Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 7)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


        Beep beep beep!

        Kim’s communicator went flying through the air and hit the alarm clock off her bedside stand. Unfortunately, it didn’t die. It beeped angrily at her instead.


Kim covered her head with her pillow and groaned.


        “ALL RIGHT!” she finally screamed. Kim rolled off the bed. Literally. Her dead weight made a loud thump that could be heard in the kitchen below. She flailed outward with her fist and hit the off button.

        Kim Possible, the Kim Possible, teen hero, girl who had saved the world from destruction more times than could be counted, straight A student and cheerleader, lay on her floor wondering whether or not she wanted to play hooky.

        She sighed knowing that she would go to school. Kim stood on her feet and took off running for her closet. Quickly throwing on some clothes, she raced to the bathroom. A couple minutes later she was fully awake and looked like her usual self.

        There wasn’t any time for cereal, so she grabbed a Pop-Tart on her way out the door. At least that way she could honestly tell her mother that she’d eaten breakfast.

        Kim met up with Ron on the way. They usually walked together unless one of them was late. Kim had decided on a red tee shirt and black jeans today, while Ron wore camouflage cargo pants and a gray shirt, which didn’t really match. Kim, of course, told him this and he just shrugged.

        “It’s all about the personality Kim. Ron Stoppable’s the man!” he said cheerily.

        They reached school without event. The two friends split apart briefly to go to their lockers. Science first period. Goodie. Kim sighed.

        Opening her locker, Kim’s eyes were caught by a flash of green on the door. Her picture of Shego stared down at her almost mockingly. Kim stuck her tongue out at it.

        “What are you doing?”

        Kim jumped. “I...uh...good morning Monique?”

        Monique raised an eyebrow. “’Morning Kim.”

        Kim’s face flushed. She turned around to grab some books out of her locker to hide it.

        “I had always wondered why you have a picture of Shego in your locker...” Monique stated thoughtfully. She grinned. “Now I know.” 

        “Monique, it’s sooo not like that. You KNOW that!” Kim replied, her mouth hanging open.

        “Uh huh, sure. Whatever you say, girl.” Monique inspected her nails while Kim fumed. “You do know that you’re deceiving Ron right?”

        Kim blinked at her. “I never thought of it that way.”

        “Now if there was really something going on...” Monique paused. “Then it wouldn’t be deceit.”

        Kim’s eyes narrowed. “What are you getting at?”

        Both girls turned as a loud squeal ripped through the air. Ron came flying down the hallway, his tennis shoes squeaking across the floor and Rufus hanging out of his pocket like he was on a roller coaster ride.

        “Hey ladies!” He offered each girl one of his arms. Kim and Monique brushed past him. “Hey!” Ron said, annoyed.

        Kim’s communicator sounded. Kim whipped it out immediately. “What’s the sitch, Wade?”

        “Kim! The Middleton Bank is being robbed! I’m tapping into security cameras now... here’s the feed.” The inside of the bank came on the communicator screen. Someone was at the vault, rapidly strapping an explosive device to the thick metal door.

        “Wade, can you change the angle of the camera?” Kim asked. The picture changed. Kim’s eyes narrowed. A green and black form could now be seen.

        “Shego,” Kim growled.

        “I don’t see Drakken anywhere,” Ron announced. “Look, uh, Kim,” Ron looked at his feet then met her gaze again. “Do you really need me on this?”

        Kim blinked at him uncomprehendingly. “I mean, you can handle Shego on your own? You look royally pissed right now and I don’t really wanna get in the middle of a lovers spat, so...I’m just going to hang on with Monique, okay?”

        “Excuse me?!” Kim squeaked. What did he mean he wasn’t going? He always went with her!!

        “Well, I don’t see Drakken anywhere. It looks like it’s just Shego...” he began.

        “Look, Kim,” Monique interjected and put a finger under Kim’s chin to shut her mouth. “Go get your girl and be back by lunch okay?”

        Kim shot her a look that cold curdle milk. Finally she looked at Wade who was still on the screen.

        “I need transportation, Wade.”

        “Already on the way. Sadie’ll be outside the school in five minutes,” he replied instantly.

        “Sadie! Cool!” Ron yelled. “Booyah!”

        “Ron...” Monique growled.

        “Uh, go ahead KP,” he said, head bowed like a puppy that had been kicked.

        Kim looked from Ron to Monique and back again. Something was up. No time to check it out now. She looked at her friends and took off running for the exit.

