Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 9)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9


        After Shego had dropped her foe off, she decided she had better go back to the lair before going home. God only knows what Drakken’s up to by now, she thought.

        She knew there was something up the moment she stepped through the door. Shego could hear Drakken yelling about something or other but apparently there was someone else there too. Her hackles rose. She had told Drakken a million times that if he let everyone into his secret lair, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. But does he listen? No. A second voice piped up. It sounded a lot like Monkey Fist…Why the hell was Monkey Fist there? All ready to start yelling, Shego walked into the main room.

        Drakken and Monkey Fist were arguing over a laser in the center of the room. Scanning the room, Shego noticed a few other villains too. Shego snorted. What had happened to the secrecy of villainy?

        “Yo Dr. D! What the hell’s going on?” Shego yelled, catching everyone’s attention.

        “Shego…” Drakken grinned evilly. “So nice of you to join us.”

        Shego wasn’t impressed. “What’s everyone doing here?”

        “We’re all waiting for you, lassie,” Killigan said from behind her. Shego had heard him trying to sneak, she simply didn’t care.

        “Oh really?” she said a hand on her hip.

        “Would you mind telling us why you were hanging out with that Kim Possible?” Monkey Fist asked, advancing on her.

        “I’ve realized something Shego,” Dr. Drakken purred. “I don’t need you.”

        “See? Now why do you have to go and be mean like that?” DNAmy smacked Drakken. In the midst of all this, Shego stood in the center of the room, the only thing betraying her emotions were her emerald slits for eyes. She stood silent and motionless.

        Suddenly Dr. Dementor dropped from the ceiling above her. Shego sidestepped at the last minute and Dementor hit the floor. That seemed to be the unspoken cue for Monkey Fist, who came at her. Save herself, Monkey Fist was probably the best fighter in the group. In five moves, Shego sent him flying. She back flipped over Killigan and shot green fire at him, lighting his kilt on fire. She also sent a green fireball at Drakken’s head for good measure then she was out the door.

        Shego was a little surprised to find that she wasn’t really that pissed. Somewhere in her mind, she knew that it would come to this. She always left everyone. It was that way ever since she was young and still trying to make a name for herself. She would stick with something for a while then it was time to move on. Team Go had never really held any interest for her. She liked fighting, but…Then when she had switched sides, Shego found she enjoyed the thrill of stealing as well. Her job with Drakken had been perfect. She got to do what she loved most without worrying about the plotting and planning. Even so, she knew that it wasn’t permanent. Now…she wasn’t sure what she’d do yet. She would however, hear Drakken squeal under her boot heel. The other villains Shego couldn’t care less about, she expected such treachery from them, but Drakken had a contract with her. He would pay for his betrayal.

        But that would be later. Right now she had to think of a plan. She couldn’t stay at home. In fact, there was just enough time to grab her things and leave. Shego jumped into her mustang and sped off to her house. It didn’t take her too long. They shouldn’t have had time to get there yet but she was careful anyways.

        Shego didn’t have much to pack. She picked out her favorite outfits, including her mission outfits, and threw them in her pack. She looked around the room sadly. She had liked this place. It was hers and out of the way and whether or not she liked it, she had some fun times. She flashed back to Kim’s outraged face when she had burned a hold through her panties. Shego grinned wickedly at the memory. She shook her head, clearing the thoughts. She turned to leave and pointed into the corner.

        “You…you are coming with me,” she ordered.

        The little green fuzz ball jumped through the air and landed on her wrist. It wrapped its little feet around her wrist and snuggled. She wondered faintly about the purring creature on her arm. What was the name Kim had given it? Norkie?

        She swung her pack over he shoulder and was out the door in an instant. Shego pulled a small remote out of her pocket and hit a button. Her small stealth ship lifted off the ground. Punching in some coordinates, she watched it fly off. She’d be damned if she was going to let Drakken get her ship.

        Shego threw her pack in the backseat and hopped in the car. She feebly attempted to scrape Norkie off her wrist but he remained there purring happily. She had to admit, the sucker was tough. Normally at this point, she would light up her hands and threaten the thing but she remembered what happened the last time she did that when she was in the bank. It wasn’t fun. So she had a fuzzy green bracelet for the remainder of the drive.

        While driving, Shego thought about where she was going to go. She had no real friends except Kim. And her pride wouldn’t even let her think about that. Team Go? Hell no. Then she remembered a small warehouse about thirty miles from there. She remembered Senior Junior talking about it back when she was tutoring him. He used it mostly for his hair care products and a few other trivial things. Perfect for her. Come to think of it…why hadn’t the Seniors been at the lair? They were the only real villains not there. Did that mean she had an ally? Or just that they didn’t feel like going? Or… Shego rubbed her temples. This was getting difficult. She thought about it more on the way there.

