Story: Simple and Clean (chapter 1)

Authors: Anti-Sheep Era

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Chapter 1

Simple and Clean

Haruka crept silently through the house. Once again, she was unable to find sleep. She peeked in on her adoptive daughter’s bedroom, making sure to keep silent. She smiled when she spied Hotaru sleeping peacefully. Haruka knew how many restless nights Hotaru had. In fact, the whole house knew. When Hotaru was little, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna would stay up with her. They all tried their best to help the little girl find sleep, but to no avail. These days, however, a lot less activity was going on. The evils of the universe seemed to be at rest and finally, Hotaru could grow up as a normal 16 year old girl. Well as normal as any senshi, especially the daughter of Saturn, the soldier of death and rebirth.

Haruka smirked when she caught a glimpse of pink hair. Chibiusa has been spending a lot of time here, she thought to herself. As far as Haruka could see, the girls were sleeping apart. Well, as apart as they could be with Chibiusa sprawled across the mattress. Once, when Haruka and Mamoru were striking up a random conversation, he mentioned how much Usagi moved in her sleep, seemingly unable to stay in one spot. Like mother, like daughter, Haruka thought. Haruka gave a start when the pink-haired girl moved, but she gave a loud snore and turned opposite of Hotaru.

Setsuna and Michiru both claimed the two were "just friends"; best friends, of course, but Haruka thought otherwise. She also had similar theories in regards to the inner senshi. Michiru scoffed at her, whilst Setsuna smiled her mysterious smile. Every time Haruka would mention the eventual pairing of their daughter with the future princess of the moon, Michiru would roll her eyes. She constantly reminded her partner that just because they were gay, it didn’t mean their daughter was. Setsuna would throw a look at Haruka, but Haruka was never the one to keep quiet, especially if she thought she was right. So bets were taken and Haruka never missed an opportunity to tease her daughter about her pink-haired “girlfriend”, winking at Michiru when Hotaru blushed. Just once, Haruka thought to herself, I’d love to win a bet against Michiru.

Haruka walked out of Hotaru’s room, tracing her steps back to the bedroom she shared with Michiru. She smiled at her sleeping, aqua-haired lover, giving her a kiss before slipping under the covers. Immediately, Michiru snuggled up to her and Haruka answered by wrapping an arm around her. She finally allowed sleep to take her, closing her eyes and pulling Michiru closer.


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