not letting her get away. I’ve had enough of her cold shoulders for this past week and a half.

I told her this morning that I wanted to talk to her after everybody left the class. She had nodded to my request; I really hope she ends up staying.

The school bell rings, almost agonizingly loud, and that’s when I my nervous nerves kick in. I let my dodgy blue hues shift to Rei who was staying put in her seat and putting things into her backpack.

I eye around the room, looking to Rei every now and then, until everyone’s gone… and that’s when she stands.

I was going to talk to her nothing more, that is until I feel my body act as if someone else was controlling it. I lightly shoved her to the wall; my lips touching her in less then a second after her back touched the wall. My hands cupped her face while she remained motionless.

I should probably pull away… I wasn’t supposed to be doing this; I wanted to talk about my feelings to her and about why she’s been avoiding me like the plague.

I was readying to pull back until I feel something, her lips move, her tongue lightly touching my lips. I parted my lips, our pink wet tongues touching. All intentions of wanting to pull back and all intentions of talking fade away into the invisible wind.

We’re like this, kissing, for God knows how long… it felt like forever. But I felt an ache in my lungs as I feel Rei wrap her fingers in my coppery hair. My lungs needed oxygen, but I didn’t want to pull back, I didn’t want to end this.

I squeezed my eyes even tighter shut in an attempt to keep my breath held and to remain in a lip lock I’ve been craving oh so desperately for… but I feel feathery soft lips pull away and feel a cool breath let out down my neck. She is leaning against me and I am leaning against her. I feel as if I can breathe for the first time in my life.

A cold, shaking slightly, slips into Asuka’s hand. The German looked to her side, peering at Rei, not bothering to rip her hand away like she wanted.

Why couldn’t all of this just stop!? Why couldn’t things go back to normal? Asuka didn’t want this, she want didn’t want Rei. She wanted her Unit 02, she wanted her own room. She wanted comfort.

The two had stopped walking, the rain spilling on them like a never ending showering of cold water.

“Asuka, are you okay? What is up?” Rei asked genially concerned for her girlfriend, running her thumb across the back of the German’s hand. Ever since she had been bonked in the head with that stupid baseball things haven’t gone well between the two. Everything was prefect between them before hand.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore…” Asuka uttered in a broken and wavy voice. The kiss in the bus booth was like getting smacked in the face, telling her things weren’t okay.

Asuka turned to her side, facing Ayanami, and collapsing into her arms. Rei felt herself lose balance at the sudden weight being shoved at her, but she managed barely not to fall. Asuka’s cold body felt chilly against her own, but that didn’t stop her from wrapping her arms around the wet Germen.

Asuka had a bad feeling in her stomach, she didn’t want Rei as her comfort, but she did want willing arms to reach for her.

Asuka felt Rei lightly rub her lower back in a comforting manner. Her cold body seemed to distant herself away from Asuka and she suddenly felt warmth.

“Hey, Asuka, are you alright? You kinda froze and didn’t move for a while.” Asuka heard a voice enter her ears.

Asuka found herself back in the hospital room. Her drained and saturated blue hues looked to a violet haired woman with a scrawny brunette standing besides her. Misato and Shinji. He was the least injured pilot out of the three, a long bandage wrapped around his forehead, a square piece of gauze taped down to his cheek with medical tape, and his right wrist wrapped in a thick white bandage.

Before Asuka had the chance to answer she heard a sneeze fill her ears and quickly brought her attention to the source. There stood walking the soaking blue haired girl besides her, their hands joined.

Asuka felt her legs walk, water running down them. In sight was their apartment.

The German felt herself take a deep sharp breath and let go of Rei’s hand, that still held her own strongly.

What are your memories? What are your fantasies?’ The Second Child heard a familiar voice inside her head say.

Chapter 10

Title: All We Know Is Falling

[Author's notes: Sorry dude and chicks I didn't update last weekend, my internet was out D: And sorry I forgot to bold the talking text in the flash backs in the last chapter, I may, if I get unlazy, go fix that. Also, I use the word minute and I don’t want you guys getting confused. I mean minute not as time, but as something small

Anyone guess how I thought up the title for this chapter, I will be mighty impressed.]

A minute of word were exchanged between the two girls, it was like an immutable silence once upon entering the small homely apartment.

The two young teenagers were dripping, clothing clinging, and peachy short arm hairs stood up from the cold atmosphere. Asuka had gone off to take a shower, hopefully to recoil her mind about the two realities she had kept skulk to herself and to warm herself up from being stuck out in the freezing and hard rain that had felt like little pebbles knocking against her. While Rei dug through her dresser and closet for something to change into instead of her soaking school uniform.

