Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 5)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

          What the hell just happened? Kim thought desperately. It had been probably twenty-four hours since Shego had stormed out of Bueno Nacho, leaving a stunned and blinking Kim behind. She still wasn’t close to understanding what had happened. And what’s worse, she had no clue how to fix it. How would she get Ron to believe that nothing happened between her and Shego?...Nadda. Why did Shego throw a fit at Kim?...Nadda. No answers.

          Kim dejectedly trudged home. School had finally let out for today, but Kim had barely noticed when the final bell rang. She had been acting strange and far off all day. So it was no surprise when...

          “Kim!” yelled a female voice from behind the red head. Kim turned and blinked at a smiling Monique. “Hey girl,” Monique grinned and nudged Kim with her elbow.

          “Hey Monique,” Kim greeted her with a false smile.

          “What’s up?” Monique asked looking serious.

          “Nothing much,” Kim began walking or rather, dragging, her feet forward again.

          “Uh uh girl, you gotta tell me what’s going on,” Monique stated and grabbed her arm.

          Kim sighed. “It’s kind of about Ron...” Kim told her friend the entire story from Fieldbrook mansion to Shego’s pissy fit.

          Monique paused to think. “Well, if there’s not REALLY anything going on with this chickie,” Monique then wiggled her eyebrows at Kim, earning her a laugh from the teen hero. “Just tell Ron that. You should probably get outta here for a while. Both you and Ron.” Pausing again to think, Monique finally suggested a new club not far from where Kim lived. “It just opened up girl, you gotta go check it out. And make fun of the fashion disasters, of course.”  The African-American girl grinned, linked her arm with Kim’s and made her walk with vigor. “I’ll even go with you! You call Ron tonight. We’ll all go tonight.”

          “All right,” Kim agreed. “Though I don’t know if Ron’ll even hear me out.” She slumped again.

          “Kim,” Monique looked her friend in the eye. “You and Ron have been friends since pre-school, some thing like this won’t break that friendship. Ron will pause to listen. Besides,” she grinned widely. “You got this sexy thing going on. Everyone’s falling for your libido, girl!”

          “I don’t know why,” Kim confessed. “It’s not like I’m a flashy, in your face, smart, beautiful girl.” Like Shego. So not going there.

          Monique just shook her head. “You ain’t gotta clue, girl...” she muttered under hear breath. After interrogating her friend and getting nothing, Kim finally gave up.

          Later that night, Kim was ready to go. She had gotten a hold of Ron on the phone. He didn’t sound happy, but he agreed to go.

          Monique’s dad ended up driving. He was going to the store about a mile away from the club and had offered transportation. Seeing as how neither Kim, Ron nor Monique had a car as of yet, they needed a ride. Kim seemed a little put out by that. She was allowed to save the world but not drive? Whatever.

          Ron hadn’t even bothered to dress up. He simply wore sneakers, cargo pants and red and black tee shirt. Kim and Monique on the other hand had decided if they were going to go out, they were going to dress in style. Monique had donned on a deep purple tank with a V-neck and after a considerable debate, had settled on calf high boots and a black skirt. While as Kim had pulled her hair up into a ponytail like she did when she was younger and a hunter green shirt that flared out around the wrists. Silver tooling adorned the shirt adding contrast and bringing out the green in her eyes. A pair of tight leather pants completed the outfit. Actually the pants were Monique’s but they fit so Kim decided to wear them.

          Thanking Monique’s dad, all three of the teens stepped out onto the sidewalk. They immediately moved to the line. It wasn’t that long, so no big. The club was called Silken Petals. Soon they found out why. Stepping inside, the friends gawked. Black light filtered down from overhead, giving off just enough light to make out where they were going but covered everything with a mysterious tint. There was a bar off to one side but the rest of the place was a dance floor where, as they gaped, was a writhing mass of bodies. Neon and fluorescent roses were on the walls. On the far wall was a whit, practically blinding, tree. Sakura blossoms fell from its branches majestically. Covering the floor like a soft blanket were more cherry blossoms, muffling the sound of the many footsteps.

          “Hey guys, I’m gonna run to the powder room. Check it?” Monique said and took off without waiting for an answer.

          Ron just stood there blinking. “What did she just say? I know it ain’t pig latin and that’s the only language I can understand!” Kim rolled her eyes at him.

          “It was just plain English Ron. She said she’s going to the bathroom,” Kim shrugged and looked around.

          “Then why not just say it? Why does everything have to be so difficult?” Ron wondered.

          “Because it’s fashionable,” was Kim’s answer.

          “Monique’s pretty cool, huh?” Ron asked, looking in the direction she had gone. “She’s smart. After all, she practically has her own language. Stylish...”