        “She wasn’t always this crabby,” Monique stated aloud.

        “I think she’s picking up some of Shego’s personality,” Ron shrugged and they headed to Science class.

        Sadie was already waiting for her. Kim hopped into the drivers seat, greeted Sadie and then they were off. Apparently Dr. Freeman and Wade were working on an experiment together and had gotten off on the right hand immediately. So when Wade found out Shego was breaking into the bank, the doctor had offered Sadie immediately.

        By the time they had gotten to the bank, Shego was already gone. The vault hung open but what was curious was that the explosives were never used. On her communicator, Kim was certain she’d seen Shego strapping on explosives and yet the vault had been opening without any high tech device at all. In fact, it looked as if she hadn’t forced it at all. As if the door had swung open on its own. Hmm. The alarms hadn’t been activated either.

        Needless to say, Kim was rather confused as she exited the bank. She got back into the car without a word.

        “Well?” Sadie asked. “That was quick.”

        “I...well, I’m too late.” Kim explained the rest of the situation to Sadie. “Sometimes she’s just too smart for her own good,” Kim grumbled.

        “I had been assuming that you didn’t like this girl as much as I do, but now I’m getting mixed signals here. She HAS tried to kill me after all,” Sadie pouted. “I don’t even know how many times she’s tried to kill you.”

        “Quite a few,” Kim admitted. “Shego’s not that bad really. She just has a hard exterior, that’s all.”

        Sadie had no reply to that. Or perhaps she wisely chose not to break Kim from her thoughts.

        After awhile Sadie finally asked, “Where to, Kim?” Kim shook out of her reverie. Pausing to think, she grinned and punched in the coordinates.

        About a half an hour later, they pulled up to Shego’s house. Sadie had been curious about where they were going, but hadn’t gotten anything out of Kim. When she came close enough to see it was an old abandoned house, Sadie was bursting with questions.

        Kim got out of the car and presented the house to Sadie. “Welcome to the house of Shego,” she announced.

        Sadie disproved all theories, she snorted. “She does all the work and Drakken gets all the money? I thought you said she was smart.”

        “She doesn’t like living in the lair. And at least, it’s private.” Shego was her friend; Kim could defend her if she wanted.

        “Do you think it’” Sadie asked hesitantly.

        “Shego would never hurt me,” Kim answered instantly. After she said it, Kim realized it was true. In all the times Shego had tried to kill Kim, she had never really tried to kill Kim, she had never really tried. She never did more than maybe a punch or kick. Bruises, soreness, but nothing more serious than that. She never really was trying to kill Kim.

        Kim’s eyes widened and she felt weak with this realization. She suddenly felt a flood of guilt remembering all the times she had hurt the older girl. She hadn’t known. She... Kim shook her head. Right now she needed to get the money back from Shego. Sadie told Dr. Freeman what happened and he related the news to Wade who noted the authorities.

        The red head straightened her back with resolve and strode up to the door. She knocked and waited...and waited...Finally Kim let herself in.

        Again she was struck by how cold and desolate the place was. It didn’t even look lived in except deep in the house. It was kind of like Shego herself. She never let anyone near her, she closed herself off. No friends, no family. Kim’s fingers itched to clean the house. One of these days...

        “Shego?” she called out softly.

        “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” Shego growled as she dropped out of the shadows.

        “You wouldn’t kill me,” Kim said with a hand on her hip.

        “If I didn’t know you were and you snuck into my house...” Shego flipped her hair over a shoulder. “I might still kill you, ya brat. What do you want?”

        Shego was still half in the shadows but Kim didn’t think much of it. Shego probably still thinks I’m here to turn her in, Kim thought.

        “First of all, you couldn’t kill me,” Kim smiled cheekily. Shego opened her mouth to argue but Kim cut her off. “You could beat the snot out of me, but you couldn’t kill me.” Kim’s grin became wider. “Because you looove me.”

        Shego snorted. “As if. You still didn’t answer my question. What do you want?”

        “You robbed the bank,” Kim sobered as she spoke.

        “Yeah, and?” Shego tapped her foot impatiently.

        Kim sighed. “Look Shego, I don’t want to turn you in-”

        “How kind,” Shego sneered.

        “Just tell me where the money is and I’ll leave you be, okay?” Kim took a step closer to the older girl. Shego stood immobile, her emerald eyes following the red head’s moves.