She settled for a pair of purple and green plaid boxer shorts, it could get rather torrid feeling at nights sometimes, and a plain white wife beater with a small Pikachu imprint on the back toward the bottom, quite unnoticeable.

She grabbed a small kitchen towel out of the drawer, after changing out of her wet uniform, to use to help dry her shaggy blue hair.

She hung her wet clothes and semi-wet kitchen towel over the clothes washer and drier; she would have ran them through the washer but realized she needed more detergent.

Giving a stoic expression, her lip lightly pouching out, Rei walked over to her bed, and plopped down lazily. Her bare feet hung off the edge, her body not lying toward the top of the bed like most people would do. Her ruby eyes wandered to the television and then to the remote sitting next to it, almost like she was contemplating whether or not to watch the television.

Opting out of it, Rei decided to move her glassy hues up to the ceiling, knowing full well she’s all ready counted all the tiles. Her vision blurred, letting off an empty gaze, her mind taking off into her thoughts as she drowned in the silence and the sounds of Asuka’s shower and the rain.

Worried had filled her for Asuka, she’s been acting old. She felt anxious that she might have to just inure this new feeling with Asuka, she missed how she felt so inseparable with Asuka and how Asuka always seemed to want some sort of contact between the two, even just as simple as knuckles touching. Then she thought about maybe this was just a bump in their relationship and all would end up peachy and dandy afterwards just like in a cheesy romance novel.

Shifting her eyes to look at a different ceiling tile, her mind just swarmed with thoughts. She wondered what was going on in Asuka’s head, what was disturbing her. She remembered back to earlier how Asuka seemed so confused, her expression ponderous with something, and then she remember back to the kiss in the bus booth… how it felt like a first time, though she was sure it was far from a first. It’s not like she has never kissed in front of friends, usually initiated by Asuka, before.

Just as her thoughts began to grasp around what might be up with Asuka and what inner demons she might be dealing with, the sound of the door opening and a towel clad Asuka came stalking out. Her face seemed flat and neutral. Rei frowned a bit and scooted over on the bed, so that there was room for Asuka and so that her feet weren’t hanging off anymore, and she flipped on her side so that her back faced the German.

Asuka gave an incredulous look at the pale skinned girl, but then turned to her dresser to choose some clothing. Deciding upon a creamy yellow t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts… she remembered wearing them before back in the realities of Evangelions. Also she grabbed a fresh pair of white panties and a bra.

Flashing an inquisitive look at Rei and then deciding to change there, feeling comfortable enough to do so. Usually she wouldn’t be so bothered by changing in front of Rei, because of how she had to change into plug suits with her, but this time it felt different. This time it was completely different.

As Asuka slid into bed, she heard a hushed cough come from the other girl and then she shifted for herself to get under the blankets. Asuka helped by lifting the sheets up for Rei to get under.

Rei flashed a small smile as sort of a thank, in return Asuka gave a matching small short lived grin. “So…” Asuka began to say as she crossed her arms behind her head and looked up to the ceiling. “When do you think the rain’s gonna clear up?” Asuka asked in a quiet voice, the shower from minutes ago had calmed her just enough for now for not to worry too much about her current predicament.

Shifting to lay flat on her back and to look at Asuka, “Probably soon, the rain doesn’t sound too loud against the wall anymore.” Rei answered as she looked up to the ceiling like Asuka.

Asuka looked at Rei through the sides of her eyes, head facing the ceiling, nipping lightly at her own bottom lip as she peered at the albino. There must be a reason why Asuka was suppose to like her so much judging by what everyone else said them to be. So far, Rei doesn’t seem as blank faced and obeying as Rei as a pilot. Though, Rei still seemed quite detached. Turing her head in an unnoticeable way, Asuka tried to get a better look at the girl. Asuka tried to form a picture of the Rei in the world of Evangelions, how her eyes seemed to be clear and facial features stiff, where as this current reality Rei had depth to her cherry hues and a softened face. To a normal pass-by person, these things Asuka was taking note of was unnoticeable to them probably. ‘Maybe I’m over analyzing things just to give myself pathetic comfort about this whole situation.’

Asuka mentally glared at herself and took her eyes off the girl to look back up the ceiling. “Are you alright?” Asuka heard the blue haired girl besides her ask.

Bringing her azure eyes back to Ayanami, she cocked an eyebrow at her then lowered it. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay?” Asuka blurted a tad rudely. Rei wasn’t looking at Asuka, but she couldn’t help but sigh at Sohryu

“What about earlier…” Rei asked in a trailing voice, in which Asuka sort of rolled her eyes.

“I was just feeling a little stressed,” Asuka muttered, hoping Rei would drop it. She felt a weird pang in her gut, Rei had seen her shed tears earlier and Asuka couldn’t bare the thought of others seeing her weak.