        She parked the car around the back, so it wouldn’t be easily seen. Stealthily, she made her way up a drainpipe and up onto the roof. Shego dropped silently to her feet. Her training all those past years had really paid off. She crept over to a vent and slipped inside. Even after all these years, the dark haired villain still hated vents. They were never clean like in the movies. Vents equal dust. Dust equals traces left behind.

        Finding a way out, she surveyed the room under her. There was a door with a digital alarm system attached to it. That would be easy enough. The only problem was that there could be laser beams and she didn’t have any infrared goggles with her. Shego shrugged and did a neat flip, landing right in front of the door. So far, so good. It took her a moment to rewire the box and deactivate the alarm system. Then with a push of a button, she was in. Slipping through the door, she quietly made her way down the hallway. She needed to go past the office to get to the storage area, she remembered.

        The only problem was that she could make out two voices coming from inside the office. Shit. Okay, well, she could dispose of a few guards. Creeping closer, she recognized the voices of Señor Senior Senior and his son, Junior.

        “But father, I don’t want to kill her! She was nice to me,” Junior pouted.

        “She’s on the good side now Junior. That’s what evil men like us do, we kill the heroes of the world,” Señor Senior cackled evilly. He stopped. “Are you not going to laugh evilly with me, my son?”

        “No,” Junior said petulantly. “What if this whole plot doesn’t work? I mean, all of us working together is obviously chaos. If we don’t succeed in killing Shego after one attempt, she will kill us, father. And if the rumors are true, she’ll kill us for killing Kim Possible anyway. This is not going to work!”

        “It will work,” Senior said confidently. “We will kill that traitor, we will rid ourselves of Kim Possible and we will take over the world!”

        “But it is hard enough to get rid of Kim Possible by herself, how will we get both of them together?” Junior whined.

        “We will split them up,” Senior said evilly. “Our Lord Monkey Fist is on his way to visit her as we speak.”

        By ‘her’, Shego assumed he meant Kim since no one knew where Shego was. Shego had no doubt in her mind that Kim could defeat Monkey Fist on her own so she wasn’t worried.

        “But…oooh, my head hurts with all this thinking…Surely Kim Possible can handle Monkey Fist alone? She had defeated him more than once already!” said Junior.

        An evil chuckle could be heard. “That is why we have a surprise for her…”

        Now Shego was worried.



        Kim lay face down on her bed, asleep. Her face was snuggled between her arm and pillow, making her appear childish. The stuffed pandaroo in the bed didn’t help either. Her blue pajama clad bottom peeked out from among the rumpled blanket. She looked…cute.

        Unknown to her, a dark figure swung down from her roof and into her bedroom. The figure crept across the roof silently and stood over the bed looking down at the sleeping teenager. Before the person could blink, Kim was on her feet and moving towards her pursuer when her pandaroo tripped her and the red head tackled, or rather fell on, her attacker. Moonlight fell across the two of them, revealing the identity of the figure.

        "Shego?!” Kim hissed. “What the hell are you doing here?”

        The older girl had an angry retort but was cut off when a shadow fell over the two girls.

        “Aw, how cute…” said a masculine voice.

        “Monkey Fist!” Kim exclaimed, recognizing the voice immediately. She looked down at Shego, shock written all over her face. “Shego…H-how could you?”

        “I didn’t!” she yelled, helpless. Kim tried to scramble off Shego, but the dark haired girl grabbed for her. “Don’t!” she started. Kim broke away. Shego’s eyes practically glowed in the dark. Something about those eyes made Kim hesitate. She shook her head and backed away, positioning herself so she could see both villains.

        “What do you want Monkey Fist?” she asked him directly. Worry about Shego later when she had time to think about it.

        “I was merely here to see if Shego had completed her mission,” he replied calmly.

        Shego’s mouth hung open.

        “What mission?” Kim asked, eyeing Shego.

        His voice lowered. “To kill you.”

        Kim spun around wide-eyed but Shego was already moving. Kim never had a chance, she was unprepared and too slow. It never mattered because Shego ran right past her, hands aflame, straight for Monkey Fist. He seemed to be expecting a move like that for he jumped out the window and swung up to the roof, Shego right on his heels and Kim on hers. Kim still wasn’t sure if she was chasing Monkey Fist or Shego but since they were both going in the same direction, it didn’t make a difference.

        They ran for a good long time, fighting only in little spurts. Something in Kim’s mind didn’t feel right. She couldn’t explain it…it just felt off, like she should know something. Shego seemed to be in some kind of blind rage, like she’d snapped. Very different from the calm, collected woman Kim had begun to love. No, not right now! she yelled at herself and ran faster. Shego didn’t seem to be interested in killing her if that, in fact, had been her job. She seemed more like she wanted to roast Monkey Fist’s heart slowly over a spit.