        “Where’s the idiot?” she asked suddenly.

        “Who?” Kim’s brow furrowed.

        “The buffoon sidekick.”

        “Ohh, Ron. He didn’t want to come,” Kim looked at the ground.

        Shego’s expression softened. She walked past Kim and headed off in the direction of her room.

        “Wha...” Kim blinked and jogged off after her friend.

        Shego was already in her room and flipping through her closet. Now that she was in the light, well semi-light (the only light being the lamp beside her mattress), Kim could see that Shego held her right hand close to her side, not cradling, but protecting it. Shego absentmindedly fingered a tear in her body suit.

        “What happened to you?” Kim asked, concern written all over her face.

        Shego said nothing, she merely pointed to the bed. Kim hesitated. She wanted to see if Shego was really okay or if the dark haired was just being tough, but if she went to Shego the older girl would probably pull away. Kim had to work up to it.

        Walking over out the mattress, Kim’s gaze swept over the floor and blankets but she saw nothing. She glanced questioningly at Shego, but the other girl was peeling off her body suit. Kim’s eyes followed Shego’s curves unbidden. Her hair fell in dark waves past her waist, hiding most of her pale skin from Kim’s gaze. She could see the curve of one hip peeking out but most of her lower body still had yet to be revealed from her green and black garb.

        She caught herself looking and her face grew redder than her hair. She tore her gaze from Shego’s body and stared at the bed. Her mind betrayed her as she visualized Shego’s warm tongue trailing down between her breasts as Kim arched back into the mattress. Kim frantically shook her head to clear the image.

        Kim’s motions had awakened something that lie under the blankets on the bed. It jumped out with a squeal and attached itself to Kim’s chest. Kim screamed and fell backwards, cracking her head on the floor. Shego was sat her side in an instant.

        The raven-haired girl felt Kim’s eyes burning into her. She knew Kim had been watching her change. In fact, she’d had to hide a small smile. But when Kim screamed, her blood turned to ice in her veins.

        Kim had been knocked senseless when her head hit the floor. She had relaxed when she’d seen Shego. She trusted the older girl to get the thing off her. It took her a few moments to relearn how to focus her eyes. When she could see, she recognized her attacker as her brother’s artificial intelligence experiment. Shego flicked it off Kim’s chest absently. the hell did Shego get Norkie? Kim thought through the fog of her mind.

        Shego cradled Kim’s head in her lap as she inspected her eyes. Her fingers ran through Kim’s hair and held her head in place. Her wrist still hurt horribly, but she ignored the pain.

        “Well, you don’t have a concussion,” Shego finally told Kim, looking deeply into her green eyes. Captured, Kim could see nothing beyond that predatory emerald gaze. Then Shego’s eyes swept down the red head’s body and Kim found she could focus on other things again. Like the fact that her head was cradled on Shego’s thighs. Her very naked thighs. It was only then that Kim noticed Shego was nearly nude. Her only clothing being a tiny pair of silk black panties.

        Kim’s breath caught somewhere in the back of her throat. Shego ran her fingers through Kim’s red tresses again as her eyes burned into Kim’s like the green fire she wielded. After searching Kim’s eyes, and Kim guessed, finding what she wanted, Shego leaned down and pressed her lips against the younger girl’s.

        Kim didn’t fight her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was screaming that she shouldn’t do this. But here and now she wanted this. Nobody was here but her and Shego. Shego wouldn’t judge her. Shego accepted her in a way that nobody else did. In a way nobody else could. But that didn’t make sense...Kim stopped trying to think and gave herself into the kiss.

        So when Shego’s tongue touched her lips, Kim immediately parted for her. Shego traced the neckline of Kim’s tee shirt, her other hand still buried deep in Kim’s hair tilted her head to deepen the kiss. A small moan escaped Kim’s lips as Shego pulled back. Kim made a sound of protest and she wrapped her arms around Shego’s neck trying to pull her back. Shego grinned and ducked her head to place her lips on Kim’s neck instead. Kim buried her hands in Shego’s dark hair, tugging lightly. Shego purred into Kim’s neck and left a mark. Kim was so wrapped up in what the older girl was doing that she jumped slightly when she felt Shego’s questing fingers slip under her shirt. Her fingers teased upward over Kim’s stomach making the red head squirm. She growled in frustration upon reaching Kim’s purple bra.