Asuka’s hopping had paid off; Rei seemed to be staying silent. Asuka closed her eyes in relief, and I opened my eyes after smirking at Rei who had lazily plopped down on her new bed. It didn’t even have her sheets yet.

Though, it’s been a long day. Pretty much nothing but getting her stuff from Gendo’s place to her new place, I still can’t believe the over protective jerk let her move out on her own. Shinji and the others had already left for home, but I decided to hang back with Rei. The apartment looks pretty crappy from the outside, but it doesn’t look half bad here.

Its cool n’ all Rei’s out on her own at such a young age, but I can’t spend my Friday nights with her anymore. She has to spend them with Gendo. I’m not too thrilled about that, but there’s always Saturday and Sunday of the weekend and other days of the week

Tiring day, huh?” I ask Rei, standing by the end of the bed while Rei let her gaze travel towards me and I crossed my arms.

You hardly did anything,” She said and I smirked. She’s right, I made Shinji do most of the heavy work for me. “You kept looking at the movers Ikari hired,” Rei answered, the movers Gendo hired… they were actually attractive… but by moves I’d like to think Rei. So yes, I was.

When Rei wasn’t looking at me, I was looking at her until she brought sight of vision my way and I brought my gaze away from her to not get caught staring and my gaze just happened to be looking at the movers.

I’m torn between wanting her to wear short tank tops that ride up and not wanting her to wear them; they might be the death of me. Like every time Rei bent over to grab a box or pick something up, her shirt would ride up to expose a good proportion of her back side. I found her back to be quite the admirable sight if I do say so myself.

I tilt my head a little as Rei raises her arms up to rest her head on them as she lied there, which caused the shirt to ride up again. I hope my head tilt to see her well toned stomach isn’t too noticeable.

Suddenly Rei sits up with a small sly smile making me wonder if I was just caught trying to stare up her shirt. Sad thing about me is that I’ve already accepted this, liking her. Sometimes I just try to talk myself out of liking her, because I know its wrong and I’m sure she just thinks of me just as a friend… and when I try something friends wouldn’t normally do she usually gets distant from me. Though, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to mind when I hold her hand anymore… I can’t help but chuckle at my old excuse of wanting to warm them when I actually wanted to hold them.

Asuka… do you want to stay with me tonight?” Rei asked and I bring my gaze to her with a smile on my lips.

I try to answer without sounding overly excited and happy about Rei’s question, “Yeah I suppose. Not like I want to go back to see the idiot Shinji and Misato. Though I should call up Misato to make sure she’ll know I’ll be here tonight.” I place both hands on my hips and try to keep a neutral expression.

Rei gave me a meek half grin before letting her eyes wander to newly installed house phone over on the dresser, I let my gaze follow hers. I nod my head and stalk off to the phone.

As I walk over to the phone I begin to wonder where I might sleep, because of only one bed and no couch. After I finished dialing Misato’s number in, I look over at Rei with a wondering look. Maybe she’ll let me share the bed with her.

I shut my eyes to picture being so close to Rei in bed,
and open them to see a pitch black room with the dull slow sound of rain from the outside.

Asuka looked around to also hear the soft breathing of the person besides her. Rei was on her side, facing Asuka, and barely cuddled up to the German. The blankets were pulled up high on Rei, her head almost being under the sheets.

‘…Another memory...’ Asuka thought monotonously with saturated blue eyes looking up to the ceiling, while idly hearing Rei let out a soft cough in her sleep.

Feeling her side suddenly feel cold, Asuka looked to where Rei was to see she had shifted away from her. Her back now faced Asuka and the pale girl was near the edge.

Asuka felt herself frown at not having Rei’s warmth at her side, and felt herself frown even more for missing it.

Asuka rolled her eyes at her self then noted how humid and hot it felt in the room. Asuka quietly slipped herself out of the sheets so the blankets wouldn’t add heat to her warm body.

Rei let out a quiet shiver in her sleep, the silent noise catching Asuka’s ears. Shifting a look at her, letting her lip pooch a little, ‘Is she cold…?’

‘The idiot better not being getting sick’ Asuka thought with slightly furrowed brows and sat up a little to softly let her hand touch the sleeping girl’s forehead. It felt quite warm, a bit feverish.

Asuka couldn’t find it in herself to feel more apathy toward the girl as she scooted closer and lazily and tiredly warped her arm around the girl to help keep her warm.

‘…I hate this.’