          “I’m getting a drink,” Kim announced suddenly and headed off to the bar. Ron followed. Kim figured it was probably a habit. Honestly Kim wasn’t sure what to do with Ron. So far he hadn’t mentioned their meeting at Bueno Nacho. It was actually making it worse because he hadn’t. It felt like they were stepping around it, aware of it but not willing to bring it up. Kim was becoming uncomfortable.

          Sitting down on a stool Kim ordered a soda without even looking at the bar tender. She sipped on her soda, wishing it were something stronger. She knew in her heart that she wouldn’t really drink underage. Kim had to be the responsible one. She wished briefly that she could be more like Shego. Simply not give a damn. So much for that thought. Ron was still rambling on about Monique. Kim just tuned him out and nodded occasionally.

          Meanwhile Monique had just come out of the bathroom door and scanned the room for Kim. She didn’t find Kim but... she DID notice a woman staring intently at something. Someone, Monique corrected herself as she looked in the direction the other woman was. It was Kim. Monique studied the woman before her. She had long dark hair and green reptilian looking eyes that currently were looking very intensely at Monique’s friend. Leather Capri pants hugged her hips and a small sliver of skin peeked out above her calf high boots, a small silver chain around one boot. She had on a dark green spaghetti strap top and leather armbands on with silver tribal tooling that matched the symbol on her necklace. On her arms were black sleeves that went from her elbows to a small piece that wrapped around her middle finger to hold it in place. Monique paused for a moment, she felt as if she should know this woman. Perhaps she should warn Kim since the woman seemed so interested in her. For some reason, she didn’t. Instead, Monique walked straight over to the female, bringing her attitude with her. Hands on her hips and an eyebrow raised, Monique stood next to her. She never even noticed the African-American girl near her.

          “What do you want with Kim?” Monique straightforwardly said.

          Emerald eyes slid from the red head younger girl to meet Monique’s brown gaze. The woman sneered and put a hand on her hip.

          “What are you? Her bodyguard?” The dark haired woman said with a smirk.

          “It’s not like Kim needs one,” Monique replied.

          “True,” was all she said and went back to staring at Kim from across the room. Staring at the older woman’s profile, Monique came to a shocking realization. Long, dark hair. Green and black signature color.

          “You’re that chickie who had that fight with Kim!” Monique hissed. “You’re um... uh...”

          She looked annoyed and flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Does Kim broadcast everything?”

          “No,” Monique said quickly in Kim’s defense. “Shego! That’s it!”

          Shego sneered and clapped her hands mockingly. “And first place goes to...”

          “Whatever. You better back off honey, or I’ll mention to Kim that you’re here.” Monique smiled sweetly.

          “Not if I kill you now...”

          Monique sighed. “Okay, we’re getting nowhere. I didn’t come here to argue with you. Look, Kim’s really broken up about all this... this triangle you guys have.”

          “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Shego said simply and checked her nails. “Kim’s said it herself. We have nothing.”

          “Look! Now isn’t the time for you to sulk!” Monique growled at her.

          “I missed the part where any of this is my fault...” Shego looked around disinterestedly.

          Monique lost her cool exterior for a second and growled in frustration, looking up at the ceiling as if to say ‘why me?’

          “Do you have feelings for her?” Monique asked finally.

          Shego stared at her, green boring into brown. She shifted from foot to foot, but didn’t offer to say anything.

          “Okay, let me reword this... do you consider yourself Kim’s friend?”

          “She doesn’t consider me her friend.”

           “That wasn’t what I asked you,” Monique said with a steely gaze. “Do you consider yourself Kim’s friend?”

           After a moment, Shego finally nodded.

           “Then it’s your duty to fix what you’ve broken. And what you’ve broken is her life.” Monique said, inwardly smiling.

           “But I didn’t do anything!” Shego hissed.

           Monique crossed her arms and stared at Shego.

           Shego glared at Monique.

           Back at the bar, Ron and Kim sat in a one sided conversation. Needless to say, Ron was the one doing the talking. Finally he paused for breath. Honestly, the boy could go for the longest time without air. It amazed Kim.

           “Hey girl!” Monique slid onto a stool next to Kim. “Watcha drinkin’?”

           “Coke,” Kim said and swirled the dark cola in her cup.

           “Ewww,” Monique wrinkled her nose. “Well, I’m not gonna sit here like a bump on a log. Why don’t you two come and dance with me?”

           Rufus then decided to climb onto the bar and showed off some dance moves.

           “Nice! Bust a move!” Ron yelled.