        Kim sat up and took her shirt off in one smooth movement. Grinning, Shego went to work on the bra clasp and drew it off slowly, drawing her nails along Kim’s skin making her shiver. Kim blushed, suddenly feeling vulnerable. Shego’s grin grew wider. She pulled Kim closer and bent her head to brush her teeth along Kim’s collarbone, then flicked her tongue out and drew a wet trail between Kim’s breasts. Circling the red head’s areola with her tongue, Shego’s hand worked on the buttons to Kim’s cargo pants. Shego cursed briefly but the buttons wouldn’t budge. Kim almost chuckled at the frowning super villain and slipped the pants off without unbuttoning them.

        “Okay, I retract my earlier statements. I like the baggy pants,” Shego said suddenly, her eyes taking in Kim’s body.

        “Pretty useful, huh?” While Kim talked, she had positioned herself to flip Shego over. When the dark haired girl found herself on her back, she had no clue what had happened. Looking up at the satisfied smirk on Kim’s face, she couldn’t help but chuckle. All traces of humor leaked away however, when she noticed how Kim’s eyes burned into her as she leaned down, licking her lips, for a kiss. Kim explored every crevice of Shego’s mouth, mimicking what the older girl had done to her earlier. She unconsciously pinned Shego’s hands above her head. Shego responded by moaning into Kim’s mouth and grinding her hips into the girl above her. Kim trailed kisses down Shego’s jaw line and stopped to nibble on the soft skin of her neck. When Shego felt Kim’s teeth brush her skin, she’d shuddered. Kim noticed this and experimented by biting down very softly on the older girl’s neck. Shego shuddered again and dug her nails into Kim’s hips.

        “Harder,” she gasped. When Kim hesitated, Shego ordered her in a firmer voice, “Bite.”

        Kim did as she was told. Her tongue flicked out, tasting the pale skin and she bit down hard enough that she tasted blood. Shego’s nails scored down her back and she nearly bucked Kim right off her lap. At first Kim thought she’d bitten too hard, that she’d hurt her, but looking at the woman beneath her it wasn’t pain she saw in her eyes. In fact...

        Shego rolled them over, got to her knees and picked Kim up.

        “Wha-oomph!” Kim started, but was thrown on the mattress. “I-hey, wai-mph!” Shego’s mouth covered hers as she cut off all protests. Shego’s knee parted Kim’s legs as her tongue parted her lips. Kim groaned and her hands moved to cup Shego’s breasts. Kim flicked her thumb over Shego’s nipple causing the darker haired girl to hiss and arch against her. Shego ran her nails down Kim’s side and hooked her thumb under Kim’s panties, her last remaining bit of clothing, with all intent of tearing them right off her soft body when Shego heard someone in the house. She captured Kim’s mouth, muffling the small noises she was making. Shego could immediately tell that there were two people. One was the buffoon; she couldn’t mistake that idiot for anyone else. The other was the dark skinned friend. Neither was a threat so she continued her work with Kim. Rehooking the panties with her thumb, she dragged them down a little when she heard the door open and a muffled gasp. Choosing to ignore it and hope they would go away, she kisses Kim senseless. She knew that if Kim knew they were here she’d stop immediately. And Shego would have none of that.

        “KIM!” Ron burst through the open door.

        So much for that thought, Shego inwardly growled.

        Kim’s eyes flew open and she grabbed for the nearest thing to cover her naked state. The nearest thing happened to be Shego and she went willingly enough. Kim frantically fumbled around, her eyes wider than anyone had ever seen.

        “Kim?!” Ron’s eyes nearly fell out of his head at seeing his best friend and another woman, that woman being SHEGO, nearly nude and in bed together. Clearly doing more than sleeping...

        “Ron, it’s, uh...” Kim faltered, but managed to grab the blanket underneath her and cover herself.

        “Not what it looks like?” Shego offered with a grin. Shego had made no move to cover herself but lay on her side pressed against Kim and propped up on one elbow, effectively hiding most of her body. Kim flipped some covers over her. Shego merely rolled her eyes at her, not really caring. She rolled over and growled into a pillow with frustration at being denied her fun. Emerald eyes glared at Ron with an intensity that made him back into the door. “What are you doing here anyway?” she gritted out between clenched teeth.

        “Well Sadie- uh, she heard a scream and...” Ron trailed off, his eyes still larger than usual. “Oh,” he said finally.