Chapter 11

Title: Melting

[Author's notes: Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks without an update and that this is so short, I got writers block… but I got an idea for a new Rei/Asuka fic that I’m not sure you’ll guys like so Imma run it by you and please tell me what you think in a review or through PM. First of it, it’ll probably already start off Rei/Asuka already as a couple because it’s a bitch to build them up. Anywho, I haven’t thought too much into yet, but I think it’s be pretty fun to write something along the lines of Rei and Asuka trying to save Shinji, but to do so they must travel between worlds, but not any normal words. Worlds of different movies, like Lion King, Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, and other such movies. Each different movie world affects the girls’ appearance. Donald and Goofy might be willing to give the girls a helpful hand What do you think? I’m not sure that I want to write it, but it does sound fun to write.]

A soft mummer escaped the half asleep German, a mummer of displeasure of being dragged out of ease of sleep. Her dreams were blank, nothing of discontent and no traces of things to be bothersome, just bliss empties through lidded eyes.

Letting out a lazy sigh, two azure eyes struggled to open, but after being cracked open they instantly shut as light seeped in. Scrunching up her face, Asuka reopened her eyes and slowly adjusted to the morning brightness.

Asuka was up against Rei’s back, who lay on her side and had her head under the covers probably by mistake. Asuka groggily grumbled as she sat up and scooted away from Rei. Letting her sapphire hues wander to the clock, Asuka let out the sighed word of ‘crap’. They should have been up a while ago; they were an hour late for school.

The German knocked some messy strands of coppery hair out of her face and looked at the sleeping figure under the covers. “Hey, wake up,” Asuka took her hand and shook Rei slightly, in which Rei shrugged in a sort of way to get Asuka’s hand off. “We’re late for school.”

“So…” Rei muttered, obviously half asleep.

“Don’t you think you should get up,” Asuka kept her hand on Rei’s shoulder for the sake of annoyance. Rei poked her head of the blankets and snacked an arm out to knock off Asuka’s hand.

“No.” Asuka furrowed her brows at Rei’s response. ‘Not even up for three whole minutes and she’s already being difficult,’The German thought with less anger then she thought.

“Why?” Asuka asked sitting up a bit more and tilting her head a bit more to see the blue haired girl besides her. Then her mind shifted back to last night when she felt Rei’s forehead, how it felt warm. “Are you feeling sick or something,” Asuka asked in which Rei sort of nodded. Asuka sighed and sarcastically thought, ‘Isn’t this great…’

Asuka turned her head away, seeming in thought then in the following second she looked back at Rei.

Upon Rei’s feature was a light flushed look, probably from a fever, and her red hues were half lidded. A pang of gilt flashed through Asuka, maybe Rei wouldn’t’ have been sick if Asuka would have stayed in the bus booth.

Reaching her hand out, she lightly touched Rei’s forehead, it was warmer then it was last night. “Yeah, you’re warm. Ya probably got a fever. Stay put, I’ll fetch ya some soup or something.

“You should probably go to school,” Rei suggested quietly while pulling up the sheets to her chin.

“Tcccht, no way,” Said Asuka as she hopped off the bed and stalked into the kitchen “So does your throat hurt?”

“Not much,” Rei responded as she sat up on the bed with an eyebrow barely raised at the German.

Rei rested her elbow on her knee, hunched her back so that her chin could rest on the palm of her hand of the arm propped up on her knee.

Taking a glance over at the blue haired girl, Asuka asked, “Well, is there anything ya want to eat?” Asuka tried to ignore what her brain was asking her and tried to go with the flow. What she tried to ignore from her brain was why did she feel as if she should skip the rest of the school day to make Rei feel better? Asuka, as of late, couldn’t bring herself to force hate upon Rei. She was warming up to the stoic girl.

“I am not really hungry, but I am thirsty.” Ayanami responded through sleepily narrowed eyes.

“A glass of water comin’ up.” Asuka knew lots of water could help flush out Rei’s under the weather body.

Sitting down on the bed in front of Rei, Asuka handed over the glass of water. “Thank you,” Rei murmured after taking a sip. “Yup,” Asuka responded with a lazy half smile.

Silence began to fill the room, the two girls remaining hushed.

Rei looked at Asuka with slight wonderment and confusion, Asuka’s ‘I hate you’ act, her warm up act, her ‘let me take care of you’ act, and just Asuka in general baffled Rei. Rei defiantly knew something was up and Asuka wasn’t willing to tell what, and Rei wasn’t so sure she should go and try to poke around in Asuka’s mind.

“Okay… this is boring,” Asuka suddenly said, forcing the ill girl out of her thoughts. Asuka felt as if she had read Rei’s emotion, she felt confusion floating the girl, and Asuka thought nothing better then to drag Rei’s mind off of it.

Quickly, Asuka dodged her sapphire hues around the room and snatched the remote to the television. Asuka motioned for the girl to scoot over and then moved besides her so her back could rest against the bedpost.

“Lets see what’s on,” Asuka mumbled while flipping on the TV while being aware of Rei’s scorching red eyes on her.