        Monkey Fist jumped off a roof and dove through a window, Shego biting at his heels. Kim closed her eyes and did a tight flip through the window behind the other two. Weaving around objects as they sprinted down a hallway and into a room. They had no time to survey their surroundings; their green eyes were trained on the man in front of them. It was then that Shego skidded to a halt and scrambled backwards. Kim saw Monkey Fist disappear through a door across from them and she heard a lock hit home. Then Kim realized what her mind had been trying to tell her, they were running into a trap.

        With dismay, Kim scrambled backwards for the door behind her as Shego did. It was too late though, the door was closed and locked and the two girls were trapped, unable to escape for the time being.

        “Shit!” Shego half snarled, half screamed. She slammed her fist into the wall and winced, the green flames dying as she cradled her hand. Kim touched the cool metal walls. There were no cracks, nothing. Just bare metal. There was a charred mark where Shego had hit the wall, but nothing more.

        “It’s titanium,” Shego grumbled. “And it’s damn thick too.” She walked over and inspected the doors. They were well made, but Shego was the best thief and escape artist that Kim had ever met. There was no handle and swung to the inside, leaving the hinges on their side. Shego lithely sunk down on the floor and started to work.

        "So can you get us out?” Kim asked hopefully.

        “Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Shego stopped what she was doing to boldly stare into Kim’s eyes. Shego’s body screamed defiance. It hurt Kim to see her like that. At least when it was aimed at her.

        “Well…good news first, I guess,” Kim said as she walked over to Shego, sitting down next to her. She purposely sat so that the lines of their bodies touched. Shego didn’t say anything, but she didn’t move either.

        “I can get us out,” the older girl finally said.  

        “And the bad news?” Kim apprehensively inquired.

        “It will take time,” Shego sneered. Kim ignored the sneer and rested her hand on Shego’s black and green clad shoulder. That set her off.

        Shego stood up, shoving Kim off her.

        “Who the HELL do you think you are?!” she screamed. “No, I mean it. Who the hell do you think you are? Because I’m not the kind of girl who takes well to being kicked in the face. In case you didn’t know,” Shego’s snarl turned into a sneer.

        “I’m your friend,” Kim said quietly.

        “Oh no you aren’t. Friends trust each other,” Shego began to pace. “Friends get along. I don’t have much experience with it, but I do know that.” She slowed to a halt. “I can’t be with someone who won’t trust me,” Shego whispered softly. But Kim heard it and felt her heart sink into her boots and turn to lead. Her mouth opened and closed but no sound came out. Then she got angry and jumped to her feet.

        “How dare you with all your holier than thou shit?!” she screamed at Shego, her voice echoing horribly in the room.

        “Oh dear, did the perfect Kim Possible just swear at me?” Shego mocked.

        “Look, I don’t know what you want from me! I’m trying, okay? Becoming bi and falling in love with my arch foe isn’t exactly what happens to every teenager, okay?!” Kim waved her arms at Shego to emphasize her point.

        “You don’t know what love is, Princess,” Shego snarled at her and looked at the floor off to the left.

        “Then what is it Shego? What does all your experience in this matter tell you?” Kim shot back. She could feel hot tears threatening to spill over.

        “When you can feel your heart beat with theirs; when you feel the union of your two souls tentatively touch and come together and you know…that this is the person you will spend the rest of your life with simply because you couldn’t bear to give them up. That, is what it’s like to be in love.” Shego’s emerald eyes burned with such intensity that Kim could do nothing but get lost in them. A sense of calmness settled over her like a fog. Then she turned away and Kim felt the emptiness throughout her entire body. She shivered.

        Shego walked back over to the hinges and began her work once again. Kim slid slowly down the wall until she hit the floor. She was shocked. The way Shego had said that and looked at her left no doubt in her mind that she felt that way towards Kim. I mean sure, Kim knew that the raven-haired woman liked her, desired her, but loved her? When the hell did this happen?

        Kim got up and walked silently over to Shego. She laid a hand on the older girl’s shoulder. Shego made no acknowledgement to her presence.

        “Shego...” Kim began.

        “Don’t touch me,” Shego said, shrugging off Kim’s hand.


        “I said don’t touch me!”

        The red head decided to leave her to her demons. She apparently wanted to be alone and Kim could always try again later. She didn’t blame her, Kim had been wrong. Drastically wrong. Kim laid down on the floor.

        “Good night, Shego,” Kim whispered as she fell asleep.

        She wasn’t sure, but she could have sworn she heard Shego reply.



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