           “Ewww,” Monique repeated at the naked mole rat. Rufus made a humph noise and crawled back into Ron’s pocket. His antics had made Kim smile though.

           “I don’t really feel like dancing Monique,” Kim stated firmly, giving her friend a look. “And if you try to push me, I’ll make you wear green and pink for the rest of the year.”

           “Ewww,” Monique said for the third time, grabbed Ron’s arm and drug him off to the dance floor.

           Kim tapped her foot to the beat of the music, absently tracing the edge of her cup with a finger and watched the two of her friends stumble around. Well, Ron was stumbling, Monique was attempting to get him to dance. Poor Monique. Kim chuckled.

           “Well that’s a first in a while,” said a low feminine voice. Kim’s eyes widened as she recognized whom it belonged to. She swiveled around so fast she nearly fell off her stool.

           “Shego!” she exclaimed.

           Shego looked at herself. “Well, what do you know? I thought I was the buffoon for a moment, thanks for clearing that up.”

           Kim snorted and smiled before she could help herself. “What are you doing here?”

           “What do you think I’m doing here? I followed you, of course.” Shego said and ordered a drink. At the look on Kim’s face, Shego grinned. “No, I was just looking for a good time. I already got done with work and wanted to get out for awhile.”

           Kim didn’t want to know about the ‘work’ she was done with. Shego was a thief. Kim was a hero. The less she knew, the better.

           Noticing Kim was going into her own little world again, Shego decided to pull her back again. “So where’s your little fur ball anyway?”

           “My fur-” Kim looked puzzled. “Ohhh, him. He’s back at home. We finally figured out how to get him to stay off of me. He loves pocky.” The girls both giggled uncontrollably. Kim dramatically looked at the ceiling as if to say ‘why me?’

           “Speaking of which, why DID you rob that pocky place in Japan?” Kim asked, her curiosity aflame. Try as she might, she couldn’t figure out what the older woman could want with iced sticks.

           Shego leaned forward conspiratorially. “I like pocky,” she whispered and grinned. Kim made an annoyed face.

           “That’s it?” She was expecting it to be part of a big plan. After all, it WAS Drakken who made the plans. God only knows what he’ll think up next. Take over Texas or something. Kim grinned at the thought of Drakken in a cowboy hat.

           Shego’s face sobered. “Well... that and I wanted to see if you’d wear the pants, like I suggested.”

           “I did. Did I pass the test?” Kim asked jokingly.

           “Yes, I did set up another meeting, didn’t I? I wanted to see if you’d trust my judgment.” Shego said, looking serious. Kim flushed under her gaze. In the end, she hadn’t. And both of them knew it.

           “Booyah!” cut through their speculations. Ron was headed in their direction. Monique looked at Kim, and then caught sight of Shego next to her. Her eyes widened momentarily and she grabbed Ron’s arm taking him in the opposite direction.

           Kim did a double take. She looked at Shego, then Monique, and then back to Shego again. Were they-? Do they-? Before she could think further on the subject, she felt a hand on her arm. Kim looked at the hand on her arm and then upward to meet with a pair of strikingly beautiful green eyes. Shego DID have nice eyes, Kim realized. She also wasn’t wearing her gloves.

           “Why no gloves?” Kim looked sideways at Shego. “You trust me?”

           “Hell no. I can kick your butt without them,” Shego replied fiddling with her sleeves. Kim stuck her tongue out at Shego. Shego in turn, stuck her tongue out at Kim.

           “Hey Kimmie, dance with me.” It wasn’t a question. Shego hauled her off the stool and pushed her out onto the floor.

           “But-” Kim began but found she couldn’t think of an excuse.

           “Oh come on, ya prude!” Shego said. “It’s not like it’s a slow song. And your dumb friend is over on the other side of the room.”

           Kim’s eyes narrowed. “How do you know?”

           “I can hear him,” was all she was going to say on the matter.

           Kim was having trouble breathing. People pressed around her on all sides, all moving and sweating. It was...different. Kim had never danced in this big a group. Shego moved like she belonged here. Of course she would. Shego would take chances, she was the bad girl. Shego started dancing and Kim followed suit. She wasn’t sure why, but she did nonetheless. It was... fun. It struck her again, how it was fun just being near Shego. Not fighting, just being nice. Like before. Before Ron had walked into Bueno Nacho and her life hit the dust. Kim pushed these thoughts away and went with the music. Music didn’t require thought. It told your body what to do and your body responded. Simple. Easy. So unlike life. Kim gave herself to the music.