Hours pasted of the girls doing nothing until sunset, they lazy bugged their day away. Rei seemed to get better through the day; it must be one of those sleazy 24-hour flues.

After eating a small dinner, the girls had crawled back into to bed to watch some movie on the DVD player. Thirty minutes didn’t even pass and Rei was knocked out cold. The albino’s head lay slumped against Asuka’s shoulder, looking rather uncomfortable on the neck, though, Asuka found herself not wanting Rei to move away.

Tilting her head, Asuka looked to the paler girl, lips pressed flat. ‘She’s really not all that bad, not that bad enough to hate anyways’ Just as Asuka began to shift her gaze away from Ayanami , the German felt Rei snuggle into a bit more, and Asuka felt a weird feeling in the pit of stomach. The feeling was like what she had felt for Kaji…. But this one was different.

Asuka took a hard sallow and tried to desperately ignore it. With a sigh, Asuka leaned her head to the side and rested her head against Rei’s, and tried to pay attention to the movie.

Asuka wasn’t having any luck keeping her mind on the television; it was stuck on the sleeping girl besides her. Suddenly a thought struck her mind like lightening. What if she were suddenly forced to go back to reality of Evangelions and never be this close to Rei again? ‘Wait… that’s what I want, damnit!’ Asuka sighed, ‘stupid emotions.’ Asuka idly thought.

She tried to force herself to peel herself away from the girl snuggling next to herself, but she was too comfortable to move, no matter how stubborn her screaming brain was.

Seemingly out of no where, a loud obnoxious knock occur at the door, causing Rei to flitch and awaken.

Asuka felt her eyebrows clamp down, annoyed by the fact that someone woke up Rei. “Stay here, I’ll go answer it,” Asuka said lazily as she ran fingers through her coppery locks in hope her hair wasn’t that crazy.

“What?” Asuka asked annoyed before she looked at who was at the door.

“Why weren’t you at school lill’ missy? I was wondered about you, Rei in there too?” Asuka had to take a few blinks to let her blue hues adjust to who she was looking at: an angry Misato and a timid looking Shinji behind.

“You and Rei ran off last night and you guys weren’t at school today, so I was worried about you guys.” Shinji said, relieved to see Asuka her and had no doubt Rei was inside.

“And you must always attend school unless you have a legit excuse, for our deal for you to live with Rei to continue,” Misato said in a non-to-pleased voice.

“Rei’s sick,” Asuka said through narrowed eyebrows in which Misato sighed.

‘Not exactly a good excuse skipping school, but as seemingly addicted Asuka is to Rei, I get why she’d stay back… I guess I can’t stay too mad.’ The violet haired woman thought while crossing her arms.

“So, you’re going to let us in?” Misato asked while shifting most her weight to her right leg, making her hip stick out a bit

Chapter 12

Title: Friday Nights

[Author's notes: My mind’s been a bit full of stuff lately to update, but my mind is clear for now, so here’s an update for your pleasure

Oh and about that other idea story, I’m too lazy for that at this point in time. :D]

Azure eyes scanned the around, looking past small black text of the magazine page. It was a Friday night, the apartment was for the most part empty, and Asuka felt lonely. The German was half lying and half sitting on the messy bed, sheets unmade and scattered.

It was five o’ clock, the sun was starting to set, and Rei wouldn’t be back from Gendo’s until nine or ten o’ clock, at least from what Asuka had gathered these past few weeks. It had been a couple of weeks since Rei had fallen ill, which oddly enough the next day after the two girls missed school, they went back the very next day.

Over the past couple of weeks, Asuka seemed just fine. No flashbacks, no memories invading her mind of her ‘supposed’ past with Rei, and no being jump started back into the other reality of Evangelion and NERV.

Asuka could feel her once firm grip on the other reality fading, like she was holding on to that reality with a loose fickle grip.

Over these past weeks, Asuka learned Rei wasn’t all that bad or boring. The red felt herself grow attached, even if one couldn’t get her to admit it.

She found herself enjoying these past couple of weeks, she felt like she had a real friendship with Hikari, Shinji, Toji, even Kensuke, and especially Rei. Asuka felt like a normal teenager, doing normal teenaged things: Hangs out with friends, going to school, getting chewed out on getting a ‘D’ on a test by a parental figure –Misato--, and time to goof off and be herself.

Asuka would hate to actually admit that she wasn’t having such a bad time and almost feared to go back to the reality of Evangelions.

Taking a slender well pointed finger, Asuka lazily flipped the page of the magazine she had been reading. “I’m so boooored,” Asuka whined to no one in particular while skimming the page for an article interesting enough to check out.

Her ocean blue hues stopped when they spotted an article titled ‘To Get That Certain Boy to Like You’ And subconsciously Asuka chuckled, “Already got Wonder Girl.”