        Monique grabbed his arm and began dragging him out of the room. “Yeah, uh, well, you’re okay, so...well now that we know that you’re okay, we’ll see you at school!” Whoosh, they were out the door. Kim jumped up, still clutching the blanket to cover her and scrambled for her clothes. In her search for her clothes, Kim didn’t hear Shego get up of the bed and pad quietly over to her. She jumped when Shego wrapped her arms around Kim’s waist and pressed her breasts into the red head’s back. Shego lowered her head and traced the edge of Kim’s ear with her tongue.

        “You’re not planning on leaving, are you?” she purred.

        “Shego, I have to go to school, I have to fix this, I have to-” Kim stammered as she blushed.

        Shego silenced her with a quick peck on the lips. It worked, Kim calmed down. She took a deep breath and looked Shego in the eye.

        “I do have to go to school. I’ve missed too many classes already,” Kim explained.

        Shego rolled her eyes. “Fine then. I’ll go with you.”

        “You can’t go to school with me,” Kim said, perplexed.

        “I can go as far as driving you there. I have a few errands to do in Middleton anyway. Besides...” Shego’s reptilian gaze burned into Kim’s. “We have a few things to discuss.”

        Kim’s heart froze in her chest. What did she want to talk about? was about them. Kim wasn’t sure what she felt for her dark haired adversary. The woman that Kim had thought two weeks ago would have killed her the instant she got the chance. The woman that had really saved her life more times than she could count. Kim’s eyes followed the subject of her thoughts as Shego struggled into a pair of black leather pants. Once they were on they looked as if they were painted onto her body. It is a nice body, Kim thought instantly.

        Kim walked over to the older girl silently and hesitantly wrapped her arms around her waist. Shego stopped picking out a shirt and turned to look at her. She stood there staring into Kim’s eyes for a few seconds as the younger girl searched for the words she wanted to say.

        “I...” she faltered. “I don’t regret this,” Kim said finally. Surprise shone in Shego’s eyes as she fingered the ends of Kim’s hair. Shego looked thoughtful for a moment then kissed Kim’s forehead, a quick show of affection.

        The teen hero smiled and looked around for her clothes. Wait...where were her clothes?! Kim spun around and frantically looked for her clothes. Upon finding none, she slowly turned to glare at the only other person in the room.

        “Shego!” Kim growled.

        Shego pointedly ignored her and checked her nails.

        “Shego...” she warned.

        “What?” Shego looked up innocently.

        “Where are my clothes?” Kim gritted out between clenched teeth.

        “I don’t know what you’re talking about...” Shego resumed looking through her closet.

        “You’re the only other one here!!!” she nearly screamed.

        Completely unruffled, Shego turned to her with a wicked grin and let her gaze sweep up and down Kim. Naked, but for a pair of purple panties, her hands on her hips, the red head was quite a sight.

        “But you look perfect the way you are,” Shego stretched but was unable to keep the grin off her face. Kim blushed at the compliment and blushed more when her eyes were drawn to Shego’s breasts when she had stretched and pushed them out.

        Kim whirled around and put her back to Shego. “Argh!” she growled and clenched her hands into fists. Shego took this opportunity to point her finger and send a tiny thread of green fire at Kim’s bum.

        “AHH!” Kim yelled and grabbed her backside, her eyes burning with anger as she turned to the woman beside her. “What the hell was that for?!” she screamed at Shego.

        Shego was again unfazed by the enraged teenager. “Well, now that there’s a hole burned in there, I guess you won’t be needing these...” Shego swiped at the underwear. Kim knocked her hand aside, stepped back and went into a fighting pose.

        “Hands off the panties,” Kim ordered the dark haired woman.

        “No chance,” Shego grinned. “You need something to wear to school after all,” she added.

        Kim slumped. “You’re right.” Shego reached for the panties again. Kim sidestepped the hand. “I can take my own panties off, thank you.”

        “Aw, you’re so mean to me,” Shego said as she fell backwards onto the mattress. She propped herself up and watched Kim intently.

        Kim pointedly ignored her and quickly found some black jeans and a green tee shirt. She looked around and finally found a small shelf on which sat bras, underwear and socks. She grabbed a black bra and underwear at random. She also found a pair of socks with naughty and nice printed on them. Kim almost laughed. They were perfect for Shego.

        Coming out of the closet, Kim saw that Shego was still laying on the bed and she was still looking at her like a predator watching her prey. So Kim still ignored her. She did turn away to dress though. It was silly considering she’d just been rolling around with Shego not twenty minutes ago but she still felt uncomfortable dressing in front of her. Dumb but true, she thought as she bent down and slid her ruined underwear off.