           After awhile, Kim had no clue how long it had been. It could’ve been a matter of minutes or an hour, it was hard to tell. Kim was turning slowly with the music when Shego’s hands touched her waist, holding her in place with her back to the older woman. Shego moved closer and wrapped her arms around Kim’s waist. The song had turned slow and Kim didn’t really feel like stopping the dancing so she didn’t resist. Not long after, Kim’s hips moved in time with Shego’s. Their moment of unison slowly came to a halt when the song ended.

           Kim blinked and came back to her senses when she felt Shego’s hot breath near her ear. “I like it with your hair up. It leaves more access to your neck.” Shego placed a small, chaste kiss on the soft skin behind Kim’s ear and the red head’s face soon matched her hair. Shego chuckled wickedly and let her go. “Let’s go get a drink.”

           Shego walked off in the direction of the bar and Kim followed, her thoughts running around like a dog chasing its tail. Shego added a bit of swagger to her hips. Looking over her shoulder, she caught Kim looking. Grinning from ear to ear at the new flush on Kim’s cheeks, the green and black clad girl resumed walking. She behaved herself for the rest of the walk to the bar. Noticing that Ron and Monique were sitting there, Shego hesitated. Kim followed her gaze and saw her two friends. Making her mind up immediately, she grabbed Shego’s hand and dragged the raven-haired girl behind her. This was going to end here and now.

           Monique saw them approach, keeping her face calm and cool. Ron was chatting to her and didn’t even notice them until they were already on top of him. Plastering a grin on her face, Monique acknowledged the two.

           “Hey girls, what’s crackin’?”

           “Huh?” Ron turned to them. “Oh. Hi Shego. Kim.” His smile dissolving off his face.

           “Look Ron-” she never got to finish.

           “Kim, it’s fine. I’m cool with it. I think.” Ron frowned. “Well, with the fact that Shego’s a woman an all anyway. Not with the whole date thy enemy thing.”

           “Great words of wisdom,” Shego sneered at Ron. “Confucius?”

           “At least I’m not a fashion disaster,” Ron shot back.

           All three girls raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

           “Okay, so maybe I am...” he muttered.

           “Well, if it’s all fine and dandy...” Shego began and grabbed Kim around the waist. Sitting down, Shego pulled the teen into her lap. Kim’s face flushed again.


           “Just trust me, okay?” Shego whispered in her ear, too low for the other two to hear. Something in Shego’s voice was soft...gentle even. It surprised Kim. Enough to make her sit still and shut her mouth.

           Ron’s eyes narrowed but instead of arguing, he sipped his drink and looked at the people dancing. Shego couldn’t suppress a trill in her body. Partly from Kim sitting in her lap, but partly because she won the argument. Petty, but true. Her gaze flicked to Monique. The darker skinned girl sent her a hard look. Shego simply stared her until the younger of the two looked away first. Kim apparently had missed the look because she failed to say anything.

           “So where’d you go Kim?” Ron asked pointedly ignoring Shego.

           “I was around.” Kim replied. “I danced for a little bit too,” she added.

           “Ah,” Ron looked at Shego but didn’t say anything.

           “What?” Shego finally asked, annoyed.


           Kim sighed. “Can’t you two just be nice to each other for a moment?”

           “Nope,” they said in unison.

           “See, now you’re going somewhere. They actually agreed on something,” Monique grinned. Both frowned.

           “Scary thought,” Kim said.

           “Definitely,” Monique agreed. The two girls giggled. Ron and Shego’s frowns grew.

           “Guess who the smarter of us is?” Shego smirked.

           “Guess which one of us is the cool, well dressed chick magnet?” Ron said and smoothed his hair back.


           “You?” Monique offered to Ron finally. Realizing what he’d just said, Ron slumped.

           “Okay, I give up,” he said. They all laughed, including him.

           “Oh and girl, you have sooo gotta step into my office sometime,” Monique stated looking Shego up and down.

           “Excuse me?!” Shego looked rather alarmed.

           Ron cracked up. Kim tried to hide a chuckle behind her hand.

           “Uh... I think you took that the wrong way, Shego,” Kim said in between laughs. “She meant she wants to take you to her room and give you a make-over.”

           “Oh.” Shego said, her arms tightening briefly around Kim in her confusion. “Hey, what’s wrong with my look?”

           “No offense home-girl, but green and black is sooo out.” Monique replied.

           Kim laid a hand on Shego’s arm. The dark haired girl gave in.

           “Whatever,” she said to Monique. She whispered in Kim’s ear, “Don’t worry, I won’t start a fight.” It earned her a smile from Kim.

           The night progressed the same until Monique glanced at her watch. Her squawk of exclamation was enough to tell them that it was way past time to go. She groaned.

           “Dad’s long gone from the store, I had figured on him giving us a ride, but it’s way too late now,” she wailed.