Looking up away from the magazine, Asuka glanced to the clock to only let out an obnoxious moan of annoyance. “Only 5:03…”

With a huff Asuka lazily dropped the magazine to the floor and rolled on her side with a bored narrowed eyes.

Even though Friday nights were the start of the weekend, everyone but Asuka was busy, and that left Asuka lonely and bored.

Misato had late night work, Shinji was staying the night with Kensuke tonight, Toji was baby sitting his little sister who had a broken leg from jumping out of a tall tree last Sunday, Hikari had a family movie night, and Rei had her usually Friday nights with Gendo.

“I hope Wonder Girl gets home earlier tonight,” Asuka muttered in a drawn out whinny voice as she kicked around the blankets to find the remote to the television.

“Damn.” Asuka uttered after a few minutes. “Where is that darn remote?”

Asuka sat on the bed crossed legged for a few seconds, thinking back to last night.

The previous night the two girls were watching the television right before they planned to go to bed. Asuka sat with her legs spread apart while her was back leaning against the headboard of the bed, keeping her at a 80 degree angle. Rei was in between Asuka’s legs, leaning against the German as she watched the television. Rei was slouched up against Asuka, her head resting against the red head’s chest, while Asuka rested her chin on top of Rei’s head. “It’s hot,” Asuka complained while pushing the blankets off, but in the following second Rei had pulled them back up and stated that she was cold. Asuka had sat the remote besides her on top of the blankets unknowingly, and pushed the blankets down again “Sit closer, I’ll keep you warm, I’m already melting as it is.” Rei pulled the blankets back up, but only covering her.

Suddenly, it was like the light bulb in Asuka’s head went off after remembering the events of last night. Maybe after all the tugging on the blankets it had knocked the remote away. Getting on her hands and knees, Asuka crawled to the side of the bed.

With her rear sticking up in the air and her head upside down, Asuka looked around for the remote.

Leaning her head down further, Asuka looked under the bed, and smirked. “Aha,” Asuka had spotted the remote in the middle of under the bad. How’d it get so far lodged down there?

Trying to reach for the remote without falling off, Asuka was unsuccessful. So she sat up right and hopped off the bed and got on her hands and knees. Barely, Asuka had gotten the remote.

Glancing toward the TV, Asuka suddenly frowned, deciding that she didn’t want to watch TV anymore.

With a grumpy sigh, she sat the remote down next to her in the bed. Her blue hues looked up to the clock, only 5:09. ‘Time is sooo slow’

Asuka had already done her homework, taken a shower, had a load of laundry going, and already eaten dinner. There wasn’t much else to do.

Asuka tried to remember back to the other Friday nights, pondering how she survived the past Friday nights.

Suddenly, Asuka’s mind went off with an idea. Maybe not an idea, but something for her to do. A walk.

A pair of booty shorts and a tank top was probably not the best idea for going outside in the fall weather. So Asuka got herself up off the bed and marched to her dresser. She threw on a pair of jeans, grabbed her light gray zip up hoodie, and a plain pair of black flip flops.

Giving one last look around the cozy apartment room, Asuka left, putting her hands in the pockets of her hoodie.

After making her way down several flights of stairs, which Asuka cursed at being on the second highest floor, Asuka was on her way on the side walks.

The sky was lit with blazes of oranges and pinks. The wind was blowing, but not to the point it was too noticeable. It was cool, but not cold. Every where seemed so abandoned and empty, only making Asuka feel lonelier.

After a good five minutes of lonesome walking, a voice and footsteps filled her ears. Asuka perked up, sapphire eyes casting out for the source. A patch of blue and silver both with ruby eyes greeted Asuka’s gaze.

Asuka felt her eyes narrow seeing the silver haired boy, Kaworu, talking to Rei. Asuka plainly did not like him. He was following closely behind Rei, talking about something Asuka could not quite hear.

Asuka saw Rei’s lips move, saying some to Kaworu. Asuka then saw Kaworu pierce his lips forward before responding and sticking his hands in his pockets.

Getting annoyed at the fact Kaworu was talking to Rei, Asuka decided to call out to get Rei’s attention, since they had yet to notice Asuka. “Hey, Wonder Girl!”

Both the silver and blue haired teens looked to Asuka, but only a smile graced Rei’s pale pink lips. Rei made her way towards Asuka, with Kaworu.

“Why, hello, Miss Sohryu,” Kaworu said slyly, holding his back straight and head high. “I was just accompanying Rei home, making sure she got there safe…”

Asuka rolled her eyes and turned toward Rei, who expression easily read she wished he would go away. Asuka shot a look toward the pale boy in a white tee, “Rei can handle her own, so buzz off, idiot.”

