Story: Between Me and You (chapter 1)

Authors: Anti-Sheep Era

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Don't own Sailor Moon, only this story.]

Between Me & You


“Come in.”


The Queen sat on her bed, quickly glancing at her clock.


2:00 am


She heard the doors to her room opening slowly, softly, finally revealing a beautiful woman with long, raven hair, cascading down her back. The woman was wearing a crimson red bed-dress, in contrast to the Queen’s white. A small smile spread across the Queen’s face, her eyes following the senshi’s every move. The young woman turned silently, closed the door behind her, and then turned to face her Queen. She dropped to one knee, averting her eyes.


“Your Majesty.”


Still smiling, the Queen stood up and walked towards her early morning visitor.




The beautiful miko tried her best to ignore the loving way the Queen said her name. She felt the Queen’s soft hands on her shoulders and she stood up. Suddenly the Queen was in her arms and Rei was content with stroking her long, blonde hair.


“I missed you,” Usagi whispered. She nuzzled Rei’s soft neck, smiling when she was held tighter.


“I missed you, too,” Rei whispered back, her eyes glistening with tears. She closed her eyes, feeling soft, feathery kisses on her neck. She bit her bottom lip, struggling not to lose herself when eager hands began roaming her body.


“Usagi, I can’t.”


Rei, reluctantly, pushed Usagi back. Usagi felt hurt, but she could tell by the way Rei was still holding her that something was wrong; the two were barely an inch apart.


Usagi looked up at her lover, trying her best to make eye contact. The fire senshi avoided her gaze; however, Usagi could still read the confusion that was haunting her.


“What’s wrong, Rei?”


Again with the name, Rei thought. She wanted nothing more than to be with Usagi. Somehow sensing her thoughts, Usagi touched Rei’s cheek, softly tracing a line down to her lips. She was startled to see tears falling down Rei’s face and she wiped them away, her eyes never leaving Rei.


“We can’t do this anymore. I—Mina is beginning to suspect—”


“You love her more than me?”


The words were out before she could stop herself and Usagi immediately regretted it. Shocked, Rei took a step back.


“Rei! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean—”


Rei shook her head.


“Usagi, how could you? Never, not once, did I ask if you loved me more than Mamoru-san!”


Rei crossed her arms and turned away from her Queen. Usagi slumped down on her bed, silent tears streaming down her face. How could she describe her feelings for Rei? Of course she loved her, she loved all her senshi…but with Rei…Usagi sighed. She always felt guilty, choosing one over all her others. But Rei was her rock. Even before Usagi became the Queen she was destined to be, Rei had always been there for her, despite their many fights. And even now, when her Mamo-chan was called away for numerous diplomatic reasons, Rei comforted her. And she is still so in love with her Mamo-chan, but Rei?


How could it get so complicated?




The frustrated senshi chanced a glance at her Queen, her anger dissipating. She walked across the room, taking Usagi’s face into her hands. She gently wiped away her tears, both women gazing into the other’s eyes, both women knowing how they felt about the other. Rei knew Usagi needed her.


“Usagi, I will always love you.”


Usagi smiled, placing her hands on Rei’s.


“I love you, too.”


Rei kissed her, shifting her weight so that they both fell smoothly on the bed. Rei stopped the kiss, receiving a puzzled look from the beautiful blonde. The raven-haired woman smiled, pushing back a few stray strands of hair from Usagi’s face. She kissed her again, smiling when she felt Usagi’s hands tugging on her dress.


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