           “No big,” Kim said. “Shego will take us home.”

           “What?” Shego eyes widened. “When did I say that?”

           “Pweese?” Kim’s bottom lip stuck out and her eyes became big and watery.

           “What the hell is that?” Shego asked as she felt her resolve weakening.

           “Oh god, look away! Look away!” Ron yelled in horror, cowering.

           “She’s puppy dog pouting,” informed Monique. “I have yet to find someone who can resist it.”

           Shego was no different than the many others who had fallen beneath that look. Before she knew it, she had three teens and herself all in her car and she was driving to Monique’s place.

           “Nice. Mustang,” Ron said, rubbing the leather seats. “It would look better in red.”

           Shego growled, but kept her mouth shut. The things she does for that red head. She gritted her teeth.

           “So when did you get this? You didn’t have it last week.” Kim sat in the passenger seat next to Shego. Monique raised an eyebrow, but didn’t point out why Kim knew that.

           “Two days ago. It was ripe for the picking and my fingers were itching to steal,” Shego said nonchantly.


           “What? I’m a thief, it’s what I do.” Shego smirked. “And you loooove me.”

           “I most certainly-” She bit her lip and shot a glare at the emerald eyes staring at her. Crossing her arms over her chest, Kim fumed in silence.

           “Ooooh, lovers spat!” Ron teased from the back.

           “Shut up!” the girls said in unison.

           “What’d I do?” Ron asked bewildered. Then they were at Monique’s. Pulling into the driveway, Monique bade everyone a farewell and got out of the car. On her way past Shego’s window, her eyes met green and she smiled, then continued onward. More than a little perturbed by the younger girls look, Shego screeched out of the driveway and, under Kim’s direction, made her way to Ron’s house.

           “So how long has this been going on?” Ron asked, leaning forward so his head was between the two girls.

           “What?” Kim nervously played with her fingers, a nervous habit she didn’t know she had. Shego had to suppress a smile. Kim was so cut when she was nervous.

           “You and Shego,” he replied.

           “Uh...” Kim started.

           “-Not long,” Shego finally said for her. Kim shot her a look of gratitude.

           “So you’re not mad at me?” Kim inquired of her friend, fearing the worst.

           “Not really. I wish you would’ve told me...and the fact that it’s SHEGO, the ENEMY, but it’s okay,” Ron answered.

           “ don’t mind?” Kim asked incredulously.

           Ron looked confused. “Should I? Actually, I’ve been crushing on this girl recently and now my life’s taking a turn for the better! Booyah! Hey Shego, turn!”

           Shego screeched into his driveway and Ron got out. He waved goodbye, then stopped and stuck his head in Kim’s window instead. “Hey lovebirds, don’t stay out too long. See ya tomorrow, Kim!”

           “Can’t say I’m sorry to see him go,” Shego said immediately. Kim just sighed.

           The silence in the car was nice. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. Neither of the females felt the need to talk. Just sitting was pleasure enough. Kim stared out the window watching the scenery flash by. Every now and again Shego’s eyes would flick from the road to rest on the form of the red head beside her. It didn’t take two minutes to get from Ron’s house to the Possible’s place. Shego turned into the driveway and put the car in the park. Turning to look at Kim, Shego found her already looking at Shego. Neither said anything for a while.

           “Kim,” Shego finally broke the silence. “Did...did I do right tonight?”

           Kim sighed. “Yes, your judgment was right all along. I should have trusted you. Now Ron’s fine. I’m not having problems with him. I don’t know why I didn’t believe you. You’re always right,” Kim admitted.

           “That’s right. I am.” Shego grinned widely.

           Kim snorted. “Ego with a capital SH,” she muttered. Kim got out of the car. “I guess I walked right into that one.”

           “See you later, Kimmie.” Shego backed out of the driveway and sped away.

           Kim wasn’t sure she liked that phrase. In fact, she didn’t really like Shego’s behavior tonight. Kim was beginning to feel like a hunted animal and she didn’t like it. On the upside, she was getting Shego to behave herself. Kim flashbacked to Shego’s warm breath on her ear. Okay, so maybe ‘behave’ wasn’t that best word for it. She did show great control when dealing with her friends. She could have picked a fight and she sat by and watched each opportunity pass. Why? Kim’s hackles rose. Shego was doing this for a reason beyond Kim’s comprehension. She decided to not think about it. Think about Ron instead. Kim brightened immediately. He wasn’t going to try anything anymore. Relief washed over the hero as she finally relaxed. And now his life shifted in a better direction, he’d said so himself. Wait... what did he mean by that? With that thought, Kim stepped into her house.



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