“Well, well aren’t you perky” A smirk graced his long flat lips. Asshat, was Asuka’s first though.

“Have you chosen yet?” Kaworu suddenly asked while Asuka cocked her eyebrows and Rei grabbed Asuka’s hand, and Asuka didn’t bother to pull her hand away.

“What are you talking about?” Asuka shot back. The German pondered why this boy had made Asuka so angry and pissy.

Kaworu let out a quiet chuckle before turning around and saying in a low voice, “You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Before they knew it, Kaworu was almost out of eye site. “That kid’s weird,” Asuka said while making a funny face in his direction. Rei nodded in agreement.

A moment passed before Rei began to speak, “So why are you…”

“Out here?” Asuka finished for the blue haired girl. Rei nodded. “I was bored, so I went on a walk.” Asuka said, pleased by the fact Rei was back earlier then usual.

“Should we continue your walk,” Rei asked cutely with a head tilt.

Asuka bit her lip before responding, “Keep up with me and I lead the way!”

Chapter 13

Title: Going Back without the Forth

[Author's notes: Gah, sorry gals and dudes for the lack of updates. I accidentally uninstalled Microsoft Word, it a long story, but to shorten it up I got Word back and I can have somewhere I feel comfortable typing at. My other Word, it was old as a rock now I have the 2007 version, yay. Btw, Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.]

“Which one?” A voice boomed over the loud atmosphere.

Vibrant red eyes shifted focus to the beholder of the voice and then cocked her head slightly to the side to signify she didn’t quite catch what Asuka had said.

Asuka rolled her eyes and sighed while she lifted her hands a little to try and bring Rei’s attention to them, being too lazy to try and shout over the blaring radio. In her hands were two different colors of ribbons Asuka had planned to put in her hair, red in her right and gray in the left. Both of the ribbons matched her outfit. A pair of grayish blue jeans with plaid red patches on the knees and a plaid patch on her rear left pocket. A gray tank-top sweater with red triangles decorating the front side with a white long sleeved under shirt with a texture of fresh unused bed sheets.

Rei shifted her eyes between the two ribbons for a second before pointing at the right one. Asuka gave a half smirk as thanks and turned back to the mirror inside the bathroom.

The two girls were getting ready to go out with their friends for pizza and a day chilling of around the city.

Asuka lifted a slight smile to her lips as she peered at herself in the mirror while fixing her hair in her usual do. The weekend had a great start so far and she hoped today would go pretty well as well. The walk with Rei last night had given Asuka a sort of tender feeling. Nothing too interesting had gone on during the walk, it was simple and peaceful.

On the radio, the annoying radio host announced what the next song coming up would be and Asuka scrunched up her nose, she hated that song. It was so perky and catchy.

Not even one verse into the song, Asuka heard the volume of the song go off. After tying the last ribbon in, Asuka poked her head of the bath room to look at Rei. “That song likes to test my nerves.” Rei said once Asuka poked her head out.

“Same here,” Asuka answered as she flipped the bathroom light off and stumbled out of the bathroom.

Letting her ocean blue eyes wander, Asuka curiously looked at Rei’s attire. Plain blue jeans with a slight rip on her right knee. A saturated lime green sleeve-less vest, the vest was thick yet not bulky. The vest had many pockets and a hood. Under the vest was a very thin and slender white shirt with extra long sleeves that was loosely rolled up to her elbows. Around her neck was a medium sized pale purple bandana with barely visible white and black spots.

“Ready to go?” Asuka asked as she placed her hands on her hips. Rei gave a silent nod.


Cobalt eyes traced to sound of footsteps coming closer, then a smile traced his pearl pink lips, “Rei, Asuka, hey,” Shinji warmly greeted while Kensuke waved, who tried to seem cool next to Shinji.

“Hey losers,” Asuka greeted cockily.

“Hello Ikari, Aida,” Rei murmured while she attempted to roll sleeves up again, which only resulted for them to unroll out.

“Class rep made up stay out here while she got us some seats.” Kensuke informed in an annoyed tone as he rubbed his scrawny cold arms.

“And where’s the ape?” Asuka asked curiously.

“He’s not here yet,” Shinji answered while digging his fist further into his pockets of his dark purple and blue coat and dug his chin into his scarf.

“Well, have fun cooling your butts out here, Wonder Girl and I are goin’ in.” Asuka grabbed Ayanami’s pale skinned hand and motioned her towards entrance of the pizza place.


An hour had pasted by and everyone was finishing up and was in light conversation, until Asuka piped up, “Anyone want me to go fetch some refills?” Asuka asked as she picked up her cup with only a sip left of soda.