        Shego made a sound of approval behind her. “Very nice...” Kim’s face turned beet red when she looked back and saw the look of lust in Shego’s eyes. She grabbed a shirt and threw it at the older girl. It hit her square in the face.

        “Shut up and get dressed,” Kim said and dressed herself as quickly as possible. Shego laughed and pulled the shirt on. Watching Kim, Shego had gotten a thoughtful look on her face.

        “Kim,” she said finally. Kim blinked at her. “Come here,” requested Shego. Kim did as she was asked, not sure she knew where this was going. Shego drew a fingernail in a slow, lazy circle around Kim’s bellybutton. The action caused Kim to notice how Shego’s clothes fit her curves perfectly, how her lips were slightly parted in thought.

        “What are you doing after school?” Shego said suddenly, breaking Kim out of her thoughts.

        “I, uh...nothing?” Kim looked completely confused.

        “Good. I’ll pick you up from school then. You ready yet?” she asked.

        “Uh, yeah. I guess.”

        Soon they were in the car and on their way. It was the same black mustang as the night of the club. Only this time the silence in the car wasn’t comfortable. Shego looked as unperturbed as ever. Not much ever seemed to get under her skin. Kim however, was fidgeting constantly. She knew Shego was going to have a talk with her. But why wasn’t she talking already? Impatience hummed through her body.

        “Don’t you ever sit still?” Shego growled, never taking her eyes off the road.

        “Yes,” Kim shot back. “It’s just...just, weren’t we going to...” she trailed off.

        “Going to talk?” Shego offered.

        “Yeah, I mean...what are we going to do?” Kim asked.

        Shego eyed sideways. “I was referring to the creature.”

        “I-oh...” Kim looked embarrassed and folded her hands in her lap. She had forgotten about Norkie.

        “You have to take him back home,” Shego stated firmly. “He’s annoying.” She rubbed her wrist absently. Kim didn’t fail to notice this.

        “Speaking of which, you never told me how you ended up with it,” Kim said as she reached for Shego’s hand.

        Puzzled, Shego gave the red head the hand as she explained simply, “He was at the bank.” Once Kim had the hand, she massaged Shego’s pale wrist with her thumbs gently. Kim could tell it felt really good since Shego’s arm relaxed entirely.

        “So how did this happen?” Kim rolled it gently to the side and apologized quickly when she saw Shego wince.

        “I surprised him,” she said. Kim blinked. She’d seen Norkie in action when his emotions ran high. He’d trashed their house after all. All that power wrapped up in that tiny little bundle and Shego had survived it. Not only had she survived but she only had a sprained wrist. How much had Shego held back every time Kim fought her? She could easily have knocked her head right off if she had wanted...

        “How long have you been training me?” she asked before she even knew she’d opened her mouth.

        Shego glanced at her. “What do you mean?”

        “All those sparring sessions, I had thought they were fights, but to you they couldn’t have been more than play sessions. How long have you been watching out for me?” Kim tried to catch her eye, but Shego stared at the road with a one-minded determination. She didn’t offer an answer either. Kim said nothing but she interlocked her fingers with Shego’s hand in her lap and looked out the window the rest of the way.

        When they finally reached Middleton High, Kim got out of the car. She poked her head in threw the window and said bye to Shego.

        “Hey! What time is school over?” Shego asked.

        “3 o’clock. But... oh crap,” Kim slumped.

        “What?” Shego’s brows furrowed.

        “I have cheerleading practice,” Kim said dejectedly.

        Shego’s eyes lit up. Kim noticed the look and got paranoid.

        “Why is cheerleading practice so great?” she raised an eyebrow.

        “I get to scare a bunch of dipshit girls with no brains in to the next century,” Shego said with one of her infamous grins. “And I get to see you run around in a short skirt. What part of that should I have a problem with?”

        Kim shook her head, said something about Shego being incorrigible and walked off towards the school.

        “Kim,” Shego called out. Kim turned to look at her. “You underestimate yourself. Don’t.” Kim got lost in those emerald eyes again. She could see something underneath that green fire, some emotion that Kim couldn’t read. Then Shego blinked and she lost it.

        “Bye Princess,” she said and was speeding away, her tires squealing, before Kim could respond.




[End notes:

Another chapter done. Did it make up for the shortness of chapter 6?

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