Only Toji was in need of a refill, so Asuka took his cup as he handed it to her, then the German let her hues wander to Rei to see if she’d tag along. Asuka pouched her lip out a little while an eyebrow furrowed. She was talking to Shinji.

Asuka tried not to think anything of it, but she had to admit she just didn’t like it when Rei would stay back to talk to someone else.

Making a silent huff noise, the red head turned heel with her cup and Toji’s to catch a refill toward the front of the building.

After about a few steps, Asuka felt her eyes flutter upward as she stumbled with her walking. Her azure eyes began to flutter upward again, whiteness covering before Asuka quickly shut her eyes.

Without realizing it, the two cups in her hands dropped to the floor, making a loud noise-which alerted the others at the table.

Asuka brought two fingers to her temples, trying to ease the over bearing feeling that was growing. Asuka heard her friend calling her name and their approaching foot steps.

Opening her tightly shut eyes, trying to peer back at her friends, her eyes were over come with complete blinding white light… and her body fell limp.


‘Nnnn, my head…’ The German thought, her eyes shut as she brought her hand to her forehead.

Opening her eyes slowly, a let yell pitched out of her throat as her heart rate spiked. “Wwwark!” Asuka suddenly furrowed her eyebrows and raised her hand up, pushing Pen-Pen away.

The penguin was bent over; looking over the German, which waking up to that face was hence the yell. “Stupid animal.” Asuka muttered, momentarily forgetting about her surroundings, as Pen-Pen ran squawking out of the room.

“What’s with all the no- … Asuka!” Asuka suddenly snapped her head towards the direction of the voice. “You’re awake… I was worried… you’ve been out for several weeks. I didn’t think it was the best idea to take you out of the hospital, but Misato insisted to take you back to her apartment… and now you’re awake.” Shinji said, using his nervous tender voice. About a week ago, Misato had decided to take Asuka out of the hospital, thinking it’d be better for her to stay at the apartment rather than NERV.

Asuka continued to look silently at Shinji, with Pen-Pen standing behind him. ‘Am I back…? Where’s Rei, she should be here.’ Asuka suddenly pouched her lip out; she wasn’t supposed to want Rei here.

Asuka fell back; her head lightly hitting the pillow while a loud sigh escaped her lips. She had thought all this switching was over, she was actually to the point where she was warm to the idea of stay there… in the other reality.

“Well, I’ll, uh, call Misato. I suppose you can just yell if you need anything, Asuka.” Shinji said, peering at Asuka, worried about her.

“Whatever, idiot.” Asuka murmured, wondering why all this reality crap had to be going on with her. It wasn’t fair; she just wanted to be alone. With Rei. ‘Wait, not her.’ Asuka let a grumpy sigh, all the same questions she’s asked herself a million times came floating back to her.

Maybe all this would be easier if she just had someone to help her through this, suddenly a new question popped into Asuka’s head. Why didn’t she just tell Rei about this? ‘Wonder Girl will believe me, she’s very understanding.’ Asuka’s thoughts went silent for a moment, picturing Rei from the other night on the walk after her getting back from Gendo’s. When night was settling in, the air dripping cooler, Ayanami’s cheeks and the tip of her nose grew a slight red, more so pink, from the cold air. ‘And she’s very cute… wait no, my mind’s getting off track here! Think; think about this stupid predicament I’m in. Like why do I keep getting stuck between dumb places? I want to go back home to see Rei again. Wait, her place is not home.’ Asuka suddenly let out a growl, frustrated beyond belief. Why was her mind so shifty?

‘I should be happy I’m back, I wanted back here… I wonder if Rei lives in the same place.’ The Second Child rolled her eyes at the fact her mind went back to the crimson eyed girl, her mind always seemed to be on her.

“Asuka, Misato wants to talk to you. She’s happy you’re awake, we were very worried.” Shinji said as he wandered into the room, holding the phone out to the German who was still lying down in her room.

Asuka sat up and snatched the phone from the brunette and held the telephone to her ear. “Yeah…?”

The phone call seemed long and question filled, but Asuka’s mind was elsewhere. About 20 minutes on the phone, Asuka had given Shinji the phone and he left.

Asuka sat there in bed for a moment longer before standing up, nearly falling the process. Her muscles felt swore from the lack of use these past several weeks. Her ribs also felt sore, but they weren’t too bad, they were almost completely healed.

The Second Child went to a mirror, catching her appearance. Asuka looked pale, her body looked scrawny and frail from remaining still and unused for so long. Asuka grew puzzled; Asuka’s been a busy bee with Rei… why did her body look so unused?

Asuka tried to ignore these pending questions, hold them off for now. Asuka felt as if being in Rei’s presents would help her handle this.

Rei seemed always seemed to ease Asuka’s troubles.

“I should take a shower first, I feel disgusting.”

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